Gaining a mandate

According to some press reports circulating on Thursday, Theresa May’s government doesn’t believe that there’s a mandate for a second Scottish independence referendum. That’s the government that has no mandate whatsoever for grammar schools, but is pressing ahead with them anyway. That’s the government that has decided that the referendum vote to leave the EU gave it a mandate to define what sort of exit it wanted, and it’s decided on the most brutal, the most right wing, and the most destructive and xenophobic Brexit possible. If you look up the word hypocrite in a dictionary, you’ll see it defined as Theresa May.

The SNP have a very clear mandate to press ahead with a second independence referendum. It was stated in black and white in their manifesto just a few months ago that they hoped to be re-elected as the Scottish government on the basis of, amongst other things, the promise that if there is a substantial and material change in Scotland’s circumstances in the UK that this would be grounds for a second independence referendum. They specifically cited the possibility of a Scotland being dragged out of the EU against its will as an example of a substantial and material change of circumstances. Mandates don’t come much more explicit than that. The exact wording of the SNP manifesto was as follows:

We believe that the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum if there is clear and sustained evidence that independence has become the preferred option of a majority of the Scottish people – or if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will.

That was just five months ago. The Conservatives might like to believe that Scottish voters have short memories and even shorter attention spans, but we all know what the SNP was elected to do. And they were re-elected as the government in a parliament where the electorate of Scotland ensured that there is a majority of pro-independence MSPs. That is a mandate. Even the Daily Record, the publisher of the infamous Vow in 2014 acknowledges that it’s a mandate, as clear and definitive a mandate as it’s possible to get. Claiming that is not a mandate undermines the entire democratic process. The Unionists are always going on about how the SNP must respect the result of the 2014 referendum, which is a bit rich coming from a bunch of clueless xenophobes who won’t respect the result of the 2016 election.

Back in 2011 Ruth Davidson stated that parties have to win a mandate for a referendum. They have to put a proposition to the electorate, and then win sufficient support that they can ensure a majority will support it in the Scottish parliament, whether as a majority government or with the support of other parties. If a party can do that, it has a mandate for an independence referendum. That’s exactly what happened in May 2016. Ruth needs to respect what the Scottish people decided. She needs to respect what she herself admitted.

But then these are the same people who looked upon the comprehensive electoral rejection of the Scottish Tory Michael Forsyth in 1997 and gave him a seat in the House of Lords where he still continues to exert his malign influence over our laws and legislation. Without a shred of irony, Mikey campaigned for Brexit during the EU referendum, telling people how unfair, unreasonable, and undemocratic it was that our laws should be made by unelected people who are not accountable to us. You don’t say Mikey, you don’t say.

The strength of the SNP’s mandate for a second independence referendum is all very different from what Theresa May claims is her mandate to do what she likes about Brexit and to do so without MPs in the Commons having a say in the matter, despite the fact that one of the main planks of the Brexit campaign was to restore the sovereignty of the Westminster parliament. The other main plank was Boris Johnson, who’s now the UK’s scary clown. Or at least he would be scary, if he wasn’t so risible. What’s scary is that we’re being led by clowns into an uncertain future where there are right wing monsters lurking in the shadows, demanding to test the teeth of immigrant children.

This is the nightmare that Britain has become, where the Tooth Fairy has morphed into Nigel Farage and will deport you if your teeth seem foreign, and where the only apparent strategy for the British economy post-Brexit is to rely on jam and biscuit exports. Stuff that’s really bad for your teeth. The British Empire biscuit will conquer the world, and we’ll build a future where the currency will be the jam jar. The jam jar is already pretty much on a par with the pound as it is.

The Scottish Government doesn’t just have a clear and definitive electoral mandate to press ahead for a second independence referendum, they have a moral imperative to do so. Because this Britain is morally bankrupt. This is a British government which has sold its soul to right wing populism, to extremism, to hatred and to fear of all things foreign. This is a Britain where hate crimes against minorities are soaring. This is a Britain where the centre ground is defined as a right wing dystopia of odium and demonisation. This is a Britain that has no space in it for Scotland. Just a few years ago they were falling over themselves to assure us that Scotland was a loved and equal partner in this family of nations. Now we know it’s a family that’s ruled with a rod of iron, with orders not with discussion, with fear, not with love. And it will remind Scotland of its subservient place.

