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According to the Tory Culture Secretary speaking on Thursday in the Commons, a key part of the renewed BBC charter is “supporting greater cohesion between the nations of the UK”. You might think that the words culture and Tory were mutually exclusive, because that certainly seems to be the case as far as Scotland is concerned. The Scottish Tories spend their time either denying the existence of Scottish culture, or denying that key parts of Scottish culture like our own languages are deserving of state support. The only culture that the Tories are interested in is the culture of privatisation, the culture of educational segregation, and the culture of money.

It also seems to be the case that the BBC isn’t especially comfortable with the existence of Scotland as a nation and a culture. Normal countries which are self-governing or autonomous have their own public service broadcaster as well as the service proper to the state as a whole. The BBC thinks that Scottish culture and politics can be more than adequately served with a series of hauf-airsed opt-outs from the “main” service. As far as public service broadcasting is concerned, Scotland only exists as a set of minor divergences from a Great British menu.

It’s reasonable to ask how a public service broadcaster which has a key goal to support greater cohesion between the nations of the UK can properly cover a population which doesn’t want to be a part of the UK at all. How can a broadcaster dedicated to the principle of greater cohesion between the different countries of the UK accurately and fairly report on an independence campaign in one of those nations? The answer is, it can’t.

Already sources in Westminster, according to the Herald, have confirmed that because of the new charter commitment, proposals for a Scottish Six news programme are dead. Because the BBC is dedicated to the principle of erasing any Scottish distinctiveness, we’re not even going to be permitted to have an hour long news programme that’s an opt-out from the main 6 O Clock news. Instead we’re to sit through interminable discussions of educational and health policies which are of minor relevance to Scotland, a whole lot of verbiage about the progress of the England cricket team, and a weather map that makes Scotland look smaller than Dorset.

The Scottish Six was only ever a sop, even though it was described by a certain Unionist commentator as the holy grail of the Scottish independence movement. Because what all those SNP, Green, and Rise party members, what all those people who work their socks off in Yes groups and CommonWeal groups up and down the land are really striving for is an extra half hour of Jackie Bird. We were permitted to discuss the possibility of an extra thirty minutes of news about the UK and the rest of the world presented from Scotland as a distraction from the real question. Why doesn’t Scotland have a national broadcaster of its own?

What was confirmed today is that the UK and the Westminster parliament refuses to countenance any news or current affairs production in Scotland that is not controlled and mediated by them. We can have our parochial little productions about items of strictly local interest, but when dealing with the wider world we have to go through London. Scotland cannot and will not be permitted to develop its own perspective on the world. We are to remain firmly an adjunct of a BBC controlled and produced from London. Remember your place Scottish people. Get back into the Great British shortbread tin.

It cannot be stated often enough. I’ve said it before frequently. Other self-governing nations have their own public service broadcaster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are the odd ones out. It’s not unreasonable, it’s not outrageous, it’s not unconscionable for Scotland to demand something that other self-governing countries take for granted. It’s a symptom of how much we’ve allowed the Unionist parties to control the debate on this topic that there isn’t greater public pressure in Scotland for something every other self-governing country possesses.

So screw yer Scottish Six BBC, we want an SBC. We want a Scottish Broadcasting Corporation that’s based in Scotland, funded by Scotland, broadcasts to Scotland, and is answerable to Scotland. We don’t want a Scottish Six. We want an SBC that broadcasts in English to the whole of Scotland. We want a Scots language TV service to sit alongside our existing Gaelic channel. And we want what the Catalans have got – we want a 24 hour, 7 day a week Scottish news channel.

Catalonia has its own broadcasters. The Basque Country has its own. Galicia has its own. The 60,000 people of the Faroe Islands have their own public service broadcaster. The 30,000 Sámi speakers in the far north of Norway have their own dedicated broadcast service. Even the tiny autonomous territory of Gagauzia, 150000 people in the poorest corner of Moldova, the poorest country in Europe, on a scrap of land smaller than Ayrshire can have their own national broadcaster. And yet the 5 million people of Scotland, with our rich culture and ancient history and rich heritage and political distinctiveness, in what we’re always being told is one of the richest countries in the world, well we can make do with a half hour of murrderrs, fitba and wee cute kittens after the really important news about educational policy somewhere else that doesn’t affect us.  That’s not a public service broadcaster.  That’s taking the piss and making us pay to be pissed on.

