Let’s be nice

Let’s all be nice. Let’s all be beacons of tolerance, understanding, and empathy. Let’s bend over backwards to appreciate the points of view of others. Let’s receive anger but send out love. Let’s preach peace and civic responsibility. Let’s never utter a harsh word. Let’s not slag off James Kelly MSP for being the most grey and boring individual on the face of the planet since former Prime Minister John Major pulled his Y-fronts over his head. Let’s gaze upon the xenophobic and plain nasty deeds and actions of Theresa May, Liam Fox, Boorish Johnson, and David Davis and resist the urge to hurl abuse, however well justified it might be.

We could do all that, the Scottish independence movement could behave like paragons of virtue and good behaviour that would make a Buddhist monastery look like a drunken brawl at an Orange parade, and there would still be headlines in the Daily Express and the Daily Mail about vile cybernats and how repugnant supporters of Scottish independence are.

I’m certainly not saying that we should give the Unionist media, particularly its more lunatic fringe, any ammunition. But the fact of the matter is that the Scottish independence movement is and always has been overwhelmingly peaceful, inclusive, and democratic, and yet it’s always been stigmatised in the Unionist press. That’s not going to change any.

Scotland had an independence referendum which was characterised by mass participation, by ordinary people getting involved in political debate and discussion for the first time in their lives, and overwhelmingly they did so animated by hope and in a spirit of constructive and productive engagement. That’s the real character of the Scottish independence movement, but according to the UK Unionist media, all those people who were discussing how to create a better future for Scotland and for everyone who chooses to live in this country were in fact motivated by an atavistic hatred of England and the English.

We see rampant anti-Scottish racism dismissed as banter, and in the absence of an equivalent outpouring of hate language from Scotland, Unionists are reduced to claiming that the word Westminster is code for England. It’s not. It’s code for Westminster. That would be the Westminster which is the sovereign parliament of Scotland yet it routinely dismisses the views of the Scottish people. Or they say the word Tories is code for England. It’s not. It’s code for the Tories who govern Scotland despite the fact they have little support here. When you’re reduced to redefining your opponents’ clear words as code for something else, you’re admitting that your argument is based in fantasy.

The claim that Scottish independence is motivated by anti-English sentiment is a lie. It was a lie during the first independence referendum. It is still a lie. It will be a lie during the second independence referendum. It is a lie without foundation. It is a lie without substantive evidence to support it. But it’s a lie that keeps getting repeated.

The reason it keeps getting repeated is because the Unionist establishment wants to prevent the people of Scotland from engaging with the debate about independence, because once they do they start to question things. They start to wonder why it is that although Scotland is blessed with an embarrassment of resources and potential, we’re supposedly poor and dependent. They start to wonder why we submit to Conservative governments that enjoy the support of a small fraction of the Scottish population. They begin to realise that expecting a country to be governed by people who actually live in it and who are elected by people who live in it and who are responsible to people who live in it, isn’t such a ridiculous idea after all. It’s just normal.

In order to prevent people from making that realisation, the Unionist establishment throws its weight behind attempts to demonise and delegitimise the Scottish independence movement. It’s one of their most important tactics, and no matter how well behaved independence supporters are, they’re not going to stop demonising us. From their perspective the possibility that a part of the UK could break away and become a different state is a repugnant idea, and therefore anyone who espouses that repugnant idea is also repugnant, no matter how well behaved, polite or civil they might be. They want undecided voters to think we’re repugnant too.

So we see hysterical and counter-factual articles like those which litter the pages of the Daily Express. In the view of the Express, the peaceful group of pro-independence supporters in George Square in the aftermath of the referendum result who were viciously attacked by pro-Union fascist thugs became participants in violence who bear the moral responsibility for the wounds, the hurt, and the pain inflicted upon them by supporters of the Union.

When die-hard Unionists engage with you on social media, they’re not open to persuasion, and they’re not looking for honest debate. They’re only trying to provoke you. So block them and move on. Save your efforts for where it can make a difference. Don’t get into pointless fights, don’t lose the rag. Don’t give the Unionist media any ammunition.

