Kelvin Mackenzie has been scotbaiting in the Sun again. Or at least in its English edition. Kelvin thinks that he’s allowed to spew anti-Scottish racism, oh sorry ‘banter’, because he’s got some Scottish ancestry. This makes it all just fine. He’s not going to get abused on a London Tube or commuter train when someone hears his Scottish accent, because he’s not got a Scottish accent. The last Scottish accent in Kelvin’s family tree is safely dead, and so is Kelvin’s common decency.

Kelvin wrote a piece defending Trump’s oft-stated desire to build a border wall with Mexico, and to insist that Mexico pays for it. He thinks it would be a grand idea to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall to keep us out, and he wants us to pay for it. Strange thing, these English nationalists are always going on about Hadrian’s Wall even though it runs in its entirety through England. Rebuilding it would cede a large chunk of the far north of England to Scotland. Mind you, Londonavelgazers like Kelvin don’t really know the difference between Scotland and the extreme north of England. They think the north begins at the M25.

Kelvin thinks that England won’t be able to collect on the costs of rebuilding the wall, on account of the fact that Scotland is a penurious basketcase. Oh the laughs. Oh the wit. Oh the bantz. Far more good would come to the world if someone could build an impenetrable wall around the Sun’s offices. I wouldn’t even insist that they paid for it.

The right wing in England is fomenting hatred, not just against the usual suspects, migrants, muslims, and gay people, but increasingly against Scots too. It’s the attitudes and opinions of the likes of Kelvin Mackenzie which led to the SNP’s Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh being booed on BBC Question Time on Thursday night for the temerity of wanting to discuss Scotland in an English political forum. Watching BBC Question time reminds us that we need to be more concerned about the shit over this side of the water rather more than worry about the arsehole over the Atlantic.

“You’ve got to let me talk about Scotland, David,” said Tasmina as she tried to make the point that Scotland voted to remain a part of the EU and our needs and voice must be respected in this supposedly equal partnership of nations that fancies itself as a United Kingdom. The audience groaned and some booed. That’s our reality. That’s our place. Never mind special treatment, never mind a special deal. Even mentioning Scotland provokes resentment. There is no United Kingdom, only a sullen and resentful England and a Scotland that’s told to shut up.

You might imagine that the host, employed as he is by a British Broadcasting Corporation which has as one of its aims and goals to foster cohesion between the nations of the UK might have told the audience to hush, to show some respect and consideration for the fact that not everyone in this disunited kingdom wants to leave the EU. That he might have acknowledged that in this family of nations there are different views. But no. This was David Dimbleby and this was the BBC.

Tasmina was corrected by David who intervened to inform her that she was a representative of the SNP not of Scotland. Well I say corrected, what really mean is patronised and slapped down. She was told that she doesn’t speak for Scotland after all. David knows more about what counts as Scottish opinion by virtue of the fact that he’s a London based broadcaster. I can never remember him intervening to tell a Labour or Tory MP that they were only representatives of their party and not of all of their constituents, irrespective of which party they’d voted for. And the reason I can’t remember it is because it has never happened. There isn’t a constituency in the whole UK where everyone who voted voted for the sitting MP, but in Unionistland the government of Scotland and Scotland’s MPs don’t have the right to voice the opinions of the majority of Scotland’s voters. When they do they are met with groans, and boos, and resentment.

It was resentment about Scotland daring to speak its own mind that led some UKippers to promote a petition calling on Scotland to be voted out of the UK. The petition received significant support, but only because it was hijacked by Scottish independence supporters with a sense of humour. Scotland needs to be voted out of the UK because Scotland no longer shares British values, those would be the values of intolerance, racism, hatred of foreigners, xenophobia, militarism, and the fetishisation of a fleg. After all, if you’re so insecure in your nationhood that you feel the need to prefix everything up to and including a cake show with ‘Great British’, the chances are you’re not going to be very tolerant of parts of the UK that want to do things differently.

The UK government has now officially responded to the petition. The reply speaks of the need to respect the result of the 2014 referendum in Scotland, but it’s silent on the result of the 2016 referendum in Scotland. The majority in Scotland who voted to remain a part of the EU don’t count. Only some majorities in Scottish votes need to be respected. Those would be the ones that happen to agree with what the British state wants, those that don’t receive the Great British Flick Off and get consigned to rot behind the Great British Wall.

Kelvin Mackenzie wants to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall, but there’s already a high wall around Scotland. It’s a wall that contains our opinions and silences our voice. It’s a wall that hides us from view and keeps us out of mind. It’s a wall that guarantees that Scotland’s place is a subordinate one and that we’ll be slapped down if we try to escape its bounds. Kelvin Mackenzie doesn’t need to build a wall to contain and diminish Scotland, the British state and the BBC and the rest of the Londonavelgazing media have already built one for him.

