The UK, it had a future once

Bye then Davie Cameron, he was the future once. It must be something to do with not speaking ill of the walking dead, but Davie Cameron’s last PMQ’s was remarkably free of people telling him begone, you worst prime minister in living memory. It was all terribly jolly. Tory and Labour MPs united to stand in applause, and there was us thinking that clapping in the House of Commons was a worse breach of social etiquette than pulling down your trousers and sticking your wullie in a dead pig. He was clapped out of the Commons after leaving the UK clapped out, so it was quite appropriate really.

The usual suspects, that would be Scotland’s suspiciously large contingent of Tory journalists, were shocked and appalled that SNP MPs failed to join in the Davie Cameron applauding love-in. They were more shocked and appalled than they were about Scotland being dragged out of the EU against its will. They were more shocked and appalled than they were about millionaire cabinet minister imposing draconian cuts on the incomes of people with disabilities. They’re professional media people and they have their finger on the pulse and their noses firmly up the backside of a Tory establishment, because let’s face it, if they had to rely on the Scottish public agreeing with their views they’d be worse off financially than the disabled people whose benefits are being cut.

Scotland has a huge surplus of Conservative journalists, who are over-represented in the media to the same extent that Tories are over-represented in positions of power and influence in Scotland considering that they’ve only got the one Scottish MP and he’s a stuffed toy. These would be the same journalists who were shocked and appalled when SNP MPs applauded in the House of Commons last year. Obviously the SNP need to learn the rules and traditions of the House and are just showing themselves and Scotland up by not knowing what they are. It’s perfectly simple, it’s an obligation to applaud a Tory MP or a Labour MP, especially when like Hillary Benn they’re calling for the country to go to war, but it’s wrong wrong wrong for anyone to applaud anyone for the appalling crimes of being Scottish and calling for social justice.

Cameron always was the Keanu Reeves of prime ministers, he looks the shiny well polished part in still photos but as soon as he opens his mouth you realise he can’t act, can’t think, and can’t plan. Although that’s a bit unfair, as Keanu Reeves did at least have a couple of decent movies, but the Cameron administration was like living through the Matrix III. He will go into the history books as an even worse prime minister than Gordie Broon, and that’s quite a remarkable achievement.

He was destroyed by his own Etonian arrogance. Davie will be remembered for losing a referendum that took the UK out of the EU and led to the end of the United Kingdom, and for the allegations about the pig thing. He won’t be remembered for soaring levels of poverty and the mushroom growth of foodbanks. He won’t even be remembered for the assaults on the poorest and the increasingly precarious employment of the low paid. That’s all set to get a whole lot worse as Brexit bites and the Tories complete their longed-for transformation of the UK into a cold and damp Singapore with worse food.

At least by that time Scotland will have broken free and for that mercy we should be immensely grateful. David Cameron is the unwitting and unwilling midwife of Scottish independence. He even had George Osborne to supply the towels.

There’s already been the start of desperate attempts from the Conservatives to put a sticking plaster on their amputation of Scotland and the EU, although funnily enough we’ve heard no more of Michael Gove’s recent claim that a post-Brexit Scotland could have control over its own immigration rules. Fluffy the Stuffed Toy, minister of state for speaking down to Scotland from the cabinet office, has said that he’ll ensure that Scotland will get the best possible deal out of Brexit. Which is a bit like saying that he’ll try and make sure that Hannibal Lector takes some imodium after consuming us so we’ll pass through his digestive tract more smoothly. We’re still going to get eaten.

Other Tories and diehard Unionists are still deep in denial. Scotland voted No in 2014, so it has to leave the EU along with the rest of the UK, they assert. We all knew that an EU referendum was on the cards – although the difficulty that they have with rewriting history is that the rest of us were actually paying attention during 2014 and we knew no such thing. What we do recall quite clearly is Ruth Davidson assuring us that only a No vote would ensure Scotland’s membership of the EU, and saying that she was highly doubtful that her party could win an overall majority in 2015. In fact no one knew the Tories were going to win an absolute majority in 2015 until the General Election was over.

But we should be kind to the diehards in their time of distress. It can’t be easy absorbing the knowledge that Scotland was very firmly a part of the UK until the so-called defenders of the Union decided to destroy two Unions in order to further their own careers, and did so without a Plan A never mind a Plan B. Meanwhile the Labour party, who fancy themselves as the good guys, are engrossed in a civil war that may result in the party splitting and leaving what’s left of the UK at the mercy of the Tories with UKIP looking over their shoulders for decades to come.

The UK is broken and it was the Unionists who broke it. They exposed their own arrogance, and a level of incompetence that’s criminal. So let’s spell it out clearly for the denialists – Scotland is going to remain in the EU even if it take independence in order to do so, and there’s not a thing you can do to prevent it. The UK is ending, and it’s entirely the fault of those who swore to defend it.

In his final words as he left Downing St on his way to tender his resignation to the Queen, Cameron spoke about how he wanted success for this country that he loved so much, this country that he’s broken. The UK, it had a future once.

