The sour Tory milk of human unkindness

Can Scotland get a special Brexit deal? Can Boris Johnson survive the Brexit process without pissing off a major European country? Can the adolescent supporters of the alt-right ever actually get laid, and will they ever realise that masturbating in front of internet photos of Pepe the Frog doesn’t really count as a sexual encounter? Can Tory MSP Adam Tomkins get through an entire week without Tweeting anything else as stupid as his thought that companies shouldn’t pay tax because they don’t get a vote? Will the British state stop driving Scotland into a second independence referendum? These are questions to which there is no firm and definitive answer, except we all know that the answer to each is “probably not”.

Phil the Hamster was in Scotland this week to tell us why … Well to be honest it wasn’t exactly clear what he was here to tell us, seeing as how the government that he represents is about as definite as a fart in a trace about what’s going on. Only that’s a bit unfair to trance like farts, which do at least have some sort of definite shape to them and that is a whole lot more than can be said for the UK government’s Brexit strategy. However we can at least be certain that Phil wasn’t in Scotland to tell us that we’d be far better off without relying on a government that can’t negotiate its way out of a wet paper bag and was insisting that we’re a lot better off sitting inside the wet paper bag along with a moist Nigel Farage. If nothing else, it’s a huge assistance to Nigel in his new career as Donald Trump’s wetwipe.

It tells you a lot about how dysfunctional and crapulous the British government has become that Phil is considered to be its calm voice of reason. Phil’s the guy who when he was defence minister refused to allow the Red Arrows to trail blue and white smoke when they put on a display for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. And then during the referendum campaign he visited Scotland to warn us that if we became independent we’d be defenceless against alien invasions. Although he clearly didn’t want us to realise that without independence we’re wide open to invasion from the reptilian extraterrestrials who comprise the British Conservative party, who come from a planet where empathy and compassion are alien concepts.

Anyway, while he was in Edinburgh Phil was asked whether Scotland could get a special Brexit deal, and he replied that it wasn’t realistic. It’s not realistic for Scotland to expect to get the same treatment as the City of London or Japanese car manufacturers. It’s not realistic for Scotland to imagine that it can remain a part of the European single market after the rest of the UK has left. However shortly after he said this he told representatives of the Scottish government that all proposals would be considered, although presumably what he meant by this was that the Tory government would consider all proposals then consider that it had already ruled them out and refuse to consider them further.

Scotland won’t get to remain in the single market when the rest of the UK leaves. Phil wasn’t very clear about much, but he was as transparent as Fluffy Mundell’s attempts at a trap on that point. Only some Scottish referendum results need to be respected, and those would be the ones which suit the Tory government and the Unionist parties. Scotland’s vote to remain a part of the EU doesn’t fall into that category. We were asked in a referendum, we gave the wrong answer, and so we can be ignored. There ye go Scotland, you’ve been fully consulted now shut up and choke on your Brexit cereal served up with the sour Tory milk of human unkindness.

Being an equal partner in this most perfect family of nations means Scotland does as it’s told. It means being powerless and silent as the UK punishes the poor and the disabled for the crime of being poor and disabled. It means being unable to intervene when the British government uses EU citizens as bargaining counters. It means crying tears of frustration as Britain rejects allowing child migrants into the country even though they’re fleeing from wars which Britain has profited from by selling arms to nasty regimes.

The British government is playing a high risk game. They might not have the foggiest idea about what they want from Europe, but they’re very clear about what they want from Scotland. They want our natural resources. They want us as a reservoir of skilled labour. They want us as a place to site their nuclear viagra. They want our obedience and acquiescence. They want us to shut up and do as we are told. They want a tame Scotland that doesn’t rock the British ship of state as it sinks majestically to the bottom of the ocean.

They’re playing a high risk game because they want everything, and if they can’t have everything they’ll risk having nothing. They’d rather run the risk of losing Scotland for good than fulfil the promises and commitments that they made to the voters of this country during the last independence referendum campaign. Because if they’d kept their word then we wouldn’t be here now. The way that they’re behaving now tells us that they never had the slightest interest in doing what they promised Scotland that they would, that Britain is a sham state built on lies and deceit.

