Malvados cibernaces and a blow for Ruth Davidson

The problem for the Unionist media when they try to big up some comments from a right wing Spanish politician as a major blow for Nicola Sturgeon is that it only encourages the malvados cibernaces. That’s evil cybernats who speak Spanish, in case you were wondering. Because rather than take the word of publications like the Daily Telegraph or the Express, those of us who speak Spanish, y somos muchos (and there’s a lot of us), are instead highly motivated to go and search out what those self-same Spanish nawbags have been saying to a domestic audience. Invariably what we find is far less cosy for the British Unionist establishment and far less of a blow to Nicola Sturgeon than what its tame press has been telling us.

I blogged earlier today about a report in the Telegraph about some comments made by the Spanish Partido Popular MEP Estebán González Pons and how they were really not very much of a blow for Nicola Sturgeon after all. They were in fact a blow for the hopes of the Wullie Rennies and Kezia Dugdales of this world who are still clinging to the faint hope that Scotland might get a special deal and be able to preserve some of its access to the EU and the single market while simultaneously remaining a part of the increasingly dis-United Kingdom.

Following that blog post a reader sent me a link to an article in the Spanish online news site Dignidad Digital, which is based in Asturias in the north of Spain and is an outlet for the more religiously minded tendencies of the Spanish right wing which campaigns against a woman’s right to control her fertility, gay marriage, and everything else which they think is going to bring about the destruction of civilisation. Which the Spanish right wing defines as their right to keep receiving bribes in brown envelopes without anyone complaining about it. Dignidad Digital has published a rather more detailed report on the views of Estebán González Pons, in which he shows himself to be considerably less friendly to Westminster than the “We’ll always be besties with Britain” views reported by the Telegraph.

Here’s a link to the original Spanish language article.

Speaking in Valencia González Pons said of Britain and Brexit, “They’ve decided that they’re going, bye friends, good luck, and as soon as possible because lengthening this process can only damage all of us.” He went on to assert that the EU won’t support Scotland or Northern Ireland if they want to have a referendum in order to remain a part of the EU, but that comes under the category of “well he would say that wouldn’t he”. The Partido Popular opposed the last independence referendum too, and they opposed it far more energetically and vigorously than they will in future. But the important point to remember is that González Pons doesn’t speak for the EU any more than the SNP MEP Alyn Smith does. González Pons speaks for the Partido Popular in the EU Parliament, and saying that the Partido Popular won’t support a Scottish or Northern Irish referendum is news in the same way that it’s news to say that Ruth Davidson is against independence but is very much in favour of having her photie taken while she’s posing in shellfish processing plant with an invertebrate. But that’s not a nice thing to say about Adam Tomkins.

It was what González Pons went on to say that was a whole lot more interesting. He said, “If Great Britain has problems because England and Scotland think differently, from this moment on those are the problems of a third country.” The reason that this is interesting, and is a blow for Ruth Davidson although you won’t be reading that in the pages of the Scotsman, is because as I pointed out in the previous blog post González Pons was instrumental in organising a pan-European right wing opposition to Scottish independence during the first independence referendum campaign. He met with Ruthie and other Scottish Tories in order to plot how to undermine the case for Scottish independence at a European level. The rotten fruits of this campaign were borne out all throughout the campaign as we witnessed a series of European politicians associated with the Partido Popular’s grouping in the European Parliament making statements against Scottish independence which were plastered all over a grateful British media as independent and objective contributions to the debate, when in fact they were worm filled poisoned apples that had been arranged in advance.

What González Pons just said in Valencia is that this isn’t going to happen the next time. There will be no pan-European alliance of anti-independence parties to campaign for the Union and against independence in Scotland’s indyref2. There will be no assistance to the Tories from the Spanish right. The British Government is now on its own as far as its difficulties with Scotland are concerned.

González Pons went on to say that the British decision had been traumatic and had caused a lot of damage to the EU, but that it had left Britain “broken in two” politically and economically. He said that he wanted the process of Article 50 to proceed as quickly as possible in order to minimise the damage to the EU, and laid the blame for the entire debacle very firmly at the door of English nationalists, saying, “Basically, what we are facing is not a decision of Great Britain to leave the EU, but rather we’re facing a decision taken by English nationalists to drag the United Kingdom out of the EU.” The EU is facing one of the worst crises it’s ever had to deal with, and in the view of the Spanish ruling party it’s entirely the fault of English nationalists, not the Scottish independence movement which had previously been in their sights.

Spain is not about to do the British Government any favours at all, and the next time there’s a Scottish independence referendum, which looks more and more likely with every passing day, Spain will not intervene to prop up the United Kingdom. There will be no assistance from EU politicians organised by the Partido Popular to help out their Tory pals.  Ruth and the Tories will be on their own.  There was a blow for someone’s referendum hopes coming from Spain this week, it’s just that it was a blow for the Tories.

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0 thoughts on “Malvados cibernaces and a blow for Ruth Davidson

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  2. I’m sure Spain will forgive the right wing British media for their misunderstanding. It’s not as if they will have serious negotiations to conclude, as it is the EU which does the trade deals. Scotland after independence may have a say in that. Good job we’re civic nationalists.

