Haud yer wheesht

Scotland isn’t allowed to have an opinion. Not according to Michael Fallon, the Tory energy secretary who acts as minder to Ed Davey in order to prevent any Lib Dem-ish sandal wearing in Westminster’s Department of Radioactivity. According to a report in the Herald yesterday, Fallon ordered the Scottish energy minister Fergus Ewing not to contact the EU with the views of the Scottish Government on the massive subsidy which the UK is proposing to pay to the Chinese-French consortium behind the Hinkley nuclear power station.

In its desperate search for an energy supply which doesn’t involve building wind farms in Conservative constituencies, Westminster has signed a controversial deal with the French energy giant EDF to build a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset. The deal involves giving EDF a guarantee of a minimum price for electricity produced by the plant, a minimum price which is considerably higher than other suppliers receive. Many observers believe that EDF will rake in massive excess profits from the deal, and that the UK Government is paying through the nose in order to mask its own incompetence and its inability to manage a secure and reliable energy supply. The deal may be illegal under European rules, that’s what Westminster doesn’t want anyone pointing out, and that’s why Fallon has slapped Scotland down.

Scotland has set its face against nuclear energy. We’re lowping in conventional energy sources, we’ve got vast renewable potential. Scotland doesn’t need nuclear. But since the energy market in the UK has been so woefully mismanaged by the boys in red white and blue, Scotland’s going to pay for nuclear generation whether it’s in Scotland’s interests or not. The massive increased subsidies to the nuclear industry come as subsidies to the renewable industry are being reduced.

The paper reports that Fallon would view a letter from Embra to Brussels on the subject as a “hostile act”. It would provoke bitch-slaps at dawn, and could possibly lead to an invasion of mandarins and other small fruity objects. Westminster might stop Holyrood’s pocket money if it doesn’t behave properly and go to bed when it’s told to by the big boys in the big city.

It’s a similar story to the way Westminster sold out Scotland’s fishing rights and then refused to allow Scotland to attend EU fisheries meetings even as an observer. As far as relations between Brussels, London and Edinburgh are concerned, there’s a food chain of command and Scotland is the plankton. Scotland should photosynthesise, keep building the windmills and pumping the oil, and shut up. Michael Fallon will do the talking and the thinking for us.

We’re so stupid we might say the wrong thing. Things like “The UK’s nuclear energy subsidy is illegal. Scotland is going to have to pay a whack of it while it damages Scotland’s renewables industry. And we’ve got an anti-nuclear policy. They’re just taking the piss.” Which would leave Michael looking like a guppy which had been gubbed and the French would laugh at him. Especially since it would put the UK in the embarrassing position of being revealed as the only EU state with a tax on masturbation. It’s the Westminster wank tax. Scotland’s being made to pay in order to screw itself.

If Scotland is unhappy with this state of affairs, Michael Fallon says we need to write a stiff oo er missus letter of complaint to Westminster, where it can be considered carefully by a committee with a Tory majority who will give it due consideration. Which consists of filing it in a bin marked “Whinging Jocks” and ignoring it. It’s the proper procedure.

This is Scotland getting the best of all possible worlds as part of the UK. We get a Parliament which can be ignored and silenced, we get to pay for nuclear energy we don’t want or need, we damage our own renewables industry, we get Tory MPs punch above our weight for us at an international level, and as a bonus we get patronised, dismissed and put in our wee tartan place. So we are getting the best of all possible worlds, just not for us. It’s the best of all possible worlds if you’re a Westminster MP.

What’s not to like apart from everything?

Energy and international contacts are reserved matters. In the James Bond fantasy which Westminster inhabits, reserved matters are the wee toys made by M. Only James gets to play with them. Scotland is one of the anonymous Bond girls, who looks pretty, saves James’s arse, then gets killed in the second scene. Punching above our weight Westminster style means we get a tiny bit part in a big movie, as one of the minor players whose name never registers with the audience and who gets less screen time than it takes James to raise an eyebrow.

But all that will change on 18th September. Then Scotland will be in the driving seat of the Aston Martin, and our finger will be on the ejector seat button. Then we can get rid of the Dr No’s of Westminster forever. Michael Fallon probably sees that as a hostile act too, but there will be nothing he can do about it. Scotland can file his response in the bin marked “Self-important Tories” and ignore it.


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  1. All so true, I believe that the energy rant by Mr Davey was blown out of the water by Academia but then said academic was ignored by the MSM yesterday. Good to see Mr Fallon getting the oxygen of publicity he will certainly not relish.

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    • Gerry..if we vote YES and I hope we do, they have said they might not acknowledge the vote results..then we will see some fun and games..fasten your seatbelts folks your in for a bumpy ride…xxx

      • PS..Paul I think your writings are a breath of fresh air..they hit whatever nail that needs hit, right on the head..keep them coming…xxx

  3. First class article again Paul. But I’m afraid it’s the same old, same old as far as the M.S.M is concerned. Professor Strachan’s interview on the B.B.C wil be consigned to the dustbin, and John Beattie severly reprimanded for describing Ed Davey’s “speech” as bunkum.

    • Alex, never fear. The Rev Stu has already uploaded the relevant bit over on Wings, complete with transcription! Wonders of the internet and a few dedicated bloggers!