This is not the progressive and forward looking Britain that Scotland was told it was a beloved part of. That Britain doesn’t exist. It was destroyed by the arch-Unionists themselves.

Meanwhile the leadership of the Labour party in Scotland, having been equivocal in the aftermath of the Brexit vote about whether it might support a second independence referendum, saying that they needed to see how things transpired, has now come out firmly against one. I wonder just what has occurred in the confused and angry and hateful few months since the Brexit vote to reassure Kezia Dugdale so? She’s not for saying.

The UK government shows every intention that it intends to pursue the hardest of Brexits, the cruellest of Brexits, the most blood and soil nationalistic Brexit. It’s a Brexit that will cut Scotland off from the rest of the world. It’s a Brexit that tells us that the Union of 1707 is no longer in our interests. We need a new Union. We need to remain a member of the European Union as an independent state.

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    • Yet another most excellent post , is it just me, or does anyone else think that this rancid Tory Government is bateing, prodding ,taunting the Scottish Government in the hope of a future Failed Referendum on independence. T M might go a step too far and reap a whirlwind and convince some of the 55% of no voters to change to a yes . ” this boiling pot” will eventually spill over and hopefully end this malevolent Union.

      • No, it is not just you.

        But I don’t think the current behaviour of Westminster and the corrupt press that is backing it is simply a show of power. I think it is necessity. The more I look at things the more I believe that the rUK is out for a painful and bumpy ride due to Brexit that is going to be unbearable if Scotland leaves.

        The reserves of oil and gas are clearly a very important factor as an asset that could be used against loans. But let’s not forget the potential of Scotland for renewables. Scotland could be self sufficient for energy, but England? How much electricity England is currently getting from Scotland is another matter that we must look at carefully, as it is the transference of fresh water from Scotland to England when needed.

        In my opinion food and the arrangement of the food industry is another aspect to look at in detail. It would be interesting to know how much of the food produced in Scotland is ‘exported’ to England to be prepared and conveniently packed with the shiny union jacks in English facilities employing people down south, of course, and then ‘imported’ back to put in Scotland’s supermarkets’ shelves. How many more jobs and revenue Scotland could have if all the preparing and packing with nice saltires was done in an independent Scotland?

        External export is another thing to look at. How many of those products exported to England are going to be exported abroad from English ports so they count as English exports? Again, how much more revenue and jobs we could get for Scotland if the exporting abroad for Scottish produce was done directly from an independent Scotland?

        The cost of the political and public institutions in the UK is another aspect, in my opinion, that must be looked at. How much is Scotland made pay for unelected institutions such as the House of Lords where unionist parties place their cronies to serve their parties? How about infrastructure for England? How much is Scotland made pay for that? Is the same amount invested into infrastructure within Scotland? That would not be a problem if Scotland was independent.

        Company HQs is another point to look at from the point of view of taxation. How many companies operating in Scotland have their HQs down south? That may change in an independent Scotland, so if some of the HQ are brought back to Scotland, part of those taxes that are currently paid down south could come to Scotland .

        Transport is another factor. Currently, London airports absorb a huge amount of flights making connections at London airports sometimes mandatory, leaving a good amount of revenue there. In an independent Scotland that could change, moving some of the aviation and non-aviation revenue to Scottish airports, for example.

        I am beginning to think that the current organisation of the internal market in the UK and the centralisation around London has being designed to cover that black hole that is the eye-watering deficit in external balance of trade that England has. In my opinion it is not really Scotland, Wales or NI who benefit the most of this internal trade, it is England. Should Scotland have a decent infrastructure and autonomy, there is nothing stopping it to increase the external exports itself and to cut down in the imports from England. But this is of course only my opinion. I am quite happy to be corrected if I am wrong.

