The two states of quantum Ruth

Ruth Davidson is a living breathing example of quantum theory, a living demonstration that it is in fact possible to be in two states simultaneously. And in that respect she is the very embodiment of Scottish Unionism. There she was just a short time ago, basking the adulation of the Foreigners Are Bad party in Birmingham, telling anyone who’d listen that the Scottish government doesn’t speak for Scotland. Although if she’d thought to follow her own train of reasoning to its logical conclusion she should have realised that she was also arguing that the Tory government doesn’t speak for Britain. It sure as hell doesn’t speak for Scotland. But then neither does Ruth. Ruth speaks for a small minority of Scottish voters and her fans in the Scottish media.

But thankfully everyone in attendance was far too busy to worry about that, being fully occupied throwing Polish people under buses and devising plans to give British born boy scouts and girl guides badges in being a doctor so that they can replace foreigners. First they came for the migrants, and the Tory party roared with approval. Ruth just took the plaudits, took the glory, and bathed in the red white and blue light of the UKIPifaction party like a lizard in the morning sun. I’m going to be the next First Minister of Scotland, she said with her darting tongue. And I’ll be a proper English language First Minister, nane o thon Furst Meenister nonsense in my North Britain. Oh no. The Tories applauded, as the only have experience of Ruth as a photo op in a fawning newspaper and haven’t quite grasped that most people in Scotland loathe them even more than they loathe foreigners.

And then Ruth came back to Edinburgh, fresh from her triumph of the will, only to discover that not even Wullie Rennie was willing to join with her on an attack on the SNP. At least not this week. Everyone was far too horrified at the bloodsucking vampires that the Tories had become, with their new found resolution that Brexit actually means deportations, putting EU citizens on special lists, and hating foreigners. You know that you’ve fallen pretty far from grace when even Anas Sarwar is able to talk down to you. Instead of feeling like Nigel Farage sucking up the applause of his acolytes, Ruth was suddenly feeling like the attendee at a UKIP party meeting who’d been punched in the gob. One after another MSPs lined up to tell her, all your pals are bastards. The Tories aren’t just the nasty party any more, they’re the disgustingly foul sewer of rancid bile party. And you’re one of them, Ruth. Frankly, you smell bad.

But that wasn’t me, squeaked Ruth, who’d suddenly changed from tank girl to tanked girl and looked around franctically for a buffalo on which to sit for a cutesy photo op, finding only the bovine hide of Jackson Carlot who no one, not even his mother, could describe as cute. I love foreign people me, so I do, said Ruth with a hurt expression on her face. I said that they could stay here. I campaigned for us to stay in the EU, although I’ve now changed my mind what with important career considerations and everything.

Admittedly I also campaigned ferociously to ensure that no one in the Scottish parliament could have any influence over whether foreigners get to stay here or not, but the fact that the Tory party has morphed into a version of the National Front with nicer suits and more hair is nothing to do with me at all. Oh no. I just support them wholeheartedly, me and Big T are like sisters, so we are. And am I not my sister’s keeper? Eh? Says so in the bible. Now can we please get back to saying how bad the SNP is? No one told me that the holding to account thing cut both ways when I took this gig. It’s so unfair. I blame Nicola Sturgeon for turning Wullie Rennie against me. It’s probably a foreign plot. Now let’s talk about how the SNP don’t want to allow fracking. That’s really bad so it is.

We’re not talking about fracking today, replied Nicola Sturgeon with the weary resignation of a nursery teacher who’d spent the afternoon explaining the difference between small and far away. Today we’re talking about coal gasification. It’s a different thing. You’re a Tory Ruth, you ought to know about expressing gas.

Even wee Ross Greer got laid in, and when you get your arse kicked by a Green it’s pretty much time to concede defeat and crawl away and hide under a rock. Ruth pouted, and tried to deflect the criticisms back onto Nicola Sturgeon, where all criticisms rightfully belong in Toryland. Isn’t it the case, said Ruth, that the Scottish government needs to do a whole lot more to promote Scottish products abroad. She waved a report from the Fraser of Allander Institute, which said, and I paraphrase, that the Scottish economy is going to be absolutely gubbed after Brexit. Rather like Ruth was being gubbed at FMQs come to think of it. Isn’t this report evidence that the Scottish government needs to do more, she pleaded, and not in fact evidence that the Tory government is responsible for an economic disaster? Because if you pee all over someone’s carpet you have the moral authority to demand what they’re going to do about the smell.