      • Yep, I’ve read it thanks, Capella. While the pro-independence sites are all I ever read these days, and it’s heartening to see more and more people doing the same, we still have to face the fact that the M.S.M won’t change, although some may waver, and a lot of people still form their opinions from what they see, hear and read from these anti-independence outlets. Despite the strength of the opposition, I still believe from my time on the streets that we are going to win, in spite of the lies that spew daily from the media.

  4. Paul, having recently discovered your articles I’d like to thank you. I find them extremely cathartic reading. This and other non mainstream media sites will probably stop me having a Guy Fawkes moment. cheers easy

    Coming late to the YES side, I’m an example of the success of the cybernats!

    Is there anything that can be done to subvert or change some of the pro union 37 papers?
    It concerns me greatly, I’ll show a lack of modesty when i say i’m quite self aware and open minded, I can’t say as much for many of my more stubborn friends. Who having made n arguement pro union, dig there heals in. Any suggestions? I think I’ve converted 1 friend from No to undecided (ongoing) and my wife will now be voting YES.

    • Excellent – & welcome Rory! Can I suggest derekbateman.co.uk as well as the brilliant “usuals” of wingsoverScotland, bellacaledonia & newsnetScotland. Of course, YesScotland.net is also great for such info!
      Keep up the good work!
      Brilliant article by the way!

      • Cheers Ewan, currently back reading wings to get fully up to speed. Are/is there forums (specifically designed) on which discussion or enlightening each other can take place? …i think i may be saturating my facebook pals pro yes info.I need another outlet!

    • Yes, you can do something. Tell everyone you know and encourage them to stop buying the papers if they don’t agree with what is printed. Tell the editors why you are no longer going to buy their papers. You won’t get any response, but if enough of us do that it will begin to sink in.

  5. What’s even more irritating about this, is the way Labour stands by like eunuchs.
    Their job seems to be to stop others doing things and at the same time are unable to do anything useful themselves.
    By useful, I mean speak up for Scotland, even if they oppose Independence there does come a time when they need to get over their hatred of all things SNP and simply do their jobs as members representing Scottish constituencies.
    They mostly behave as if they are not in Scotland.

    • It is the old “If the SNP propose it then Labour will oppose it” mantra. I believe that this is known as the Willie Bain principal. Named after Willie Bain the Labour MP for Glasgow north east.

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  7. This excellent piece goes well with the Finch information concerning rUK credit rating and reminds me that after I vote YES there will no question of us being regarded as Jocks-strapped

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  9. It was announced today that all Scottish wind and wave energy off our coasts and in our hills is making contingency plans to relocate to England in the event of a “ yes” vote in the Scottish independence referendum.
    A spokesperson from the Better Together Bunch stated : “the future of these natural elements in an independent Scotland would be fraught with problems and could see the creation of an energy independent country, a substantial reduction in carbon emissions, the creation of far too many jobs and the lowering of consumer energy bills.”
    I thought I would pre-empt the Better Together Bunch and save them the trouble by alerting all you nasty cybernats about the environmental catastrophe that was looming on the independence horizon.
    They have warned us about everything else and they must be running out of inspiration so it was only a matter of time before they got round to warning us that large areas of our natural environment were about to head south, along with banks, businesses and anything else you could dream up if you were a slaverin’, incoherent, political mutation with a truly fine disregard for logic, commonsense or fact.
    I apologise to readers of this fine blog ,but I am having a bad day: I just got a “United with Labour” leaflet through my letter box called “Keep The UK Keep The Pound” and it surpasses, by a long way, the amount of pish contained within my wee rant.

    • Jim, I have not been blessed with a United with Labour leaflet, but if I was, I would use it to light the fire. “Rubbish aye burns best” as Oor Wullie once said! And I am a life-long socialist. Sadly, the Labour Party has never been a socialist party although there are socialists in it (as Tony Benn said). Thankfully we have our heroic bloggers to provide an alternative, healthier and much more realistic analysis of what is going on. Once the referendum is won, we will have to think of how to mark the tremendous contribution the bloggers have made to the enlightenment of the nation.

  10. UK Energy policy is warped. English Tory swing voters bleat on about not having windmills in their nice country areas – areas which used to have quaint windmills for grinding corn back in the day. They buy into the slavering, free market radicalism of state-shrinking neo-liberal economics when it comes to everything that makes them richer and cuts their taxes. But then they expect cheap, plentiful energy to be brought to their rural idyll cleanly: energy that is manufactured in somebody else’s town using dirty coal or massively publicly subsidised nuclear power. If they were true to their purported principles, they would be charged an enormous free market cost for receiving that service at others’ expense. Instead billions of pounds of our taxes are lined up to protect them from the economic and environmental cost of their political choices. It’s almost impossible to clearly draw the interconnected levels of doublethink and economic, political and cultural hypocrisy involved in arriving at such a world view. It boils down to an attitude that it’s OK for other people to have to put up with living in poverty and a horrible environment, as long as everything is lovely where I am. And then for the UK Energy Secretary to come out with this utter nonsense against such a backdrop of failure by successive UK governments, is really quite unbelievable.

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