The Schrodinger’s cat of nations

Yesterday the Scottish Government revealed its plans for the new session of parliament and announced a consultation on a draft referendum bill. The consultation on the bill is to be launched before July next year, meaning that it could potentially be put before Holyrood late in 2017 or early in 2018. By that time, the UK government should have activated Article 50 and Brexit negotiations will be underway. Everyone who’s not a Lib Dem or Kezia Dugdale knows by now that the only way that Scotland can preserve its EU membership is by seeking independence. The Unionist parties responded by angrily accusing the SNP of being obsessed with independence. Which to be fair, isn’t exactly untrue. Seeking independence is ever so slightly the entire point of the SNP, it’s their raison d’etre.

It’s hardly the fault of the SNP that the Unionist parties lied through their collective teeth in 2014 about the kind of United Kingdom Scotland was voting to remain a part of. The UK they promised us in the summer of 2014 doesn’t exist, if it ever existed. You can argue that if a political party doesn’t follow through on a manifesto commitment, then in five years time there will be another election and the voters have the opportunity to punish that party for its failure. The Unionist parties don’t want to fulfil the promises they made during the referendum campaign, and don’t want the Scottish people to have any recourse to punish them for their failure. Taking Scotland out of the EU against the will of the Scottish people is just the final straw. The Unionist parties have only got themselves to blame that another independence referendum is on the table again. If they’d been as obsessed with being honest and trustworthy as they are obsessed with accusing the SNP of being obsessed with independence, we wouldn’t be here now. Hell slap it intae thaim.

Angrily accusing the SNP of being obsessed with independence is like acting all surprised that the Greens are all about protecting the environment. Demanding that the SNP cease to focus on their goal of independence would be like going along to a Weight Watchers meeting and getting upset because no one is offering third helpings of cream cakes and fish suppers. But then that’s what the Unionist parties are all about, they’d far rather Scotland blocked its arteries and grew unhealthy on the poor diet of Westminster than have us do anything about it. A healthy Scotland is a Scotland that can stand on its own two feet.

The SNP is obsessed with independence in the exact same way that Ruth Davidson is obsessed with photo opportunities while her party screws over the poor and the vulnerable, in the exact same way that Labour politicians are obsessed with attacking and undermining the real enemy, which is other Labour politicians, or in the exact same way that the Lib Dems are obsessed with the timetable of the number 17 bus to Kelty. Although in the interests of balance it should be pointed out that the Lib Dems are also obsessed with complaining about what they perceive as the dishonesty of the other parties while excusing the dishonesty of Lib Dems.

Mind you, while the Unionist parties are upset that the SNP sets out to do what it was founded to do, there’s also a significant segment of Unionist opinion that’s convinced that the SNP doesn’t really want an independence after after all. While the Scottish media reported this week that Scotland is taking a step closer to another independence referendum, the Guardian’s Severin Carrell was claiming that Nicola Sturgeon had put off an early referendum and was quietly shelving plans to hold a ballot. That’s the early referendum that she never promised to have in the first place, in case you were wondering. The supposed early referendum that only ever existed in the mind of the Guardian.

I seem to recall we had a similar meme floating about during the first independence referendum, when many Unionist commentators managed to convince themselves that Alicsammin didn’t really want independence at all while at the same time he was obsessed with it. I’m not really sure how that works, and neither does the Unionist media. It’s a species of denialism. Now we’re seeing it again, as many Unionist commentators rush to assure their readers that there won’t be a second independence referendum because the SNP which is obsessed with independence doesn’t really want independence after all.

But then holding contradictory ideas simultaneously is what Scottish Unionism is all about. Scottish Unionism rests upon simultaneously believing that Scotland – which they’re terribly proud of, by the way – is a country but at the same time isn’t. Scots are the Schrodinger’s cats of nations, simultaneously existing but not existing while we remain locked in the shortbread tin. Scottish Unionism means convincing yourself that only a desire for Scottish independence counts as nationalism, but a knee jerk fleg waving love of the Great British state isn’t nationalist at all.

