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I know we’re not supposed to go in for personal abuse, what with it being monstering and everything. But sometimes – well OK, daily – a Unionist politician utters something so gob-smackingly arsewipiferous that yer average human being turns into a special effect from Jurassic Park and is overcome with an urge to bite his head off. Dear reader, that politician is George Robertson.

Within 24 hours of Anas Sarwar calling on the Legends of Labour to save the day, Georgie has demonstrated his legendary ability to make idiotic statements which will come back to haunt him – like his claim that devolution would kill Scottish nationalism stone dead, or his belief that Scotland doesn’t need independence because we have no language or culture of our own.

Georgie’s latest is a warning that Scottish independence would be a cataclysm for the West. It would collude with the forces of darkness, make only Vladimir Putin happy, and he called on the US government to intervene and tell us to say naw. Like we’re going to listen to American politicians. Independence would indeed be cataclysmic, but only for George’s career and his rapidly plummeting public standing.

He repeated the lie, and he knows it’s a lie, that NATO would refuse membership to an independent Scotland if we get rid of Trident.

First off, I should say that along with many in Scotland, I’d be delighted if NATO wouldn’t let us in. I’d prefer Scotland to be neutral. We are a nation which is blessed by geography in many ways, nature has seen fit to put Scotland on top of an ocean of energy resources, and blessed us even more by putting us in a quiet corner of the planet. We don’t need to be a member of a military alliance that is as offensive as it is defensive.

That’s my opinion, but unlike George I recognise that my opinion is not necessarily the one shared by most of Scotland. An independent Scotland will have choices. I choose for Scotland not to join NATO, but that may not be the choice of the government elected by an independent Scotland. The policy of the current Scottish Government is to join NATO. And despite what George says there is no reason NATO will refuse us membership.

The claim is frequently repeated, and was repeated again by George, that NATO would veto Scottish membership if we get rid of Trident. This is bollocks. And George knows it’s bollocks. He reason he knows it is bollocks is because he was once the secretary general of NATO, and as such ought to know the organisation’s history. He should know that an almost identical scenario played out before. Another country got rid of nuclear weapons and another country’s nuclear submarines from its territory, then went on to join NATO. That country is Spain.

During the 1950s, the dictator Franco was isolated in Europe. In an effort to make friends in a continent which was now dominated by democracies and not the fascist dictatorships he was more comfortable with, Franco agreed to sook up to the US and allowed America to base Polaris nuclear missiles and their submarines at a naval base in Rota in Andalusia. Spain could not become a member of NATO, because Spain was not a democracy. Hosting US nukes was the next best thing for Franco.

The decision was unpopular in Spain, and only grew more unpopular after a series of accidents and incidents – the most serious of which occurred when a US plane carrying nuclear warheads crashed into the sea off the Spanish coast. After Franco’s death in the mid 70s, a key demand of the pro-democracy parties in Spain was the closure of this base and the removal of US nuclear submarines and their missiles.

As Spain began the transition to democracy, negotiations were opened with the US for the rapid removal of the nukes. A treaty to this effect was signed between Spain and the USA in 1976, and the missiles were gone within a couple of years.

At the time, Spain did not want to join NATO. But just a few years later a Spanish Government went back on its election promise to keep the country neutral, and held a controversial referendum on NATO membership. Spain joined the alliance in 1982, just a couple of years after the American nukes were evicted from the country.

Spain rejected another country’s nuclear submarines, then went on to join NATO. It’s happened before George. Now explain to us why it can’t happen again. The former secretary general of NATO is either ignorant of the organisation which he once led, or he’s lying through his teeth in a transparent effort to save his own sorry airse and that of his pathetic bunch of fellow travellers in the Labour leadership.

The only forces of darkness in this referendum campaign are those which George represents.


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  1. I watched Nicola Sturgeon being interviewed on the BBC and thought that her comment that Robertson’s remarks were ‘ridiculous’ was incredibly restrained. ‘Bizarre’ and ‘idiotic’ spring to mind more readily.

    Someone over on Wings has come up with a revised Referendum question which more starkly sets things out for wavering undecideds,

    ‘Should we govern ourselves or are you a complete nutter?’

  2. The man who vouched for Thomas Hamilton , late of Dunblane. He should be where a D notice can’t save him.

  3. Jens Stoltenberg, (Norwegian will take the reins from current NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in October, becoming the second consecutive Scandinavian to occupy the post.

