Ruth’s permascowl and the law of karma

Ruthie’s really annoyed. She’s got her angry face on, the one that she uses whenever anyone says the magic words that are guaranteed to irk her. Those words would be “carpetbagging careerist on a tank”, “I think Murdo Fraser would have been a better leader,” or “Scottish independence”. It’s the last two words that are getting her goat of late, since the only people who say that Murdo Fraser would be a better leader of the Scottish Tories are Murdo Fraser and his immediate family, and in any case being a Tory is pretty much a synonym for being a carpetbagging careerist, the tanks being optional.

Ruth’s very very angry these days because the words Scottish independence are being uttered with a frequency which is alarming to a knee-jerk Unionist. Actually, them being uttered at all is alarming to a knee-jerk Unionist, which goes a very long way to explaining the permascowl on Ruthie’s tanksitting face. It’s the kind of look you normally associate with a urinary tract infection.

Mind you, the one person in Holyrood who mentions independence more than anyone else is Ruth Davidson. Funny how she’s convinced that there’s no demand for it and that Scotland will never vote for it, yet she devotes all her time and energy to pulling faces about it. This is not unrelated to the fact that if she didn’t constantly go on about independence, she might find herself having to defend the policies of a viciously rightwing UK government that enjoys the support of a single stuffed toy of a Scottish MP.

On Thursday it was Furst Meenister’s Questions, and Ruthie was demanding to know what Brexit terms would make Nicola call off a second referendum. It’s a bit like if Nicola was to ask Ruthie just how many promises the Unionist parties need to break before Ruthie will admit that Scotland’s never going to get a fair deal as long as we’re governed by people who remain unaccountable to us. The only answer you’re going to get from Ruthie would be a photo opportunity on a tank. Or possibly some Great British bull, which amounts to much the same thing.

The Brexit terms that would make Nicola call off any possibility of a second referendum would be for Ruthie’s party not to take Scotland out of the EU against our will. That’s not going to happen, as Ruthie well knows. It’s only the outcome of the 2014 referendum that needs to be respected for a generation, the outcome of the 2016 referendum can be brushed under the carpet and have a tank parked on it. Then Ruth can pose for her gaggle of adoring press fanboys and pretend that she’s got some policies.

The Tories are the infants of Scottish politics. They’re still struggling with the concept of causality, although to be fair even tiny babies have a rudimentary understanding of the idea that one action will cause another one. The Scottish Tories are like a toddler in a high chair who keep dropping their rattle on the floor in the expectation that next time it might not be susceptible to gravity. The simple fact of the matter is that Scotland is where it is politically right now because the Conservatives haven’t kept the promises and commitements that they made to Scotland two years ago. Another independence referendum is on the cards, and it’s entirely the fault of the Tories. All the dropped rattles in the world won’t change that fundamental truth. That’s why Ruthie’s got a permascowl, which is merely a more adult version of a toddler tantrum.

So if the Tories want the independence movement to drop the idea of holding another independence referendum within the next couple of years, it’s very easy. All they need to do is to demonstrate that they were telling the truth to Scotland. That means acknowledging that Scotland is a respected and valued partner in the supposedly most perfect partnership of nations, and not a recalcitrant northern province that should do what it’s told. It means granting Scotland the Home Rule that they vowed to give us in the fag end days of the referendum campaign and that in turn means the Scottish parliament should be receiving far more powers than the hauf airsed and hauf heartit tweaks of income tax and minor benefits that were finally conceded. It means the MoD placing an order for 13 type 26 frigates on the Clyde. It means saving the jobs of the 3000 tax office workers in Cumbernauld and East Kilbride. It means investment in Scotland’s renewable energy industry. It means no Trident renewal. It means no Brexit. Because all those things were promised to Scotland in 2014, and all those things were denied to us. But then if you’re a Unionist, it’s only the Scottish government that needs to be held to account. Westminster gets to do as it damn well pleases, and Scotland is expected to suck it up.

