The rights and wrongs of apathy

I’m an atheist. Well no, that’s not strictly true. Some atheists can be a bit shouty and Richard Dawkinsish. I used to be an atheist when I was young, mainly because I enjoyed winding up the priest and the RE teacher when I was at Catholic school. I’ve mellowed a lot now and converted to apatheism, which is the most laid back religion. Apatheism means you don’t know if there’s a god but can’t be bothered enough with religion to give a toss anyway.

There’s no formal conversion process when you become an apatheist, it just happens one day when you overhear people arguing about religion and realise that you’d far rather do some ironing. And I really hate ironing. Ironing is possibly the only thing in the universe more tedious than the nexus between fitba and religion and having to listen to Celtic and Rangers fans arguing about the relative merits of their fitba teams. Although Rangers has been cited by some as evidence of divine intervention, because the team proves that it’s possible to come back from the dead. Although not for tax purposes.

But you don’t even have to iron to be an apatheist. One of the great beauties of the faith is that no one cares what you wear, or indeed whether you wear anything at all. Although to be honest nudity isn’t recommended on a cold dreich day in Dalmarnock. The central ritual of apatheism involves having a long lie in on a Sunday followed by a fry up as you hurl abuse at the Scottish politics programme on the telly. But no one really cares if you don’t bother.

But sometimes I do wish there was a god, one of the vengeful and wrathful variety beloved of the Old Testament, prone to raining down plagues of frogs and inflicting boils on the private parts of hypocrites and evil-doers and people who pronounce wrath as though it were spelled wroth but they’d never dream of pronouncing path as though it were written poth. Because if there was such a god then right now the Tory party and the Parliamentary Labour party would both be skidding on amphibians as they rushed to the chemists for some ointment for their inflamed genitals.

On Friday Paisley MP Mhairi Black introduced a private member’s bill to the Commons to reform the benefits sanctions system. The benefits sanctions system is an exercise in capricious cruelty. Its underlying theory being that poor people need to be punished in order to motivate them. This is 180 degrees opposite from the government’s methods of motivating the rich, who apparently need to be rewarded. But if you’re poor then the British government is very much of the plagues of frogs and boils persuasion. Only unlike a wrathful deity Tory policies don’t offer any chances of redemption even if you do follow the rules. They only offer the damnation of poverty and deprivation.

Mhairi Black’s bill proposed to introduce new rules forcing Job Centre staff to take a claimant’s personal circumstances into account when deciding whether to impose sanctions. Right now they don’t. Right now there are abundant tales that Job Centre staff have sanctioning quotas to fill, although the Job Centres deny that. Back in 2011 a whistleblower revealed to the Guardian newspaper that staff in the Job Centre where he worked were given a target of imposing three sanctions a week. There are accounts of people losing their benefits because they were a couple of minutes late for an appointment at the Job Centre, because their bus was caught in heavy traffic. Yesterday in Parliament one MP even recounted the tale of a constituent who was sanctioned because instead of attending a Job Centre interview he was attending the birth of his child.

You’d think that since sanctions are theoretically supposed to teach people the discipline of the workplace that they’d apply the same standards as a workplace. Instead they apply the standards of the workhouse. No one in normal employment would be expected to be at work when their child was being born. No one in normal employment would lose 3 months wages because their bus was late one morning and they arrived five minutes late for work. But grossly disproportionate punishments are the norm in the benefits system, and no account is taken of the personal needs of circumstances of the claimant. The Job Centre staff wield absolute power.

Mhairi Black’s bill aimed to address this. It was an attempt to introduce a small amount of humanity into an inhumane system. It was of course opposed by the Conservatives. As Mhairi explained how many claimants were fearful and afraid when they attended interviews at the Job Centre, one arsewipe Tory MP called out that the only thing the unemployed fear is getting a job. Middle class wankers who think not having enough money means not having enough for their daughter’s pony and a skiing holiday have no compassion for those who when they say they have no money mean they have two copper coins in ther pocket. And that’s the most disgusting thing about Britain today. We’re governed by people for whom compassion, empathy, and understanding are a sign of weakness and not a sign of humanity.