        • Plus defence of course. Whatever choices are made for equipment which meets our own needs, as a sovereign nation we would be able to negotiate off set deals for manufacturing etc. This not only creates jobs but builds skills in advanced technolog and spin offs.
          Nice post by the way

          • Maria, your intelligent post will have Unionist hearts racing.
            Of course we are a self sufficient wealthy country. We shall thrive as an independent nation.
            For Davidson Dugdale and Rennie (or whoever is the new LD Leader) to peddle the venal black hole too poor mantra is unforgivable, especially now that there has been in effect a coup d’état Down There, and the fascist lunatics have taken over the asylum.
            I’d wager that the unionists will not be clambering aboard the last helicopter out of Edinburgh on Independence Day.
            The day is dawning.

        • Fantastic reply Maria, correct and factual in every detail . As mentioned in my previous posts ” we really need to dissolve this most Rancid union “

        • Great post Maria, there is also the fact that without Scotland the rUK would drop out of the G20, they are desperate and there are no depths to which they will not stoop to avoid this. It’s going to get dirty.

        • Spot on Maria. I’ve been trying to find out just how much of our “4 times bigger than the EU” exports to the rUK are then re-exported, but can’t find any information on it. Possibly because it would put the lie to the whole “4 times bigger than the EU” claim as above?

  2. Britnat hypocrisy heaped upon more britnat hypocrisy, all wrapped up in a stinking fish-n-chip newspaper ball of slimy britnat media propaganda.

  3. A decision made in 1707 should not be questioned. You do have to laugh though it remains bloody serious. And now a petition to prevent us from questioning a decision made in 1707. They are afraid.

      • 20 voters, 11 voted No and 9 YES (55%/45%). So we need 1 from 11 to switch and hold on to the 9. There are Brexiteers within the 9 and some will put Brexit ahead of Indy. There will also be soft Yessers who may cross to the dark side or who are not so engaged and don’t turn out come Indyref2. Conversely there will be soft No’s who may see the light. Nicola and her team have a tough call to make. Maybe the upcoming council elections next May will shed some light despite the council voting system produces bizarre outcomes.

        • Spot on Clive! I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes making this decision. If she calls IndyRef2 and it fails, we will never have the chance again. I think voter fatigue will be a big issue as there have been so many major voting issues, with disappointment and disillusion on all sides. That really rattles shy voters, and those who feel disenfranchised with politics. And last time, the Unionists found the weak spots in the arguments early and milked them for all they were worth, so any new campaign has to plug those holes. Now Ruth, Keshia and Willie are running with “get on with the day job”, and that seems to be resonating. I’m beginning to feel like Sgt Fraser “Doomed, Captain Mainwaring”!

          • The day job is also ensuring we do not leave the EU.
            What do the three yoons at Holyrood on about?
            Davidson is yoonerist, but Rennie and Kezia?
            When their members start to realize the Mayhem Brexit will bring, then their followers will “depart” and/or force them to shift.

  4. May is on a short time scale. Do not worry about her stance! There are crises enveloping the Cabinet. The wee three hard men will get their way on “hard Brexit” and force May out.
    They are flummoxed over the realisation that negotiations with the EU from the outside having spurned the EU will lead to the palindrome “non!”
    You cannot leave an organisation mouthing off at the same time and then expect that organisation to bend the rules in your favour to let you negotiate your way back “in” , but not “in” .
    That absurdity is dawning on No 10. Hence, the retort that we keep our cards to ourselves before we “negotiate”.
    Are they real in No 10? The johnny come lately with opt outs to the EEC and then the EU is really out on a limb here. Read the runes emanating from the key players in the EU. The four key blocks of the EU will mot be broached. Cameron got limited concessions from within, how do the Brexiteers hope to better that minimalist list from without in a climate of insult, recrimination and Westminster condescension ?
    The non will force her out!! Mayhem will follow.

  5. Great post Paul.

    The ‘United’ Kingdom. Anyone round here feeling particularly unified with Westminster politics about now? That is what this is all about after all. Our political union.