Of course there are those of us, like me, who believe in Scottish independence and who will never stop arguing for it and campaigning for it. The point however is that we’re only finding an audience a mere two years since the last indyref because the Tories, along with Labour and the Lib Dems, stared into the face of their worst nightmare, the end of their precious Union, and then presented with a narrow victory decided it meant that they could go back to business as usual. Back to ignoring Scotland. Back to dismissing Scotland. Back to patronising Scotland. Their problem is that they didn’t change, but Scotland did.

If the Tories had kept all the promises made to Scotland by the Unionist parties during the 2014 indyref campaign, we wouldn’t be here now. There would be no real appetite or demand for another independence referendum. What the Unionist parties are learning now is a lesson in causality. Or karma, as the Buddhists put it. It’s their own actions that have led us to this point. Ruthie dropped her rattle, and the rattle has hit the floor with a resounding noise that’s woken up a country. She can scowl all she likes but she’s only got herself to blame. That’s the law of karma.

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0 thoughts on “Ruth’s permascowl and the law of karma

  1. By jings Paul, thon Ruth the mooth has a face I would never get tired o’ skelpin. The unionists have been moanin on and on since the won the referendum in 2014.They’re the ones ravin on about indy ref2, so if they dinnae want tae hear about it, they need tae shut up.

    Your dead right, if the tories had kept all of the promises that they made to Scotland, we would not be where we are now.

    Ain’t Karma a bitch.

    • Same with the first indyref, if the Westminster/British establishment had played fair with Scotland within the Union, there would never have been any independence drive at all. The essential driver of Scottish Independence was the centuries of Westminster’s dreadfully shoddy treatment of the people, culture and economy of Scotland, and it is ongoing still.

      Hell (and Brexit) mend them!

  2. Davidson is getting rattled because she sees the farcical way her Westminster masters are trying to deal with brexit. She’s rattled because she doesn’t understand why people in Scotland don’t believe the britnat media’s hype about her being the latest unionist messiah. She’s rattled because no matter how much her britnat friends in the bbc tell her, and us, she’s wonderful her party stays at 20%. She rattled because she knows there will be IndyRef2 mostly because of her masters behaviour in Westminster.

    Her pram is about to collapse under the weight of britnat rattledom.

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  4. Wee Ginger Dug….you referred to Rooth the Mooth as the Tanksitter…..surely a more apt title would be The Bullsitter (read carefully 😀 ).
    Keep up the good work WGD <3

  5. Ruth is doing just exactly as she is told to by her boss. She acts desperately, because her boss is desperate and she acts in vain because her boss has nowhere to go. At some point in the very near future PM May is going to have to sit down at a table with the FM and it won’t be a pleasant or comfortable conversation for her. Mainly because her ex boss dumped her in a constitutional meat grinder and swanned off into the sunset.

    The population of no member country can either be ejected or taken out of the EU against their wishes. Scotland may not be a nation state, but it is a nation. A nation whose population has accrued 40 years worth of membership rights and just a few months ago that population voted quite conclusively to remain a member of the EU. This a result which is constitutionally at odds with the referendum result of two years ago. It seems increasingly likely that Scotland cannot remain a member of both unions and that may well require the Scottish electorate to return to the ballot for a third time in as many years to decide which is the more favourable union.

    And that’s an important point by the by, that it is Scotland’s population who will decide the issue and not some politician on their behalf. The Scottish Government did not cause this current crisis and they are NOT responsible for the growing economic or constitutional consequences. It will be the responsibility of both the Scottish government and electorate however to clean up the damn mess that’s been dumped in our lap by our bestest chums in Westminster. Well done them.

    Oh and by the by for the hard of thinking, caring for the constitutional, national and INTERNATIONAL interests of Scotland’s electorate IS the ‘day job’ of Scotland’s government and that would and should be regardless of party. Which when you consider the ideology of our establishment parties wouldn’t bode very well for folk now resident in Scotland originating from overseas. These people ARE Scottish citizens and our government protects the rights and interests of ALL our citizens regardless of origin, or they protect none at all. What would folk rather have?

    • “If the Tories had kept all the promises made to Scotland by the Unionist parties during the 2014 indyref campaign, we wouldn’t be here now. There would be no real appetite or demand for another independence referendum.”

