Oor Wey – the punk mix

Courtesy of those very clever and talented people at Yew Choob.  For you traditionalists out there, they promise to do a lounge lizard mix soon, but I liked the energy and the subversiveness of the punk version so asked for it first.  I’ve tweaked the lyrics in the final verse a wee bit and think this version is better.  Hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did – and consider yourselves very VERY lucky I didn’t attempt to sing it myself.

Enjoy, sing along, spread and share!

I’ve uploaded an MP4 version of the video which you can download and save to your computer or mobile phone.  Click on the following link, and then click on the wee arrow in the top left of the page to download and save.


0 thoughts on “Oor Wey – the punk mix

  1. Thanks to Wee Ginger Dug and the followers of this page for finding us and asking if we would participate. Humbled and proud. Aye fur Alba 2014.

  2. Thanks wee dug and Yew Choob for putting a smile on our faces after enduring another morning of BBC spin….

  3. Excellent ! Can this be uploaded to iTunes where it can be bought and lifted to number wan ? 🙂

  4. F*ckin brilliant… cheers WGD and Jock for making my day! Brought a wee tear to ma eye and a swell o pride in the heart that did.

    With all the comedy, parody, wit and emotion on our side how can we lose?

  5. Not my kind of music at all, at all – but brilliant and very, very moving indeed. I’m quite overcome. Should be prescribed as energising viewing before each and every canvassing slog. A terrific tribute to the dug and to all the people and energy that this video has so briliantly compressed. Strangely, as was once said of Wagner’s music – “Wonderful and wonderfully given.”

  6. At last, now I can say – fantastic! Thanks to you, Paul, and all concerned. I’m just going to watch it again. It’s already being shared internationally. They like it but are sitting with Scots/English dictionaries! The thing is – so will Better Together….

  7. Just listened to it again, We have our new National Anthem, mind I want it sung in the Punk fashion, I am awa tae practise, oh and if Paul thinks he is bad he has not had the pleasure of hearing me sing.

  8. “Tears and snotters” sums it up THANK YOU for making my day/week/year and i am now an avid Yew Choob watcher.
    sent to all my mates. And yes i have a few.

  9. Rosemary, almost anything can be played reggae style.

    Put Dub side of the moon into the YouTube search box, hit play and smile.

  10. Ye must’ve read my mind, I spent last night watching all their vids. Being an auld punk that’s still at it, this made me smile, two fingers up to Westminster.

  11. I’ll plug in my les Paul, gain to 9, look up the tabs and let it rock……….

    And am no translating that into German for ya Paul …. noooooo weeey 😉

  12. pause some of the captions,epic

    YES campaign will go down in history as a internet battle

    • Ye’ve done us all proud with that rendition. A strong confident Scottish voice that can hold a good tune. Isn’t that what independence is all about?

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