By refusing to admit that Scotland has a case, by refusing to accommodate Scottish interests, the Conservatives are themselves those who are doing most to dismantle what they claim to defend. Every time some Tory cabinet minister rules out some way, any way, of Scotland being able to protect its interests in the EU while remaining a part of the UK, a second independence referendum not only becomes more likely, it also becomes more likely that Westminster will lose it. The Tories have already lost the plot, it’s only a matter of time before they lose Scotland too.  And it will all be due to the sour Tory milk of human unkindness.

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0 thoughts on “The sour Tory milk of human unkindness

  1. So many wise words, but – will they come true? It sounds too good. I`m an European in Scotland, and part of me still cannot believe that we will really leave the EU. But the other part is already getting used to the thought. And I`m the same re an independent Scotland. My initial instinct was “can`t be” but next time, I don`t need to think twice re what to vote…

  2. No special deal for Scots according to Mr Hammond.

    When we go, you’re coming with.

    And that’s the point isn’t it?

    HMG has broken its word to the Scottish electorate many times in the past two years. Still, let’s focus on the biggest elephant in the room. The EU and Brexit.

    Since well before 2007, the Scottish electorate have consistently voted for parties supportive of EU membership. This record of voting has been and continues to be consistent to this very day. During the independence referendum Better Together and HMG categorically assured the Scottish electorate that ONLY by voting no could Scotland’s electorate be guaranteed of continued EU membership.

    Post indyref Scotland voted both in 2015GE and 2016SE for a party of government with pro EU credentials. In the run up to the EU referendum the Scottish Government attempted to make a case of right of veto or exemption to Mr Cameron and this plea was duly denied without pause or consideration for pledges made or the concerns of the electorate. It was after all a terribly important Tory pissing contest and what’s a pledge broken between good chums right?

    It could therefore be reasonably argued that Scotland was dragged literally kicking and screaming toward a referendum it had rejected at ballot after ballot and the current outcome, which they were categorically promised would never be an issue.

    They lied, pure and simple.

    Question is. What are the Scottish electorate going to do about it? Just keep taking the abuse? Just accept the behaviour and the lies? Just get back in the box?


    We could of course tell HMG where to stick their government. We could also tell them where to stick their commons, their peers, their austerity ideology, their Brexit xenophobia, their ignorance, their arrogance and their ‘respect agenda’.

    Yes, we can do that.

    Just ask the Scottish Government for the opportunity and then vote for it.

  3. ‘Thy letters have transported me beyond this ignorant present, and I feel now the future in the instant.’

    ‘They’re playing a high risk game because they want everything’

    . want it.?.. they won’t like what has come their way..

    Conclusions of the Lord Advocate: [the senior Law Officer of Scotland]

    ‘The purported giving of a notification under Article 50 TEU by unilateral act of the Crown in right of the Government of the United Kingdom would be unlawful because it would:

    1) be contrary to the Claim of Right Act 1689 and to the Article XVIII of the Acts of Union 1706 & 1707.. and (points 2 to 5) for several other well argued reasons.

    Who would have thought that the Act of Union would perhaps come to Scotland’s assistance, in time of greatest need.

    And on the ‘milk o’ human kindness’ of the current incumbents… if you recently received notification that Disability Living Allowance (DLA) was changing to PIP (Personal Independence Payment), to keep you re-assured of the process…. in case this process is causing you any concern… are included these re-assuring words….just in time for Christmas….

    “There are special rules for claiming if you have a terminal illness and are not expected to live for more than 6 months. These rules will help you get PIP more quickly.”

    Spending any part of, or perhaps all of your remaining days of this mortal coil going though the motions of this ‘quicker’ process …. ?

    Can we perhaps have a sensible Executive decision from somewhere to rectify this … it would mean MPs turning up at Westminster and actually voting on something to the betterment of the People it purports to represent, though perhaps within the next 6 months please.

