Don’t let Scotland down now, part 2

Right, where were we? Oh aye, we were spinning our heids trying to keep up with what’s going on and failing miserably. There have been a whole load of new developments in the few short hours since the last post. Probably by the time I actually manage to get this blog post finished and published there will have been lots more and my heid will have exploded.

First up was the debate in Holyrood this afternoon. It made a very pleasant change to watch the different parties in the Scottish Parliament all gang up on the Tories. ToriesBad has a much nicer ring to it than SNPBad, don’t you think? Besides, there can be no dispute whatsover that the responsibility for this EU galactofuck lies fairly and squarely with the Tory party. The Bullingdon Boys decided it would be a jolly jape to use the arguments about the EU as a proxy to settle internal disputes within the Tory party, and now the entire thing has blown up in their faces and the stars of the Tory party leadership, both Brexiteers and Remainers, have vanished up a black hole of their own creation. It’s not in a constellation though, because no one wants to be anywhere near them.

The motion being debated was to give the Scottish government the mandate it requires to speak to other devolved bodies within the UK, the UK government, Gibraltar, other European countries, and the EU itself in order to find a means of permitting the democratic will of the Scottish people to be respected. Scotland, as everyone who hasn’t been sooked into the black hole of Torydom knows, voted to remain a part of the EU.

The debate was kicked off with Nicola Sturgeon stating emphatically that this motion is not simply an excuse to get another indyref. The Scottish government and its team of expert cross party advisors will examine all and any scenarios which will allow Scotland to remain a part of the EU, including the Labour party’s idea of a federal Britain in which Scotland and Northern Ireland are a part of the EU but the rest of the UK isn’t. Nicola made a strong and impassioned speech, stating repeatedly that this isn’t about independence, and was her speech was followed by Ruth Davidson.

Ruthie’s conciliatory and cooperative tone lasted approximately 45 seconds. After saying how much she regretted the result of Thursday’s vote, she came over all ProudScotBut and couldn’t stop going on about independence. And how she wishes the whole idea would disappear up the same black hole that has so recently consumed the careers of Davie Cameron and George Osborne. Ruthie’s big idea is for Scotland to knuckle down and do what Westminster tells us. We make a lovely tartan doormat for Westminster to wipe its feet on, said Ruthie. Well she didn’t really, but that’s what it boiled down to. So that was as useful a contribution as the one that Nigel Farage made to the EU parliament this morning.

Kezia was up next, and instead of playing her usual SNPBad tag team games with the Tories, she gave Ruthie a rocket up her arse which pretty much managed to send Ruthie into orbit about that black hole. I don’t say this often, in fact I don’t say it at all, but Kezia done good. How’s that defending the Union working out for you? Kezia asked. Ruthie glowered in silence. Admittedly Kezia is still clinging to the vain hope that it will be possible for Scotland to remain a part of the UK while simultaneously remaining a part of the EU, but the poor thing is still working her way through the stages of grief, so we should be gentle.

Kezia was followed by Patrick Harvie, who pointedly reminded Ruthie of the promises that the Better Together campaign had made during the indyref in 2014. There was more glowering. Ruth by this time had a face that could fry a pund of mince in an Edinburgh butchers all the way from the black hole she’s in orbit around.

But her torture was not to end. Even Wee Wullie Rennie took time off his bus route to have a go. Which is a bit like being savaged by a slightly moist ball of cotton wool, but still. Wullie wants all of the UK to remain in the EU, and Scotland to remain as well. This is the man who’s spent the past two years demanding that the outcome of the 2014 Scottish referendum needs to be respected, but now he thinks that the outcome of an English one needs to be overturned because he doesn’t like it. No one pointed out to him that that was terribly Scottish nationalist of him, because with the exception of Ruthie, everyone was being nice to everyone else today.

The result of the motion being passed by a large majority in the Scottish Parliament is that Scotland is now pursuing an independent foreign policy. We are negotiating with and speaking to other European nations and the EU on our own behalf, without the intermediaries of Westminster. We’ve ditched Whitehall’s rusty auld modem and we’re building a high speed broadband to Europe of our own. That fact all by itself is pretty big news, and that’s before we even come to consider what it is that Scotland is talking to other European nations about.

Over the coming few days, Nicola has meetings lined up with the President of the EU Parliament Martin Schulz, and the President of the EU Jean Claude Juncker. Despite the fact that Juncker also stated today that the EU will not enter any negotiations with the UK government until they trigger Article 50, he’s made it equally clear that his door is open to Scotland. I think that tells us all we need to know about the EU’s attitude to keeping Scotland within the EU.

