In the darkness of the storm, we can see the rainbow

You might think that with a Brexit vote supported by just 52% of those who voted that the Tories would go slowly and carefully on their plans to take the UK out of Europe. You might think that they’d be concerned to ensure that they gained the support of the whole country. You might think that they’d be careful not to antagonise other EU countries which hold most of the cards in Brexit negotiations and which are concerned about the fate of their citizens who live in the UK. You might think all of these things because you’d be a sane, rational and reasonable person. Which means you’re not a Tory.

The Tories have instead chosen to use the Brexit vote as an excuse to go full on fuck the foreigners. They want companies who employ foreign citizens to list them, so that the companies can be shamed. In Britain in 2016, newspapers carry headlines saying that companies have to register their foreign born staff in order to be castigated. They say British jobs for British workers. They say that the Prime Minister has “the liberal elite” in her sights. They are headlines that wouldn’t look out of place in a middle European country in the 1930s.

It’s no longer that the storm clouds are gathering on our future. The storm clouds are already here. The papers spent months investigating anti-semitism on the left, and now the right openly vomits naked racism on the body politic and the same papers applaud. Welcome to the storm. Welcome to the tempest. Welcome to the hurricane that destroys what remains of what is good about Britain. And it’s crying bitter tears.

Amber Rudd wants to crack down on the numbers of foreigners who come to Britain to study. All that foreigners can learn from Tory Britain is that they are not welcome here. There is no tolerance. There is no acceptance. All there is here is tattered bunting on a royal parade and a fifteen year old being taught to march and use a gun and salute his superiors. This is the Britain that thinks it’s still a global power, that imagines that the world will defer to us because we once painted a third of the globe in the blood red of empire. This is the country being created in the image of the former Home Secretary who gave us the racist van campaign. The whole country is now trapped in the van of her racism.

Liam Fox defends the refusal of the British government to give any reassurances to the hundreds of thousands of EU citizens who have chosen to make their homes here. They’re one of our strongest cards, he quipped. They’re not humans who deserve respect and consideration, they’re just hostages to the fortunes of the Tory party. Foreigners.

The Tories want to reduce the number of foreigners who work in the health service and encourage them to leave in a few years time. It was announced on Tuesday that foreign born doctors will be allowed to stay until extra “home grown” medics are trained. And meanwhile British medical students will be penalised if they choose to work abroad. It’s the effective conscription of medical workers, while working class kids will experience a more direct form of militarisation as army cadet units are rolled out in more and more state schools. Waving the red white and blue is to be complusory in this new Britain. But it’s Scottish independence supporters who are the divisive nationalists.

And while the Tories trumpet their hatred and disdain for everyone who’s not a Union fleg waving Brit, where’s the Labour party? Where’s the party that sees itself as embodying the liberal soul of Britain? Why, it’s issuing press releases saying that the Tories haven’t kept their promises to reduce immigration and implying that Labour would be even tougher. In the UK politics have become UKIPised. The British state has embraced Nigel Farage as its spiritual mentor. And all this has happened on the anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, when East Enders in London in 1936 fought back against a march of Oswald Moseley’s Blackshirts. Those anti-fascist campaigners are looking down from the heavens and are weeping. What has become of this place?

These are frightening times. These are bleak and nasty times. This is how fascism is born. This is what it looks like. It looks like a Prime Minister who preaches patriotism. It looks like a Home Secretary who demands that foreigners are registered. It looks like a Trade Secretary who speaks of humans as bargaining chips. This is the red white and blue tempest that has come down upon us to strip away all that we hold dear.

Our visions of tolerance, our dreams of internationalism, our aspirations to grow through openness, all are threatened by the caustic rain of British racism. Yet we will nuture the flame of hope and keep alive the knowledge that things do not have to be this way. They will be the torch that lights the way out to a better land. Because there is a path out of the madness. There is a route to escape the dark forest of despair. There is a garden of sanity, and it is within reach. All we have to do to get there is to hold true to our better selves, to trust in our powers of persuasion, to keep faith in our abilities to create a better world.

It’s clearer than ever that there is no place for a civic Scotland, a European Scotland, a tolerant and outward looking Scotland, within this failing state. We must take the path out of the forest. It’s time for Scotland to seek its own destiny. The stakes have never been higher.