What the Unionist commentators who claim Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t want another referendum are really doing is setting up their readership for outrage when there is actually a second independence referendum. Oh that SNP, first they said they wanted one, then they said they didn’t, and now they do after all. Cue mutterings about untrustworthy jocks and subsidy junkies.

The boring truth of the matter is that Scotland remains exactly where it was before in relation to another independence referendum. But then, “Evil SNP does exactly what it said it was going to do” doesn’t make for a very exciting headline in a Unionist newspaper. A second independence referendum remains the most likely outcome of Westminster’s failure to keep its promise to Scotland that only a No vote in 2014 could secure our EU membership, but the Scottish government has to been seen to exhaust all other options before going for a second referendum. Everyone knows that. Probably even Wullie Rennie knows that. It’s not difficult.

And that’s exactly what the Scottish government is going to do. There will be a second referendum on independence, and when we go into that referendum supporters of independence will be able to state in all honesty that all other options to keep Scotland’s EU membership have been exhausted. But then honesty with the Scottish electorate is an alien concept to the Unionist establishment. Scotland will have its second referendum, and then the Schrodinger’s cat of nations will open the shortbread tin and we’ll realise that we’ve never been more alive.

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  2. Nailed it. 🙂

    The meeja metro set are all of dither today over the last four minutes of a twentynine minute speech on the programme of legislation for government by the SNP.

    Now for all the hard of thinking types who bang on about the SNPs ‘OBSESSION’ with independence and getting on with the day job an’ sich. What happened to commentary about the other twentyfive minutes worth of bills and legislative detail?

    Was it a case of the meeja aren’t very observant? Did they drift off mid speech? Are they simply a bit forgetful? Or could it be the folk who are truly ‘OBSESSED’ with an indyref ARE the meeja and their political chain tuggers? The three opposition parties constantly referred to the constitutional question in each of their replies. They simply couldn’t let it go at all. And then it occurred to me. What if… what if that is THEIR reason for being? What if the parties in our parliament who are truly a one trick pony… are the the three establishment parties?

    Now isn’t that a scary thought?

    Three long established parties without an original, concrete, costed and genuinely helpful policy between them on basically any area of policy. Parties existing only to oppose a single legislative perceived threat, not to the public, but to a system of government that has been so very good to their head offices, their superiors and a long standing career path to bright lights and big city for so very long.

    Somehow I doubt the meeja will look too closely at them, whatever sound bite policy they dream up, or hold them to account for simply being a bit crap at their job. For certain the meeja won’t be checking a mirror any time soon when looking for a root cause of societal division, but then their species don’t generally require mirrors and are known to shun sunlight and wooden stakes too.

    • Exactly, Macart. Well observed.
      I maintained during the Referendum and subsequent campaigning before UK GE and SGE that the Unionist Parties were not only a Better Together Concordiat hell bent on destroying the SNP, but also that they were the ‘single issue’ party, the accusation they levelled at the Independence Movement.
      Kezia Dugdale and Willie Rennie let Davidson’s Savage Party away with murder, and Rowley and Findlay should be ashamed of themselves, blaming a right wing Fascist Tory Government’s attack on our poor, frail, elderly, and ordinary working folk on NS’s Administration, and allow WM to go unpunished.
      Ruth Davidson and her ListTory Boys, all bools in the mouth, plummy accents, Received Pronunciation Dim But Nice zealots, believe in an Oligarchy, a top tier of Divine Right Royalty, the Wealthy, Nobility, and a privileged class, who have the absolute power to rule over us, and whose philosophy is to keep the Hoi Polloi poor and enslaved. Of that there is no doubt.
      Yet Kezia and her dwindling band of fantasists stand by while our people suffer penury, privation, and despair at the hands of evil people, for the sake of their precious jobs and blind cultish faith in a discredited unfair Union. They don’t give a fuck about Scotland or its people.
      I despise them for their greed, and lies.
      Shame on our MSM for their nasty role in perpetuating Scotland’s subjugation.