Meanwhile, dahn sarf, politics continued to meltdown. Actually it melted down a few days ago, but it still hasn’t stopped its descent into the levels of Hell where Dante said the criminally insane reside. I think that’s Labour and Tory party HQs. Jeremy Corbyn has suffered a huge defeat in a vote of confidence, with over 170 Labour MPs voting against him, triggering a new Labour leadership contest to go with the Tory leadership contest that we’ve already got to look forward to. Well I say look forward to, I mean that in the same sense that you look forward to root canal treatment without an anaesthetic. Jeremy Corbyn now only has the support of a mere 40 MPs, but he’s determined to remain as leader and will stand in the leadership contest. What Labour is going to do once the grass roots membership give him their backing is anyone’s guess.

Oh, and we still don’t have a shadow Scotland Secretary, although there are apparently rumours that Corbyn is going to appoint the Labour peer Mike Watson, Baron Arsonist of Hotel Curtains. So that’s not inflammatory or anything.

Have I missed anything? Almost certainly I’ve missed lots. The UK is a dysfunctional madhouse, and we need to get into the lifeboats as soon as possible. Thank the gods the Scottish government has a plan, because no one else does.

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0 thoughts on “Don’t let Scotland down now, part 2

  1. Well said!

    Angus Robertson now has more MP support in Westminster than the poor old geography teacher.

    Just sayin like.

    • He has more support than the Red Tory and Jaundiced Tory leaders put together.
      WM is self combusting.
      And to think that they are going to swan off for two months holibags soon, to their gites in Gascony, villas on the Algarve, Shangri Las in Tuscany, good little, lord it over the local peasants, Europeans that they are.
      There is a view that they don’t give a fuck about the EU and serving the people.

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  3. yep spot on about the opposition parties going for the real target for a change its just as well i wasn’t near the chamber because fluffys wee scabby issue would have got pelters along with Jackson the tailor you couldn’t print what i think about him and that tosser who is moonlighting from Glasgow uni the one who came fifth but was handed a seat by Ruth the mooth cant be arsed looking for his name every Tory saying we deplore the result now do as yer told aye f/n right , watch us .

    • Ruth and her 30 hangers on do not consider Scotland to be a sovereign nation. I caught the self satisfied The Queen’s Eleven Murdo Fraser on Scotland 2016 last night.
      He has the most disgusting smirk in his party of losers. He doesn’t give a shite about the people of Scotland. This man got booted out at constituency level by 10,000 plus votes. Yet there he sits, £1200 a week plus exes, his whole demeanour oozing, we are you Masters, no matter how you vote.
      By each passing day Ruth’s band of freeloaders grow more and more odious.
      Kezia, you can stick your Federalism where the sun don’t shine. You are a spectacular failure as a politician
      I see Mags has Crawled out of the woodwork.
      Independence; nothing less.

  4. “The result of the motion being passed by a large majority in the Scottish Parliament is that Scotland is now pursuing an independent foreign policy.”

    The Scottish Government has no legal right to pursue any foreign policy of its own because foreign policy is a reserved area. I think all of us here will agree, however, that it certainly has a moral responsibility to pursue any avenue, foreign or domestic, to try to achieve what the Scottish people voted for, to stay within the EU. It will be interesting to see if Westminster issues a cease and desist order on the Scottish Government which is exactly what it should be doing. If nothing materialises then perhaps its because Cameron has already realised that he has effectively broken two unions.

    • There is the alternative, that any interference from Westminster in Holyrood’s work, will be seen as exactly that. We saw that with the Edinburgh Agreement. Westminster know that a Jack Boot approach would likely be extremely counter-productive.

    • You know, I have to ask something nasty here:

      If a country is pursuing an independent foreign policy, but not an independent domestic policy, how do other countries interact with it?

      Surely if we have an independent foreign policy, it stands to reason that for other countries to have any faith in our ability to negotiate in good faith, we need to have an independent domestic policy?

      So since the Scottish Parliament has just voted that Scotland should pursue an independent foreign policy, doesn’t that mean that they have, for all practicalities, said that they think Scotland should be an independent state?

      In other terms:

      Independent domestic policy, dependent foreign policy works.

