The shamelessness of John Reid

John Reid, before he got a peerage for services to Tony Blair, insisted on being called Dr Reid. Now he’s Dr Frankenstein Lord John Reid Baron of Warmongering UKOK – and he’s very upset that nasty independence supporters are abusing poor defenceless politicians. The abuse here is not a reference to John being felt up in a dark alley by a strange man who’s offered him a bagful of security consultancy sweeties, he’s complaining that people are saying rude things about him. Like calling him Dr Frankenstein Baron of Warmongering, or wondering aloud if you can barge your way through to the front of a crowd at the scene of an accident shouting ‘let me through I once wrote a thesis on the slave trade in 18th century Nigeria’.

John wrote a thesis on the evils of the Atlantic slave trade in the 18th century, which saw millions of people kidnapped, transported across the Atlantic in chains, and held in brutal captivity on Caribbean islands, making a small number of rich and privileged American and European plantation owners even richer and more privileged. Nowadays John does work for the Chertoff Group, a company founded by Michael Chertoff the former US Secretary for Homeland Security. John Reid’s boss had a key role in running the US detention centre at Guantánamo – kidnapping people, transporting them across the Atlantic in chains, holding them in brutal captivity on a Caribbean island, and making a small number of rich and privileged American and European security company directors and consultants even richer and more privileged. But it’s probably abusive to point that out, unless you adopt managementwankspeak in which case it’s synergy.

John’s made a career out of abusing voters’ trust. He doesn’t think that we should be allowed to complain about it, he doesn’t think that now he’s no longer in elected office he should cease influencing our laws, and he’s upset that he’s not being accorded the respect given to Dr Frankenstein – although if a horde of Transylvanian peasants bearing torches and pitchforks were to turn up at his front door John would be the first to complain that they’d been sent by Alicsammin.

It’s a funny thing respect. When you demand it, it’s a guarantee that you’re not going to get any. Especially in Scotland where the answer to the question “Do you know who I am?” is “I know whit ye are.” Respect cuts two ways, you only get respect when you show respect. John’s career has demonstrated that the only respect he has is the respect he demands from others in order to compensate for his lack of self-respect, or indeed his missing sense of shame.

Now John is attempting to link his own demands for respect to the respect due to those who fought and died on the beaches of Normandy. You can accuse John of many things, but the ability to recognise when you’re being crass isn’t one of them. Today in the Scotsman there’s a report that John has been criticised for linking the commemorations of the D-Day Landings to the independence referendum. He claimed that the landings showed that “men and women drawn from Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales – ordinary men and women […] did extraordinary things and did it together” with the clear implication that it’s only possible for ordinary people to do extraordinary things under the aegis of the Westminster Parliament.

John’s comments are an insult to the memory of those who died on the beaches of Normandy – it is not for him or anyone else to tell modern generations what the personal motivations of the fallen were. My Irish republican grandfather served in WWII, he took no part in the D-Day landings and thankfully he survived the conflict, but he was not fighting for King and Country, he was fighting against fascism. Those who died on the beaches of northern France died for noble personal reasons of their own, we mourn them because they were humans and individuals, and the war cost them their lives. They are no longer here to tell us what they did it for or what it meant to them. That’s why we mourn and commemorate them John, not because the event glorifies the corrupt and venal politicians we’re lumbered with today.

John Reid’s remarks are also an insult to the thousands who fought and died on D-Day who were not Scottish, Irish, Welsh or English. The Canadians, Poles, Americans and the rest who fought and died were not doing so in order to preserve the Westminster Parliament’s rule over Scotland. They were fighting against the evils of the Nazi regime. The D-Day Landings were not a Westminster affair, they came about because of co-operation between independent democratic nations who freely chose to act in concert against fascism.

There is no positive and substantial case for the Union. John Reid is reduced to doing what he and his ilk accuse independence supporters of – resting their case upon emotive and selective misreadings of a past that is long past. D-Day will remain in history, whatever happens in September. And Scottish people will continue to mourn the loss of the brave and noble servicemen and women from all over the globe who came together to fight against a great evil.