We expect that from Tories, because if you look up the word Conservative in a political dictionary it’s defined as “selfish bastard”, but Labour didn’t even bother to turn up for the debate. That’s Labour, defending the interests of the poor and the weak by not being arsed enough to care. It’s fine to be apathetic about religion or football. It’s not at all fine to be apathetic about poverty and deprivation. But Labour won’t support any motion proposed by the SNP, even if it’s a good and worthwhile motion that will help the constituents of Labour MPs. Because it’s far more important to the Labour party to play pathetic party political games. But it’s not a game when you’re playing with a person’s chances of putting food in their stomach. It’s not a game when you’re playing with the life of a child who returns from school to a cold dark house with no heat or light and bare kitchen cupboards.

Scottish anti-poverty campaigner Mark Frankland has started a fundraiser for clients of the foodbank he runs in Dumfries. Mark recently had a client who has been sanctioned for three months, despite the fact he has learning difficulties. For the next three months this man faces being in a cold dark house, reliant on cold food from the foodbank. Mark has started a fundraiser to raise money to help pay for a bit of warmth and light and Christmas cheer for clients like ‘Donald’ (not his real name). It’s worth contributing. Some things we should never be apathetic about.

Link to fundraising campaign

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0 thoughts on “The rights and wrongs of apathy

  1. ” Although Rangers has been cited by some as evidence of divine intervention, because the team proves that it’s possible to come back from the dead. Although not for tax purposes. ”

    Ooohoo!! So much shade we need a torch here! I love it 😁

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  3. That the tories are heartless bastards is nothing new to us in Scotland. But that Labour would rather take the tories side than ever find itself in agreement with the SNP is why they are slowly dying. As you sit back in astonishment reading tweets from “labour” folk about how the SNP aren’t really socialist because they won’t tax us all to death, you read about the tireless efforts of those who run our foodbanks and how they are trying to defeat the tories inhumanity. But labour? they would rather shout SNP-BAD from behind Theresa Mays back than fight for whats right.

    I once commented that I had run out of fucks to give for labour, but hey…look I found one just for them.

    Fuck you labour. Seriously. fuck you, you petty, petulant, pedantic little piss-ants.

  4. Aye, can’t fault a word Paul.

    It seems the Westminster party (Tory, Labour & LibDems) have decided amongst themselves that the SNP *will not* get a single piece of legislation on the books. I think they think that it will prove how ineffectual it is to elect folk who are not part of the british establishment party. Fuck them all. Forever.

    • I won’t mind one bit if the first legislation the SNP have voted through at Westminster is the Dissolution of the Treaty of Union.

    • yep with bells on.
      Good post Paul , and on Apathy , whats wrong with the people in this country half a Nation bloody sleeping , cant be arsed all that was needed in 2014 was a little cross on a bit of paper , cant they see they smashed a bloody big hole in their own lifeboat , shredded their own safety net , What will it take to waken these folk up ,

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  6. this is the second time in as many weeks a Tory arsewipe has talked s++te in order to make sure a bill or an amendment that costs nothing to implement is strangled at birth , on this occasion Labour were marked absent , they couldn’t give a f/k , as with the bedroom tax , absent .
    Maybe its time Labour and their f/kn Union members in the job centres , yes these spineless b/trds that are enabling these sanctions to go on using the excuse of only doing my job , well where have we heard that excuse before , it was used as a defence after the second world war it didn’t wash then and it dosnt bloody wash now.
    I really hope every single labour council is removed next year , and after they go a full police investigation is undertaken of every councils financial affairs going back at least ten years.
    Vindictive , Petty , I dont give a f/k how long or how much it costs to nail these b/trds to the floor .

  7. I’m gutted that this fell through. I claimed benefits in the late 90s after I graduated. I come from a very rural part of South West Scotland and struggle to get a job. I had no car and lived at the end of a one track road. I eventually had to move to Edinburgh to get work. I remember going to visit my then fiance and having my appointment to sign on in another town. He didn’t have a car at the time so couldn’t take me to my appointment and the bus I planned to get didn’t turn up which is a bit of a bugger when its one bus every hour or two hours. I still remember the panic and called around his family to try to cadge a lift and failed. I begged a woman on the main street that looked like she was going my way to take me and offered her petrol money. Bless her, she took me and refused payment. I still think of that when I hear of benefit sanctions. What happens when you’re out in the sticks and rely on often unreliable public transport? Back then, the job shop folk actually spoke to you like you were a human being, I guess having a degree was proof you had tried somehow. People are jobless for so many reasons and statistically there’s a minute percentage of people who are actually “at it.”. Don’t believe Channel 5 and all their guff. It’s not what I voted for. An independent Scotland can’t come soon enough for me. We’ve tried doing it their way so I think it’s fair that we can say we can do better.

