Defending Scotland’s interests

This week Scotland has witnessed the Westminster state in all its arrogant and patronising glory.  It started off so well over the weekend, with a series of good news stories for Scottish independence, but we’re not allowed to dream of a future which isn’t determined by Magrit Curran, the Fandabidozy Alistair Twins and the massed ranks of posh Tory public schoolboys, so the state propaganda department made sure that none of it was reported.

Instead we got a manufactured, and deeply implausible, scare story from the mooth of wee moothed George Robertson’s pal in BP – killing nationalism stone dead by proxy.  Then we got Alistair Koalamichael, aided and abetted by la Magrit – who despite her stairheid rammy reputation came originally from the posh bit of Baillieston – standing up in the Commons to make ritual denunciations of ordinary Scottish people who dare to challenge Westminster’s agenda.

Alistair actually commended the Daily Mail’s campaign of vilification of people who have broken no laws and committed no crimes, because the very worst thing possible is calling someone a rude name.  Calling folk rude names is far worse than invading Iraq, axing housing benefit for the disabled or ill, or rewarding the bankers who brought the country to the brink of ruin.  It’s worse than lying, manipulating, threatening or bullying.  Westminster does all those things, but they’re doing it to preserve the Union, and that makes it hunky dory.

Even more remarkably, or perhaps not, Alistair denied that any vilification or hatred originated from no campaigners, saying : “I know of nobody suggesting that anybody on the pro-UK side of the debate has acted in that way.”

Is he deaf and blind as well as stupid and blinkered?  Or more to the point, does he think we are?  Actually that’s insulting to deaf blind people, who have a form of tactile sign language which allows them to communicate effectively with their hands.  Alistair only feels things with his arse.  The plooks on his bumcheeks spell out “I love being kicked by Tories” in braille.  If the Unionist parties get their way and destroy Scotland’s unprivatised NHS, the entire country will suffer from the same acne related condition.  But Alistair thinks that’s a good thing.

There’s some vitriol fur ye Alistair, to add to your collection.  The no campaign is defined by negativity, insults, abuse, and a simple minded reductionism.  It’s what they do.  Alistair is like those antigay campaigners in the 80s and 90s who complained about dreadful homosexuals and how intolerant they are of decent homophobic bigots.  And no, I’m not calling him a homophobe, I am merely pointing out that he employs the same tactics, albeit on a different target.  When you are a hypocrite Alistair, you do not deserve respect.

So Nicola Sturgeon didn’t receive death threats on Twitter, an elderly yes campaigner in Edinburgh wasn’t attacked by a no supporter who broke his wrist, Alex Salmond has never ever ever not even once been called a dictator and didn’t receive insulting and abusive messages after the death of his father, Simon Heffer’s racist anti-Scottish diatribe in the Daily Mail was just a harmless wee joke, a unionist in Glasgow wasn’t up in court this week on charges of sending death threats to yes campaigners, the abuse which litters the comment sections of any online newspaper – but not the BBC because it won’t allow comments on Scottish stories – is entirely from yes supporters and there’s no such thing as a unionist troll, pro-independence websites have not been subject to denial of service attacks, companies are not being pressurised or threatened by Westminster to make anti-independence statements  …

None of this has happened in Alistair’s wee world, but apparently BP chief executive Bob Dudley was described as a British nationalist after his intervention in the indy debate, and that was terribly terribly wrong.  It’s a foul insult to call people nationalists as it might discourage them from participating in the debate.

If Alistair wanted to discover evidence of abuse originating from the Unionist campaign, he wouldn’t have far to look.  Much of it comes from his bosses.  Lying to people, denying them access to full information, and threatening them is a form of abuse, yet it’s Westminster’s stock in trade, and Koalamichael has the enthusiastic support of Labour and the entire UK mainstream media.  Alistair doesn’t want to look, and he doesn’t want anyone else to look either.

I’d glad Alistair has cleared everything up for us. It’s reassuring to know that the Secretary of State for Scotland is doing such a sterling job of defending Scottish interests.

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  1. “Is he deaf and blind as well as stupid and blinkered?”

    No, he’s a mendacious politician with apparently an unsightly posterior.

    Laughed like a drain Paul. First rate post.

    You can only laugh so much though before you realise just what it is they are about and just how vile their actions are toward their electorate. Win or lose in September I don’t think they realise yet just how much trust they have lost or what effect their tactics will have had on the public.

  2. “But not the BBC because it won’t allow comments on Scottish stories” is not strictly true, because they occasionally put a story relating to Scottish independence on the UK page of their website and allow comments. Of course, the majority of comments then presumably originate from England, and some are not so much against independence as simply anti-Scottish, to the extent of being arguably racist. If similar comments were made about any ethnic group from outside the UK they would almost certainly not get past the moderator. (I generally get the impression that a high percentage of the people who post comments on the BBC site get their opinions from the Daily Mail; reading them is a depressing experience.)

    The unionist propaganda claims about Scotland being subsidised by England and support for independence being fuelled by Scottish hostility towards English people are creating a resentment against Scotland which bodes very ill for our future if we do not get out of this damned Union.

    • The item on Cameron’s speech is on the UK page with over 2000 comments so far. A quick look shows a fair number of the usual rubbish about Scots being English-hating subsidy junkies, but interestingly the most highly rated comments are generally favourable to independence, including ones suggesting that parts of England would like to join Scotland.

  3. This is my MP Jimmy Hood (Labour) in Westminster “defending” the interests of his constituents.

    “Even if the SNP were right and there was a grand, great thing at the end of the rainbow for the SNP and its debate for independence, I would still be against it.”

    “If the Scottish people are going to be better off economically and so on, I would still be against breaking away from the union.”

    • Just think, a simple tick on a bit of paper and come March 2016, he and his cohort will vanish into thin air. The Jocktocracy in the Lords, made instantly ignorable.

      All that aggravation from watch commons debates and seeing SNP members being ridiculed and shouted down mostly by other Scots (of the Carmichael sort). As I used to say to my boy when he was a baby – ALL GONE!

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  5. I’m not 100% sure but I THINK Alex Salmond’s father is still alive, and some unionist troll wished him dead, as opposed to what it says in the article above. Maybe someone can check?

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