    • RE “Unionist parties existing only to oppose a single legislative perceived threat”,

      No surprise here. That’s their function in Northern Ireland where there are no elected Labour or Conservative MPs – only “Democratic” Unionist or “Ulster Unionist”

    • Fabulous, that is perfect. In fact, it is a case of projection. The unionists are projecting their own obsessions, ie keeping a big big greedy handle on the power, and it is manifesting in their media mind manipulation to ensure it appears like the SNP are obsessed, with independence, and at the same time not wanting independence.

      It’s like one of those old scary films, where the main character is portrayed as mad, or guilty, or both, by the security services, or did I just make that up!

      On reading this fab article, it crossed my mind, lol, that in fact if the unionists could commit the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon and of course SNP members to an asylum for the insane, they would sign on the dotted line quicker than you could say jack flash! Easy peasy, portray your opponent as being somewhat dysfunctional, undecided, but obsessed, and bobs your uncle!

  3. I posted this earlier on WoS.
    “Brian Taylor described the SNP’s 14 Bill Programme as, ‘ the nuts and bolts’ of government.
    Yesterday in Holyrood we were treated to the Nuts and Dolts of Government ‘Opposition.’.
    And never has the Better Together Unionist We Hate The SNP Consortium assembled together such a woeful group of third rate politicians, and jobs- for- the- boys list MSP hangers on, led by the spectacularly ordinary abject failures as Davidson , Dugdale, and Rennie, as this lot who now fill the benches in Edinburgh.
    I searched BBC News Where They Are Parliament Channel in vain for Yesterday in Holyrood, and scanned the on line Dead Tree Scrolls for a breakdown of the 14 Bills being introduced by our FM to start the new session, also in vain.
    Since 4 Arch Right Blue Tory English Nationalist zealots , Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, David Davies, and ‘Maggie’ May, who like Clunking Fist Brown, is yet another Brit PM foisted upon us undemocratically, the 15th Draft Bill, a contingency measure on Indyref 2 is the only headline on which our Fourth Estate Fifth Column are interested in commenting .
    Ruth Davidson (for she is as much to blame as her Tory puppet masters Down There) threatens to ship millions of ‘hard working’ EU citizens will be shipped back to Johnny Foreigner Land, presumably transported en masse in Virgin cattle trucks via Tilbury or Southampton (well, Hitler’s Final Solution seems to be the blueprint) , 1.2 million Brits will be turfed out of their Spanish villas, and converted French barns, and sent back here in retaliation, while we will be denied access to the biggest trading block in the world, 100,000’s jobs lost, we shall have our EU citizenship taken from us; just because WATP Two Jobs Adam Tomkins and Ruddy Jackson Carlaw’ will defy 62% the democratic will of their fellow countrymen and women who voted voted Remain.
    WE are a subjugated colony of England. We can fuck off, because that tremulous nervous wreck, Mundell the Michty, asserts that our democratically elected Scottish Government has no ‘veto’ over Brexit talks.
    Brian Taylor insultingly implied that the 14 Bill Programme for Government was the product of pressure from the opposition; that the SNP had neglected the day job, that NS was fixated on Independence, and the constitution.
    What a load of pish, Brian.
    “Well, I think they’ve had a “Big Role” (my parenthesis) in this programme for Government, to some extent, because they’ve said in advance that Nicola Sturgeon has been neglecting the day job and focussing too much on independence.”
    Pish and nonsense, Brian.
    Yesterday’s interventions in Holyrood from the Better Together Mob?
    Davidson:- Not matching the 5% cut in taxes to the filthy rich implemented by the Blue Tories in England will somehow disadvantage Scotland, will threaten growth in the Scottish economy.
    Well, if we had elected Ruth’s lot, we may be experiencing the same Open for Business brouhaha that May and Co are peddling Down There.
    29 new schools will open Up Here in the next year. (and not a crumbling PFI wall in sight.)
    £100 million will go directly to headmasters, bypassing local Councils, who have made such a gawdawful job of reducing the attainment gap over half a century of UK Labour control, with direct input from teachers, pupils,and parents on how the money will be best used to improve education.
    Meanwhile Ruth and Co have slashed the English Education budget by 20%, teachers in English held a one day strike 5/7/16 in protest at larger class sizes, teachers being asked to teach subjects in which they are not trained, and in what is described as an ‘ideological attack’, unqualified teachers are being recruited to save money; sorry, ‘to achieve efficiency savings’.
    Ruth Davidson has also cut £259 million from Youth Service spending, forcing the closure of 550 LA youth centres, the Education Maintenance Allowance (ESA) has been scrapped, a cut of £30 per week for those pupils in poorest households.
    But Ruth doesn’t want to talk about that. She is the unacceptable Ba’ Face of Capitalism.
    Tax handouts to the rich. Fuck the poor and their education.
    Brian Taylor’s ‘big role’ of the Opposition? She’s certainly getting ‘bigger’ by the day.
    Kezia seems unaware that as a Red Tory she’s supposed to be ripping Ruth’s heart out with her bare hands.
    But no, we’re Better Together, aren’t we? It’s that wee Basturd Sturgeon who is to blame for everything, not the WM lot.
    ”Over the past decade, this Parliament has become more and more powerful but the Government’s programme has become less and less ambitious’.
    And that’s it. That’s all she has to offer. What a fucking insult to the Scottish electorate, who apparently seem to think that the SNP have been doing a pretty good job of fending of the Red Blue and Yellow Tory cuts to our living standards, and the fabric of our uniquely Scottish society. How could we have been so thick?
    Neil Findlay, I urge you to have a word with this lass, who is undoubtedly shaping up to be the biggest failure in Scottish politics ever.
    It’s the Tories who are the enemy, Kezia.
    And what can I say about Polyester Man Rennie?
    His contribution to the debate on the Government’s Programme?
    “Ditch the charade, and ditch her plans for independence. That would be the best thing for Scotland.’
    Worth every penny of your £1200 a week, Mastermind.
    I could see why you thought this parcel of rogues had a big role to play, Brian.
    The frightening and quite ludicrous thought of any of them governing Scotland, would concentrate my mind too.
    The Fourth Estate Fifth Column is alive and well.”
    Loved this piece, Paul. How any Scot can support this Westminster Oligarchy, hell bent on English Imperialism beats me.