    • “There are special rules for claiming if you have a terminal illness and are not expected to live for more than 6 months. These rules will help you get PIP more quickly.”
      Horrible, in the true and full sense of that much devalued word. That paragraph sent real shivers down my spine. What kind of hellish spawn are we dealing with here?

  4. I am old enough to remember when Hume was Prime Minister, he told the Scottish people “Vote ‘No’ and I will give you something better”, we got Maggie Thatcher. Then prior to the 2014 referendum on independence we had Brown tell the Scottish people “Vote ‘No’ and I promise to give you something better, we got EVIL. Acers of column inches in newspapers, endless speculate hot air on the television about what May, may or may not do, and what will be Scotland input in negotiation, on EU membership, zilch. The people of Scotland at the General Election voted for the SNP in droves, believe such numbers of SNP MPs could make a difference ‘Scotland’s voice in Westminster’ how’s that going, sidelined by Westminster and the national media. How many time do we have to have our nose rubbed in it before we wake up and get the message, we are the subservient nation, so ether we take control of our own affairs, or simply pay up and shut up to anything that Westminster decided for us. Independent and free from Westminster’s influence would allow us to have our own say on membership of the EU, if that is the will of the Scottish people, and as a nation member, influence on the direction of travel within the EU. Independence is all about choices, whether to have our own banking system, our attitude to membership of NATO, what percentage of GDP do we spend on defence, social welfare, infrastructure, health, education, an endless stream of decisions any normal country will make day in and day out, that would be the real power transferred to the Holyrood, that is the power of independence. Therefore let’s stop pussy footing around and put all our effort into securing independence, and not keep pretending that the Westminster leopard might someday change its spots. I don’t care the colour or makeup of the Holyrood parliament, after independence, so long as that government has only one master, the Scottish people. Look what we have achieved in only a decade with an SNP government in charge at Holyrood, and that under Westminster’s rules, how much more could we achieve if allowed to make our own rules.

    • 100 % correct. The people are firing their gun on the 16th of January 2017. We will have crossed the winning line before the end of 2018.

  5. Yes to all the points in the article. The situation I am still fighting to understand are people I know who have been trade unionists all their working lives, left voting, but still put aside all that Hammond represents, all that this Tory future means and demand the level of certainty from Independence that only comes with the grave.
    After lifetimes of saying Tories are liars and scum they would rather go along with Hammond and Co running Scotland than decide for themselves.
    I’m coming to the stage where it’s not the Tories I despise most. Replaced now by those who said No and those, who in the face of all we’ve seen over the last few years, still put no price on their No vote, but cling to every scrap of a promise made by the Tories and Labour.

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  7. So Hammond says there will be no brexit deal for Scotland. So Scotland will have to obey Westminster. Aye right. Even britnats like Hammond know if Scotland is prevented from staying in the single market in particular and the EU in general Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish parliament [SNP and Greens] has every right to call IndyRef2. Indeed Holyrood should not bother with IndyRef2 and just have a straight vote on ending the union with England. Constitutional crisis? Too bloody true. The more constitutional crises the better.

  8. We have never been nor shall we be partners in the UK. We are nothing more than British possession. An Asset to be spent, a pocket to be dipped. They don’t want us to go, not because they feel they would be diminished, but that they would be poorer for it.

    Politically, constitutionally and culturally, Scotland is an irrelevance to them. They say what they think we need to hear to stop us packing up and going. That way they can keep their thumb in out eye.

    What truly horrifies me, is how many Scots actually want to live as 2nd class people in a fictional union.

    • Yes, it is an “an incorporating” union.
      With safeguards, now eroded, Scotland was incorporated into the English political system, agreed at the time by the aristocratic politicos in 1707.
      The yoons of today are a declining bunch, yet 62% voted for the EU, yet many remainers for the EU still want to remain in the UK?!
      Strange mind set, especially with confused Brexit on the way!!
      The old mindset is still alive in places. How many more insults and condescension from Anglo-Westminster will people take before they change?
      We live in an ancien regime, windsorama pervades + Ruritania attitudes. Sometimes, one must despair about many of our fellow Scots!
      Cheated out of a fair distribution of oil revenues aided and abetted by the so called socialist Labour party, laughed at by English Tories in the Commons, the better together types, perhaps one day Scots will take courage and go independent.