      Disagree with you on that one, Paul. The Tories never promised the ‘near federalism’ or ‘a modern form of Home Rule’ which that balloon Brown was gobbing off about. And even if they had, there’s plenty of us for whom nothing short of independence was and still is the only acceptable option.

      • Paul did only say that the Tories should have kept the promises made by “the unionist parties” and this includes Balloon Broon (lol i like that). He didn’t suggest the Tories made that particular promise. but it was a promise made on behalf of the “better together” campaign and they were all in that together. it was then the responsibility of the UK government to fulfil the “better together” promises as they were a team.
        On the second part “no appetite”
        with you 100%. Nothing short of full independence will satisfy me either, and I will continue to campaign for it. however, maybe the point being made is, that had the better together (headed by the UK gov) delivered the near federalism and delivered on all the other promises and had not then had us kicked out of the EU against our will, then there wouldn’t be a strong case for an indyref 2. there are those of us who would continue to fight for that but there are also those who would have been satisfied with federalism and all the other ‘promises made’ being kept. we certainly wouldnt have the support of the new pro indy people who were disillusioned over the brexit vote and the EU citizens who voted NO last time to keep us in the EU.
        So all this talk of indyref 2 wouldn’t be happening right at this moment. Ruth needs to accept, her lot. Her party made this possible. (maybe I should write a letter of thanks to them?)

  6. Hold the heid Scotland – things are lining up nicely.

    Former Polish president Mr. Tusk, representing 27 EU countries, called on the U.K. to act quickly and trigger Art 50.

    Farage’s nemesis, former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt who Britain blocked from having a top EU post, has just been appointed to to be the EU parliament’s lead negotiator in the Brexit negotiations. He approves of Scotland as an independent state into the EU.

    They join French Michel “no friend of the city of london” Barnier who is the EU commission’s chief negotiator.

    A top-level EU coalition vs Johnson, Fox and Davis

    • Johnson, Fox and Davis against Verhofstadt and Barnier is like me being drawn to play a match against Andy Murray. I’d be lucky if I scored a single point and if I did it would be the result of a double fault on Andy’s part.

  7. It was such a pleasure today to watch our First Minster slap the fizog of Ruthie and the rest of her unionist toadys without breaking stride.

    And when she laid into Ruthie about brexit the woman couldn’t look at her, and can anyone tell me who the twat was, that was asking questions for the libdems. He brought a new level of insignificance to both Hollyrood and the libdems.

  8. We urgently need to know just what it is that is traded between Scotland and rUK. What is immune to tariffs ? What is sent south to be re-exported.

    They are practising their scare stories on trade already. Hard borders affect both parties. A hard border with the EU fucks up cross channel shoppers as much as it “hurts Scotland”.

    These bastards have form. We should shake off the naivety. No-one surrenders power without a fight. Its got to be gloves off this time.

    Alba Gu Brath!

