Que viva España, really?

Pilar Fernández, a Galician friend who is married to a Scot and is a big supporter of both Scottish and Galician sovereignty, has written a great wee article (in English) about Better Together’s unconditional support for just about every statement issuing from the mouths of members of the Spanish government and the Partido Popular.  It’s well worth a read.


Labour supporters in particular need to be challenged when they approve of statements from the Partido Popular.  It’s unlikely that they know just what kind of a party the Partido Popular is.  Getting into bed with the British Tories is bad enough, but the Partido Popular …  Pilar explains why Better Together shames Scotland in the eyes of many in Europe.

Better Together talks a lot about the supposed ‘clout’ that being part of the UK gives to Scotland.  I’ve already explained why that’s a laughable myth and a bit of a joke.  But Pilar’s blog post illustrates a very real way in which Scotland does have influence throughout Europe.  By having this debate about the future of our country, we are giving hope that there might be a way to challenge our continent’s unrepresentative elites – that we can find a way to hold to account those who cannot be held to account.  And we’ve become an inspiration.

We really are punching above our weight, just not the way that Better Together have in mind.

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  1. To Pilar, the unknown weegie editor, the refugee dug and all whop read or have read this blog

    Have a great New Year, the beginning of a Long Walk for Scotland and for a chance to redress the Westminster induced extreme social inequalities.

    A wee happy thingy to all


    I will be mainly drinking, at the Bells, Champagne and Guinness (chilled widget version) and when that lot is gone whatever I find unattended in the hoose to which I am invited.

    Courage mes braves.

    James McLaren

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