  9. Hi David Agnew: “What truly horrifies me, is how many Scots actually want to live as 2nd class people in a fictional union”

    This is absolutely right – in the sense that swathes of the Scottish public, establishment and specific businesses are not even remotely interested in considering, scrutinising, or re-examining any of the consequences or realities of Scotland’s real ‘relationship’ as it is with Westminster. Many many of them describe the SNP/Scottish government as ‘an embarrassment’ to ‘Scotland’ and Nicola Sturgeon as the women they wish would ‘shut up’. It wasn’t until 2014 that I realised just how many held such entrenched loyalties to a UK Government which they appeared to know little or nothing about. It has been soul destroying to witness how many – for want of a more appropriate word – ‘decent’ people – were and are prepared to sit back and accept the level of genuine insults thrown at their country – couched in references to the SNP and Scottish Government – when really it is the entirety of Scotland which has and is being consistently targetted and denigrated to an unprecedented level under false pretences.

    With regard to Brexit, I think we should take it for granted that whilst on paper Britain will officially be ‘out’ of the EU; the global interests of the Westminster Cartel have always been vast, both in terms of historic associations of MPs and Lords who have always had personal connections with business ventures overseas and in terms of the volume of global arrangements Westminster have always had with foreign states and individuals, as well as British media and press relationships, corporate relationships and smaller business and academic arrangements with overseas investors and interests. These are vast and mostly unknown to average members of the public who still assume that the UK government, British establishments and busineses still operate within an invisible social and national contract with Britain and its peoples as in the ‘good old days’. They are not aware that much of the UK government is actually contracted out to private bodies and individuals and they are not aware of the vast number of Westminster civil servants, MPs, Lords, junior ministers, senior members of the armed forces who have over a number of years moved into corporate positions with private entities who have a huge number of contracts with the UK government. It is a massive revolving door. The numbers who have left HMRC to work with private financiers is huge. The ‘Britain’ many of these loyal ‘No’ voting individuals think still exists and who think works exclusively on their behalf ceased to exist years ago.

    I agree with all those who acknowledge that Scotland IS ‘invaluable’ to Westminster – for the oft-quoted reasons that Britain requires to be seen as including Scotland; requires to be seen as a stable governed state with control over all of its constituent parts in order that brand Britain appears to be ‘intact’ – in order to qualify for the various ‘top table seats’ of perceived global interest as Britain essentially declines in importance even more. Global power and business runs the world economy and governments are mere enablers of control where the balance shifts with the markets and the most powerful global interests. We also, yes, have a mass of natural resources relatively untapped in terms of the desperation of the Tories and the global fracking lobby – and of course the UK Treasury and private interests will always harness any potentially large revenue streams e.g. whisky which can continue to highlight what they prefer as ‘Brand Britain’ on the global stage.

    I fear as you do – and am horrified – that as has always happened historically, it is those ‘within’ Scotland, especially businesses run by smart opportunists who moved into Scotland and have set up hugely successful tourist and other businesses, who will always feign an allegiance to Scotland – but only in terms of how it supports them personally – and who will always be conveniently promoted as the ‘real’ voice of Scotland when it comes to visits by Westminster ministers or representatives. The rest of us, even without their knowing anything about us, are apparently of no ‘economic value’ and therefore are surplus to requirement – far too often by fellow Scots and those who have taken on the mantel of ‘Scottishness’.

    It is truly ‘horrific’ to see one’s country apparently so very willing to content themselves with the flow of Westminster pronouncements and the extremely narrow and damaging narrative emanating from the outriders and the despairingly unprofessional compliant and misrepresentative media.

    We have not – it seems – found any way to communicate well enough to cross this cavern of not getting the hearts and minds of our fellow-Scots and population of Scotland to see the wood for the trees. And this is – with no exaggeration – soul-destroying.

