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A guest post by Samuel Miller

A bit sooner than expected for a second post, but then this happened:

“The number one thing Nicola Sturgeon could do right now to boost the Scottish economy is to remove the uncertainty of a second independence referendum, she could take that off the table right now.” David Mundell Secretary of State for Scotland

Spookily only shortly after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the availability of £100m funding to boost the Scottish economy and support for jobs. Oh and her well received visit to Berlin.

Do readers think we should list the reasons as to why the First Minster of Scotland, in fact any First Minister of Scotland regardless of party, should remove the option of an independence referendum from the table given the current situation? In point of fact any option? I mean its not as if there aren’t enough clues for the poor soul.

Scotland is a country (not a region) with its own laws. It is party to a bipartite international treaty and its devolved government currently finds itself in a constitutional and economic crisis NOT of its own making. In fairly recent history two referendums, with fairly hefty and far reaching consequences, have been held with the participation of the Scottish electorate.  The outcomes of both referendums however appear to be somewhat constitutionally incompatible, which some folk may consider a bit of a tough nut to crack if you ask me.

The point is, that beyond all other desires, the SNP government is bound by one driving idea. The will of the Scottish electorate is sovereign and that regardless of where that will leads them, they believe it is the duty of the Scottish parliament to carry out the wishes of its electorate to the best of its abilities, end of.

Which pretty much explains the whole ‘ we will explore all possible options’ thing:-

Listen carefully.

As the UK government’s representative in Scotland, Mr Mundell is basically asking, (more like telling), the First Minister to ignore entirely one result voted for by the electorate of Scotland in favour of another. Oh and to effectively dump the idea that the opinions of the Scottish electorate matter in our political partnership.

In order to adhere to the democratic premise that the Scottish parliament derives its direction from the will of the electorate, it should be utterly unthinkable for ANY option to be taken off the table until that option has been categorically ruled out for whatever reason (legal or technical) and yes that includes remaining in both unions if at all possible. The Scottish electorate have basically instructed their parliament to square a circle and it may well come down to the ballot of an independence referendum in order to make that happen.

I repeat – Near as I can see and it’s hard to say otherwise, this constitutional and economic omnishambles was not invited or created by the Scottish Government. It is however where we, as the voting public, find ourselves and I cannot see any responsible First Minister removing options from the table which would provide their electorate with a means of resolving the problem for themselves.

Some folk may find this a bit cynical, but I think Westminster government and its office in Scotland may be aware of this already.

Audio version of this blog article, courtesy of @lumi_1984

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  1. The cheek of the man whose party played Russian roulette, with our futures and lost; costing Scotland an estimated £6billion because of brexit.
    His position is untenable, respect one result won through fear and lies, then ingnore another based on the wish to remain European.

    • Think lower.

      Think of the consequences of removing that option from the table as requested and declaring that the electoral will of Scotland’s population is worthless.

      Think of the constitutional Pandora’s box that would open.

      The question should be reversed to the UK gov. Accepting the permanence of the Scottish parliament and the right of the Scottish electorate to decide their own form of government (which they claim they already have). What is to fear from using such a vote as a means to settle the issue? Surely Westminster are confident that a second vote would return the same result as the first? 😉

  2. Fluffy wasn’t available to GMS this morning, so they had to make do with their “economics” spokeseejit murdofrazer instead. He was so inept even Gary Robertson couldn’t stop sclaffing the ball into the back of the net! 100 million is “a drop in the ocean”, apparently. It’s “left over” from last year’s budget. It should have been spent then. Okaaay…so how would it be spent NOW if we’d spent it THEN and, wouldn’t you be bumping your gums about “how we’ve nae money for projects” if the Scottish Government hadn’t shown due diligence by leaving some aside rather than buying something…ANYTHING at the fag end of the Financial Year?

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  4. Yes the MP for Dumfries-shire Clydesdale & Tweedale with his 798 majority does seem to get more than his fair share of publicity, given that the views of say 56 SNP MPs could be first be considered, not forgetting the 1 Labour and 1 Liberal MP. The view of the sole Conservative MP in Scotland is clearly more important than those of ‘the majority’ – so let’s give that equal/balanced airing in the media, as if it is the settled will of the Scottish electorate!

    The appointment of the (1, the only) Conservative MP in Scotland as Secretary of State for Scotland when there is such an overwhelming mandate from the electorate to the contrary, is in itself arguably a very good reason (one of the many contributory reasons) for holding an Independence Referendum, at any time of choosing – the democratic deficit is self evident.