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0 thoughts on “Londonavelgazing

  1. Glad I stopped paying the BBC tax in 2014 and so am spared having my mind soiled by britnat propaganda. If any readers have not done so already, please cancel your BBC licence (online) and send in a suitably worded letter to BBC Scotland at Pacific Quay, Glasgow, explaining your reasons.

  2. Nothing new from the goons dahn sath there. Same old anti-Scottish rant even more now as Trump is going to be in the White House. All clinging to the hope that he will put the speshal relashanship above all else.
    He wants to make America great again, not the relashanship! No 10, it seems was not the first on his phone calls to world leaders. That begs the question, is TM a world leader? She has not been elected as yet as one and opposed the Brexit vote being one of the remainers.
    Post 2014, it is so revealing that our better together brits are so agin us and that includes the No voters, you are all lumped in together!!

  3. I watched Question Time last night for the first time in months and found it illuminating to hear the booing and heckling (sorry, “banter”) of Tasmina at the end. That was one of the best illustrations I’ve seen of the end of Empire. Goodbye/

    • I didn’t watch the programme but from what WGD said about it I agree completely with your comment, Iain. People in England have been fed anti-Scottish propaganda for years and it’s no wonder they are so ignorant about Scotland. Thankfully, because of the internet and the political knowledge most folk in Scotland now have, we are wise to the britnat media’s anti-Scottish agenda.

      Last night’s behaviour from Kelvin MacKenzie and the [I imagine] largely non-Scottish audience was indicative of the impending demise of the so-called united kingdom.

      • Yet the English swallow that garbage as proven on question time and saying the snp don’t speak for Scotland is utter trash scotland voted snp in may by 1 million people the 2nd place torys couldn’t even come close to that in may

  4. Kelvin Mackenzie, another bigot and self publicist… Who knew he’d have so much in common with the new pres elect?

    I haven’t watched QT for who knows how long, but it appears the only thing changed in the intervening period has been the ramping up of hostility toward anything ‘not our sort’. A baying mob for an audience and a loaded panel. About right for the state broadcaster charged with promoting the UK and it values… and what values they are. Right out there in living colour for all to see.

    No, Scotland is not going to get a fair hearing, not in Westminster parliament and certainly not through the UK media. A goodly number of those who supported the union last time out I’m sure consider themselves pragmatic, reasonable, ordinary individuals. Probably also consider themselves to be well read, tolerant, fair minded and of good conscience.

    In what reality could such a person now consider today’s UK a state to be proud of? The weight of evidence is more than merely sufficient. It is shameful and damning.

    The ‘union’ was given one more chance to come good, to live up to the brightly coloured packaging. If you voted no last time out and consider yourself to be the sort of person I’ve just described, does it live up to the sales pitch of 2014? Are you proud of what we see today and how Scotland’s population, government and mandate have been treated in the past two years?

    We need your help to change this.

    The yes movement is more than happy to hold out its hand and all you have to do… is offer yours in return.

  5. When do we start crowdfunding to rebuild the wall? I’d gladly pay to keep folk like the odious Klaptoot McKenzie as far away as possible.

  6. QT is as you say an example of what is going on in England and I get the same here in the North of England from some. Huge insecurity and a realisation that without Scotland they are stuffed, their insignificance exposed and their lack of a national identity shown in all its bigoted glory. Time for debate is over, they will not listen to our case. Let’s get this done. I am coming home either way.

  7. Oh beautifully put Macart! Please copy that comment to your personal space onfb or twitter and onto every unionist blog, page, comment section you can!! Give the previously no voters the help they need to come over to the light side and leave the shadows!

  8. I don’t think England will have the money to spend on Hadrian’s Wall, once Scotland leaves this union behind. Mind you they might just have enough Lego bricks to do it, and if so can they make it blue with white saltire crosses.

  9. Qt is an affront to common decency..only watch it as tasmina was on, but felt on edge, uncomfortable watching dd undermine her time and again ..same on her last appearance..fraid it’s time to boycott this show, both from the sg ministers on the panel, to the viewers north of the’s hostile, bias and an easy target when audience filled with Tories, kippers, and right wing extremist’s…the snp must be aware of what theyre up to..time for action….

    • I think they probably are.They’re just people like us and only a stone could take their place on that panel and not feel the intimidation, fear and anger levelled at it.

      How and ever, I can think of two reasons why the SNP don’t walk away and refuse the ritual baiting and Dimbleby’s patronising remarks.

      The first is simple. We asked them to.

      We lost a referendum which politically unites our parliaments and then we voted the SNP into becoming far and away our main representation to Westminster and our voice in central government. Dimbleby lied when he told Tasmina she doesn’t speak for Scotland. For when in Westminster, or on the state broadcaster’s QT, THAT is exactly what she is doing. Representing Scotland’s interests and being our presence and our voice at the table.

