Self-defeating behaviours

Oh here we bloody go again. Now you might have thought that the Scottish independence movement was motivated by the democratic deficit in this country, which leads us to have Tory governments we didn’t vote for, and which takes us out of the European Union even though we voted to remain by a considerably larger margin than we voted to stay a part of the UK. Perhaps you’d like to get rid of the affront to democracy that is the House of Lords and have governments that are responsible to the electorate and which the electorate can get rid of.

Or you might have thought that people in Scotland want independence because of an idea that’s more innovative than any jam, the notion that a country is best governed by people who actually live in it and who are elected by people who live in it and who are answerable to them and to no one else.

Or you could have formed the notion that Scotland needs independence because of the chronic mismanagement of our economy by a Westminster parliament which has taken a resource rich, highly developed, peaceful, democratic society and lumbered it with eye watering national debt and a budget deficit that’s supposedly the largest in Europe. It could be that you believe that if Scotland is ever going to tackle the problems that this country has with structural inequalities, with land rights, with deprivation, with poor health, with unemployment, and with chronic underinvestment in our infrastructure that we need to take all the levers of macroeconomic control into our own hands and do the job ourselves. Because it’s patently obvious that the denizens of the Westminster parliament have displayed a neglect and an incompetence that borders on the criminal.

Or it could be that you want independence because it’s the only way in which Scotland can rid itself of the obscenity of nuclear warheads parked just a few miles down the road from the country’s largest conurbation. There is no way that Westminster is ever going to give up the nuclear viagra that allows the Prime Minister to pretend that the UK is still a global power when it is in fact a middle sized European country which of late has made itself into the laughing stock of the world. The only way to get rid of Trident is to get rid of the politicians whose self-esteem and egos depend on it.

Or maybe you want independence so that we can have a referendum on becoming a republic and getting rid of the anachronistic fancy dress show that is the Royal family. Perhaps every time Nicolas Witchell comes on the telly and oozes sycophancy all over your living room you find it hard to suppress the urge to throw a shoe at the screen.

Any one of those would be a pretty damned good reason for independence, and the above isn’t even an exhaustive list. But none of them matter, because according to sections of the Unionist media and prominent apologists for the British state, there’s only one motivation for the campaign for Scottish independence. You guessed it. We all hate the English. Scottish independence isn’t about Scotland at all. Oh no. It’s really all about hating the English. It said so in the Express, so it must be true.

The myth that the drive for Scottish independence is motivated by anti-English racism is perpetuated by people who would, quite rightly, complain and threaten to sue for defamation if it were alleged that their support for the Union was motivated by fascism or sectarianism. Yet it cannot be denied that there is a large and loud fringe of Unionism which is indeed motivated by fascism, racism, or sectarianism. There is a nasty strain of Unionism which is violent. Representatives of fascist, anti-migrant, racist and homophobic groups are far more likely to wave a red white and blue fleg than to campaign for independence with a saltire.

It’s worthy of note that the only people who have ever been convicted of violent offences or online abuse in connection with the Scottish independence movement have been Unionists. Yet if anyone were to allege that certain prominent supporters of the Union were motivated by the same negative and atavistic drives as these extremists, they’d be landed with a writ for defamation before you could say small island of lawyers. Because of course, sensible and mainstream people are not motivated by the same violent and racist drives that motivate a nasty fringe and it’s wrong to suggest that they might be.  But that doesn’t stop Unionists alleging or insinuating the same about mainstream independence supporters.

What they’re doing is scientifically illiterate. You cannot cherry pick your data in order to characterise a broad political movement which enjoys the support of around half the population by the behaviour of a tiny and unrepresentative minority. But that’s exactly what certain Unionists do with the independence movement. It doesn’t matter whether we distance ourselves from a minority fringe. It makes no difference how many times we disavow the antics of the Scottish Resistance. Mainstream Unionism will always insist that the mainstream independence movement is defined by the actions of a handful of zoomers on Twitter or the publicity seeking of an unrepresentative few. And if they can’t find genuine examples of frothing mouthed zoomery, they’ll misrepresent a few Tweets in order to pretend that they’ve got a case.

The latest outburst of anti-English accusations in the Express tell us that the recent spat over billboards was pointless. All of us are going to be characterised by it anyway and it makes no difference whether those who disagree with the tactic disavow it. It ought to be obvious by now that a key Unionist tactic is to demonise in an attempt to prevent undecideds from engaging with the arguments.  It behoves all of us in the independence movement not to give our opponents ammunition.

