My preciousssss…

Scotland and the rest of the UK are a very special Union, according to Theresa Dalamatian Shoes. It’s preciousssss, and in the same way that Gollum covets the ring and wants to hide it away from the rest of the world, Theresa covets Scotland and wants to hide it away from the rest of the European Union. It’s a very very special special union. So very very special that Scotland has no say in what happens in it and can be overruled by the big boys and girls of the Westminster Parliament who are still struggling their way to a Brexit plan A. That’s pretty damn special. It’s a union that’s so special that it is indistinguishable from a colonial possession.

But rejoice, be glad, sing hip hip hooray, for it is indeed a glorious Union. Theresa won’t be stamping her feet on the Brexit button until there’s a “UK approach and objectives for negotiation”, whatever that means exactly. And while it might not be possible to define what it means, it’s pretty easy to define what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that Scotland is going to be permitted to remain a part of the EU as long as it’s still a part of the UK.

The special deal that Theresa May is offering to Scotland is that we can shut up and swallow the nasty Tory medicine. It might be dressed up with a few vague and unspecific hints that there could be extra powers for Holyrood, but only once Westminster has carefully pondered the pros and cons of course. But mostly the cons. This time Project Fear is getting its Vow in early. If the Tories get their way, Scotland will be leaving the EU along with the rest of the UK so that we too can suffer the trade deals negotiated on our behalf by Liam Fox, trade deals that are going to make TTIP look like the Communist Manifesto.

We’ll maybe get some token extra powers, but not enough to mitigate the havoc that the Tories are going to wreak on our civil rights, our employment rights, maternity rights, social security, or health service. The UK is going to become a bleak, xenophobic, and unwelcoming place. But hey, Scotland will have a special place in it, specially the target of Tory commentators who fill the pages of the press with anti-Scottish racist bile in the guise of banter.

Fluffy Mundell, our stuffed toy Secretary of State, assured the media that there’s no appetite in Scotland for another independence referendum. Fluffy has his finger on the pulse of Scottish opinion, or at least his finger on the pulse of the other stuffed toys that make up the Tory party in Scotland – which to be fair is the same thing in the packing material that passes for his mind. Yesterday the beardy one was quoted in the papers saying that he was open to the idea of Scotland having a separate Brexit deal, today he’s saying that the notion of Scotland remaining in the EU while the rest of the UK leaves is fanciful. His boss must have had a word with him.

There’s going to be no double remain, no reverse Greenland, no second EU referendum. The EU has not shown any interest or enthusiasm for the idea, and now the Tory government has explicitly ruled it out. It’s time that Scotland’s Labour and Lib Dem parties realised that and start to deal with the realities of Scotland’s current position, rather than their fond hopes and foot stamping. It’s all very well for Kezia Dugdale to say that she doesn’t want to have to choose between two unions, but that’s the universe we live in. I don’t want to have to do to the dentists, but when I have toothache that’s what I have to do. We don’t always get what we want, and Kezia’s going to have to choose which one of her union teeth is going to get pulled. The rotten UK tooth, or the EU filling. There is no other option.

Having ruled out the favoured option of the Labour party in Scotland and the Lib Dems, the only way that Scotland can remain a member of the EU is for us to vote for independence in a referendum before the Brexit negotiations are completed. But having a second independence referendum would be irresponsible, say the people whose irresponsible EU referendum created this disaster. The Tory line is that they’ve made this shithole of a UK, and Scotland going to be drowned in Brexit sewage whether we want it or not. There’s special for you.

If Fluffy and his Tank sitting pal Ruth had the slightest bit of common decency, their sole message to Scotland right now would be, “We’re sorry. We’re terribly sorry. This catastrofuck is entirely our party’s fault. We’ll keep quiet now and when the rest of you work out a way to stop the ship sinking, we’ll help with the buckets. Did we say we’re sorry?” Instead we’re getting lectures and demands from the people who created the mess, insisting that we all have to make the best of the crap that they’ve deposited all over the good rug in the Scottish living room. It’s not so bad all that crap, say the Tories, why look, you can make it into a commemorative bust of Liam Fox that you can sit on the mantlepiece in case you get a visit from Adam Werritty.