      • I think so, Francis.
        After 50 years of taking the Herald, I have stopped buying the ‘paper, and lapsed my online subscription.
        I will no longer subscribe to any MSM outlet Up Here.
        I would not have a baldy notion about how to ‘start a blog’, such are my limited IT skills. I content myself with the odd ‘grumpy Glasgow comment’ on this excellent site, and a few others.
        I marvel at, and am eternally grateful to, posters on here who link us to articles, videos, and so on elsewhere.
        Thank you for remembering me. We’ll doubtless ‘chat’ on here over the coming months as Scotland’s inevitable destiny unfolds and becomes at last a reality; an Independent nation.
        Peace and love, Fra.

        • It remains that you should do it. WGD et al I am sure would help. I absolutely loved what you wrote in the herald, and told you so often. On a personal level I am glad that you are here.

  4. There is a precedent for not wanting something while simultaneously campaigning hard for it. How happy do you think Boris et al were at actually winning the brexit vote the day after? Their plan was to use it to gain power in the Tory party after a loss, instead they were exposed as having no plan at all for a leave result.

    • Sandy, if Trump becomes president of the US, perhaps it is The End Of Days?
      We have no choice but self determination now.
      No more Mr Nice Guy. I am calling it how I see it from now on in.

      • Jack, I’d be more worried about the bought and paid for opposition to Trump. That mad bitch will, if she gets into power, start another war in the Middle East, probably by attacking Syria and Iran, then she’d start on China and Russia. Then we would be embroiled in a third world war. At least Rump seems inclined to talk rather than bomb.