We’re about to embark on a second independence referendum campaign, and no matter what we do we will still be demonised by the Unionist parties and their media. But that’s all the more reason why that as a movement we must be self-disciplined and united. Self-disciplined and united doesn’t mean we all sing from the same song sheet. It certainly doesn’t mean we all subscribe to the SNP’s view of an independent Scotland, or the Greens’, or Rise’s, or anyone else’s. Our diversity is one of our strengths.

What it means is that we refrain from attacking one another, we concentrate on making the case for an independent Scotland. We don’t allow our opponents to portray us as divided. What it means is that we put into action the aspirations that we have for an independent Scotland, that we demonstrate the tolerance and acceptance and good grace that characterises our vision of this country. What it means is that we don’t provide the Unionist media with ammunition to use against us, because then when they do attempt to demonise and delegitimise the independence movement and its supporters it will be easier to unmask them as the kind of divisive, manipulative fantastists who populate the likes of the Daily Mail and the Express. It means we can occupy the moral high ground. And that it turn makes it easier for us to discredit them. And then we will win.

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0 thoughts on “Let’s be nice

  1. Don’t know about anyone else, but I seem to be conversing more and more with folk who don’t have a dog in this fight. It’s the weirdest thing!

    Majority of those I interact with on twitter have similar views because I’ve blocked and muted practically all the rest. I’m never going to change anyone’s mind on social media as those undecided or soft no’s aren’t usually to be found there. I do know this 🙂

    No, discussion on doorsteps, and having yes shops etc is the only way to engage with those looking for answers. Unfortunately, we are not at that stage yet so folk are getting anxious to begin to campaign for Indy. Locally, we have no way of discussing in any meaningful way with others…yet.

    Personally, I’d just love to have some definite proposals for Indy that I can have to hand in case I’m asked. I am still hearing the same tired old arguments from people I know…
    “Can’t afford it” “How can we survive on oil”? …on and on

    Believe me, I’ve explained how I see the future but. See that wall?

  2. There will always be some bampots, you can’t legislate against that. And the media will highlight even the most innocuous tweet as “vile abuse” if they’re in the mood to do it. We just have to soldier on.

  3. I have noted a willingness for even the Herald to allow me writing ‘the Fascist Theresa May’ or words to that effect. That is surely a step in regaining a foothold on reality. For, we should be in no doubt, the right wing of the conservative party and the unelected, by voters, Theresa May have power that has to be challenged. This is a ridiculous situation we find ourselves in, dictated to by scum.

    Too strong?

  4. The practice you describe in which terms such as ‘Westminster’ and ‘Tory’ are argued to be code for a visceral hatred towards a whole class of people belonging to a particular group, nationality, and/or ethnic group is increasingly and desperately being utilised in every rearguard action designed to shore up a rapidly deteriorating and collapsing status quo.

    The suggested connotation of a hatred towards the English in this case is by no means the worse example of such a smear designed to undermine anyone arguing a particular line which has the potential to upset vested interests [another term amenable to this Humpty Dumpty practice of taking a word, any word, and having it mean exactly what you want it to mean for your own purposes].

    In a number of contemporary ongoing struggles and contested events there is an increasing number of terms and words which are being redefined with the express purpose of completely closing down debate by smearing those using those terms or criticising those doing the smearing using what seems to be generally regarded as the nuclear option of this practice.

    It has long been recognised that the catch all charge of anti-semitism [the unstated but implied gold standard and highest form of racism] is misguidedly misused by some against any and every critique of political Zionism and policy emanating from the Government of Israel. Even going so far as to charge fellow Jews with racism against themselves. Looking towards what is being passed off as serious grown up debate across the pond right now this practice is being extended to include terms such as ‘globalism’ [i.e. those who support neo liberal globalisation] and ‘international banks’ [i.e. those who run those banks]. Both terms being argued, under this practice, as being codewords for anti-Jewish/anti Jew.

    When the current trope of redefining words such as ‘Westminster’ etc as representing a native hatred of all things English fails to do do the job it was intended you can bet the national debt that the anti-semitism charge will be rolled out with the express purpose of closing down debate and smearing anyone taking a different line to the status quo.