    • A neighbour of mine called the job centre to say that because of heavy snow and ice (and it was really heavy, I recall) she couldn’t get her car out and wouldn’t be able to make her appointment. Her house was 3 miles from a bus stop – with very limited service – and the first mile of that was really too dangerous to even walk on, it was so icy. She was told “It’s up to you but if you don’t turn up you don’t get your money”. I’m now 17 miles from my nearest job centre, in a village with scant job opportunities, 8 miles from my nearest library (with limited opening hours). Buses are few and far between. I don’t have a ‘phone or internet at home because I can’t afford it but this would be seen as my “making myself unemployable”. I didn’t choose to live here – it’s where the Housing Association had somewhere available. I’m glad that I’m now in the position where I don’t have to sign on because if I had to put up with all the crap they dish out these days I would end up behind bars.

      • Small point about ‘benefits’ – these are not some sort of charity that you are begging off current taxpayers. In most cases, they are an insurance payout against the event of becoming unemployed, the premiums being all that NI you paid while you were working (12% of our wage for most of us). Even if you’re straight out of school, the hope and expectation is that you will pay it back from the NI you pay when you do get a job.

        I know we all know this, but sometimes it helps to counteract the fascist media by spelling it out explicitly.

        • Yrs, precisely!
          I have paid NI all my working life and have been in the situation never to have been unemployed. I am glad for that, but angered that my contributions are also intended in part or in total for other unemployed people and any family members and that the Westminster regime puts up inhumane barriers which prevent these very same people from getting access to the means to have food on the table.
          The term sanctions implies that if you miss an interview or whatever at the Centre, you are a “criminal”.
          The Tories have no right to deny people out of work any “help” I have contributed towards. Not in my name!!

  8. How long is it going to take Labour people to realise what is being done in their name at Westminster?

    Have Scots Labourites not got the bottle to tell their London ‘masters’ to get stuffed and make their own minds up? How can they sleep at night watching the Labour empty green benches at the sanctions debate?

    Thanks for another tremendous article, Paul, would that every Scottish voter could be made to read it!

    • It’s not that they don’t realise JB. It’s that they don’t give a f/k.
      Labour are now as low as it is possible to get.

  9. in my role as researcher on the impact of welfare reform I witnessed this effect which resulted in a golden handshake and gagging clause. A look at the Black report, Acheson Inquiry and Marmont Reports unequivocally show we have been social engineering over the last 40 years. Labour was exposed as far back as 1932 for it’s betrayal of majority of population for fawning over middle class causing the Scottish ILP to rescind membership. You have an audience, make the facts available

    • I believe it’s all part of Agenda 21. the ruling class want to savagely reduce the population. How better than to starve the plebs to death while the majority sit back and do nothing? Foul doesn’t begin to describe it. It’s deliberate and thoroughly evil.

  10. What really bothered me while Mhairi addressed the “House”was the reaction of those characters on the Tory front bench. They actually attempted to appear superior – men who ought to have been listening carefully to her every word – for with her downright honesty she made them look extremely immature and foolish.

    And in case the BBC think I’ve been using their “service”, think again because I used the link on an SNP MP’s Twitter Feed.

    Thanks, Paul, for another excellent post. I don’t iron unless pushed but I joined your religion many moons ago.

  11. Watched the whole thing on friday. Mhairi Black said she was ashamed that the word foodbank had
    become normal in this uk,i think that most decent people would agree with that.

    But these tories are not decent people,benefit sanctions are an attack not just on the unemployed
    but the vast majority of us living in the uk
    A terror tactic like those sirens the germans used to put on thier dive bombers.

    I used to think tories like these were just ignorant,greedy,selfish cnuts…but i know now that
    people like them are also scared,really really scared.