But the tactic of alleging that the mainstream independence movement is defined by anti-English racism is self-defeating. Because it’s not true, and it’s evidently untrue. When prominent Unionists and Unionist media outlets make public statements that the Scottish independence movement is defined by anti-English racism, they’re only persuading themselves. They’re only persuading those who already have that belief, and that’s a tiny minority. Scottish residents who do have direct experience of independence supporters, and that’s a large majority, will only be struck by the gulf between the claims of anti-English racism, and their lived experience of a movement which is open, accepting, and tolerant, a movement which is the opposite of the xenophobia and insularity of the post-Brexit British state. And all that will happen is that their faith in the pronouncements of the Unionist media will be undermined.

The only people who are likely to be persuaded that the Scottish independence movement is motivated by anti-English racism are those who have no first hand experience of it.  That’s people outwith Scotland. When Unionist apologists make the false claim that Scotland is a sink of anti-English racism, that it’s only seeking independence because so many of us hate the English, all they’re doing is undermining support in the rest of the UK for maintaining the Union. They only harm their own cause. Let them keep on doing it.

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0 thoughts on “Self-defeating behaviours

  1. Pretty much.

    I don’t hate the English electorate. Why would I? Dumbest, most societally irresponsible, weapons grade metrocentric, brain farting fuckwittery ever on the part of the media. Which y’know, considering the over opinionated and under researched state of your average metro commentator on ALL things Scottish these days is saying quite something.

    I do however detest and hold in utter contempt the mainstream media. I detest them for what they could have been, should have been, but chose not to be. Most of all, I hold them in utter contempt for what they could have done, should have done, but didn’t do when they were needed most. Oh, and that covers their input over both recent referendums.

    What they’ve done to society all over these islands and across all nations of the UK is unforgivable and certainly should not be forgotten.

    So to recap. No, I don’t ‘hate’ the people of England for they are as much victims of catastrophic, self centred government and callous manipulative media as we are.

    • A brilliant post Paul and another great response Sam.
      It gives me great satisfaction to read the well crafted, intelligent and reasoned comments from both of you and others of our friends on this site.
      Contrast that with the pigheaded comments from the MSM, which totally lack any sense of reason or balance.

      • A classic failure of today’s… journalists and journalism in general.

        Apparently they’re too busy writing opinion pieces based on their own pre-conceived bias,or on the instruction/editorial line/corporate (political) requirements of their employer.

        If there is one thing guaranteed to set your teeth to full on grind, its watching a sofa load of sneery metro set pundits discussing Scottish life and politics. Never of course, having gone north of the Watford gap except for the odd shooting or hiking holiday. That’s where and when you see the real Scawtland apparently.

        Then you have the homegrown variety,utterly convinced of the parochialism of Scottish life. With their chattering class pals they KNOW that the bright lights and big hooses of other world capitals is where its really at. Some corner of their shriveled Scottish psyche is proud of THAT accent and makes a ham fisted attempt at honouring Hogmanay in a kilt, but the rest of it? To repeat a well worn phrase, we’re too wee, too poor, too etc. We simply can’t be ‘as good as’, just because.

        They so desperately want to be somewhere else to call home and make a success of themselves. Anything other than make a name for themselves at home and make that home something worth recognizing for their talent.

        Weary of them all after the past several years of reading/listening to their dishonest, ignorant and/or deliberately misinformative guff. We live in the UK society they helped mold and what a UK that is these days.

        Well done them.

    • Did you have a certain Mr Neill in mind as you wrote that? Frankly a certain Mr Neill is a disgrace to intelligent debate.

  2. I despise severally disabled people having their benefits stopped because some bureaucrat deems them fit to work. I despise innocent people being bombed and starved for what reason? I know not. I despise poverty that in this country that forces people to turn to foodbanks in order to feed their children. I despise so much more.

    I despise the politicians that govern on behalf of the few with more money than they could ever spend.

    I don’t despise the English though, they are our brothers and sisters.

