The certainties of the Union

There’s so many uncertainties, at least according to the likes of Magrit, Wee Ginger Danny, Wee Danny that stabbed his sister in the back, and the confabulous Alistair brothers.  They all seem to be Alicsammin’s fault too.  It’s Alicsammin’s fault that Magrit is uncertain about what currency we’ll be using after independence.  That would be the pound Magrit.  She’s been told this before, but it doesn’t compute with her.  It’s Alicsammin’s fault that Magrit can’t understand English.  You’d think understanding English would be one of thae Union benefits – but apparently not.

Of course Magrit, the Ginger Danny et al know fine well that Scotland will continue to use the pound irrespective of what George Osborne is currently saying.  They know that if there is no formal currency union, Scotland will embark upon independence using the pound anyway, and without the debt which weighs down the UK.  They also know that Scotland cannot be held liable for any of that debt, even though they claim we’d be in default and the markets would punish us with punitive interest rates.

The debt might not be Scotland’s legally, but it is morally, they retort.  Like that’s a problem, seeing as how the international money markets operate with the same moral compass as Gordon Brown.  You know, the one that points unerringly to “self interest”.  The markets will look at Scotland and see a prosperous stable democracy sitting on a pile of natural resources and figure it’s a safe investment.  And it will be.

But even if Scotland has to pay higher interest rates in the short term, we’ll have no existing debt to service so we’d have less need to borrow as the part of the budget that currently goes on debt servicing could go on other things.  We’d not be contributing to UK national projects which don’t benefit us, freeing up yet more money to spend on Scottish public services and reducing the need to borrow.  Scotland would be quite able to service the higher interest on our tiny wee debt burden.

Since there is an extremely strong argument that we could afford an oil fund even if we took on our full share of the debt, we might even be able to save up a decent one.  We could afford some lovely new toys for NHS Scotland – and Glasgow Social Services elderly support team could afford to employ a receptionist who will actually answer the fucking phone.  (Are you listening Petershill Road?  No.  You’re not answering the phone again …)

Project Fear trades in uncertainties in order to distract us from the certain.  There’s a lot of sure fire things that will happen if we vote no.  Few of them are pretty.

The main uncertainty about an oil fund in an independent Scotland is just how big it’s going to be.  It’s absolutely certain that if we vote no there will be no oil fund at all, and Westminster will continue to turn a blind eye to corporate tax avoiders and evaders while frittering Scotland’s natural resources away on tax cuts for rich people and infrastructure for London.

Our Unionist masters know all these things, it’s just that they chosen to present themselves as even more stupid and venal than they actually are.  Which is quite an impressive feat when you think about it.

If we vote no there’s the certainty of cuts.  On Friday the Guardian, continuing in its editorial policy of thinking that Scottish independence supporters don’t read the rest of the news too, told us that the UK is facing a £20 billion black hole in funding for public services.  George Osborne, who as far as Scotland is concerned is the Guardian’s treasury guru, has miscalculated the amount by which the UK economy will grow and as a result he’s going to have less in the kitty than he’d thought.

So that’s £20 billion in cuts on top of the £25 billion that are already waiting for us after the 2015 UK General Election.  The cuts that Labour is every bit as committed to introducing as the Tories are.  With a no vote we have the certainty of £25 billion in cuts, much if not most of which will fall most heavily on the backs of the poor and the low paid, plus the certainty that there will be further cuts to come.  By then they’ll be amputations, not just cuts.

Over the past few years, the UK has lost hundreds of billions in unpaid taxes.  It is reckoned that the UK Treasury is losing £57 billion annually in tax evasion and avoidance, and it’s believed that this is a low estimate.  Much of this cash ends up in tax havens which are UK crown possessions.  It’s a certainty that Westminster’s not going to do much about any of this, even though it could wipe out the need for austerity cuts.   And these are the same folk who are currently lecturing us about the “morality” of Scotland taking on our share of the UK national debt even though they won’t let Scotland have the due share of the assets.

There’s the certainty that more and more of us will subsist in unemployment or in low paid jobs while a tiny minority grow ever wealthier.  Staying in the Union will increase the number struggling on zero hours contracts, disproving the mathematical law that says you can’t multiply nothing.

We have the certainty that UKIP will do well in the European elections in England in May, and the certainty that the Tories will continue their drift into Euroisolation.  We have the certainty that both the Tories and Labour will adopt UKIP’s language on immigration.  We have the certainty that UK politics will be nasty, bitter, and have a racist undertone.  And there’s the certainty of an in-out referendum on Europe, and the certainty that Scotland will have no influence.

It’s an absolute certainty that if we vote no Scotland will continue to lack the media required for any democracy to function.  We’ll still get the BBC showing Waterloo Road and insisting it’s a Scottish production that counts towards their commitment to reflect Scotland on the telly screen.  We’ll still get a half hour of murrderr fita and wee cute kittens after the proper news.  And it’s certain that we’ll still be stuck in a wee corner of the weather map.

It’s certain that we can forget about any more devolution.  Labour will neuter the Scottish Parliament in the guise of “decentralising power”, which means putting power in the hands of those bodies which are still controlled by Labour.  Like Glesga Cooncil’s very own Gordie Mathieson, or thon clown in Aiberdeen that tried to ban the Scottish Government from setting foot on cooncil property.  It’s also certain that with George Osborne’s budget cuts local authorities will slash social services provision even more.  And no one will ever answer the phone at Petershill Road.  But cooncillors will still get their gravy trains, so that’s OK then.