    Those who practice this kind of smear are in fact the worse kind of anti-semite as the scattergun approach they utilise for their own narrow purposes has the effect of conflating the terms they seek to redefine as anti-semite, such as international banking and globalisation, with the Jewish Community serves to foster further real racism towards Jews. It also dilutes the very real examples and practices of this racism by inappropriately widening the charge to include anyone and everyone, anything and everything which those carrying out this practice wish to silence and smear.

    Moreover, this practice and approach does not work at a practical level inasmuch as it on its own terms it fails to deliver. The rise of the independence movement and its current political representatives [the SNP] post the Independence Referendum; the Brexit vote in former English Labour heartlands; and the increased mandate for Corbyn last month being merely three examples.

  5. Indeed let us be nice and instead use our endless mockery reply instead to their tribal hatred and blast their union into atoms

  6. Did that last time worked well until polling day Then I was spat on and called the C word I was so shocked and taken aback the man must have been in his 70s what does that tell you about this rosette wearing Labour man.but ll try Wee Dug Ill try

  7. Like the abundance from above that we have, the independence movement has, in buckets, what the unionists completely lack – humour which, paradoxically, is maybe why they appear so wet. And the humour can be amazingly self-deprecating (“you’ll have had your Brexit”) which some really cannot get a handle on. The humour is a really effective defence mechanism; it cannot easily be countered, especially not by the msm shrieking defamatory headlines. Long may this continue.

    After an interesting week culminating with fluffy lying on the TV, perhaps you could cast your minds back to earlier in the week when fluffy was in the big hoose by the Thames attempting to answer some pertinent questions. For some strange reason the animatronics had failed or the wires were tangled so that his right arm was synchronised with his mouth. Fortunately, probably, we could not see what his right hand was doing though is seemed to be going up and down in time with the lower lip. One can speculate though since, behind him, there were a bunch of tossers and, after all, it was a mass-debating chamber.

    Yes, I will get my coat.

    • I agree, bedelsten.
      What do you get when you cross a Red Tory with a Blue Tory?
      Keth Dugdison.
      A Brown Tory.

      Know Knock.
      Who’s there?
      Johann who?
      See, you’ve forgotten her already.

      I too will get my coat.

      I’m struggling to be nice, Paul, but I get your argument.
      I have quite literally hundreds of friends, ex colleagues, and relatives who live, were born in, and are equally as horrified with Brexit and the rise of the Mayfox as we are.

      ‘Some of my best friends are English/Catholic/Black/ Rangers Supporters/ VW Caravanetters’ embarrassed back pedalling? I don’t think so.

      I have nothing for which I need apologise.

      My country is being controlled by an elite hierarchy, and we are not powerless to stop it.

      It is deadly serious, this Independence lark.
      It is an extremely civil and polite war, of words, ideas, hopes,and dreams: but the outcome is deadly serious.

      Either we return to Self Determination after 300 years in an unequal Union, and have a government of the people, elected by the people, and accountable to the people, or we allow Ruth, Kezia, Wullie, Mundell, Murray, and Carmichael, to dragoon us out of Europe, and we allow ourselves to be governed from ‘Westminster’ by an Arch Right oligarchy for decades to come.
      Suddenly my ‘niceness’ melts away.
      I will not rest until Independence is achieved.

      I cannot stand by and say nothing when Mundell, Murray, Rennie, Dugdale, and Davidson, and a bunch of low grade list MSP hangers on are given free rein by our media. Basically they are just not up to the job. The Herald, Scotsman, Record, the broadcasters play along.
      Our intelligence is constantly insulted, but so what?

      Today’s mauling of Mundell and Murray raised an eyebrow; but only just.
      My niceness does not extend to ignoring the fact that these two men are operating ‘way above their capability level. I sense that Neill and Brewer know that, but then again, they always did.
      Toby Young on Marr’s show today was allowed to trot out the same, too poor, support for independence waning, who’ll pay our bill for social services(if not the English) if we left, nonsense, and Marr sat there, and challenged nothing.
      Why do I feel that the tenement dwelling retainers will be back on Unionist song ,SNP Badding it big time, tomorrow?