  3. well all independence supporters could be lily white without a blemish and it still wouldn’t make any difference the media that supports this Union would make it up, you know the silly little things that are constantly put forward as total truth . we wont be allowed into europe , if we were we would have to use the Euro , we have been kept in a manner we dont deserve by england since time began .Oh honestly everyone has heard the pish so many times most of us have long since stopped listening , However just recently looking at some of the comment pages in a lot of the english press total bile and outright hatred seems to be the accepted norm now .
    What happend to the LOVE remember up to the vote we were god’s chosen ones now it looks like we are the scabby lepers and beggars from Jockland the untouchables , the thing is NO voters are included in this xenophobia they make no distinction Ha Ha isn’t that poetic justice Ha Ha .

  4. Whilst I have sentiment for some of what you say, I am an English person living in Scotland, and you must be living in a different country if you’re seriously suggesting that anti-Englishness isn’t a major issue here. I don’t suggest it is the major drive for independence, but I think it was a big factor for some. In just the same way that the liberal intellingensia is railing against the ‘brexit’ vote as partly an expression of the nastier side of nationalism (something I presume you’d agree with), you can’t then claim some sort of moral high ground that there’s no way that was a factor in the independence vote. The fact that there isn’t a lot of anti-English violence is not especially relevant, unless you’re asserting that racism is ok so long as you don’t hit anyone.

  5. If as the media say we hate the English why are so many living in Scotland and made welcome. My English friends who live here love itin Scotland.

  6. My grandfather served as a gunner in the 1st world war and he used to say “the only good German was a dead German”, consequently I grew up believing that until I decided to learn the truth and realised that these Germans he despised so much were really no different from him, victims of the same weapons grade propaganda thrown into a war they didn’t ask for, forced to sacrifice their lives to settle the petty arguments of a few over-privileged imperialists, the same over-privileged imperialists the Unionists stand for to this day.

    My grandfather wasn’t a bad man he was a victim, they were all victims

    I have no problems with the English people like the Germans they are no different from us as John F Kennedy once said

    “For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”

    Our real enemy are the imperialists, propagandists and hatemongerers who by their actions cause division and hatred amongst people who are otherwise friends, journalists and celebrities who use their popularity to propagate hate need to take a long hard look at themselves.


    • “… ´the only good German was a dead German´, consequently I grew up believing that until I decided to learn the truth and realised that these Germans he despised so much were really no different from him…¨
      I´ll readily admit that WWI was a massive political cock-up, the result of a ¨balance of power¨ that overbalanced so that literally All Hell was let loose.
      But what of WWII? No one was threatening to invade Germany then. We´re taught that it was all the fault of the nasty Nazis, but there can never have been that many of them. Hitler and his mates could hardly have invaded Poland alone, let alone systematically slaughtered several million people in the extermination camps. They were brought there by train. Who drove the trains, set the signals, drew up the timetables … somehow I think the Nazis had help, rather a lot of help. The whole nation was guilty.
      At the end of WWII as I understand it, Germany surrendered *unconditionally*. So that should have been the end of the German nation. It´s people, land and resources should have been shared out amongst the victors and put to work repairing the damage they´d done to Europe.
      Thus I´m mildly offended that there still is a German state, and a united Germany at that. How long before they start throwing their weight around again? Paranoid maybe, but that´s how many British people feel, and I suspect it´s a major factor in anti-European feeling.
      Personally, I´m in favour of European integration, free travel and trade and all the rest. But it would be a lot easier to accept without German politicians in prominent positions, still barking out orders in their sickening language.

      Irrational? No doubt. Not PC? Certainly, but that´s how I feel, and I suspect how many people feel.

      • Please get a life, absolute garbage. Have you ever been to Germany, have you ever chatted with Germans? Germans are not of that ilk at all. Today’s Germans, like Scots, are hard working, fun loving people, committed to ensuring their children have a better life. Never in all my times there have I met a German that genuinely now is not ashamed of that short period of their past. For goodness sake, should we also attack the Japanese for their atrocities too, where does it end? I am a Scot through and through, or if you prefer Glaswegian, as my great great great and so forth Grandfather George was born in Glasgow 1725. You have just insulted my half German children, my wife, and many of my German relatives, making me ashamed that this deep prejudice still survives in modern Scotland.

      • What the heck do you think you are doing? That sir is a racist rant, particularly:

        “still barking out orders in their sickening language.”

        You summed up your own ridiculous attitude thus:

        “Irrational? No doubt. Not PC? Certainly, but that´s how I feel, and I suspect how many people feel”

        Can I just say?


