Overwhelmingly yes

On the eve of the Tory party conference in the picturesque UKIP voting village of Frothing-at-the-Mouth, Theresa May has graced Scotland with a few words. Well one word really, repeated several times. And that word is NO. No, Scotland, you shouldn’t have another independence referendum, said Theresa. The question, according to Theresa, isn’t whether there could be another indyref, but whether there should be. And her response is overwhelmingly no.

It doesn’t matter what Westminster does to you, it doesn’t matter how you vote, you’ll do as Theresa tells you. Because you had an independence referendum a couple of years ago in which you agreed to hoist your bare Caledonian arse in the air and allow the Conservative to skelp it. It’s a bit much now complaining that it hurts. So just shut up and take your nasty medicine, and we’re not even going to pretend that it’s for your own good. It’s for the good for the Tory party, and you’re just going to have to take their cheek on the cheeks. The Tories will decide what sort of Brexit we’re going to get, and Scotland will just have to accept it. That’s how things work in this perfect partnership of nations where Scotland leads and doesn’t leave. Estonia and Malta have more influence over the sort of Brexit we’re going to get than Scotland does.

The fact of the matter is that Scotland has every right to revisit the vote of 2014 because of the change in circumstances delivered by the Unionist parties. Not one of the promises and commitments that Better Together made has been kept. Because when we had that vote in 2014 it was not a vote to concede forever. It was a vote to give Westminster one last chance to prove itself. And they’ve proven that they are duplicitous mendacious liars who wouldn’t recognise a commitment if Beyoncé put a ring on it for them. Apparently what happened in September 2014 was that the people who lost the referendum are expected to keep to what Alicsammin said during it, but the people who won it can blithely ignore everything said by everyone in the Better Together campaign.

Strictly speaking … which is a phrase that’s impossible to utter now without thinking about that dance show on the telly. And strictly speaking the only real question is “Why, Ed? Just why?” Because now I’ll never be able to look at a Labour politician without thinking of an inbred banjo player. Although to be fair when you look at the Holyrood front bench it’s always been hard not to think of that anyway. Ed Balls did a very good impression of an inbred banjo player who’d overdosed on an eccy, a political performance even more cringeworthy than George Galloway’s cat impression. Although still not quite as embarrassing or cringeworthy as Kezia Dugdale’s attempts to get to the end of an interview with Gordon Brewer. But I digress.

Anyway, strictly speaking Theresa has the power to block a second indendepence referedum, but she’s not going to do it. Doing so would be a political performance even more stupid than anything that Kezia Dugdale has ever done. That’s how stupid it would be. Strictly speaking Theresa also has the power to pass a law saying that anything that comes out of the mouth of Liam Fox is as big a pile of steaming dung as the product of a herd of elephants with diarrhoea. She’s not going to do that either, even though it’s far more true than the claim that Scotland has no justification in seeking to maintain its membership of the EU by means of a second indyref if that’s what it’s going to take.

The simple fact of the matter is that Westminster has already conceded that Holyrood has the right to decide it wants an independence referendum. We currently have a Holyrood where there is a pro-independence majority and a ruling party which said in its manifesto that it would consider the situation of a Scotland being taken out of the EU against its will as a trigger for another independence referendum. And the SNP was returned to government by the people of Scotland on that manifesto.

If there is a majority in Holyrood for a second independence referendum, then it would be a travesty of democracy for a Westminster government which has a single solitary stuffed toy of a representative from Scotland to block it. But travesties of democracy don’t really bother Westminster. The real reason Theresa May won’t block it is because it would spark off a constitutional crisis of Brexshit proportions, and we’ve already got one of those. It would make the difficult and tricky negotiations with the EU on Brexit even more difficult and tricky than they’re already going to be. And it would pretty much guarantee a majority for independence in Scotland. If Westminster concedes that realpolitik demands that it shouldn’t block a second independence referendum then it can also console itself that it has a chance of winning it. Blocking a second independence referendum only delays the inevitable, and when the referendum is finally held Westminster is certain to lose.

