Let’s face a future that we determine for ourselves

A poll out this week shows that Jeremy Corbyn is leading in the Labour leadership contest by a crushing margin. Jezza enjoys the support of 62% of Labour members according to this week’s YouGov poll, with Owen Wossisname trailing on a meagre 38% giving Jezza a lead of 24%. Jezza’s commanding lead is, by coincidence, exactly the same as the margin by which Scotland voted to remain a part of the EU, yet we’re going to be dragged out of the EU anyway if Jezza and the Tories get their way.

A polling lead of 24% counts as a crushing victory, except for viewers in Scotland. In Scotland it can be overruled if the rest of the UK doesn’t agree. In Scotland a lead of 24% in an actual ballot is a reason to respect the wishes of those who voted to leave the EU and to remember that opinion is deeply divided. The only crushing majority there’s ever been in Scottish politics was when Better Together won 55% of the vote.

Jeremy Corbyn understands the politics of Nicaragua better than he understands Scotland, and he cares more about Nicaragua too. The Tories understand the politics of the Daily Mail and they care more about the Daily Mail too. Labour in Scotland think they’d do better if they understood the politics of the Daily Mail as well, and so Kezia Dugdale has appointed that well known proponent of socialism Alan Roden, the Scottish Daily Mail’s political editor, as her new communications guy. The only way Labour manages to get elected these days is by hoovering up the second preference votes of Tories. Labour in Scotland has become the choice of Conservatives who know that their own party is unelectable and who prefer instead to vote for candidates who declaim the politics of Gramsci. Although to be fair, most Scottish Tories think that Gramsci is a contestant in the X-Factor.

Having very firmly hitched her rickety wagon to the wandering star of Owen Wossisname, Kezia was relying on a Corbyn defeat in order to maintain her equally rickety grasp on the leadership of the Scottish branch office. Owen’s starry prospects are collapsing in on themselves more comprehensively than the black hole of Gordie Broon’s reputation as an influential statesman, and Kezia’s left staring at a national party that’s led by a man she’s said publicly that she’s got no confidence in. Now Kezia is going to have to persuade the douce wee Tories of Ayrshire to support the Sandinistas of Saltcoats.

The harsh truth for Kezia and Jezza is that none of their politicking is going to matter. Neither of them is electable, and the harsh truth for Scotland is that the UK is faced with Tory governments for the foreseeable future. The so called moderate wing of Labour, you’re not allowed to call them Blairites anymore because apparently that counts as abuse, plans to spend the next few years sniping on the sidelines and doing all it can to undermine Jezza’s leadership, such as it is. Jezza might have his heart in the right place, except where Scotland is concerned, but he’s clueless as a leader and he’s going to be savaged by the Alan Rodens of the UK media. He’d be happier with Labour as a protest movement against the evils of Tory rule, but he’s pretty much ensuring that we’ll get Tory rule for decades to come.

The heirs to Blair are either going to wait for the party to be annihilated in the next Westminster General Election, or some of them are going to split off and form a new party – which will split the opposition and guarantee Labour’s annihilation at the next General Election. Admittedly those two possiblities are not mutually exclusive. Either way, Labour has as much chance of becoming the next government of the UK as James Kelly MSP has of developing something that could pass for charisma.

The Tories claim that Brexit offers the UK the opportunity to become one of the world’s great trading nations – by leaving the world’s largest trading bloc. That would be the same party that systematically destroyed the UK’s manufacturing industries. The future they have in store for us is a low wage low rights economy presided over by an authoritarian Conservative party which will be able to introduce undemocratic measures like May’s Snooper’s Charter without having to worry about being kept in check by Europe. What employment and personal rights we still enjoy will be whittled away in the name of making the UK more attractive to global corporations. Austerity will become a way of life, an ideological tool for the Tories to destroy what’s left of our public services and sacrifice them on the altar of privatisation. Our future will come with a G4S logo.

That’s what’s in store for Scotland, even though it’s a vision of the future that we have consistently rejected in every vote – including the independence referendum of 2014. Back then we were promised a forward looking internationalist UK, the security of EU membership, investment in Scotland’s renewable energy industry, and safer faster devolution. In 2015 Scotland voted overwhelmingly for SNP MPs as means to hold the Unionist parties to account and to hold them to the promises that they’ve failed to deliver, and we did the same in the Holyrood elections earlier this year.

It ought to be clear by now that as long as it remains a part of the UK, Scotland can’t protect itself from the ravages of the Tory party or a Labour party that can only get elected by aping the Tories. We’re facing a Tory Brexit and a Tory future that we’ve persistently rejected at the ballot box, unless we use our vote to do something about it. We can’t do that as long as we vote to remain a part of a system that systematically works against our interests, we can only do it by voting for Scotland to rejoin the family of nation states. Then and only then will we get governments that we vote for which work in our interests. The political case for independence has never been stronger. Let’s face a future that we determine for ourselves.

