100 days until the door opens

There was a nice wee story from the Basque Country that got lost amidst the Obamahoo and the AndyMurrayha that’s dominated the press over the past few days. Last week final year students in Basque high schools sat their university entrance exams. In the maths paper there was a question related to Scotland.

The students were asked to calculate the confidence levels in an opinion poll about the Scottish independence debate. According to the poll cited in the exam question, 600 people had been questioned of whom 450 were going to vote yes. Pity it wasn’t a real poll, but it was still nice to be noticed in a Basque exam paper.

The independence debate is often framed in terms of uncertainties, but it must be certain that Scotland has never enjoyed such a high profile in the world as it has right now – and that is entirely due to the fact that we have embarked upon a peaceful and legal campaign to recover Scottish independence. Across the world, people are paying Scotland an attention that they never paid this small, damp northern European country before. We’re in Basque exam questions, in headlines in Bolivian newspapers, and in current affairs in Canada. Basques, Bolivians and Canadians are talking about us, but you won’t find the BBC saying so. They only report the men from DelMonte and the manufactured astroturfing of the No campaign.

And it’s not kilts, whisky and the Loch Ness monster that they’re talking about in far flung places. They’re talking about 5 million people who may just possibly challenge the right to rule of the traditional political elites, and who will do so entirely peacefully – without a shot being fired, without riots, without civil unrest. We need to thank ourselves, we need to pat ourselves on the back. We need to tell ourselves just what we’ve achieved here. This is truly a precious and beautiful thing. The most contentious political debate imaginable, an independence campaign – a debate which usually starts in violence and ends in war, and Scotland is doing it her own way, a peaceful way, a democratic way, a way filled with laughter and smiles. We are ordinary people, we do extraordinary things. And we do them far far better than our closed minded and narrow visioned political class could ever do. We’re showing them how politics should be done.

All over the world people are paying close attention to this debate, yet here in Scotland most people have little idea just how remarkable the events of the Scottish Summer really are – because our media is full of the complaints of politicians, bewailing rude names on Twitter as harbingers of the end of civilisation, likening growls from wee mongrel dugs to the devastation of Hiroshima. The litany of negativity never ceases, the pre-arranged scares and concerted fears ramp up ever higher into the stratosphere of surrealism.

There’s 100 days to go before 18 September. An independent Scotland will not be a paradise, we will have challenges, we will have set backs, but Scotland will decide her own destiny. The fate of this country will lie in the hands of its own people. The Yes campaign is creating a picture of the Scotland that is being born – a colourful collage of Celtic knotworks, Asian floral patterns, Italian masterpieces, English miniatures, African prints and Polish design. A people in movement, moving towards the world and open to it. We’re looking to the future, we’re making it up as we go along, and we’re making something beautiful. This is what we can do when we put our minds to it when we step outside the pencil box that Westminster has put us in, a box where the only pictures are grey still-lifes, frozen and fearful.

100 more days of the No campaign, po-faced and pettit lipped, lost in past glories, tellers of scare stories, the warmongers, back hander bungers, benefits cutters, ifs and butters, Iraq-invaders, Trident cravers, casino bankers, Thatcher thankers, clueless dopes, killers of hope, asset strippers, swivel eyed Kippers, nay-sayers,Β truth slayers, BBC junkies, peerage monkeys, dependency touters, ProudScot doubters, expenses blaggers and privatisers, poison daggers and boardroom misers – lecturing Scotland on our antisocial behaviour while they tell us to vote for No future, a future that goes from crap to crappier. The best they can offer is that things might just get back to being crap again.

Compare and contrast. What sort of country do you want to live in. You can live in a land of hope, or you can live in the land of the po-faced and the pettit lip. A country where you’re told what’s good for you while the rich get ever richer and inequalities widen, where emigration in search of work is described as a Union benefit. Or an independent country governed by people who live here, people we can vote out of office if they do not live up to our expectations.

A Slovene friend once told me why he supported independence for his small country. He said: I love my country because it is small and harmless, and it needs people to look after it.

This small and harmless country is ours, and we will look after it because it is our home. Westminster politicians said that they wanted to turn the country into a land of owner occupiers when they sold off the family silver, we will answer them by telling them we’ll be the owner occupiers of our own land. All that interests them is how they can use our resources and our talents to further their own careers. Let’s make the future of Scotland our priority, the future of our children, our grandchildren, and generations yet to come. Let’s show the world what a small and harmless country can do, and be a voice for peace and justice in this world.

The key is in our hands. 100 days to go until we open the door and step out into the fresh clean air.