This is the same as what happened the last time. The last time the Unionist press united in its determination to assure us that Alicsammin didn’t really want an independence referendum, and that he wouldn’t really bring a bill forward for it in Holyrood. Then when he did they told us that Westminster would surely block it if he was daft enough to press ahead. And then Westminster bowed to the inevitable and conceded that attempting to block it would be foolish and self-defeating. We’re getting a repetition of the same tired old scare stories as the last time. But the difference is that this time we all know that the scare stories are just stories, and the threats are a bluff.

The Unionist establishment is already howling in fear and anger, because they know that a second independence referendum is unavoidable, and they know that they’re going to lose it, overwhelmingly.

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0 thoughts on “Overwhelmingly yes

  1. We had a referendum, on EU membership, Scotland voted by 62% to stay in the EU. When Westminster initiates Brexit then Scotland should declare the Union of Scotland and England dissolved to satisfy the wishes of the 62%.

  2. Yes, exactly.
    Given all the delusional cheerleading from the anglo-msm claiming that the economy has not dived now that we have “left” the EU.
    We have not left. We are still in with open access to the single market. This orchestrated cheerleading is either a cover for the realisation that trouble lies ahead or the Tory right want a sudden “walk away” from the EU.
    You know the argument, take it hard then the phoenix will rise from the ashes! The phoenix is a myth, not an empirical law of nature, let alone economics.
    When you are suddenly on the outside, having walked away, then do not expect the EU to be accommodating even if you sail into Hamburg on the Britannia!!
    Scots voted to remain. And remain we will.

    • The storm clouds are gathering, John.
      Paul is spot on, in this piece.
      We were lied to by the New Labour Front men.
      Darling, Brown, Murphy, and Bayonet Davidson cajoled, threatened, and downright lied, via a more than complaisant media, and the Tories used the Labour Branch Office as a prophylactic to roundly shaft Scotland for ever more, apparently.
      We sent New Labour’s ‘Fucking Useless’ Forty(a member of their own Shadow Cabinet’s description) packing in May 2015, and returned a pro Self Determination 56 to WM, and this year, despite an electoral system designed by Blair to prevent any one party governing in Scotland, the SNP recorded an historic third victory.
      Yet daily we are bombarded with imperial diktats from England, delivered by ProudScotsBut media puppets; Scotland is expected to sit on its hands while a poisonous Far Right Tory Party, fronted Up Here by Mundell the Magnificent tells us what’s going to happen to us, because they are not Scottish, but ‘British’.

      Meanwhile the shredded remains of the Marxist Popular Front look on haplessly, singing about England’s green and pleasant land.
      Over, quite literally, my dead body, mate.
      The Road to Independence is clear, but no longer stretches into the distance.
      We are nearly there.
      Our day has come. The fire shall not be dimmed.

  3. The Tories are aiming, according to the Telegraph, for a Big Repeal Bill to annul the 1972 EU law so that Parliament can take back control. EU laws will become domestic and then “we can choose” what to keep.
    That can then be seen as a de facto and de jure exit from the EU all at once.
    In effect, does that not mean that a “hard” Brexit has been effected? And consequently, the EU can immediately impose tariff, end passporting rights for the City of London?
    We would have to put up barriers too, reintroduce customs and excise for our citizens returning from the EU and restricting the “duty-free”.
    Import duties for all incoming widgets for industry and commerce added to the fall in the pound, will cause disruption. Then EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens on the continent? What then?

  4. Do you get the impression that the Tory party are members of the magic circle, sent the Royals out on a wee trip, have Fox grind on about a land of milk and honey they will take us too, missing out the bit about 40 years in the wilderness, just like the great illusionists, have you looking one way so you don’t see what is really going on. Whilst the media was looking the other way Theresa was in France with the Chinese singing away billions of tax payers money, all behind closed doors and in secret. How much faith do you have in their dealings after brexit?

  5. Back in time for a beezer. Well said Paul. 🙂

    And on that note…

    ‘Article 50 triggered by end of March next year’. T. May on Marr show

    Huge if true. 😉

  6. UK ENGERLAND will regain its sovereignty and freedom. That’s important. Then ENGERLAND can crack the whip and put the native tribes back in their cage. Job done. There will always be a ENGERLAND and ENGERLAND shall be free, and f*ck everyone else.

  7. I’m not convinced (unfortunately) that we can overcome the MSM (certainly the Beeb’s new charter nails its Union Jack to the mast) and/or convince enough No voters to ‘see the light’.