  12. DWP not job centre related but my 85 year old mum just got a letter saying they’d fined her £50 on pension credits for being in hospital and being too mad to let them know of her change of circumstances. Even though I’d phoned them up about attendance allowance within the 28 days to tell them she was there. It’s not the money that’s the issue, it’s the aggressive, harassing letter. It’s also the last paragraph which says that if she doesn’t respond within x amount of time then they’ll just take the money. If my mother didn’t have me to advocate for her then they would get the money because she’s unable to complain. How many people are in that situation. A fucking lot I think.

    These organisations have lost their way and for the folk working there, I’m only obeying orders just isn’t good enough. So stop doing it!

  13. I watched that debate too, and discovered that I’m fantastic at imagining every single slimy individual who sniggered, laughed and made pathetic comments, sat in the stocks while those they have maligned are given the choice of weeks old rotten veg, or hard-boiled eggs!

    I have never felt so angry. I’m proud of those MP’s of the SNP. Proud that they continue to fight for what is right against a system that is rigged.

    But seriously, I wanted them all to walk out and say “fuck it” and come home never to return…

  14. I was unemployed and signing on back in 2009. The job centre called me a ‘customer’, had a customer charter, and were generally decent and helpful, including when I phoned to say I would be late. What’s changed since 2009? Oh yes, Tory government.

    Massive massive sympathies for people who have to deal with this now. Unemployment is stressful and depressing enough as it is.

  15. And I just had to add –
    “people who pronounce wrath as though it were spelled wroth but they’d never dream of pronouncing path as though it were written poth” had me chortling for a good 5 minutes 🙂

  16. There is only one solution, free ourselves from the English shackles. We need to stop tugging our forelocks and get up off our knees.

    As for those Quislings amongst us, who worship at the feet of their English masters, when we regain our independence, they should all be charged with treason, and dealt with appropriately.

  17. Excellent article Paul and infuriatingly true.

    I read the debate on Hansard and I was totally appalled to see how some of the stiff-nosed and ‘big I am’ within the unionist parties seemed to be far more concerned for not being addressed as ‘honourable friend’ than for people in this union not having food to put in their bellies because of some diabolic sanctions introduced in the system. Absolutely repugnant.

    Worse even is the fact that all those stiff-nosed snobs had the opportunity in their hands to stop some of that unnecessary pain for other human beings but they chose not to. One cannot help but wondering why. Is it because seeing others suffering makes them feel important? Or rather because they have no confidence whatsoever in the ability of their parties to remain in power by using intelligent arguments so they have to resource to drag the people down to the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs so they stop thinking? Food banks are at its highest and the number of people having to rely on them is continuously on the increase. And yet, these people seem to do all what is in their hand to increase those numbers rather than reducing them. Why?

    I was very impressed with the comments of SNP MPs. I liked to hear that it is on record that some of them found, like I do, the massive discrepancy of not having money to alleviate the situation of the poor, but there is plenty of funds to spruce up the current living quarters of the biggest benefit scrounger in the Union. I also liked to see the remarks made where it showed up the show off attitude of our government, when refusing to act on this but are very quick to ‘help’ those in other countries. I of course liked to see that those SNP MPs speak like people in the second decade of the 21st century, rather than some bloated snobs that seem to be anchored in the past and that have to be called ‘honourable’ by others continuously to remind them that they still are honourable.

    With few exceptions, it was clear to me that most Tories and a good number of PLPs stopped representing the people in this Union long time ago. They only represent their selfish parties’ interests, no matter how childish or wrong they may be.

    There have been too many good bills presented by SNP members that were voted down to be simply a random thing. No, voting them down has been deliberate. In my opinion, for the simple fact that they are exposing the Unionist parties at Westminster for the fake they really are. The SNP are showing time and time again that they are currently the only party that consistently is fighting for the less advantaged. This is now too obvious to be ignored.

    I would like to ask directly to all those ‘over-inflated egos’ in the unionist parties what is really worse for them, that the bills are presented by a political party that doesn’t represent the establishment, or in fact that it is a political party that represents Scotland and makes it look like an intelligent, progressive and outward looking country that is completely out of their league.

  18. Labour abandoned their fake principles when they chose to abstain on the Tory Welfare Bill last year.

    They are currently in a political catch 22 situation both on BREXIT and welfare issues as they desperately try to appease both their ‘Leave’ constituents and also the voters who they think perceive them as the party who represent benefit scroungers , a hideous term used frequently by right wing apologists via MSM and also some right wing politicians.

