Oops they did it again

Woo hoo! Labour and the Lib Dems have been defending Scotland’s interests again. Does it not make you so proud that we live in a country where political parties are mature and grown up and don’t play childish games with the lives and opportunities of the people they represent in Parliament. Yesterday there was a vote in Holyrood in which all the parties of Scotland were called on to stand up for what the people of Scotland voted for in a referendum just a few months ago, and to protect Scotland’s membership of the single market. After all, we know how important it is that the results of referendums are respected, don’t we? That’s what the Unionist parties keep reminding us.

However it appears that it’s only the results of the 2014 independence referendum that needs to be respected. Any subsequent referendums only need to be respected insofar as they too respect the results of the 2014 referendum, because the 2014 referendum was the ground zero of electoral respect. Who knew? What we now know is that according to our Unionist parties every subsequent vote in Scotland for the rest of history, irrespective of that vote’s outcome, must be interpreted according to how it “respects” the result in September 2014.

So Scotland’s decision in June this year that we want to remain a part of the European Union, a decision made by a considerably larger margin than Scotland’s decision to remain a part of the UK, only deserves conditional respect. And that respect is conditional on the absolute respect demanded by the Unionists for the referendum in 2014. I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall that the question on the ballot in 2014 was “Should Scotland become an independent country and if not will this decision be thrown back in our faces every time we vote differently from the rest of the UK that we’re being told that we’re an equal partner in? Because you’re not really an equal partner, we’re only telling you that just now in order to get you to vote no.”

Yesterday the Scottish parliament voted on a motion asking the UK government for clarity on Brexit, and demanding that Scotland’s membership of the European single market is protected. In other words pretty much what all the parties with representation in Holyrood, with the exception of the Tories, have been arguing for ever since the day after the EU referendum when Boris Johnson stood before the massed ranks of the press like a guilty schoolboy who had nipped behind the bike sheds for a fag and then accidentally burned down the school.

But of course it was an SNP motion. And because it was an SNP motion none of the Unionist parties could bring themselves to support it. Yes that’s right, the party that proudly describes itself as the most pro-European party in Britain, the party which claims to be passionate about its defence of British membership of the EU, voted with the Tories against ensuring that Scotland’s membership of the EU single market is protected. That’s a betrayal way up there with their spectacular U-turn on student fees, and it completes the Lib Dems’ transformation into the Tory party which is distinguished from the rest of the Tory party by the fact that they don’t like Iain Duncan Smith, only not enough so that they’re going to do anything about it.

The Lib Dems, who spent their recent party conference telling anyone who would listen that they were winning, voted with the Tories. No one who has being paying the slightest attention to Scottish politics over the past few years could possibly imagine that the Lib Dems are winning anything. But then no one who was paying the slightest attention to Scottish politics over the past few years paid the slightest attention to the Scottish Lib Dem’s recent conference. It’s a very strange definition of winning, but what Wullie Rennie actually meant by the word winning was that he managed to get a constituency seat in Fife on the back of Tory tactical voting and didn’t have to go back to driving the number 17 bus to Kelty.

In order to keep on winning, in the Wullie Rennie definition of the term where winning means sooking up to Tories in order to gain their tactical votes and save Wullie’s skin, the Lib Dems voted along with the Tories against defending Scotland’s place in the EU single market. Wullie knows that he’s winning because the Lib Dems are subject to the howls of cybernats on social media. Who knew that being the object of derisive laughter was a recipe for success. The Lib Dems are going to be hearing a whole lot more of it. Wullie will be happy that he’s winning.

Labour didn’t oppose the motion, instead they adopted their usual tactic of standing up for Scotland’s rights, for the defence of the poor and vulnerable, and for social democratic politics, by bravely running away and abstaining. Fearlessly and unflinchingly, in the face of a vote against something that threatens to strip working people of rights and opportunities you can count on the Labour party to heroically sit on its hands and look the other way. It’s very important for the Labour party to protect its hands, because it needs them so that they can wring them uselessly a few months later when they complain about how terrible it is what the Tories are doing. There are open toed wellingtons which have more sense and purpose than the Labour party.

Ian Murray, the honourable member for Red Morningside, illustrated Labour’s uselessness yesterday when he complained about the ill effects of the Tory benefit policies which are throwing thousands of families into penury. Those would be those same policies that Labour didn’t vote against in the House of Commons, they sat on their hands and abstained.

