Getting the tools to get the job done

Kezia Dugdale was open to the idea of independence a few weeks before the Brexit vote, saying that a Scotland that was being dragged out of the EU might cause her to reconsider her opposition. Thankfully everything that’s happened since has reassured her that staying a part of a UK that’s dragging Scotland out of the EU and into a dystopian far-right xenophobic hate-fest is just fine and dandy. That’s why she told the Murnaghan Show on Sky that “Scottish Labour is committed to tackling poverty and inequality. You can’t do that with independence.”

The hapless representatives of Labour in Scotland have said a few asinine and fatuous things in their time, but Kezia’s statement is way up there in the pantheon of great political stupidity along Arnold Schwarzenegger’s statement that “gay marriage should be between a man and a woman”, Jim Murphy’s prediction a few weeks before his party’s utter rout in the May 2015 General Election that Labour was going to increase the number of seats it held in Scotland, and everyone in the Scottish media who hails Ruth Davidson as the saviour of the Union.

Of course, if Scottish Labour has indeed been so committed to tackling poverty and inequality then it does kind of make you wonder just why it is that we have so much of it. Four of the most deprived constituencies in the UK are in Glasgow. Scotland, along with the rest of the UK, has a ballooning number of people who depend on foodbanks in order to eat, we have an obscene inequality in income which is only getting wider. And much of this occurred under Labour’s watch. Kezia’s statement ignores the fact that most of us who support independence ended up doing so because we looked upon the poverty and inequality which blights Scotland, and we looked upon a Labour party which promises the world in opposition but which morphs into Tories with a sad face as soon as it gets a snifter of power. Benefit sanctions were introduced under the last Labour government.

Right now, Kezia and the Scottish Labour leadership’s strategy for tackling poverty and inequality in Scotland, along with the rest of the UK, seems to consist of doing all it can to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and so ensure that we’re faced with Tory governments for decades to come. At a time when the Tories were rudderless and directionless in the aftermath of a Brexit vote that they had brought upon the country but which they shamefully had no plans to deal with, Labour didn’t choose to press its advantage. It chose to attack its own leader instead.

Labour isn’t tackling poverty and inequality. Labour is flailing around trying to find some excuse for remaining a part of a state that creates and fosters poverty and inequality. They hate Scottish nationalism so much that in the name of a supposed and imaginary internationalism they rush headlong into the embrace of the most vicious right wing British nationalism that we’ve ever seen.

We have a British government which is refusing to make any concessions to Scotland. England’s wishes must be respected, but Scotland’s can be ignored. Labour’s fine with that. In order to score what they mistakenly believe is some anti-nationalist point they consign millions of Scots and hundreds of thousands of EU citizens to the mercies of an unforgiving and xenophobic British nationalism. Scotland is the last outpost of the British Empire and our role is to act as a figleaf so that the Labour party can pretend that British nationalism isn’t nationalist at all. Subsuming Scotland’s needs to those of the British state allows them to pretend that they’re internationalist. Their self-delusion is bought at the price of unemployment in Glasgow, of poverty in Dundee, of inequality in the Highlands. Labour won’t tackle those things because the power of their self-delusion is stronger than their ability to see a path out of the misery that they’ve helped to create.

Of course independence by itself doesn’t tackle poverty and inequality. No one has ever claimed that it does. But what independence does do is to give Scotland the tools it needs in order to tackle them effectively, because after more than three hundred years of Westminster rule we’ve learned that Westminster has no intention of doing so. Here we are in one of the richest countries in the world and the poor are getting poorer while the rich grow ever richer. Our public services, our NHS, our pensions, our social security, are all at greater threat than they have ever been.

And after one hundred years we’ve learned that Labour’s Parliamentary road to socialism ends in ermine robes for Labour’s high-heid-yins and the bitter tears of disappointment for the rest of us as we struggle to get to a Job Centre appointment on time fearing that if we don’t we’ll be sanctioned. We owe Job Centre sanctions to Labour as well.

What Kezia is saying when she says that independence won’t tackle poverty and inequality is that buying a toolkit won’t make improvements to your house, so don’t buy the tools you need to do home improvements. What she’s articulating is the naive and stupid idea that independence is a goal in and of itself, that once Scotland achieves independence that’s it. She portrays independence as an end, not as a means. She wants people to believe that there is no reason for independence other than the goal of independence itself.