    What we’ve experienced in the past two years has been nothing short of a complete betrayal of trust. A small majority, but a majority nonetheless, put the futures of all the Scottish electorate in the hands of the Westminster system of government and politics. We had a good case to prove just how untrustworthy that system was, but not quite a good enough case to convince a majority how good running our own system could be. Coupled with THE most appallingly negative better together campaign, their massive blanket media advantage and a near 30pt starting lead, it proved to be a bridge too far.

    We all know the history well enough by this point.

    Regardless. Pledges were made and assurances given by both sides of the debate which covered winning and losing. The Scottish government participated in the farce that was the Smith Commission. After again participating in a successful UK general election campaign (the first in the SNPs history where they did NOT stand on a ticket of independence), they sat through the punishment exercise that was the Scotland Bill debates of 2015. They have suffered two years of the most intense media scrutiny and ritual humiliation I have ever seen.

    Not once over this period did they campaign for independence, but the extension of devolved powers as per their PROMISE. They went through all of this ‘PARTICIPATION’ because we asked them to.

    And what about the winners and their promises?

    Their lack of delivery by this point is well documented. Not one. Not a single promise or assurance has been kept, not even the piss poor detail of ‘the vow’.

    The only manifesto caveat on independence the SNP have uttered in two heartbreaking years has been the pledge repeated ATL. IF a material change in circumstances occurred…

    In the teeth of everything the winning campaign failed to deliver and STILL it was in their own hands to avoid an early second referendum. All they had to do was keep their assurances that by voting no Scotland’s place in the EU was secure.

    They couldn’t and indeed wouldn’t stand by even that. Equal partners, oldest most successful family of nations, lead from the front, nothing off the table, we love you… better together.

    Welcome to Brexit UK, an international laughing stock, swiftly becoming an international pariah. A state where it’s become acceptable to make lists of all those in your population who originally ‘ain’t frum around here’. A state that betrays its partners, manipulates and foments division within its own society, alienates and intimidates the defenceless, the poor, the aged, the infirm and still …expects. Loyalty? Obedience? What?

    Well if ever there was a legislature that carried the mandate of the people it is the Scottish Government. Our laws, our popular sovereignty, our opinion matters and more importantly have power. We have the power to ensure that Westminster refusing to abide by its indyref commitments carries consequences.

    All we need do is mandate our government to do one more thing as soon as they ask our permission.

    Rant done. Still beelin’.

    • You will feel a bit better on reading the Draft Consultation Referendum Bill I am sure… including 100% check on postal votes.

    • Sam, weel said. No more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy.
      That idiotic Ruth Strictly ‘majority of the people of Scotland don’t want another Referendum’, soundbite all over our broadcast media yesterday sums it up.
      We are in the early stages of being corralled into a de facto colony of Brexit England’s, and Ruth, Kezia, and whoever is charge of the LDs these days, are more than willing Fifth Colonists (not a typo) in the enslavement of Scotland and its people.
      It beggars belief that our MSM has been completely taken over by the Ultras.
      How many ‘Professors’ are in the pay of Bitter Together?
      The storm clouds are gathering, that’s for sure.
      Team GB Homeland Security any day now.

    • Excellent post by the Dug and response by Mr Macart.

      We’ve heard a lot about democracy and how it works recently and we’re likely to be hearing a lot more in the coming weeks and months. Most of this focuses on how 55% beats 45% or 52% beats 48% when the votes are counted up. There’s a lot more to democracy though, than just winning a vote.

      Without going in to the whole checks and balances thing, or even the need for a independent challenging media, there is an important part of democracy that gets conveniently ignored by many of these commentators. If a candidate or party win a vote on a platform of lies and go on to break the promises and commitments they made to win that vote, democracy means that they can be voted out at the earliest opportunity. For general and local elections, that means next time round in the electoral cycle at the latest (ideally some of those checks and balance come into play and things can happen sooner).

      Referendums don’t have a regular cycle, but damn sure the same democratic principles apply. Better together lied blatantly through their campaign and every single promise they made to gain a No vote has been broken. We are absolutely entitled to a second referendum, in fact it is now a necessity. (The same applies to the Leave vote, but I have scant hope of any re-run of that vote and anyway would rather have Independence for Scotland as a solution to Brexit).