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0 thoughts on “The UK, it had a future once

  1. David Cameron’s legacy to Scotland was a two fingered salute in making Ruth Davidson a member of the Privy Council ,apparently just being a Scottish Tory was enough ,for she certainly hasn’t got much else to offer…..a kind of FU Scotland !…It will be remembered and noted…not in a kind way !

    • After her vulgar speech at Westminster, is she there to entertain her Britannic majesty with risqué jokes and anecdotes? Or do circus acts on buffaloes?

    • His other legacy was, of course, claiming that the no vote was a victory for England and introducing a two tier Parliament. Wonderful chap.

  2. Did you get this one?

    Wall-to-wall live coverage of Cameron and May getting in cars to go to see her that lives in a palace. Fuck all else on the telly!


    Sent from my iPad


    • Msm creating drama and faux gauche pageantry where none exist!
      Ruritania writ large. Witchell was his usual self aghhh!
      Waffle exuded from all and sundry with speculation and drivel waffling on about possibilities and probabilities.
      It is designed to impress the plebs, peasants and the ‘umble poor to know their status and wonder at their superiors.
      It grates and irritates at the same time. Interspersed with homage to British politics and how things are awesome here in the UK.
      Then come the names of the new Cabinet and we are agog to see Boris as Foreign Secretary. I am sure Putin is quaking….. with laughter!!
      A man who had no Brexit plan is now to be the contact with foreign heads!!
      Still, what it did show was that one Tory failure (Cameron and Osborne) leads to the same old geezers from Cameron’s time being shuffled around. They all applauded Osborne’s austerity, now the ditch him.
      Then they went for the Labour party. We see the two UK parties at each others throats. The Tory right of Brexit/ukip hue silent, yet they will be wanting out asap of the EU. May said nothing of how Brexit would proceed.
      She should ask Boris!!

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  4. Oh yes there was, Glendon; a ten minute piece about how human her constituents consider her, and to prove it she came down to some event for pre-schoolers in the middle of her campaign. As if she would dream of passing up a chance to look human inthe iddle of a campaign; there can’t be many of them

  5. Westminster will be Westminster – QED!

    They were always going to do the heavy lifting, though no one could have predicted quite how spectacularly they were going to achieve this feat. They’ve terminally crippled, if not outright destroyed two historic unions in one almighty boorach of self harm.

    The worst part is I’m finding it difficult to care at this point. My sympathy is reserved for the lives and futures that evil house on the Thames has destroyed or damaged in its rush to stay relevant in the world.

    When we close the book on this union, there will be no regrets on my part.

    • we’ve a tussle ahead Macart before the book on the Union is closed. Our new PM has just emphaized she’s heading the Conservative and Unionist party – with special reference to Scotland and NI. Wales didn’t get a look in!

      • It’ll be hard fight if the go ahead is given. Always is when you take on the establishment.

        How and ever, we’ve learned a few things, gained a few new strings to our bow they’ll find quite surprising and this time round they’ll struggle for friends from overseas and big business to help them out. We’re also not facing a thirty point lead in opinion from the get go and they’ve got a few harsh questions to answer on their post indy 1 record.

        If they thought indy 1 was a shocking experience… 😉

        • let’s hope you are right. Personally speaking, I cannot wait to see Scotland independent and taking her rightful place among the nations of the world.

  6. Klaxons blaring: Boris Johnson is the new Foreign Secretary. Let’s hope he remains the Foreign Secretary who has to negotiate the end of the Union!

    • You beat me to it! Just about to blog.
      Did not hear though about Davidson on the Privy Council. Just heard airhead Kirstie
      Alsop on Channel 4 News praising Cameron and defending the speculators from abroad building high rise blocks a d never living in them.
      She should stick to wardrobes and furnishings!
      What next?
      Fluffy for Secy of State for Scotland?

  7. A good stinging and ironic post paul the truth has a way of wounding even the worst b/trds .
    Mr Cameron leaves office having the distinction of his party & government being under investigation by 17 Police forces for alleged Election Fraud ,
    And his government’s department of work and pensions being investigated for abuse of disabled people by the United Nations the first ever investigation carried out on a british government department , this added to the strike by doctors a first in NHS history .
    You can’t fault the tory party setting records all over the place with us paying the price .
    What is your reply to that Ruth a ringing endorsement of your government eh ? sorry can’t hear you above your shouting dear please remain calm and try and justify your government’s actions.

  8. @Bill “Boris Johnson is the new Foreign Secretary” – Christ. I thought you were joking! That’s like making Nigel Farage a special envoy to the EU.

    Other than that, this is all playing out rather predictably. I’m just waiting for the Iron May-den to start pressuring the SNP into participating in the Brexit negotiations as a means of forcing a choice between Scotland’s interests and the goodwill we have in the EU. I can’t see a Westminster party allowing indyref2 any time soon either.

    • Nigel Farage WAS a special envoy to the EU, as the leader of the most voted party at the European election. Naive that I was, I thought that was just a case of British practical humour. Learnt my lesson -never assume people don’t mean exactly what they say.