    Norway as we all know does not have nuclear weapons on it’s soil, conclusion Robertson is a liar.

  4. It’s hilarious. I’m really looking forward to the other Lords of the Universe dropping their pearls of ignorance for our entertainment. Anas Sarwar is to be congratulated on a brilliant strategy. Strangely, this reminds me of a poem:

    Ye see yon birkie, ca’d a lord,
    Wha struts, an’ stares, an’ a’ that;
    Tho’ hundreds worship at his word,
    He’s but a coof for a’ that:
    For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
    His ribband, star, an’ a’ that:
    The man o’ independent mind
    He looks an’ laughs at a’ that

  5. And NATOs new chief is Former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. Why did they pick the former head of the country which says:

    “The current Norwegian government believes that nuclear disarmament is a top priority issue and is initiating, as well as supporting, proposals non-proliferation in this context and include ultimate objective of the total abolition of all weapons.”

    if they plan to refuse us entry to NATO if we won’t keep Trident?

  6. Unless rUK can find somewhere to stash the stuff at Faslane and Coulport they are not going to have nuclear weapons either. So according to Lord R’s reasoning rUK won’t be a member of NATO either. Don’t think this is quite what the Westminster government envisages.

  7. It’s skin-crawling to see someone only adequate over-promoted beyond their skills and capacities jumping like a marionette and mouthing what far more powerful people tell him to say. Even more so when the said person appears to be dazzled by his own brilliance and importance when most people think he’s a twit.

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  9. Suggesting that Scotland will be ejected from NATO also ignores the importance of Scotland in ensuring that the GIUK (or will it soon be GIS?) gap can be closed. It’s why Iceland (no regular military) is part of NATO.

  10. Why did Robertson have to go to the USA to make this speech?
    Maybe HM government got a cheap deal by putting all their
    Scottish puppets on the same flight to America.
    Hope they keep them over there.
    Roberston,also claiming that a UK with diminished military power would be celebrated by it’s enemies.
    That will be most of the countries in the world who have suffered as a result of Westminster adventurism over the centuries.
    As always,the unionists talking about the union and not the people of Scotland.

  11. I have personal experience of “Lord” Robertson. I will try to keep this brief as possible.

    Many years ago I was going through a divorce. I was in the army at the time and serving in N.Ireland. My ex was staying in an army hostel for estranged wives down in England.

    I was very poorly represented at the maintenance hearing and the magistrate hit me with the maximum maintenance payments. Leaving me practically penniless.(The army deducts maintenance payments at source) This was intended to bring about an appeal by myself.

    My Scottish lawyer appointed an English lawyer to act on my behalf. Things dragged on for several months without any progress.Then I found out through my local newspaper that my lawyer had been convicted and jailed for mortgage fraud. (Oh how I laughed)

    In desperation I turned to my MP a certain George Robertson. I attended his surgery to ask for assistance. All I wanted was for some advice and for him to write so someone (anyone) to help me move on with this unacceptable situation.

    After some considerable time and three attempts to explain my predicament it was obvious that Robertson was finding great difficulty in understanding the basic concept of what I was on about. It was going straight over his head. I eventually gave up, thanked him for his time and walked out in disgust.

    Im telling you the man is as thick as shit. How he ever became an MP is unfathomable never mind his post in NATO and his place in the lords.

  12. I agree about NATO; I would vote against Scotland being in NATO.

    The seem to be just another vehicle for US foreign policy; the (over) reaction with regard
    to Crimea is just stunning to me.

    As for George Robertson I don’t think he’s ignorant about the organisation he
    once led – he’s just another Unionist-lying lacky.

  13. Given the momentous point in Scotland’s history we are privileged to be taking part in; within months of our victory historians are going to pour over how the campaign was fought by both sides, the values that both sides based their cases on and how the internet and the energy of ordinary people on the ground was used to successfully counteract the full power of state propaganda. It will be seen as a historic revolution in campaigning from the grass-roots upwards that could only have been achieved in an age of mass internet use where the state propaganda machine could be continually challenged and debunked on a daily basis through the many sites such as this.

    So it is not only that the achievement of independence will be seen as historic in national terms, but in much broader terms it will demonstrate to the world how a people can use modern technology to talk to each other, develop their ideas together and successfully defeat a power elite. This could be in its own way a small turning point in world history in showing how the balance of power between any establishment and the people it seeks to keep power over can be changed radically by direct contact and interaction among the many – and in a non-violent way.