    Some people seem so totally indoctrinated by decades of ‘Rule Britannia’ that they seemingly would vote ‘Unionist’ no matter how detrimental it may be for them personally; a sort of mental Stockholm Syndrome.

    Hope I’m wrong.

    • Spot on with the Stockholm Syndrome bit. Though, in reality that means that all the Quislings will continue to tug their forelocks, whilst sinking to their knees, at any command from their colonial masters.

      As far as I am concerned, in the words of Emiliano Zapata, “It is better to die standing on your feet than to live on your knees.”

  8. The real crisis won’t hit in march next year, it will come sooner with the Grand Repeal. Scots law is sovereign and not part of UK law. Some yoons think that England can ride roughshod over Scots law and even repeal it. They can’t. They need the SG approval and they won’t be getting it. Abolish the Holyrood to try and circumvent it and the risk breaching the act of union. This is why the the sub branch parties representing the duchy of Grand Fenwick need sturgeon to embrace Brexit, they’re screwed if she doesn’t and the lady is clearly itching for a fight.

    • Yes, agree; even the apparent decision now to invoke Article 50 by March 2017 without apparent recourse to Parliament (either Westminster or Holyrood) will undoubtedly yield some surprising allies i.e. even Conservatives not enamoured of the idea of Brexit, – for all devolved’ issues, let alone the legal enshrining of EU Human Rights Law, Scots Law stands in its own right (under the Union)-whether they choose to adhere to the Union or not … let’s wait and see!…but ignoring Scotland under the Union is the core issue (this current EU debacle just being a good illustration of what happens in this respect on a routine basis).- seems we have direct rule by a P.M. now, no need for a Parliament! – why consult Parliament, they may not give you the result you want… its coming yet.

    • I’d venture that we are all itching for a fight now, David.
      Woe betide the So Called Scottish Labour Branch Office if they attempt to derail the will of the ‘will of the vast majority of the Scottish people.’
      It is getting to serious ‘make your mind up’ time for the left wing in Scotland.
      To continue actively supporting the most radically right Tory Administration in my lifetime, or choose life.
      Or will Dugdale adopt a ‘I have here in my hand a piece of paper’ from May the Mighty vowing to maintain farm subsidies at CAP levels, and free for all fishing in our waters with no quotas of red tape?
      The So Called Scottish Labour Party is about to self combust because of their fixation about their constitution, and independence from England’s Green and Pleasant Land.
      Ruth Davidson and her LisTory Boys will do their master’s bidding, and sell Scotland Down the river.
      Patrick Harvie?
      Willie Rennie?

      • I’m puzzled by your belief that the Labour party in Scotland is left wing. Labour is getting down to its core vote i.e. the old, the tribal and the elected representatives still in power at local level (and their network of cronies). The left wingers have mostly departed the politically bankrupt branch office. And the few who remain have little influence in the pretendy little party.

  9. Hey – I may play banjo, and maybe my people didn’t have the get up and go to leave rural Ayrshire and Galloway to become Appalachian hillbillies like so many of our kin, but please – *never* compare us to Ed Balls. We may have little dignity, but we deserve better than that.

  10. So, end of March 2017 it is. Two years to negotiate the detail and Independence day in March 2019. Sounds good to me.

  11. We may be seeing the flutterings of the end of the ‘phoney war’ with the suggestion that EU laws will become domestic laws to be subsequently removed from statute. But, a) many existing UK laws have, within them, subservience to EU laws and directives and unpicking them will take an unknown amount of time and energy and b), hello, this also applies to many Scottish laws and I doubt if the Scottish government will have much enthusiasm for repealing or modifying them.

    And the car manufacturers have raised the corporate heads above the parapet (yeah, about time) to observe that investments are now on hold until this mess is sorted out as it would not be profitable to export from Englandshire to the EU if there is a 10% tariff. The EU, meanwhile, would be unlikely to remove the tariff as it could, in theory, allow cars made cheaply elsewhere be imported into Englandshire and then re-exported to the EU, something which applies to a long list of goods that could also, in theory, be imported to Englandshire then re-exported to the EU, so don’t expect the EU to be anything other than protectionist in attitude.