Theresa came, Theresa went. Her visit was designed more to reassure the rest of the UK that she’s an active PM who is going to keep England’s colonial possessions in check than she intended to give Scotland reassurances. The option that Theresa May’s Tories offer us is a Scotland that’s dragged out of the EU against our will into a mid-Atlantic Singapore with poor workers’ rights, a xenophobic tax haven off the coast of Europe where the interests of big business reign supreme.

The need for an independence referendum has never been more pressing, and the consequences of remaining a part of the UK have never been more starkly negative and depressing. May has given Scotland no reassurances at all, except the reassurance that if Scotland wants to have its democratic will respected, if Scotland wants a future that’s prosperous and secure, we’re going to have to leave the UK and build one for ourselves as an active and cooperative member of the European family of nations.

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  1. She came to make it clear we had our referendum in 2014 and now have to live with the consequences and back the UK. We need to make it clear to her that we’re with Nicola, and we’re staying in the EU.

  2. Good post, as ever WGD. May has really shot herself in the foot with this visit. First she tells us that no way is SHE going to permit a second independence referendum in Scotland. Aye right. Then she says she won’t trigger Article 50 until there is a consensual uk approach, thereby clearly implying that should Scotland believe the uk approach damages Scotland’s interests then it has a right to veto it, thereby angering right-wing England to such a degree that the uk breaks down anyway. Maybe she means Scotland doesn’t even need another second referendum if Scotland doesn’t agree with the uk approach! Britnat arrogance and ignorance on full display today.

    • Or was she saying, ¨Thank you Scotland, I need to stall indefinitely on Brexit and you can provide me with the excuse.¨

      Also is it significant that she was willing to come to Scotland, rather than summon Nicola down to London, and then had to sit under a bloody great saltire just like the one on NS´s side of the fireplace, with no butcher´s apron in sight.

      So who exactly was submitting to whom?

  3. Well Teresa’s had her say and wasn’t it just sooooper.

    She’s also made it clear she doesn’t doesn’t want to go near that bargaining table unless Scotland is onside, or is that subdued? Either way she is using Scotland as an excuse to drag her kitten heels on any Brexit movement. Buy time and space for herself. This is guaranteed to send Brexiteers into a bit of a froth about us rowdy northern barbarians whilst throwing some not so subtle bad right wing press the FMs way. As an added bonus it should also frustrate the crap out of Brussels.

    Makes no odds.

    Scotland’s electorate didn’t vote for Norway lite or any other brexit permutation. Scotland voted for full participation and EU membership. The SNP stood on a ticket of EU membership and both BT and HMG assured Scotland’s electorate that only by voting NO to independence could Scotland’s EU membership be guaranteed.

    Unless May fulfils that pledge (which she can’t), then she leaves the Scottish government with little choice that I can see.

  4. Breathtaking piece, Paul.
    Let’s not lose sight of the Ongoing Blue /Red/ Jaundiced Tory Austerity package that rumbles on regardless. Scotland will continue to be punished financially to reward the rich. Ruth Davidson would privatise our health service, charge for University places, sell off every publicly owned service and institution at the drop of a hat, and Kezia will back Trident, HS2 terminating at Manchester and Leeds, and Willie Rennie will stand by nervously laughing and squirming like a latter day Frank Spencer.
    In the meantime, we have enough ammo now to hit the Neo Liberal Unionist Triumvirate where it hurts. They are hell bent on destroying Scotland, for the greater good of the Holy London Empire, and of course to prop up their miserable little careers. That’s their jobs after all. Kezia Ruth and Wullie are in Holyrood to disrupt, gum up the workd, make sure that the people of Scotland play second fiddle to their precious Westminster Masters.
    As Little England hauls up the drawbridge, and constructs concrete pill boxes in Lossiemouth,(Quote from ‘Yes Minister’. ” Lossiemouth? I thought that was a dog food.”) to ward off attack by the pesky Ruskies , and Boris, David Davis, and Liam Fox gird up their loins to drive back the European hordes, we have got plenty to be going on with. £1.2 billion in cuts to welfare, public services, and job cuts. Zero hours contracts, food banks, the pound at an 30 year low, and so on.
    A full page advert in the Dead Tree Scrolls should do it.
    Life under the Tories is happening now, and the life under the Red Blue and Jaundiced Tories yet to come id more of the same, and death to Scotland..
    The MSM will take our money won’t they?
    May says that she knows what’s good for us.
    Aye, right.

