Good days and bad days

It’s been another one of those days. On Monday we discovered that the Tory leadership race had turned into a coronation, only without the bunting, and the next Prime Minister of the UK is going to be Theresa May. She’s also going to be the last Prime Minister of the UK, because by the time she leaves office there won’t be a UK any more because Theresa is a One Nation Tory, and that nation is England.

Andrea Leadsom made the surprise announcement at lunchtime that she wasn’t going to continue with her leadership bid because everyone was being beastly and nasty to her. That was unfair, because it’s the Tories who are supposed to be beastly and nasty to everyone else. Especially poor people, migrants, disabled people, LGBTI people, and people who aren’t mothers except for Theresa May. Andrea withdrew from the contest in order to spend more time with her prejudices, leaving the field clear for Theresa and her dalmatian hunting minions. Andrea was the last Brexiteer standing, so much for taking back control.

After Gordie Broon was crowned leader of the Labour party and took over as Prime Minister from Tony Tombstone Blair, Theresa was one of those who complained the loudest that there needed to be a General Election and that Gordie had no democratic mandate. That’s the Theresa who has just become the Prime Minister without any sort of a vote at all, and who gets to be the Prime Minister of Scotland even though she’s got the support of just a single stuffed toy of an MP.

There won’t be an early General Election. The Tories will only get an extra year out of it, and besides, they’d rather wait until the constituency boundary changes come into effect which gives them an even better chance of screwing over the country in perpetuity. That’s not until 2018, and the way the Labour party is going it’s not going to be in any much better shape in 2018 than it is just now.

We got a speech with sub-Thatcher platitudes about working on behalf of ordinary people, but Theresa May has voted against the interests of ordinary people at every opportunity. She voted to raise VAT, a tax which the poor and the low paid feel disproportionately. She voted against tackling increasing energy bills and the profiteering of the privatised energy companies. She said she was going to tackle tax avoidance, but just a few weeks ago she voted against beefing up the powers of the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority to deal with dodgy tax schemes.

And now Theresa May is going to get to implement her right wing Thatcherite vision unconstrained by the European Human Rights legislation that allowed a challenge to the bedroom tax. She’ll have free reign to introduce her snooper’s charter giving the state access to your web history. She claims to value freedom, but she pushed for the snooper’s charter because the security services wanted it, and she didn’t bother to ask why or what they intended to do with their powers over the people. Theresa only wants the state to have information about citizens, she doesn’t want citizens to have information about the state. She supported the Iraq war, and consistently opposed any investigations into how the decision to go to war was reached or how the war was conducted. She’s happy to wave flags and glorify the British military, but she’s consistently voted against strengthening the military covenant that obliges the British state to care for servicepeople and ex-servicepeople. She’s always voted against raising benefits in line with prices, and in favour of reducing spending on social security. And she has always voted against any extra powers for the Scottish parliament.

Theresa’s good day is a bad day for the rest of us. The future in the UK is theatre of cruelty, where compassion is treated like an unwanted migrant, where tolerance and acceptance is a sign of weakness. These are the people who preach to us about the superiority of British values, but the only value they hold true to is hypocrisy. Theresa May is the woman who invented the phrase the Nasty Party for the Conservatives, and she is its living embodiment. The new Prime Minister of the UK is a woman who neither understands Scotland nor cares for it.

Theresa had a good day, but her former opponent Andrea Leadsom had a bad day, reduced to hoping that Theresa will reward her with a cabinet position as a wee thankyou for clearing the path for her. The only person who had a worse day than Andrea Leadsom was Labour leadership challenger Angela Eagle. Her press conference was upstaged by the news from the Tories, leaving her plaintively asking the press for questions only to discover that the press had buggered off and weren’t that interested. Then her own local constituency party called for her to be deselected. Only a couple of hours into her leadership campaign and it seems that she’s got nothing to lead.

On Tuesday Labour’s National Executive Committee will meet to decide whether Jeremy Corbyn can stand in the leadership election without requiring the nominations of 51 Labour MPs and MEPs. Even before the meeting has happened it’s descended into open arguments and disagreements and whoever loses is bound to take legal action. The Tories are getting their nasty on, while Labour is mired in in-fighting and confusion. A formal split in the party is looking ever more likely.

