Wibble wobble

All is well, nothing to worry too much about, just a little wobble that was entirely to be expected. Wibble wibble went the Unionist press as it tried to minimise the effects of eight little words from a senior Tory minister on a campaign which is neither better nor together. “Of course there will be a currency union.”

Sadly for Alistair Darling these words did not come as a heroic but minor wound to a Naw campaign that has been confidently carrying Scotland into a red white and blue future, words that could be shrugged off manfully like John Wayne insisting it’s just a scratch before single handedly defeating the entire Commanche nation. Project Fear had already received so many kicks in the bollox that they’d swollen up and are being used as a space hopper.

Tragically for them this must be the only form of transportation they possess – because every time they attempt to move, they only do themselves further damage. Alistair’s assertion that there would have to be a referendum on a currency union in the rest of the UK was quickly squashed by a Downing Street that will not countenance the idea of a popular vote on a policy they’ve spent the last few months making unpopular but which they know they’ll have to implement in some form if the independence referendum goes against them. So in that sense, aye, they’re wobbling. Alistair Darling has turned into Buster Gonad.

According to Benedict Grogan in the Telegraph, there is no sign in London that the No campaign is about to change its strategy. They plan to keep digging themselves into a hole, confusing the quagmire into which Better Together has sunk with undermining the Yes campaign. They’ve put all the family jewels in Buster Gonad’s wheelbarrow. There is no Plan B, there can be no Plan B, because Plan B could only mean making a positive case for the Union. The Unionist parties can only come together when Alistair tells them he has a wizzard wheeze for killing Scottish nationalism stone dead, again.

Alistair was the architect of the Balls, Osborne and Alexander plan, the BOA which is currently the star of their unconvincing Unionist drag act, the BOA their Unionist fathers woah. The knives are out for him, as the realisation dawns on Westminster that the BOA isn’t the colourful neckwear at the centre of their campaign, the highlight on their dowdy frocks, it’s a noose that’s choking them.

In the absence of anything that looks like it will gain purchase in the referendum campaign, Project Fear can only ramp a failing strategy up another notch. Now they’re trying to create fear not just about independence, but also about those campaigning for it. Evil cybernats who insult and abuse – that would be me, you, and thousands of others then.

But Scotland isn’t Kenya during the Mau Mau rebellion, it’s not Ireland when the IRA were bombing their way to Irish independence. Now Westminster is reduced to turning law abiding citizens into demons as they desperately try to pretend they are the underdogs in this campaign. The might of the all powerful British state, reduced to a quivering Help Me Rhona by a granny with a laptop, a carer with a computer, and the ancient Scottish tradition of mocking those who lie, dissemble and deceive. It’s a strategy which works well south of the Border, but in Scotland where people live the reality of this campaign no one is fooled, except the Unionists who fool themselves.

It raises an interesting question. If the British state can be bullied, threatened and abused by a bunch of ordinary citizens with nothing more than wit, humour, and the truth as their weapons, just how do they expect to convince Scotland that our country can’t survive without their protection and stewardship? If they’re threatened by a pensioner with an ipad, just how would they cope with a real threat? Not well, is the only possible answer.

Meanwhile Westminster’s focus has shifted to the more pressing issue of May’s European elections where it is looking increasingly likely that Nigel Farage and UKIP will perform strongly, forcing the Conservatives to tack further to the right and giving Labour wriggle room in the so-called centre ground of British politics. Which means clearing a space on the right for Labour to occupy, and removing the party even further from the aspirations of Labour’s traditional voters.

So the flooding of fear continues, today the eningeering and defence group Weir Group made their predicted and predictable claim that independence would damage jobs and their business, citing a paper they had commissioned from an economic think tank with close links to the UK Treasury. In 1997 the company made similar claims about the doom and gloom that would befall Scotland if the country voted for devolution.

Few listened then, few will listen now. Scotland has had enough of being lectured to by voices of self-proclaimed authority, tied to Westminster by an umbilical cord of patronage and contracts. The warnings didn’t work when they were issued by other think tanks and other companies. Better Together has no more hope that they will work now. Poor Alistair, nothing but spin while he’s not for turning and the BOA wraps itself ever more tightly around his neck.


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  1. There are surely as many captains of industry, CEOs, think tank experts, celebrities, journalists and general unionist dogsbodies to deliver these doom laden announcements every day from now till September and beyond. The interesting thing is, how quickly the cyber community delves into the identity of their Board members, corporate histories and political affiliations to expose the biased and self serving nature of these pronouncements. It is a wonderful “learning experience” compiling an alternative Indyref “Who’s Who”. Another great post Wee Ginger.

