A sock, a pile of ooss, and a lost vote

Poor Kezia. There she is, getting all ready to vote with the Tories because the Labour party hates the SNP even more, and then she gets into a bout of snarking with an SNP MSP who was slagging her off for supporting the party that’s wreaking malicious havoc on the Scottish working class communities that used to vote Labour. And she got so caught up in the snarkback that she didn’t vote with the rest of her MSPs and allowed the SNP to win. Oops.

That’s Labour in Scotland’s new autonomy for you, Kezia is so autonomous that she’s even autonomous from her own party. She’s seceded from the obligation to vote the way that she instructs her colleagues to vote. She’s now trying to lay the blame on mechanical failure, and this would be true. It’s a failure of the mechanical response of Labour to attack the SNP instead of the Tories they were elected to oppose. Maybe if Kezia wanted to regain the support of those working class voters who deserted Labour en masse in favour of the SNP she’d be a bit more successful if she got back to voting against the Tories.

Of course it’s quite possible that the reason Kezia is seeking more autonomy for Labour in Scotland from UK Labour is because she wants more freedom of movement to ally with the Tories instead of opposing them. Opposing the Tories is a dangerously Corbynite idea after all. Once Labour in Scotland achieves its autonomy from UK Labour then Glesca Labour can cheerfully go into coalition with the Conservatives in order to maintain their failing grip on the city. Mind you, they’d cheerfully go into coalition with them anyway, and then tell us that it’s only Labour that can protect us from the depredations of Thatcher’s latest generation of hell-spawn.

Kezia won’t admit that she just forgot to vote, because that speaks of a level of incomptence that makes Jackie Baillie seem numerate. This is a really serious issue, said Kezia speaking after the event, with that sad eyed face she does when she knows that she’s in deep doo doo and can’t handily blame it on the SNP. I did so vote, and there needs to be an investigation. That will usefully deflect criticism for a while, or at least for long enough for her pals in the Unionist media to have found something else to attack the SNP for. Maybe she could just save us all the bother and accuse the SNP of being responsible for her own screw ups. After all, that seems to be Murdo Fraser’s tactic for the Tories. Murdo wants to know what the SNP are going to do to ensure a successful Brexit, which is a bit like a drunk driver demanding that the pedestrians he’s just run over do more about road safety.

Anyway, being kind hearted souls, we should give Kezia the benefit of the doubt when she claims that it’s not her fault that her vote wasn’t registered. Perhaps the dog ate it. There was a fire, an earthquake, or a flood. It’s entirely possible that her vote vanished due to the evil SNP vote stealing fairy, the same one that’s been responsible for causing Labour votes to vanish across whole swathes of Scotland over the past few years.

After a proper investigation all those votes will be found lurking down the back of the washing machine with a pile of ooss and a solitary black sock with a hole in the big toe. The ooss will be nominated for election as the next Labour cooncillor for Lanarkshire North, but will be rejected because half the party is suspicious of anyone that’s dangerously intellectual and the other half thought it was already serving as the Tory Secretary of State for Scotland.

Meanwhile the sock will be considerably more useful than anything Labour in Scotland has said or done over the past few years. Someone from the British establishment will use it as a puppet and it will become the next leader of Labour in Scotland after Kezia’s had her turn. And no one will notice the difference. Because, let’s be honest here, that’s pretty much how the leader of the Scottish branch office has operated for as long as anyone can remember. The sock will of course be hailed by the Unionist media as the next great saviour of the Union and they’ll earnestly inform us how the nats are secretly really terrified and those guffaws you hear are in fact nervous laughter.

The point being of course is that losing votes is not Labour’s fault. It’s not Kezia’s fault that she forgot to vote. It’s not the Labour party in Scotland’s fault that their traditional voter base doesn’t want to vote for them any more. Labour is the People’s Party, and those who don’t vote for them are obviously not the People. They’re brainwashed drones who’ve fallen under the influence of vile cybernats. All Labour needs to do is to keep on doing what it’s always done and eventually the infection will wear off and Scotland will get back to normal. Labour operates on the principle that a change of political views is a bit like a bad case of food poisoning. The voters will get over it eventually, once they get it out of their systems.