Her balloon was burst as soon as Nicola Sturgeon gently and kindly, like explaining to a small child why peeing on the carpet only embarrasses themselves, that it was Ruth herself who railed constantly against the Scottish government having any sort of presence abroad at all. Yet there she is now complaining that it doesn’t have enough of a presence abroad. Could she please make her mind up. But the truth is that there’s not much of a mind there at all. All there ever was were photo opportunities and snarky tweets.

Poor Ruth, never has there been such a mismatch between the hype and the actual delivery since the release of the Matrix sequels. You’re doing pretty badly when even Keanu Reeves gives a more convincing delivery of his lines than you do. Outside Scotland quantum Ruth is a political collossus, inside Scotland she’s a lost little girl. If Ruth is the great saviour of the UK who’s going to lead the campaign to keep Scotland in the Union, independence is definitely a certainty.

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0 thoughts on “The two states of quantum Ruth

    • Well, I have a soft spot for Wee Ruthie too. I somehow feel she is a decent person. Somewhere on the Road to Dalmarnock she needs to jump off that stinking ship she’s been on all her life….

      • In my humble opinion, I feel that without doubt and with reference to all the rhetorical evidence available, she is definitely NOT a decent person. Decent people do NOT act the way she does in the supposedly responsible position that she has. She is nothing more than a self-serving careerist.

      • ……..and ditch the tanks…………oh yes and the buffalo……………naw just toddle off with them and join the T.A. where you’ll feel more comfortable “Wee Ruthie” …..

  1. A great critique of today’s FMQ – I don’t often hear it but did today and it did cheer me up to hear RD served up on a plate by NS. Having said that, RD really served herself up on the plate; all NS had to do was add the ketchup.

    It is also good to see the Tollie Party being attacked properly at long last. They have had an easy time of it whilst Labour has been making it too easy for us. The Tollies are the real enemy and we should not give them any respite.

    • Well, yes and no Angus. I still feel thst it is the M.S.M, led by their cheerleader, the B.B.C, who are our real enemy. Davidson will still be promoted by the media as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

      • You are right there, Alex, and I really don’t know what we can do about it apart from “chip chip chipping” away and by expanding and strengthening our alternative media. We also need to somehow persuade more to view it and to see through the MSM propaganda and understand its agenda.

  2. Its really awwwwwfully simple.

    Ruth Davidson is a disingenuous, two faced, misrepresenting wannabe first gel, with all the ethical depth and political principle of a moist sheet of bog roll.

    She attempts to defend the indefensible whilst denigrating the Scottish electorate at every opportunity in front of her Tory chums. An electorate she has apparently hopes of representing as First Minister after her cunning ten year plan of whipping the drunken, thieving natives into shape comes to a successful conclusion.

    Though if you ask me, insulting the Scottish electorate whilst relying on them to further your career prospects isn’t perhaps the best thought out strategy of all time (shrugs). Mind you neither is representing a party hell bent on bringing about one of the most catastrophic and toxic societal disasters in the UKs political history. How and ever, being the ‘up for it’, ‘can do’ gel that she is, I’m sure she’ll give it her very bestest effort.

    Or, we could condemn Ms Davidson and her appalling party to the wilderness they so very richly deserve.

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  4. Does Ruth’s party dahn sath have an answer to the falling pound and we have not yet “brexitted”?
    Does the Labour party somewhere have an answer ? Does not seem so?! Where is Kezia?
    What a mess!
    foreigners are now outlawed, maligned and the “cause” of our problems. Even Gordo chanted in his British “moments” ” British jobs for British workers”. He pandered to the Daily Mail.
    Now we have May-hem.

  5. Ruthie’s Brexit could see upto 80,000 people lose there jobs in Scotland and she wants Nicola Sturgeon to do something about it, has it not entered her tiny brain its her party that will cause it. She is always looking for Nicola to clean up her mess,i say let her wallow in her own shit.

