The voice of the somersault-right

Over the weekend we had a welcome bit of offensiveness from the Scottish government. Usually it’s the Tories who are offensive, but then being offensive is a synonym for Tory in much the same way that populist is a synonym for fascist and alt-right is a synonym for white supremacist with body odour who blames feminism for the fact no one wants to shag him. Nicola Sturgeon wasn’t offensive though, she just told Ruth Davidson a few home truths. Ruth is a hypocrite who isn’t standing up for her own constituents and who is selling out Scotland’s interests in order to further her own narrow party political career.

Ruth campaigned for a remain vote in the EU referendum, but despite swearing blind that she was going to stand up for Scottish interests, the moment the Tory party morphed into Ukip, Ruth was there out-faraging the neo-faragistas. From assailing Boorish Johnson in an EU debate and claiming that the advantages of EU membership categorically outweigh any disadvantages of being part of the EU, Ruth has turned into a hardline Brexiteer who isn’t remotely interested in campaigning for any special treatment for Scotland. And not one of the fawning group of Scottish media fanboys who collude in her amusing photo-ops on the backs of dumb beasts has questioned the volte-face, not so much alt-right as somersault-right. The real dumb beasts in Scottish politics are the ones who allow the Tories to get away with their lies, deceit, and who’d never dream of pressing them for the Brexit plan that they clearly don’t possess.

Alt-right is a synonym for right wing extremists who can’t get laid, somersault-right is a synonym for right wing extremists who’ll do whatever their Unionist bosses tell them to. There are single celled organisms without a central nervous system with more of a backbone than the Scottish Tories, and with a more evolved sense of morality and principle too.

The Scottish Tory leader says that she wants an end to the divide in Scottish politics, but she’s doing her utmost to maintain it with her own intransigence and unthinking support for the policies of a right wing Tory government that enjoys the support of only a small minority in Scotland. Ruth is the very last person who’s going to reach out to those who don’t support her position and attempt to reach a compromise or accommodation with them. When she says she wants an end to the divide what she really means is that she wants independence supporters and those who voted to remain a part of the EU to shut up and acquiesce in the new Ukippoid dispensation. Shut up and do what you’re told is never going to heal any divisions. It’s only making things worse. That’s one of the many reasons why Ruth is a hypocrite. She wants to end division in the exact same way that the most belligerent aggressor in a war wants peace. What they mean is a crushing victory and the annihilation of their enemies.

Ruth likes to pretend that’s she’s the moderate caring face of a moderate caring Tory party. She’s the modern gloss on ancient prejudice, the 21st century face to 19th century attitudes. The presentation is modern, the politics are as repressive and regressive as they ever were. Scratch the photo op of the middle aged lesbian grinning on the back of a buffalo and underneath is the rank oppression that the Tories have always stood for. Ruth has just turned 38, that’s her party’s collective Emotional Intelligence Quotient. They failed dismally on the score for empathy and compassion. The purpose of Ruth is to allow people to vote for bigotry and xenophobia, to vote to oppress the poor and the disabled, without feeling like they’re bigots and xenophobes, without caring that they’re oppressive and hateful. Ruth’s sexuality is the veneer that covers the hatred that lurks beneath, because for Ruth the entire campaign for LGBTI rights only existed so that people like her could prove that gay people can be as bigoted and narrow minded as anyone else. I don’t even remember Thatcher, get over it, she simpers. Well some of us who are older than Ruth do remember Thatcher, and some of us remember the sacrifices that lesbians and gay men had to make in order to allow Ruth to occupy the position of privilege that she enjoys today.

The Tories in Scotland claim that they stand for the best deal for Britain, even if that’s not the best deal for Scotland. They care more for the Union than they care for what’s best for Scotland. Ruth is somersault-right, and she leads a party that’s assault-right, an assault on Scotland, an assault on the poor, an assault on the low paid. It was bad enough when the Tories put party before country and dragged us into an EU referendum and then out of the EU, but now the Tories are putting the right wing of the Tory party before country and have decided to out-Ukip Ukip. And from the supposedly, modern and progressive Ruth, there’s not been a word of complaint, not a syllable of disquiet about the direction in which her party is going, not the slightest sign of concern that the Tories are taking Scotland down a path which just a few months ago Ruth claimed would lead to ruination. Because when you’re the leader of the somerault-rightists you do whatever it is that your Westminster bosses tell you to.