      • You say “tenement dwelling” in a disparaging way. Why? It only shines a light on your misguided prejudice. You will not convince people by insults.

        • Kailyard, I am using it in an ironic way, honest.
          My family were tenement dwellers. There I go again: ‘some of my best friends are etc.’
          Cleese’s remarks were aimed at the Marrs and Neils of the journo world, plying their trade down there.
          Hence my use of his elitist condescending remarks.
          I have no wish to offend. My father worked with his hands, and his four boys got a higher education. I truly stand on the shoulders of giants.To this day, he is my yardstick.
          Sorry about that. Cleese is a prick.

          • Well, I’m coming back in here later realising I was too quick off the mark in my reply. Still a few skelfs on my shoulder. So I’ll say sorry.

  8. “When they go low, we go high” according to Michelle Obama. Incidentally, I happened to be on the Washington Post website this afternoon catching up on the Clinton/Trump fracas.

    Guess what? I came across some Scotland too wee, too poor mentality on the reader reply site. It was a piece by a London based journalist looking at the advance of renewables in Scotland. I couldn’t tell whether the responses were from American based readers or our beloved unionists from this side of the pond. Depressing I have to say.

  9. Yes, yes, yes. I agree. I TRY to be polite, and sometimes funny, and am always open to a discussion, but there are those it’s better just to block. The ones who just throw insults in the hope of catching a rude reply they can use as evidence of their own victimhood (look! the cybernats are nasty to me! boo hoo!) and the plain old dyed-in-the-wool British nationalists who rubbish Scots and Scotland and repeat the old lie about the Scots hating the English. We’ve seen it all before and they flag themselves up as just not worth the effort.

    As Bill above reminds us, living by the “when they go low we go high” perspective not only confounds those who feel like taking a nasty little pop, but is there in black and white for those who may not be posting but are just reading. It’s the hidden audience we can reach as well as the posters and tweeters.

  10. Sadly a small number on the Yes side use the traitors and quislings taunts which do not do us any good. I tried to challenge some of them on Wings in particular on this during the first independence referendum, and to be honest I found it to be pointless. All you do is get into a heated argument with them, and they do not listen anyway, and they are not going to listen to reason.

    As for the anti-English political smear from some in the No side of the independence debate, again I think you need to say that the Yes campaign is not anti-English, it is about us taking responsibility for ourselves. It would be like going up a Canadian and asking if they want to be governed by the USA, of course they would say no. Does this mean they are anti-American? No, of course it does not. That is the rationale and logic, or lack of it, we are dealing with here. I have no doubt that there exists some anti-English feeling in Scotland, but I do not think it is widespread at all.

    • Don’t forget the dirty tricks department, Mutley. Undoubtably, there are a few nutters in the Indy movement (far less than in BT, IMO), but don’t be surprised if the security services have a few plants here and there, always alert for an opportunity to stir things up (in our name) and give us a bad name.

      • False flags. To be expected, given the stakes. If we get indy, sterling will falter totally. And Westminster cannot let that happen.

        But I will do my best!

        • Good point. If Sterling starts to go Yo-Yo as the day of Indie Ref 2 approaches, Offering Westmister that we could share Sterling, not the accumulated debts, could plug the breach in SS rUK below the waterline, and cause their capitulation. On our terms only. We must have direct access to Single Market immediately to allow our agricultural exports to England to switch primary markets. Game of poker.

  11. Not wanting to mention any names or single out specific groups but I would like some of the Scottish born folk who describe themselves by mixing the colours red and yellow with a dash of white who seem to love the Union a lot, to voluntarily move down south to be near the Queen. (Who they love a lot too)

    In exchange a lot of talented English people could move up here to help us while also making a great life for themselves. They would have to put up with our shit weather of course. ( They only think their weathers shit because they haven’t truly experienced ours. ) But hey, free movement is after all a fundamental freedom which comes with EU membership.

  12. I’ve never seen rosettes when talking to other supporters of independence and I won’t start now.

    As for the howling mental accusations of a right wing press? They’re going to do what they’re going to do regardless. Where there is no story, they’ll fabricate one. Its what they do.