      Dependent domestic policy, independent foreign policy just doesn’t work. (At least I can’t see how it would work)

      If that all tracks, then *WOW* I’m not sure Westminster can let that go unchallenged. But who would challenge it? Who’s in charge down there? Anyone stepping up to challenge it is saying that they’re holding the brexit ball, and no-one seems to want to do that. Could Scotland take this opportunity to just secede, quietly and without a fuss? (Ok, maybe some street parties, but that might make old Lizzy jealous)

      Am I reading too much into this, or is it as big as I think it is?

      • Independence is a state of mind. At some point, and I personally think we’re pretty much there, a majority of people will realise that something has switched inside their heads and that’s it.

        Once that happens there’s nothing Westminster can do about it.

          • True, but it seems like this is a big switch, because the Scottish Parliament is now saying: “We don’t care what you think is a reserved policy, we’re doing this one ourselves, and you’re not going to stop us”. As opposed to saying “that’s reserved to Westminster, we can’t touch that”.

            So if Westminster doesn’t stand up and stop this, possibly by sending tanks up and closing Hollyrood by force, what’s to stop Hollyrood from just legislating on everything currently reserved, and telling Westminster to sod off?

      • Well it depends on whether they get away with it. After all the only justification for rebellion is to succeed.

        Freedom can´t be given, because if you accept your freedom from someone else you´re admitting that they have the power to withhold it whenever they choose. Freedom therefore can only be claimed and later acknowledged by other parties.

    • It´s difficult to see how anything can remain ´reserved´ for those ´higher up´ when everyone on the bridge seem to either be mortally wounded or have abandoned their posts. There´s naebodie steering the ship as it heads for troubled waters … In the circumstance for anyone to step up and take responsibility is worthy of a bravery award, even if technically it´s outwith their job description.

      Desperate situation call for desperate measures.

      Most heartening event of the day : The EU parliament standing ovation, nous sommes Écosses 😉

      Most pleasantly surprising : Wee Kez moving crabwise towards the SNP position.

      Some of the conspiracy nutters are saying this all shows that the End Times are at hand. Could be, could be …

      • Oh, certainly.

        I’m just saying that it’s a big deal that Hollyrood has just assumed control of a reserved power without asking or receiving permission from Westminster to do so.

        And its even more important that Westminster hasn’t responded with a “no, you can’t do that”.

  5. You’re a busy boy today, Paul.

    “Meanwhile, dahn sarf, politics continued to meltdown. Actually it melted down a few days ago, but it still hasn’t stopped its descent into the levels of Hell where Dante said the criminally insane reside.”

    We ain’t seen nothing yet: remember The China Syndrome?

    And tomorrow? Can’t take all this excitement.

  6. Whoohoo. This is bloody ridiculous and bloody awesome all at the same time. Brittish politics credibility is being crushed to a cinder and I don’t have a single tear in my eye, except for the tears of laughter of course. Canne do without a bit o ye old laughter HA HA HA HA HA!

    • Huge Pro-EU demo outside Westminster underway now.

      This could get completely and utterly out of control for the establishment.

      • One can only hope so. It beggars belief that people like Farage are so up their own arses that they just don’t see what tossers they are.

        We are blessed in Scotland to have had one leader to take us to the door and a current one who will see us safely over the threshold. it’s coming yet, for all that

        • It is worse than that Tony.

          I’ve spent this afternoon on our local newspaper letters page site, which has a comments facility, where someone has had a letter published regarding her daughter, who is engaged to a European national and their concerns and experiences in regard to the attitudes displayed by many people in the city. The city voted by a slim majority to leave.

          The BTL comments were all negative – “all about me”, “spoilt brat”, “mardy arse”, “we won you lost” and so on. The responses to my reasoned arguments were on similar lines and worse, at one point eliciting a comment from a grown women liiterally along the lines of nah nah nah nah nah we won you lost.

          The point is that what is becoming clear is that down here in the North of England three and half decades of neglect, political elitism and triangulation which treat whole areas of traditional labour voters as having nowhere else to go has produced a large section of the population living together in the same areas who have developed a siege mentality and a vitriolic hatred not only of anyone they consider not English who is of non English origins but also anyone who is English who disagrees with their views. Even we are not English enough for them. We are in effect traitors.

          Rational discourse is impossible. Real world facts which do not accord with their simplistic world view go in one ear and out of the other. We have a situation where a significant section of our society, abandoned by tories and new labour for decades, genuinely believe they have the right to their own facts. When the reality hits them that the promises they have hung their hats on from the likes of Johnson, Gove et Al, are undeliverable they are going to switch to UKIP in droves.