The problem is that Scotland changed during the independence referendum campaign. Labour didn’t. The Scottish Tories didn’t. They expected that once they’d won their No vote that things would go back to normal. But things won’t go back to the way they were. Scotland has wised up. We’re alive to the tricks and the lies and the promises that go unfulfilled. We’re aware of the vows that aren’t worth the newspaper they’re printed on. It’s not just the SNP that should be held to account. It’s Kezia and Ruth and their pals too. Welcome to the new normal.

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  2. Paul, stop it now; you’re enjoying yourself too much.
    The irony of Dugdale demanding an investigation into vote irregularities.
    The So Called Scottish Labour Party voted with the Tories. That includes the Marxists/Militants/ Momentummies; Rowley, Neil the Bricklayer, and such.

    Keep voting with the Blue Tories, ye So Called Scottish Labour sell-outs; please.

    I believe Kezia’s version. She DID vote, and Iain Gray will vouch for it. I believe every word that comes out of that man’s mouth. Surely he wouldn’t lie?

    By Sunday her pain will cease. Alex The Red will be the umpteenth leader of the no longer autonomous, and we never ever said we were, Northern Branch Office of the Democratic Socialist and Communist UK Party.
    I watched QT from Sutton Coldfield, the Bearsden /Morningside of the West Mids.
    Julia Hartley-Brewer, and Jacob Rees-Mogg, with Liz Kendall, Norman Libdem Lamb, and poor Caroline Lucas.
    Westminster and the South have gone completely mad.
    I fear for the ordinary citizens of our near neighbour, I really do.
    With your permission, I am tempted to start an underground cell, the Order of the Holey Sock, and affiliate our new subversive group with the older long established Missing Shirt Button Collective.
    By Sunday, King Corby will be crowned, then all hell will break loose.
    The HolSocks and the Missbutts will be ready.
    Looks like an interesting week end.

      • Meant to add that the bloke with the blue shirt, who was not a Labour member, and the bloke with the goatee, along with the blonde woman, were excellent. There is hope but it emanates from the disenfranchised.

  3. “Murdo wants to know what the SNP are going to do to ensure a successful Brexit, which is a bit like a drunk driver demanding that the pedestrians he’s just run over do more about road safety”

    Hilarious but spot on, Paul!

    As usual, the tactic of the Tories is always deflect, deflect and then deflect some more just to be sure that the idea that they are the ones responsible for the mess doesn’t cross anybody’s mind. They will not get away with it though. Not any more. No after the impressive performances of Ms Davidson on the TV EU referendum debates against Boris Johnson: praises about her performance defending remaining in the EU were all over the press.

    They cannot escape the fact that they are being completely inconsistent with the electorate with regards to the EU and all for their very own gain and convenience: Ruth Davidson convinced voters to vote to remain in the EU because that is what is best for Scotland only to stab them now in the back demanding that they do not oppose England to drag Scotland against its will out of the EU, that EU that so courageously publicly defended.

    So, is Ms Davidson for or against Scotland? Was she lying in those TV debates trying to get people to vote to remain, or is she lying now, trying to convince everybody that Scotland must leave the EU kamikaze style?

    How are any voters that she convinced to vote to remain are ever going to trust her again?

    I think every time the Tories open their mouths to refuse the people of Scotland a democratic referendum to cut Scotland’s losses in the aftermath of the enormous mess caused by the Better Together campaign and their failed promises, they should be hammered day in day out with those questions until they answer properly and convincingly: are the Tories for or against Scotland? If they are for Scotland, why insisting in dragging us out the EU when an overwhelming majority of the voters chose to remain in the EU and when themselves asked the people of Scotland to vote remain?

    • But, Maria, ‘Number 10’ has stated that Theresa May alone will decide the terms of Brexit, or so the MSM Headline reads. I don’t remember the Leave campaign telling us this back in June. Of course Theresa May wasn’t PM then. I wonder how many Little Englanders would have voted differently if they had been told that Boris and May would have taken over the English asylum by now?