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0 thoughts on “Let’s face a future that we determine for ourselves

  1. There’s only one reason Kezia Dugdale has hired Roden as her head of comms. and that’s to turn up the SNP hate fest to eleven.

    When you hire someone like Roden, who basically stands for the polar opposite of what you claim to represent, then it’s to do a very particular job of work. So much for ‘we’re the true socialists of Scotland’ and so much for politics by consensus. They know what’s coming and they’re prepared to sacrifice our society in order to defend the indefensible. The parliament of Westminster and it’s system of government and patronage.

    How could they? How could they do that to their own electorate? In the face of all that’s happened in the past two years, they would still have found a way back, their actions of the past few years forgiven, if not forgotten. All they had to do was accept responsibility for their mistakes and get behind either FFA or independence.

    They have chosen instead to get fully behind the denigration of their own country and electorate. They have chosen, once again, to act as the Tories gophers and go to spokeswonks in Scotland.

    I think we’re done hoping for that road to Damascus moment from Labour. In fact, I think we’re done with them period.

    • Her position was untenable from the moment she got the job. It is embarrassing to listen to her in FM questions. She is not very able or very smart, with limited reasoning powers and she is definitely not a leader. Mind you, none of the Yoon parties have a leader.

  2. Still struggling to get my head round that Labour appointment, but I feel a tabloid heading coming on.
    “Roden joins sinking ship shock”.
    Got it down to a ‘t’!

  3. “Surely Kezia’s position is untenable when Jezza wins” – it doesn’t matter ScotLabour doesn’t matter. UK politics has crystallised into Team GB vs The SNP.

    Check out the Chequers (like it?) cabinet meeting today. English constituency MPs will decide on Scotland’s future unless we assert ourselves, and not by calmly waiting for the SNP to try to hold back the tide of Tory policies. We really do need to get the band back together and street campaign.

    The NHS? A few days ago the news was about closing hospitals in England, and having virtual(!) appointments with a GP. Now the talk is of a 5 day junior doctor strike.
    Doesn’t affect us in Scotland? Just wait complacently for Scotland to leave the EU under the Team GB flag and then and then.

    My belief is that it is imperative that we leave the UK to safeguard our social cohesion.

  4. Feel slightly like I have crossed over to an alternate dimension in the last few months because EVERYTHING has gone a wee bit insane

    JC supporters now stating that the purge of members could reach 200000 and loose JC the election

    The more I read now about trade deals the more I fear the future – like the fact that every bit of paper produced by UK companies for certification is completely invalid in every other country even under WTO

    We are in serious trouble for ALL exports that will need recertification on arrival at destination

    Welcome to brexit hell

  5. Another tremendous piece, Paul.
    September will prove another significant milestone on the rocky road to self determination.
    The Unionist broadcasters have already wheeled Neil Findlay in front of a cameras to reassure the slumbering Labour millions, who are just waiting for a ‘sign’ that Labour is back, and the former bricklayer, which information is presumed to bestow ‘one of us’ credentials upon him, is ‘a billion per cent’ certain, that there won’t be a leadership challenge at the Branch Office, if Corbyn wins the day.
    We must hope that Mr. Findlay does get the Finance Portfolio when Kezia forms the next administration, given his failure to grasp basic maths.
    What planet are our hacks living on?
    I suspect that they have given up the ghost, and they are merely flogging tomorrow’s toilet paper now.
    May is attempting to put Brexit on the back burner until 2017.
    Nobody Down There has the stomach for it.
    We’ve waited 309 years. 30 days more won’t hurt.
    Ferguslea Park, Clydebank, Bellsmyre, utter Desolation Row, poverty crumbling housing, no work. Labour Councils since Adam was a cowboy, Ruth Davidson’s, Jackson Rotund Ruddy One’s, WATP Two Jobs Professor Tomkin’s, The Queen’s Eleven Murdo Fraser’s, Baroness Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Renfrewshire’s, welfare cuts, PIP cuts, LA funding cuts Austerity programme. Kill off the poor, reward the filthy rich.
    Kezia, Neil, Johann, Jenny, Iain, McLeish, Brown, Darling, McConnell, Murphy, hang your heads in shame. Labour is dead in Scotland. But the corpse is now giving a terrible stench.
    The Tories? Lets rip their lungs out; politically of course.
    Wha would be a traitor knave, wha would fill a coward’s grave?

  6. PS Sorry about the typos.
    I have a confession to make. I have never read a Harry Potter yarn, nor have I seen the blockbustas. I have never seen Game of Thrones, either. My excuse? I am a grown up.
    I do not have a Facebook account, nor do I twit.
    Why do I feel no sense of loss?