But that’s idiotic, and it’s not why myself and hundreds of thousands of other Scots are on this journey. We want independence because of what we can do with independence. We want independence because it’s only with independence that the rich possibilities and potentials of Scotland become unleashed. It’s only with independence that the power of Scotland is unlocked from the shortbread tin and we will be able to use that power to redistribute wealth, to rebuild our shattered communities. Our journey to self-determination, our path to a better country, our road to equality and tackling poverty, it doesn’t end with independence. It’s only with independence that it can start. Independence is not the end of the road for Scotland. It’s just the beginning. Let’s get the tools we need, then we can get the job done.

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0 thoughts on “Getting the tools to get the job done

  1. Britnat arrogance and ignorance towards Scotland continues unabated. My quiet optimism that Scotland will regain its independence continues apace.

  2. “Scottish Labour is committed to tackling poverty and inequality. You can’t do that with independence.” Because with independance there will be al lot less of that and they need the tories so that they have something to moan about. That is what she means I reckon.

    • Every time I watch Kezia being interviewed it seems she is very earnest and at that particular moment believes what she is saying. The problem is her opinion changes with every interview and the poor thing wonders why she`s so misunderstood.

  3. Kezia speaks as she does because Labour have nothing to offer in terms of policy to address poverty and inequality. Indeed, Labour have been enthuisiastic in their hunt for abusers of the benefit system.

    The attack on welfare began approximately two days after Tony Blair was elected in 1997. This was to show to the right that Labour were not going to be soft on benefit scroungers. The language of scroungers and fraudsters was quite deliberate. It was used ruthlessly and relentlessly over the following years.

    Forgiveness is a courageous act when the perpetrators of this system should be had up at The Hague.

  4. God knows what Kezia ever means. I’ve never heard her make a sensible or helpful comment. You have pointed out clearly what independence means Paul. Another astonishingly good post. Thanks.

  5. And meantime, word from Mrs May is, “But we’re also clear that a single UK position is vital to protect the UK interest as a whole and we need to make sure we are not putting up barriers to trade within the UK.”

    She also warned against ministers from the devolved nations trying to conduct parallel talks with EU leaders.

    “We’ve been very clear that we should be working together to secure the best possible deal for the whole country and we expect representatives of the devolved administrations to act that way and to in no way undermine the UK’s position”.

    So Scotland’s desire to remain within the EU is tossed aside for a supposed greater, English good.

    And Kezia sits and twiddles with her hair.

    • That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking today! I’ve got to assume she is following some whip from Lab HQ because no person in their sane mind would want to be associated with the far right Tories in WM. If she only had the guts to stand up and say we need to do this, she could easily reinvent herself post Indy into the politician she wants to be as the landscape will be changed. Me thinks she’s too frightened to lose her job and keeping the status quo is her best option. I just despair.

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  7. If ever there was a statement that underlined the shear irrelevance of Kezia Dugdale and Labour in Scotland, that was it.

    Scotland’s electorate faces a cliff edge of economic and constitutional catastrophe, dragged there against our own popular will and Kezia decides that what we require is more of the same idiocy which dragged us to this carnage in the first place. The irony of Kezia standing for separation is also too good an opportunity to pass up mentioning.

    This is so perfectly simple that even a unionist politician should be able to grasp the concept. There have been two referendums in Scotland, the results of which are constitutionally incompatible. The First Minister of Scotland, in fact ANY first minister of Scotland is NOT at liberty to make up the public’s mind for them as to which result they personally prefer. It is ONLY for the Scottish electorate to decide. Oh… end of. (couldn’t resist)

    The First Minister has been exploring the possibility of retaining both unions, because THAT is the day job. Its what has been requested of her by the result two years ago and by her duty to the letter of the agreement reached. Remember being asked to vote NO to retain our EU position? Seems there is only one leader in the UK even attempting to keep to the spirit and letter of that result and fully against her own desires at that.

    The ball is still in PM May’s court. Hard Brexit or soft? Work with the Scottish government’s suggestions on retaining both unions, or throw them back in the FM’s and our faces? Play the UK all in or all out together routine and stamp those kitten heels as it were. The result of that choice will determine just how fast this union ends, but make no mistake, it is coming to an end regardless.

    If there is anything we have learnt this year, it is just how different our voting intent, our voting patterns and our aspirations for the future are.

    In Ms May’s own time then.