      Boris Johnson declares that England could be out of Europe within the ‘doable’ two years timeframe.

      England will be able to negotiate a ‘jumbo trade deal’ with the EU, otherwise the English would dutifully stop buying German cars, but Johnny Foreigner would still buy their Japanese, American, and Indian, Made in England cars.

      Oh, yes, and when Theresa negotiates a trade deal with Australia, she would relax the immigration laws for Antipodes’ hopefuls; the white bleach blonde sparkly teethed variety of Arians, of course, will surf from Cairns to Cambridge in their droves. But no more duskies from Europe, thank you very much.

      Boris describes the reluctant leavers’ scare stories as ‘baloney’, betraying his own dual nationality. He is both English, and American. He was born in New York, I believe, and betrays his roots by the use of the Noo Yawk slang, ‘baloney’.

      A corruption of ‘bologna’, which was a sandwich filled with odd cuts of meat discards, popular in the ’20s.
      Hence ‘a bunch of baloney ‘ came to mean , nonsense, or rubbish’

      The Scottish version is of course, ‘a pile of mince.’

      This arrogant man actually thinks that 27 European countries are going to roll over and play Dying Fly at the thought of the Mighty British Empire flexing its muscles, a la Putin.

      Boris’ jumbo trade deal is the elephant in the room.

      We already know that there will be no free trade with the EU, without freedom of movement of labour and people throughout the continent.

      English people will still buy VW Beetles, oh Great White One. It will cost them 8% more in tariffs, for sure.
      The Japanese, US, and Indian car manufacturers in England may move across to Mainland Europe, including Independent Scotland, while the Darling Duds of May, Johnson, Fox, and Davis are still filling in their first month’s expenses forms.

      You talk dangerous sabre rattling ‘baloney’, oh Great Blonde Fat One of the Remove.

      A jumbo pile of mince, if you like.

      It was clear from BBC QT last night that the English Tribe has finally lost its head.

      I loved your measured post, Maria. It is our civic duty to expose the lies, half truths, and insincerity of the Blue, Red, and Yellow Tory Unionists Up Here.

      Patrick Harvie and his wee band need to get a grip.

      Yes, reform of the Council Tax scheme is extremely important, and must be solved.

      But not now, Patrick.
      We are in the midst of being dragged out of Europe on the terms of one single Tory leader’s whim, and the Labour party is about to be hoisted by its own petard, plunging England into decades of Far Right Tory Iron Heel rule.

      Our energies over the next 18 months or so must be directed towards Scotland’s future in the world, a future which Dugdale, Davidson and Rennie would deny us, and Mundell will actively oppose through WM.
      The Greens voted with the Tories? Really, Patrick. really?

      • “But, Maria, ‘Number 10’ has stated that Theresa May alone will decide the terms of Brexit”

        Absolutely Jack, and to be honest, she can decide what she wants because I refuse to accept that Scotland is going to be dragged out of the EU against its will.

        I refuse to accept it because that being the case it will not only mark the end of democracy in the UK but it will mark the end of this farce of an Union.

        Dragging Scotland out of the EU against the explicit wishes of the majority of the electorate as shown in a democratic referendum is not only perverse but it is the same than saying that the vote of the people living in Scotland doesn’t count. That cannot apply to a union that calls itself democratic. Or you respect democracy or you don’t. Dragging Scotland against the result of the EU referendum is an assault on the democratic rights of the people of Scotland.

        The concept that the overall ‘majority of people’ voted in favour of Brexit, often used by unionists should not apply here, as the UK is not a country but a state formed by 4 countries with different populations and more importantly, with very different and obvious political preferences. When we face the situation we are now where of 4 countries in a so called ‘union’ the result in 2 is ignored, rejected and mocked so the one in the most populated can prevail over the rest, you cannot longer talk about a union of 4 equal countries, we have then before us the situation of a country that forces its will on other 3 aided by a corrupt press. That is not an union, that is submission of countries by stealth and not far of dictatorship.