    It is possible that Mayday is being extremely devious and secretly plotting the downfall of the three Brexiteers. However, in my experience, when it comes to a toss-up between cockup (words that should only be used together carefully) and conspiracy, the cockup invariably wins. Fumbling around in the dark can be dangerous, especially when looking for the gas leak with a box of swan vestas.

  12. And so an unelected Prime Minister of a government in power, with a low %age of the electorate votes, announces a major policy decision on membership of a large trading and political bloc on chat show! Presumably Marketting told her that the elected MPs all watch the chat show so no need to formally announce to the country’s parliament. And of course, no debate.


    So the ToryScum™ Galactofuck Party think that they are going to accept all EU rules, receive a soft Brexit from the EU, and then repeal the bits they don’t want at will and without consequences.

    Would the Dug like to (colourfully and with extreme prejudice) tell them where to get off? That it doesn’t work like that in the real world – which the ToryScum™ left a long time ago.

    With Grateful thanks. Your apoplectically, etc.

    Tiocfaidh ár lá for Scottish Independence from across the water.

  14. For all we know we are already well over the finish line , all these supposed polls, predictions, trends, are total pish ,pure guess work presented in an entirely scientific manner by some very well spoken articulate and convincing people , but in the end just PISH .
    Trees “A” in my opinion was single handedly responsible for the English referendum on the EU. While in her previous incarnation being in charge of immigration She failed spectacularly and continually to curb immigration , this single issue brought Nigel & son of the Donald and their ilk , the KKK, EDF ,National front all under the banner of UKIP this to give them some credibility and pass them off as a political party as opposed to the Lynch mob most people believe these people are , UKIP scared the shit out of the Tory party because people would then see that ther wasn’t any difference between them they were one of the same, one with a caring mask one without .

  15. Based on events today TM said rather more than No. It was more like: Scotland is irrelevant, now fuck-off. As Sturgeon Tweeted: “PM going out of her way to say Scotland’s voice and interests don’t matter. Strange approach from someone who wants to keep UK together.”

    • yep maybe “Trees A” will in her i am in charge world , slip up and try to be too bossy she might in fact do our job for us , as they say Every little helps , better together yep we sure are .

    • The P.M. (not Parliament) has advised us that ‘We will leave the European Union as one United Kingdom. There is no opt out from Brexit.’

      In name we are indeed the United Kingdom, however in the specific context and meaning of the word ‘United’ the following is of some relevance:-

      Souce: BBC News:-

      ‘Scotland voted decisively in favour of remaining in the EU but the UK voted to leave There were 2,679,513 votes cast (not including rejected ballots) in Scotland. There were 1,661,191 for Remain, exactly 62% of the votes cast.

      This was compared with a 51.9% vote in favour of Leave across the UK. There were just over a million votes for Leave in Scotland (1,018,332), almost 650,000 votes behind Remain.

      Every Scottish local authority area voted in favour of Remain.’

      Hardly in this context a ‘United’ Kingdom, and to believe that the Country / Kingdom of Scotland’s wishes can simply be ignored within the Union…well Scotland itself has long said on this and all things,

      ‘Nemo me impune lacessit.’

  16. Just watched Brewer’s Droop’

    Davidson seems to think that the plight of Scotland under the Iron Heel of her Neo Nazi London colleagues, is hilariously funny.

    I hope the BBC News Where You Are Producer had a supply of Kleenex and a fag ready for her to bring her down after her multi orgasmic chuckles guffaws and hearty hockey sticks bouts of laughter coupling with Brewer, the born again Tory Boy.

    I fail to see what she finds so hilariously funny about her party’s systematic and quite deliberate destruction of Scotland, the unrelenting impoverishment of her fellow Scots, and her treacherous U turn on the EU, and Scotland’s exit against the will of the people.

    I have seldom witnessed such a smug self satisfied performance from anybody in public life as this self promoter’s Laugh In today.
    She is so far up her own arse with self importance that she is great danger of morphing into a big round pink ball of blubber.

    She loves being under the lights, gets her rocks off being famous and has a heart of stone; she shows all the traits of a psychopath. Hundreds of thousands starve, do without adequate heat, shelter, clothing, and pensioners are now to be evicted from their homes because they are to be included in the Bedroom tax scam, and she sits on the telly and laughs her fucking head off.
    She is publishing a paper today’. It’s because of drink, drugs and family break ups that so many Scots are in poverty, and dying prematurely.
    No it’s not, oh Rotund Tory Mouthpiece.