Alienating its core voters in Scotland is what Labour does best these days.  That’s the other certainty.  That’s the future if we vote no.  Alienated, powerless, and hanging on the phone to Petershill Road social services – but no one will answer the call.

And none of this will be Alicsammin’s fault.  I really don’t want to spend the rest of my telling people who voted no – “See, A fuckin telt ye.”  So let’s make sure all of Scotland gets the message before 18 September.

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  1. I have the impression that personalising the Ref as Alicsammin’s ego trip is wearing thin, even for the MSM. Was refreshing this morning to hear an animated Tommy Sheridan, although of course I don’t share many of his beliefs. He even indicated after inde some may vote Conservative !

  2. I totally agree. The thought of what will happen after a no vote is so scarey. Even the middle classes will be hit though they don’t know it yet. When they’ve to work longer because their savings and private pensions aren’t worth what they predicted and their state pension when they eventually get it is being means tested.

  3. The prospect of a no vote terrifies me – in particular what Westminster will do to our NHS. I have been so grateful over the last few years that I live in Scotland when I see what has been happening dahn sarf. I really don’t understand how anyone who works in health or social care could vote anything other than Yes.

  4. Well said, Weeginger. A NO vote is unthinkable. Keep up the truth telling. There’s a lot of delusion floating about out there. Re Petershill non phone service. Have you thought of ringing up NHS24 (see website for number) and asking them if there is a fundraiser for a receptionist. These crowdfunding schemes are wonderful (used to be called taxes of course) and it shouldn’t cost more than around £30 for a BT call redirect.

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  6. I’d say its also a racing certainty that the Barnett formula will be scrapped in favour of Gordy and Magrit’s needs based formula. Mind you Cameron’s had a few words in that direction himself. This as far back as 2010:

    Yet spookily:

    in December last.

    Wonder which version to believe?

    I’d also put good money on Holyrood’s powers receiving a short back and sides post a no vote, but let’s not find out the hard way.

  7. My personal hatred is reserved, not for the tories or lib-dems, you know what you are getting with them, but for the self-serving labour rats who for many years have sold the most vulnerable in their constituences down the river. And they are still doing it, and shockingly, these people still swallow their rhetoric. This, as I have discovered on the street, is an uphill battle, and no matter how our arguments might be correct in every detail, there are still many out there who believe the shite that our M.S.M churn out every day. Believe you me, we are in a battle for our very existence as a country, so every one of us must do our utmost to ensure a Yes success.

  8. The NO campaign is the laziest campaign ever.

    Tory millionaires pay for everything, Labour do the only thing they are good at by providing the obligatory sociopaths to Project Fear to fantasise nonsensical press releases designed to induce fear and threats and Project Fear’s proxies BBC and the London owned newspapers do the rest.

    No matter how often these tales of fear and woe are debunked the Project Fear mob simply re-cycle old ones time and time again and their chums at the BBC and MSM dutifully oblige them yet again.

    Added to that on the receiving end is the awful “Scottish Cringe” which was created and has been nurtured by Westminster for hundreds of years and their acceptance of “this is as good as its gets” by the primevally loyal Labour Party members who if told to go and s**t in the corner of their living room would immediately go and do it “because the Labour Party told them to to do it”.

    The fact that Project Fear are ahead in the polls is not due to their own efforts for they neither have the vision or the ideas or the speakers or the boots on the ground that the YES campaign have, but they do have a totally complaint media to do their dirty work for them.

    In any real democracy these people would have been given the mother of all roastings by the media and run out of town in the process and the YES campaign would be coasting to victory. But this is politically corrupt Great Britain where Westminster buys votes and threatens and intimidates voters and seemingly gets away with it because people just roll over and accept “that is the way it is”.

    However it doesn’t have to be that way because YES has the vision, and the ideas and the boots on the ground and the willpower to make the effort to get the message across to persuade voters to vote YES.

  9. Makes me wonder. What kind of black, black heart do you have to have to be part of Better Together? And thats not a rhetorical question.

    How thick skinned do you have to be to go about the business of persuading and frightening the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society into voting against what is plainly in their best interest. How do these bastards sleep?

    And all for what. To keep some useless lying Lab. Con-Dem party MPs in the luxury that they all would like to be accustomed to. And a wee seat in the lords for the ones with the longest tongues. All of them scrambling for a place at the Westminster trough. They disgust me!

    In a reply to one of my comments on a previous article and regarding the Youtube video by “Lady Alba” you rightly praised the Yes campaign for having all the creativity and humour, or words to that effect. Well the reason that Better Together has absolutely none of the above is that it is well neigh impossible to be humorous and creative when you are carrying the burden of lies and deceit day in and day out. When you know that you are on the side of promoting failure and despair instead of hope and achievement. How their own voters manage to listen to a word that these parasites say is totally beyond me.

  10. Great article and I find myself agreeing with every word. A similar woman of that certain age. For the kids, let’s vote Yes, so they can all benefit from a more equal and socially just nation. Yes Scotland -a Nation.

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