The law of double standards #FreeWings

Stu Campbell of Wings Over Scotland is in many ways the Marmite of Scottish politics. He’s got a legion of fans, and he’s got a legion of haters. I don’t always agree with him, but what can’t be denied is that single handedly he does considerably more for the cause of Scottish media accountability than the Independent Press Standards Organisation, the BBC Trust, and the combined complaints departments of every single Scottish newspaper. Now Stu’s Wing’s account has been suspended from Twitter. The suspension was allegedly after complaints from a so-called journalist who was upset that she’d been called out on insulting inaccuracies in an article she’d written for a gutter rag that passes itself off for a newspaper, and that Stu had described to her in a Tweet as “an utter disgrace”.

Stu Campbell is rude, opinionated, loud mouthed, and often insulting, but’s he’s right about the Express. The article he was complaining about was a travesty of reporting which bore no relationship to the reality of the independence campaign and which was a blatant attempt to stir up the more atavistic supporters of Unionism. It was irresponsible journalism at its very worst which was a bawhair short of an incitement to violence. Stu Campbell was right to call the newspaper and the reporter who penned it out for it. He’d have been failing in his core mission if he hadn’t. If Twitter is going to suspend everyone on their platform for expressing a perfectly valid opinion in a non-abusive manner, they’d be as well just to close the entire thing down.

What the entire episode smacks of is abuse of power by the mainstream media. Because Stu’s comments were directed against a journalist who writes for a national print publication her complaints were given more attention by the heid bummers of Twitter than a complaint by a random punter. Well I say complaint. Greetin like a wee spoiled wean who’s been told off for unacceptable behaviour is a more accurate description. Getting your critics removed from Twitter simply for daring to criticise you is exactly what the phrase “an utter disgrace” describes.

So far we’ve yet to see the Scottish mainstream media come to his aid. There is a marked double standard in the Scottish mainstream media when it comes to abuse. The practictioners of Unionist media are free to say what they like in print or elsewhere about the independence movement, unconstrained by anything that approaches good taste, common decency, or even reality, but any push back from independence supporters who feel that they’ve been traduced and insulted counts as abuse. It makes no difference how justified it may be.

In recent weeks we’ve seen allegations that STV’s digital editor Stephen Daisley, who spent his online time on Twitter trolling independence supporters, was bullied and silenced by an SNP MP. Daisley was well known for making repeated unfounded accusations that the independence movement is motivated by anti-English racism, for his hauf-airsed ignorance about Scottish languages, for general snarkiness, for promoting the notorious misogynistic troll who goes by the pseudonym Brian Spanner, and for displaying a blatant right wing bias that might be acceptable in the print media but which isn’t in a broadcaster with a statutory obligation to balance.

Daisley seemed to interpret his role as being to provoke some individual independence supporters into verbal overreactions, and then he could claim how appalling the independence movement as a whole was. Funnily enough he never does this with the more extreme and unpleasant supporters of Unionism. Poor Stephen got articles of support written in assorted newspapers and media outlets because an SNP MP complained about him, and we were all invited to sympathise with the poor dear and his struggle against the one party state tendencies of the SNP. All this transpired even though there was and is no hard evidence at all that Daisley has been sanctioned by his employers in any way at all. What his supporters were objecting to was the mere fact that one of their own had been criticised by an SNP MP.

We had a similar outbreak of officially sanctioned sympathy when the Conservative Unionist commentator David Torrance flounced off of Twitter in a huff. Davie is the man who is famous for being able to turn every subject into an SNPbad story. He’s one of the people who propagate the insulting notion that Scottish politics have been Ulsterised. Even his report on a Donald Trump rally in the USA was turned into an attack on the SNP. It’s quite a remarkable talent really. Wee Davie had made a clumsy attempt on a telly interview to fend off a Scottish Six news programme, which independence supporters immediately leapt on and ripped the pish out of in a typically Scottish way, ridiculing the idea that Scottish people can’t have a telly news programme because we cannae operate cameras. David went into a beardy sulk and announced he was leaving Twitter. He got a piece in the Times to breathlessly describe the abuse he’d suffered as a Christlike martyr to the cause Scottish Unionism. But on the third day his Twitter account rose again.