        • My ‘End of Days’ comment was not a random throwaway.
          If Trump becomes President, do you actually believe that the US Industrial and Military Complex would allow him to govern?
          No matter who becomes POTUS, the neo liberal Establishment will carry on regardless. The US is an Imperialist nation now. It is no longer a democracy. The Masters of the Universe rule throughout this planet.
          I have much in common with the mechanic from Brooklyn. I put my X in a box, but the wealthy 1% rule, OK.
          The worm is turning slowly. That’s why the English Establishment, and its Colonial Branch Up Here are fighting Independence with every sinister means at their disposal.
          Faslane is the Establishment’s ‘unsinkable battleship’.
          This, after 8 years of Obama.

  5. I find myself wondering what would happen if the SNP proposed adapting for Holyrood the FPTP voting system used for Parliament, on the grounds that since Westminster uses it it must be the best system going. I would love to see the London establishment tying themselves in knots trying to come up with reasons why we should not use it and they should.

  6. So just why can’t we be in the UK and the EU?… Ok Ok! I don’t mean BE ‘in the UK’ as in, being told what to do, or giving them all our dosh and getting back a small percentage as we show our gratitude by swearing allegiance to the ministry of propaganda [BBC]

    What I mean is, IF the rUK already know that it’s financial folly to leave the EU in order to chase the two birds in the bush, then why are they not insisting that their neighbouring ‘family member’ [Scotland] are encouraged to pick up the reins of the UK’s membership and become the successor state? Surely, this would allow continuous trade within the EU by English firms via Scotland, while allowing Scotland to trade with the rest of the world through England? This has to be beneficial for both countries? Two bites of two different cherries?….

    Fair enough!… there’s the small matter of Scotland having to become independent first, but as we have historically put our faith in England for 309 years, it’s only fair that we should show our sincere gratitude by returning the compliment…. They DO trust us don’t they?

    We could be collectively known as the United Kingdom’S’…. This could be one of those rare occasions when ‘divide and conquer’ may well be to our advantage? 🙂

    • I’m sure that there are those in London’s political elite who have had the self same thought and a very practical one it is. How and ever one swatch at the the average Commons SQs or an HoL debate on anything Scottish will show the casual viewer/listener/observer what even those pragmatists are up against.

      There is a monstrous block of ideological little empire believers in both chambers. Yer akchul true believers in what they laughably call a union. They will surrender not one iota of what they consider to be their power, their borders, their resources, their rightful lot. They are fully invested in the false narrative of parliamentary sovereignty covering all the nations of the UK and of what constitutes the state view and definition of ‘Britishness’.

      The Westminster political class. A byword for ignorance, arrogance and entitlement.

      • Hear hear, Macart.
        I just watched PMQ. It is quite simply a farce.Would someone tell Corbyn that Housing Benefit is being scrapped, as Universal Credit rolls out. UCS recipients will receive a notional ‘rent’ allowance as part of their UCS payment and will be expected to pay their landlord from their weekly allowance. Early signs are that massive rent arrears are building up in pilot areas. Yet Corbyn chunters on about Housing Benefit?
        Basic sloppiness from the withering husk of the PLP.

        Ian Lang’s laughable HoL debate on the Independence Referendum was actually quite frightening. Ancient Lords in the grip of claret induced snooziness, or showing slumbering signs of aging decrepitude, or early dementia, were debating another country’s, ours, future.
        Westminster is a foreign Government now.
        Time is running out for these freeloaders.

      • Och!… Yer such a cynic!.. 🙁

        Here was me thinking that we could all get along as nice neighbours, meeting up for afternoon tea and the odd glass of port… (Oh! and swap trident for a shot of their lawnmower)

        • Dointhebiz 1, your ‘nice neighbours’ sparked a fond memory for me.

          Twenty five years ago now, I lodged in a smallish hotel in St Annes on Sea quite frequently, and over the months got to know the owner, a barrel chested Scouser, quite well over a late night sup in the wee lounge.

          On one occasion, he approached me and asked me to help out at the bar over the weekend. Barkeep was not on my CV at the time, but I readily agreed.

          He was between a Jock and a Hard place.