And hopefully, in the future, the politicians in a Scottish Parliament will not employ that sacrifice to make a cheap political point in a democratic debate. If they do, we’ll be able to express our displeasure by voting them out of office and removing them from public life. Westminster does not give us that option with John Reid – and that John, is why we are having this independence debate now.

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  1. Well said. Thank you WGD. I cannae thole the man and never could. But to have him pontificating onscreen on behalf of the Naws as he was today on Sunday Politics makes me want to throw something. He is so patronising and self satisfied. Grrrrrrr…

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  3. Another one with a degree in history that seems to have no notion at all about the number of nations who fought and lost men and women in the 39-45 war. Amazing that Russia wasn’t part of the UK.

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  6. I am composing my letter of utter contempt on this matter on behalf of my father & my Uncle Tom that served in WW2 and also on behalf of my Uncle Jack that didn’t make it home and predeceased me by 13 years.

  7. The 51st Gordon Highanders were abandoned by the London war command to be captured at St Valery en Caux by Rommels army. Last order was “every man for himself”. They, 10,000 of them, spent the next 5 years as prisoners of war in Bavaria and Poland. It was well known they were sacrificed to allow other troops to be rescued via Dunkirk etc. John Reid is despicable if he thinks turning WWII into a unionist icon will win votes. So much for the “big hitters”.
    When is Baroness Lidl appearing?

  8. There is in the end no plausible or compelling reason for the union to continue. The banal unionism of the post war years ensured that nothing meaningful or worthwhile was put in place to secure the Unions future. Instead it relied on being invisible and silent. Now it is in the limelight and what do they do to defend it? When not lying, they look backwards to past glories of empire. They are suffering from what I call “old unionist blues”. It refers to those so obsessed with the past they can’t see the present, much less the future, for what it is. They stare into the what-was, consumed by a confection of nostalgia for times long past. Even then its an entirely fictional account of events. War is horror. War is an obscenity, even when it is justified. To try and use the war dead to “guilt trip” Scots into voting No, is more than Crass. Its vile and disgusting. Who are they to say what these men were thinking in their last moments?

    To use symbols of war and the war dead to determine loyalty to the Union is a shibboleth. When you hear other politicians and pundits referring to the need for “reconciliation councils” after a no vote – you know something far worse than tax hike is waiting for Scotland at the end of a no vote.

    • Another “guid” JockBrit Phd whoring his academic integrity for the British imperial shilling.

      At least, and in his dubious favour, he is not a legitimate “son of the Manse” nor an illegitimate progeny of some other variety of faux peace, truth, and reconciliation clergy:

      Just a walking-talking moral scandal and thug.

  9. Ordinary Scottish Labour supporters must be well scunnered by this Peer of the Realm’s scurrilous utterings….shame on DR.Frankenstein indeed WGD.

  10. When they stir the pot of Westminster shit that contains the scottish unionist nobility and MPs we will all see the con trick that has been played on the Scottish people for a long time, and the stench will be unbearable, big Gordie will be waving his butchers apron with pride. Traitors to humanity and their own country. Aye and they are proud of it. I just wish the decent proud Scott’s would waken up and smell the shit coming from this putrid cesspool. Don’t believe what you hear believe what you see and smell.

  11. Referred to as one of Labour’s big beasts, he’s now well past his use-by date. This referendum isn’t about the past, it’s about the future. The days of the so-called big beasts are long past. We don’t want to relive their time in office, or repeat it. Independence provides different options, new ways, the reason why so many of us are voting Yes.

  12. ‘…he was fighting against fascism.’

    and you, good people, are metaphorically ‘fighting’ against a more subtle form of the beast – whatever name you want to call it and the people who represent the ‘system’.

    the change MUST come and the Scottish people MUST ensure that our representatives work for the Scottish people and we are both accountable for our respective actions/inactions.

  13. Reid’s a hypocrite through and through. If I were interviewing him I would ask him why at Celtic Park he doesn’t wear a Union Jack lapel pin or wave a UJ flag if he’s so keen on the Union.

  14. Dislike the man so much and cannot understand why people who are Labour supporters do not see the damage the likes of him and many many others have done to their party. Another self seeking ingrate and I am obliged to you for telling me how he got his Doctorate, my goodness they seem to be getting handed out like sweeties these days. Him and Brown, both useless tossers

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