          With the Blair sect playing slash and burn there is a potential that UKIP could at least form the main official opposition in Westminster if not worse. Given Farage’s attitude to Scotland and his veiled references to “shots being fired” etc Scotland would do well to prepare for all possible contingencies.

          • You explain that mentality very well, it is not just the poor and unemployed either, in my experience. At one time, to be a geordie was to be almost Scottish! Not now, they despise Scotland by and large. We could have a problem with such a negative, othering attitude, and it is worrying.

          • It all started in 2007 with the financial crash, initially caused by the 1%… and since, exacerbated by their very greed through the mechanism of ‘austerity’ to breaking point… The little snowball that started rolling down that hill in 2007 is now an unstoppable tree flattening monster.

          • I shall do just that. Could be the new #toryelectionfraud.
            Btw, Paul, thank you for adding ‘galactofuck’ to my vocabulary; my life is much enriched by the existence of this wonderful new noun.
            This is your gift to the world today! 😂

  7. Do not take your eyes off a screen for the next week and stock up on popcorn and coffee.

    Our government are the right people, in the right place and at the right time. We have a crisis situation and HMG is absent without leave.

    In Scotland?

    Thur oan it! 🙂

  8. Kezia had a pop at Corbyn. He had to go, said she, because most of his pparty had voted no confidence in him. If he remains, does that mean that Labour in Scotland has no confidence in Labour in England and Wales and will declare udi?
    A federal rump UK without Ingarland and Wales is a chimera; (maybe klunking fist’s next vow) . But, it shows the unionist parties minus the Tories edging forward to supporting an independent Scotland.
    I like the dug’s observation about Scotland carving out a start in its foreign policy. Good point.
    We can by-pass Westminster right now as it is comatose and frozen.
    Cameron keeps making comments, but he is passé now, a lame duck, broken reed, shattered ego and dumfoonert that all has turned out so bad.
    Mundell junior at Holyrood was squeaking a bit trying to do the Brown thundering bit, alas!
    The Germans are saying no favours to the UK, maybe they mean Ingarland this time. The ovation for Scotland in the European parliament was unprecedented! The EU has woken up to the fact that these islands here are mot some greater Ingarland but has other nations and peoples.
    The British Empire mentality residing in the HoC Tories does not cut any ice on the Continent any more. The English were tolerated, but not often liked, tholed but without any warmth.
    Now they will be out on a limb.

  9. How will we manage without a Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland? Mind you didl anyone notice that the wee nyaff’s quit?

    ToriesBad, I like the sound of that.

  10. I wonder how Westminster and the rump UK will feel when it is in “Splendid Isolation”.
    There will no one else to blame!
    Ingarland is on its tod now.
    Wallowing in the past and now it will have to knock at the door to have entry to the wider European markets. In voting to leave with such venom in its utterance (see Farage in Brussels), that will have lost it any residue of good will.
    Even Cameron displayed such attitudes when he threatened to support Brexit if he did not get his way in the re-negotiations he undertook prior to the referendum.
    He is on the way oot!
    The EU ministers will discuss matters without the background noise from Ingerland.
    Schadenfreude indeed!

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed this post, Paul. There’s nothing like good rocking laughter to lift the soul and you certainly know how to make us laugh.

    Great to feel we’re actually on the winning side at last.

  12. I heard that Kezia and the rest of the labour MSP’s abstained on voting against the tory amendment, the timing seems to fit with hearing the Corbyn result.

    Don’t trust the labour leadership, ever.

  13. So an actual convicted criminal for Shadow Scottish Secretary. Where does the humilation start during interviews? Jokes about “Mike would draw the curtain on this issue but he’s set fire to it” ” Mike is this a burning curtain subject”.
    Ginger we need a Mike Watson big book of jokes to send to SNP HQ. Prison ones too. Just have to create so many he can’t make up replies to them all.

  14. The Sottish Tories are not to be trusted or believed, they are Westminster’s agents and like snakes in the long grass. They are bought and paid for with English gold.
    Do not trust or believe SLAB they are the enemies of Scotland, they are mercenaries of Westminster. Westminster pays their blood money.
    Wee Wullie enough said, he is the third wheel of the establishments tricycle.