  9. Meanwhile HM loyal opposition have just suspended all Ward and CLP meetings until September after disenfranchising over 100,000 members and sticking two fingers up to them by allowing anyone rich enough to fork out £25 to buy a vote.

    Could someone please check if Stalin is still in his coffin and point me in the direction of anyone in the Scottish Independence movement with any kind of official standing? I’d like to move an agenda item for a post independence invasion of England to introduce the concepts of democracy and competence down here.

    News just in: All supplies of gorm in England have run out. We are now officially lacking in gorm.

  10. I see that the BBC and the rest of the sewer media has been in full on Tory propaganda coverage mode all day.

    However the Theresa May honeymoon will be short before the realities kick in of the price the EU negotiaters will demand to be paid by the UK, in order to dissaude for all time any other potential deserter members from leaving the EU.

    EU Leaders Angela Merkel and Hollande are repeating over and over again that the free movement of people is fundamental and non-negotiable in any Brexit deal that Westminster is hoping to get down on its hands and knees and beg for at Brussels.

    It will be an interesting experience to see just exactly how Theresa May and her new team of Tory newspaper appointed acolytes (sorry – Cabinet) explain to the Brexit xenophobes exactly how that one is going to work in practice.

    It will also be interesting to see just how long it takes before Westminster betrays Scotland’s fishing industry yet again as “a price worth paying” just as former Tory PM Ted Heath did when the UK joined the EU.

    The ultimate joke in bad taste has got to have been played by appointing the buffoon Boris Johnson as UK Foreign Minister to entertain the World while the UK economy free-falls to the level of North Korea’s economy but with Trident submarines to threaten anyone the Brexit xenophobes don’t want living anywhere near the UK.

  11. Seems appropriate that Ruth Davidson has been made a member of the Privy Council – it’s probably because, like a blocked privy, she never stops spouting shite.

  12. When I first turned the TV on this morning to a Belgian channel (I live in Belgium) that was all full of Cruella De Vill’s coronation, tried a German channel and then a French one, it was on there as well, wall to wall coverage. I was so depressed I decided to do some vacuuming (my wife had been making the “suggestion”). So I got my out my trusty Robot vacuum cleaner out, brilliant thing, got it for 60 Euro (about £3,000 at current rates) from Aldi and then went back to channel surfing, in the vain attempt to avoid Saint Theresa of Westminster; no luck and as my TV was at risk of some severe damage I turned it off. A bit severe I know but needs must and I had an intelligent conversation with my Robot cleaner; did I mention it was a brilliant thing!

    For light relief I found the following cartoon from the Guardian on Cameron’s resignation: -

  13. In an Independent Scotland our Foreign Secretary is likely to be Alex Salmond, Fun and games, in the meantime, in the HoC.

  14. Camoron and his pals who shat on the floor and then exited as quick as you can say jack flash. They will be laughing all the way to the bank, nice pensions, never ending holidays and all on the back of the people who have paid them to do the huge dirty.

    Doo doo indeed davy. You who spent 6 years attacking the poor, sick and disabled, then making out it was all the fault of the immigrants and anyone you and your pals considered foreigners.

    So good to hear that the SNP did not think it appropriate or fitting to clap on Camorons exit, why on earth should they celebrate someone who’s legacy is to leave the UKok in such an unholy mess. The thing is these people do not care that they have condemned so many poor, low paid, disabled, sick and vulnerable people, to a life of worry and insecurity.

    It is about to get worse and Scotland will be first to suffer, we must get out now.

  15. Can someone please post some links of Labour MPs standing to applaud Cameron, as WGD asserts

    The Spectator asserts that some SNP MPs applauded…..

    The live feed showed Labour clapping (sat-down, clapping slowly in some cases and Skinner, of course, not at all) and SNP holding firm…

    Seems everyone wants to do their own take on who joined in with Cameron’s farewell (and to what extent).

    But I’d like to think WGD be above that…

  16. Why do we have so many Tory type journalists in Scotland? Why do we have so many right wing newspapers? Even the Daily Record is a rightwing Blairite construct, wiling to tout the Vow, which was from three right wingers.

  17. It was interesting to see the EBC, in its neverending comments on M’aidez, acting as if it was the propaganda wing of the Tory party. I haven’t heard such continuous bullshit for a long time.

    As for M’aidez herself, with her garbage about “one nation”, it again reminded me of the “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer” speeches of yesteryear.

    No doubt we’ll all be on the lists compiled by MI5 as part of the Snooper’s Charter, for criticizing M’aidez.

  18. Theresa May promoting a social justice agenda in her speech was so galling and totally hypocritical bearing in mind what her party has done to the Uk in the past few years. I wonder if she has given the gaff prone Johnson the post of Foreign Secretary in the hope that if she gives him enough rope he will pretty quickly hang himself. Some of his comments that he previously made about some foreign leaders are bound to cause offence. I just don’t believe the leopord can change his spots.

  19. Britnats doing their very prejudiced best to break up their beloved united kingdom, so-called. And they’re not about to change. Tee hee.

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