Ed Balls signs Labour’s suicide note

This week the UK Labour party in Scotland signed their suicide note.  It was for the best, the party has been dead from the neck up for decades, and the body is atrophied and weak.  All that is left is for it to be buried.  If we plant an independent tree on the grave it can take the nourishment left in the rotten carcass, and grow into something vibrant and fresh.  That’s the only thing that Labour in Scotland is fit for now.

The events of the past few days have stripped away any pretence that the party leadership has the slightest concern for the best interests of people in Scotland.  For the Labour hierarchy, the sole imperative is winning UK General Elections.  That’s all the party exists for, that’s all it does.  It has no real idea of what it will do when it gains power, gaining power is the means and the end.  The Labour hierarchy is as imperious as the Tories when it comes to the absolute power of the Westminster Parliament.

Tony Blair, Jack Straw, John Prescott.  Nuff said.  All have offspring who have been selected as Labour Parliamentary candidates or who hope to be.  Euan Blair, Will Straw, and David Prescott hope to repeat the ploy previously played by the Sarwar and Martin clans in Glasgow.  In the English town of Corby, local Labour MP Andy Sawford also inherited his seat from his dad.  Ed and David Miliband owe their preferment within Labour to their late father’s party connections, as do Wee Dougie and Wendy Alexander.  Labour’s local government spokesman, Hilary Benn MP, is the son of Tony Benn, and Tony’s granddaughter Emily is set to become a Labour councillor. Jack Dromey’s selection as a Labour MP was not unrelated to the fact that his wife is Harriet Harman, he was also considerably aided by his extensive links to the trades unions.  And it was recently reported that Jack and Harriet’s son Joe is very interested in seeking selection as a Labour candidate.  What’s the betting he’s got a better chance of making it than a random Labour activist from Motherwell?

The next generation of Labour politicians will be the same as the last.  Labour is as dynastic as North Korea.  The key to advancement in the party is family and social connections, not politics or policies – a strategy which blew up in Labour’s face in Falkirk.  But as the wreckage fell around the workers at Grangemouth the party leadership was nowhere to be seen.  Like the Catholic hierarchy when faced with child abuse scandals, the priority of Labour’s leadership was to protect its own reputation and standing.

It’s clear now that when you vote Labour, you’re voting for someone else’s interests.  You’re voting so that a self-selecting political elite can continue to rule us like lairds, collecting our votes in lieu of rent.  And if the party perceives anything that might stand between the leadership and their career plans, it will be evicted as ruthlessly as a crofter in the Clearances.

This week the party reached a nadir not seen since George Cunningham’s shameless betrayal of democracy in 1979, when on the eve of the Home Rule referendum the Scottish born Labour MP for Islington introduced a measure ensuring that the votes of the dead counted as no.  Labour’s shadow chancellor Ed Balls stood shoulder to shoulder with George Osborne and Danny Alexander to threaten and bully Scotland and demand that even after independence Scotland must bend its knee and submit to Westminster’s will.

Labour is as complicit as the Tories in the theft of Scottish assets.  Theft is the accurate term for it.  Labour, the Tories, and the Lib Dems have come together to assert that the Bank of England will not be shared with Scotland.  It’s a state owned institution with assets totalling £402.8 billion, but Scotland will get no part of it.

A large part of the assets owned by the Bank of England consists of debt owed to the bank by the UK Government.  Much of this money was created out of thin air as a part of Quantatitive Easing, which the BoE spent on buying up UK Government bonds.  The UK Government pays the interest on these bonds to the Bank of England, which in turn repays it to the UK Treasury.   Scotland issued this debt along with the rest of the UK, but Westminster wants Scotland to repay it to them alone.

Labour, along with the Tories and the Lib Dems, want Scotland to take on its share of this debt but without conceding that Scotland is also an issuer of it, so that the debt repayments will continue to flow into the coffers of the UK Treasury and Scotland won’t see a penny.  We’re just a colony which must do as it’s told.  So much for the world’s most successful partnership of nations.