We don’t get leadership from Ruth. We don’t get a moral compass. All we get are tweets which lack self-awareness as she calls on people to lighten up when they point out the suffering and hardship that Ruth’s party’s policies inflict. Lighten up, have a mince pie, says the woman who should be force fed humble pie. To be the voice of the somersault-right is to live with winter in your soul. Nothing good or nourishing grows there. She’s going to be the face of the Union in a second independence referendum, and that’s why the Union, just like Ruth’s principles, is as good as dead.

This will be the last blog post from me for two weeks as first thing Thursday morning I am off to the USA for two weeks’ holiday. I’ll be back, refreshed and ranty as ever, just before Christmas. In the meantime the highly capable and talented Sam Millar (Macart) will be keeping you amused.

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0 thoughts on “The voice of the somersault-right

  1. Enjoy your break in the USA – but haste ye back – I need regular doses of Wee Ginger Dug humour to cope with all the political turmoil!!

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  3. Smashing and therapeutic post Paul. Reading it has waken me up and made me feel re-energised. I hope Rooth chokes on her Tory masters’ cereal reading it.

    All the best for your holiday!

  4. Streuth! I woke from a dream about tank/buffalo rider this morning – I woke as I punched her lights out , metaphorically speaking of course – and there you are in my in box pulling the wings off the wee fly!

    Enjoy your holiday and come back battle ready.

  5. It is about time that the Tories in Scotland were subject to a bit more criticism than they have been so far. We have spent too long solely on the now irrelevant Slabs and Ruth Davidson and her dim chums have had an easy ride of it.

    Have a great holiday!

  6. Zero redeeming qualities and certainly not honesty.

    However, if there was a prize on offer for shouty, pointy fingered politics and buffalo wrangling?

    Ruth’s yer gel. 🙂

  7. RD must realise that she holds a disposable position ( yes, I mean disposable ). If her eyes and her heart is even open a crack, the thought must cross her mind that she is being used as a pawn in Theresa May’s Control Game, and will be tossed just as soon as game over, and that hand on her heart, she is betraying the people of Scotland. The Scottish Tories are certain of being flushed down the drain when Independence eventually comes along. If she wanted to save hereself she must align herself with the Democratic will of the people of Scotland to stay in the EU. Her political credibility and her career are Over, except for the support of her Die Hard Unionists at any cost. And their numbers have hopefully reduced considerably? Happy Holidays! I am sure that s**t will have started hitting the fan by the time you return 🙂

  8. Have a safe journey and enjoy your holiday, Macart is a first class replacement, and I am sure we will enjoy his comments as usual.

  9. Happy holiday, WGD. Looking forward to Macart’s super-sub articles.

    Davidson is a shallow, despicable person. I can’t bear to look at her or hear her britnat-whinging voice. She has “friends” in the bbc of course. She’s britnat hypocrisy personified.

  10. Have a great holiday Paul. I have a feeling that there will be no shortage of material for you on your return. I am sure McCart will ,as usual, do a great job of standing in during your absence.

    • I was involved in the campaign for lesbian and gay equality in the Thatcher era. Ruth’s sexuality is being used by modern Tories to present a veneer of progressiveness and tolerance. But they’re the same old reactionaries underneath the modern gloss.

      • I respect you for your work for equality.
        But still think her sexuality is completely irrelevant.
        Would you rather the Tories hid or played down her sexuality?

  11. I wonder if she approves of May’s latest aim to reach a red, white and blue Brexit?
    Hard, soft, grey what next?
    Either May is thick,or she is a master tactician making sure the furrinners in Brussels are bamboozled by these truck terms.
    Mull it over.

  12. The EU referendum has been a bit awkward for our MSM.
    Up until the Brexit vote in England and Wales, our Dead Tree Scrollers and BBC Scotland gave the Blue Red and Yellow Tories Up Here an easy ride, because Ruth Kezia and Wullie stuck to wee parish council issues, and blamed the Bad SNP Government for Blue Tory Cuts, and the Brewers Cleggs and Torrances of the Yoon Press regurgitated the lies and threats pouring from the Yoons as gospel.
    They ignored the fact that the SNP was a Grown Up party, and that the 56 MPs at WM, led by NS, have a remit to look after Scotland’s and the Scottish People’s interests on ALL aspects of Government., not just devolved areas like Health, Education, and Law and Order.
    Ruth Davidson is an intellectual and political lightweight, as are Dugdale and Rennie.
    Their backing bands are to a man and woman benchfillers, whose only role is to destroy Parliamentary Democracy at Holyrood.
    They are mere makeweights, spouting lies, threats, and distortions on a weekly basis, merely to gum up the works, and inflict harm on their fellow Scots citizens.
    Some are openly racist and sectarian, and are never taken to task, on any of their WM parties’ shameful policies, by any of the Red Blue or Yellow MSM.
    They have joined together to destroy any chance of Scotland becoming an Independent nation again.