  9. Once again the FM at FMQ today used Ruth as the mop, Kezia as the bucket, and proceeded to wipe the floor with them.
    Davidson was at her schoolgirl debating society best, scowling indignation, doing a Corbyn by reading from 3 alleged serving British Transport serving police officers, who roundly condemned the merging of the 200 Scottish police Transport Force with Police Scotland.
    The Express, showcasing Ruth’s statesmanlike posture in a series of snaps in colourful oputfits, (she’s frontrunner for the Colonial Herald’s Politician of the Year. No, don’t laugh.) referred to these ‘horrific’ e mail accusations, as a ‘string of’ e mails. How long is a piece of string. 3 e mails apparently.
    Ruth is back at the day job. Her Blue Tory Government has cut Police budgets in England by 20%, sorry, efficiency savings’ of 20% have been achieved.
    As NS pointed out, the SNP Administration put an extra 1000 police on the beat, and crime is at a 41 year low, yet Ruth Davidson has cut Police funding by 20% in England. Now that’s what I call ‘horrific.’.
    As Macart points out above, the SNP are a Grown Up international political movement, and NS has no problem goading Davidson with the Brexit farce and English Police cuts, because NS, like I, and many Yes Campaigners see Ruth and her LisTory Boys for what they are, UK Blue Unionist Tories. If she had ben elected to govern Scotland, she would have cut our Police Force by 20%, introduced tuition fees, tolls on our highways, introduced prescription charges, and reintroduced the Bedroom Tax.
    She’s a Tory. Our NHS would have been ‘opened up to the market’, she’d have backed TITP, and actively reduced Holyrood’s authority by merely rubber stamping WM Headquarters’ neo Nazi Brexit policies.
    She got to wave her bit of paper, right enough.
    Dugdale chose Child and Adult Mental Health.
    A serious subject, which I should have thought attracted cross party consensus and support.
    Of course it all happens on NS’ watch. It’s all her fault.
    Not the 21 Health Boards, not the big Labour controlled Councils like Glasgow, Lanark and North Lanark.
    It’s the SNP’s fault.
    The figures she quoted were accurate, and indeed worrying. But she offers no hand of cooperation, no analysis of why mental health among children and adolescents in Scotland has taken such a dramatic downturn. It’s just SNP BAD.
    How about Red Blue and Yellow imposed poverty and deprivation, Kezia?
    The FMQ session has been extended to 45 minutes. Jackie Baillie sided with her Tory oppo, asserting that the ‘threat’ of Indyref 2 was damaging business confidence and investment. Nothing to do with Brexit.
    Better Together. Jeez, whit a turgid week, JaBa. You’ll need to lie down in a darkened room for a wee kip after talking for a whole 2 minutes this week.
    The Red Blue and Yellow Tories are determined to reduce Holyrood to a wee ‘pretendy’ parliament, a parish council, with no real power or authority. That’s why we get third raters like Baillie, Dugdale, Rennie, and Davidson trotting out cack like today’s SNP BAD cud.

    Scotland has grown up. We are talking Economy, defence, our membership of the EU, currency, on the international stage, while Ruth and Kezia, and Polyester man want to keep it parochial, clogged drains and pot holes level of debate.
    That way, they hope that we will not hold them to account for the savage cuts and disastrous
    Brexit farce visited upon Scotland for 50 years by their WM Colleagues.
    It is all your fault, Ruth, Kezia, and Wullie. You are WM glove puppets.

    • PS:
      Just to provide ‘balance’, on the Politics Where You Are show the Polar Bear Brian Taylor summarised the day’s events in the company of ‘Sev’ Carrell of the Guardian, and Lindsay McIntosh of the Times. Ruth apparently ‘scored points’ with her British Transport Police e mails,
      ‘Sev’s ‘ analysis, an exercise in reductionism, was that it was now Unionism against Devolution, blah de blah de blah.
      The previous evening BBC PQ had Tom Gordon of the Colonial, and Paul Gilbride, as their analysis team
      New Parliament, same old BBC Unionist Propaganda.
      And we’ve not even rolled our sleeves up yet.
      Still the nice little appearance money earner for Unionist Dead Tree Scrolls hacks keeps on rolling along, at my expense.
      We have 56 Independence MP’s, and one each of the lesser known Red Blue and Yellow Unionist variety, and a pro Self Determination Administration at Holyrood for a third term. When will the BBC admit that they are a biased WM propaganda tool?
      We are laughing at you on a daily basis , Mr Taylor. You are happy being a Unionist Stooge, and a laughing stock?

  10. There was a childish assumption that the Union was simply accepted, tolerated and deeply cherished even. Everyone liked being British in Scotland and obeyed their Queen.

    The truth was that the question had never been put to Scots in over 300yrs. Assumption given the weight of evidence. It’s what led them to believe that no one but an SNP voter would ever go for it. The question has been asked now. The genie is out and about. The idea has taken root, not just in the minds of yes voters but also no voters. From the foam flecked insanity of the yoons, to the soft No voter, the idea of independence has taken root. They may not support it, they may be coming round to thinking its necessary. But it is out there being talked about. There is no box for Scotland to be put into. There never was a box. Its just that folk had never seriously been asked to consider independence before and vote on it.