      The campaign for Indyref2 has already started. Let’s make sure that all those ‘no mandate’ people are shot down with these arguments whenever they open their mouths and shown up as the enemies of democracy that they actually are.

  6. This is one of the most powerful articles you have written. Oh to have a graphic artist to draw the simple pictures you so eloquently write- then post them all over the bill boards…

  7. Had a smashing day today…was out with my daughter helping her job hunt after she was ruthlessly laid off by one of our esteemed banks…crap time of the year to be chasing work, but she was her usual chirpy self and we parted with me wishing her all the best whilst swallowing hard and admiring her stoicism.

    I then caught up with an old workmate I hadn’t seen for 2 years and we chewed the fat for a couple of hours over a few drinks with friendship rekindled, a bellyful of laughs, and the promise to meet again soon.

    I’ve just watched Question Time from Hartlepool on catch up, and my mood has been punctured by witnessing a panel and audience displaying a nasty, insular, racist parochialism (Yanis Varoufakis, and it has to be said, Ken Clarke aside), which has punctured my good humour.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so depressed watching one hour of political “debate” broadcast and effectively sanctioned by our “state broadcaster”.

    Time to leave this narrow, nasty little shithole, posts-haste. Go to it Scotland, please don’t yourself down.

      • As I seen on web/twitter they should rename Question Time to Brexit Time, It’s first time I recall watching a TV programme and thinking I really do live in another country. When the UK leave the EU (hopefully Scotland escapes in time) things are going to get worse I suspect and these xenophobic brexiters are going to get even more angry and probably more xenophobic as they watch their savings and pensions just disappear. Produce and imported products are going to get more and more expensive and they may find that some of these trade deals mean something they expect just to pop into the supermarkets to buy will no longer be available. Would not surprise me in 5-10 years time what’s left of the rUK will be calling in the IMF for rescuing.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I watched the program yesterday in total horror and disbelief.

      The people in the audience didn’t seem to grasp the idea that while they had voted for brexit they didn’t have a clue what that actually means. But the worse thing is that they didn’t seem to even care, they just wanted it to start! It was also scary to see how they are in denial about the damage this process has done to freedom of speech in England or to inflate xenophobia.

      I found totally pathetic the intervention of Mr Black. I couldn’t believe my ears when he seemed to go on about that the EU will sooner or later realise of what a great ‘nation’ the UK is, how important the UK is in the EU and in the world, and blah, blah, more rancid rhetoric… therefore they would bend to the UK government’s demands. Unbelievably the public seemed to swallow the crap, I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears.

      It may have been just my impression, but Mr Clarke and Mr Varoufakis’ faces seemed at times as if they had landed on some nightmare-parallel universe. I found quite enlightening Yanis’ contribution when he attempted to make the public understand that it was a discrepancy to vote leaving the EU to ‘regain control of our sovereignity’ when they were perfectly happy to allow the current government to completely override the sovereignity of parliament and go on to ‘negotiate’ a form of brexit that was not voted or agreed.

      It may be a 48% that didn’t vote for Brexit, but surely in that audience there was not even close to half of that percentage of remainers. When a Tory like Mr Clarke was looking far too lefty for that audience, you know that something is seriously wrong.

  8. I posted this earlier on WoS, which is now ‘crashing’ BTW. Men in Black?

    “The only ‘tool’ the Right Wing Brit Fascists are using is Spanner, JK Rowling’s Court Jester, and smutty heavy breather of this parish.
    Ah’ll haud the jaickits, Ian, when you square up to Mundell the Michty efter skool.
    smallaxe, they’ve been reading our mail for years.
    Tony Blair refers to us as ‘insurgents’ because we campaign for Self Determination.
    Distorting Scotland last evening:-
    “They promised the people of Scotland two years ago that if they came out and voted in the Independence Referendum their voice would be respected.
    This is not the respect the people of Scotland were told. The majority of folk don’t want another Referendum.
    The Majority of people don’t want independence and the SNP should take this off the table.”
    Ruth Strictly looked a wee bit jaded, her Churchillian frown sagging somewhat, telling us all what the ‘majority’ of’people of Scotland’ (twice), ‘folk’ (once), and ‘people’ (once) want and don’t want.