Westminster in its arrogance believes that Scotland must continue to subsidise the UK Treasury even after independence, while they deprive Scotland of assets that are rightfully ours.  Above all they want to deprive Scotland of the very assets that would reduce the debt burden on a newly independent state.  That’s why the Scottish Government is hinting that it may refuse to accept a share of Westminster’s debt, and they are perfectly justified in doing so.

The reason for all this is obvious.  Scottish independence will expose just how much cash flowed from Scotland to the Thames, it’s a greater figure than even official figures suggest.  The UK parties have spent the last 3 decades persuading voters in the rest of the UK that Scots are subsidy junkies.  When the truth comes out the electorate of England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be furious that they have been lied to for years.

Labour voters in Scotland were infuriated this week when Ed Balls sang from the same songsheet as George Osborne.  The threats and bullying were identical.  Vote Labour, vote team Tory.

As a full time carer who has to remain at home most of the time, I’m scarcely in any position to gauge public reaction.  But the other evening my brother and sister in law called to ask me what Osborne and Balls really meant.  They were convinced it was just more scaremongering, and wanted their opinion confirmed.  They were angry with the Tories, the default position for the average Glaswegian, but most of their ire was directed at the Labour party they’ve always voted for.  I’d always had them down as leaning towards a no vote, but that’s changed now.

And it was the same story with two other acquaintances.  Unprompted, both spoke to me about their disgust and anger that Westminster politicians were shamelessly bullying and threatening Scotland.  They don’t understand the details of quantatitive easing – neither do I – but they know enough to see that we’re being ripped off.  It’s like a mugger telling you you ought to be grateful that he’s taking your purse.  Both were previously don’t knows, both are now inclined heavily to yes.

A few wee straws in the wind, but the same story is repeating itself in homes across Scotland.  We have seen that the UK parties are incapable of coming together to offer us the increased devolution most of us wanted before the referendum campaign started, but that they’ll come together at the drop of a credit note in order to steal from us.  They have revealed themselves to us in all their avaricious and mendacious glory as the penny drops that this referendum will not be the shoe-in for the Union that they had expected.  The panic has scarcely started.

Judging from the response so far, all they’ve done is to alienate Scotland even further.  Labour signed its death warrant this week.  They signed the death warrant for the UK too.

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  1. QE,BOE gold,the Pound,intellectual property rights,Crown Estates,etc,etc.All of which Scotland own a part of.NO share of ASSETTS no share of debt.

  2. There has been so many great and so many brilliant points of view aired from the ‘Yes Team’ but only a few seminal, gut twisting, inspirational posts. This is one of the best.

  3. “Bank of England will not be shared with Scotland. It’s a state owned institution with assets totalling £402.8 billion, but Scotland will get no part of it.”

    Citation needed on BoE assets not being shared.

    BoE has assets that can be split on independence, but I suspect you’re trying the sleight-of-hand of claiming that because Scotland is a part of the UK, it has the ‘right’ to be in a sterling union. Any such union is something that would need to be agreed. Unconvincing bluster.

    A currency union is a totally separate issue from the splitting of BoE *assets* such as debts that it issued etc.

    • Does it have any cd’s?
      Because sure as hell if they do I want my effing share even if they turn out to be Max Bygraves and George Formby, I could always use them to keep the birds off my cabbages

  4. I hope you are correct about the death of the present labour lot but there are still some people wedded to them no matter what.

    I was out recently and one of those present was working in Grangemouth during the Ineos fiasco so I asked what he felt about the SG intervention and he said ‘they sold the workers down the river’ and one of his mates agreed.

    He did also blame the union but this is what you are up against with traditional lab supporters.

  5. When the first independent Scottish Government is elected they should strike three medals, one for Derek Bateman, one for the Rev. Stuart Campbell and the other, sir, for you.

  6. ” It was for the best, the party has been dead from the neck up for decades, and the body is atrophied and weak. All that is left is for it to be buried. If we plant an independent tree on the grave it can take the nourishment left in the rotten carcass”

    Written in 2007

    Behold the carcass of a once proud and noble animal in its ruin on the Plain of Retribution!