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  1. Ah the wee dug does it again.

    Boody smile on my grumpy face again. My own sons are beginning to notice, and the grandbairn called me grand DAD instead of GRUMPY today . If things keep going the way they are i might have to re-invent my image to a unbelievably happy 50 something with a (wobbly) spring in my step. And watch happily as my country re-invents it’self too

    thanks for the laughs and the lift you give me everytime i visit this page.

    NOPE for DOPES YES for HOPE.

  2. I believe that come the day enough Scots will have had their eyes opened to what the choice is really about. An opportunity to govern ourselves or to be dragged along in the flow towards more right wing follies.

    Decisions made by a Scottish government will always be in Scotlands interest whether right or wrong, right now all the decisions made by Westminster are most certainly not in the majority of Scots interests. In fact they don’t give a monkeys as to how decisions made in Westminster affect Scots.

    The best they can offer is that things will be worse than crap, we can do a lot better than that.

    We must get this message out there, don’t let up. In fact work harder, much harder.

  3. Strangely felt a wee bit down after watching bits of the coverage today. I’m not sure why but anyway, your friends saying has really touched me. They are right , so Thank you for repeating it here. Scotland is small and harmless and I for one will do all I can to look after her. Thank you

    • Me too. After aw the the you cannae’s now the No brigade dangling a scabby carrot that a rabbit wud no even sniff at – all party discussions to guarantee more devo plans for Scotland. Aye right, we have been led doon that road afore and got nowt.
      Talk to those that are only to happy to say they are voting No, watch their eyes widen when hit by how we have been conned aw these years. Point them to the Yes sites so come the big day we vote informed. Saor Alba.
      Thanks WGD for lifting my spirits

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  5. 100 days to go β€” ramps up the nerves. I see Yes Scotland have launched a Yes Guarantee to spell out to voters the benefits of a Yes vote. Wonder if that will be enough. It’s a big like the Labour pledge cards.

  6. That fair cheered me up too – I was getting decidedly pissed off with the media and the lumbering liars in the BT bunch . Then there you were with a wee ray of sunshine!

  7. Slightly o/t was just watching channel 4 round down of BT…marketing for them etc they asked a lady do you agree with Alisdair Darling that more powers are on the way? She responded with oh look up there! There’s a flying PIG! That’s what I think of anything AD says!! πŸ™‚ absolutely priceless…..

  8. Reblogged this on Culreoch and commented:
    Beautifully written precis of the Scottish Indyref situation which I offer to my readers.
    Normal service on ‘Scribblings’ resumes with the next entry, whenever that comes!

  9. Beautiful and beautifully put. How amazing is it that this campaign is often, and even in quite quiet corners, something that moves one to tears and admiration? Politics has never been like this – warm, alive and run through with truth. To outsiders, especially in the almost equally dismayed and betrayed south of these islands, it looks as if we are all ‘on’ something. We actually are – and it’s called hope, faith and mutual determination. Well done again, Paul – so very well done.

  10. BT deserted decency some time ago but perhaps the debate can at least remain peaceful. I’m not confident, We have set ourselves against very wicked people.

    Vamos a ver.

  11. Read with a wee tear in my eye because in a few short words you have encapsulated everything I feel about this debate. A wonderful bit of writing. Thanks.

  12. Beautifully crafted and such a pleasure to read.You communicated, for me, the emotion of the moment in the vision of the possibilities of a multi cultural Independent Scotland taking it’s place in the community of nations. Thankyou

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  14. 100–days

    Looks like Gordon Brown has made it HIS mission to save the Union,He wants the Glory.

    Directly contradicts BT and Alistair Darling.


    • Gordon Brown was the worst Chancellor and Prime Minister that we have ever seen and the some of the people of Scotland go and listen to him. Words fail me.

  15. This has to be the most eloquent and heart felt piece yet about our journey towards independence. Not just by WGD but by anybody. I’m not surprised that others had a tear in their eyes, I think we all did. Just last week I realised how historic this time in Scotland is, just what it is we are doing and doing really well. Not that the media are making us aware of this at all. So again, thanks for this great piece of writing.

  16. One of your best yet, Paul – truly uplifting. Agree also with all the comments. Mair power to your keyboard in the next 99 days.

  17. Eloquent writing and bang on the money.

    Pretty good miniature modeler too, more power tae yer elbows, kneess and taes.