Let’s stand together, born Scots, Scots by choice, Scots by accident, Scots by design, linking arms, shoulder to shoulder. And we say no to the madness, we will not acquiesce, we will not consent. We will build a better land, and we will be the owners of our own destiny. In the darkness of the storm, we can see the rainbow.

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0 thoughts on “In the darkness of the storm, we can see the rainbow

    • Fascinating video! I knew all about the Battle of Cable Street (I’ve lived in London for 30 years after all,) but was blown away by the sheer scale of it as shown in the film.

      Thanks for posting 🙂

  1. It still appears that people are happy to sleepwalk into another nightmare ? I sincerely hope these comments by *unt and the others will be the slap that awakens some ?

  2. THE best and most important post you have ever written. Warmest congratulations. This, more than anything else, should be shared and shared again. So very well done.

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  4. Dig a deep channel between the Solway and Tweed, sit back and watch England implode. Good post – if anything, the reality is even more bleak.

    • It’s a little-known-fact that the original design of Hadrian’s Wall included a moat on the northern side. It was to be three miles wide. The whole scheme was to be known as Hadrian’s Ship Canal (and Wall). The goddam bureaucrats ruined it.

  5. England is crashing hard into the hole it dug. Its possible that we might find a referendum difficult to act on with this level of rhetoric oozing from the Tories. Its sliding deep and its getting worrying when you enact conscription on medical staff, alongside enforced monitoring and tagging of non-English workers.

    The MSM is breathtaking in its co-operation with them, and as I type this, I am dreading work in the morning – 50% EU at least, already somewhat spooked, and this?

    I will be on that list tomorrow – now more than ever – Scottish not British.

    • Absolutely, this is just the tip of the iceberg, I can see conscription coming for our young. Such a shame, never thought I would see such a rabid right wing english state, verging on fascism, very very scary.

      • I think this would be an extremely dangerous, not to say downright stupid, thing to do. Remember 19/9/2014? Can you imagine training some of those in how to handle and use weapons? And for those reasons alone – dangerous, stupid, the tories will go with it.

  6. Thanks Paul, we need your positivity right now. It is getting really scary, this UKok.
    For Scotland, this is a crucial time, we will definitely be taken down with these fascists unless we get out, and quick. Surely this has now gone far enough to get at least soft no voters thinking seriously about their decision.

    Who knows what plotting the WM unionists are up to, but we can be sure it is going to include more of the iron fist telling Scotland where to go.

    Not sure we can wait until 2019, or even 2018 to have another indy ref, the way things are going and the language being used by the unionists.

  7. Thanks Paul, for speaking up against this utterly unacceptable xenophobic rhetoric and mindset, which many Tories and tabloids seem to have harboured for some time.
    Less than four months ago, I felt welcome anywhere in the UK. Since 23rd June, I’m not so sure about that any more. It seems to get worse by the day, especially since the Conservatives came together to pat their backs and cheer each other for breaking the country and fuelling hatred, aka CPC 2016.

    Needless to say that I’m even more worried for my wife and daughter who are Asian and mixed, respectively. (However, unlike in London and Essex, we have not encountered any hostility at all in Scotland yet! At least in our immediate neighbourhood people have been very welcoming. It has to be pointed out.)

    As a German, I was exposed to more than enough history lessons in school about 1920/1930’s Germany and the rise of xenophobia and antisemitism. The arguments were frightingly similar indeed, and so were the initial measures taken. Tomorrow, we (foreigners) will be forced to wear tags, our houses will be marked, anybody who supports us (employers, community, friends) will be committing criminal offences, and then the Home Office will knock doors and bring all foreigners out of the country?

    I wouldn’t expect the average Brit to actually see what’s going on here. Basic understanding of politics and how democracy works is not compulsory in English schools, I have been told; not sure about Scotland. Nor would I expect that many pupils in the UK learn as much about the rise of Nazi Germany as we do.

    But well-educated politicians, and (even more importantly) newspaper and tabloid editors are certainly very aware of the parallels here, and their own role in fuelling the fire. And that really is frightening!

    This racist and xenophobic rhetoric has to stop. And if we can’t stop it, I hope Scotland can cut ties with a country where blind hate and erratic policies are seemingly becoming the norm.