      • Since your keen to blame the whole German nation for WW11 do you think the British empire defines the national character. Taken as a whole the former empire makes the nazis exploits rather amatuer in comparasion. First establishing the territory by voilence to make the oppression and resource exploitation easier, The British exploited 1/3 of the world this way, do you think the British people are defined by this and are therefore a brutal and untrustworthy people?

  7. I disagree about the billboards. It will take all kinds of bits and pieces (including some you not prefer) to gain independence, but otherwise, you nailed it. There is no point in worrying about the Unionists trying to label us as bigots since the truth is there for all to see that it is they who are the bigots.

  8. It will get worse of course, when Brexit bites and Indyref2 kicks in.
    It has come as a great surprise to my Leamington Spa born niece that JK Rowling thinks that I am anti English.
    Some serious counselling may be needed there.

  9. A day indoors, dissuaded from venturing out into the bucolic by the abundance from above. A day spent pursuing the blogs. So what have I learned? That there has been an outbreak of recursive self-loathing which, while disappearing down its own plughole of dissonant dissidence, reflects upon itself – physician, go heal yourself. This nonsense had earlier being promulgated on the parody blog by Euphemia D. the author of which claims to be employed by the University of Aberdeen, the staff list of which does not contain any such name, which may mean that Euphemia is a euphemism, or a disease of the lung. However, the non-existent Euphemia has also claimed that those promoting an independent Scotland hate the English which, since I was born in Enlandshire (though a long time ago), means I hate myself. Which, since I don’t, means the argument fails and those who peddle such views are idiots.

    I also learned that the so-called journalist Shiv-on doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘torrid’ as in apparently having suffered a ‘torrid of abuse’. It could, I suppose, have been a torrid of terrance which the ‘former’ academic Prof. John Robertson briefly endured though he kindly avoided responding that academic don’t stop being academics as a retiree, they just smell that way.

    This was part of the on-going dialogue over mis-reporting Scotland where Derek Bateman was found to be somewhat on the defensive of his former employer. Twice. If not nearly three times. Which is good because the wider airing the debate has the greater the likely hood of positive outcome.

    Keiza has decided to forsake her day job and take a trip across the pond to see how our colonial neighbours are coping since breaking away from their colonial master a few hundred years ago. She will return all fired up about the benefits of being an independent nation – no sorry different parallel universe.

    The dog’s Brexit continues to resemble excreta from the other end of the dog. The eminent Prof. Curtiss suggests Scotland could just retain the EU membership once fUK leaves. There may be a knock on the door at midnight over that one.

    And we return back to this nonsense that independence supporters are anti-English. Since this is demonstrably nonsense (see above) one may wonder about the motivation which drives people to shout at themselves in a mirror in an empty room ‘horrid little hobbitsnp’. The effect may not be what was intended, whatever that is, possibly persuading our neighbours darn sarth that, ‘if that’s what they think, then we may as well be rid of them’. Keep up the good work then.

  10. I think the anti-English suggestion is part of a deeper narrative that says we are no different from the English culturally or any other way but artificially create difference including an artificial culture, I think this all acts as an excuse for not respecting Scots to the point of anti-Scottish racism. It’s as much self-justification as putting Scots off independence.

  11. The last paragraph of this excellent piece is extremely important.Attitudes to Scottish independence are changing quickly.Last time round the PM pledged to fight with every fibre of his being to keep us in the union.I doubt if back benchers or their constituents are really that bothered any more and if we go into a referendum with a strong possibility of a Yes vote,we may find a lot more will keep quiet rather than risk being on the losing side.Especially after the Brexit ref.

  12. My dad was English. I love the family and friends I have who are English and live in England. I have English friends who live in Scotland. I love the English countryside and most of the people there. But I want Scotland to be independent.

  13. Blanket condemnation is silly. We have had arrogant people move into our area and others who contribute greatly to the community. There have those who fit in comfortably and those who attempt to impose their views. Some have sensible, progressive ideas and some simply wish to mock. Fortunately, the imperious types tend to move on.
    But independence is imperative if we want to promote and preserve our Highland culture.