    It scares the likes of Davidson, because they’re not sure they can win this time. They almost lost last time. The vote is practically split down the middle. You can’t have a Union if nearly one half of the country doesn’t want it. No use shouting about it. That achieves nothing. Has achieved nothing. They have no way to reach out and reconcile yes voters to being British. There is no message of reconciliation to heal the *division* as Better together was their message of reconciliation. It was their “positive case for the UK” and it could barely manage more than half, and even then they had to lie about powers to get even that. So remember that when they talk about Ulsterisation of Scotland or Division in doom laden terms. It was none of these things, but a peaceful and robust exchange of opinion. Its just they never for one moment believed that so many folk wanted free of the UK and they have no way to answer Yes voter concerns.

    The campaign for union that was meant to prove that we were “Better together” saw the Scottish labour party destroy itself, along with the lib dems. The real achievement of Better together was to make the SNP the party it is today. Vote No and all its scare mongering simply drove people to the SNP. What more, is that that vote was not soft. It was fiercely pro independence and it wasn’t “Coming Hame to Labour”.

    Ruth is angry because she is now realising what Dugdale obviously doesn’t. Being the opposition, doesn’t mean anything when you don’t have a plan beyond opposition for the sake of it. She has no alternative to anything the SNP are doing. She demands answers but has none of her own. She sounds like a broken record, carping about the same thing again and again. Manager of a sub-branch that barely takes any notice of her. She is as much a hostage to fortune as the rest of Scotland. But she ultimately must march in step to the beat of her Westminster masters drum. If any of that sounds oddly familiar it should. It is exactly what people were saying about Scottish labour under Johann Lamont, Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale.

    Poor old Ruth. There is no tank rental or mighty beast she can mount to distract folk from the reality that she has nothing to say in defence of her party masters. She has nothing to offer to mitigate the disastrous government in Westminster. She has no plan of her own. No clever set of policies to distance herself from her party bosses. She is Theresa Mays creature and can only do what she is told. And if her party in Westminster hasn’t a clue or a plan for the days ahead, then she too has no clue. Rudderless and having no clear course for the challenges ahead, she is making the same mistakes labour made in Scotland. To hold a government to account, is to invite comparison with your own record in government. For Ruth the nearest comparison is her London party. That is not a record she can defend. She will learn that you can’t keep saying SNP=BAD and hope no one will notice that your parties record in government is piss poor.

    Folk like to point out that she was clever to beat labour. I would say that it was too clever by half but not half as clever as it needed to be. She played a divisive and sectarian card and got some yoon votes. It pushed her away from ever being able to reach more moderate No voters and certainly pushed her away from soft no voters. She can never hope to reach out to yes voters.

    She played to lose and lose she did. We are looking at peak Tory and this is as good as it will get for her. Call it what you like, but don’t call it Union. I am no longer minded to refer to them as Unionist. They are parochial, inward looking and British, and Britishness has absolutely heehaw to do with Scotland.

    • Ace, David.
      It had not occurred to Davidson that the SNP is an international outward looking party and that NS is the leader , and that includes the 56 MP’s Down There in the Holy London Empire.
      Davidson will be challenged by NS on her party’s policies and cuts, including JoLa’s ‘wee things’ like Trident, Cuts, and foreign wars, in the Holyrood chamber, whether she likes it or not.
      Sturgeon has every right to round on her ( and indeed Dugdale and Rennie) and demand answers on Brexit, to highlight savage 20% cuts to England’s Police Force, and the unrelenting savage cuts to our Welfare State by her Tory colleagues Down There.
      No more Mr Nice Guy. You are responsible for the massive cuts in public expenditure acroos the UK, Davidson. And Dugdale and Rennie are willing collaborators in attempting to destroy Scotland’s civic society.
      You’re in the army now, on the front line, ye Red Blue and yellow Unionist Tories.

    • Good analysis David. It really sums up the failing, blinkered Tories in Scotland and believe me, living in the Borders I meet quite a few. You have described them to a T.