    • Really great blog, thanks

      @ moaningkraut yes a truly sad state the UK is in

      Theresa’s carefully crafted plans are in my mind:

      UK armed forces soon to have no human rights limitations. A state of emergency on some pretext. Armed forces deployed to maintain the peace…A nationwide version of the NI Troubles coming to a street near you.

      I am on the edge of my seat waiting for IndyRef2 to be announced.
      As soon as this is announced I will start my “long walk to freedom” to use my fellow Africans book title.
      I have decided that if there is no other way, I will walk from my home on the Devon coast to freedom in Scotland.
      I am an African who by chance of DNA is also a European (Scottish, Welsh, German, French, Portuguese& Netherlands / Dutch). Failing a call for IndyRef2 I will be heading for Folkestone to sneak onto a Calais bound vehicle to seek asylum.

  8. Thank you Paul – your eloquence is more needed than ever today… Lets hope it inspires many more to speak out against this madness and economic vandalism. We have to work together, and though the world feels ever more chaotic and dangerous we must mobilise and inform the passive, and fearful many in Scotland to ensure that IndyRef2 empowers us to take the next step for our nation . To leave Little Britain behind… and to step onto the international stage in our own right and be a force for good in the world instead of greed and division.

  9. Magnificent, Paul.
    If anything, you understate the rise and rise of right and left wing fascism sweeping the green and pleasant land.
    England has been placed on a ‘war footing’, to take on Johnny Foreigner. They are attempting to engender the Dunkirk spirit, and Rudd’s chilling speech, and the whole tone of the Neurofenberg Rally in Birmingham this week augers ill for the colonies.
    The Tories are drawing an Iron Curtain across Old Blighty, and as you point out, the tempest is raging now, not in March 2017, or two years after that.
    We must get out of this terrible Union now.
    You continue to hit nails on the head, sir. Thank you.

    • They have been trumpeting it for quite some time, only it’s been just subliminal enough for most people not to notice it; it’s couched in seemingly innocuous terms, such as “Working your way out of poverty”.

      In a similar vein, those unable to work due to illness/disability have been marginalised (by all parties) by the constant referral to “Hard-working families” – that plants the notion that these people are somehow “below” the general population, which then of course makes it easier for the govt to treat them ever more harshly without a peep from Joe Public.

  10. If this is the way the government deal with Britexit how will they handle another referendum in Scotland like many I am very concerned about the approach they take and can see dark times ahead as we are pushed back in the shortbread tin and told to behave ,not a good time for anyone it will end in tears.

  11. Today I am both angry and sad. My heart sank reading about and listening to the Tories today. My 88 yr old mother actually had tears in her eyes. My father was a kindertransport child, our family knows and understands well what ultra right wing politics can lead to. This xenophobic vitriol wrapped up under the guise of ‘patriotism’ sends shudders through my body.

    My son in law is an immigrant. He’s lived in the UK since a young boy, but has never taken British Citizenship. Being from the Caribbean he never felt the need. Tonight he just froze when we starting talking about what the Tories have unleashed. He had fear in his eyes.

    We’re a diverse family living in a progressive civic society in Scotland. We demand that continues! I fear for Scotland with the Tories in charge.

    I am beyond speechless at what we are witnessing. I hope others in Scotland now have their eyes opened and realise we can get away from this. No one is pretending it will be simple, but the alternative?

  12. Easily the finest thing you have yet written Paul. More power to your elbow. We really must get away from what the Tories are turning England into.

  13. My fear is that the Tories are planning an ultra-fast hard brexit by prerogative, ban indyref2 and dissolve Holyrood. Possibly declare state of emergency if there are disturbances.

    • The first item in the Vow was to make Holyrood permanent. It was put as an amendment to the Scotland Bill, but it was then crushed by Westminster.

      Westminster can close Holyrood anytime they want. They did it seven times to Stormont.

      • Excellently put.