When she became leader of the Scottish branch office, Kezia Dugdale stated that one of the problems that Labour faced is that people in Scotland no longer know what the party stands for, and are no longer listening to it. Nothing much has changed there. We still don’t know what the party stands for because they say one thing and then won’t vote for it when it comes to the crunch. And we’re not listening to them because if when it comes to a vote on protecting the interests of Scotland, or the interests of those dependent on social security, or the interests of the low paid, all Labour does is to abstain, then it’s clear that the party has no opinions worth listening to. They had a chance to change that yesterday, but instead, oops they did it again.

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0 thoughts on “Oops they did it again

  1. Never trust a yoon to oppose anything that goes against Westminster, especially if it is something the great majority if Scots voted for.
    The yoons are there to vote Scotland down. Nothing changes. Even, as you say, the most EU focussed party – the LibDems – shy away as far as Scotland is concerned. Rennie the runner!
    The yoons are all over the place. Nae idea on powers for Holyrood, cannot acknowledge that they are out of step with the Scottish population on Europe, LibDems and Slabbers will accept any attack on Scotland from the Westminster Tories while complaining it is the SNP at fault for it all.
    A sticky awaits them all politically. Next, they will all morph into Trumpiteers for the “good of the speshul relashunship”.
    That’s the yoons.

  2. Yet again slab shows how inept, pointless and insipid they’ve become. Jackie Baillie gleefully telling parliament that labour couldn’t support the sg proposals of protecting the single market as it was a back door means to Indy 2 was truly disturbing and duplicitous…..the lib Dems and slab should just combine with the Tories under ‘united unionists’ and be done with it…true colours of these con merchants are on display for all to see….please wake up electorate…

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  4. Labour are pathetic but can anyone say there are surprised with what they have done, again?

    Most of my disgust is reserved for the Lib Dems, they are always trying to play the card that they are above petty squabbling and that they always put principles first. What a load of bull, they are indeed just Yellow Tories, and like Labour Unionist first and whatever else second as long as it does not clash with being Unionist. How can any party that claims to be Pro EU vote against this motion? Then again they also claim to be Federalists but that went up in smoke post 2014 as well. Just an empty husk of a party that offers nothing except a one finger salute to ~50% of the Scottish population.

    The thing I can not understand is that there must be elected representatives and members within the Labour and Lid Dems who are appalled by this but where are they? Why are they not speaking out?

    The other disappointment is that this development is getting little oxygen in the mainstream media. The BBC are doing their usual by doing “ommitance”, I had hoped that on GMS this morning Robertson would be getting torn into Labour and Lib Dems representatives over this crass political act but I should have known better.

  5. Yesterday yet again showed Scotland that you can not trust a Tory, no matter what f – ing colour they are.

    When is Scotland going realise the Scottish unionist parties are only going to help themselves and their leaders in London first and foremost, never ever Scotland.

    Its either Scotland or the Tories , choose.

  6. The Unionist parties will always be in thrall to their London masters. Labour needs to realise that while abstaining from over-indulgence in alcohol may confer some sort of moral superiority, abstaining from doing the job you’re elected (or not) to do does not.

    Maybe Labour should re-name itself the Temperance Party.

  7. Off topic I suppose. I read your article in todays National and thought you could have summed up the position by just saying “I’m Scottish! Get Me the Eff Out of Here!”.

  8. It does pretty much complete the transformation as far as the Libdems are concerned. They’ve betrayed everything they ever stood for, with the exception of their own self interest of course. On that position they are unanimous and unshakeable.

    As for Labour? If you want an example of weasle worded revisionist history, scapegoating, responsibility deflection and pure dead Essenpee badness, then this is the release for you.


    The Tories? On the evidence presented on the absolute omnishambles that is the behaviour and actions of the other two unionist parties, they are basically laughing all the way to No.10 for the foreseeable future. Your lives and futures in their hands.

    So I ask again.

    Are we all crystal clear on who puts party before people and who puts the interests and will of the people before party? Just as crucially, are we all perfectly aware of the catastrophe facing our population if we allow this constitutional and economic farce to continue as it now stands?

    • Another excellent piece by Paul, Macart.
      On your link to Dugdale’s Pontious Pilate press release:-

      “But our exports to the EU are dwarfed by those to the rest of the UK. Scotland’s trade with the UK single market is worth £48billion – FOUR TIMES that with the EU. In fact, Scotland trades twice as much with the rest of the UK as we do with the EU and rest of the world combined.”