    • Fantastic post, David,

      I really enjoyed reading it. I agree that we have reached, nay passed “Tory Peak” in Scotland. I think Tory peak occurred a few weeks after the May SE result, when Buffalo Gall enjoyed a brief honeymoon. Alas, it did not last, and with BREXIT the slope has steepened. When Article 50 is invoked, the cliff edge will be reached, at which point they will rejoin their Labour chums in the political gutter. The long term outlook for all the yoon parties in Scotland (Tories of all colours) does not look good. Not good at all. My heart bleeds. 🙂

  11. We need much more of the James Dornan approach to tackling the Tories in Holyrood. He called out the Tories on their dismissal of Christian Allard’s comments on a local planning application. They all looked like sheeples as he tore into them. Shame on them for dismissing a fellow EU citizen.

    • As NS pointed out, Ruth was having a good laugh at it all, until the cameras turned on her.
      We are under no illusion. Scottish Tories are as much a threat to our Scottish society and way of life as their Blue Tory puppet masters in the Holy London Empire.
      The New Labour Blairites like Dugdale, Gray, Marra, Lamont and last man standing Murray are equally zealous neo conservatives, of the Red Tory variety.
      Liar Carmichael, Rennie, Scott, and the one with the double barreled name which none of us can quite recall, are Yellow Book Gladstone wee government Yellow Tories.
      They have shown in the last five decades that they care not a fig about Scotland, its traditions, culture, or the well being and prosperity of the 5.4 million citizens living in their Last Colony.
      Davidson is about to be lauded by the Colonial Herald as a political star, FFS,
      The Unionist Parties are joined together even more tightly than in 2014, and openly share the same values, philosophies, and politics.
      Caledonia delenda est. Scotland must be destroyed, its population reduced to dependent wage slaves. Their resources will continue to be plundered, to fill the London coffers.
      England expects.
      It won’t be long before the Big Beasts are despatched North to quell the uprising.
      Trouble is they are running out of Big Beast dinosaurs to charge up the M74.
      We are at war.
      A bloodless battle of minds and ideas.
      Do we continue to be subservient to our next door neighbour, and ‘suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or by opposing, end them.’?
      I choose; ‘end them.’

  12. “Knee jerk Unionist”. “Unionist parties”.—–Of course they aren’t Unionists any more. They are narrow nationalists and separatists.

    Ruthie is the Leader of the Scottish Conservative and Separatist Party.

    She is also the head of the right wing media pundit RuthieCult.

  13. Not only were we promised Home Rule but the Scottish people voted for it overwhelmingly in the only plebiscite in which our sovereign voice was expressed, the 2015 General Election. By returning 56 SNP MPs all of whom stood on a platform of Full Financial Responsibility the voters of Scotland clearly expressed their wish for the nearest thing to Home Rule being offered to them. I wonder what happened to that then.

  14. Strangely I had a personalised e.mail from Ruth yesterday asking, nay demanding, that I sign a petition calling upon Nicola to stop talking about Indy 2 and get on with the day job. I replied very politely pointing out that it was not Nicola (as Ruth stated) but rather Alex Salmond who had deemed Indy Ref 1 to be a once in a generation opportunity and that Nicola, as a new leader of the Party and Government was free to develop her own policies, just as Theresa Brexit May is doing in a complete about turn from David Cameron’s position. I also pointed out that I, and presumably most people who follow Scottish Politics, have noted that it is herself who continually mentions a second referendum. I finished by suggesting that a more positive role for her would be as a self appointed champion of Scottish interests during the Brexit negotiations.

    She has yet to reply – perhaps having a weekend off?

  15. Liam Fox was referring to Britons as fat and lazy by not exporting enough.
    Does Ruth Davidson agree with Liam Fox, or dies she identify with him?
    By the eat, Ruth was for the EU. That implied open borders, free movement of people etc.
    The EU, with Westminster now chappin’ at the door are to consider visa arrangements for those outside the Schengen agreement.
    Does Ruth not now to challenge May to reverse Brexit? What will all those dahn sath in the Home Counties do when they cannot hop over to France?
    Brexit means no easy entry – it turns out in reverse, no easy entry for UK citizens to enter the Continent.
    Brexit means barriers.
    Unintended consequences.
    Britannia is now getting a dose of others rules and regulations. No control any more.

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