    This lot are coo coos inserted into the SNPs nest. Be careful be very very careful

  15. Well done Paul, you save me from trudging thro’ SO much. It’s great to have the likes of yourself and others doing what you do in such an upbeat fashion (remembering that this is Scotland, of course). As for Ruthie..with you and Ninja Penguin on her case, the future is well anticipated

  16. It is revelation to see a Scottish Government standing up for Scotland. That would not have happened in the past. It is going to be interesting to watch events pan out. The Scottish Government have to keep going until they win. But unless something unexpected happens it is going to be a long, drawn out affair.

    One thing I must say with regard to the majority of people in England voting to leave – that I respect their right to take that view. Their motives were no doubt many and varied but on balance I think they made the right choice. They voted to reject the status quo, a status quo in which their voice was being ignored, with contempt. As a result they are now being systematically vilified. They are being characterised as being uneducated, inward looking, xenophobic etc etc. And as a consequence they are being pushed into the welcoming arms of the extreme right. When it is apparent that nobody in the world actually gives a damn about your interests it is all too easy to be seduced by the unscrupulous.

    I don’t know how this can be resolved. At this point in time there is no respectable political organisation in England that is interested in genuinely addressing the predicament of these people.

    And so, Brexit.

    • Agreed Arthur. However, see my earlier post on this specific thread above.

      At present it’s like being a one eyed man in a land full of the blind. The minute you let on you can see you get your eye poked out. Rational discourse, evidenced based enquiry and thinking is impossible when the only responses are along the lines of “we won you lost”, “we have taken ‘our’ country back” , “f**k off out of the country then if you don’t like it” and so on. It’s all simplistic xenophobic jingoism in which the context is very much Gove’s anti intellectualism, we don’t need experts, we are sick of experts, we are not going to listen because to do do would require thinking.

      Anything longer than a punch line is regarded as “long winded.” The complexity and detail of the world, the sort of stuff that Boris does not do, is a foreign country. If you want to see what a post enlightenment society is going to look like for your PHD research this is the perfect place to begin.

      How do you proceed when there is absolutely no ground on which to walk? You don’t have to agree or like the position taken which you have described to recognise that, appalling as it is, it represents a valid rational response based on a logical conclusion.

      The comedian Billy Connelly relates a story in his New Zealand TV tour a few years back where a whale had entered shallow waters and eventually died. Sharks were feeding off it. Local boat owners were running trips for tourists, going right up alongside the shark to give people a better view of the feeding frenzy taking place. The punch line of the story was that on one boat an adult female with a child of around ten years old or so got out of the boat, with the child in tow, and climbed onto the body of the whale to “get a better view.”

      Now you don’t need to know anything about friction coefficients or cause and effect correlations to be able to figure out just how sodding dumb that is. A whales body is going to be extremely slippy and taking yourself and a child onto a dead whale in the sea with sharks feeding off it risks not just your life and the child’s but also other people who are now affected because they are put in the position of either letting you face the consequences of your own stupidity or extricating you from your own ignorance whilst risking their own safety and very existence.

      No one would hesitate for a second to not only think but articulate out loud that such a lack of basic common sense and basic thinking is stupidity. And unfortunately you cannot pick and choice what to call stupid and what not to call stupid. When you encounter stupidity and willful ignorance on the scale of the story above it has to be confronted as such and called out for what it is. How else does anyone displaying or acting in such a way learn that it is possible for them to be wrong about something when they firmly in a being prepared to die in a ditch and take you and and anyone else with them way take the position that they are entitled to their own facts regardless of any and all evidence to the contrary?

      How else do you protect yourself from being forced into the position of having to stand alongside someone whose decided to drag everyone on the boat onto the back of the whale and send the boat away?

      You tell me Arthur. Please. Because this will is hurting my head.

  17. Paul, like everyone else here I’m an avid reader and admirer of your posts.

    I’m going to take issue with you though over Jeremy Corbyn and your summary. I’m no fan of the Labour Party, but I do have a certain respect for Corbyn. He’s being mullered viciously in the press and most of it is utter bollocks.

    Take today, ‘he’s lost 80% of his MP’s’ from Dugdale.

    No he hasn’t.

    The last time Labour MP’s were asked to give an opinion on Corbyn was when he was put forward for election for leadership. He received the support of 36 Labour MP’s. Today in the vote, he’s actually upped that to 40, a notable increase.

    It’s impossible to lose 80% of something you never had in the first place. Someone should tel Kezia and for God’s sake buy her that calculator.