        I think we should pass beyond the bunch of self-serving incompetent puppets that are acting as a front stage of the three unionist parties in Scotland. The only reason they still survive in the political arena is thanks to the protective shield of the corrupt MSM. Oh come on! It is beyond the joke that the leader of one of the parties cannot even press a button to vote: if she cannot even be left alone and trust to press a button to vote, who in their sane mind can put this person in charge of anything? As for the two faced tank rider, now-I want-you-to-vote-to-remain-in-the EU/now-I-demand-you-to forget about-what-I-said-before, what can we say? Just that, two faced and therefore untrustworthy. I think we should give a bit more credit if not to Ms May at least to her handlers, I do not think they are that stupid.

        I understand how you feel Jack, but try to sit back and enjoy: revenge is a plate that tastes better when cold. Let them play their pretend ‘negotiation’ with their pretend negotiators against the big boys and girls in Europe. We are in no hurry to see them fall flat on their noses, which they will sooner or later, you know that. Just remember: the more they mess up, the more chances we will have that finally people is going to open their eyes in Scotland and see them for what they really are: a bunch of unconsiderate self serving incompetents.

        In the meantime, Jack, just enjoy watching the faux gold Better Togetherness’ farcical facade of promises disintegrate over the unionist parties under the weight of the biggest pinnacle of their incompetence yet: Brexit.

        • There are many of us who refuse to let another country drag us out of the European Union, Maria.
          We are ‘ruled’ by an Edinburgh elite Branch of the London Establishment at the moment, with satellites of the well off throughout Scotland.
          Witness the tasteless ‘let them eat brie’ Marie Antoinette New Labour Auction for the filthy rich last week in Edinburgh.
          Willie Rennie shelled out £250 to be there and rubbed shoulders with Lord Flipper Darling, that Rowling person, Lord Dunlop, and the cream of Scotland’s Filthy Rich.
          Grouse shooting week-ends; the rich elite love killing innocent animals for fun..
          Ski breaks in the Alps mingling with the filthy rich.
          Meanwhile 500,000 Scots citizens live below the poverty line, we have more foodbanks than ever, zero hours, no employment rights contracts, slave wages, pay day loans at 1200%, working tax credits cuts, and disabled citizens robbed of their essential benefits.
          Ruth Davidson is as culpable as Theresa May, Philip Hammond, and the three Brexiteers for the steady erosion of Scotland’s social fabric, of that I have no doubt. They are driving many into life threatening poverty, and grinning all over their faces while they are doing it.
          Of course, millionaires need not worry about the Hoi Polloi being barred from working or travelling in Europe any more.
          When you are filthy rich you can buy a Trifeca apartment in Manhatten, next to David Miliband’s (remember him) or buy a Caribbean island, or like Fred the Shred, or David Murray, buy a vineyard in France.
          If you’re rolling in it, you have freedom of movement.
          We are at tipping point, Maria.
          If the BBC News Where You Are features Mundell shrieking that the UK democratically voted to Leave, and therefore, feck you, my fellow Scots, then my steam driven old telly might end up in the back garden.
          A storm is brewing, the people are awake. Even No voters in 2014 now realise that we are an occupied country.
          Davidson, Dugdale, and Rennie are beneath contempt.

          • “Davidson, Dugdale, and Rennie are beneath contempt”

            Absolutely Jack, but Scotland will not let their parties get away with it. Not this time.

            “…features Mundell shrieking that the UK democratically voted to Leave”
            Mr Mundell can shriek, gurgle and babble as much as he likes but he may need a wee reminder of what the UK is. The UK is a union of 4 countries, of which only two democratically voted to leave the EU on the 23rd of June while the other two democratically voted to remain on the EU. Therefore the assertion ‘the UK democratically voted to leave’ is incorrect, the UK, as a union of 4 countries, voted equally to leave and to remain in the EU. Since when two of the countries of the Union are more important than the other two?