      Secondly (and its just a theory), perhaps if you are the SNP and you couldn’t buy good press on a bet in the UK, then you have two options. You can either walk away from them or perhaps you can use the media against itself? Perhaps you can use the arrogance and ignorance directed against you to your advantage? If you wanted to highlight another’s populist attitudes towards Scots, our representatives, our opinion. If you wanted to put on display the glaring lack of equality, respect or democracy in our union then what better way than have the ‘state broadcaster’ do it for you?

      The more appallingly our representatives are treated, the more ALL of the above is harder for the public and especially the unionist parties to dismiss.

      ‘Course, as I say, number two is just a theory like.

      • I have not forgotten DD’s treatment of Nicola several years ago. He’s certainly not a gentleman and far from being a decent person. A petty wee man, I’m afraid, totally lacking in manners.

        • Jan, he’s a Bullingdon Club member, just like Boris and David Cameron.
          He is of the privileged elite. His contempt for anything Scottish comes across every week. Stirling this Thursday should be fun. An audience filled with Unionist middle class Anglo Leavers, with a smattering of supporters of Self determination withing the EU.

          The SNP should send an open letter to all daily Dead Tree Scrolls announcing that they will no longer take part in any BBC State Broadcast propaganda. After all our 56 out of 59 MP’s and the SNP Holyrood Administration ‘do not speak for Scotland’ according to this wizened old septuagenarian Establishment figure.
          And this from a man who fronts a programme paid for from Scottish TV licence holders subscriptions.
          England has gone mad. Time we left them to it.

        • He’s very much a product of the establishment himself. We lesser mortals and our opinions will barely register on his radar.

  10. The ‘usual suspects’ in this context is not just limited to fellow human beings from Scotland. The list of hate figures for not just the upper but also the middle and lower echelons of the battalions of the self righteously intolerant coming of the rotten woodwork of a latent white English nativism, of which recent QT’S are but a small example, are growing daily.

    Like the OO ‘WE are the people’ section of Scottish and NI society in essence anyone not considered to fit the criteria of ‘one of us’ is considered fair game for uninterrupted vitriol and worse. This has now gone beyond ‘benefit scroungers’, anyone considered not ‘pure’ ethnic British/English, the non heterosexual, the disabled, and the ‘undeserving’ poor, to anyone who does not share the simplistic and narrow world view of this immature school playground level mob.

    A perusal of the letters pages of local and regional newspapers and their websites are revealing in this regard. Anyone, for example, expressing any support whatsoever for the EU, the plight of refugees,
    or even support for the recent judges ruling on Parliamentary sovereignty is howled down and told in no uncertain terms to STFU and/or bugger off out of the country because you are not welcome to express any contrary opinion as the country now belongs to only 17 million people and if anyone does not like it they should leave pronto.

    The rate things are going it cannot be too long before serious civil strife begins to emerge as a result of the intolerance of those who think that not only is their opinion fact and sacrosanct but also the only valid opinion to the extent that all others should be forcibly extinguished and ejected from what they consider ‘their’ exclusive country.

  11. Question Time has become an absolute disgrace of late. My husband and I used to be avid watchers but not any more. It has become something more akin to the Jeremy Kyle Show than a forum for serious political discussion. We could never understand why Ukippers were given so much air time relative to others. Hubby doesn’t subscribe to the BBC bias idea, but bless him, he’s a bit of an idealist.

  12. Last week my wife I myself spent a few days in Kent (I currently live in Belgium) and this was the first time we had been in England since the Brexit vote. We were both shocked by the negative and sometimes hostile attitude to mainland Europeans (especially I must say amongst older people) of whom there were quite few as last week was a school holiday in a number of countries such as Belgium, France and The Netherlands. Every conversation seemed to start by blaming the EU for all the ills in the world and when informed that the subjects they were talking about were nothing to do with “Europe”, but were in fact under the UK’s control, they seemed quite upset. We were accused of visiting Kent merely to take advantage of the poor value of the pound to spend our money (and of course the poor exchange rate was the fault of the EU!). We normally visit Kent around 3 times a year because we like the area and the people and have never come across this attitude before; as I said previously it was primarily older people who took this attitude and younger people seemed to have no real gripe with Europe or the EU. We tried to respond with humour to the complaints and whinges about Europe; but this seemed to have no effect with them.
    I just hope that what we encountered was just isolated incidents and is not prevalent in other parts of the UK; otherwise a lot of bad feeling is going to be created, which is not going to help with future international relations.
    On a lighter note we had great fun and enjoyment over the new plastic £5 note; what with being able to rub out the note with a simple pencil eraser, shrinking them in tumble driers and I have just found out you can also play vinyl records using the notes. So a great UK success story, no use as a currency note, but pure entertainment value. I brought a few of the £5 notes back to Belgium, so that my friends and family can marvel at the sheer genius of the UK government.