We saw double standards in the Daily Mail’s shameful “outing” of so-called cybernats and doorstepping ordinary members of the public for daring to support Scottish independence on social media. We’ve yet to see the same amount of attention given to the legion of foul mouthed trolls who spend their online time traducing and insulting and abusing in support of the Union. Just yesterday I blocked a troll on Twitter who claimed that the Spanish dictator Franco was more liberal than Nicola Sturgeon, a gross insult to Nicola Sturgeon, but more importantly also to the hundreds of thousands of victims of Franco’s death squads and concentration camps. That was just an everyday and unremarkable occurance of a not very witty insult – but remember the paroxysms of outrage from Unionist politicians in the mainstream media when some independence supporters referred to them as quislings. Quisling was a Nazi, they pouted in horrified disgust. It’s the same sort of behaviour, yet only one side is to be castigated for it.

As long as the double standards exist we need people like Stu Campbell. As long as the independence movement is held by the mainstream Unionist media to standards which the mainstream Unionist media refused to abide by itself, or which it doesn’t expect of Unionist supporters, we need people like Stu Campbell who will fearlessly prick the bubble of their arrogance and entitlement. Get your act together Twitter. #FreeWings

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0 thoughts on “The law of double standards #FreeWings

  1. Completely agree Paul.

    This whole episode reeks and the smell emanates from the mainstream press. Hypocrisy, double standards, deliberate baiting and incitement, using their influence to stifle dissent wherever they find it. They’re going (have gone) way too far. IMO they are no more, no less than endangering the public and putting people in harms way with their actions.

    FFS! This is not a press to be proud of and it’s certainly not a press the public should have any part of supporting. (disgusted)

    • Andrew Neil and Brian Wilson support this woman’s hate filled extreme violence inciting views and endorse the charge that the YES Movement and the 2014 campaigners mounted a series of violent attacks on the poor No Silent Majority. Wilson had the ironic cheek to call Campbell a hatemonger.
      My God, we are well rid of Wilson, Reid, Alexander, Curran, McConnell, Mc Leish,, Murphy, Bayonet Davidson, Harris, and the rest of Tony Blair’s war mongering Red Tories who lined their own pockets and colluded with Holy London Empire to destroy Scottish Civic society.
      Like bookies, you never see a poor New Labour politician.
      We are so close now, I can smell their fear.
      Andrew Neill will be banging on about Turkey imprisoning journalists next.
      We are England’s Last Colony, and they will do literally anything to stymie the Independence Movement, including this scandalous attack on me, NS, and the Self Determination Campaign.
      Reminds me of the Nazi persecution of the Jews in the ‘thirties. You may recall the vile posters, and outrageous lies they spread about their fellow German citizens. This crap smacks of right wing evil propaganda.
      Democracy and Free Speech? Don’t make them laugh.

      • To follow a simple well known phrase to its conclusion – If they are not part of the solution, they are most definitely part of…

        Its who and what they are. Part of an orthodoxy, an institution and an order. I doubt they see the harm that their profession has caused, or if they do, have long since rationalized its ‘necessity’. As I’ve said for a long time now, the best answer is to turn our backs on them and consign them to irrelevance. Its no less than they’ve earned and a damn sight more consideration than they’ve shown the public.

          • I believe that they are Jeanette.

            I believe that both politicians and media alike are afraid that their hegemony is under greater threat than it has ever faced. They’ve seen two referendums come perilously close to unravelling their ‘order’. Politicians create the agenda of the day and the strategy, the media deliver the message and hey presto, punters vote accordingly. Normal service is resumed.

            But what happens when you over cook or over sell the message? What happens when your strategy of divide and rule becomes a runaway train? Welcome to Brexit/austerity Britain. Society divided as never before. Public frustration, rage against the political class is at an all time high with symptoms ranging from hate crime on the rise, with isolationism and xenophobia ‘acceptable’ among significant demographics, to plummeting trust against the political class, the media and public institutions.

            And they brought it all upon themselves.

            In pursuit of power they sacrificed the public good, the public trust. They put their own population in harms way, supposedly in the interests of the state. In reality it was in their own self interest, their dogma and their greed. The established order, their machinery of politics and their preferred system of delivery have basically begun to implode under their own entrenched arrogance, ignorance of their own population and their sense of self entitlement.

            Like all long term and intransigent power structures it rots from within and collapses under the weight of its own inability to change.

            Westminster will be Westminster.

          • “Like all long term and intransigent power structures it rots from within and collapses under the weight of its own inability to change.”

            Literally & metaphorically.

            What’s needed are bill board ads, let the electorate know the real cost of Westminster and the benefits of Holyrood. I don’t know how much these cost but would willingly chip in.