    You have cut sickness benefits, pensions, WFTC, and sacked hundreds of thousands of public service workers. 500,000 Scots live below the poverty line. Zero hours low paid wage slavery, Pay Day Loans at %1200, foodbanks, no employment rights Tory Serfdom.

    You are directly responsible for the misery and despair. Not drink, not drugs. You are, you grinning tasteless imbecile.
    I see Andy MacIver, ex Tory Communications man, and Kathy Grant ( the wee soor face with the put on Oxbridge Received Pronunciation blah de blah accent) got appearance money today, talking Tory shit.

    Pacific Quay, is now Tory Towers?

  17. I posted this over at Wingsoverscotland also ;
    From the outside looking into the UK, as an Irish and European person, with a PhD from Stirling. several things strike me about the Scottish situation
    a) Theres an apparent unwillingness to accept that independence may well come at a cost, and that cost is upfront.
    b) If the SNP REALLY wants independence, then call an election, stand on a “we will declare UDI” platform and see. In other words, move parliament to a Scottish constitutional convention and move on with it.
    c) An independent Scotland outside the EU will have to come in. A Scotland that becomes independent while still a part of the EU (Thats before 1/4/2019 it seems) has a decent chance of staying in the EU
    d) new entrants must accept the Euro. If your a big state like Sweden or Poland you can engineer technical reasons to “fail’ the tests. Scotland wont be big. So you will be Euro bound. That answers your currency question

    I wish Scotland well. my personal view, and my view as a professor of finance and economics, is that an independent Scotland in the EU will be less worse off than a region of a brexited UK.

      • And if thatst the price of EU membership? What then Jack? Dont, please, fall in the Brexit trap of “we hold the cards”. You dont. YOU will be supplicants, welcomed and warmly but on the terms and conditions dictated by the European Union.

        • Och, Brian. Pop over to WoS again. The criteria for joining the Euro are laid out there in response to your duplicate post there.
          Nobody’s getting their knockers in a twist over this wee walk down your garden
          And I speak as one having a Phd in horse’s manure. Aye, right.

  18. I speak as as someone who has been an independence supporter since before I was eligible to vote. I am now 60. I sincerely hope to see independence in my lifetime. I have followed this site for a long time. Paul is a great writer and a significant voice. The question is who is listening? I am. I am already convinced. We need to reach the unconvinced. My experience so far is that people don’t like to be proved wrong. We need to find a strategy that is not “I told you so”. If we don’t we will lose despite the obvious logic that independence makes sense. Some people use their emotions only when voting. Many people are swayed by the MSM. We still have a lot of older voters who will resist change. If the independence movement can reach them we will win. If we don’t we cannot. Answers on a postcard.

    • Would “We (not just you) were sold a Bill of Goods” do something to convince previous No voters? Point out *all* of the lies & broken promises of Bitter Together, so many that I don’t need to list them, they are all well-kent.

      Would have even more effect if coming from the mouths of folks who had switched from No to Yes for these very reasons.

  19. We need to watch out – we think that we’re on to the rUK’s tricks via gov’t and MSM, but the British Empire didn’t survive for so long without a lot more tricks up its sleeve.

    Why were there two demos in Glasgow two weeks ago – one Hope not Fear (Saturday), one Yes (Sunday), plus a suddenly organised SNP ‘Getting the Band Back Together’ on the same afternoon as the Yes rally on Glasgow Green, thus resulting in diminished partipation and diminished press coverage? These different events are not necessarily due to diversity, but to the fact that the leading protagonists are not agreeing with each other – and this is not a time to be disagreeing with each other; we can do that after independence – we can disagree to our hearts’ content then, but for now, we need to negotiate with one another in private and present a united front to the powers that will be gleeful if we are divided.

    We need to take notice of people who are in prominent positions in indy-leaning groups but are willing to ‘factionalise’ – they are not helping.

    I’m not the most sophisticated political observer, and have great respect for all the groups that emerged around the indy-ref, but all participants (yes, you SNP, as the most powerful, amongst others) need to communicate with one another if we’re going to escape from this rough UK beast slouching towards Brexit.

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