    A vast putrid pile which rots and decays and violates the very air.

    In truth, this aged Leviathan, the last of its kind, had commenced its corruption long ere this final demise.

    The Paparasites which had fed on Laborusaurus Scotus, for that was its name, now reduced to whimpering prodders and pokers, try hopelessly, to bring their former provider back to life.

    They had, fleetingly, ran to its nemeses, Alexander the sure-footed, the great Golden King of Linlothian, yea even as he wielded the fatal blow.

    But no succour were they to find there, for he is a King of hard justice.

    And so they return, pathetically, to the thing they knew, the thing whose time is past, the thing that will soon,… mark their own passing.

    But as the Sun sets in the West, so it rises in the East and the Land will fill with the good light and will renew and all will prosper and attain fulfilment.

  7. Westminster has exposed SLAB for what it is and tied it into the establishment scam.

    In the event of a NO vote SLAB will be given the honour of wielding the axe to send Scotland into extinction.

    Westminster will make no mistake this time. The “SCOTCH” problem will be no more.

    Watch yer feet on the lobby gas!

  8. Couldn’t agree more Paul. They believed they’d dealt the independence campaign a crippling blow, though by now they must be aware from their feedback that all may not have gone exactly as planned.

    Don’t know about anyone else, but I personally don’t respond well to threat. To those soft no voters who still held some attachment to the idea of a UK it must have been the ultimate slap in the face. All Westminster had to do was keep the issue vague for a few more months or better yet say nothing at all, but for the three main Westminster parties to come out in unison and openly threaten monetary sanctions should Scotland decide on a YES vote? How did they think that would play?

    As for Labour? As Mr Davidson once famously said ‘who cares’?

    There is a Scottish Labour out there waiting to be reborn and refocused toward the Scottish electorate, but it has nothing to do with the current parliamentary Labour. If you are a Labour supporter and believe in the idea of a Scottish Labour movement, then get your votes behind LFI.

  9. The Labour party should cease as breaches the trade description act. My grandparents, parents and myself throughout life have voted Labour as a socialist party for the working class. Today the working class numbering 13 million struggle to make ends meet each day and Balls has confirmed that a Labour government would continue Tory spending plans and be harder on welfare reform than even the Tories.

    The United Nations damned the Bedroom Tax. Labour invented the Bedroom Tax.

    As Labour intends to be even more for welfare reform, it should take the flak from church and the United Nations who will report on the preventable deaths and suicides being caused by UK’s Welfare Reform.

    Dame Anne Begg (Labour – Chairwoman Commons Selection Committee on Works and Pensions) confirmed to me that Labour did not think pensioners worthy of funding and so did not fight against the moral theft of state pension to women at 60, that is now occurring.

    I told her my story. Lifetime in work paying full NI. Now disabled and chronic sick so unable to work. Work pension below Europe;s suggested level of unemployment benefit of £138 per week (£17 a day) but told earning too much for a benefit system that thinks adults can live on kids pocket money of £10 a day (£71 per eek). No benefit of any kind. Told as did not work last two tax years nor was on benefit, cannot claim contribution based benefit. Rejected for disabled and chronic sick benefit without any medical assessment.

    No state pension at 60, along with half a million women born 1954, and joining the 30,000 women who last the state pension from last year.

    Meanwhile, all politicians will gain the state pension money and more, as a pay rise in 2015 general election year.

    No politician today is for women between 60-66. All politicians make pensioners poorer and poorer.

    Welfare reform has left millions of the poorest people with no state pension or benefits for life.

    See if you lose most or all of your state pension:

    Could The Swans new party be a new party in a Free Scotland, with your own priorities?
    A Scotland Free from London and Empire Europe t5o gain inward investment and do business with the world not in recession, instead of bankrupt Europe that will drag Scotland into bankruptcy when the Euro implodes.


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