The only reason Scotland can’t have its own national broadcaster is because Westminster and the Unionist parties don’t think it’s in their own interests to allow us to have one. Again, as so many times before, the Unionist establishment and the Unionist parties put their own interests and their own needs before those of the people whom they claim to serve. The truth is that they only serve themselves, and they serve themselves at our expense. When you vote Unionist, you’re voting to for a party that puts its interests before your own. You’re voting to be held in contempt. You’re voting to be sidelined. You’re voting for irrelevance.

Of course we all know the real reason why the Westminster establishment refuses to countenance even the token recognition of Scotland as a nation that a Scottish Six represents. They claim that a Scottish Broadcaster would be under the thumb of the SNP, and that’s why it shouldn’t be allowed. But by making that claim they implicitly acknowledge that the BBC is under the thumb of the Unionist establishment, because under the Westminster system an SBC would be set up and governed by a similar charter to the charter the BBC operates under. The BBC is the propaganda arm of the British state. It’s what allowed the Better Together campaign to determine the narrative of the last independence referendum, and that’s exactly what Westminster intends to do the next time too. The BBC is not a public service broadcaster. It’s a Union service broadcaster.

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  1. Quit the license 2 years ago. Don’t even watch Iplayer. Stopped buying *british* news papers. Quit arguing with yoons (it’s like arguing with graffiti anyways) never heard Corbyn give a speech nor heard anything from the collective arse that is the tory party. The only encounters I have with the daily outrage that is the UK media in Scotland is through sites like this.

    Act like you are living in the days of a better nation the wise old man said. That begins with shedding the accretion of shit from the old. No better way to start than ditch their media. There is a whole world of media and news out there that does not mock you for being Scottish.

    Time to tell the UK to quit camping on our lawn and get the hell out of our sight.

      • You do not need a license if you do not watch “live” broadcasts. What they mean by that is TV that is watched as it is broadcast. This also applies to recorded TV to be watched later. The Iplayer loophole is being closed, but if like me you stream from services on the internet like Netflix or amazon prime, or watch DVD/Blu ray or youtube – then you do not need a license for that.

  2. “contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom,”

    “The draft charter requires the BBC to have a UK-wide approach and to support and promote the United Kingdom. “

    Direct quotes from one of those Whitehall insiders apparently. Just to be clear though: ‘to support and promote the United Kingdom’

    I don’t think there’s much ambiguity about that. Or in other words, ‘carry on doing what you’re doing’. I really don’t want to hear any more pish from the establishment parties about ‘world famous BBC journalism or objectivity’. I’d say that line is pretty much blown by this point.

  3. Good article Paul. I too am inclined to say ‘Stuff your Scottish Six’ – I think they might do it deliberately badly.
    Was it on Tuesday last week we suffered 13 (out of 28) headline minutes devoted to Grammar Schools? And half of the Six on Friday was about the NHS in England.

  4. Eat.
    I’m sure the BBC will continue to show complete objectivity as it upholds its charter of promoting the United Kingdom and defending it from the Jock threat. Flags flying, cannons booming, steered by raving lunatics, the little ship Britannia slides ever deeper into the black and airless mud where the bones of other dinosaurs wait to greet her.

  5. If the BBC has to be exclusively British does this mean that we can no longer have reports on transport problems on English Bank Holidays, grammar schools / academies or NHS Trusts? If not, we have to ask when, where and how do they draw the line? R x

  6. Nailed it, Paul. However, the BBC may well control the ‘scairwaves’ but we, the PEOPLE, control the streets. It is in the streets that they will be beat.

    PeeP the bEEb – coming to a town near you soon.

  7. I just got back from Germany and the general view is why does Scotland let the EBC run our country? How long are we going to put up with this situation? They should be run out of town.

    • Recently returned from a month sailing on the west coast of Sweden. Ditched the red ensign (for non boaty people this is the red flag with the union flag in the top left corner) in favour of the Saltire. According to the Merchant Shipping Act this outrage to loony yoon sensibilities carries penalties of a fine up to £50,000 and 2 years in prison. The Swedes were delighted to see the Saltire in place of what they regard as “the English flag” and all who spoke with us were better clued up about Scottish politics than a great many of the Scottish electorate. All asked us when (note not “if”) we would become independent.