This is the state we’re in. This is what we’re supposed to be better together with. These are the broad shoulders that support Scotland and allow us to punch above our weight in the world. On one side there’s chaos and selfishness, and on the other there’s nastiness and selfishness. The leaders of the so-called United Kingdom stand exposed as small minded little men and women who are interested only in their own careers and their short term gains. Meanwhile the country drifts along in a fog of uncertainty towards the Brexit cliff. It’s never been clearer that Scotland needs to take to the independence lifeboat. The day we do will be a good day for Scotland, we’re not going to have many good days as long as we remain a part of this dysfunctional mess of a UK.

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0 thoughts on “Good days and bad days

  1. The poor don’t pay more VAT than the rich. That was one of ed bollock’s favourite lies. Remember the average family spending £25,000pa on top rated goods? Beyond pathetic but the bbc still let it go unchallenged.
    Poor people don’t have massive disposable incomes to waste on luxury goods. All their money is going on food, fuel, clothes and housing. None of which carry 20% VAT.

    • Kinda – rises in VAT are regressive when you look at them by income, but progressive when look at them by expenditure, at least according to folks that know about these things (and I am not one of them!)

  2. In Reference to the Snoopers Charter, have a look at what has already been agreed and implemented by the entire EU a few years ago; which was the main reason for the infamous one day UK parliament debate on security a couple of years: also have a look at this short video: which explains what the INDECT project really means. I asked to attend one of the “public” meetings of the INDECT project, as I worked in a related field for approximately 39 years (no details, no threat of action under the OSA; Official Secrets Act); but instead I was put on the direct mailing list of the EU ISS (Institute of Security Studies) which is a website available to the general public, but of course you have to know about it. The site is well worth a look, to see what is really going on, not just in the EU but globally.
    On a cheerer note!
    I wonder if the real reason for the election / non-election of future Conservative leader was that they could not trust the swivel eyed loons (sorry Conservative party members) to vote the right way; so to save any confusion “The Party” made the choice for them. After all it is environmentally friendly, i.e. no printing of voting papers and all the money saved by not having any meetings can be put towards getting the UK deficit down or maybe just on a new second home; but not of course in the EU.
    Anyway not to worry; here is a couple of links that might cheer everyone up: &

  3. Excellent, with added worry, and a dose of hope for Scotland. Jeez we need out of this horrendous nasty mess before they really do get into gear with her at the helm, it will be a close call, but I sincerely hope that we pull it off. Like in ‘Chuck’, which we like to watch on netflix, this mission, for indy#2, is the most crucial and decisive one we will have to face.

  4. And let’s not forget that Trident vote.

    This is Thatcher 2.0, a believer in the Conservative experiment and an ideologist. She WILL finish what Thatcher began all those years ago and anyone who lived through Thatcher’s reign will know how the next part goes.

    So, Better Togetherness… How’s that working out for us all? If any reader voted NO in September 2014, is this pretty much what you had in mind after BTs campaign? Did you think almost two years on we’d be a near Federalist state? Did you think our Pensions would be safe, EU membership a cast iron certainty, thousands of jobs in every sector secured, your parliament written into the UKs unwritten constitution? Did you think those celebs who courted your attention with their ‘please stay’ signatures, would hang around to ensure that a ‘respect agenda’ was carried out by all those Westminster parliamentarians? Safe to say that’s not how things have worked out.

    You were there during the indyref campaign. You’ve witnessed the appalling and shameful farce that was the EU referendum. You now know how these people conduct themselves when manipulating public opinion. If you’ve paid attention at all to pro indy sites you’ll be getting a handle on how the state and the media work in tandem by this point. It’s what they do and they’ve had a long time to practice unchallenged.

    There may be a very rare second chance for ALL of us in the not too distant future. We could really use your help to put something to rights here. What KIND of country do you want to live in?

  5. Just discovered that Ms May is a daughter of the manse /rectory and when I think of the others we have known in government ,it sure ain’t a recommendation.

    I understood that the Labour Party had changed its rules on leadership voting and that only the challenger was obliged to put up or shut up – she sure was shut up yesterday – though it seems even more dirty work at the crossroads is being perpetrated in order to u- bend those rules.

  6. Great info on the National this morning on a survey about Scotland in Europe conducted across Europe including UK and Norway.
    The results are encouraging, yet Norway, a country whose pathway to independence was thwarted initially by the Westminster government in 1813-14 with Lord Liverpool’s regime blockading Norway causing great hunger and hardship, seems to be lukewarm towards Scotland. Mind you, Norway is not a member of the EU. It seems the små anglomanere are alive and well in Norway.