    They voted against the SNP en masse on Alex Salmond’s Motion on the Blair vote in the HOC last week as this to them was far more significant than standing up for any of their constituents cruelly affected by Tory sanctions.

    Strange then that Angela Raynor on Andrew Neil’s Daily Politics programme last week should choose to argue that welfare issues are more important than Blair in the context that one’s neighbours are NOT talking about Blair but are more concerned with Welfare sanctions. So is it Labour policy to simply be all mouth and no action ? Because clearly her own party parliamentary contemporaries contradict her assertions as witnessed last week in HOC .

    Labour are clearly NOT standing up for one’s neighbours as her colleagues did NOT deem opposing the inhumane Tory welfare sanctions significant enough to attend Mhari Black’s private members bill to reform the sanctions system in HOC but they chose instead, by a clear majority, to focus on saving one of their own i.e. Blair.

    The fact that so few Labour MP’s turned up for Mhari Black’s private members bill to reform the sanctions system is testimony to who the Labour party really perceive as their true opposition and to who, in their constituencies, they want to represent and is proof indeed that they merely talk the talk but clearly do not walk the walk.

    This is what will make them unelectable because one then has to ask again the question ‘What are Labour for ?’

    • “one then has to ask again the question ‘What are Labour for ?’”

      Clapper I have asked myself the same question many times and I have always reached the same conclusion:

      1. to ensure that the Tories (red, blue or purple) remain in control
      2. to ensure that Scotland remains firmly under the paws of Westminster.

  19. We’re not supposed to get involved in what happens at Westminster. It’s supposed to be a big game played by our betters ( Red n Blue Tories.) They’ve forgotten their tactics during the independence referendum awakens us and we’re not about to go to sleep again.

    The SNP are spoiling their game and it is all being recorded in Hansard for us to access in the run up to the local elections as evidence that Red or Blue Tories are against the people of Scotland.

    They’re all in for another big shock come May local elections.
    And Hell scud it into them!

  20. WGD maybe we are lacking true religion,not religion of convenience but a practising religion,we have lost our spirituality almost totally until we re-discover it then we will not ever get back on an even keel,those that claim they are Christians yet pursue/propagate a lifestyle contrary to the teachings of their faith are not Christians,wasn,t Jesus the first socialist,”do unto others as you would have done unto you”,oh that the world could implement this very simple tenet,what a difference it woud/could make,he Jesus also cast out the userers/moneylenders,he knew something eh!We do not have any leaders be they atheist/apathist most lack the moral conviction.A “message from the kogi” is a worthwhile read.

  21. There is no point to the SNP in Westminster: they can achieve and deliver nothing. (EVEL). They talk to an empty chamber – because they are irrelevant. Labour cannot be bothered to even turn up. Ask yourself: where is any affective opposition? There is none.

    The key word is effective.
    Think about that.

    It’s in the Hansard record that the SNP “tried” – who cares? Very few. (aka nobody)
    You tried and where soundly trounced in the vote….yawn.
    The bottom-line Truth = You achieved fuck all!.

    Mhairi Black: What difference can she make – none. It’s heartfelt from Mhairi I am sure, but she must know it’s all utterly pointless. As I do. Kudo’s for trying though. Really. You could be such an inspirational figure (but you bent the knee to SNP Central who have effectively silenced you and send you out on fool’s errands)

    We can never change anything working within a system that is designed from the get-go to isolate and alienate us. We will always be defeated, in every single motion. Why are we wasting time trying to play along with a system that is rigged against us?

    Westminster parliament is a (Scottish) dead end. We cannot achieve or deliver anything. FFS, we need to wake up. Opposition for oppositions sake and always defeated. It’s a pointless loop.

    The SNP (and Yes movement) have shown no appetite to take on Westminster at all: they want to stay within the system, knowing it will not change, but they can give their support the illusion of trying. Again. And again. Just one more con.

    Too much? OK, where is the ferocious, in-your-face, up-for-the-fight response? For all the Better Together Lies (still ongoing). There isn’t one. The SNP continue to play nice, polite, apologectic. Weak. Where’s the fire? Snuffed out by SNP Central that’s where, they are too incremantalist and far too weak to do anything. No balls. There I said it. All the “Nicola is exploring every option – and Westminster will crush it – so the Scot’s will wake up and realise Brexit is bad for us…etc.etc”. How can you all be so deluded? How many slaps in face will it take to wake you all up? At leat Wings over Scotland tries, he calls it as it is: what does the SNP do? Mute on every lie. No challenge to the lies at all. Weak, inefective, pathetic. No spine.