      It is clear that Dugdale, Rennie, and Davidson are already holding secret Project Fear seminars, no doubt chaired by McDougall and Mc Ternan.

      They are all on message.
      Threaten them with the wrath of Mighty England if they even consider voting YES for Self Determination.
      Murdo Fraser, sweating like a pig, was on Beeb Propa last night threatening Scotland.
      England will be trading with Brazil, India, and China, instead. All that Aberdeen Angus Beef, Scotch whisky, and Edinburgh rock will rot on the shelves as England strikes trade deals with New Zealand and Peru?

      The £48 billion Single Ingle Trade Market figure is of course an unsubstantiated lie, which The Queen’s Eleven Sectarian List Boy Murdo Fraser and Jackie ‘25,000 jobs at risk in Helensburgh if the Bad SNP scrap Trident’ Baillie quoted in Parliament yesterday, and repeated on the rounds of the TV studios unchallenged by the Unionist broadcasters and Dead Tree Scrollers.

      Since the Better Together press launch when Lamont Darling Rennie and Davidson shared a platform, and the subsequent treachery of the Vow, EVEl, the Tory Lib Dem Coalition and the Brexit farce, I have always lumped the Brit Nat Unionists together as Blue Red and Yellow Tories.
      They joined forces Down There to implement £30 billion in cuts to Welfare, Disability, pension payments, slashed half a million public service jobs, and over the piece gave a 10% cut in taxes to the filthy rich.
      Dugdale Davidson and Rennie back Trident, and HS2, and London Rule.
      They are mere puppets in place to fuck Holyrood up at every turn.
      1/3 of our children are now living in poverty.
      And Murray, Mundell and the Liar are born again UKIPpers.
      They are what they are; unprincipled carpetbaggers, screwing Scotland and the citizens of Scotland for every penny they can before we achieve Self Determination again, as citizens in a Free Europe.
      BBC Scotland is an obscene joke now.

      • Getting a tad weary of that naked threat from Holyrood’s resident yoonbats on trade.

        Two things.

        1. Trade goes two ways. England also sells goods and services to Scotland and according to Mr Salmond a great deal more than is sold the other way round. So what is it worth to English trade and business to lose Scotland as a trading partner? That is what they’re talking about right? A naked threat to close down ALL trade the instant Scotland decides to manage its own affairs? That is the very definition of a threat aimed at the the Scottish population, yes?



        Scotland say, decides to become independent. Does PM May, in a fit of pique, close down all trade relations with a next door neighbour cutting off a much needed source of income for English exporters and trade goods for her businesses and public? This will naturally require the PM to explain such an action to English producers and services (tough day at work then). Or, like a fucking grown up PM see how best to negotiate and facilitate continued trade along with said flow of goods and monies?

        Answers on a postcard please.

        So for future reference folks the very worst that will happen if you vote for independence and an EU hard border is this – Trade tariffs will be applied. Or in other words, goods and services will cost that wee bit more going in BOTH directions.

        The very best that will happen is that as Mr Davies assured the Irish public recently, a way WILL be found to honour the open border agreement and CTA regardless of the UKs standing with the EU. That neighbouring states can come to an adult and negotiated accommodation and *SFA changes in terms of trade.

        Although y’know, at this point I’m beyond giving a shit Jack? I am so fucking weary of being nakedly threatened by yoonbats and homegrown cringers who betray the trust of their own electorates (see under Tuesday’s vote) and take every opportunity to tell us just how crap and incapable we are after initiating said crapiness in the first place.

        I’m a bit done with respecting stuff. Tried it, and didn’t get any in return.

        *(Sweet Fanny Adams natch)

        • Very well said Macart. Time to start shooting these Unionists and their pathetic arguments against our self-determination down in flames. Arguments should be countered robustly, naked threats should be highlighted for exactly what they are. No more kid gloves.

          • The simplest of questions when all reasoned and logical explanations above are exhausted.

            Why should any Scottish citizen respect a partner who threatens them?

