Cross words about independence

If you believed some of the coverage in the UK press, the independence campaign is all about cross words.  Of course that’s nonsense, but being a kindly soul and wishing to help them out of their embarrassing lack of knowledge of Scotland and its campaign for self determination, I thought I’d give them some real cross words.  So here’s an independence themed crossword – although not all the clues and answers relate to the indy campaign.

I spent a couple of hours wrestling with a wee widget that promised to allow an interactive crossword to be embedded in this post, but I couldn’t get it to work and life’s too short to faff about with computery stuff. If you want to complete the crossword you’ll have to print this page off and do it the old fashioned way with paper and pen and a nice wee cuppa. Mair civilised that way anyway.

The answers will be posted tomorrow. Enjoy.


1. Jessica’s Gaelic homeland. (4)
3. The 18th of September’s big event. (10)
9. Ancient Scot. (4)
10. Stage rungs to read high shelf. (10)
12. Colossal dint makes huge contribution to national economy (9, 3)
15. UK was AAA, but not any more. (5)
16. Objective to change No to Yes (9)
18. Tunnel man manufactures cancellation of Westminster marriage. (9)
20. Better Together ends in anaesthetic for Scotland. (5)
21. The key to unlocking a better future (12)
25. Iain Duncan Smith’s crazy mad ex robot evicts council tenants. (7, 3)
26. See 17 Down
27. Choice address in Scotland decides outcome of vote. (10)
28. Paradise is blocked away by Aye denial. (4)
1. Confused, a raw ass ran as Labour PM (4, 6)
2. A student with much time in slag heap for casting votes (10)
4. Broad, comprehensive, and sizeable, just like Scotland’s resources and potential. (9)
5. Exhibitions are former mail without time. (5)
6. Avoiding the issue is what you get when asking Better Together a question. (7)
7. Bird as extinct as Danny Alexander’s career after the next election. (4)
8. Out of touch London Scot who thinks debate is anti-English. (4)
11. Radiators, veins, and Scotland’s resources all got drained. (4)
13. Angling for Mr Stewart? (5, 3)
14. Better Together press release is false revolution. (6, 4)
17, 25 acc. How you should drain a bottle of good whisky after a Yes vote. (2, 3, 4, 4)
19. Left house after period before Easter and acted like a library. (4, 3)
20. Means goals. (4)
22. Wost the ewection when he wan away down the subway (5)
23. Aye we can, because we’re this. (4)
24. Tory employment policy lied confusedly, making thousands this. (4)

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