    We know who we are and the First Minister has made that abundantly clear to all with ears to hear.

    We also know who and WHAT the media are. Give them no room and simply be the people we know ourselves to be.

  13. Couldn’t agree more. I have been posting on the Scotsman forum recently in the naive assumption that it might be possible to understand the Unionist mind set and perhaps share some of my own justification for holding the views I have. Know your enemy was my strategy.

    I had to stop as it was becoming impossible not to ‘shout’ back and I realised that I didn’t really want to have any insight into the Unionist mind set. I also didn’t want to resort to the tripe I faced myself. My own house rules were to not insult, not make wild predictions and recognise and respect opponents who provided a reasonable point of view. Pointless.

    I had a brief glimpse at it again this evening and it is becoming even worse as there is nobody left online for them to argue with so it is a real bamfest. Lobotomised Beavis and Buthead on speed.

    I love reading this website as it soothes my soul and allows me to believe that there are indeed people out there whose views I understand and support.

    Keep up the good work.

    • I too used to comment on the Scotsman. I gave up on it about a year ago because of the unionist bile. Any supporter of independence was ganged up on & basically shouted down. The last time I looked it seemed to be only extreme British, angry, spiteful, arrogant and very abusive. I don’t read the Scotsman nowadays. I seems anything goes and it has changed a great deal since the days when I was moderated for calling Margaret Curran a buffoon.

  14. Bibbit said: “Shortest and easy to remember retort, ‘I’m not anti-English. I’m just pro-Scottish independence’.”

    I seem to remember making the the same response a year ago to an English couple who – when they found out that I voted for independence 2 years ago – asked in a slightly hurt but accusatory manner ‘Why did I want to leave them?’

    On reflection I should have been less conciliatory. I should have stated clearly that I wanted little to do with people who – in sufficient numbers – regularly vote for xenophobic parties whose principal raison d’etre is politicised selfishness.

    Someone may take this response as evidence of anti-Englishness. It’s not. I identify with those in England suffering under the current regime and also with those fighting for a better future for ordinary people. And I have little time for Scottish Tories. If I am against many English (and other) people it is only because they fall within the set of ‘selfish b*****ds who would deny others the chance of a decent life’.

    In one sense I don’t think it will matter too much if the unionist press falsely portray us as anti-English. We won’t be able to win over sufficient numbers of hardened unionists anyway. But we can win over those who see themselves as British and Scottish. Many of them – like last time – are going to be be swayed by the economic argument. But this time – as the harsh reality of Brexit starts to play out – the economic argument is largely in our favour. Add in the need – that many liberal, middle class, No voters (in 2014) have – to view themselves as internationalist in outlook and you have a cohort amenable to being persuaded to vote for independence.

    • The bigotry xenophobic retort they spouting that is what I hate the English media do it so to spout the English people against scotland and yet so many years of this is how the English are coming of as bigoted nation as the guardian last week was worried about that with more xenophobic hate crimes continue to rise in England mostly because of the Europeans living in England with twats down there saying muck like f off back to your own country and other such Blige the media at fault for this bbc express mail you and other uk rags who write vile muck deserve to die as your the ons at the biggest fault in all this

  15. I was with you until you said ‘Let’s not slag off James Kelly MSP’.When I need a laugh I love to watch him pissing off Tricia with his ‘point of order’. Still funny!

    • 😀 LOL

      Never gets old.

      SIT DOWN MR KELLY! …Naw (mutters, mumbles).


      • Heh. Just looked that up on YouTube and watched it. If he’d have got on with his actual point of order instead of spouting off about legal advice for…whatever it was, I don’t know…he’d have been able to make his point, sit down and the show would have gone on as normal. What exactly was he trying to achieve there?

        • I think it was intended as a point of order over the Trade Union Bill. A challenge to the PO on a legal ruling if memory serves. Needless to say, because it was a ham fisted Kelly effort, it rapidly went south and turned into an episode worthy of the Keystone cops. 😀

  16. Well yes kinda, dug. But I’d give another nicely nicely approach a go if it persuades more no voters over to Indy.

    My rough guide last time was: mebbes aye, mebbes naw: be as positive and charming as humanly possible; determined anti-Indy: ignore politely and move on.