          • Couldn’t agree more. Since the meeja can’t be trusted to ‘report’, then using any and all other legal means of communication are fair game far as I’m concerned. New media, organized events like roadshows or yestivals, bill boards, poster campaigns, leaflets, postal drops, you name it.

    • He didn’t really advertise it. He simply made a file available and said people could use it if they wanted to save time. I don’t know if anyone did.

      He suggested people should check it to make sure there weren’t accounts in there that they liked. Specifically because he sometimes blocks people for administrative reasons. He also specifically said people were only blocked for being dicks or irretrievably stupid, and that included independence supporters too. He didn’t block people just for being unionists.

      I haven’t used it because I can block people by myself and I’m not persuaded that Stu’s definition of dickheads and idiots is entirely the same as mine.

      As far as I can make out, you were one of the people who posted a tweet including the @WingsScotland handle which consisted of an unbroken string of over 100 characters with no spaces. These break the Twitter client he uses and unless the poster deletes the tweet or he blocks them he can’t use Twitter. So after a couple of requests to delete the tweet aren’t complied with, he blocks and forgets all about it.

      Why didn’t you just delete the Hahahahahahahahahahaha tweet, or whatever it was?

  2. I’ve had numerous suspensions from Twitter after “interacting” with MSM journos – this was critiquing them, not abuse – eventually the last suspension lasted only minutes; I was being suspended and appealed so often. Twitter NEVER gave a truthful reason for the suspension.
    My experience leads me to suspect that some MSM accounts have special privileges which mean they can instantly (I do mean straight away) suspend your account – they hit a button, you’re suspended.
    It also seems I’m now on a list which “immunises” me from these buttons! The last suspension, as I said in the appeals process, was by Robert Peston; no admission from Twitter but I think it was 8 minutes my suspension lasted.
    Never any bother since.

  3. See also Jim Wright’s post about 9/11 being removed from FB yesterday for not being maudlin and jingoistic enough, likely because of the algorithm triggering after multiple reports from the exact same people who wail about mean liberal censorship (ie. ‘we’re going to criticise you when you’re racist, homophobic, misogynist, etc’).

  4. To be fair, both Daisley and Torrance made it clear on Twitter they were against Stu’s ban. Even the yoon journos think it’s wrong that he’s suspended. Credit to them for speaking up.

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  6. I don’t mind a person being rude, opinionated, loud mouthed – on the internet? – often insulting, if they are honest in their expression of their views. And there are times when a rude response is more effective than a long-winded polite diplomatic response, to a person who isn’t listening anyway.

    The Twitter suspension is wholly inappropriate. Now if this is a Twitter auto-response to selected words, then we await Twitter rescinding the suspension without delay. But if this is political interference of public debate then Twitter can draw down the shutters on its operations, ‘cos
    it ain’t what it seemed to be.

    “The rag that’s lost the rag” – exquisite timing.

  7. WOS back. The glee which bbc’s Andrew Neil showed about the Rev’s suspension also shows the bbc’s blatant bias – unless of course the bbc makes public its denunciation of Neil?

  8. Well said, Paul.

    The difference in the case of Daisley isn’t so much the allegation of censorship that was circulated with ever-increasing hysteria by the Unionist MSN and support, it was that at no point did he provide the truth. He sat back, wallowing in the support, the outrage, and most of all in the publicity, and said nothing.

    And Wings may have called him out on his lies but he didn’t call for his silence.

  9. Stuart Campbell is a transphobe. Frankly I don’t care if his Twitter account has been blocked. He’s a disgrace to humanity and no one in the independence movement should have anything to do with him. If he were a racist than no one would touch him with a bargepole but transphobe is considered somehow acceptable. It’s not.m

    • Natasha, sincerely, what’s a ‘transphobe’?
      I’m guessing; ‘a fear of’..something? ‘Trans’? ‘Transvestites’?
      No I’m lost. And here my Everlovin’ accuses me of being a know-all in her more florid moments.
      I’ve obviously missed a link here.

    • I’m no great defender of Stu Campbell, although I do agree with a fair amount of what he puts out, however without evidence, your opinion is simply that, an opinion.

      • Nope, it is true. Stu has outright stated multiple times that your gender assigned at birth is your ‘true’ gender, no matter how you feel about it or what you do about it.