  8. If you log on to the BBC website and you navigate to the live TV link to the UK parliament you get a warning telling you that you cannot watch this if you do not have a TV licence. Is there not something seriously wrong with a system of government that restricts access to its live TV parliamentary broadcasts to a subset of the population that are willing subsidise East Enders, obscene celebrity pay packets and news and current affairs broadcasts that are often found to be lacking in diversity, impartiality, neutrality and intelligent content.

    • But i think you will struggle to get an answer from anywhere that will clearly tell you whether or not watching parliament TV or the Scottish Parliament TV is legal without a licence.

  9. Totally agree the Scottish Six would end up an hour of biased misreporting instead of half an hour. The only way this could happen is to open it up tender so independent production companies could produce it meaning that BBC Scotland had nothing to do with it but as we know that won’t happen so best not to watch anything produced by BBC Scotland.

  10. I’ve been catching Politics Scotland, yesterday, Scotland 2016 last night, and FMQ today.
    There is no doubt that BBC PQ has abandoned any pretence at balance any more.
    They have been instructed by London to get behind Brexit, and back the only BT face left standing Up Here, The Unacceptable Ba'[ Face of Capitalism.
    I’ll try to be brief but their may be more abstacts to come on BBC Politics, the Unionist Cut.
    There follows the last five minutes of Brewer’s Politics Scotland. A discussion summarising the contents of the programme with his co-anchor, Andy MacIvor, former head of Communications for the Tories Up Here, mow director of his own PR Company Media Matters.
    I found this programme particularly disgraceful.
    Read this abstract and see what you think.

    Gordon Brewer:-
    “Let’s go back to the named person issue. You think this is a difficult on for the Scottish Government now?
    Andy MacIver (Former Head of Communications Tory Scottish Branch Office, now Director Media Matters PR Company
    “Yes. It is unusual for the Scottish Government, the SNP,to be on the wrong side of public opinion on any issue over the last ten years. ( Editor: This from a Tory Spinmeister.)
    Not only are they on the wrong side of public opinion on Named Persons (Editor: Wrong, but not corrected by Brewer.) They are on the wrong side of some SnP on Named Persons. So their own supporters in polling have been seen to be against it. (Editor: Whit?)
    Now they are doing a lot of blaming on pressure groups and the media and so on, but that’s part of politics. (Editor: Fuck the fate of vulnerable children for another Year? Molesters and child killers given another year’s grace by the Tories.)
    Brewer:- “But Liz smith says it can’t be the same , substantially, the same because some of it has been knocked down ..what James Dornan and John Swinney appear to be saying is
    ‘Oh well, it’s just a few technical things here and there we have to change’. (Editor: No they didn’t, Just To Be Clear Brewer.) Who’s right?”
    MacIver: “I think they might be saying the same thing. What Liz Smith was saying …There is the legislation as a whole clearly can’t go forward because one part of it is deemed unlawful by the Supreme Court and I think what James Dornan was saying was, ’we’re going to fix that bit.’
    That’s the problem. Then the whole lot will go forward. It will get to the point where the legislation goes forward. The bigger point here is that it shows no sign of being any more popular and there are big question marks as to the effectiveness of it as well ‘a Huge question marks over that.”
    Brewer: Could you work out what Labour’s policy is supposed to be?
    MacIver: I struggle a bit.The problem for Labour is that on many many issues it just agrees with the SNP on lots of things. (Editor: Aye, right.) As the SNP agreed with Labour when they were in power.”
    Brewer:- OK. Europe: you detect a sudden shift in the Scottish Government’s position?
    Mac Iver:- Yes; the Scottish Government’s position has changed quite substantially since Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement after the Referendum.. (Editor: No it hasn’t. Perhaps if Brewer had not cut off Mike Russell’s speech at Holy rood we might have established the Scottish Government’s position for ourselves.)
    At that point it was very much : ‘we want to be in Europe, we voted for it, we’re staying come what may and we’ll have a Referendum’.
    Now it’s very much moved to single market access and I think a lot of that is driven by the fact that the pro-independence polling in Scotland has not shifted by anything like what they expected to since the Brexit vote. We are still pretty much 50-50 on independence, give or take, and they expected at this point (Editor: No, they didn’t ‘at this point’)in the game they’d be seeing numbers like 60-40 in favour of independence because of Brexit. It hasn’t materialised that way because people have always underestimated scots on Brexit.”
    Brewer: And it’s good night from me.
    Maciver: And it’s good night from him.