    Time stopped for the Unionists on the morning of the 19th September 2014 when David Cameron fresh from getting his rocks off listening to Her Maj purring down the phone to him, came out of Number 10 and announced, I’ll paraphrase here, ‘Fuck off ,Scotland. Back in your box. I’ll make sure it never happens again. EVEL, Ya Bass.’
    In Ruth’s and Mundell’s eyes, we didn’t vote for 56 Pro Independenc MP’s, we didn’t return an SNP Administration Up Here in May 2016, we didn’t vote 62% to stay withing the European Community, her party didn’t get soundly cuffed, coming a very poor second in May. She didn’t vote Remain, but when she found herself on the losing side, where in mattered in Mother England, is now more Boris Johnson than Boris Johnson.
    The broadcasters edited out her teatime ‘why would we vote to leave a Union into which we export 4 times as much as we do into the EU?’
    I did warn us.
    Prove it ,Ruth Strictly.Cite your source documents. Show me the graphs.
    You lie, oh Smirky Grinning Shovel Face.
    Prove me wrong.
    Unless you have wandered the highways and the byways and spoke to all of us, the people of Scotland, your wee free soundbite on BBC Distorting Scotland is just so much totalitarian mince.
    The vast majority of the people of Scotland voted ‘anything but the ‘effing’ Tories,’ just like Cameron, Ruth’s Former Best Friend before ‘Big T’, assured us we could do back in the heady campaign days of Better Together once in a lifetime Liesfest.
    I refuse to contemplate Amber Rudd’s Home Office deciding whether or not I can leave Scotland to holiday abroad, set up a business, take up a job, buy Le Dunroamin’ in Europe.
    The very thought of May Johnson Fox Rudd Davis and Gove ‘taking back control’, and what they will then impose on Scotland the Colony, should send a chill throughout these lands, no matter which party you follow.
    This is not Supermac Conservatism. This is the unacceptable shovel face of 21st Century fascism.
    We shall prevail, mes braves.
    Peace to us all.”

    Paul, as usual, you summed it up perfectly.
    Red Blue and Yellow Tory ‘democracy’ excludes the ‘majority of the people of Scotland’.
    I too have dipped into my dictionary, WGD.
    ‘Professor’ ‘A cosseted, cloistered overpaid, I know which side my bread is (rich full cream) buttered on, as in the Bitter Unionist enclave at Glasgow University.
    ‘Professor Tom Mullens (qui?) of Glasgow Uni posing at Bell’s Bridge on the Clyde warning that our democratically elected Scottish Government can vote for a second plebiscite all they like, but T May will veto it, so there.
    Nick Cohan’s SNP bullied BBC Scotland at its subservient best.
    Rennie to step aside to be replaced by Cole Hamilton, or whatever his name is?
    Homeland Security UK. This thought is as a death, but weeps to have that which it fears to lose.

  9. The UKOK bunch must be getting worried when the lines of TB calls us “insurgents”. The UK is about to be KO’d in its Brexit.
    I suppose TB will claim we, the insurgents , have weapons of mass destruction that can strike London in 25 minutes?! (Irony here!).
    What next for the government-we-did-not-vote-for ?
    Send in the troops” Threaten us north of the Tweed with the SaS, (or SS, if you remove the “a”)? Quarter a standing army on us? Read the riot act outside Holyrood? Eject the government at Holyrood and impose martial law? Sail the new Dreadnaught subs (name a throwback to the pre 1914 past) up the Clyde headed by the new Royal Yacht Britannia to overawe and coerce the natives?
    As far as Scotland is concerned, we are REsurgent again and REclaiming our rights.