        It is not on the level of calling for outright violence, but it does qualify as transphobia. And for trans people having to deal with all sorts of transphobia, even Stu’s relatively mild stance still hurts.

    • Whether we like it, or him, or not, he’s done a hell of a lot for the independence movement in Scotland. I will continue to visit WOS and contribute financially also. If that makes me a disgrace to humanity because my political bargepole is in contact with him then so be it. Scotland has made massive progress in acceptance of individuals’ social and sexual life-styles. It will continue to do so after independence, indeed one could argue that Scotland’s enlightened attitude is in danger from right-wing reactionism if it does NOT achieve independence.

  10. This whole twittering episode’s an utter disgrace. But it’s a taste of what’s to come. WM is powerful. They NEED Scotland and will not willingly let go. It simply means we have to continue to be absolutely determined to regain our independence.

    • I believe the britnat establishment would seriously consider instigating violence if it though it would damage the independence movement in Scotland.

      • She tweetss on her mobile all day long
        Lyin’ and a spinnin’ and a singing her song
        All the little hacks on London Streets
        Love to hear the lyin’ go tweet tweet tweet

        Tweet tweet, SNP Baad
        Wonderful Union
        Blow SNP Baad
        ‘Cause we’re really gonna spin tonight

        Every little cooncillor, and their cronies tae
        Every little MP in the tall money tree
        The wise old owl, the big black cow
        Flappin’ their gums singing No, No, No


        Petty little Brit nat at the Proms stand
        Told them how to scrape and bow and it was grand
        They started going steady and bless my soul
        She out-bopped the buzzard and the craw

        Don’t answer back, she’ll report you
        To her bosses and the boys in blue
        They have the meejah and the whole darned crew
        We’ve got Wings and we’ve only got you.

      • Yesterday Tony Blair said the SNP were Insurgents .Now you know how the Westminster deals with Insurgent’s. Usually Invasion or Drone strike’s. I have never seen a British Colony gain it’s Independence from England without bloodshed. That is a direct threat and to make people in Scotland afraid. So it will be very hard to find enough people to vote yes or complain because we don’t have the ball’s to fight for our Independence.

  11. Like him or not, he is undoubtedly a talented journalist, and has done a lot for the cause of Scottish self-government. The site is definitely seen as a threat to the UK establishment.

    The traditional press is declining but the right wing tabloids still have a lot of power as shown in the Brexit vote where we saw them deliberately whip up the bigots and racists.

    It’s a warning of what is to come in a second indyref. The Daily Express hack might have failed to get WOS shut down, but such papers and their employees will employ the same hate tactics we saw in the Brexit vote. Attempts to demonise Sturgeon and the SNP as a way for ‘foreigners’ to flood the country.

    Unfortunately Scotland isn’t immune to xenophobia and bigotry, and these rags will stir it up where they can. That’s why it is dangerous to have a second referendum promising to automatically rejoin the EU without a subsequent election or referendum on the issue.

    It has to be separated from the simple question of Scottish sovereignty.

    • Preaching to the converted is hardly a substitute for putting your message out as far and wide as possible (which is what Twitter is good for).

  12. “That’s why it is dangerous to have a second referendum promising to automatically rejoin the EU without a subsequent election or referendum on the issue!

    There was a referendum on the subject. Scotland voted by a large margin to remain a member of the EU.

  13. News just in: BBC announce that The Daily Politics Show, the weekly This Week politics round up, and Sunday Politics show are to be revamped following the loss of the Bake Off to one of those lowly Working Class Commercial channels.
    A cookery section will be inserted in all of Neil’s Westminster Bubble gum shows.
    First up? How to bake and eat Humble Pie.

    Hot items of interest to Scotland on BBC Radio News Where We Are GMS this morning?
    Bake Off Sell Off. David Cameron resigning as MP. The corruption on both sides in the embryonic( May I use such a big word, Mr Neil?) South Sudan ‘self determined’ state. Climate change targets, and how the Scottish Government is not doing enough, yet again, although on target to meet 2020 targets. If only they would stop upgrading our transport infrastructure and get people to stop buying cars.
    Oh yes, and twenty seconds on Swinney’s education reforms.
    Review of Papers? The Herald, the Scottish Sun (don’t snigger, or you’ll be barred from speaking or writing in public), the Times, the Telegraph, the Guardian: all good Scottish titles.
    Oh yes, and Celtic’s prospects about getting a right royal humping by Barcelona, and a wee Team GB at Rio insert.
    That’s it.
    No review of what’s happening over at the Scottish Express’ desk today.
    Wonder why?
    WoS does not merit even a passing harrumph.
    ‘Good Morning Scotland’. What a insular Unionist joke.
    Clipped Wings Over the UK, Where We Are.