    We are fully alive in that moment right now. Man, does it not blow your mind to be seen possibly as the breakers of the mould of power dominance – offering a vision to others of how to escape from subservience?

    Given this context, perhaps we can collectively pin the name of “Cataclysm Robertson” as a mark of derision and ridicule on this fool for ever, in our history books.

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  15. I am delighted to see you point out George’s total misconceptions re NATO.You know this whole Westminster Elite farcical Project Fear has reached new heights with Lord Robertson’s pontificating I suppose George thinks we are still censored and barred from accessing what is happening in the world including Nato or perhaps he just forgot the following;

    NATO Nuclear Policy: In its new Strategic Concept adopted in Lisbon November 2010, NATO committed to “a world without nuclear weapons,”

    Assuring the security of the Euro-Atlantic area remains at the heart of NATO’s purpose, but the role of U.S. nuclear forces based in Europe has been reduced as the Alliance’s ability to diffuse a crisis diplomatically has significantly improved. NATO has committed to eliminate “all nuclear artillery and ground-launched short-range nuclear missiles” and significantly reduce the role and readiness of sub-strategic nuclear weapons in defense planning. This position is reflected by member states such as Denmark, Norway, and Spain which forbid the deployment of nuclear weapons on their territory in peacetime. Though the nuclear forces based in Europe provide an essential link between Europe and North America, NATO will only maintain a “minimum level sufficient to preserve peace and stability” while reducing the strategic role of these weapons in defense plans. Also Iceland is a member but has no military forces and this is how it sees membership In its work within the Alliance, Iceland inter alia puts emphasis on NATO’s role in disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation, including nuclear issues; the common values of the Alliance, i.e. respect for democracy, rule of law and human rights; collective defence and the importance of solidarity, the transatlantic link and the indivisibility of security. Iceland also stresses the important role of NATO in implementing Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security; the High North and supports the notion that the Alliance should continue to be open to all European Countries that share the values of the Alliance as well as fulfil its conditions for membership. So what’s the problem Scotland like Iceland was a founding member and will remain so.

  16. If Scottish independence would be a cataclysm for the West as George Robertson claims, then perhaps he can explain why he and his Westminster chums didn’t do anything to try to head independence off such as devolving full fiscal autonomy to Scotland or creating a federal or confederate union of the nations and regions of the UK.

  17. I agree Dunkie and James Waugh. Great posts. If it wasn’t for the Internet, and and bloggers like WGD, Wings Over Scotland, Derek Bateman, Newsnet et al we wouldn’t have this information. The power of instant rebuttal is also a very useful tool when the propaganda machine is broadcasting at full tilt. Sadly there are many people who do not have access to the Internet and they rely on the MSM for their information.

  18. Who elected this clown to make a fool of himself and Scotland in front of the whole world?

    Nato’s “TOP GUN ” (Glen Campbell EBC) FFS. Give me strength.

    Are the NO citizens proud of the world laughing at them, with this sh*t, or do they believe it! Now that would be worrying.

  19. Not much more to add except that dear George got where he was because of the company he kept and the fact that he belonged to the same club as the one occupied by the President of the United States (all of them) and most of the House of Commons and the Royal Family. We call it the club for the stupid, they are generally not all that bright but bright enough to know that membership will protect them, give them a bit of power, and keep them in the way they want to be kept without resorting to much in the way of work. It seems to work regardless of which strata of life, business that this club permeates.

  20. Another thoroughly entertaining article Paul You do have a cracking turn of phrase, another twat debunked with great aplomb.


    “Why did Robertson have to go to the USA to make this speech?”

    George (Patron of the British American Project) Robertson was in America along with James (BBC and member of the British American Project) Naughtie to drown out anything positive emanating from Scotland Week and Alex Salmond. Job done.


    “age of mass internet use where the state propaganda machine could be continually challenged and debunked”

    Aye, thank (your deity or expletive here) for the internet and the cybernat. Good see you’ve taken the full plunge into the fray, enjoying your input. I recon “Lord George Cataclysm” or Gysm fro short 🙂

  21. Are the media actually starting to catch on to the lies (see Daily Record) or are they beginning to realise that they won’t sell any papers if they continue to peddle Unionist scare stories as more people turn towards Yes.

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