          There were two group bookings. A team of workmates down from Glasgow to play footie against a local team; and a bunch of lads who worked together,in security I think, at Heathrow, up for a golfing week end at the famous Lytham links.
          My Liverpool buddy needed me as ‘handers’, as a co pilot behind the eagerly anticipated three deep at the bar beerfest, and as ‘interpreter’ for the Glasgow team, and of course as unofficial Kissinger should the North and South decided to exchange, ahem, ‘ tokens of friendship’ during the festivities.

          Extra barrels of Lager, bottles of whisky, vodka, and boxes of crisps were brought in. It would not do to run out of anything that week end.

          The two groups duly arrived separately, thank the Chief, on Saturday morning, left to play footie and golf for the day, returned at different times, showered shaved and well, you know, then set out for the fleshpots of Blackpool.

          Going on for eleven the two groups began drifting back to the hotel, the lure of an allnighter more tempting than beer at twice the price outside.
          They mingled merrily in the wee lounge, with the usual banter, football, grim up North, Loadsamoney Darn Sarf banter.
          he Heathrow boys were daring each other to drink shorts of whisky with peanuts and bits of Milky Way in the tumbler. The Glasgow Boys were gravitating towards the pool table.

          From nowhere a Scotland versus England tourney began. The golfers had one of the original camcorders, the massive jobs that Del Boy was flogging.
          One of the Gatwick boys was clearly a great player and was beating, no humiliating, any Scot who challenged him.

          Things could have become ugly, but for the wily landlord’s intervention.

          He challenged the Hustler to a best of three rubber, and announced that he would use the handle of a broom, with the head still attached at the other end, instead of a cue.
          The Great British Cue Off was to be filmed, and the loser had to suffer the indignity of watching the replay on TV.

          Needless to say, our landlord, who knew every bump and bias of his own table, and who realised that the Hustler, who was now feeling intense pressure from both the golfers and the footballers, won the mini tourney, and the room as one congratulated him on his brush strokes.
          We all settled down to watch the whole extraordinary event on tape, and a great time was had by all.

          Breakfast on Sunday morning was a muted but happy affair, with much happy backslapping and ‘we’ll have to do this again next year’ talk.

          But the piece de resistance? Our landlord had engaged a retired pipe major, who piped in the breakfasts, to tremendous applause and howls of laughter.
          A Heathrow lad got the last laugh.

          ‘Well, that’s the first time we’ve ever had a Jockagram!’

          When you got down to it, it was just a bunch of hard working lads getting away from it all and enjoying themselves. ‘Nice neighbours’ indeed.

          To quote Van the Man.

          “Why can’t it be like this all the time?”

      • A hard Brexit England would have to give the same trade terms to an Independent Scotland in the EU and other EU members. It can’t have free trade with one and not the other.

  7. Tommy Sheppard to David Davis in the Commons:-

    “We were promised in 2014 that Scotland would be respected within the UK….So can I ask you if proposals emerge in the months ahead which offer the prospect of separate and different arrangements between Scotland and the European Union, will you listen to them and consider them in good faith or will you reject them out of hand?”

    Mr Davis, in his reply, said: “The Prime Minister said we’ll look at all proposals
    Now the one you suggest, I can’t see how it would work, I really can’t, but we’ll look at it.”

    Mr. Davis also went on to say that the First Minister (or her Deputy) would be included in the team reviewing whatever proposals are put forward… so when Mr Davis says ‘we’ll look into it’… let’s just keep a close eye on ‘when’ such a meeting may take place, ‘where’ such a meeting will take place and exactly ‘who’ the ‘we’ are that ‘will look at it’…. and of course … the outcome.

  8. With regards to most (if not all news in Britain) it is always revealing to read what the foreign media is saying. Revealing in the sense that, all the details which don’t come out in the UK are laid bare for discussion outside of the UK.
    Last week I watched a political program called Deadline in Denmark. The program is a political program, which is very reliable, direct and hard hitting. Politicians do not get an easy ride on the show.
    The subject was the UK and Brexit. On the show, they had a constitutional expert from London on.

    During the discussions, he went to great pains to continually stress that “Scotland cannot be taken out of the EU against its will”. He stated (several times) that it is “constitutionally impossible for Scotland to be taken out of the EU against Scotland’s will”.