  10. “Scotland won’t get to remain in the single market when the rest of the UK leaves”

    The more I think about all this Paul the more I get to the conclusion that it is impossible for Scotland to remain in the single market as part of the UK. In my opinion, the reason for this is what the United Kingdom itself is.

    According to the Union treaty the UK is simply the union of 2 kingdoms, therefore I think it is not possible for half of the union (ie one kingdom) to remain in the single market if the other half of the union is not. If one kingdom remains, the other one by default must too because if it doesn’t we cannot longer talk of a united kingdom. If each one of the two kingdoms is following its own path: the treaty is broken.

    Considering what the UK itself is, I think that the kingdom of Scotland has as much right to be called the rUK as the Kingdom of England has: none. I think from the moment one of the 2 kingdoms follows its own path, the UK ceases to exist.

    Furthermore, I think that the main reason why the Tories are so stubbornly determined to drag Scotland out of the EU with the kingdom of England is because this is the only possible way they can negotiate as a UK state, which is officially the member of the EU. If Scotland breaks apart from England before Brexit happens, the Kingdom of England cannot longer negotiate deals as the UK state, because the UK ceases to exist: basically those bigwigs in EU – if they realise of this – could rightly say to the Westminster gov “go and stuff yourselves because there is nothing in here for you: you don’t exist anymore”.

    I believe this is the reason why Hammond and May are constantly parroting that Scotland will be dragged out no matter what: because that is the only way they are in any position to negotiate as an EU member that want to leave. This would explain to me why the ‘no plan’ and delay in acting on Brexit: they desperately need Scotland to be on board and they need the shouts for independence to go away, because if Scotland breaks apart and somehow remains as EU member before Brexit is completed, they are seriously stuffed with a extremely weak position from where to negotiate.

    I also believe that this is the reason why some of those ‘wise’ senior tory MPs were desperate for May to drop the government’s Supreme Court Appeal. In Sir Letwin’s words ‘avoid risking the Supreme Court to decide that devolved administrations have rights or veto powers over triggering of Article 50’. I personally think it is not as much that as the risk that some big wigs in EU and the rest of the world (and far too many in Scotland) could actually realise that without Scotland, the UK doesn’t longer exist.

    This is as well, in my opinion, why all those disposable “Westminster political soldiers” that are the unionist branches, all the sudden turned on their own words supporting remaining in the EU, stabbed their own supporters in the back with no remorse and now they are asking for Scotland to leave the EU: their main mission has never been to represent the Scottish people but Westminster in Scotland.

    Furthermore, I now firmly believe that this is precisely the main reason why the Better Togetherness bunch told all those lies during the campaign to keep us in the UK at all costs: because if Scotland had left the union in 2014, the UK would cease to exist at that point and therefore it was not just Scotland ‘at the bottom of the queue’ to crawl back into the EU, it would have been England too.

    Of course the press and the Better Together carefully left that part out because not only that might have encouraged a few in Scotland to vote indy but more importantly, some of the Brexiteers down south could have awaken to the fact that supporting Scottish independence could be in fact the fastest and easiest way to get out of the EU.

    I am convinced that the aim of Cameron’s casino politics was never to leave the EU: that was his plan spectacularly backfiring. I also believe the reason why him and his spin doctor based his 2015 campaign on division between Scotland and England was precisely because of this: he could not risk having the brexiteers in England supporting Scottish independence. This to me raises serious questions about the real motive behind Farage’s UK flag and patriotism force-feeding campaign.

    If I am right, for me all this proves one thing and one thing only: No matter the color of the rosette, every single Westminster government and their unionist branches in Scotland will act only for the betterment of the Kingdom of England. Scotland is for Westminster just another asset that can be used, silenced and disposed for this purpose. This is why if Scotland is to move forward, those unionist branches representing the grasp of Westminster in Scotland have to go away.

    This is, of course, just my crazy opinion based on what I can see from where I am standing and I am more than happy to be corrected.

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