            That assertion made by Mr Mundell though, is the Scottish tories’ favourite mantra to attempt deflecting attention from the fact that their party is stabbing its voters on the back by demanding from them (and everybody else) to forget about all those arguments used by Ms Davidson and co to convince voters to vote remain so they can now give in to the idea that the opinion and votes of Scotland count for nothing just because it doesn’t suit Ms Davidson or Mundell’s agenda. Nevermind the damage that Brexit is going to cause to Scotland.

            If before the 23rd of June 2016, according to Ms Davidson and Mr Mundell the best for Scotland and the Scottish people was to remain in the EU, the same applies now and the same will apply tomorrow when Ms May initiates Brexit. Nothing has changed in the EU to make it worse and this fact will not be changed no matter how many times Mr Mundell attempt to peddle the above nonsense.

            I don’t longer care or pay attention to what Mr Mundel utters, because for him and Ms Davidson to betray the voters they convinced during the referendum in such a short time frame can only mean that or they were lying then or they are lying now and therefore cannot be trusted on any word they say. And I am sure I am not the only one who sees this.

            Quite frankly, politicians like those two have absolutely nothing of value to offer to Scotland and prove of this is that their modus operandi seems to be limited to demeaning the Scottish people, their democratically elected government and their democratic judgement on the EU referendum. What do we need politicians like those for? We need politicians that fight for Scotland, not against Scotland.

            On the 23rd of June 2016 Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU by 62% to 38%. That margin is significantly higher than the vote that ensured that Scotland would remain in the UK in 2014. Therefore if Mr Mundell and Ms Davidson are now setting the precedent of overriding the democratic result in Scotland during the EU referendum turning the result over by giving the winning hand to the 38% over the 62% then they have absolutely no moral or ethic grounds whatsoever to stop the 45% overriding and rejecting point blank the result of September 2014. Or both democratic referendum results in Scotland are respected or none of the two should be, their choice.

            “We are at tipping point, Maria”
            No Jack, they (that self-serving ruling elite and their useless political puppets) are: the sand mountain the better togetherness castle is standing on is about to collapse. If that was not the case the MSM would not be on overtime ‘freak-out the jocks’ , “force-fed britishness” and ‘airbrushing-Scottishness’ projects mode as they currently are. MSM is their weapon of last resort Jack and they are abusing it big time so it is not working that well anymore. Like many others have mention on sites like this before, the best defense from that weapon is by avoiding exposure: avoid watching TV news channels and reading newspapers: if they can’t get at you they can’t defeat you.

            Scotland has been waiting for centuries to have home rule. Surely we can wait a few months more. It is so near we can almost touch it. If only for this Jack, I think we could adopt Margaret Thatcher’s great words:

            ““I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.”

            And Scotland will.

          • Unfortunately there are still too many who look up to these “elites” and think they are the “crème de la crème”. They’ve been to the “best schools” and must, therefore, know better than us lesser mortals whose place it is to fawn and be grateful for any crumbs. I don’t know how we get rid of this attitude but until we do it’ll be mighty difficult to get a majority to vote Yes.

        • Agree with all you say.

          If I was a ‘Yoon’ and just played the numbers game, could we say that 3 out of 5 countries/territories (of course excluding London which is only a ‘big’ city), which were voting in Brexit, actually voted to stay (Scotland/Northern Ireland and Gibraltar?

          Therefore only England/ Wales (sorry Wales).

          So we won.

  4. But still they vote for them.
    By election Coatbridge North and Glenboig.(ward 6)

    Ben Callaghan, Scottish Conservative and Unionist – 366
    Stephen Kirley, Scottish National Party (SNP) – 1,261
    Alex McVey, Scottish Labour Party – 1,350
    John Wilson, Scottish Green Party – 195
    Neil Wilson, UKIP – 63

    • Although they won, Alex, the figures hide the fact that there was a 10/11% swing from Labour to the SNP. You won’t see that widely reported. One more push.

  5. The really good thing about this clumsy incident, is not just Kezia’s incompetence but also the labour party are publicly shown to be voting with the Tories yet again.

    Own goal after own goal.