  6. The Scottish conservatives have always been hostages to fortune, largely due to the antics of their English head branch. They’ve never pretended to have any autonomy. So when she first talked of tax cuts, Osborne (who had not yet been shown the brexit at this stage) told her no and so she dutifully dumped the idea, saying that Scotland had not earned tax cuts. Thats all she is folks. Shes not a real politician. Shes a cipher. An empty suit sitting on a rented tank.

    It does have its benefits being an non-entity. She gets to open the Tory leaders speech to conference. Not because she is respected, but that they need a clown to warm up the crowds first. So Thatchers mini-me with a bad hair cut gets to come on and like the dutiful servant she is, rip the pish out of Scotland so the Nasty party can feel good about themselves.

    To be fair to her, she did play a blinder by stealing labours bigot vote. Poor old labour reeling from losing seats to the SNP lost list seats to the tories. Not because the tories are having a revival, oh good lord no, but rather that many labour votes that didn’t go to the SNP stayed at home. Her revival is a dead cat bounce.

    Sturgeon said no to any more asset stripping of Scotland to subsidise the UK, and the tories are pure raging. But they can do nothing, because they played to lose on May 2016 and lose they did. They’re desperately trying to detract attention away from themselves and their lack of…well…anything to say. But that old nag Union has already bolted from a barn that is stacked clear high up to the rafters with unionist bullshit. Ruth controls two things right now. Jack and shit. And jacks hiding up the backbenches hopeing like mad that no one will see him.

    Then there are the poor yoons – they woke up to see their precious UK with its non national nationalism reduced to a dungaree wearing skin head with a swastika tattooed on its forehead.
    If it were not for the real and serious consequences we face because of those useless two faced lying gobshites in Westminster, i would probably laugh myself sick.

  7. Just read, Hammond is talking to Wall St and the City. He says the problem furriners are the East Europeans, not the elite from among Wall Street and City types!!
    Is this real?! Does he never think that our EU partners and they still are partners, are not listening?
    And he wants to then negotiate a new relationship with the EU and its Eastern European fellow members!!
    What planet is he on?
    There are now good and bad furriners, but docs who are furriners will be kicked out and replaced by home docs when they have qualified!
    I am staggered that this level of discourse is being voiced in this msnner.
    Who are next to be scapegoated? If you have a non-UK name, are you next? Who will “police” all this hunt for furriners? Who will comb through the lists submitted by companies?
    Vans going round at night, knock at the door, hauled to nearest holding centre, like Dalgavel New and then airlifted out!!
    Out will bands of young tories storm round mit ruhig festem Schritt!
    Then, will we have block operatives conducting surveillance?
    Sounds scary, but the nasty action follows the nasty language.

  8. Paul, you have achieved the impossible: I loathe Ruthie even more after reading your dissection. What a duplicitous little specimen. She deserves political oblivion.

    Macart and David Agnew: excellent comments.

    “So Thatchers mini-me with a bad hair cut gets to come on and like the dutiful servant she is, rip the pish out of Scotland so the Nasty party can feel good about themselves.”



  9. Ruth’s mask slipped today just like the one Osburn has been wearing for the past few years this air of superiority and competence after watching her set up so many open goals today , i conclude she really is a f/kn idiot , she single handedly laid traps for herself with every question she smugly and ever so politely spat out of her mouth , why arent the Scottish government doing more to promote whisky sales abroad ? she asked Well it’s like this Ruth (a) you complain if we venture abroad that the UK govs job (b) all the English Embassies abroad charge Scottish business for any promotion and facilities used outwith a UK business sector remit so as not to show undue favour to any part of the UK , the same Embassies that activly discouraged any foreign government to give any acceptance even a neutral opinion on the 2014 referendum it had to be get the boot in didn’t it Ruth with 22% of the voting public behind you have a f/kn cheek and a brass neck that would shame Maggie yer high priestess at the heart of total destruction of Industrial Scotland yeh a hard act to follow eh dear .


    Ha. Wonderful!