        David Cameron said … he was ‘listening to Scotland’… not long after, indeed the day after the Referendum he was listening so hard, we had EVEL imposed (not that our 59 MPs could do anything about it of course, in ‘the precious Union’ set in a silvery sea… as outnumbered 10:1) …only fair says Dave under the Union, and Scotland’s MPs were overnight reduced to third class subjects under the precious Union. Our 56 MPs could easily form the Official Labour has been in complete meltdown . but wait, how can ‘Scottish MPs’ consider and vote on English matters now (under EVEL) as the official opposition?…

        I am sure there was once a time we were told that voting No was the one sure way to remain in the EU? ….. those that did vote No may wish to reflect on some of the porky pies told by those porky pie tellers pre-Referendum.

        On the recent Conservative Party created EU mess where Scotland is on course to be dragged out of the EU against its will –

        … Prime Minister Theresa May has told First Minister Nicola Sturgeon she is “willing to listen to options” on Scotland’s future relationship with the European Union…

        though more recenlty…..

        ‘and I will never allow divisive nationalists to undermine the precious Union between the four nations of our United Kingdom’

        It seems the listening (and therefore the consultation phase) and indeed being full paid up participating members of this Union …is over… before of course it ever actually began.

        He that once was the future told us that ‘nothing was off the table’ in terms of powers for Scotland…well take a wee peek under table at the ground in crumbs that are all that was ever grundgingly given up by Westminster and the Smith Commission post the Referendum.

        Where are the seldom seen kids who never failed at every opportunity (freely given the opportunity to do so and never queried by the media) to state that indeed Scotland had Home Rule bar Defence and Foreign affairs..we have delivered the Vow… honest…what are you complaining about …. repeat a lie often enough and some people will beleive it.. what was it, 9% ! of people even believed the etherial Vow had been delivered ….

        Independence is a state of mind.. if the seed is already planted it can only grow, if it hasn’t been planted yet…. heaven help you if have heard nothing in the past weeks that alarms you from the current regime in Westminster… is this is what you want for Scotland?…an eloquent solution to EVEL, if this is all Scotland is under the precious Union, and can ever expect, is SVSL i.e. Independence.

        The 1 Liberal MP in Scotland, the only Labour MP in Scotland and the 56 SNP MPs representing Scotland (all incidentally democratically elected) voted on behalf of their consituencies against the renewal of Trident…. and the only Conservative MP (also democratically elected but with barely an 800 majority) votes to renew Trident – and of course under the precious Union (and against the overwhleming will of the Scottish electorate) = Trident imposed in Scotland,

        Perhaps these (or is it this) Liberal and Labour MPs too are ‘divisive nationalists’ having the timerity to defy the one Conservative MP – (because 1 is a much bigger number than 58 when it comes to the governance of Scotland).

        A very divisive thing indeed this democracy. Just imagine (perhaps in a parallel universe) if even this Conservative MP had indeed voted against the renewal of Trident – would Tridents renewal still have been imposed on Scotland?…..answers on a postcard….if this is how Scotland is treated under the precious Union.. for this and all the other logical reasons ..

        I will again most definitely be voting Yes for Independence.

  14. brilliant as ever and like Dunroamin’s mum I have tears in my eyes., not just for the threatening times we live in but for what might have been if we had shaken ourselves free.

  15. Very true and fitting, as always Derek . But, I wish you would refrain from using foul language, as it always detracts from the case in hand.

  16. I lived through Thatcher and I can’t remember a more fearful time. I’m scared! We need hope from the independent parties and we need it now. It can only get worse.

  17. We are living in the early days of a fascist nation. I hope we can get out. We may be annexed, like the Sudetenland and Poland. Wasn’t 1930s Germany also supported by the media, business and finance?

  18. I am genuinely terrified about the way things are going now; overt racism and the metaphorical (at the moment) rounding up of ‘foreigners’ (aka not pure-breds).

    Humans as bargaining chips, Doctors being told that if they’re ‘not from here’ they’ll be ‘sent back’ once they can be replaced & the ongoing dehuminisation of the disabled, unemployed and poor.

    What section of society is next if no-one takes a stand now? Scots? Ginger-haired people? People with regional accents? Catholics? Jews?

    Independence has never been so important to Scotland and her people.

  19. What a fantastic piece of writing, Paul. I am horrified at what I am hearing from the Tories. My husband (who is Irish) says from his perspective the English have never liked foreigners, and I think he’s right, but I never thought it would morph into this outright fascism.The sooner we are out of this mess the better.