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  6. This is going to sound very simplistic, but I’m going to give it a go anyway, When I was younger, for reasons I’m not going to bore-fest you all with, I used to do a lot of things I didn’t want to do. This trying-to-please-everyone approach made a lot of my life something of a negative experience until…oooh…let’s say ma late 20’s, just for a benchmark.

    I’d thole things I hated, with people I hated, wearing clothes I hated, talking in an accent I hated. My life was a script written by other folk, and I trotted on and off stage as directed and wasn’t allowed to ad lib. Bored yet ? Tough, I’m on a roll here.

    Anyway, something changed – quite a lot really but it started because I went to college. I met new people. They liked me for who I was. I started having some views of my own (Ooops, that didn’t go down well at the Family Homestead, so sometimes I kept them to outside the castle walls, but I still had them)

    So, things changed, I changed….my family hasn’t changed but I don’t care anymore. They voted No. They voted Leave. Sometimes I don’t like them. But they are family so sometimes one is obliged and that’s my business. But they don’t write my script any more.

    What this got to do with Independence, Scotland and important stuff, those of you still awake cry ??? I don’t blame you, so I will move on.

    Since 2014, I have been on the opinion that SNP representatives shouldn’t appear on Question Time – why bother ? Slagged by morons if we do, slagged if we don’t. I used to bemoan our absence on Twitter as an insult every time UKIP were slotted in instead of the SNP but now I believe we should boycott it. We are only invited on as YoonFest fodder anyway. Sod ’em. We shouldn’t have to be mix with these people who know nothing of our dreams.

    And that brings me to today – Nicola hosted Theresa May at Bute House. Not, as the BBC would have it, that non-elected PM Theresa honoured Nicola, and us, with her presence. Well fine, she’s been. She’s told us what her gold-plated opinion is and we don’t agree with it.

    So,thanks for letting us know Theresa – watch the Bute House front door oan yer erse oan the way oot eh ?

    Scotland knows what it wants, we’ve made new friends – and Westminster’s not writing our script anymore.

    • They’re playing a game. One in which we don’t get told the rules, penalties or costs.

      You’re so right..the game is over.

    • Bravo!

      It took me a few years more than you to find my own identity, but I’m now a humanist and socialist living in the Republican and hugely racist southern state of Georgia – and desperately looking for a way back to Scotland after a 20 year absence.

      My wife, long suffering sowel that she is, often asks me to be careful what I say on social media My response is generally “I is what I is” (apologies to popeye).

      I was very hopeful for the 2014 referendum. I am even more hopeful today. Brexit has laid the golden egg of opportunity at Scotland’s feet. Our friends in Europe have made it clear they would welcome us. It’s up to the Scottish people – both native born, and adopted – to vote for self determination and against racism and discrimination.

      IndyRef2 and Independence is coming, and I want to come too.

    • I’ve been reading this blog for over 2 years and love and agree with every word Paul writes! Molly’s mum your post has inspired me to eventually comment! I’ve supported Independence since the Referendum but have always been aware of the imbalance in our country but now I’m coming out, I’m not holding back my opinions anymore! What an excellent post and what an excellent article Paul. Very much looking forward to meeting you Paul on the 30th. Thanks for keeping me sane when the country is falling apart around us!