    It has been a revelation to discover the works of Scots Nationalist national treasure, Tom Nairn, from a tiny mention by Peter Arnott. Who knew that the British aristocracy were ready for the agricultural revolution in the 1700s and the industrial revolution of the 1800s. That they and the bourgeois elite had moved on from that to a near world monopoly on finance capital, with the City of London, as larger countries – France and Germany – overtook the UK in industrialization, by the end of the 19th century. Which is why the Tory party, and Labour, have been doing the will of the City of London for a hundred years. And why they – and the Blairite tories – have been deliberately de-industrializing Britain. Selling their fellow countrymen and women down the river. No change there, then! Paraphrased roughly. See Tom Nairn’s books for details.

    ‘Introducing Tom Nairn, prophet of the break-up of Britain’, by Anthony Barnett, 13th September 2014 – openDemocracy –

    Search for Tom Nairn articles at openDemocracy – DIY or –

    When you discover just how good Tom Nairn is, you’ll be delighted that there are even two clips of him on youtube –

    The Dug’s alter ego Mr Hyde recommends reading every one of Tom Nairn’s books –

    (Er, shurely you can’t be serious? Ed.)

    “I am serious and don’t call me Shirley” – Airplane –

    • If we want to be Ruthless, we will need to be really ruthless.

      The Scottish Branch Manager of the Blue Tories is proving herself to be a total cretin every time she opens her mouth; and even gets confused with the various instructions she gets from her bosses in London. She does not realize that their instructions about foreigners in Scotland (and the remainder of the YUK) is tantamount to making them all wear yellow stars on their clothes, thus making them easy to identify before their deportation. This will presumably be the Blue Tories answer to the final solution on foreigners.

      I may be wrong, but I haven’t heard anything about the leader of the Red Tories jumping up and down about the Blue Tories plans. Maybe he is too busy photographing manhole covers.

      • Je suis un foreigner.
        Where to I apply for my tartan star of David?
        They’re cleaning out the English Universities as I type.
        Davidson, eff off back to your spiritual home.

  11. It has occurred to me and no doubt many others.
    Furrin players from the EU in English football teams . Will they be seen as migrants and have to be deported? Will football teams gave to list the number of foreign players they have ? Are they keeping out the natives too?
    Brexit will kill EPLeague too!!

    • John, the filthy rich are excluded.
      Yet, my wife will be on the list.
      Over my dead body.
      Meanwhile Dugdale talks railway engineering works and ticket prices.
      When is she going to resign?
      Likewise Davidson. Cameron resigned. Yet the Court Jester, ‘Strictly’ Davidson, the blancmange in ruby red lippy, guffaws, cackles, and smirks on.

  12. Living in two states at once seems to afflict the Tories dahn sath. The Chancellor is busy reassuring the banksters and a comment by Hollande about being severe with the Westminsterite brexiteers causes the pound to drop 10% in Asia. Excuses abound about rougue this and that, but the decline continues. No kind words about the world coming to the rescue. And we are still EU members with full trading access in goods and services with the EU.
    May-hem has begun. Better together sounds hollow now.
    The counterpoint claims the stock market is on the up, but that is unproductive labour – we cannot live forever buying and selling each other’s shares!!
    Still, we have the queen and the Windsorite Ruritanian sideshow to sooth us! And Trident to protect us and …..

    • A follow up from the above.Hammond “warns” that volatility is to be expected. Those are his soothing words on the pound. He warns? What planet is he on? It is more than “volatility” it is (to quote him earlier) a roller coaster ride to the bottom. Is this guy out of his depth?
      And we are still in the EU.
      Wait till the details ln the Brexit are out. May says no dunno g commentary, yet we can be sure the EU will keep the media up-to-date with the proposals from HMG and the EU parliament as well.
      After all, the President of the EU Parliament will keep reporting back. The MEPs will be kept informed and the Scots MEPs will pass on the message.
      How will Corbyn cope with attacking May on the state of the pound? He usually comes up with trivia.

      • He has added that this is to be expected in this post Brexit phase. He does not seem to realise we have not left yet!!
        This is happening while we are in the EU!! He is in denial… Or he has nae clue.