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  19. Reblogged this on Are We Really Better Together? and commented:
    “The most contentious political debate imaginable, an independence campaign – a debate which usually starts in violence and ends in war, and Scotland is doing it her own way, a peaceful way, a democratic way, a way filled with laughter and smiles. We are ordinary people, we do extraordinary things. And we do them far far better than our closed minded and narrow visioned political class could ever do. We’re showing them how politics should be done.”

    If you haven’t read the Wee Ginger Dug before now, please do so! You’ll like him, a lot.

  20. MSM are repeating the chestnut of ‘wummin’ voters being feart for a YES decision on the 18th….I for one believe oor womenfolk are just being canny Scots voters.
    YES has this one sewn up with 100 days to go πŸ™‚

  21. Democracy Westminster style.

    I was helping out at the Wings over Scotland stand at Yes in the Park on Saturday. Where amongst many friendly folk I had the privilege of meeting Paul and his Wee ginger Dug. Amazing how these positive people kept on smiling despite the rain.

    Anyway during the afternoon I was speaking to a gentleman at the stand and he informed me that he was an avid reader of “Wings” I asked if he ever commented on the site and was surprised at the look of horror on his face. He was in no doubt whatsoever that his livelihood would be at stake if he got “caught” posting on an indi site.

    It turns out that the gentleman works in a large government facility not so far from Glasgow. Not far enough in the opinion of most Scots. He told me that as far as he knew he was the only Yes supporter in the not so inconsiderable workforce.

    I can draw two conclusions from this. Either numerous otherwise intelligent people (you would hope) actually believe anything that comes out of a certain well fed, salad dodging, proven liar of a Labour MSP`s mouth. That, or as I suspect there is such a climate of fear within the facility that anyone aspiring to a Yes vote had better keep their mouths well and truly shut!

    Why oh why would anyone vote to continue living in a country that has to frighten its people into servitude.?

    • You’d be surprised Eilean. There are a lot of people out there who work for those who would frown upon their constitutional voting intent.

      They may feel it prudent to keep themselves below the works radar, simply to keep the wage coming in the door and no I don’t think that’s acceptable. No one should feel so intimidated that they fear for their livelihood, but we’ve seen examples only recently from certain employers trying to directly influence the vote of their workforce. It happens.

      What matters is that folk like the chap you talked to,do pay attention to these sites. Its important that they know they are not on their own out there and vote YES on the day. That is THE single most important thing they can do for everyone.

      • Aye I know! But it is getting awfi close to the “Thought Police”chapping at your door. And I don’t see that much difference between political censorship and religious censorship what would the outcome be if someone got the sack for supporting say buddhism for example?

        Its all just part and parcel of Westminster duplicity. They claim freedom of speech and freedom of thought. Aye free to speak and free to think as they do!

        • Awfi close? God they’ve kicked the door in and are sitting round the kitchen table drinking your tea at this point. πŸ˜‰

          Just open any paper or turn to any channel in the land.

        • It’s not just that many public sector workers are politically restricted in a formal way. They also need to be wary of the many Labour placemen in senior positions who will be checking everyone for ‘right thinking’ as they call it. Despite seven years of SNP government at the Scottish level there are still a great many Labour cronies in the system. To their eternal credit the SNP has refused to play this game of favour-my-pals, but the downside is that the system’s still replete with Labour establishment characters.

          • I worked for Strathclyde Regional Council for twenty years a Labour fiefdom if ever there was one. Although overt political activity was not allowed I never felt discriminated against. I certainly never had a problem voicing my nationalist views.

            Lets hope that in Independent Scotland Political discrimination becomes as unacceptable as race, religious or any other form of discrimination.

  22. Of all the exceptional posts you’ve written in the past three years Paul, this one really hits home. Its been said above a few times already, but I think beautiful is an apt description in this case.

    I’m very proud of how our wee country is conducting this national debate. A debate I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. If people open their horizons and imaginations just that wee bit further they would see this needn’t be the last time we hold such national conversations and engage with our politics, but the first. That we could, as an independent, peaceful, popular sovereignty, have the system of government and level of engagement we want.

    Not long now.

  23. 99 days to go and it’s very quiet today here in Oban,
    nae TV camera crews spoiling the atmosphere :).

  24. I haven’t posted on here before but I was really moved by your piece. It’s at times like this I wish I could afford to mail this through every door in Scotland. Thank you.

  25. Thank you Wee Ginger Dug, for encapsulating what we all feel, proud that we have got so far without the use of violence. With work and hope we may get our country back.

  26. Brilliantly said, makes you proud to be a part of this small but great country. As a previous post said this piece should be posted to every household in the country, it would convince more than a few doubters .

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