    As the MP for Dumfries-shire & Tweedale, is also of the somewhat isolated opinion amongst Scottish Westminster MPs (i.e. 1 versus 58), as he seems to feel so strongly Scotland cannot exist without being the repository for Trident/nuclear weapons, perhaps he should contest the next General Election on a ticket of moving the Trident fleet from Faslane to the Solway / his constituency – he would then be able to be test directly whether his views are fully endorsed by those in his constituency, or whether he is simply representing the ‘majority’ views of another part of the United Kingdom.

    The core issue, and logical reason for Independence (or non – dependence**) is simply that Scotland is not adequately represented under the Act of Union and consequently in the Westminster Parliament (the arithmetic of seats in England versus Scotland) to meet the needs and expectations of people in the modern ‘democratic’ era.

    The arithemetic is simply this (May 2015 General Election):-

    Con. 331
    Lab. 232
    SNP 56
    LD 8
    Others 8

    [Total number of seats 650, of which 59 are made up of Scottish seats]

    An overall majority is achieved by gaining 326 seats, clearly even if all Scottish seats are taken by one Party 59 is not greater than 326.

    So how exactly are Scotland’s views supposed to be adequately represented in this Union? when the SNP (commendably achieved 56 seats); though even with say 59 (all of Scotland) …. the views of the Scottish electorate are consistently drowned out by superior numbers of the Government of the day, by a factor of around 10;1)

    We are not, (and have never been, as per the arithmetic above) in reality in any way in an equal Union, where Scotland’s views are respected and acted upon. We are now more like a union of parts, with the life-blood drained, a Frankenstein creation, a monster which has been kept alive in recent years by the oil coursing through its veins, with the energy and resources of Scotland plundered and drip-fed to this creation to keep it moving, and is now lurching blindly, to an inexorable end.

    The fact that every Constituency in Scotland voted to Remain* in the EU clearly shows Scotland’s wishes – however, this current EU crisis is just one of the multitude of times in the past, the present and (if nothing is done to prevent it) the future, that Scotland’s wishes will continue to be ignored … as it must be, as it was designed to be! , by the simple arithmetic of seats in Westminster.

    * In the Independence Referendum, if you voted with best intentions NO (and did so with the expectation Scotland would therefore remain in the EU, as per the mantra taken by the government of the day) -then this current EU crisis is an excellent example the many untruths fed the electorate, and just how little Scotland’s views actually matter within the Union / from a ‘UK’ perspective – it was voting NO that maintained the UK perspective, I can only hope that for any of those who may previously voted NO and may read this may have, at least, second thoughts on how best Scotland’s views,.could be best represented in future.

    **To change tack slightly, fittingly a recent article in the Independent stated that ‘For the first time on record, wind turbines have generated more electricity than was used in the whole of Scotland on a single day (following recent windy weather ‘turbines created about 106% of the total amaount of electricity used by every home and business on 7th August).’ … wait until the monster hears about that!

    • There is no union of parts, we are a Dominion under a dominating power, with no choice and no escape from their exploitation and bullying… unless we correct the democratic deficit and take control of our own country. (I nearly said take back, but the common people (the 99%) never had a say in the affairs of state.) Part of the deficit is the disengagement of a large proportion of the electorate. Wakey Wakey time I hope.

      • There are plenty of people who do not vote and they also contribute to the democratic deficit. Many of them do not see the point and we have to help them to see the point and thus engage.

  5. The stimulus package is as much a warning shot across the UK govs bow, as it is a vote of no confidence in the UK gov to do anything to mitigate Brexit. That is why the eater of beards was flapping his gums. This is the sort of thing that makes them look not only inept but dangerously unprepared for the worst that Brexit will bring. It also makes the QE package look like the act of a demented party clown, trying to blow up a balloon that has already burst.

    So we have the usual suspects shake their fists at the SNP, and like Canute try and fail to hold back the tides.

    • Well said, David. What I wonder about in this whole Brexit mess is that there hasn’t, as far as I know, been a peep from Westminster about Nicola travelling to Europe to meet with various countries politicians to discuss, I’m sure, Scotland’s continuing membership of the E.U when we become an independent country.
      Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this sort of thing supposed to be the reserve of the F.C.O, and their heid bummer, BoJo.
      Just wondering why not?

  6. I’m sure Mundell knows our FM will simply ignore his prattle. She has more important things to do and people to meet. Can’t imagine TM spending time with him either. Sad, wee, self-important man, I’m afraid.

    Thanks, Macart. Excellent article.