  13. MORE BEAST ?

    Until the monstrous hound returns – How to see off UK Tory and Blairite crooked politicians (*1) –

    Michael Heseltine thanks Boris Johnson for destroying the UK –

    Boris, getting booed and jeered the day after the Brexit vote. Memo to protesters – bring the rocks with you – leafy Tory suburbs don’t have them to hand apparently! –

    Churchill booed into silence. His greatest battle was as a class enemy of his own countrymen! – Ken Loach – Spirit of ’45 –

    At least we know from Boris’s reaction that today’s Tories – Conservative and Blairite – don’t have the stomach for Cable Street opposition. – Anti-fa –

    So how did the UK get the democratic socialist Labour Attlee government of 1945? ER, 10 million men under arms returning home who were not going to settle for a return to doffing their caps to the gentry? Wild guess!

    Boris Johnson encounters the Dug? –


    Remember the downing of the President of Ecuador’s jet when France, Spain and Italy closed their airspace to an authorized flight of a head of state at the US Empire’s orders. As Julian Assange said, it was like the tide going out – the actual power relations were revealed to the world. Google is your friend.

    Yes Virginia, there really are crooked UK politicians doing the bidding of whoever has bought them – from US hedge funds buying the Tory party, to US diplomats, to criminal Russian oligarchs. No, Really!

    • Ex Pat – I’ve not authorised your comment because it contains far too many embedded YouTube links. I don’t mind people posting one or two, but you want to post a whole screed of them.

  14. I didn’t mind Ruth, in the same way that I actually liked Annabel. I’d sooner eat my own vomit than vote for either of them, obviously, but I thought Ruth (albeit she WAS a bit of a scunner) was shaping up to be either Annabel or David McLetchie (now he WAS a formidable and forensic opponent and, no I wouldn’t have voted for him either!).
    Ruth now though? She (and here’s something I never thought I’d write!) needs to start listening to Fluffy Mundel and start to concentrate on her day job.
    She’s the leader (at the moment, but I’d watch out for the new intake, hen) of the official opposition. That gives her first dibs at FMQ. If all she can do is feign outrage, quote inaccurate statistics, or ask the FM what she intends to do to sort a problem not of her making, over which she has, apparently, “no jurisdiction”, well, Ruth, dear, Kezia, Iain Grey and Jackie Baillie have already got that particular gig pretty much sewn up!
    Ruth is becoming WELL carried away with herself. She, encouraged by a supine media, has begun to believe her own publicity. Yes, she’s the current darling of her party, she’s feted and indulged by what passes for the great and the good (aka the devious and the also-rans), but if she doesn’t up her game, they’ll move on to another pet who might roll over in a prettier way to have their tummy tickled.
    Aye, Ruth, that’s the thing about being flavour of the month…when you’ve a jaded palate, you need new flavours. Monthly.

    • Sadly, Irene, she is not even aware that she is the organ grinder’s lip-sticked dancing monkey.
      She actually believes that she has been destined for greatness. That’s the sad part.
      ‘Laughing at’, as opposed to ‘laughing with’, comes to mind.
      How they laughed at her Scots vandals and thieves line!
      ‘Look at me, Mummy T, I’m making the Home Counties’ set laugh.’
      What a clever little girl, you are, Ruth.’

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  16. One after another MSPs lined up to tell her, all your pals are bastards.

    One after another MSPs lined up to tell her, you and all your pals are bastards.

    There corrected that wonderful work for you sir!

  17. Ruth parks her big fat buffalo in the byre, overfed wi’ Torybits, and expects Nicola tae dae the muckin.
    Ruthie, wher’s yer troosers?

  18. Sad to see Brian Taylor on the BBC website giving a totally twisted and distorted view on Thursdays events when Ruthie had her arse handed to her on a plate on more than one occasion if i hadn’t watched FMQs i might have believed his comments it seems as if either he didn’t watch it ,or he has been totally assimilated into “defend the Union” mode this being at any cost and truth goes out the window all pretence of truth has gone they simply dont f/kn care whos to stop them try complaining ,try demos outside pacific Heights when they either ignore them or distort the numbers attending beyond belief , and they castigate North Korea aye f/n right .