  20. A powerful post Paul and I couldn’t agree more.

    The UK is no longer heading for a dark place. Its pulling into the station.

    Most folk from my generation are the sons and daughters of folk who lived through WW2. Their mothers and fathers lived through the blitz or fought in the war. We were brought up to NEVER FORGET.

    Some folk, it appears, have short memories. When democracy fails, when government and societal harmony fails, there exists a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum and sometimes what creeps in to fill the gap is ugly and it is fuelled by ignorance, frustration, fear, rage and mindless hatred.

    There is hope though and we can make a different choice in Scotland. We simply need to ask ourselves when the time comes… what KIND of country do we want to live in?

  21. I was in hospital for a wee procedure on Monday, and I’m glad to report all the nurses were nice and white, and there wasn’t an Asian doctor in sight. Phew…

    Is the “vision” of the neo-fascists now running UKOK, and will our illustrious fourth estate, and our liberal Labour party call them out on it?

    Ermmm, yes, no and no chance is the answer to that one.

  22. Probably your best, Paul (though I have said that often in the past) and some excellent comments btl which were heartening.

    I’ve said before conditions were reminiscent of Germany between the wars, but the tone of the Tory party conference has just speeded up the process. Listing foreign workers is a chilling development.

    I wouldn’t put anything past May’s Tories now. I can only hope any extreme measures taken against Scotland will finally wake up the Soft Noes and we can begin to extricate ourselves from this nightmare.

    Since Scotland is the biggest threat to Glorious UKOKia we can expect rough treatment, and starting very soon.

    It’s make or break time for our ancient country.


    There was a time when the Dug was a vicious beast with its ravening maw firmly clamped on the arse of ToryScum™ and Liarbour™ fat cats. It was laugh-out-loud funny and hugely entertaining. Two years later… it’s nearly inoffensive and almost polite. The horror !


    With a new Indy referendum coming, is it time for a return of the Beast? With added vitriol !!

    FROM 2014

    > The breakfast revolution, 10th September 2014

    > Fraser Nelson was on Newsnight the other night. The actual Newsnight, not the wee pretendy one that used to get aired just after the actual Newsnight. You know that Scotland has changed forever when you find yourself getting nostalgic for Gordon Brewer. Scotland is never off the telly these days and has even pushed Willinkatebabe off the top of the news. Nicholas Witchell is receiving grief counselling.

    > The reason for all the attention is because of a couple of opinion polls showing Yes has closed the gap and is showing momentum have sent the Westminster establishment into a blind panic and the No campaign into a confused and contradictory meltdown – although to be fair they’ve been confused and contradictory since the start and it’s not always easy to tell the difference. Thankfully Fraser is a licenced North Briton who is able to translate the strange Caledonian ogams and portents for an audience who have only just realised that Scotland is serious about this independence lark and that it’s far more significant than the small brown blob at the top of the BBC weather map might suggest.

    > I’m not entirely sure what Fraser was saying as he elocuted at Emily ‘Will Scotland Stay Loyal’ Maitlis, because I can never get past that, ahem, idiosyncratic accent of his. It’s not that he’s hard to understand, it’s just I’m transfixed by his irritable vowel syndrome and miss what he’s actually saying. He speaks like a Scottish person as imagined by Inspector Clouseau. Neuou thehnks Freiyzihrh. A phonetic ballet like that only happens when you’re so far up yourself that you come out the other orifice and as a lifelong student of language it would only be rude not to sit back and appreciate the performance.

    > And then we had a history bit, and Tom Devine and Niall Fergusson got stuck into one another after Niall said we’d be voting to become like Belarus only with worse weather. Drawing on his great academic stature, his deep understanding of Scottish history, his immense erudition, and an intellect which is galactic in the spacey sense and not the chocolate bar sense – Tam telt Neillie boay tae shut his geggie, stop with the pettit lip and whit would you know anyway ya wee fuckwit self-publicising apologist for colonialists, war mongerers and casino capitalists that’s only ever had the one idea in his entire life. Your cringe is showing. Now fuck off and get back to us when you want to be a grown up ya hysterical puffed up balloon. Or words to that effect. Or it might be that’s what I wanted to tell Neillie and I imagined it all.