  6. You could not make it up. The yoons are flummoxed.(It is weird, every time I type yoons, my predictive texting changes it to goons – apologies to the real goons).
    Heard Boris Johnston being interviewed by Rugman on Channel4 news last night.
    It was excrutiating to watch. The FS was incoherent, shifty, rambling, florid in his choice if register and could hardly string a reasoned and grounded sentence together. His often feigned bumblingness seemed to be innate!!
    He is one of the three who will lead Brexit. He has just been slapped down by Number 10 for suggesting early 2017 will trigger Article 50.
    Corbyn does not challenge May on Brexit detail, or lack if it. It seems the Cabinet are silent as well or confused.
    We await. It seems May is not revealing her hand to the Cabinet yet. Why? Nae idea? Brexit means…..? I wonder if the msm dahb sath have picked up on the drivel Johnston muttered and the painful delivery on Channel 4 yet or are they just keeping stumm? If May was listening in, perhaps Johnston will not last long in his silent post.

  7. Neatly done Paul. 🙂

    So many folk question Corbyn’s ability to win an election (as if simply the act of winning is what matters). Kezia being one of them. How many I wonder, stand in front of a mirror and ask the same question of themselves? I wonder if any of these people look out their window and pat themselves on the back, or think they’ve done the public any good whatsoever?

    Kezia Dugdale is a perfect example of today’s UK politics. No strategy too low and no soundbite too ridiculous. There are no politicians of principle, no persuaders, no statesmen/women, no leaders worth the name within the established parties. There is only dogma and the ideology of the short sighted.

    A win for the sake of winning.

    And what a catastrophic mess their politics and their manipulation has made of society. A UK torn with divisions, isolationist policy, hate crime at record high, trust of the political class and the mainstream media at an all time low. The economy under constant threat and the rich/poor divide widening by the year. A population being trained to accept a poverty that should NOT exist in this state of ours. A population being trained to turn on itself rather than turn on those who created their woes.

    Well done them (slow hand clap).

    You check out any social media or any mainstream title BTL and look at the naked hatred and rage on display. No one is born to hate. It is taught.

    This is the UK that Ruth, Kezia and that other one want you to believe is worth your vote and your trust. This is the UK their parties created. The hatred directed at Scots, the Scottish government? Their parties created that narrative and they helped to sell it and keep it thriving. Their parties created similar narratives about the poor, the disabled, the refugee (sorry ‘ furren/sinister immigrant’), political opponents and basically whoever they required to be a target du jour.

    I look at Kezia, Ruth and the other fella and on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, I see figures of fun and irrelevance. The rest of the time? I’m sick with frustrated anger and sadness at the carnage they helped unleash on their own electorate, their own people.

    Independence, full statehood, self government. What needs to be done is unpleasant and frightening. It means change and hard, very hard work, but if we want the country we live in to reject reactionary politics, naked manipulation by the political class and a return to public service. If we want a country based on social justice, with an economy which serves the people, cares for all the population and simply not government agenda, then we must put the power to decide and to choose back where it belongs.

    • Sam, you have engendered tears of rage with this piece.
      I find it unbelievable that Scots labour supporters are still backing Dugdale.
      I find it even more fantastical the Green Party sided with the Tories in yesterday’s vote on Council Tax reform.
      No one denies that local taxation needs fixing. The rest of us know that the Red Blue and Yellow Tories were using the issue to muddy the waters, as a Fabian tactic, to gum up the works, during this historically crucial time in the history of Scotland.
      And Patrick Harvie played along.
      Does he realise that the Unionist were using his a s contraceptive to shaft the hated SNP?
      Keep the faith, Macart. The volcano is about to erupt.

      • Friday night and the first chill of autumn in my neck of the woods. Seems like a very long, though damp, summer since the June vote. Anyroads, this dead zone period is depressing as hell and folks are frustrated beyond words. (sigh)

        I feel a dram or three and a long (extended) lie down coming on. I think the change of pace should hopefully recharge the old batteries.