  14. Watched 1st part of Marr’s BBC documentary on the change in Scottish politics; thought it quite balanced, until I noticed the execrable Torrance’s name in the credits as a consultant, i.e. as an expert on independence, a Tory and a unionist, he; no other consultative names getting a wage from the BBC from the actual independence side. BBC Scotland just can;t seem to help themselves, can they?

  15. Ayup, there was a fair old deal of crowing from the Yoonetariat yesterday and their support. Same deal over the latest TNS poll which still keeps their nose in front after every poisonous act they have pulled and every ‘VOW’ they have left unfulfilled.

    Folk can feel pretty downhearted at the treament supporters of independence have received at these people’s hands. Our representative’s and new media assaulted every single day of the week. The independence support and wider public endlessly manipulated and quite callously put in harms way by both politicians and the media who honestly couldn’t give a shit about their welfare.

    Why not turn our backs on those who either at best don’t care, or at worst detest our very existence? Why bother? Why keep on going? Why not leave the whole sorry mess behind and if this is the UK, the Scotland they want to live in? Then let them have it and they’re welcome to it and wish them all the very best in their Proudscotbuttery (that’s where you get to be Scottish at Hogmanay or a sporting event).

    If they love being shat on from a great height and manipulated for other folks personal gain so much, then let them have their fill of it. If they want their councils and local wards run by the gangsters who brought you the simply corking spectacle of PFI and ALEOMAGGEDON, then peachy. If they think the intolerant and isolationist UK they are living in now is some passing phase and they can deal with that till the parties in the big hoose see sense, then let them. If they think they can count on devolved legislature to constantly offset or mitigate the worst central government can throw their way, then allow them to live with their delusions.

    Because, y’know that’s what diddy parliaments and diddy politicians are for. Their job is to constantly save their asses when the big parly makes things a bit hard and them SNP types are dumb enough to keep pulling their collective fat oot the fire whenever they squeal like a stuck pig over new central government taxes or legislation. That’s them being canny and smart that is. Oh but don’t mention taking full charge of the show, because we’re just no really fit for that.

    They live in a stew of the hatred and/or fear that’s been cultivated for generations and can’t see any further than their own prejudice, so let them have their cake… Or should we?

    Y’know, its understandable. It’s human nature and there’s more than a few (including me) who’ve had those very thoughts.

    So here’s why I reckon we don’t and I’d guess it’s the same reason our current Scottish Government doesn’t give up and walk away in disgust either.

    We do care.

    There you go, and simple as that. We actually do care.

    When we put clothes into that ragbag shop, or buy food for food banks, do we ask which way the recipients vote? When you give blood, contribute to nursing or healthcare charities, put coins in a beggars bowl, do you ask whether the recipients of the cash vote in favour of Scotland’s autonomy? You do it because there is need and the same applies in politics and our need for true self determination.

    The Scottish population needs to control its own governance in order to determine, prioritise and address its own issues and aspirations. From what I’ve seen of the YES community, it appears we simply cannot walk by and watch others suffer. We can’t stand by and watch our people, our culture, our history, our economy, our resources, our laws and our political rights and freedoms trampled on and discarded. Even those of people who hate everything we stand for, those rights and freedoms are are just as much theirs and whether they like it or not, whether we like it or not, we’re making that argument for them too.

    I’d say it’s just that important.

    Probably worth remembering the next time the meeja, their chain tuggers and the activists fill your day with reasons to be cheerful.