    – The breakfast revolution, 10th September 2014

    • There are times for the Dug’s more abusive rants – all entertaining and heartening, no doubt – but these are much more serious events, and Paul has risen magnificently to the needs of the hour. What threatens Scotland, as an imprisoned part of May’s new redwhiteanblue full English Brexit-land, is something potentially monstrous. Our struggle now is more urgent and more important than it has ever been – and the Dug has nosed it out, for Paul’s best ever denunciation and his clarion call to recover a civilised future for all of our Scots and our shared Scotland.

      • Not buying it.

        Humour is the more effective weapon. Scatological, vitriolic humor even moreso. Rational arguments are ten-a-penny. Or a hundred.

        Humour reaches the parts that rationality can’t touch. See Monty Python for details –

        Mrs. ‘Trees A May-day’ as a guesthouse owner in Minehead, Englandshire 2016 where some of her ToryScum™ guests are making plans –

        The Dug as a curiously well informed UK peasant –

        “Some moistened bint distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power lies in a mandate from the masses.”

        – The Anarcho-syndicalist Peasant – Monty Python –

        ymmv – “For those that think, the world is a comedy. For those that feel, a tragedy.”

        • “Humour is the more effective weapon”

          Not right now, it isn’t. Paul has treated these noises from that conference as they should be – seriously. We have “funnies” day in, day out and I think that often their point simply goes over the heads of those who keep same heads firmly in the sand. They just don’t get it.

          In this case, there is little to comfort us. I can’t recall a time when I have been more fearful about what awaits people in this country.

  24. These have become dangerous times.

    At the moment I live and work outwith Scotland (in the Balkans), married to a Macedonian and we have a small boy. I am seriously considering whether or not to return home. I was in utter disbelief when the referendum result came in. I stayed up all night with a growing sense of unease and despair. How could rational Scots make such a choice?

    Today I am even more fearful of the direction the UK is heading. It was already difficult for my wife to get “permission” to come to the UK with her husband and child, and now I think it will become increasingly impossible.

    We have entered the rabbit hole and STILL too many Scots seem in fear of marking a different course and taking our society in a better direction. What more needs to happen? Tanks on the streets? Dead Scottish citizens? An armed insurrection?

    Thank you Paul for expressing so clearly the problem facing us. And yet the solution is so simple and easy. But the inhibitor is the media and specifically the BBC. It is long past time for the SNP to stand up for itself and for at least 50% of Scots and declare the BBC as the propaganda mouthpiece it is. Time for SNP representatives to be forceful and direct and if necessary rude to these lick-spittle BBC “journalists” and call a spade a f*cking shovel!

    I believe without doubt that we have reached a critical cross-road in our march to Independence. Are our leaders up to the task? I have great admiration for Nicola Sturgeon and her team, please don’t disappoint me now when clear and forceful action is so desperately needed.

    Soar Alba gu bràth

  25. The UK is going to crash and crash hard. It’s excuses are ready. It’s list of victims being drawn up.
    The tories are turning the UK into a nasty rancid and racist little shithole. Sadly there far too many Scots who would endure this to remain in the union. Thats what saddens me the most.

    • “Sadly there far too many Scots who would endure this to remain in the union. Thats what saddens me the most.” … absolutely agree, David … the “Proud to be Scottish, proud to be British – BitterThegither” brigade were the core of the No vote …probably 30+% of our voting population? and will never change… The Broon fans, Captain Darling, Ruth Davidson, the Orange Order, etc… The remaining 20% No voters are the ones that need to be convinced that #indyref2 is the first step to a better country & life for them & their families (socially, politically & economically)! That’s where we failed last time … how do we build a more convincing positive image of our independent future … more than listing all the downsides of a xenophobic Tory Britain..

  26. Well said, WGD – again.

    England is full of separatists from common decency. Scotland must end the union with England ASAP.

  27. I see that Spain wants the UK to pay for the UK’s ex-pats health care. A sign of things to come?

    I don’t believe European countries are going to roll over and allow things to continue as they are.

    Great post, possibly the greatest. I’m going to try our local dead tree press with it.

    • Great stuff. More people should do the same. I post to the local papers letters page regularly and often get published.