    • Brian Taylor is part of the Fifth Column, Robert.
      Any competent journalist would have torn Davidson, Dugdale, Baillie, and Fraser to shreds.
      Taylor needs the job, so he’s doing what he’s told, along with two ‘Uniontators’ from those well read Scottish ‘Papers. the Telegraph, the Guardian, and the Times.
      We should take heart from the fact that the Establishment’s Propaganda wing now know that Independence is inevitable; hence their openly hostile stance to any pro Self Determination issue, candidate, or proponent.
      I’m sure a lot of ‘gobsworths’ back in the 1930’s broadcast what they were ordered too, because they had a family to feed, or there was no alternative, other than unemployment and penury. And then they came for them.
      We are expected to believe that 99% of the journalists and broadcasters flogging their dead horses Up Her are British Unionists, by Darwinian happenstance, rather than a sinister manipulation by the North British Branch of the London/England Establishment. Aye, that’ll be shining bright.

      They have never been able to print enough money to occasion me to sell my soul.
      Many will lose their jobs when Self Determination is achieved, thrown aside by the departing army of South Britons, expendable, semi educated tenement dwellers, whose craving for Land of Dope and Tory social status, their willingness to plumb the depths of Uriah Heap obsequiousness to please their London bosses knowing no bounds, are tossed by the wayside, like exhausted old pack horses.
      I have no time for any of them. They disgust me, these Perverters of Truth and Justice.

  19. The BritNat clamp down has started. The Guardian has a story, exclusive, just released that the UK government has issued a note to all foreign academics at UK universities, who usually advised HMG on EU matters, that their services are no longer required.
    It seems HMG is afraid these EU furriners will divulge secrets to the EU during Brexit.
    What next? Are Continental spouses of UK citizens who work in government, going to be shadowed in case these spouses leak secrets Ro Brussels and the EU commission? Or will UK employees in this situation be “dismissed” as they pise a risk to HMG? Many MPs are married to Continental Europeans. I did nor say EU persons as we are still EU persons. What happens to Ckegg’s spouse or Farage’s spouse, for example?!
    Are they all going to be, to quote Churchill, “collared”, like the Italians during WWII?
    The nastiness has begun. The knock on the door is next….

  20. During FMQs I distinctly heard the sound of a pop followed by the wind, or was it hot air, escaping as Ruth, tank commander, Davidson returned to the reality of politics back home. She asked a question about coal gasification knowing full well, or should have known, that a report would be out later that day and, anyway, it is different from fracking. She asked questions about why Scotland isn’t doing more to promote itself abroad, simultaneously complaining that Scotland spends too much promoting itself abroad. She would like the welcome furriners while simultaneously supporting policies antagonistic towards furriners. Fortunately, before my swirling brain exploded from trying to comprehend someone’s ability to simultaneously support diametrically opposing viewpoints, it was deputy dugdale’s turn. She has a quantum cat kept in a box which, whenever opened, allows the cat, each time, to express a different catty opinion, the opinion though is then passed through diffraction grating to extract the rubbish (the rest being discarded) and a polarizing filter set to SNPBad. This time the cat was on a train spotting gig, the diffraction grating discarding the logical riposte about the inconsistency of a government which hates furriners being quite willing to have furriners running the infrastructure. Such are the joys of quantum politics – Ruth, tank commander, Davidson’s qubit brain, where a qubit can be in a superposition of different opinions at the same time, and deputy dugdale’s cat, which can simultaneously contain many differing, possibly opposing, viewpoints, though only one is exposed at a time, and it doesn’t matter which once since it will be will be polarized to SNPBad.

    Then a self-satisfied looking Baillie had a shotty and, whatever the answer was, continued to look self-satisfied. Then, one by one, representatives of the various parties stood up and proclaimed disgust at the attitude of Ruth, tank commander, Davidson’s party’s attitude to furriners. Well, maybe, eventually, the message will have been delivered that, here, where politics are done properly, being nasty to furriners is not acceptable.

  21. The ‘C’ word always comes to mind when Ruth or Kez are mentioned. Yes ‘Credibility’ or lack of in their case, continues to be a major theme in the performance of their daily routines.

    How on earth could any sane, thinking person actually vote for them.

    If god forbid they were SNP, how long do you think they would survive the MSM.

  22. Ruth is nothing if not flexible.

    All we have to do is get from the 45 to the 50.0000001 and she’ll be the staunchest supporter of independence since staunchieness was invented!

  23. Ruth is the PR for ScottishTory Party MSM

    who cares how she votes

    Scottish Labour Party Useless

    Let’s make her the friendly jolly unionist

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