  7. Reading the press yesterday was strange. A story about a media outlet which MIGHT be a front for undemocratic propaganda! This while a story about Scottish Government investment was morphed by the media into an attack on that same Government on entirely bogus grounds.
    The entire “Scottish” media is a front for propaganda—-I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find the Herald and Scotsman had been partly funded by MI5 and the British State for decades. Nor are we allowed to ask questions of the BBC’s operations with regard to Scotland, or the editorial process involved.

    What we do know, is there is little in the way of news context, news analysis or anything that smacks journalistic objectivity—-objectivity calling for the consistent testing of information, a transparent approach to evidence, so that personal or cultural BIAS would not undermine the accuracy of their reporting.
    The BBC in Scotland and the Scottish media would fail any test of western journalistic norms in respect of fair reporting.
    Putin? Putin would be envious!

  8. “The point is, that beyond all other desires, the SNP government is bound by one driving idea. The will of the Scottish electorate is sovereign and that regardless of where that will leads them, they believe it is the duty of the Scottish parliament to carry out the wishes of its electorate to the best of its abilities, end of.”

    Absolutely correct macart.
    IMHO, we can contrast that with the snivelling, self-serving, toady lies of Mundell and his evil and corrupt party, which are designed at all costs to hold on to power and fcuk the electorate, even the stupid and subservient electorate that fall for all the unionist shite. In this task they are aided and abetted by an equally corrupt and shameful Liebor Party that is falling apart, as well as the woeful Lieb Dims.

    There is a lot of waking up to do by a good number of the Scottish electorate, who find it difficult to spot the real enemy of the Scottish people.
    When will they ever learn?

  9. Excellent article Samuel.

    I believe we should answer back with all our strength to every single nonsensical comment that comes from the unionists’ mouths with the aim of mute the Scottish people’s voice. I believe that challenging them at every word and every sentence is the way we can show them who is really in control of indiref: it is not London, it is not the SNP and most certainly not the unionist parties. It is the electorate of Scotland.

    “The number one thing Nicola Sturgeon could do right now to boost the Scottish economy is to remove the uncertainty of a second independence referendum, she could take that off the table right now.” David Mundell Secretary of State for Scotland

    And Ladies and Gentlemen, this ‘advice’ comes from the one and only MP representative of the political party in power at Westminster sent from Scotland. This advice comes from the voice of a political party that may be in power in Westminster but that, in fact, hasn’t been given mandate from the people of Scotland to govern it. This should be repeated in loud voice every time they make a decision that harms Scotland, yet, the MSM doesn’t seem to mention it much. Why?

    Mr Mundell is the one MP and one MP only that the Conservative party has managed to achieve in Scotland and therefore it is a bit laughable that the political party that managed to achieve less than a 2% of the representation from Scotland in Westminster, has the arrogance and the cheek to pretend that they are in any position of strength to give advice to the leader of the political party that achieved close to a 96% of the Scottish MPs in the last general election.

    I seriously believe that Mr Mundell ought to have a generous portion of humble pie and direct his ‘advice’ to his own party (and himself). I mean, what have they done since the EU referendum to ‘remove uncertainty’? What has Mr Mundell done to remove uncertainty since he was elected? Ms May hasn’t even been capable to offer the EU citizens living in the UK any reassuring advice. Have we been given a timeframe or a ‘plan’? No we haven’t, have we?

    So, Mr Mundell, could stop barking at the wrong tree. He, who represents the incompetent political party that gambled our membership in the EU and lost just to gain votes during the last general election and ‘won’ (although with no mandate from Scotland), is in no position whatsoever to give Ms Sturgeon, who represents the party that sent the overwhelming majority of MPs to Westminster any advice.

    Mr Mundell, who represents also a political party which is still under investigation for alleged election fraud is a massive scale is in no position whatsoever to lecture or giving advice to anyone. The best advice he can give himself is to shut up and pray that those incompetents from his party at Westminster (without a mandate from Scotland, lets not forget) actually have or are concocting some sort of ‘plan’ before the sht hits the fan and reaches him and Ms Davidson.

    Finally, Mr Mundell, who happened to be the only Scottish MP to vote in favour of the renewal of Trident, against the resolution of the Scottish Parliament, is in no position to give advice to anyone in Scotland. An MP who dismisses and goes against the decision of our parliament in Scotland so he can align with his political party in London (a political party that hasn’t been given mandate by the people of Scotland to govern) is obviously not representing Scotland. Therefore, he can keep his advice for himself and his party in London.

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