    • I agree, Jack. I gave up on fairy stories as a child and it amazes me that adults can read the Potter drivel in the belief that what they’re reading is literature. Wake up, for God’s sake. Fairy stories are not literature – not in what I understand to be the accepted sense of the word.

      • Kenzie, I am not attempting to be disparaging here.
        If my kids were of the age to read Potter and the books were around decades ago, then I would have been sucked into a low level knowledge of the Rowling books.
        I unashamedly fed mine with the Hitchhiker’s saga, but I have no way of knowing whether Rowling’s work compares well with Adams’ genius.
        When I observe that ‘I am a grown up’, I am merely stating that her obviously tremendously popular books are ‘after my time’.
        Therefore any references to the Boy Wizard, or Game of Thrones, or The Hunger games, are lost on me.
        That I am able to quote the titles of these works here is a minor miracle.
        However I argue that It is part of the Jackanory level intellect of the ‘Celebrity Porn’ culture, for grown ups te reference fantasy stories in serious debate so often.
        Perhaps I am just an old kill joy, a wet blanket, a gruntfuttock. (q.v. Now that was comic genius, IMHO.)
        I commit the sin of which I accuse others by invoking the spirit of the Goons.
        Macart points us to two articles in the National.
        A bunch of English folk sit in a room and announce to the four corners of these isles that we are leaving the EU. Fuck off Scotland.
        Nothing from Ruth Davidson or David Mundell on this savage attack on Scotland’s economy and future wellbeing from the Tory Stooges.
        Meanwhile the so called pro Independence National (it is US owned) joins the rest of the Scottish Establishment Pro Subservient bought and paid for Unionist MSM, and affords column inches to Henry McLeish, and Gordon Brown to spout vacuous irrelevant rubbish.
        Is it a Moronic Order thing?

        What is of public interest in the musings of two old New Labour failures, who have supped from the gravy train for 3 decades while our fellow citizens suffer poverty, oppression, drink and drug addiction, crumbling housing, and slow painful early deaths because of the actions of these very wealthy Unionists who actively took part in reducing Scotland to Third World colony status.
        BBC Radio News Where You Are had a go at Owen Smith yesterday. Like shooting list MP’s in a barrel.
        Even Pacific Quay found this man’s stance on Scotland, Independence, Trident, and Terrific Job Dugdale’s future, farcical. They metaphorically took one of their own down a dark alley and kicked the shit out of him.
        BBC News Where You Are is still a network of Unionist lackeys, who are pro Trident, anti Second Referendum, now pro Brexit, and have segued neatly into the ‘we are where we are’ fatalist message,’Brexit means Brexit’ position as the democratic will of the people. There view is that there is nothing to bedone but accept our fate. Fuck Scotland.
        I worry for JK Rowling, by the way.
        I am trying to get my head around what makes such a successful and wealthy individual get embroiled in all of this New Laboir nonsense?
        There seems to be a need there, which I find intriguing.
        All that money, but no happiness.
        Perhaps, give me a call, JK. I am all ears.
        Macart, thanks for the links.
        Corbyn is out to destroy the Labour Party. He is an old style Militant, a risible old Up the Workers barnstormer.
        September is going to be interesting.

        • And no sooner do I clack out this rant than someone on WoS twitter feed compares Labour to Zaphod Beeblebox’ two heads. Spooky.

          In other news, I got this piece of juvenile nonsense from STV online ‘news’.

          Kezia Dugdale’s alternative Government.

          “An education bill to abolish exam appeal charges and a ‘fair start’ fund to distribute money to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds
          •Trade union bill to recognise the “positive role” they play in society and to establish a new skills agency
          •A bill to create a single Scottish Government online agency to communicate with business
          •All carers to be paid the living wage, to receive travel expenses and no zero-hour contracts allowed in the sector
          •An opt-out organ transplant system
          •Anti-poverty bill abolishing the council tax and replacing it with an alternative system meaning the richest pay more
          •A national ban on fracking in Scotland
          •New anti-fuel poverty initiative
          •Re-regulation of the country’s bus network
          •Scrapping the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act
          •A new law setting out the rights of refugees and national standards for government agencies to adhere to when providing services to refugees
          •All Scottish Government accounts, income and spending to be independently audited by the Scottish Fiscal Commission
          •Stopping any party which has a majority of seats in the Scottish Parliament from nominating the presiding officer or holding a majority of committee convenerships. ”

          In what fecking alternative world does this airhead live?