  2. Good point on how easy it is to find out the pedigrees of these Union Jack wagglers and find out how they are rewarded for their fealty. A bit like that clown of a general in Galloway who never realised people could find out and work out why what he said was totally predictable.

  3. John Wayne insisting itโ€™s just a scratch before single handedly defeating the entire Commanche nation


  4. They make war but their wars are against their own countrymen. They sit at table with robbers and they not only cherish them but reward them. Quote from Gilbas (saint apparently) 6th century

    • Very apt quote, but I think you mean Gildas who is one of the main sources for the historical period just after the Romans left Britain. Gildas wrote De Excidio et Conquestu Brittaniae “Concerning the Ruin and Conquest of Britain” in which he called the rulers of Britain “tyrannical whelps of the unclean lioness”, and goes on to add that Britain has “numerous ministers, but they are shameless”.

      Sounds like he was a cybernat. Or possibly an illustratedmanuscriptnat.

      • Gildas or Gilbas? No matter.
        “Britain has kings but they’re tyrants.She has judges but they’re unjust” We’re all suffering under the yoke of privilege and unjust and unelected government.What do we have to lose? Nothing! We have everthing to win.

      • Gildas was the son of Caw. Caw was the former King of Strathclyde (Damnonia). He was attacking the ‘tyrannical whelps of the unclean lioness of Damnonia’ i.e. the lineage of kings that usurped his father’s throne.

        Caw’s lands was based in Renfrewshire and mostly south of the Clyde. One of his sons was Govan and another was Heuill. Both were killed by Comgall (or as Gildas’ romanised it: Constantine). [Comgall is an excellent candidate to be King Arthur, and it seems he ruled over Strathclyde and Dalriada as a High King, also known as Clinoch (a corruption of whelp)].

        It is unlikely Gildas would be termed a cybernat. He attacked the Scots (at this time the Dalriadans) for being full of porridge!

        More likely is that Comgall as ‘King Arthur’ would be termed a cybernat. His 12 battles in Scotland to secure the northern Celtic kingdoms from the encroaching Angles were noted by Nennius (likely another cybernat from Strathclyde).

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  6. I don’t understand why they think another millionaire Tory saying ‘vote no’, will work any better than the last millionaire Tory saying ‘vote no’.
    Are they stupid?

  7. I’m a pensioner with a laptop and I’m working to bring down the establishment. Westminster fears me.

    This is great!

  8. How dare you suggest that I, as yet another pensioner with an iPad, am not a threat ! By God, there are thousands of us and we’ve had a lot more time to accumulate our resentment.

    • Yes you and I and everyone who no longer reads the papers or watches the farce that is Reporting Scotland and looks for the real news on line and at sites like Al Jazeera and Russia today are the people who will change everything. Check out the documentary about Venuzuela “The revolution will not be televised.

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  10. Ooooooo I’m a vicious cybernat and just as soon as I’ve finished my coacoa and Jaffa Cakes I’ll start plotting to take over the world and upset delicate unionist politicians by using harsh language and possibly some stickers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. As Brogan states, “Don’t hold you breath waiting for the result of the leak enquiry into the minister who said there would be a currency union”.Why, because this “leak” was arranged by Downing St once the a Treasury “insider” insisted the “No currency union” statement from Osbourne, quickly backed by Alexander and Balls, was all Darling and Duncan’s idea, one that spectacularly backfired. So it’s “a big boy did it and ran away”, but on this occasion Darling has nowhere to run, and he is going to carry the can for the defeat in September. InI the same article, it also says that the Better Together “campaign” is going dark until June?, and then David Cameron and Gordon Brown, anyone remember him, are going to lovebomb/threaten us in a final assault. I can hardly wait.

  12. your a constant breath of dug is always refreshing!. ( Love your blog and look forward to reading it every day. Come the revolution! – oh, sorry referendum!!, Would love to read you in real writing e.g published and packaged as a wee bannock, for keep sake, like a stale marriage cake…) anyway, sentimentalism aside, attempts were made last month in Westminster to pass a law banning the Scots, in taking part in the general election next year! oh,aye, no representation in the negotiations? The elected ‘fearties’ that we might vote for as MP’s, surely, eventually, might have to start fighting for their futures and embrace what Scotland and their electorate wants?. this proposition will obviously come to the fore again – keep barking wee dug!

  13. Another fine piece prose. I get the feeling and have for some considerable time that not all is as it seems in the Better Together camp. More power to your elbow,wrist, hand and pen.

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