    But as for those with greater power and influence working actively against Scotland (ie Tories, slab and yoon media): vilify, mock and isolate to the max.

    Of course that last task is best left to those who can do it with bundles of laughs and irony. Step forward, WGD!

  17. I will treat anyone decently if they do the same to me, but NO I am not taking the high ground like we did at the last referendum. If they bark at me I’ll bark back 10 times harder, playing nice got us nowhere.

    We know what they will do, lie, insult, spin then repeat, and they will have the full backing of 99% of the media. But this time we don’t give them an inch, we have already heard every scare story twice over, they won’t work this time.

    I refuse to stand back and play the nice guy anymore.

  18. We cannot prevent occasional abuse happening (bears in the woods etc). However, what we can do is neutralise the media coverage by going out of our way to be extra nice, friendly and inclusive (even to yoons). Nicola’s brilliant speech at the weekend mapped out the way. It’s up to us to follow it. Ignore the insults, stay calm and focussed and go that extra mile to help fellow citizens.

    Has anyone noticed that the more nice we become, the angrier the yoons get. It must be working. 🙂

    • Yes, you have hit the mark here. They are not only getting angrier, they are getting shriller and more aggressive to be seen as signs of desperation. The yoons, like Rennie, Dugdale and even Davidson who supported remaining in the EU, are in a fix. As The SNP and other pro EU groups challenge May and the Brexiteers at Westminster to safeguard Scotland’s place in the single market – a position the yoons above supported pre-referendum, one would have thought those yoons would still stand up for Scotland in the EU? but No. Hence their dilemma and increasingly isolated and illogical stance. But then, SNP-baad trumps everything in their eyes.
      It must be sad being a yoon and pro-EU. In the end, sadly, their blind devotion to Westminster irrespective will be their undoing.
      Beware, however, of the pro-British rhetoric tarantara style being cranked up. Some nut has proposed a petition to call for people being branded seditious traitors if they support the UK being in the EU!! Watch out for calls to collar the lot!!

    • I think you are spot on.

      Independently of the impact that polite, measured and reasonable comments make on people that may be reading but are still open to persuasion, responding abusively to comments, even if they are of a provoking nature is showing a weakness. You cannot defeat an opponent unless you find what their weakness is. By the look of the cranking abusive tone of the yoons’ comments, I think they are exposing their weakness and therefore losing control. We should not do the same.

      I don’t know how the rest of the people feels, but in my particular case and throughout my support for independence I have been going through many different phases. There was a time that I would feel my blood starting to boil and my blood pressure would rise like a rocket after reading some rather provoking unionist pieces and would feel compelled to answer rudely to their authors to make them shut up.

      Lately, I have really surprised myself by noting that I am much less moved by their diatribe, to the point that I find it almost boring. In fact, some of their excuses to remain in the union are so weak and so smeared in hate that attempting to engaging in any discussion with them almost feels almost like engaging on a fight with a very young child: pointless.

      • “Lately, I have really surprised myself by noting that I am much less moved by their diatribe, to the point that I find it almost boring”

        I am in the same boat, it is water off a duck’s back; just bored with them and their lack of evolution.

        I detect, more and more, that they are tired of not really having to say beyond their frustrations of seeing Scotland pulling ahead and on a different course.

        bugger them

  19. Paul’ this is wonderful. Beautifully put as always, and sound advice.

    Why shouldn’t we dare to be different? If the daily fail, the express and their pals want to behave like a pack of rabid hyenas, let them. We can be above such things. We can be tolerant and patient and all those other things you mentioned.

    I tend to find that anyone behaving horribly online is just looking for a reaction. Whether it’s so they can accuse us of being those vile cybernats, or blame #SNPbad, or just so they have an excuse to continue trolling – the end result in the same. We as pro Indy folks come off looking worse. The best remedy, as Paul says, is to disengage.