    I quote verbatim from the closing 6 minutes of yesterday’s BBC Scotland’s 50 minute Unionfest ‘Politics Scotland’ yesterday. 14/09/16.
    Andy MacIver , former head of communications of the Conservative Scottish Branch Office, now director of his own Media Matters PR Company (Editor: two more plugs, Mr MacIver. No need to thank me or BBC Scotland. Well, just a wee snifter, then.) was given a Tory laden five minute uninterrupted but prompted slot by Hang On A Minute, Just To Be Clear Brewer to churn out the nonsense which I reproduce above.
    Note to Brewer and his BBC colleagues: there is no ‘Scottish Conservative Party’, nor is there a ‘Scottish Labour Party’, nor a ‘Scottish Lib Dem Party’.
    It is farcical to prefix ‘Scottish’ to three Unionist parties who are UK parties, with headquarters in WM. They are British, not Scottish. Scotland doesn’t exist as a country in their eyes.
    For fairness perhaps BBC Scotland should apply the same wording to the Unionist Branch Offices as they do to ISIS?
    ‘The so called Scottish Conservative/Labour/Lib Dem party?’
    I’ll settle for the Blue Red and Yellow Tories, though, but, mind.
    There’s more.

  11. Well it was neck and neck in the Piss Take stakes until STV pulled a cracker out of their whiz bang box of un f/kn believable news bulletins , would be Clone of Maggie or offspring of Chucky you know that baw faced artical who looks like she is chewing a wasp in Parliament then suddenly appears as a wilting daisy a precious flower when the media turn up outside .
    Well according to the totally random unbiased swear on the bible endorsed by the Sunday post poll Miss Sweet cheeks has become , drum roll wait for it ,the most popular girlie in the whole of the kingdom , yep as leader by a bit of questionable last minute shenanigans when money changed hands allegedly, as leader of a party with the unassailable 20% of the voting public behind her , it dosnt matter that 80% have told her and her party to f/ck off since well before her Idol ,who was remembered on her demise by most of the nation with a rousing chorus of “ding dong the witch is dead ” duly dropped even though is was the biggest seller that week and never played by them our very own BBC bless them .
    I thought it was only the BBC who treated its audience as idiots not some of the time but all the time , and now we get these upstarts STV musseling in on the act f/k me is nothing sacred now .

  12. Part II. BBC Scotland: The Union and Yea ! Brexit ! We’re all Britnats now.
    In which Gordon Brewer is ‘not understanding this Education stuff.’

    Let’s go back to the very beginning.

    Wednesday 14.30 BBC2. Target audience? Retired comfy. Gardening and cooking programmes. 50 minute slot mid- afternoon. Politics Scotland.Dog whistle fare. Give them what they want to hear.

    Brewer and co-anchor Andy Mac Iver, a nice clean cut young Tory boy.

    Brian Taylor summarising NS (no footage of the FM) ‘gobsmacked’, ‘embedded’, ‘independence off the table’, ‘Angus Robertson, again, PM declined to use these precise terms: best deal possible; we’ll hear from Mike Russell later. (Editor: No we won’t.)
    I precis Taylor’s scant run through. Dear Reader, you have suffered enough. It’s on I Player if you wish a blow by blowhard account.

    Then on to Named Person Legislation. Jamie Mac Ivor reporting. ‘Delayed for a year.’
    Footage of Holyrood Committee. Liz Smith star of today’s show.

    Swinney: “Smith is mistaken”. NP does not require any policy change. Merely ‘a new legal framework’.

    Then , Brewer prompts Jamie MacIvor , on Education, the ‘supposedly’ flag ship policy of the SNP.(wee bitchiness there, Mr Brewer.)

    Jamie MacIvor: Roughly; ‘Empowering Head Teachers. Regional Boards, what role is left for Councils, Turf war, schools more concerned about the practicalities and not about turf wars.’(another precis)

    Back to Brewer and his Tory Co- Anchor Andy McIver, former Head of Communications at the so called Scottish Conservative, now director of his own PR firm, Media Matters..