    They don’t give a rat’s arse about foodbanks, JC sanctions, hundreds of thousands of their fellow countrymen, women, and children living in Victorian level poverty.
    All that spirited campaigning to Remain in the EU, is ditched, in a blink, to be replaced by unflinching support for little England’s fight against Johhny Foreigner.
    England, therefore ‘Britain’ voted leave, and the Better Together Unionist Marionettes have ditched their principles, and like Adolph Eichmann, will ‘obey orders’.
    They have no principles.
    They campaigned to Remain, 62% of us voted Remain, and I have no doubt that many who voted Leave have now changed their minds about that, now that Johnson Davis Fox, May, and Ambassador Farage seem hell bent on destroying England and Wales as a Trading Nation.

    They have no principles left.

    • Excellent Jack. You have encapsulated my feelings exactly in words and you are quite correct. They have no principles left, however, they never had many principles to begin with. Integrity is a word which means nothing to them.

  13. Are Ruth Davidson’s weekly attempts to reduce First Minister’s Questions to the level of pantomime, a cynical ploy to undermine the democratic process, or a facile attempt to reduce the complexity of politics to trivia; and is it not unsurprising that a definition of vanity is ‘the quality of being worthless or futile’, with synonyms such as uselessness, pointlessness, worthlessness and purposelessness?

    Oh! Yes they are!

    While the pointlessness, worthlessness, etc. of Keiza Dugdale’s whiny, wide eyed, rabbit caught in the headlights, lack of intellectual vigour performances are being acknowledged and criticised, Ruth Davidson seems to have escaped much critical attention. That needs to change. The hypocrisy needs to be exposed.

    “The advantages we gain from EU membership clearly and categorically outweigh any disadvantages that come with it.” She said.

    “There is nothing patriotic about voting for Brexit.” She said.

    She claimed the EU referendum result in Scotland “wasn’t as clear cut at the SNP would have you believe”. What?

    Paul quite rightly points out that the jolly hockey sticks persona is naught but a thin veneer beneath which an opportunist lurks. Perhaps the opportunist seeks a career opportunity darn sarth. Well good luck with that. Go for it. And close the door behind you.

    Behind you.

    Us followers of the WGD do, of course, wish you a bon voyage. Have a great time in Trumpton. Sam will do an excellent job keeping the keyboard warm for you.

    • Bedelsten, yet Brian Taylor and pen any two from twenty right wing Dead Tree Scrollers who summarise the events of the FMQ session fail to criticise any of them.
      We are in the stranglehold of mad people, who will sell Scotland down the river rather than admit that our English Overlords are determined to take us down with them.
      I challenge any one of them, Davidson, Dugdale, Rennie, or any of their back up team to a one to one debate, and film it.
      I have no political experience, unlike these Third Division chancers; so why not? Surely they would wipe the floor with me? Aye, right.
      They are allowed to lie, threaten, and misinform by the BBC, and the Dead Tree Scrollers; a conspiracy designed to drag Scotland down.
      I hope they can sleep o’ nights.

      • They might lie to you Jack, but they would not get away with it. You WOULD challenge them. However, they would never agree to a one to one. Too embarrassing for them I wager.

  14. Enjoy your trip over here while we’re still officially sane. There’s a pint or two of Chicago’s finest waiting for you, should your itinerary include the Windy City…

  15. It occurs to me, Paul, this may be your last visit to the US. Once Trump is installed I’d bet that you are penned in on his little black book of undesirables.
    Have a well earned, my man.

  16. A possibility, Jack but have you seen December’s iScot magazine? WGD is not alone in his condemnation. Trump’s reaction for the moment is to pretend that Scotland voted for Brexit and thus supports the dangerous rhetoric. But perhaps he’s only giving himself time to think up a nasty plan for the future.

    Anyway, whatever the outlook, have a great holiday Paul. You deserve the best.

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