  8. Well said, Paul.

    I want independence for one reason, to me the only reason, it gives Scotland the ability to choose for itself. That’s it. Everything else is just detail.

    What economic policy will we have? Well, doesn’t that depend on whom the Scottish electorate favour with their vote? And f the Parliament screws up, WE can ditch them at the next election.

    What will tax rates be? Depends on whom WE choose to set them.

    What will our position be on military matters? It depends on the government WE elect.

    This may sound sacrilegious, but after Independence, my vote will be available to any party (OK, probably not the Tories) that can show a commitment to Scotland, with policies that are achievable by Scots, and answerable to the Scottish electorate.

    • agreed its as simple as that “FREE CHOICE” as with every other nation on the planet ,everything else will fall into place all the humdrum things all governments do , are we unique in the world that we can’t work these things out for ourselves .

    • I agree. Post Indy the political landscape will change significantly, it won’t be the status quo. The first party that declares we’re a peaceful nation plus invests seriously in renewables gets my vote, whether that’s the SNP or Greens or anyone else, it matters not.

  9. Poor Kezia is all at sea. She really, really, really(!) doesn’t know where to turn. She’s in charge of the Scottish arm of party that is in chronic distress and seems intent on eating out it’s own stomach.

    I once thought she had more backbone than those treasonous eejits in the PLP, but her current stance on independence scunners me. Labour has well and truly shot it’s bolt in Scotland – they couldn’t even muster up an official oppostion at Holyrood.

    I am wholly convinced that we are en-route to independence and that it is not a spot on the far distant horizon. Kez & co are headed for extinction if they don’t wipe the sleep from their eyes.

    Excellent piece. Thanks

  10. “What Kezia is saying when she says that independence won’t tackle poverty and inequality is that buying a toolkit won’t make improvements to your house, so don’t buy the tools you need to do home improvements.”

    Excellent analogy. Of course, Labour used to have the tools, but it’s been so long since they used them that they’ve forgotten where they are, and even if they could find them, they’d be all rusty from lack of use.

  11. good post Paul , and after Tressa made her position known to one and all by summoning the leaders of the respective parts of this kingdom to say well to say more or less I am in charge so i will listen and do exactly what i want live with it ,This is England’s brexit so pay attention to what i say .
    Looks likes its make yer mind up Kezia , if your with us fine you’re most welcome if like the yanks a little late , if you’re not we will put you in the same rancid box with the tories and treat you and your party accordingly no favours or concessions now you live with that DEAR .

  12. Conflating Scottish independence with [insert random SLAB missed aspiration] does indeed miss the point; it is a journey not a destination and, whether we like it or not, we are on some sort of journey. So, rhetorical question coming up, would it not make sense to have some input and influence on the destination instead of acting like an awkward adolescence hiding under the bedcovers in a big huff. That attitude leads to irrelevance.

    Post-independence, there will be a need to hold to account whatever government is in power in Holyrood and if, by then, SLAB has not shed its adolescent attitudes, it will not be SLAB that has that role. It probably won’t be what’s his name either.

    In theory, it doesn’t matter that SLAB seem to have a death wish; the less of them around gurning away, the less of them there would be to prop up the great Biscuit Baking Company, a theory that breaks down in the reality of the said company willing to scrape up any SLAB crumbs found down the back of the sofa and present the crumbs as credible source of information. I trust you have all donate one of your own crumbs to the mis-reporting Scotland bill board fund.

    Meanwhile, keeping on to the comestibles theme, for those who missed the WGD’s excellent article in TheNational, have a look at: Perhaps Ms Leadsom is unaware that Scotland has its own tea plantation in Perthshire.

    Did anyone get the impression that the First Minister or, as she has been referred as, the Prime Minister of Scotland, was a little less than amused after her trip to Englandshire?

    • But look at the MP’s in particular. The best politicians in Scotland are all in the SNP now. They encompass many shades of opinion across the spectrum. If we do get our freedom it is clear to me that post independence the multi party democracy which will spring forth will consist of parties which evolve out of the SNP.

      Do people like Tompkins or Murray or Kez or Liar Caermichael really have a political future in a country which they worked so hard to subvert? Is there any example of a former British colony where a politician who sided with the colonial administration tooth and nail, went on to have a significant role after independence?

      They are fighting for their careers. Scotland’s interest is the last thing on their minds.

