Debunking No campaign lies about NHS Scotland

Reekie Auld has produced a new video examining the No campaign’s dubious assertions about the Health Service after independence.  Please share and distribute this video as widely as possible, before Better Together try to take it down.

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0 thoughts on “Debunking No campaign lies about NHS Scotland

  1. Paul, thank you for sharing the video, really appreciate it. Only wanted to point out the NHS advert rebuttal is the only one I’ve made so far in direct response to a No campaign video. But there’ll be more.

  2. There’s that word ” foreign” used again in something from the anti-independence campaign – watch out for lots more uses of their new buzzword

    – and ask why they would want to treat us, as a neighbour, like that, when, by Act of Westminster Parliament In 1949. It was determined that the Republic of Ireland would not be treated as a foreign country, and people from the Republic would not be categorised as foreigners?

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  4. Yay, great wee vid and nice to see some of my shots from the march & rally being put to good use at the end there!

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