      Vital we rebuff every lie at every opportunity and give people every chance to open their eyes to what is happening.

      Good luck.

      • I remember these expats oan the telly during Brexit campaign, complaining about these damned foreigners being allowed in back home.

    • Unfortunately they couldn’t publish the article, but a shorter letter was accepted. Publication day is Wednesday.
      Fingers crossed.

  28. How can a muslim cleric be jailed for inciting hatred, and yet a national newspaper editor can get off with far worse. I guess it all hinges on how many pals in high places you have.

    Welcome to 21st century Britain. 🙁

  29. I am starting to be really scared. Already my stepson’s Australian wife and children cannot enter Mrs May’s paradise. His children are refused British passports, although their father has Scottish and English ancestry back to the middle ages and is a British national.

    I am about to embark on a journey through France, Spain and Portugal. I have now prepared little posters for my motorhome which declare that “Scotland voted Remain”. I have a collection of EU/Scotland stickers. I have learned to say “Scotland voted Remain” in 5 languages. Portuguese still defeats me!.

    I will however not be advertising my Scottishness until i reach the blessed shores of France. I have to cross hostile territory to get off this island.

    When will the Scottish people realise that the people to the south are different, they do not like us and do not wish us well. If they did they would simply just go their way and leave us to go ours.

      • UK labour released an odious bit of guff about how the tories have overseen an increase in migrants. Scottish labour issued a rebuttal of the tories stance, but since immigration is reserved she has to tow the line in the end [see about face on Brexit for details]

        Labour at this point is beyond saving.

        And the sheer towering mountain of shit from the usual yoon suspects, defending this display of insanity was quite breathtaking.

  30. Great post, Paul. For once I have little to add. Britain is becoming a nastier, blinkered, ignorant and prejudiced place, and this is unfolding in real time. May is doing what Cameron did, but in another form, still dishing out red meat to the slavering bigots for whom Brexit wasn’t ever going to be enough. It will not pacify them, even she will ultimately be torn apart by them. We may be saved if there needs to be an election next year, if the Brexit negotiations yield insufficient for the delusionists and the optimistic deals with the EU fail to appear. It will be a chance to put the brakes on the madness engendered by the referendum. As the insularity and nastiness snowballs, extremism will otherwise wreak a terrible cost on the country, in economical, political and cultural. Only a broad united front of the 48% – plus those who stayed silent – Lib-Dems, SNP, pro-European Tories and Labour, and so on, can resist what is otherwise the ultimate undemocratic take-over by UKIP – with one MP – and the Tory Euro-haters. To quote Thomas Paine, ‘These are the times that try mens’ souls’. The nation is heading in a dangerous direction, and anyone who challenges it risks being labelled ‘unpatriotic’, an ‘expert’ if they try to justify themselves with facts, or a member of some ‘liberal elite’ if they challenge anything. Be worried, very worried……….

  31. Be scared – very scared. Still based in Denmark we had been considering moving back. Although my wife is Danish, she is of mixed African/Danish genes. I’m worried sitting over here. I can’t imagine how it must be watching this nightmare unfold in Scotland.
    Wasn’t this meant to happen only in foreign countries? Weren’t we British too civilized for this kind of rabble rousing?
    The worst part for me is watching Scotland sleepwalking into this never ending nightmare, with all escape routes blocked. I really don’t know what 50 % of our country is thinking about, that is if they think at all.
    Scotland hauled out of Europe against its will and barely a whimper in the polls. I would have expected a large surge and genuine anger at this democratic outrage, and yet nothing. The way in which our political representatives are treated, the way we are othered by the media, politicians and anyone else who wishes to have a go. The vow broken. Our politicians reduced to second class politicians and yet nothing. Our people really do need their heads looked at.
    This creeping fascism is a last resort by political elite at the end of its tether. The forces they are unleashing can’t just be put back in the box when no longer convenient. Don’t they ever learn from history!

  32. Whether we are talking about doctors or a plethora of other work carried out by those not considered as ‘native’ born [whatever TF that means] pandora’s box is now open on this issue.

