Puerile bile and contemptuous invective

We’re doing things all wrong you know.  After spending the past 18 months or so sneering contemptuously, ignoring all positive arguments for independence, and belittling Scotland’s chances of making it as an independent state, the Observer/Guardian has decided that Scots are not having the debate we’re supposed to be having.  Apparently we’re being childish and puerile.  And this from the paper whose response to the announcement of the referendum question was to publish a cartoon saying “Do you think that Scotland should just f*** off.”

In Guardian Towers the view is that there’s too much bile in the independence debate.  No shit Guardian.  And it’s mostly coming from the pages of Guardian editorials, aided and abetted by the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, and the BBC.

I’m quite happy to admit that my blog posts are often childish and puerile.  I can do contempt and invective too.  That’s the appropriate response to being treated like an idiot, and being patronised and dismissed by clueless ignoramuses whose knowledge of Scotland and its political landscape begins and ends with a vague awareness that Scotland doesn’t like the Tory party.  Contempt and scorn is the only possible reply to Unionist politicians and their media outlets who deliberately lie and misinform in order to preserve their career prospects.  You can’t have a debate with liars.

But it seems that it’s just childish bile to point this out.  Calling someone a liar is unhelpful to a debate, even when they are indeed liars and so are preventing the possibility of any meaningful debate taking place.  In fact, that’s the entire strategy of the Tory funded Better Together campaign and its peculiar lack of any public engagement.  Westminster didn’t want this debate to happen, doesn’t want electors to engage with it, and is doing its utmost to cover the entire process in mud and misunderstanding in an effort to prevent Scots from participating.  Only one side is represented in the media.  It’s the exact opposite of a debate in a representative democracy.

And the Guardian/Observer enthusiastically goes along with it.  So much for their liberal credentials.  We expect this sort of thing from the Mail or the Telegraph.  But when the supposedly progressive Guardian does it too it adds an extra seasoning of hypocrisy to the bubbling pot of bile.  It’s a recipe from the George Osborne Cookbook.

Because there is no doubt about it.  Does the Guardian/Observer honestly believe that Alistair Darling and George Osborne don’t know that Scotland cannot legally default on UK national debt?  Does it understand that our political masters know that Scotland cannot be prevented from using Sterling?  Does it believe that Barroso didn’t know that in making his statement on Scottish independence he was exceeding his authority, interfering in subjects that are not his to opine on, and undermining the democratic basis of the EU Treaties?

Does the Guardian/Observer not know all these facts too?  Because if that’s the case, what is it doing describing itself as a newspaper – there’s more rigorous investigative journalism in a primary school newsletter.

And if the writer of Guardian/Observer editorials does understand the simple and self-evident truth, that Scotland cannot be prevented from using Sterling and no one can be held legally responsible for a debt in someone else’s name, and that the EU is pledged to support, defend, and accept the legitimate constitutional processes of representative democracy in member states, then it’s still not a newspaper, it’s a lying propaganda sheet.  And as previously pointed out, you cannot have a debate with a liar.

Unionist politicans have many many faults.  But they are not actually suffering from perceptual disorders or learning difficulties.  I understand how dementia affects a human being, and Alistair Darling doesn’t suffer from it.  That doesn’t prevent him conveniently forgetting things he said just a few weeks or months ago – like his statement that a currency union would be in the best interests of both Scotland and the rest of the UK.

They know the truth.  They just choose not to tell it, and the Guardian/Observer, the BBC and the rest of the Unionist media pack choose not to investigate the veracity of their statements.  They simply present them uncritically as a “major blow to independence”.

This is our debate Guardian/Observer.  We will have it on our terms, not yours.  And we’ve been having an informative and bile free debate here in Scotland.  You’re just not reporting it.  Scotland welcomes you to participate if you want to participate in a real debate.  But if the paper is going to continue to lie, smear, misinform and patronise, the Guardian/Observer and its leader writers can just fuck off – and you can take Alistair Darling, George Osborne, and Alistair Carmichael with you.   There’s some puerile invective you can add to your collection.

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  1. Yeah, that was a beaut to wake up to this morning.