  14. I’ve only ever genuinely hated one person in my life.
    The fact that she was English had nothing to do with it.
    The fact that she was the leader of a hellish Tory government did.
    The fact that she quoted St Francis then proceeded to rip the heart out of what was ever good about the UK had a lot to do with it.
    The fact that every successive Tory government has basically built on her ideology and dismantled society for the betterment of selected areas and a favoured few sustains my deep distrust of all things Tory.
    The fact that the only way we can get out from under that type of misrule is independence is just one of the reasons I want it so much.
    The fact that independence is the most natural thing in the world is another. It is what every individual strives for from the moment they are born. Let me talk, let me walk, let me grow. Let me be free.
    I don’t hate the English or any other race, colour or creed.
    I feel sorry for the vast majority of English people who endure as we do.
    I feel sorry for anyone who has to suffer needlessly.
    And it is needless.
    It’s down to choices.
    And I don’t trust the choices WM makes.
    Not for the whole of the UK.
    And certainly not for Scotland.
    Had WM cared one whit for Scotland its denizens could, at any time, have clarified our contribution and diminished the anti-Scottish rhetoric so prevalent in the media. The rhetoric that is evident in the comments in certain papers and on Twitter. As far as I can see, it suits them to allow division in order to rule. Certain elements of the media are despicable in their ego-stroking desire to stir up hatred. It suits an agenda.
    It would be interesting to see the campaign run by WM if the rest of the UK went for a ‘throw Scotland out’ referendum. How exactly would they convince the rest of the UK that we were worth keeping when they had allowed misinformation to prevail? A bit like Brexit.
    As for Maggie. I let the hatred go while she was still alive. I had to. It was eating me up. Now, the strongest feelings I have centre on love and positivity. I love my children enough to want to leave them a better world in which to live. I’m positive that that is better achieved here by Scotland’s people making Scotland’s decisions. The sooner the better.

  15. I don’t comment here often, but I have to say, IMO this is your best one ever, Paul.

    Every reason you gave above for independence is what I aspire to inspire in others.

    • Even stranger if we are to believe that Scotland is indeed the economic basket case ‘we are told’ so frequently we are… especially by a Party so apparently driven by the free market?

      On the medieval battlefied the saltire and St George’s cross rarely shared common ground – however in resepct of the current matter of Scottish Independence, there are many of English extraction in Scotland (presumably not greatly enamoured by Westminster rule and the present state of the Union) actively campaigning for Independence-hence presumably, the regular and common appearance of English St. Georges crosses, Welsh dragons and others, commonly seen and accepted without the batting an eyelid at Independence events.

      This of course is not much reported on in the main stream media …. if only the live-stream cameras did not so mysteriously break down at every Independence event in George Square, perhaps this would be better known!… perhaps Reporting Scotland could run a feature on it?

      Still, this united approach within the Indy movement is the reality, and bodes well for success

  16. I don’t know how you do it Paul, but you just hit the nail on the head every time.

    I don’t think that I hate anyone, but I do thoroughly dislike and despise English Tory politicians. Come to think of it, I thoroughly dislike and despise Scottish Tory politicians too!

  17. I’ll just paste here, a comment I posted at WOS last night at 11.27pm.

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    30 October, 2016 at 11:27 pm

    To get back to the premise that those who support the principle of Scottish independence are, somehow, ANGLOPHOBIC.

    I’ll just point out that at the Glasgow Green rally on 18th September, “English Scots For Yes” were housed within the Ayemail, iScot, WOS street of gazebos.

    At the Hollyrood rally last week, WOS was housed within the Ayemail/iScot gazebos. “English Scots For Yes” turned up with no gazebo so Ronnie Anderson went to Mitch Kilbride’s car and brought the WOS gazebo for “English Scots For Yes” to use.

    See Wingers? Wur absolute b@$t@rd$, iye?

  18. Well my parents are convinced I consort with racists and Anglophobes. Meanwhile they say off-colour and worrying things about Muslims and immigrants despite not knowing any. They read the Express. Thank you Daily Express for turning my parents’ retirement into a world of forelock-tugging fear and resentment. They couldn’t have done it without you.

  19. Some people are so narcissistic that every issue turns out to be about them. I am referring, not to English people in general, but to those MSM ‘journalists’ (many of whom hail from South Britain), who constantly disparage the Independence movement.

    I wish they would stick to the factual reporting of events, with as much accuracy as they can muster, and spare us the benefit of their opinions (which seem to be based on prejudice rather than evidence).