          • I’ve just caught up with FMQ, Sam.
            Davidson, Rennie, and Dugdale were unbelievably woeful today. Davidson in particular came across as a bumbling bombastic fool. Dugdale blames the FM for the underperforming trains, personally. Dugdale declared that Labour would have done it differently, until, ahem, the FM pointed out that New Tony Conservative Labour refused PS bidding for 13 years.
            Rennie seems not to know what a Draft Consultation Document is. Mental Health’s in a mess and it’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault.
            I make no apology for my oft repeated observation that these three ‘Never Weres’. (you have to have ‘been a someone’, before lapsing into ‘has been’ category) are just not up to the job.
            Today’s farce of a FMQ session bore that out.
            Brian Taylor’s wee summary at the end grows more and more risible. Clegg of the Record, Johnson of the Telegraph made up his post FMQ discussion session. Nice balance BBC.
            Jeane Freeman, Social Security Minister, was excellent in the pre-recorded item on the transfer of Welfare Powers from WM to Holyrood. She described Taylor’s dig that the SNP were delaying implementation as ‘nonsense’, by explaining the timetable, the legislation, the consultation with the public, the setting up of a Scottish agency, and the radical changes in approach which will be enacted concisely, and with a great deal of patience given the guff that Davidson had spouted in the Chamber, and Taylor himself repeated as gospel to camera.
            I noted that Tomkins and Fraser were lurking in the back benches today.
            Every time Project Fear threatens us Scots citizens from now on in, we call them out for what they are. Anti Scottish enemies of the people of Scotland.
            I note that Blair McDougall is still describing himself as the Current Better Together Head Honcho. Did someone call for another Referendum and no’ tell us?
            The gloves are off, and not before time.

          • No,they don’t impress do they? Nor does the TV commentary and the beyond transparent punditry.

            Basically I just tune them out these days. I’m not interested in having others interpret events for me. Folk should only require the evidence of their own eyes and ears and the ability to reason.

            I’d also agree with the idea that they’re gearing up for campaign. The prominence given this Scotland in Union group. The ramping up of anti Scottish government media. The prominence given to the opposition leaders least sound bites. They’re preparing for a campaign they know must come, mainly because they made it necessary themselves. (shrugs)

            Their complete failure to deliver on the 2014 pledges and result pretty much guaranteed a slow burn second referendum was entirely plausible within a ten year. However, Westminsters utter betrayal of the Scottish electorate with the introduction of EVEL and a Brexit vote forcing an unwilling electorate out of the EU near guarantees it. The timing however relies on the actions of May’s government and the reactions of the Scottish electorate.

            The devolved Scottish Government are for the most part bound by the laws and constitutional powers governing the UKs parliamentary democracy. The Scottish electorate aren’t. The SG can and WILL act if the Scottish electorate demand it of them. This is why the current National survey set up by the SNP is VITAL.


            Its all about specific mandate. 🙂

          • I ‘speed watched’ QT from last night, Sam. Thank the Chief for the miracle of I Player.
            The usual set up from Dimblebor and the Brikip State Propaganda Wing.
            I’ll not even give it the ‘oxygen of publicity’.
            I loved Kezia Dugdale’s assertion that the So Called Scottish Labour Party would get the ‘trains to run on time.’
            Il Duce et decorum non est.
            The Isolationist Brikip Rainbow Alliance is in a blind panic now.
            There hasn’t been a poll recently: wonder why?
            From personal experience, England is about to shut down for three weeks over Christmas.
            As early as the first week in December Whitehall segues into party mood,as the Office Christmas Party cycle begins.
            I have observed before that if Russia or North Korea want a bloodless invasion of England, they should time the insurgency during the second week in December, when they could sail up the Thames unnoticed in troop carriers festooned with tinsel and flashing Christmas lights.
            The British Kingdom Independence Party.
            England, Lizzie, and St George!

  9. Today’s statement on the Brexit vote at Holyrood from Kezia Dudgale makes reference to the expert views of Fabian Zuleeg, CEO of the European Policy Centre.

    Below is an extract from Zuleeg’s article entitled “What kind of Brexit?” published on 4 November 2016. It concerns the UK position, not specifically Scotland’s, but it is interesting and relevant in two ways: (i) it comments on the scope for UK domestic concessions to “ensure lower domestic opposition” to Brexit; and (ii) makes reference to the impact of no “effective opposition” in the UK Parliament.

    “The scope of softening Brexit thus remains limited. Certainly, there are some domestic concessions that can be used in an attempt to ensure lower domestic opposition to Brexit. This might include promises of additional powers to those parts of the UK that have voted to remain, or the prospect of more favourable post-Brexit conditions for certain groups or regions, for example with regard to migration, funding for particular sectors or state aids to particular industries.”