    *Winky thing*

    • A stirring post, Samuel.
      I note that Oxfam has released research by Credit Suisse today.
      The richest 1% in the UK own more than 20 times the total wealth of the poorest 20%,making the UK one of the most unequal countries (sic) in the developed world.
      634,000 of the ‘haves’ are worth 20 times the poorest 13 million.
      Quote: -” Three decades of high level inequality has had a profound impact.@ And then some.
      Oxfam argues that’ distrust and disconnection with political processes and voting for change( they refer to Brexit) in the hope that it would improve their position.’ explains the Leave victory.
      10% of the UK population own 54% of its wealth.
      The top 1% own nearly a quarter, 23%, while the poorest20% own just 0.8%.
      Decades of Red Blue and Yellow Tories bleeding us dry.
      How many of the fecking Useless former MP’s have gone on to even more lucrative jobs for the boys sinecures, pay offs, and HoL Retirement packages?
      How many have holiday homes in Donegal, the Western Isles, France, Spain or Portugal. As I observed before, like bookmakers, you never see an ex Red Blue or Yellow Tory politician, do you?
      How many are now mysteriously appointed ‘visiting professors’ mooching in the cloisters of our Universities and colleges? How many are working for the Man in Finance, private health care, the nuclear and/or Armaments Industries?
      How many Scots born are chancellors of our Universities? (None)
      We have witnessed the destruction of Scotland’s manufacturing industries, and savage cuts to our civic society.
      Dugdale, Davidson, and Rennie bleat on about closing the attainment gap in schools, and gesticulate spasmodically at the despatch box about NHS waiting times, and the BAD SNP not building enough houses, while the Tamanny Halls in Glasgow City Council, Lanarkshire, and North Lanarkshire Labour gravy trainers squander tens of millions of our Council Taxes on ALEO failures, pseudo New Labour Red Tory schemes, and cosy wee land deals with prominent ‘donors’.
      From whom are they buying the land to build their new Detention centre at Glasgow airport?
      May’s State of the Union address on the steps of No 10, was cynical sophistry, disgustingly patronising tosh from one of the SE Holy London Empire star performers, whose husband ‘s got a good job in the City.
      From memory she spouted; greater representation of workers on Boards. Make work pay, by introducing National Living Wage, and cutting Tax Credits accordingly. I see M&S, who advertise in the Express BTW, are cutting workers’ hours accordingly.
      Work is the best way out of poverty, and ‘real progress’ has been made since 2010; “2.7 million more people have a job” bleats a faceless spokesperson.
      500, 000 Scots are living below the poverty line, Wullie, Ruth, Kezia. The West of Scotland records 5000 more deaths per year than Newcastle or Liverpool because of the systematic and brutal destruction of Scotland’s economy, public services, and civic society by Westminster and obliging New Labour conservative Councils supporting Thatcherism and Blairism, and Brronism of course..
      The Tories boast that they have overhauled the Welfare system, so that it pays to work rather than claim benefits.
      Which is Newspeak for, we have cut Welfare Spending by £12 billion, cut spending on government services by £13 billion, and sacked 500,000 public servants, and given the top 1-10% who own all the wealth, a 5% tax cut.Remember Danny Alexander getting into his brand new Ministerial Limo clutching a list of cuts, including sacking 500,000 public servants? Is he still in Hong Kopng working for the Man?
      The poor are to subsist in Victorian poverty, or take the low paid, low skilled, zero hours contracts, with no employment rights, no Union rights, farcical jobs on offer.
      We are Better Together? Aye right.

      I look forward to FMQ this week, given these damning statistics.
      I feel better now.

      • I really must type at a speed less frenetic than the raging thoughts going through my bonce!
        “As I observed before, like bookmakers, you never see an (insert: ‘poor’) ex Red Blue or Yellow Tory politician, do you?
        I am disgusted with this relentless Unionist propaganda machine and their vile racist smear campaign, and the behaviour of the hacks who drudge out this poisonous bilge on a daily basis.
        We are not Pharisees, passing on the other side of the road.
        We care, unlike the privileged well paid but subservient Scottish sub Branch of the English Establishment.

        • ‘Even before the EU referendum outcome, the Scottish budget was facing real terms cuts over the next few years driven largely by the plans set out by the previous Chancellor George Osborne. Our new findings suggest that the Scottish budget could be cut by between 3% – 4% percent in real terms by 2020-21 and up to 6% – around £1.6 billion – under a worst case scenario.’ Fraser of Allander Institute – Scotland’s budget 2016

          That would be before Hammond’s ‘fiscal reset’ and before Brexit realisation. Yet somehow, the Scottish government is expected to make a declining budget do the job and pay the bills it does today. As I said above, the SG are expected to somehow offset or mitgate endlessly. It cannot go on like this and something will give. When it does, it will be messy and all over the place. Its going to result in even greater fiscal hardship for the population and if folk are still wedded to a non existant idea of union, it will also result in a loss of rights and freedoms they couldn’t believe possible in a western democracy.

          Still, I’m sure Ruth, Kezia or thingy have a rent a quote prepared which will explain to the public just why its not the fault of their parties catastrofeck handling of the economy for decades, or the system of government and order they are so wedded to.