  13. “The petition received significant support, but only because it was hijacked by Scottish independence supporters with a sense of humour”.

    But I wasn’t laughing when I signed it?… I was serious!…[Weeell..maybe a little :-)]

  14. I heard the “respect” argument twice yesterday. I looked up the word on the OED and nowhere was I able to find a definition which meets how it seems to be used by Unionists.

    I’m fairly sure the only one which applies is verb 2.2,

    2.2 Agree to recognize and abide by (a legal requirement):
    ‘the crown and its ministers ought to respect the ordinary law’

    and we have done that as we are still currently in the UK.

  15. I don’t watch QT for fear of exposing my TV to extreme violence but I was annoyed enough with the BBC news at 6 last night that the poor TV nearly expired.

    I’m no great fan of football & so wasn’t aware that Scotland was playing at Wembley last night until the news told me. There was something about the teams wearing poppies in defiance of UEFA, a bit of footage of the teams in training, a clip of England winning something & footage of the Tartan Army swaggering in their kilts. What really got me riled was the mention of Scotland doing well at Wembley sometime in the past but instead of showing the winning goal or the team celebrating they showed Scottish fans breaking the goalposts. That is what a Scottish success looks like according to the BBC; disgraceful behaviour from kilt wearing idiots, not a sports team performing well on the field.


  16. Been round a few sites since getting up. Can’t believe people are still arguing over who makes the worst ‘choice’ of president.

    FFS! What choice?

    Ongoing wars fought over greed and geo politics or the massive potential for wars fought over ideology and hatred. An electorate already dangerously teetering on the brink of division kicked unceremoniously over the edge with long running societal grievances opened up to gaping wounds. THAT was your choice of presidents right there. I don’t believe either candidate was fit to lead and represent a population.

    To avoid any fallout from the above it was always going to take people of good conscience, people who care, people of empathy and courage to temper the actions of the winner (and I use that term ‘winner’ loosely) in the aftermath. That’s where I believe we’re at right now.

    The American electorate were forced into making an impossible decision, because it was the ONLY choice they were given.

    The Democrats, unbelievably, gambled on presenting the only person capable of losing to Trump in the hopes that ‘better the devil you know’ would win out and they could carry on with their agendas regardless. The Republicans, desperate for power, put forward a racist celebrity full of meaningless inflammatory sound bites whom they felt they could control and who ‘sampled’ well in an ever rightward and disenfranchised massive demographic. Sound familiar? It should.

    The inevitable result?

    Everyone loses.

    • The Donald will be POTUS of that there is no doubt , so now American citizens y’all need to pick up them thar’ toys and git back in the stroller.

  17. I’m a Scot living in north Yorkshire until Christmas, then I’m back to Edinburgh.(Thank God). I was on a retreat near Scarborough this week with people from the UK and Poland.
    Inevitably several conversations turned to Scottish independence.Absolutely nobody else thought that the 2014 referendum was a good – or legitimate – idea. Most people there – all pretty well educated – described the Scots as anti-English and trouble makers.
    I asked each of them who made these comments where they got the idea that Scots are anti-English from.
    Not one of them had personal experience.
    They had just “heard” or “read about it”. Some even admitted to having visited Scotland and found the Scots incredibly friendly.They got their “information” from the MSM. I was also reminded of how England “subsidised” Scotland and if it wasn’t for English money, Scottish renewables would never have happened. My retort about Hinkley Point C and nuclear subsidies was completely ignored – fingers in the ears, la! la! la!
    It’s hardly surprising that we’re dealing with this level of ignorance and blatant prejudice when the MSM publishes the poison by McKenzie and others.
    I gave up watching QT years ago for the simple reason that Dimbleby is an arrogant arse and as a member of the Establishment he will have no sympathy for any other view. How we tackle this level of ignorance and prejudice is beyond me other than the use of social media and one-to-one persuasion. I found it extremely difficult to stay calm and focussed with the people I was with last week, but I think the only way we can deal with this level of ignorance and prejudice is by stating the facts and engaging in genuine, well-informed debate.

    • My sister, who is much more patient than me, uses the stock response to lies and misinformation “Really, that’s really interesting. Where did you see that because I’m really interested and would like to do more research”. Like you say they have no response because they don’t know where they heard or saw the rubbish they spout. As I said, I’m not so patient and end up “losing the heid”.

  18. If Tasmina speaks for Scotland then surely this means that Theresa May must speak for the whole of the UK (of which Scotland remains a part). Well she doesn’t speak for me! I would guess there are plenty of scots who would not agree that the SNP speak for them either.

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