    Brewer: Named Person. Apart from the Tories there is broad agreement except Labour want to exclude 16/17 year olds.
    MacIver: Tories on to a very decent issue. Could last until next SG election. (I precis, again, but hope you get the drift.)
    Brewer: “The other thing I’m not understanding is this education stuff. Big consultation, big changes, but when I read about what the changes are I can’t actually work anything out.”
    MacIver: “I don’t think much has been said yet. We’ve had two massive statements in terms of Education over the last week. The Nicola Sturgeon programme for Change: then there was yesterday’s statement, neither of which said a great deal. That being said, when you speak to the Government (why don’t you do that, Mr Brewer?) there is no denying that the mood music is that they are going to make big changes in Education because this is the one big policy where they can make massive changes. So I think they do have something planned in that respect. It is hard to see what that is.” (The media is the message. Media matters, so it does.)
    Brewer: it’s very interesting. As you know over the past decade or more (coughs) Education…’We need more money, we need more money.’
    There are signs that the SNP are thinking of this in a different way. They’ve talked about,oh, the London Challenge, perhaps they are ruling out selection and academies but that doesn’t mena that, given England’s going well (eh?), they couldn’t import some ideas that have been tried out in England.”
    MacIver: “ Yeah, they have ruled out Selection Academies because they didn’t want to be seen to be doing what England’s doing.” (Is that right?)
    I’d imagine that like me at the time, you have now lost the will to live. What a load of ill informed waffle, from brewer and the Tory Boy.
    More to follow, where Douglas Fraser explains how ‘economically inactive’ is bad news for the Scottish unemployment Statistics, but not the English poorer figures.
    And Mike Russell gets cut off in his prime.
    I’m losing the will to live..

  13. Absolutely superb article, Paul!

    As I won’t be watching TV until we have our own SBC I’ve had to rely on the radio for information re the “Scottish Six”. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to be patronized by yet another BBC programme – regardless of its title decided upon by London. So it’s heartening to read your welcome words.

    Thank you.

  14. mixed messages going around just now just saw a screenshot of tomorrow’s national on wings that pronounces BBC six still to go ahead bit confusing

  15. Part III. BBC Politics Scotland. We are all Brexiteers now. Circulate this among your junior staff.
    BBC Politics Scotland 14.30 Wed 14/09/16.

    Over to Mike Russell at Holyrood, our Brexit negotiator.

    Potted history of the EU and the Uk’s membership.’Deep seated hostility’, De Gaulle ‘, ‘Non’.
    Intervention by Neil The Brickie Findlay. He observed huffily that we participated as members of the UK. We were part of the UK. Russell observes that he is sure that Mr Findlay is delighted with the Tory cheers (Better Together’s Greatest Hits Album) , but that there was a basic difference between Mr Findlay and Russell on nation and nationhood. Russell’s understanding was that the people of Scotland are sovereign therefore have the right to be sovereign; ‘they should be heard’.

    A second intervention by the wee grey haired pin stripe Lib Dem whose name escapes me. The vote was emphatically not a vote for Independence, that’s why the Libs supported it. It seemed to have changed since that vote.

    Russell advised the member to listen to his own ex leader, Nick Clegg, who would have voted for independence, in these circumstances.
    Mike Russell ‘ Flyswatter General was beginning to enjoy himself. The BBC pulled the plug. Can’t have horse’s mouth facts broadcast. Much better to let Brewer and MacIver tell the viewers what the BAD SNP are really really thinking.

    Brewer: ‘Right some good news about the economy.’

    Unemployment fallen more in Scotland than the rest of the UK although Brexit was supposed to spell disaster. (Did Maggie May, and the Three Brexiteers produce Plan A and I missed it?)

    Douglas Fraser, who always wears the expression of a man who has lost a pound and found a euro, announced the ‘pretty healthy’ rate of 4.7% as opposed to 4.9% in the rest of the UK.
    Too early to say,no guide to the impact of Brexit.( No freedom of movement, paying for visas to go on holiday, or work in the EU, 8% tariff on French wines, and German beers, no access to the EU markets, WM will not mitigate the loss of EU grants, and subsidies, no Human Rights, Employment protection, UK isolated in the world at the back of the queue for trade deals with US, Canada, Australia. No Erasmus..I could go on. Perhaps the pollsters could produce an Indyref poll when May’s Plan A kicks in? Are you listening, Ipsos, John Curtice.. 60/40 then?)

    Footage (43 seconds0 of Keith Brown on visit to Standard Life. Talking about interventions to mitigate the impact of Brexit on Scottish jobs…no that’s it. Back to the studio.