    The statements surprised me slightly as he was without a doubt very London centric, constantly referring to Scotland as a region.

    What was very noticeable was how much he stressed throughout the half hour interview the importance of talks between London and Edinburgh. He stated/stressed at least a dozen times throughout the program “sooner or later London will be forced to sit down and negotiate with Edinburgh with regards to Scotland’s EU membership and that the sooner these talks begin, the better for all parties concerned”. He accused The UK Government of having their heads buried in the sand. There was an exasperation and desperation in the tone of his statements every time he mentioned the importance of talks beginning as soon as possible.
    It would appear that Scotland cannot block Brexit, but at the same time, The UK cannot take Scotland out of the EU against its wishes. Therefore I think it is a case check at the moment.

    • Pretty much and its not as if WM huvnae been telt repeatedly either. Both Mr Salmond and our current FM are on record as stating that the Scottish populace have 40yrs accrued EU rights and that they cannot be either ejected or taken out of the EU against their express wishes.

      Our populace voted to remain by a fairly conclusive margin and PM May at some point is going to have to both get round a table with the FM and tell her own population just what the deal is with Scotland. England and Wales may leave the EU. They voted to do so and that is their right as countries, but technically the UK won’t be leaving the EU as the UK unless Scotland agrees to remain part of the UK. THAT is the heart of the constitutional crisis which the Tories themselves have foisted upon Scotland. Two referendums with constitutionally entirely incompatible results.

      Now unless some mechanism can be found for Scotland to remain party to both unions, then there will need to be an indyref where Scotland’s population has the final say on which union they wish to retain. Either way it WILL be the decision of the Scottish electorate and you can’t say fairer than that. 🙂

  9. A passing thought. HS online Unionist trash today as usual.
    Tom Gordon and Paul Gilbride on BBC News Where You Are Scotland 2016 (I challenge the VFM in broadcasting this wee Unionist show to an reported audience share of 5000, in a nation of 5.4 million) Coached by Gary R to reinforce Dugdale’s Holyrood moan that HS has reined in on full blown Indyref 2 and concentrating on access to EU market instead.
    The ‘she doesn’t really want independence, but is fixated by it’ argument. Gordon, Gilbride, get a life.
    Why don’t they go the whole hog and rebrand the Herald as ‘The Colonial Herald’.
    I cannot believe how dramatically this once proud Thunderer has plunged in standards and quality, which seems to reflect its diminishing one dimensional readership’s interests and intellectual level.
    Top story?
    The Loyal Sons of Wulliam, true blue, staunch defenders of the Big Hoose and the one true Prodistant Faith, are outraged because a wee ersatz Irish begorrah and bejaisus theme pub is calling them zombies.
    That’s the top news item in the Colonial Herald, folks.
    And they wonder why we’re going for independence?

  10. I see that in today’s Guardian, we Scots have to choose between the UK marketor the EU market. As far as I am concerned, the choice is easy – I’ll go for the EU every time.

    • No we won’t , bjsalba.
      Prof Michael Keating is peddling this rUK ‘threat’ in the Colonial Herald today.
      When Scotland becomes Independent and remains a member of the EU, we will have exactly the same trading agreement with rUK as other EU member states.
      Of course if ‘Maggie’ May digs her leopard skin heels in, and rejects free movement of goods, services, and labour for EU citizens, and sends 2 million Albanian plasterers back where they came from, then the EU may impose an 8% tariff on RUK barter. Will I buy rUK cheese then, or opt for the more VFM French or Dutch fromage?
      Keating ‘threatens’ us if we vote YES. Vindictive England will cease to trade with us.
      Will Boris insist on a clause in any negotiated EU Treaty barring Independent EU member Scotland from trade into, and from, the New Improved British Empire of England and Wales?
      Stuff and nonsense of course. Project Fear. The Bitch is Back.

  11. Absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait to see you in Aberdeen. I actually cried at that last sentence. Thanks for keeping all our spirits up and keeping us well informed.

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