    It goes on:

    “But even if these can be delivered (which is not certain, given, for example, WTO rules), the key question will be who Theresa May will have to convince. Without an effective opposition, her main focus is the Conservative Party itself, while ensuring that UKIP cannot regain a foothold.”

    So, any scope for domestic concessions is dependent on effective opposition. The opposition arguing in favour of Scotland’s interests post-Brexit should have included Labour MSPs working together with the SNP and the Greens, but Labour has opted out. The Labour MSPs’ views are now crystal clear: it seems there can be no post-Brexit fate which Labour MSPs (including the ‘I’m not a Unionist’ ones) can envisage as being worse than the people of Scotland having the opportunity to resolve democratically the contradictions of the 2014 and 2016 referendum results.

    Will Labour voters in Scotland really be content that their MSPs have effectively accepted that the Tory Government in Westminster, with its one MP from Scotland, can decide our post-Brexit future? Yesterday evening, BBC Scotland’s reporting of the Holyrood debate seemed designed to ensure they remain blissfully unaware!

    • With Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, saying yesterday that his party would not oppose a ” hard Brexit”, virtually capitulating to the tories, it really shouldn’t be a suprise to us that the Scottish branch office fail to back a parliamentary motion supporting the wishes of the people of Scotland.
      Why don’t the unionist parties just amalgamate, and call themselves U.A.S, (United Against Scotland).

      • The unionists are already coalescing into one opposition group at Holyrood, as evidenced by the tactical voting by Labourites for the “Ruth Davidson Party” at the Holyrood Election in May, and the now regular conniving between the Tories, Labour, and LibDems at Holyrood.

  10. It seems to me that there are similarities in both parliaments,Labour abstaining on anything Scottish,and abstaining on the austerity that’s killing people,lib dems are of no consequence in either parliament, I’m thinking that both of these parties are in collaboration both down south and up here,i.e. make the tories down south look so bad that the poor English will perhaps rise up in revolt,and here in Scotland they are doing exactly the same,get rid of SNP,make them look so bad that we will vote them out of holyrood, it’s a tactic that in the long run might just work, sadly for us all.

  11. No mention from anyone inc the SNP as to what is the north of the norths share of the funding for the proposed new rail link to er the north of the British Isles well not quite to the north of the north but you know where I mean,60 billion and counting that will bring billions of pounds/jobs/investment to the north but not the north of the north you know where I mean,not a fcuking word from the unionists on this,not a word in protest at Sky/British telecoms 5+billion investment in British football but nothing or very little to the north of the north,not even from the hordes of unionists down Ibrox way who could surely do with some of this British money.

  12. Choose to choose, of your own free will, choose to simply change the system, so that when an entire Country votes for something (on this occasion, remaining in the EU), that that Country’s democratically expressed views are enacted, not suppressed.

    The Union does not provide Scotland with equal status or representation, in simple terms Scotland is always outvoted at Westminster within the present terms of the Union by a factor of ~10:1; at best it is ensnared as a county of England.

    If you believe that this is sufficient, that your best interests, your family’s best interests and care of others less able to fend for themselves are best served in this way, with the politicians of today and that your secuirity, financial security, hopes and aspirations are best served within the current Union – then you are perfectly entitled to vote to preserve the status quo of the Union, at each opportunity as it arises…. surely however if you voted No at the last occasion, preserving the status quo (perhaps you even thought you were staying in the EU?), there must be something that you feel needs to change …?

    What has actually changed since the 2014 Refernedum ? … well N. Ireland is getting devolved Corporation Tax next year… is Scotland? … is all bar Foreign Affairs and Defence devolved to Scotland? … is perhaps N.Ireland currently getting special treatment under our one size fits all ‘Brexit means Brexit’ being rammed down your throat at every opportunity? … is Nissan perhaps? … is the City of London?…. ahead… divide and rule will be the order of the day ..it was ever thus,..

    Let us just see how valued Scotland is under the Union in coming months, how ‘listened to’ it will be, how much of an equal partner under the Union it will be…. we have since 2014 been full participating members after all… and have 56 MPs at least to show how much we are positively engaged, participating and trying to express, in democratic terms, that all is not as it could, or should, be.

    There is a very simple alternative to this state of affairs…that opens up a wealth of opportunities for all, simply

    Choose Life, choose Independence.