          It’ll be mainly Essenpee bad.

          • In a nutshell, on the money,as usual, Samuel.
            As I say, the lying toads spout SNP Bad shite every week during FMQ, when they know damn well that their Westminster Masters are the culprits. We must get that message out there.
            Ruth Davidson is directly responsible for the crippling poverty that makes it impossible for poorer children ever to compete with the rich privately educated historically privileged kids of the ruling Unionist classes.
            Likewise, Kezia Dugdale’s LA colleagues in Labour controlled Councils are responsible for poor performance and dereliction of duty when it comes to joined up Health Care, poor schools, and criminal mismanagement of public funds.
            We must get that message out there.
            Kezia, Ruth and Wullie are there to destroy any initiative, be it regarding health, education, jobs, law and order, which are proposed by the SNP Government.
            It is anathema for these bitter little harpies to work collaboratively with the hated SNP for the good of the Scottish people. We simply don’t matter.
            For the remaining 3 1/2 years of the present Administration, we shall be treated to shrill SNP Bad shrieks from the Unionists, and nothing else.
            Unless of course we leave their sad little Union before then.
            They revel and rejoice in cooked up WM/SE England generated bad news propaganda about their native land.
            ‘Til I die, I shall never understand such warped logic.
            They don’t give a monkey’s toss about serving the people. Their pockets and their nasty imperialist parties come first.
            They disgust me nowadays.

  16. That anti Scottish rag not liking it they got called out so got crying to twitter to kick wings of yeah if twitter looked though the expresses account I’d betting there’d be a lot of anti Scottish remarks there and that be worse so by rights there account should be deleted by twitter double standards alright no doubt about it shows indy coming and the imperials are in desperate need to stop it and it’s showing big time with crap like this being pulled

  17. I don’t think ‘liking’ the Rev Stu is at all relevant. I’m pretty sure that if I met him, I would want to hit him. But he’s a rarity, a Journalist (note the capital ‘J’). He doesn’t curry favour, he doesn’t try to fit in. He looks, and tells us what he sees.

    Scotland feels more and more like a shrinking Galapegos where unusual species survive, though threatened. Oh, if only I were a Yeats and could write their names out in a rhyme: Stu Campbell, James Kelly, Craig Murray, Derek Bateman, Paul Kavanagh, G A Ponsonby….

    OK, needs a bit of work before it is this:

  18. Thanks for this, Dougie. I caught the Geldof documentary on Yeats. Spellbinding. I highly recommend it.

    ‘Transformed utterly. a terrible beauty is born.’

    Yeats’ language is sublime, truly.

    The parallel between our Self Determination campaign and the Irish independence movement is striking, although ours is a Velvet Revolution, ‘with not so much as a paper cut.’
    There are many who would try to goad us into some sort of ‘Ulsterisation’ of our struggle for democratic freedom who increasingly disgust me.
    Violence and military suppression seems to be all that they have left.

    Lies and threats didn’t work. Nor will the thud of boots marching Northwards.
    The Golden apples of the sun, the Silver apples of the moon, are ours for the taking; and our only weapons? Ttruth, patience, and democracy.

  19. “…they’d be as well just to close the entire thing down.”

    I think that would be a damned good idea. Twitter has become a cesspit; a festering pool of viciousness and dishonesty that, frankly, should be left to McFadyen, Mone, ‘History Woman’, Hopkins and their ilk. If it can’t be shut down, let’s at least just leave them to shout their lies and rubbish at each other in the echo-chambers of their egos. It has become the paradigm of the poisonous soundbite: any attempt at reason or real debate is shouted down and twisted by the bullies and trolls and the contributions of reasonable, polite human beings who actually want to say something are swamped in bile. The thing it’s become made my soul feel dirty so I walked away some time ago, having decided that much of the so-called ‘Twitter community’ is not company I care to keep.

    • Totally agree. We MUST adopt the principles of Bhudda, Ghandi, Mandela and their like to achieve Independence that becomes the soul of the Scottish people in order we (re)build our Nation on the World stage.

  20. Wings and WGD are required reading for most ex-pats. Very different styles, but complimentary nonetheless. Both deserve the highest accolade. The independence movement is at a critical stage – the honeymoon period is over and so far it has resisted the natural tendency to turn on itself – particularly when in hiatus. Resist the temptation if you can – it’s essential that you do.

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