      • Well given Prof Tompkins has not given up his day job at Glasgow Uni, I think it’s safe to say he’s just a shit stirrer and getting paid £60k to do so – on top of his Uni salary.

  13. “Scotland is the last outpost of the British Empire”

    Coo-eee!! (Shouts from down here and over to the side a bit).

    We were England’s first colony, and by gum it looks like we’re going to be the last as well, especially as we have a ‘nationalist’ party which has been scared stiff of even uttering the word ‘independence’ for thirty years, and which sees propping up yet another minority Labour government as preferable to going full-on to demand independence, even though our problems cannot begin to be tackled until we get the Westminster-Whitehall-City Axis out of the running of our country.

    When youse get your freedom (and you will), any chance you could invade us? It’s not far, you know – you could use the Isle of Man as a staging post. In those circumstances, at least we’d be occupied by a civilised country!

    • I´m not sure what the Manx would think of that idea.
      The Welsh voted to bind themselves with England outside of the EU. I suppose we have to respect their choice. Pwy sy´n deallt y Cymry? All I can suggest is that you escape to Scotland and recolonise some small parts of the Hen Ogledd.
      Seriously though, why did Welsh Nationalism never develop a cutting edge like the Scots. If anything your grievances are greater, certainly no less than ours?

      • It did have a ‘cutting edge’ at one time, even though it tried for PR reasons to distance itself somewhat (at least in public) from the broader political and cultural upheavals of the late 60s and 70s, especially with regard to the language issue and the notion of direct action generally.

        The present problem has its roots in Dafydd Elis Thomas becoming leader in the mid-80s and trying to ‘re-brand’ Plaid as a ‘socialist’ (tendence Benn & Livingstone) party rather than a nationalist one. This was catastrophic because it meant that genuine nationalists who were not socialists felt no longer welcome in it. That blunder is still having its effect, and that’s why Plaid has not been a fully-committed nationalist party since. In failing to attract (and, indeed, repelling, sometimes actively so) nationalists from across a wider spectrum of political opinion – as the SNP has done – it has hamstrung itself.

        (Milord Dafydd, incidentally, has just resigned from the party to sit as (oh, irony of ironies!) an ‘independent’ in our Pretendy Parliament, claiming that Plaid wasn’t doing enough to keep a minority Labour government in power. This after he’d spent years not only inside the tent, but pissing inside it as well).

        What also has to be borne in mind is that – for all the fraudulence of the ‘Union’ – we were conquered, occupied and (to varying degrees) assimilated into Greater England, and it happened a very long time ago. The effect of over 700 years of that process of belittlement, marginalisation and – let’s be frank – cultural genocide runs very deep, and so the “too small, too weak, too poor” argument is made even more virulently and by a larger segment of the population than you would have found in Scotland in the last 30 years. Once ingrained to that extent, that inferiority complex is all but impossible to eradicate.

        If I were a younger, healthier chappie, I would have moved to Scotland by now, to live in a country with a vigorous society and a chance of freedom rather than in a colony of cringing serfs. I had distant relatives in Thornliebank, y’ken….? 🙂

  14. As for meaningless statements, Keziah’s is on a par with May’s Brexit means Brexit!
    It reminds one of the hapless plight of WWI soldiers in the trenches:We’re here, because we’re here, because….
    The ruling classes dahn sath screwed up then as they are doing now!
    Keziah’s bleatingly repetitive one liners on what Labour stands for defy logic. With their “better together” tory friends in charge at Westminster and a Labour leader in Corbyn, a closet brexitter, whom she opposes, yet wants us to be thrilled to, Kezia is really up the creek politically.
    So long as one Tory MP is elected from Scotland, she and her party are content to watch idly by.
    What a mess!
    It strikes one that the Labour party lacks any form of serious introspection. Are they in denial of the fact that they lie behind the Tories in Scotland? The Torues who can only muster 20% of the vote? Does reality and impending doom not cause Labour north of the Tweed, if not to panic, then surely cause them to ask what has gone wrong?
    Gordo,the red socialist, coining in money working for and advising the banksters, is not going to come to the rescue. He has slipped off the radar and his pop ups have popped!
    Still, the strange status of Scots Labour is now a side show at the shows.