    Darn Sarf, or however you put it, Labour under Corbyn have won all the by elections. They’ve won the council elections and in last weeks referendum the Ashcroft Poll being used by everyone indicates that he secured a Labour remain vote of 63%, just one less than our own SNP. Corbyn has done that whilst not only fighting against the opposition parties, but his own party, the Labour Press and the BBC. It’s actually a miracle that Labour have been polling anywhere near the Tories.

    Yet it’s claimed that Corbyn has failed. Recently we’ve had a vicious ‘anti-semitism’ row being fabricated against Corbyn and everyday there seems to be a new attempt to smear him.

    Something really stinks here and I think it should worry us.

    The press are universally dreadful, but this sustained attack against a guy who genuinely holds the hopes of millions of voters south of the border (because they have no SNP or alternative) I find worrying.

    I simply can’t get past the fact that Chilcot is due out in less than 2 weeks and the utter nuttery of what’s occurring in Labour will affect us all because we need to have a fair and open response to the report.

    Corbyn has promised to do that.

    We need someone who will stand up in Parliament and do that from the Labour Party. Yes the SNP will do it, but remember, Corbyn is on the record that if necessary, Blair should be tried as a war criminal. If that call comes from inside the Labour Party it will carry so much more gravitas even though the press will undermine it. It seems clear that the Parliamentary response from Corbyn would be vastly different to say that from Hillary Benn and Corbyn just might go utterly tonto on us and say ‘what the hell, I’ve got nothing to lose’ and flatly accuse Blair of a war crime. That would really be significant.

    100,000’s died in that illegal war, including our own troops. Ordinary civilians- mothers, children, and many of them did so without warning or understanding why they were being targeted. It was a was crime of the worst magnitude, it was a crime of aggression.

    You may or may not agree with me, but you may consider this. When tweeting tomorrow or in the next few days about the turmoil in the Labour Party, why not use the hashtag Chilcot. It’ll just remind everyone that the report is due whilst also prompting an explanation for why this utter madness is happening within Labour. Hell, if enough of the country did it, it might stop the report publication being delayed again.

    Sincerest apologies for the rant.

    • Totally agree with all you’ve said here. It made me think that if the media was not so anti Corbyn his could be the voice of reason and because England desperately needs cohesion now.

      We know in Scotland what the MSM are capable of and with the collusion of Blairites this attempt at overthrowing Corbyn worries me greatly.

      Thank goodness for a party that is united.

  18. Watching the Kez yesterday I felt her anger was part spontaneous and part rehearsed. It seems to me she was adjusting her stance not just towards the SNP but also towards the Labour Party – perhaps in preparation for a Scottish Labour UDI?

  19. Well, the nice thing about being one of the few Labour MPs who still support Corbyn, is you’re a shoe-in for the Shadow Cabinet. For the next ten minutes at least.

  20. Rumour has it Tha Gordo,the klunking fist is to give a speech in Edinburgh re post Brexit. What is he going to vow? Federal Britain that he will personally bring about? His last intervention led to EVEL1.
    Promises about pooling and sharing and broad shoulders under the strong pound?
    Shake his fist and thunder on about being in the UK is the best for Scots as the can always rely on Westminster to act in their bed interests in the EU?
    We await.

  21. An excellent post from David Hansell at 7.27 am. A racist Pandora’s box has been opened by irresponsible politicians and media. I’m going to Italy on holiday next month and Mrs TC and I are stocking up on those wee enamel Saltire/ Italian Tricolore badges. Mi chiamo Archie Gemmill.

    As tartanarse says, Corbyn is being monstered to stop the possibility of him going further than Chilcot (I’m guessing) and branding Blair a criminal. Blairites despise the real socialists in the party and democracy, of course. Why don’t they just combine with the Tories and run a perpetual right-wing dictatorship?

    Suppose Paul is lying down in a darkened room before today’s madness starts.

    Jock Scot: already shared that with my daughters and other subversives. Brilliant!,

  22. That was a bloody fantastic read….and I near peed my knickers laughing at that daft yoon aboot toon…..
    Scottish humour – ye cannae beat it!

  23. I an a stranger living in a foreign land .

    I respect their achievements for which they had to pay a terrible cost in human life.

    They won their freedom from English rule at a price.

    Scotland did the same almost 500 years ago only to be sold down the river by rich vested interests.

    We have a chance to redress the balance.

    The nation of SCOTLAND

    William Heath County Clare, Republic of Ireland

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