  3. “y somos muchos” much as I liked your fair translation to “They’ve decided that they’re going, bye friends, good luck, and as soon as possible because lengthening this process can only damage all of us.” I believe it’s best to take it from Castilian directly to Anglo-Saxon where it would be:
    “Fuck Off!” UK.

    Only the TeleTory, or Ruthie, would find a Quantum of Solace, in MEP González Pons words.
    He may be no friend of #Scotland’s Independents, but he is no worry either. I requested comment from Spain’s new Foreign Minister, Alfonso Dastis Quecedo, who has been too Diplomatic to reply.
    It would appear that MEP González Pons may want to be Spain’s Boris Johnson.

  4. we’re in a post-truth world of politics – that means propaganda only.
    good job Paul was able to set out the truth and help us discriminate between truth and post-truth!!

  5. Just wondered if when Gonzales Pons said “English nationalists” he was actually meaning British Nationalists. He wouldn’t be the first person to lazily fail to distinguish between England and Britain.

  6. Viva España! The actions of many of the EUanglophiles during 2014 was despicable. Now the English nationalistas have kicked the EU and our continental friends see the Scots in a different light.
    That is the trouble with many continental school books on English. The UK is synonymous with England, a common mistake
    in German English schoolbooks.
    But things are changing now that the EU is daily insulted by Johnson et al.

  7. “He met with Ruthie and other Scottish Tories in order to plot how to undermine the case for Scottish independence at a European level”.

    Re above that is very interesting and did Ruth warn him that there was going to be EU referendum in UK post Indy because she is now so adamant that this was renowned pre Indy Ref while in denial about scare tactic BT message of ‘vote no to stay in EU’.

    I guess you ‘reap what you sow’ and if you sucker those who supported you and then you stab them in the back it eventually turns into ‘vengeance be mine’.

  8. Don’t think we should worry too much about the Spanish government. It only exists because the socialist PSOE opted to abstain from the election of Rajoy as President of the Government. Between PSOE and Podemos the ruling PP has much more pressing problems than what is happening on the northern periphery of the continent.
    I just spent a month in Catalunya and when people find out that you are Scottish there is a process not far from back slapping and lots of encouragement. Some bar owners were even prepared to stick up my little saltire surrounded by EU stars stickers.
    We have friends in Spain, Catalunya doesn’t quite have a majority for independence, but their government has much more power than ours in Holyrood.
    Now if only I could get my tongue around Catalan!!
    When a Dutch x Mallorquina asks how her English husband can become Scottish then you know the message must be getting through.

  9. ‘The fault of English nationalists’. Err, did anyone tell him about the 38% of Scots voters (including Alex Neil) who voted out? No? I thought not.

  10. Update on Brexit. May, in an interview with an English paper, has admitted that she has sleepless night wondering how to to forward on Brexit. She lapses into jargon about needing to crack on and get global GB out there in the world etc etc.
    Perhaps, she was catching up on sleep and unable to attend the last meeting of the devolved government and the Irish PM?
    But when you compare her statements in the issues, Brexit means Brexit means real Brexit and getting the best possible deal, with the insightful comments of the Irish PM on the issues and problems, one feels, like RD, May is out of her depth.
    I suppose the calibre of her grasp on issues was the cans going round the country barking at illegal immigrants to come in and get help to return home!!
    If this MayHem continues, how ling before there is an internal “putsch” and it us Mayxit?
    If, after this length of time nothing is being mapped out in government dahn sath re Brexit, then we must be concerned.

  11. With every day that passes the brexit farce gets more and more ridiculous. Whatever happens Scotland has to get out of the union with England.

  12. My money is on Westminster being the escape route to Remain – by voting down Brexit – and May will resign as the trophy victim. Howls of anguish about democracy, and UKIP membership soars.
    Scotland will still need independence, whatever Perfidious Albion decides, among themselves.

    • Indeed, Brexit is extremely difficult to achieve. Indy Scotland is a walk in the park by comparison.

      Every chance that Brexit won’t actually happen!

      I fear for what happens next in England.

  13. I am far from being an expert on Spain, but it seems to me that the dregs of the Franco regime have always been a bit paranoid about the Scots gaining independence in that it would encourage the Catalonians and the Basques in their moves towards independence from Spain. Thus they have maligned Scotland as much as possible.

    It will be interesting to see what the fascists in Spain will do if the Catalonians and the Basques actually declare themselves independent. Will the fascists follow the English lead in regard to what they did to the Red Clydesiders, i.e. sending in 10,000 English troops, and tanks to deal with them? Though in this instance it would be sending in fascist troops and tanks to deal with the Catalonians and the Basques.

    With such a possible breach of International Law and Human Rights, what would the UN and the EU do about it? Would they all sit on their hands whilst the fascists put down the people militarily?

    As to the fascists views on Scotland at the moment, they might actually end up supporting Scotland as they might see it as an opportunity to give the English a bloody nose, so to speak.

    In any event, we should ignore the Spanish fascists, and give them as much credence as we give to Ruthie the Tank.

    • There is no majority for independence in Catalonia.There is absolutely no chance of any support from the EU or anyone else for a Catalonian UDI whilst that remains the case

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