  13. Next time anyone bumps into Wullie what’s his name, perchance while visiting a telephone box, you may wish to ask him how voting against a motion which called on the UK government to “maintain Scotland’s place in the single market” as part of the Brexit negotiations could be squared with his party’s manifesto which states, “Any deal negotiated for the United Kingdom outside the European Union must include membership of the Single Market and protect freedom of movement”. Or are we missing something? Some greater scheme, the complexity of which us common mortals will not be able to comprehend. Or is that a whiff of hypocrisy I smell seeping out from the telephone box?

    I was disappointed when the Liberal Democrats put their snouts into the trough alongside the tories – they could have been a very effective restraint operating on a case by case basis. But, no, noses into the trough it was and principals tossed into the shredder. Alexander trousered a knighthood – for what? Then we had liar Carmichael – another nail in the coffin. Now this blatant posturing and attention seeking; principals chucked in the shredder again for five minutes of fame on the telly.

    Elsewhere, an interesting meme could be developing about Mayhem’s tendency to shroud herself in political haute couture, thinking it provides gravitas, when the more discerning will point out, sooner or later, that the expensive cloth is transparent, revealing (cover your eyes my dear) no plans and barely a fig leaf to hide behind. Naked ambition has its drawbacks.

  14. ¨Boris Johnson … a guilty schoolboy who had nipped behind the bike sheds for a fag and then accidentally burned down the school.¨
    OMG! That´s him off to a tee. Yet someone who clearly can´t be trusted with a box of matches has somehow been given an important job in government. Please till me none of this is real, please! :-0

    • ‘Open toe wellies’ will stick, Paul.
      Ace, as usual.
      Our Unionist MSPs have welded into one Anti Scottish blob of Red Blue and Yellow Play-Do.
      It’s comin’ yet for a’ that.

  15. “What we now know is that according to our Unionist parties every subsequent vote in Scotland for the rest of history, irrespective of that vote’s outcome, must be interpreted according to how it “respects” the result in September 2014”

    Ahh Paul! The politics of deception…

    Am I the only one that sees that what the unionist branches are actually doing is to shift the blame for their selfish actions from themselves onto the NO voters of 2014, their main supporters?

    These parties campaigned heavily for Scotland to remain in the EU. They warned us of the dangers of leaving the single market and the colossal economic and social negative impact that this would have on Scotland. They convinced a 62% to vote to remain, and yet, they are now proceeding to stab them in the back and put the murder weapon at the hands of the NO voters from 2014. It is not us! We are just doing what the 55% asked us for!

    Yeah, the biggest deception in Scotland is any pretence that the unionist parties represent anything else that is not London’s interests.

    I hope that sufficient No voters see the cowardice of their deception and punish them accordingly in the local elections, because 62 is significantly bigger than 45 so I think this deception is not going to fare that well this time.

      • And so it begins. The EU will impose a 5 Euro ‘tavel tax’ on UKippers travelling to Europe on holiday, business and so on.
        Holidaymakers will be required to complete am on line visa application and be vetted before being allowed to enter ewurope on holiday.
        And you can forget retiring to the Costas or Dordoigneshire.
        Johnson and Co can tell ‘foreigners’ that there will be an embargo on prosecco but not WM MP’s?
        Where do we apply for one of the 30,000 jobs required in Whitehall?Presumably they will be working in offices on a giant barge in the Thames.
        Where are they going to re-house the two million Silver Swallows returning to Blighty when Spain France and Italy kick them out post Brexit?

        It is an almighty Gawdawful Mess, right enough.

  16. When Jim Murphy was chosen as leader of the Branch and the bulk of the Scottish population just laughed, it was explained to us that the laughter was nervous and attempted to hide a real fear of Murphy’s talents and power. We kept on laughing. Now Willie Rennie seems to think that the laughter which greets his every statement is like the laughter caused by Murphy. Willie, please believe us: it is genuine laughter. The Liberals are a comic turn. You are genuinely entertaining. Thank you.

  17. The more I see of what’s going on up there, the more I am convinced that it is time to classify Brit Unionism as a psychiatric condition. It’s all there: the delusions, the desire to commit serious acts of self-harm, the denial of reality around them and the desire to palm all the blame off on someone – anyone – else.

    I think we should get in touch with the editors of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to see if they’re interested in including it in the next edition.

    (And, in case someone thinks I’m being in bad taste…well, I may be. But I am a Depressive, so I do know slightly whereof I speak).

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