  15. I don’t understand Kezia’s comment. Why are eradicating poverty and inequality and independence mutually exclusive?

  16. Sadly Dugdale´s overriding political philosophy seems to be the same as Blair´s – my enemy´s enemy is my friend – so any fellow unionists, even if they are long term oppressors of the Scottish people, are automatically allies in the short term war to defeat Scottish nationalist aspirations. Lest we forget…

  17. Brilliant meeting this evening with Paul and the dug at Gavinton, near Duns in the Borders. Great turnout, big laughs and much applause. Talk followed by refreshments, then a Q and A session when Paul showed the breadth of his knowledge, talking about the ridiculousness of the Spanish veto that unionists hold over us, and why it won’t happen.

    If you haven’t yet heard Paul speak, and patted and made a fuss of the dug, then make a beeline for the nearest group hosting a talk by Paul and prepare yourself for an evening of laughs and friendship. Highly recommended.

    • Excellent, yet again Paul…
      Yup get to a meeting folks, for sure.
      And I had the pleasure of a ‘hands on’ wi the dug at Auchterarder…one of the joys of being a canine massage practitioner….you get to meet great dogs and wonderful folks…

  18. As long as you can keep Scotland in the union to act as a fig leaf to the notion that Britishness isn’t some petty nationalism. I’d go one further and say its meant to to cover up the fact that the rUK is really England. Wales & N. Ireland were never adopted into the Union like Scotland & Ireland was. Without Scotland, there is only England and not at UK at all whatsoever.

  19. Hard on the heels of Sunday Politics News Where You Are nonsense during which Gordon Brewer put Yoon Propaganda into the faltering mouth of the Ancient Sage Wilson, you may recall the:- ‘£14.8 billion Scottish Deficit, how are we going to pay it?’, guff, last night’s Politics Scotland 2016, gave Tom Harris, ‘Director of Scottish Leave’ yet more free advertising space for his PR ‘Consultancy’, since he needs the work presumably .
    After been resoundingly kicked out on his New Labour ‘intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich’ ear, by his former constituents, he patronisingly assured the viewers that he ‘totally understands’ the frustration, but that ‘most people think that there’s no hurry’, that although he ‘sympathises’ he does not think that the current Brexit farce is a ‘mess’, that it was the democratic will of the people of Britain to leave’, after all.
    What a pile of backtracking mince.

    ‘Most people’ Up here voted Remain, Mr Harris.

    Who needs Mundell, Davidson or Dugdale, when you can drag on a failed Blairite to wise up the Remainers?

    I love this gem:-
    “Vote leave was a private Company. It wasn’t in the position to produce a White Paper that was going to be enacted by any kind of Government. Now I think, (struggling here as he realises what he has just said. Ed.) uh, I understand this debate going on about what Brexit actually means.
    Most ordinary voters, unlike politicians, understand what leaving an organisation means. It means first of all that you don’t get a seat on the management committee. Second of all, it means that you don’t pay membership dues any more; and third of all, you don’t have to obey the rules of the club.”

    So there you have it. Harris treats the Hoi Polloi as lame brains.

    Those are the criteria upon which we voted to leave Europe. Because we’re just a bunch of thickos, and couldn’t possibly understand the impact this act of political vandalism would have on our lives, Harris?

    But It was scaremongering by the Remain side to set out the disasters which would befall Britain if Leave won the day, was it?

    The pound plummeting, City Firms planning to leave the UK in droves, no freedom of movement within Europe, no vitally needed immigration, global companies planning to move car manufacturing out England unless May and the Tory Government mitigate the EU Tariffs which will now be imposed was scare tactics, Scotland voting Remain and triggering another Referendum, Scotland enveloped in an iron curtain imoposed by a Tory Government for which we did not vote, yesterday’s farcical stunt of dragging our FM and her Welsh and Irish counterparts to Downing Street in an effort to publicly humiliate them which backfired miserably.

    Crissakes, the item which followed this Harris nonsense, on the alarming risk to EU funding and pan European R&D in Scotland’s Universities, was even more poignant given this man’s display of utter arrogance.

    It comes as news to most of us, that Gove, Johnson, Rudd, Farage, were not politicians during the Brexit campaign. According to Harris they were working for a private company, therefore they could say anything they liked, promise anything they liked, because it was just a PR ‘pitch’. They were not accountable to the electorate. It was all just a big advertising con to Tom Harris. It was merely a shallow racist rant against our European neighbours then?
    The £350 million to the HNS, the Farage poster of ‘immigrants’ queuing up to flock in to the UK to cripple our schools, hospitals, and take British jobs from British workers, were not ‘political’ assertions?