    • Theresa honoured Nicola, and us,with her presence wearing red white and blue representing the union flag. So if being a flag is what she wanted to embrace next to the saltires at Bute House then we should flag that up as merely the appearance of wielding in the winds of change, but we should also remember flag poles aren’t for budging.

    • Snap! A bit like my experience. I went to university, found a voice and God knows I’ve never shut up since! I won’t rest till the ‘Sainted Theresa’ and the rest of her ilk are banished. She annoyed me from the outset with her patronising speech which reminded me that other patronising speech circa 1979, prior to the last female PM entered Downing Street. More power to you elbow! 😃

  7. And Theresa came twice !
    Well, that’s twice she came to Scotland in the last umpteen years, tae gie a wee lecture about Scotland’s place in the grand scheme of things. Which is in the back row, looking on.
    The Fluffster can say different things on different days but he is no more than a puppet, and for Kezia, its make your mind up time as to where she stands—with Mundell/Buffalo Gal and the London elite, or with us, the people of Scotland.
    Because the fact is Scotland voted to REMAIN—-that gave the Scottish government a legitimate constitutional mandate for a new referendum—a mandate noticeably missing from the May regime. Nicola has to take it slow and allow them to hang themselves. Keep on insisting on our right to remain in the EU and let London insist we have to go because they say so, then its Indyref2 time.

      • thoct ye meant fur tae hing themselves Jack! which fur that dastardly lot wid be gey efficient, wi it no?.. I wid jist gie them this yin last contract..

        • Top words as always Paul, just love this blog and regular commentors are always worth reading too -great, great, great!( big force to be reckoned with!) treats fur the dug.. here we, here we, here we fu@kin’ go..

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  9. It would be premature to rush into Indyref2, this has to wait until all logical, and possibly illogical, options for remaining in the EU and UK have been explored and, probably, dismissed so that those who are hesitant realise that independence for Scotland within the EU is the best option. Also, and unfortunately, in the meantime it is entirely possible that something improbable and just not quite unworkable is cooked up by them darn sarth and presented as an option to be added to a referendum.

    Ms May’s hurried visitation says an awful lot about how them darn sarth are beginning to realise that Scottish Independence is a growing reality. But why should they be worried? If Scotland is the drain on Englandshire that they would like us to believe then, as true capitalists, they would be better of shot of Scotland. Ergo – it is, and always has been, a lie.

    Englandshire has got itself into a pretty stupid position. It imports most of its energy: gas, oil, electricity and uranium. It imports 40% of its food. It is reliant on imported labour. It takes these then insults the suppliers. So, when it tries to open discussions prior to the divorce negotiations, what is the likely response? Possibly one which contains the word ‘off’. Then it will have to sit down to some serious discussions with the suppliers who may take the view of, ‘OK, if you want that we will have your banking, we will make our own airbus wings, and we will continue to run your railways, electricity, water and so on. You don’t like that? Well, tough. Now go and play with the traffic.’

    And, as always, many thanks to WGD for words. We were out walking the Cateran Trail with friends and, as I had the phone, when signal and blog coincided, was reading out the latest, gaining converts on the way.

  10. Kezia will have other dilemmas to face when the “head office” splits.
    Corbyn in or out, it still fissures.
    Her dilemma is two fold, like EU or UK. Which “advice”and form of words does she receive from “head office”? Who will be the head? And if there are two competing “head offices”?
    Or perhaps the Labour voters, members, trade unionists, solitary MP – former “shadow” Secretary of State for Scotland and MSPs will just cease to exists as Labour and join the nearest independence supporting parties which will have them.
    After all, Labour Central Office has just “suspended” all local branches until the election of a new leader or re-election of existing leader has taken place.
    Are they real or unreal?
    Labour is in official suspended animation; the comatose have now been officially declared ad such!!
    You could not make this up.
    Hence, we have had mo official Labour pronouncements on May’s new regime!!
    In the decrepit state of Westminster politics that is unheard of!
    The mess has become messed up.
    Still, the 27 EU states await for Article 50 to be activated. How long will it take for May and Boris to come up with a “plan”?
    I read a former UK diplomat expressed a view that those in the EU will “knuckle” down sooner or later and be agreeable to Westminster’s wishes demands, threats, call them what you will!
    Methinks he is deluded.
    After recent outbursts by Boris and Farage, the UK separatists will not be flavour of the next two to three years!

