Where does Project Fear go from here?

Despite Jittery January, Fearful February and Monstering March, Scots resolutely refuse to believe the warnings issuing one after another from BetterDaeAsYerTelt.  The no vote has not shown any signs of rising.  Quite the reverse, a new opinion poll commissioned by the excellent Newsnet Scotland has confirmed the pattern from other recent polls – the gap between yes and no continues to narrow.  A three percent swing would see yes take the lead – and yes is already leading amongst certain age groups.

The no campaign’s strategy is clearly not working.  Och the shame.  All those resources, all those Westminster big beasts (incidentally, I’m not sure what is so great about being a big beast.  Cows are big beasts.  They’re still thick as shit.) , all those media supporters, and they still cannae beat a yes movement that relies upon the campaigning of ordinary punters who do it for free.  Which if nothing else conclusively proves that the average Scottish punter is a much better political strategist than the supposed masters of the trade.

If nothing else, Scotland has proven that we don’t need Westminster in order to engage in popular democracy.  In fact Scotland does it considerably better by itself.  Independence movements without political violence are not commonplace.  Scotland has proven it can achieve that, so the Scottish electorate can achieve anything.  Our democratic credentials are impeccable.  Which is more than can be said for Westminster politicians and their backroom deals to screw over the electorate.

After the embarrassing debacle of Labour’s devo-sleight-of-hand, executed with the finesse of a five year old in boxing gloves carrying out neurosurgery, it’s clear to everyone that no Westminster party is going to present substantive proposals for further devolution.  Except possibly media pundits, who’ve already shown that they have their fingers on the pulse.  The pulse in this case being a handful of stale lentils.

Scottish MPs are entrenched in their opposition, since they already have non-jobs and fear that further devolution will only expose their uselessness.  But it’s too late for that, Scotland has already got them sussed.  Episodes like Ian Davidson sticking the knife into his own constituents, the farce of Labour’s role in the Grangemouth fiasco, Danny Alexander gleefully promising ruin and devastation if we vote no, while equally gleefully imposing cuts and austerity, the sheer desperation of just about anything that comes out of Magrit Ma Weans Wull Be Furren Curran … and on and on and on … have shown that none of them put Scotland’s interests first.

What makes today’s poll even more worrying for Better Together’s strategists – that would be George Osborne with Danny Alexander nodding enthusiastically – is that polling was carried out before Johann Lamont announced Labour’s pitiful and incoherent devo proposals and before she did her interview with Gordon Brewer when she demonstrated that she didn’t understand the existing devolution settlement, never mind her new one.

It’s going to be difficult, if not impossible, for the unionist parties to come over positive all of a sudden.  Who will believe them now they’ve spent the past two years doing an impression of Corporal Frazer sooking lemons.  It’s now impossible for the three main unionist parties to present joint proposals – who is going to believe something cobbled together in a panic at the last minute?

There are signs that the Naw campaign is backtracking on some of its more ridiculous scares.  Alistair Koalamichael has gone into reverse on Scottish membership of the EU, but he’s still trying to dress it up as something frightful.  In today’s Scotsman, the UK cabinet’s voice in Scotland asserts that Scotland would get a “poor deal” from independent EU membership.  This isn’t quite what he was saying a few months back, when he was trying to convince everyone that Scotland wouldn’t get membership at all.  He has also conceded that Spain will not block Scottish membership after all, but still claimed that Spain and Croatia might have objections.

He cannae help himself, and was still spouting the moronic threat that Scotland may be forced to sign up to Schengen – the common travel area encompassing most EU states.  Joining Schengen would mean Scots gaining passport free travel to other members of the Schengenzone, but since the rUK and the Republic of Ireland are not members, there would be passport controls at Berwick.  What he hasn’t explained, and can’t explain, is which EU state or states are going to insist that Scotland joins the Schengenzone as a condition of membership.  Alistair has obviously never looked at Hamlin’s Illustrated Atlas for Schoolchildren and Scottish Secretaries of State.  Back in the real world, as opposed to the world of Alistair’s scary bedtime stories, there is no Schengenzone state with a border with Scotland, and no Schengenzone state whose interests would be compromised by Scotland remaining a member of the Common Travel Area with the rUK and the Republic of Ireland.  Geography Alistair, geography.

The scares all rest on the premise that international bodies will treat Scotland the same way that Westminster treats us, with a mixture of scorn, contempt and dismissal, and a willingness to cut off their noses to spite their faces.  Westminster can treat Scotland like that because Scotland is powerless under the Westminster system.  There’s no come back, no consequences, so Westminster can do exactly as it pleases.  And usually does.

But sovereign states must be treated with considerably more respect, and we will be masters in our own home.  Carmichael claimed that Croatia may object to Scottish membership of the EU, forgetting that according to his own standards, Croatia with its population of 4.2 million (one million less than Scotland), and an area of 56,000 sq km (22,000 sq km smaller than the 78,000 sq km of Scotland) cannot possibly have any international influence at all – what with it been even weer than we are.  And they don’t have any oil or Scotland’s embarrassing riches of natural resources either.  Alistair didn’t bother giving any reasons why he thought Croatia might have problems with fast track Scottish accession to the EU.  At this stage in the campaign it’s clearly enough just to cite some random country and hope that no one will notice the Clyde Tunnel sized hole in the argument.