        Have a good one guys. 🙂


    • I’m reminded of a story told by the American journalist Bill Moyes from when he was a cub reporter:

      “When I began reporting on the state legislature while a student at the University of Texas, a wily old state senator offered to acquaint me with how the place worked. We stood at the back of the Senate floor as he pointed to his colleagues spread out around the chamber — playing cards, napping, nipping, winking at pretty young visitors in the gallery — and he said to me, “If you think these guys are bad, you should see the people who sent them there.” ”

      Its a vicious circle for sure, Macart, which too many people at all levels on these islands are willing to play – drunk on the supposed superiority of their chauvanism and exceptionalism learned as a consequence of an empire long gone which they seem unwilling to let go of.

      Like the Tories the traditional Labour Party hierarchy are only interested in those voters who agree with the narrative which not only keeps them on the gravy train but which puffs up the establishment of which they have sold their soul and psyche to as a major world power punching above its weight. For too many generations these islands have been run by school playground level egos whose only approach is limited to being the biggest, baddest and bestest. Stuck in the past, unable and unwilling to learn or see past their own bullshit.

      What is dangerous about the cull of Labour Party members by the top echelons of the Party, put in place during the Kinnock and Blair years, is that the basic idea, treating those voters who don’t subscribe to the acceptable narrative of the elite as not legitimate and worthy of a vote, is one which could easily be adopted in other circumstances and contexts to achieve the same ends.

      An independent Scotland, with England reverting back to the pre empire borders is probably the only way to shock this rotten borough system and its unthinking adherents out of its, and their, lazy and damaging complacency.

    • “A population being trained to turn on itself rather than turn on those who created their woes.”

      That’s it in a nutshell Sam. Perceptive as always.
      That’s the legacy of the 3 stooges.

  8. If Kezia Dugdale is ever in doubt about votes, she only needs to ask her party colleague Ruth Davidson for the latest details. Tanktop knows things.

  9. Views on yesterday’s wee stushie the usual suspects were involved , but the Greens have been fingered s as not to be trusted , They courted SNP voters for their second vote and a lot duly obliged silly us eh ?, We have memories Patrick ,the council elections have not been held YET , your second preference vote that many SNP voters had possibly intended to give your party i believe has went as they oot the window , actions have consequences Patrick.
    I really dont get these parties at Holyrood they moan and jump up and down about anything when the administration responds then the fun starts .
    WE want this ,ok here is our workable proposals , we dont like them , whats your views ? , silence ,every single time the SNP want to advance anything here we get this bloody wall of moaning carping when asked for reasonable amendments silence apart from we dont like it
    New Forth crossing -Against it
    Named person act –for it then –Against it
    Protection for Scottish voters regarding Brexit –for it –then against it
    Changes to council tax all for it –then all against it .
    all these games that seem to keep the we dont know lot amused and are more or less ignored by our media unless they can show the SNP in a bad light , and true to form whats top on the BBC website yep SNP taught a lesson by voters in North Lanarkshire well that was a surprize eh .

    • Spot on , never trust the Greens , hope people are not so gullible at council elections as they were at Holyrood elections . Patrick is all puffed up , thinking now that he has pushed Oor Wullie into fourth place he rules the roost , we will just have to tell him otherwise ! .

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  11. Talking of Boris Johnstone, is he not one quarter Turkish? And Johnstone sounds Scottish to me. Add a little English and American and what do we have?Quite a pedigree. You’d think he ought to be a strong European……..strange.

    Amazing how the desperation to become PM trumps all.

  12. Theresa does a Murdo:
    “SNP must take share of responsibility for Brexit vote, says Theresa May”

    I’d cry but it’s just too funny. She should be arrested for smoking crack. May: “As we strike that deal, we have an exciting chance to forge a new role in the world. Scotland’s status will not be diminished by that; it will be enhanced. We will go out into the world with the aim of being a leader in global free trade, one that makes the most of our advantages, from the financial expertise of Edinburgh to the shipbuilding prowess of the Clyde and the globally-renowned food and drink produce of Scotland’s countryside.” Who does she think she’s kidding? Aye, and about those ships…

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