    Douglas Fraser commenting on earlier ONS ‘stats quirk’ to explain quite bad Scottish figures earlier. Was it just the oil downturn?
    Construction industry in Scotland and the rUK getting better.
    But economically inactive types, who sign off the Unemployment register, to care for parents, and so on, students, early retirees may distort the unemployment rate,
    Figures may not be as good as they seem. Brewer nodded in agreement. And Fraser observed that there was a lot of contradictory evidence.
    Aye, right.
    The Unemployment figures are good, better than rUK, but it’s because we have more economically inactives than RUK? Unemployment hasn’t fallen because folk moved into work.
    We’re doomed.

    Next up:in Part IV, but not tonight. John Gorman, SNP, Liz Smith (it’s her show), Rhoda Grant Labour,and John Finnie Greens,at the foot of the Holyrood stairs where Brewer asserts that it is a ‘bit unclear’ what the Scottish Government hopes to achieve , what they have achieved precisely so far re EU membership, and Named Person is discussed yet again.
    Gorman and Finnie at the edges, Smith and Grant, the Unionists given ‘centre stage’.

  16. I give up on Part IV: BBC Politics Scotland. I see that David Mundell has pulled the plug on a Scottish Six.
    It is more important that we watch Corbyn and May slug it out at PMQ over grammar schools in England and low level stats about Kent and London.
    We are a colony, and BBC Pacific Quay are the BBC News MindersThere is a long line of Dead Tree Scrollers and political commentators only too willing to fill our TV screens with anti Scottish Brit Nationalist bile, lies, and exaggerations. See my tragically long and attention challenging posts above.
    I shall no longer tune into the BBC English Broadcasting Propaganda outlet.
    I consider the whole sinister little broadcasting outpost an insult to Scotland and the citizens of Scotland.
    The sooner we are Self Determining the better.
    I am not hanging on a minute. just to be clear, what I’m saying is, any longer.
    They broadcast lies, half truths, and veiled threats on a daily basis.

  17. I note that Joey Barton’s spell at WATP, The Queen’s Eleven, seems to have faltered. That’ll provide the Colonial Herald with a week’s copy.
    Is there any truth in the rumour that he is mounting a So Called Scottish Labour Leadership challenge when Corbyn is swept to power(again) at the end of the month?
    The Daily Raggard reminds us this morning of his 6 month conviction for assault. The Raggard’s Black Spot. He’s doomed, methinks.
    Two Jobs Professor Tomkins and The Queen’s Eleven, enlighten us by Twitter please.
    And Carmichael urges ‘Sturgeon’ and ‘Salmond’ to stop me harassing him. It’s the Bad SNP’s fault that I breathe this fine free Scottish air, and can string two words together.
    Looking forward to Sunday.

  18. Just a short story from the past to demonstrate what probably has been the norm at B.B.C Scotland since 1923.
    On a spring evening in 1972 I was on duty in an B.B.C, O.B van at the rear of Celtic Park covering the Celtic v Inter Milan European Cup Semi-Final tie.
    Everything went smoothly until extra-time had to be played, and lo and behold, the planners hadn’t allowed for that possibility, so we were due to return to the network broadcast.
    However, our producer wasn’t prepared to allow this to happen, so an almighty row then ensued between him and his bosses in London. Believe it or not our guy won the day, and the rest of the game was shown live in Scotland.
    This is only one small example, O.K, so we won one small battle, of the absolute control London demand of their Scottish operation which continues to this day, and will never change, until we become independent, and have our own Scottish broadcaster.

  19. The UK Government’s invocation of “social cohesion” in this context is interesting. It is very much a European, rather than a British concept. Social cohesion was a key objective of the European Union before neoliberals like Wolfgang Schäuble and Alexander Stubb decided that it would be a good idea to beat the stuffing out of Greece, severely undermining the European ideal in the process. We need to reassert the importance of social cohesion across Europe and insist that it is perfectly compatible with a Scottish Six.

  20. England this and england that this is scotland we in scotland want a news station that actually reports scotland not some crap that’s called reporting scotland yet only reports unionists crap only that’s not impartial that bais things have to be viewed in more detail and from more than one side that’s how we learn and evolve like Einstein said knowledge is power thats why English press like the bbc and express mail etc want us stupid so we won’t question things hence why a lot of stuff is left out in there reports

  21. I see Black Ops have blocked WoS on Windows 10 and Google.
    I’ve had all sorts of Mmm.. can’t find this site when trying to access here ,Paul, and WoS.
    The so called Scottish Labour men in black at work. Or has Ruth merely had a photo op sat on Window’s server?
    The attack of the Cyberyoons !

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