    • I fo mot normally add addenda to own inserts.
      But am aware that Labour UK has mow restricted members who recently joined from voting in leadership contest, but they can upgrade to full rights if they pay a wee additional fee within the next few days.
      Now that is socialism Labour style; hit the workers where it hurts most.
      There are now barriers to voting for a Labour leader depending on money!!
      What dies Kezia and Co in the branch think about that?
      Waiting to be given wee note telling them what to say?!

  11. Email from Nicola Sturgeon,

    Her expectations regarding May are not great:

    “Come what may

    Today I welcomed the new Prime Minister to Bute House in Edinburgh.

    I sought a commitment from her that the UK government would listen and consider all the options raised by Scotland.

    So there is now an agreement that the Scottish Government will be fully involved in ‘Brexit’ talks.

    With Scotland facing exit from the EU against our will, warm words about a ‘special Union’ won’t cut it.

    A Union that ignores our wishes would not be very special at all.

    I’ll continue to explore all options to preserve our place in Europe. That’s what Scotland voted for.

    And, a new poll shows the people across Europe strongly support Scotland’s place in Europe too.

    I’ll be back with a further update soon. Until then, I’ll be working tirelessly to protect Scotland place in Europe… come what may.”

  12. Watch the mental gymnastics as Scottish labour slowly but surely decide that sticking with the UK, no matter how disastrous Brexit actually is, will be the best deal that Scotland can hope for. They will expect and demand that Sturgeon bend the knee and accept the austerity porridge on offer.
    The Scottish Tories have been given their script and will abide by it. Once again reclaiming their mantle of the Scottish branch of an English party, that they have been too feart to put on since 1997.

    Whats that you say? – what about the lib dems?

    I have not a morsel of fuck to give for those clowns. Sorry.

    I will say this though. I never expected the 2nd ref to come round this quickly or that the Union would tear itself to bits so completely.

  13. Interesting, May did not say she would refuse Indyref2. She will listen! Did not say she would accede to our wishes!
    The yoons are ruffled, from the top down. The Brexit denies our place in the EU. The naw vote was meant to ensure our place in the EU.
    The EBC in Scotland trying to portray May as tough!!
    Beware of Greeks bearing “gifts”.
    Yoons are not to be trusted.
    EBC twisting a little.
    Remember Trident is round the corner, only Fluffy will vote for it from Scotland. There’s a surprise.
    If we opt to stay in the UK next time, then one may as well consign Scotland to the midden. Sad to say that, but we determine our future.

  14. I fear you may have missed the point of the visit.
    Remember brexit hasn’t happened yet and it is already a disaster for London.
    T May wishes to delay the activation of article 50 but she doesn’t have the balls to do it herself so she is going to blame it on SNP bad / Nicola by giving Scotland a veto on leaving the EU whilst blocking any idea of Indy ref 2.
    Scotland the English sacrificial pawn.

    • And Scotland should use the veto because it will send England, Westminster and the right-wing media nuts. England would then decare the end of the union with Scotland. Fine by me.

      • Putting my trust in our FM. Closing my ears till we get the word to start. Forget the “50 start button”. This time we’ll hit the success button and end London rule at last.
        Thanks Paul for another great post.

      • Yes, May has actually handed Scotland de facto the veto, as you say. SVSL, a variant of EVEL, so to speak.
        Indyref2 is Indyref2, is what the FM said.
        The 1707 Union is starting to ebb out.
        Kezia won’t have to choose between UK and EU. The decisions will be taken by the FM.
        Any chance of the English military establishment carrying out a coup against May?
        Were we not told that Brexit was a danger to our security??
        Turkey has just had an attempted military coup!!
        I thought her Britannic majesty wanted us to remain??
        Perhaps, if May accepts Sturgeon’s veto, the Ukipper sans culottes, to quote Johnston, will march on Downing Street.
        We are witnessing a real stramash about to take place.