    So what if someone calls us the yestapo or natzis? Let them behave like five year olds in a playground if that’s what they choose to do. The fact that they feel the need to resort to name calling says far, far more about them than it ever could about us. But a word to some, me included: let’s stop calling them nawbags and the like. That only drags us down to their level and it’s getting us nowhere.

    Keep the heid, folks. Smile, wish them a pleasant day and move on. Frankly, if their lives are so sad and empty that the only satisfaction they can get is by hurling abuse at random strangers on the internet, they deserve pity more than anything else.

    Let’s do this with kindness in our hearts, a passion for independence in our bellies and a sunny smile on our faces. What have we got to lose by doing it this way?

    Saor Alba gu bráth 🙂

  20. Excellent article. Had friends and family, in north east england, who after the no vote, as well as before, just ridiculed Scotland for having the audacity to even consider extricating ourselves from their UKok.That was after the ‘I don’t like that Alex Salmond mind’ comments!

    We were basing our decisions on our ’emotions’, we were looking for an impossible ‘utopia’, close on being a ‘fascist state’, and at risk of becoming ‘another Syria’. I kid you not. One friend even said, but ‘you are part of the same landmass’!

    Oh dear, and how many countries are connected by land in the world but don’t actually have their next door neighbour running their affairs, to their detriment! (well aside maybe most of S. America).

    My fave cousin came up to visit last week. Had a great time but they just do not want to know about Scotland, and the independence campaign at all. They did say how awful it is that J.Corbyn is so ‘demonised’. Did they get the irony when I pointed out that was also the case with A. Salmond and is still going on.

    I know it doesn’t matter as these are people living in England, but it just shows how the media, bbc, right wing rags etc, manipulates and fabricates, lies and smears to get the results they want. Cousin watches bbc news, rt, al jazeera etc. I did point out that watching tv and their so called news, is in no way superior to online news, social media etc.

    The next campaign needs to focus on the dysfunctionality of the UK and UK rule, 300+ years of a so called union, and the unionists say that Scotland is an economic basket case. We need to point out at any opportunity, that the SNPGov are doing an amazing job, against huge odds. Considering GERS lies and the crumbs sent to Scotland while being robbed blind by WM.

    We need to point out that it will take some serious, genuine, honest to goodness hard work, and time, to put right what this so called union has done, ie, deliberately kept Scotland poor, undermined, used and abused.

    No more, and with other EU countries taking an interest in just what Scotland is on about, we could be onto a winner, we have to be.

  21. Won’t be surprised if britnats try to instigate violence in the run up to IndyRef2. They will blame it on the pro-indy supporters of course and the britnat media will give it their usual vitriolic headlines. We must be carefull. Don’t buy britnat newspapers or visit their websites. Don’t pay the bbc tax. Let britnats pay for britnat propaganda.

  22. Having recently been in Iceland and the Faroes, we should be drawing comparisons with their voters and ours, perhaps. Not many “unioinist” types there!
    Let’s be clear that we are actively welcoming our neighbours (English) and others who want to commit to a better Scotland, and invite the others to flee south, where they might feel more at home. No great mischief if they don’t.
    We should more obviously challenge those who pose as impartial but have an agenda.
    For instance, the BMA complain of many things about the health service here, but (a) by most measurements things are better than E&W, and (b) they are just another trade union.

  23. Having recently been in Iceland and the Faroes, we should be drawing comparisons with their voters and ours, perhaps. Not many “unioinist” types there!
    Let’s be clear that we are actively welcoming our neighbours (English) and others who want to commit to a better Scotland, and invite the others to flee south, where they might feel more at home. No great mischief if they don’t.
    We should more obviously challenge those who pose as impartial but have an agenda.
    For instance, the BMA complain of many things about the health service here, but (a) by most measurements things are better than E&W, and (b) they are just another trade union.

  24. Someone on another thread reminded me of an old name, Coo’s Tail, and here’s me being the Coo’s Tail as usual! Aye at the back end of things. Used to get called CT for short 🙂

    Thank you for these timely and wise words.

    As the bitterness, the nasty jibes and frustrating untruths are rising again to a mad crescendo, it is a relief to be reminded there is a much better way to respond rather than in kind.

    Bob, yes this site does soothe the soul = )

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