    Those 56 at Westminster? Bring them home after any crucial vote in which they made no difference and Labour abstained (again). For God’s sake – fight for it! What can you achieve with defeat after defeat in an empty Westminster – stop with the pretence and force the fuckin issue!!

    Mhairi – I admire you. Loved your Maiden speech. How can you raise a Motion on Benefits Sanctions, see it defeated by an utter lack of interest from any “opposition” in the HOC, with all the painful fallout on your constituents, and continue to delude yourself that you can make any difference at all? Tell them (HOC) to ram it and come home. If the SNP hierarchy try to silence you, go public and tell them (SNP) to ram it.

    If you have any integrity as an MP: then speak up. You can achieve nothing at Westminster, they will always vote against you or simply not bother to turn up. Either way, your Motions change hee haw. Either you know that and do not care, or you know that and do care but are kept to the pretence by your Party bosses. Which is it? Will you continue to take the pay/expenses knowing you can change nothing? Or will you fight for what you believe in and force the issue? The people of Paisley are your bosses, not the SNP!

    SNP come home and declare UDI, or if you have the courage of your convictions call an election with UDI as the primary manifesto pledge. But stop pretending that you provide any meanigful opposition at Westminster – you don’t. You never did. The English will always outnumber you in any meaningful vote. You are just meaningless Lobby-fodder.

    Deal with it.

    And for all those who think a Referendum is the answer, you are deluded too. There are too many ways to subvert the vote. Call an election and put UDI as primary, Then Scotland will give it’s anser. Labour voters will blindly vote for Labour (no matter what), Tories will vote for the Union (no matter what). If you are dumb enough to vote (even now) that for bunch of traitors then Scotland is finished. Give up Sovereignty and stop the pretence. Fucking about the way you all are is just dragging the electorate down.

    • Letting the world see and her the like’s of Mhairis crucial,and as for voter fraud i and others have ways of making it near impossible for them to cheat at the next referendum.

  22. Excellent but very sad read.

    I despair when I hear of people, our poorest, most vulnerable, being attacked by the unionist WM gits, and not only that these gits seem to thrive on attacking the most vulnerable. It comes from their background, and they turn out as scum. No conscience, no empathy, and they show absolutely no mercy. They are cruel to people and cruel to animals.

    Anyone with learning difficulties, should not have to attend the so called job centre, which are actually interrogation centres for the jobless.

    Someone with Learning support needs, absolutely should be in receipt of support and ESA, as well as PIP. They may be unable to read, or write, they may have communication problems, personal care issues, sensory issues, difficulties dealing with finances, bills, Drs appointments, health, or social care etc. No one on this planet should get away with removing such a persons basic human needs, It does not bare thinking for someone with any kind of learning difficulties.

    Social services and councils must ensure that the vulnerable are supported, and have advocates to speak for them otherwise they are failing in their duty. There are charities out there, great ones that do help people, but the person needs help to access that support in the first instance.

    I despise the gits who are making our people suffer. It is akin to taking a gun to their heads basically. These gits sitting in judgement who are extremely well off,
    paid for by the population they are supposed to represent, are just the lowest of the low in terms of human beings. May they rot in hell, and soon.

  23. Your tale reminds me of a good friend who went from being a worship leader to Orthodox to apathetist. I think self-indulced compliance was his issue, as well as many in the Church. It’s like giving a beautiful woman flowers out of duty, rather than amour; the act is the same, but one lacks heart. I applaud his apathy, though I miss seeing him around, because he’s finally willing to be where he is. I think G-d feels no pain fir his honesty. Rather, like a parent, lets him: question, be pissed, confused, be alone, walk away, reason, challenge,etc. because that’s what love does. G-d knows the Church is full of scalliwags, bullshitters, hypocrites, pharisees, traitors to truth, etc. And that’s a Master I WANT to serve because I’m a piece of work. I reach for the stars AND I reach for the bars, but I’m on the way. Thanks for your awesome honesty; refreshing!

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