  7. You summarised it perfectly when you said “The future in the UK is theatre of cruelty, where compassion is treated like an unwanted migrant, where tolerance and acceptance is a sign of weakness.”

  8. I see that the Herald has started already.
    Big Ba’ Faced photie of Ruth Davidson, banging on about a Second Independence Referendum. Makes a change from Dugdale, and Murphy before her.
    Also Sanderson lying in the form of ‘an SNP source’, on an article about Tory Multimillionaire MSP property magnate. SNP Bad in fiction. Facts, Sanderson, not Yoon Propaganda.
    Dead Tree Scrolls writing their own lengthy suicide note.
    I am amzed that there is not one pro Independence Dead Tree Scroller or Broadcaster out side the carefully contained National in the whole of Scotland. All rabid lying Unionists through Natural Selection?
    A Bunch of Hacks are corrupting the news and our history for cash?
    Aye, right.

  9. Labour’s rules are clear. If there is a vacancy, there are conditions to be met by candidates. If there is a challenge, there are conditions to be met by challengers. There are no requirements specified for a leader who is challenged, and therefore there are none. These are legal facts, regardless of the merits or otherwise of the challenge.

  10. “…Scotland needs to take to the Independence lifeboat”
    No. Scotland needs to get on board Battleship Independence.

  11. while the nasty party are having their day in the sun and their new leader is promising a better future for all not like the previous nasty tory party a nation united aye right hen we believe you .
    The ongoing Tory election expenses fraud investigation has been totally buried apart from channel fours investigation not one news outlet has followed up what could if proved bring into question the whole legitimacy of this government every single Law and Act presented to Parliament could be deemed void including the EU referendum .

    • If the election expenses issue is as big as you say then it really needs to be pushed, sooner rather than later. Couldn´t this be taken up by the public with crowd funding?

  12. I see that Buffalo Wummin speaking to journos at Westminster said an Indyref2 in the wake of the Brexit vote would be “unjustified and irresponsible” and “not in the best interests of Scotland” – “irresponsible because it only piles uncertainty on top of uncertainty”. She said that memories of the “divisiveness and toxicity” of the 2014 campaign mean most Scots don’t support an Indyref2. And, of course, the SNP hang such a referendum over Scotland like the “Sword of Damocles”.
    The level of her hypocrisy is breathtaking – the “uncertainty we face post-Brexit is entirely of her party’s making; most of the “divisiveness and toxicity” in 2014 was fomented by the “No” cheerleaders and there can be fewer things that qualify as “not in the best interests of Scotland” than Brexit – except perhaps the Tory party and Wee Ruthie herself. The pic of her on BBC’s website (I know, I shouldn’t go there) drove home to me her resemblance to the similarly pudgy and badly-coiffed Kim Jong Un – she may look like him but lacks his charm and humanity.
    Maybe she should just stay down at Westminster: she’s neither needed nor wanted here. Time to take down that Sword of Damocles and cut the bonds that shackle us to UKopia and if Wee Ruthie’s heid gets in the way – bonus!

    • for a party that commands a vast 22% or is it 23% support here in Jockland she sure gets more than her fair share of air time , while the SNP as the governing party has been totally ignored and sidelined since their wee stint in the sun when they dealt directly with people in the EU i think they hope they will go away ,
      It is going to be fun when Nicola politely tells the new Mrs PM to go and Jump or words to that effect .
      As i type Ruth the mooth is on SKY news spouting the usual piss while everyone and their dug has been given a unchallenged hearing dont yah just love our media .

      • I had bad thoughts. How could the May regime drive home to Scotland that it is a minion?! When I saw Ruth walzing into 10 Downing Street I thought:
        Ruth to be elevated to the Lords and still stays at Holyrood
        Ruth then made Secretary of State for Scotland ( not impossible Corbyn had a Lord acting Shadow SoS for Scotland and Ireland)
        Mundell rhe becomes the mere spokesperson in the Commons.
        Then you would have the opposition leader at Holyrood albeit with 21% of the vote and one MP speaking as Secretary of State for Scotland as well!!
        Mad, bad dream or …..?
        Anything can happen dahn sath
        no doubt, Kezia would find that ok as it keeps us in the Union and the Union rules!!

      • Can’t suffer it, Robert………which is why I neither read nor watch anything other than the National and YES thinking people. Relaxing till I hear the starting gun for IndyRef2.

        • It’ll come and Ruth will have no say in it Jan. She has her fifteen minutes of fame, but its fifteen minutes that may leave her with a great deal of egg on her face.

          Wait and see. 😉

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