    • May is not that clever. She was a closet Brexiteer all along.
      The SNP is acting from Scotland’s perspective.
      We do not want the UK
      to remain in the EU; we want an independent Scotland as the 28th member of the EU. Rump UK can do what it wants.
      The UKunion means no Scottish place st the top table of Europeans!! We get into the world not through the narrow channels of Westminster.

    • The devil is in the details – A50 has not been triggered and I suspect they really don’t want to do it, but at the same time, they can’t ignore that the brexit side won. Trying to pin the blame on Scotland doesn’t help May at all, unless May is actually wanting to end the *Special union*. Revstu on wings once observed that when the English start demanding an end to the union, then it really is finished. I can think of no better way of doing that, than by trying to use Scotland to keep the UK in the EU. Bettertogethers brilliant wheeze of telling Scots that the English pay for everything up here, might have scared a lot of us into voting no, but it pissed off a lot of English who are suffering under austerity. This is an austerity that many wrongly believe was the result of being in the EU in the first place. As of now, Scotland cannot stand tall in the UK largely because of the imbecilic arguments of Bettertogether. A subsidy scrounging nation that would be like “Greece without the sunshine” keeping the UK in the EU would be the last straw. There would be a call for an another Indyref, but it would England this time, not Scotland.

      imagine the campaign for union then. How on earth would they even begin? Even if they did start being truthful as to the extent that Scotland has essentially subsidised the UK would be trashed as Project Fear 3. Few would believe it. A large section of the Scottish electorate would sit back and watch them implode with a smile on their faces. Bettertogethers bullshit reaping the whirlwind.

      What’s not to like?

      While it might be tempting to read events this way, I suspect it is more a case of May trying to prevent an 2nd Indyref by trying to meet the Scots half way and come to some arrangement that satisfies Scotland vis a vis access to EU markets. I don’t credit May or the Tories with much in the way of smarts. But there is no way they will do our job for us and push the English over the edge in this fashion. They’re dumb but not suicidal. That would take the Labour party being charge and we’re not that lucky.

  15. Pleases stop calling Johnson “Boris”. It feeds this persona of likeable buffoon promulgated by his mates in the London media. The guy is a dangerous imbecile and doesn’t deserve this familial fawning that him and his ilk think is their entitlement.
    Rant over.

    • Alba, No rant. You are spot on. Would we call Hitler ‘Dolphie’?
      Boris Johnson is a narrow minded English Imperialist; he is a right wing elitist, who would destroy social democracy in Scotland in an instant, and hang the political fall out. ‘Matron’ May has got the holding job, PM during the rebirth of Merrie England. Johnson will be crowned King in time for the 2020 GE, mark my words.Then god help the English.
      The man is an odious sinister fool, with a brain. The worst kind.

  16. Would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your appearance in Stirling tonight, you were fantastic and I have fallen in love with Ginger xx

  17. I do not recognise the Unelected Westminster Junta or any of their Branch Offices at all.

    They do not speak for me or the Majority of the English either.

    There has been a very cleverly executed Coup by the Tory right wing party.

    Remember we are dealing with an illegitimate band of Right wing criminals.

    Now can someone tell me why the Act of the Union should not be dissolved ?

    Why do we need a Referendum to be Independent ?

    Or is it true that the Act of the Union was in fact a Surrender of Scotland to England.?

  18. Weegingerdug, absolutely superb as always, I really look forward to your blog now on a daily basis and love the way you put things, keep up the excellent work

  19. The Brexiters on the Indy website are already sniffing a colony of large rodents if they are now to wait until Scotland and NI are on board. There was already much suspicion about the appointment of the Three Stooges as UK’s negotiating team and yesterday’s developments have only intensified it.