    Sometimes it takes enormous self control not to start digitally screaming in their smug kissers. Its why we’re going to do this though. Simply because we are having that considered debate…

    … on the door step, in the toon hall, the pub, the street, the work place and the home. We don’t need to hold it their way, we have our own.

  2. All that is left of the British state is the London establishment and it’s sycophantic circle of friends.
    Who is/was responsible for this situation?
    Not us Scots.
    This a process which has been going on for many decades but is only now being exposed by the threat of Scottish independence.
    What should be clear to all Scots is that our country has been invaded by the “Friends of London” propaganda media whose interests are not ours.
    Why would any Scot in their right mind continue to contribute to media outlets which continually belittle and deny us our fundamental democratic rights?

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  4. You are a wee ginger dug, but they are the ones who are barking (mad, because Scotland is slipping out of their grasp).

    One of the ways in which the UK is not really a democracy is that the media are mouthpieces of the Establishment, and all too many voters are sadly misinformed (if not brainwashed) as a result.

    Thank goodness for the internet, and a certain wee ginger dug.

  5. Being lethargic (as well as being puerile) I haven’t bothered to go and look at the Guardian cartoon.
    Having read the subtext to the cartoon I am beginning to realise just how unimaginative I am… cos I can’t work out who’s in the picture.
    ‘Do you think that Scotland should just f*** off?’
    Who is speaking to whom?
    Surely, if this is announcing a referendum for the Scottish people then the subtext should have been ‘Do you think that we should tell the English to f*** off?’
    The most the English can say is ‘Do you think that Scotland is going to f*** off?’
    And the answer to that is a resounding YES
    Sorry of this has been said before …but as I said before, I’m slow and lethargic …jist occasionally I’ll git ma dander up

  6. I have been taking the fight to the Guardian and other London owned newspapers by commenting with polite informed detailed repudiations of the misinformed nonsense in both the articles and the comments underneath which are nearly all full of invective and hatred against Scots and Scotland, and what I get in response is even more invective and hate towards Scots and Scotland instead of a polite informed detailed repudiation of what i have said. These responses confirm that there is no case for the union and that spreading fear and hate is the only thing they have in their armoury.

    However I’m going to keep on trying right up to the referendum in the hope that some at least of the Guardian readership will read and understand Scotland’s case for independence.

    • Well good luck with that one because I officially gave up. The comments are now flooded by names I don’t recognise, all parroting the same pro-Westminster mantra. Life’s too short. And the threads are too long. With thousands of comments, who’s going to read it anyway.

      • Weeelll, some of us don’t really go on there to convince anyone of anything. People read newspapers to confirm their own world view really. But its also a bloody good way of advertising other folks sites and viewpoints. Such as… Wings, oor Wee Ginger Dug, NNS, Bella et al. 🙂

      • Propaganda 101 ‘Crowding out’
        Used to great effect to kill the Scotsman forums.
        Now being applied to the Guardian.
        But Guardian readers won’t be voting, mostly. So while it is amusing to while away a spare evening debating with the loons, it will be more productive to talk to our ain. Who do have a vote

  7. Aye, Paul you are a wee ginger terrier and my appreciation to you for saying it like it is. These thugs in suites, with nice English accents know absolutely nothing outside the M25 and how to stay in the bunch with the other establishment gangsters and sycophants.

    Foreign newspapers, foreign reporters, anti Scottish rhetoric and lies, lead by the mighty world renowned BBC “WE STRIVE FOR FAIRNESS AND BALANCE”. This is a Scottish referendum what business is it of theirs, if they want to report on it fine, however they should not be an agent of the establishment, or HMG.

    The proud pseudo middle class Scots who turn their eyes away from the propaganda and lies dished out by these unionist thugs with a wink and a nod. Aye better together. If we fail to in our referendum they will be for the chop the same as the rest of us only they have more to loose, nod nod, wink wink.

  8. I so much want YES vote above 45% to see the panic

    shocked by how BBC are dumbing down

    ie daily poliics

    nicky Clarke former hairdresser—lol

  9. well done ginger dug…the yes campaign are up against the establishment all right, lets hope scotia has the gumption to vote yes and send labour, ie. jim murphy, johann lamont, and its cohors packing…

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