Meanwhile the UK news cycle is dominated by the budget.  It contained nothing to alleviate the poverty into which increasing numbers have fallen.  It did nothing to counter the growing gap between rich and poor.  It’s Westminster’s business as usual.  We got the usual ritual assertions that Scotland would be impoverished, while Osborne presented a budget designed to attract voters in 2015’s General Election.  The poor will still be expected to bear the burden of the UK’s economic strife.  There was nothing there to convince Scotland that we are better together with Westminster’s bunch of wasters and wastrels.

So what’s next for Ali’s Army?  More fear, more scares, more threats, of course.  But don’t be surprised if the polls continue to narrow and we start to hear more of the warnings that a yes vote may not mean yes after all.  The realisation is dawning on Scotland’s Unionist MPs that after September they may have the same employment prospects as a Jimmy Savile impersonator.  They’ve already shown that they are willing to lie, to manipulate, to deceive.  It’s Westminster’s comfort zone after all.  Expect them to retreat further into it as the polls continue to narrow.

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  1. “If nothing else, Scotland has proven that we don’t need Westminster in order to engage in popular democracy. In fact Scotland does it considerably better by itself. Independence movements without political violence are not commonplace. Scotland has proven it can achieve that, so the Scottish electorate can achieve anything”

    You know that sometimes in life there is one defining moment, one small thing that helps all the others fall into place, for me it was seeing a site on Facebook called “Celtic and Rangers fans for Independence” I always hoped that we would win this referendum and I always believed that we would win it but seeing that page on Facebook cemented that belief firmly in place.
    If two such massive rivals can come together and work for the sake of our country just think what we can do after the YES vote.
    This country of ours has now changed beyond all belief and it’s so much for the better, all we need to do now is inform Westminster that they are no longer welcome.

  2. I think that ordinary folk have simply got fed up of all the negative pish from the No camp. Scots might not be the most demonstrative of people, but we can recognise shite when we see it.
    The worm has turned.

    • For the last two years I have had cruises with P&O, not the best place for a Scot there I have to add and not going back. What I was going to say before I digressed was that there were quite a few Scots on board but the one thing I did notice was how much quieter we were. Normally we get drowned out but last year in particular we were just not being heard at all, which leads me to agree that we are not demonstrative but quietly determined.

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  4. Some time ago I posted an opinion on another forum. It went like this, The common sense and logical reply to the scare story myths of Better Together’s, “Project Fear”, are simple to negate. Consider all these external bodies we are being told will oppose Scotland as a member state have certain things in common and these are all predicated towards gathering together like minded states in common causes. Thus the EU, NATO, UN, WTO, Council of Europe, (and even the United Kingdom itself), are all expansionist and exist for the mutual good of their members. To illustrate the point let’s first look at things from a European Union’s viewpoint. Now why would the European Union choose to consider what is legally a bipartite union of two Kingdoms as one signatory kingdom becoming an, “rUnited Kingdom”, that continues as the continued member state while the only other signatory Kingdom, (that is also one of Europe’s oldest established countries), will become what, “The Better Together”, conglomeration claims will become, “A New Country”, will be thrown out as no longer a member state. All the EU needs do is to state the truth. Which is this – The United K-I-N-G-D-O=M, is exactly what it’s title describes it as – a bipartite union of kingdoms and when any bipartite union disunites the Status Quo Ante, (SQA), is both partners return to their pre-union status. That is an SQA of two independent Kingdoms and neither is a member or both are members of the European Union. So why would the EU, dedicated to uniting countries to the common cause, lose either? All they need do is say you are both continued full member states subject to renegotiating new terms. They thus keep BOTH new states as members. Why would they choose to lose one to please the other?

  5. with 2 interviews this week J Lamont & J Murphy sank the BT Farce once and for all to see………..

    • Sorry to disagree Dennis, but I think B.T are far from finished. Yes, I know all they can do is regurgitate the farcical scare stories, but in this task they will still be supported by the M.S.M. The next six months are going to be the most crucial for the Yes campaign, and many more ludicrous articles are going to appear, either in print, or on radio and television. Never forget that people only see the first headlines, never the arguments against, or the retractions, which almost never come. As I believe Winston Churchill said, “The lie is halfway around the world, before truth gets it’s pants on”. This is the British state we are fighting, and boy, they don’t like losing, and as I have warned before they will use every dirty trick in the book to try to derail our campaign.

      • Oh I agree they are far from finished but how much more can they say. They have shot just about every bolt in the armoury. The more ridiculous the story the more people they lose. We cannot change the mind of those who have no mind to lose, but we are winning more people over every time another stupid story is spun.

        • Yup. I’ll be out on the streets again at the weekend doing my bit, the first campaign I’ve ever done In my life, but the media are still, and will be until we win, the No’s friend.

  6. Quite lookin’ forward to the next set of polls in about a months time. 🙂

    The daft buggers have backed themselves into such a corner over Europe, currency, borders. For supposedly ‘master strategists’ they’ve left themselves sod all wiggle room for a get out of jail free card. If this goes as far west on them as we hope, the carnage will be awful in Westminster. Career killers all round. They’ve given themselves no choice but to continue along the same path whilst facing an electorate becoming immune to threat or scare.

    This has the potential to leave some bruises in the morning you know. 😉

  7. I too have been hearing stories from unionist MPs about Yes not necessarily meaning Yes.
    I am certain that most of the Scottish MPs would have blocked the Edinburgh agreement if possible and may seek to tear it up when Yes wins the day.
    Who is going to decide who represents Scotland in negotiations with England over independence terms and division of assets?
    I would be extremely uneasy at having any of the existing Scottish Westminster MPs involved because they are too closely alligned with the English establishment at present.
    I think we should invite some Argentinian politicians to help us out.

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