    I have seldom witnessed such a patronising display from a failed politician.

    He was on a few weeks ago assuring us that when the UK took back control from Brussels, Scotland would have agriculture and fisheries powers devolved to Holyrood. Mundell soon put a stop to that nonsense.

    This man is now a carpetbagging chancer, with, upon his own admission, no authority to speak on any of the disastrous impacts of Brexit either here in Scotland, where we turfed him and the ‘Fucking Useless’ forty New Labour gravy trainers out of office, or in Westminster, yet the BBC Scotland coterie afford him the opportunity to spout forth, as if we, the people of Scotland care a tuppenny toss what he thinks.

    The BBC have lost it completely.
    Indyref 2 is now assured, and Yes will prevail.
    Labour is dead in Scotland, but the rotting corpse, in the form of this man, is still giving off a putrid stench.

  20. Kezia Dugdale and the Labour Party are an absolute mystery to me. I still can’t work out what the point of them is or ever was, apart from managing the poor on behalf of the rich. I sincerely hope they continue to fade away as an entity.

  21. exactly i believe that comment and view was attributed to Ed Miliband’s dad , keep the plebs in their place .

  22. Sorry to be labouring, no pun intended, my well worn point here, but it doesn’t matter what Dugdale, Davidson, Rennie or Coburn say, it’s the fact that the M.S.M will give them all the space they need to expound their increasingly farcical ideas. Its not the unionists that are our greatest threat, it’s the media, led of course by their cheerleader, the B.B.C.
    And when the date of Indy2 is announced, just wait for the crescendo of disinformation, misinformation, and general propaganda to reach its peak, increasing daily, as referendum day approaches.
    Hopefully this time, the majority of us wont be taken in by this attempt to fool us into believing that we are incapable of governing ourselves, but it’s still going to be a daunting task, and as one who is getting on in years, I hope to be on the doorsteps, trying to convince the ones who fell victim to the unionist propaganda previously, to change their mind, and vote Yes to an independent Scotland.

  23. O/T …. Re KayE’s moan in , virtually every day her show is dominated by issues affecting women. This morning it’s Kirsty Wark and the MENopause.
    Is it that Kaye’s a sexist, or is it that women are less certain about Indy, than men, and she’s out to control the thoughts of the ladies.

    • Clydebuilt, It is the equivalent of 1950’s ‘Peoples’ Friend’ magazine in audio, when marriages sometimes hit ‘a stormy patch’, and ‘gay’ meant ‘gay’ as in Gay Gordons. Men are assumed to be out at work during the day building ships, assembling sewing machines, smelting steel.
      They are caught in a Great British Time Warp.

      Suggested phone in topics for the 200 or 300 regulars who listen in.

      ‘Would you confront an able bodied driver who parked in a Supermarket Disabled Bay?’
      ‘Why do manufacturers not sell single slice toasters ? How much energy are single households wasting on this scandal?’
      ‘How often do we need to wash our bedding?’
      ‘Could you and your partner hold down two jobs if you didn’t have a cleaner?’
      ‘Should better off pensioners get the £200 winter fuel allowance/’
      ‘If children shouldn’t eat sweets between meals, when should they eat them?’
      ‘Jam making: is it a lost art?’
      ‘Knitting: Has austerity led to more home made jumpers and scarves?’
      ‘Should you tip in these hard times?’
      ‘Are we becoming a three car family society?’
      ‘Holiday homes? A great investment or a money pit?’
      and so on, and on, and on.’

      I recall that it was James Taylor who referred to US TV as ‘bubblegum for the mind’.
      BBC Radio Scotland has become mint humbugs for the senses.
      Feel free to use any of the above, BBC Radio News Where We are; I know that you will.
      Until the Independence Referendum Programme is announced, that is.
      Then it will be too wee too poor too Tom Harris stupid once more.
      I sincerely believe that BBC Scotland staff now know that their days Up Here are numbered.

  24. Great Post once more Paul

    “She portrays independence as an end, not as a means”

    IMO, Kezia has to think like this as she probably has no grey matter in which to come up with anything.
    She is the person in a team who sits idly in the corner waiting for someone else to come up with a plan and then agrees wholeheartedly often repeating what has just been said but in a slightly different way to try and make the rest think she knows what she’s talking about.

    I find it rather tiresome now trying to keep up with what excrement comes out of her mooth!!!

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