          I resolve from now on, not to post instantaneously, writing at the speed that I speak; I come across as a rambling and reactionary, which reflects in no small measure the the flood of nonsense visited upon us by our Hacks, The diurnal dirge.
          I’ll need to curb the cursing, but it is hard, especially when the Branch Office Terrific Job Boss produces nonsense like the above.

  7. Q.E.D




    So are we clear yet?

    This isn’t the SNP against Labour or the Conservatives. This isn’t party politics or the petty politics of personality and it never was.

    This is about Holyrood’s system of politics and view of society versus Westminster’s system of politics and view of society.

    What KIND of country do you want to live in?

  8. TTIP is dead, and just when you thought it safe to go out into the street Our future will come with a G4S logo, the dog got it in one.

    • Walter, I believe that in ‘opening up the market’ to the English NHS, that Virgin now have the Facilities Management Contract for GP Surgeries Darn Sarf.
      Is there any truth in the rumour that one of Branson’s ‘efficiency savings’ is to shut down the waiting rooms?
      In future patients will sit on the floor in the corridor.
      Paul is spot on with his G4S barb.
      Doesn’t Lord Reid have something to do with this mob? Good Socialists that he never was. Ruth Davidson would sell Jackson Ruddy to cannibals if the price were right.
      I’ll stop now.
      Things to do; I’m going to kill dead things as my Belfast Born Everlovin’ would say.
      Empty out my belly button fluff, trim a rag end nail; catch the latest adverts on leaving my loved ones a lump sum when I die soon; check out the ‘You’ll never believe what was in the chest gathering dust at the back of Jim Murphy’s head’.

  9. I think the whole comedy/farce about Kezia the Dug is hilarious. The Branch Manager has taken it upon herself to castigate her boss, Corbyn, and hired herself a propaganda flunky to help her in putting Corbyn down. However, it appears that Corbyn is liable to win the election for the position of Red Tory boss, and the Dug is probably wetting herself, knowing that she is going to be fired as Branch Manager, with the subsequent loss of money.and her “authority” over the minions in the Scottish branch.

    To add to the farce, the Dug has only added to the inevitable demise of the Red Tories, and destroyed any chance of her being “elevated” to the House of Lards.

    The whole thing, including the ghost of Broon still haunting the Red Tories, would have made a good television programme to rival the likes of Yes Minister or A Christmas Carol.

    The Red Flag is still flying, at half mast, below the Butcher’s Apron.

  10. Can’t get my head around Alan Rodent’s appointment. He must have had a whopping salary at the Mail so I assume that he has a bigger salary now. Who approved his appointment? Surely Kez ( Scottish Branch) is not allowed to pay a huge salary, so was it Corbyn who gave his approval?
    Since Rodent is indubitably a Tory why did ANYONE in the Labour Party approve his appointment?

    • Follow the money, Seanair. Where are they getting the readies to pay this man?
      WoS is more forenscic with Dugdale’s 13 point ‘pledge’. Unlucky for some. If we could be bothered dissecting it bullet point by bullet point, we could show it up for what it is: farting into the hurricane.
      When I was looking at Pie McAveety’s GCC Risk assessment of ALEOs one of the top five red Danger risks was that TUPE Council Staff would win their Equal Pay arrears battle.
      ‘ •All carers to be paid the living wage, to receive travel expenses and no zero-hour contracts allowed in the sector.’
      The ALEO home helps?
      Oh dear, Ms Dugdale. Perhaps you should speak to the Pieman?
      We already have equality laws?
      She’ll be gone when Corbyn wins.
      Perhaps Roden is on loan from the Mail for two weeks?

  11. Jack Collatin
    Well TELL us where they are getting the readies. Is it Kez in Edinburgh or Corbyn in London.
    Didn’t understand the rest of your reply.

    • My point exactly, seanair. They are skint. Somebody’s paying him. We need to know!
      On an earlier topic I wandered off on one of my rambles through the ethernet undergrowth and unearthed Glasgow City Councils’ Audit Risk Assessment of their Arms Length ‘privatised’ services.
      One of the red (critical mass) risks involved female workers who were being paid less than their male counterparts, and who, after years of Glasgow Labour delaying equal payment through the courts, won the right to equal treatment.
      The question of arrears is flagged up as a Red Category Risk in the GCC report.
      I’m sorry that I confused you. My ‘follow the money’ does imply that I have inside knowledge. I haven’t a scooby. A rhetorical ”will they divulge how they are goin to pay this man’s ages’, may have been less clumsy. I’ll shut up now.

      • Seanair, from the Risk Assessment.

        ‘3. Industrial Action by staff which may arise from disputes over pay and conditions; changes to pay or conditions, changes in service delivery models, issues over pensions. ‘

        I admit that I overlaid the long running Equal Pay Disputes on this little gem.
        Kezia is worried about carers getting fair pay. This will include LA Home Helps?

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