    No worker with a family in this position is going to hang around for an ‘interim period’ waiting for someone else who apparently is ‘native born’ to be trained up to take over the job they are doing. Right now, and in the days and weeks ahead, a large section of our current experienced and skilled workforce across many sectors are having and going to have serious conversations with their families along the lines of finding alternative employment outside of these islands sooner rather than later.

    Two practical facts are obvious. 1. People and families in that position are not going to hang around waiting to be pushed after they have trained someone else up to do their job. 2. Those jobs will not be able to be filled straight from the queue at the bus stop. Whatever work one is talking about requires not just the right attitude and basic training it requires time to gain experience and everyday expertise not teachable in a training environment. That time will not be available because of 1, above.

    The sheer level of ineptitude on display by the Conservative Party and conservative minded sections of the electorate is worthy of criminal prosecution in regard to the damage it has and will do to the economy and the well being of everyone else.

    These numpties are making strategic gaffe after gaffe announcing publically and loudly their negotiating positions. allowing situations as described above to be created.

    Competent Government my arse.

    Meanwhile, check this out:

  33. What an excellent thought provoking post Paul, definitely one of your best, I wish everyone, not only in Scotland but in the UK could read this and be aware that fascism is just around the corner

  34. They will try to tell us what colour the rainbow should be and in the case of the Yoons it is only Blue Red and White although the Brit Nats seem to be dropping even the Red from their symbolism. Well they were at the Tory Party Conference.

  35. The Tories and their pack dog(s) in the Scottish paliament are simply poking the SNP into calling a 2nd referendum as polls would suggest at the moment that we would lose again.

    So Nicola Sturgeon is right for the moment not to rise to it, meantime however I wish they would be more vocal in calling out these racist bastards on a daily basis…because if you think they’re being underhand now just wait until the Labour party eats itself from within – they’ll be even more emboldened.

    Come on SNP, man and woman up, and let’s hear you!

  36. Ruthie says the SNP are ‘annoying’ the English and Welsh so that they’ll tell us to leave.If that’s all we need to do, nae problem.

  37. One of Paul’s best. Thank you.

    A common political ploy is to announce something unacceptably stupid, suffer opprobrium, backtrack and implement something less stupid but equally unacceptably instead. And so, one day later, the sound of back peddling can be heard, obscuring other equally unacceptable, elitist, xenophobic and racist intentions.

    And so it goes on. Are these actions intentionally inviting a backlash which will then justify the sound of jackboots in the street – or are they genuinely incompetent? Or worse.

    The rational amongst us will try and argue the point, highlight the illogicality of intentions – what, after forty of European integration, is the exact definition of resident / non-resident / English* / non-English? And for every exact definition I will produce an exception. But these are not logical people, a logical argument will fail. Is this how it ends – the futility of the rational against the irrational giving way to fury, the fury leading to violence?

    No. There must be a better way. There is. As espoused in wgd’s last three paragraphs. Freedom!

    *The term ‘English’ is used deliberately; in this context Scottish equates with European.

  38. Choices, choices. I note that The transportation Act of 1707 celebrates its 300th anniversary next year.
    Will we be allowed to list our preferences, when the Thought Police crash down our doors in the middle of the night?
    1. Van Diemen’s land
    2. Ontario
    3. The Bahamas.
    When France kick out David Murray, Craig White and Fred Goodwin, one of them can take over my State requisitioned wee but ‘n’ ben. But be warned, I’m taking the light bulbs and door handles with me.
    Any chance of political asylum in Biarritz?

  39. Ruth Davidson had her angry face on today at FMQ. She DEMANDED to know what mitigating measures that our FM would introduce in light of the up to 80, 000 jobs losses for which Ruth Davidson will be responsible when she abandons her pro EU principles and forces the Scottish nation out of Europe.
    The woman is quite simply mad.
    Paul, may I come around to your pied-a-terre and smash up the furniture. I shall of course demand what steps you will take to replace it al, angily with Churchill-esque gravity..
    It will be all your fault, you see.
    The Loons have taken over the Yoons.
    Davidson and Dugdale, the comely Double D of the Branch Offices.

  40. Great piece, Paul!
    I’ll be back soon! (From Canada)
    Another Yes vote in the bag. It’s just a matter of time. We’ll do it.
    (Qualifying for the World Cup might be another matter, but hope springs eternal.)

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