    • The mood of the YOONs has altered dramatically. They know that we are retaking our country.
      They will stop at nothing to prevent this.
      We must be resolute, vigilant and dignified.
      Despite Nick Cohen’s rant the other day, it is not such a leap from checking the teeth of refugees, to removing their gold fillings to pay for their refuge, to making lampshades out of human skin.
      The Hartlepool QT audience chilled my stomach.
      I suspect that they wouldn’t blink an eyelid if WM shut Holyrood tomorrow and installed a Governor General a la Stormont.
      That’s what ‘taking back control’ means. London Rules, ya bass.
      Hard Brexit means drawing an iron curtain around Scotland, and no one gets in or out without ‘Letters of Transfer’ from Amber Rudd’s Homeland Security Bureau. Shades of Casablanca.
      This is deadly serious now. It’s high time some of our hacks realised this, if not for their own future, for the future of their families and friends.

      • David Davis, hard brexiteer is up in Scotland with pith helmet exhorting the natives’ that the UK is the right union for the Scots.
        He claims that public finances in Scotland are deteriorating . An open admission that the UK macro management of the UK is floundering.
        He should read the Guardian today. It writes that UK receipts from taxing companies is down in September by about two billion.
        So the UK is not OK either. Westminster has full macro economic, fiscal and constitutional powers and it is failing.
        Time to leave.
        With only three yoon mps at Westminster from Scotland, it rebuts his claim that support for independence is falling in Scotland.
        I suppose the next tory big idea will be to appoint mps from Scotland like peers to represent the Scots who do not follow the UK line!

    • A smile on my face, Macart? Mrs C rushed into the room fearing that I was suffering a massive heart attack.
      I have seldom laughed so heartily.
      I read the French version of this event.
      The 27 are not for moving. The UK is out now, as far as they are concerned; frankly England and Wales are on their own from March 2017 as far as I’m concerned.
      Yet TM blusters that the UK will play a full part in EU decision making until March 2019.
      The woman is mad.
      Humphreys audibly spluttered when yer man spoke warmly about Schottland..
      Lovin’ them squirming, so I am.

      • At last, on the Continent the politicians finally ,including the Germans, are aware of Scotland ad a separate nation and country and have stopped saying things like it is just the same as England!!German has these three words and they are German: Made in England. Translated, they mean: Maggot in England. A German once tried to get by reaction to this and wondered why I just looked blank and smiled. I had to explain I understood the German but was not from England!!

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  11. From the Government’s own representative at the legal hearing saying any post Brexit arrangement will “probably” have to be ratified as it concerns a treaty the question is raised as to why “Royal Prerogative” couldn’t be used instead. Apparently it’s because it can’t be used where treaties are concerned. Which buggers up any pretence that it could be invoked to ammend or even end one.

    Having now read the 2015 Conservative manifesto it’s clear they were elected on a promise to carry out the result of the referendum. So should May actually put it to parliament she can be reassured that her party will vote in favour of A50. However doing so would also beg the question as to why the rest of their commitment to access to the single market are being abandoned. Rather than no mandate for a hard Brexit I’d argue that what the government has is actually a mandate for a soft Brexit.

    A sufficiently devious mind might think the present bollox is them trying to make EFTA or similar impossible.

    • The Prime Minister of Scotland will be offered Home Rule and FFA, with Defence and Foreign Policy reserved on Monday. It’s May’s only way out, IMHO.
      Being ‘offered’ Home Rule, and delivering on the ‘pledge’ are of course two different things.

  12. O/T I hope everyone witnessed this Tory Government in action talking down ” the Turing bill ” yesterday this was after agreeing to support John Nicolsons private members bill I wonder if it was just spite because he is a SNP MP or just to show who is in charge? .
    And we should trust this lot on anything, waken up this lot will never change so I hope the SNP Government gives them the same respect that they give us .

  13. Mandate, Brexit means Brexit for the Gibraltarians?
    The Guardian on line has an interesting article on Gibralter where there is free movement across the Spanish border etc.
    Gibraltar voted over 90% to remain. Yet, Brexit means Brexit means they could be out as well!!
    Special deals? Read the article it is revealing. That britishest of places in a furrin field is in a dilemma.
    Special status for Gibralter? Why not these other parts ie Scotland and Northern Ireland which also voted to remain.
    Spain wants joint sovereignty if Gibralter gets access, or it may veto!!
    Interesting times for all. More fankles for May and Co.

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