  20. This whole “it’s all because you hate the English” nonsense has long bothered me. This post hits most of the buttons for me. But the whole meme is marked with an element of kicking the victim for trying to get up off the ground. Considering the creeping genocide to which the Scottish people have been subjected for over 300 years (the demographic trends since 1707 are enough in themselves to illustrate this), it would be extremely odd if particularly the less articulate and self-consciously political of our people did not feel an inchoate anger at ‘the English’. As half-English myself, I have certainly been aware in my life of the antagonism towards ‘the English’ that certainly exists in Scotland, and my mother suffered quite bitterly from this at the hands (or rather the mouth) of one of my aunts, a Tory unionist. But hatred is something else altogether. Hatred was epitomised in the Official IRA pub bombings in England in the 1970s. I have never ever sensed any hatred from Scots towards the English. Anger and disappointment, yes. But not hatred.

    As for the Independence movement being motivated by hatred of the English, this is self-evident nonsense. It is in fact clear to me that one of the reasons their is less fertile ground for the development of hatred of the English in Scotland than their might otherwise be is because the national movement, and notably the SNP, has decided to get us up off our knees and do something about the predicament we have been in for the past few centuries. Hatred grows out of humiliation and despair.

    For me, the distinction that it’s the representatives of the British state that we revile (hate?) doesn’t really further understanding.. English people in general, my own close relatives included, do not distinguish between England/Britain/UK. And I have increasingly come to see the logic in their position. Why should they make that distinction? They have never been subjected to a media blanket assaulting their sense of themselves day in, day out, as those of us have who have grown up and lived our lives in Scotland. They have no idea of the experience of the Scots, Welsh or Irish. How could they have?

    England (lets call a spade a spade) captured Scotland in 1707 after centuries of effort. it was the culmination of Henry VII’s foreign policy objectives, pursued through the dynastic marriage of his daughter to James IV. The Tudor monarchy used the terms ‘English’ and ‘British’ interchangeably already in the 16th century. The Scottish insistence on drawing a distinction between the terms is understandable, if pathetic, rather like an imprisoned and serially battered wife desperately clinging to the delusion that “he loves me”. The analogy is not 100%, but the point is nevertheless valid.

    We should acknowledge the justifiable anger at what has been done to Scotland, and IS STILL BEING DONE, and not apologise for it. What we must do is transmute that anger into determined, democratic resistance to free ourselves from the grips of the serial batterer. Only then can there be room for genuine compassion for the damaged individual who has behaved as a tyrant all these years.

    Apologies for this long-winded, and only partially thought-through contribution. But I’m sick to death of the “it’s just because you hate the English” eejits, many of whom are otherwise perfectly reasonable human beings.

  21. My earlier comment (above) illustrates the drawbacks of only having myself to talk to. One could, of course, cogently argue that the English people as a whole are every bit (or almost) as much oppressed as the Scottish people, and what is really needed is a thoroughgoing bourgeios/national revolution (as occurred across Europe in 1848 and 1989-91) to throw off the yoak of the UK imperial ruling class and establish 4 coherent nation states in the ‘British Isles’ with effective representative democracy.

  22. O/T Sorry, Any truth in the rumour that the BBC has taken delivery of Champagne & Party hats in preparation of the expected defeat of the SNP Government by opposition parties Greens included , Of the Offensive behaviour ( football ) Act even if said opposition has no replacement to offer other than to oppose it , just to defeat the bill that is supported by Police Scotland and various other organisations, apart from James Kelly , yep that ‘ sit down Mr Kelly ‘ Who apparently has conducted widespread polls and consultations throughout his wide circle of friends, and they say naw so that’s it sorted then.
    I wonder how the BBC will spin this one without bursting into song.

    • Lovely picture of ` I want to make a point order ` Kelly in The National today. Wonder if Kez will be back for the vote or is she still looking for Hillary?

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  24. The reason the media pursue this line that independence supporters hate English people is because more and more English born people living in Scotland (English-Scots) now support Scottish independence. They see this trend as extremely damaging to the British Nationalist cause. They know that if it became widely known that people of English origin are made to feel welcome by the overwealming majority of independence supporters their hopes of retaining Scotland in the union would be lost and the whole crumbling edifice that is the UK would collapse.

  25. Just spent the weekend down in London seeing my Bengals play at Wembley. Had a fantastic time… Never experienced myself having any hatred of any English person while down there… and still want Scottish Independence.

    I must be weird eh?

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