  20. I’ve just been dipping into the English Dead Tree Scrolls On Line. Before I go into the back yard and hose myself down I’m alarmed at the vitriol and bile contained in their comments forums.
    Apparently it is an obdurate Nicola Sturgeon that is holding up the works.
    If it weren’t for us damned colonialists Johnson Davis and Fox would be Over There right now storming the Normandy beaches, and hitting Johnnie Foreigner for six.
    I was amused by a Guardian opinion piece by some one called Deborah Orr. My apologies if she is well known; English Blahs are as familiar to me as the Upper Mongolian Free Advertiser.
    She is a Scot apparently, and schmoozes all the right noises about England in bed with the neo liberal Yanks wrenching us out of the EU, and cautions us all not to be bad losers, but take it on the chin.
    She argues that there is the case for another Referendum, but that if an Independent Scotland and England and its Remaining Territories remain outside the EU (whit?) then she cannot imagine borders, trade tariffs with our biggest trade partners, ‘sometimes a dog walk away’.
    And so it starts.
    ‘Bad loser’ Scotland is gumming up the works. We are in fact attempting to ‘veto’ the English Brexit vote.
    We will be punished by England as it sweeps Germany France Italy and Holland aside in its Back to The Future march to England’s Green And Pleasant Land.
    Well, I’ve got news for Ms Orr.
    When Scotland returns to self determination, and achieves continuer state status within the EU, we will have the Parliament for which we voted, a fully integral member of the EU, trading freely with 550 million of our fellow Europeans, free at last from a SE Westminster Administration, which we resoundingly rejected at the ballot box, and whose political philosophy and ideology from Neo Conservative Blair and Brown through to Cameron’s Clegg’s and now May’s arch right wing laissez faire Dog Eat Dog Capitalism we want no part of.
    Ms Orr makes the usual mistake in promoting Project Fear Mark II.
    An Independent Scotland will not meekly carry on as before. We will not be ‘relying on’ England to buy our trinkets from us.
    England and its Territories will be scrabbling around the globe trying to set up trade deals anywhere it can; remember New Zealand Lamb?
    The truth will at last out. Scotland is an incredibly wealthy country, with resources in abundance.
    We will no longer be dancing to a SE of England jig.
    If we need to erect borders between us and the English Empire, so be it.
    If Johnson Davis and Fox want to fight dirty, and the EU imposes tariffs on England, because they refuse to countenance free movement of labour within their bit of this sceptre’d Isle, then so be it.
    Niagara Falls is a ‘dog’s walk away’ from Canada. Ergo Canada should logically become the 51st State, if we follow Ms Orr’s extremely flawed faux logic; that is if England’s Johnson Fox and Davis don’t beat Canada to US 51st Statehood.
    Must try harder Project Fear.
    Borders with England, trading tariffs with our non EU neighbour England, and carrying my passport as I walk my dog from Gretna to Carlisle seems small prices to pay for my freedom.
    I shall not be dipping into theTwilight Zone that is the English Dead Tree Scrolls again. It is a scary unreal world Down There now.
    ‘Bad loser’, am I ?
    Free at last, free at last, Lawd Awmighty, free at last.

  21. Well, after Maggie May’s wee visit we can safely assume the so-called united kingdom continues on its merry way towards self-destruction.

    • Between May’s ” you’ve had your referendum” ( condescending upstart), and Hammond’s either independence or Brexit intervention, we know what to do.
      Discord in the Cabinet. Hammond jumps the gun, the emsminscotland “crow” setback for FM, you are right, UKOK kaputt.
      With Labour disappearing in acrimony and leaderless, the two yoon bastions are flummoxed.

  22. When I have visitors as they leave I always see them to the door as Ms May left Bute House the door opened and closed with an invisible hand. Is this usual or was she being told something?

    • I wondered about that too as I`m sure I`ve seen pictures of the F.M. seeing visitors to the door.That looked like what they do at No.10.

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