Enough gilding the red white and blue turd

I wasn’t going to blog again before leaving for my holidays, but today’s events in the Supreme Court can’t pass unremarked. Let’s be perfectly blunt here, Fluffy Mundell is a liar. He stood before the people of Scotland and he brazenly and openly lied to us. He’s a disgrace to Scotland. He’s the voice of an unrepresentative Conservative government in Scotland and he doesn’t even pretend to represent the interests of Scotland in that government. If he had the slightest self-respect he would hang his head in shame. But he won’t do that because he can’t bend that brass neck of his.

In the UK Supreme Court on Tuesday, British government lawyers argued that when the Sewel Convention was written into the Scotland Bill that it doesn’t actually have any legal force at all. In the eyes of the British Government the permanence of the Scottish Parliament is as permanent as a snowman on a sunny day. Government lawyers insisted that the law that says that the Westminster Parliament will not alter, change or interfere in the powers of Holyrood without the consent of the Scottish Parliament isn’t a law after all. It’s a serving suggestion that the UK government can overrule and override whenever it sees fit. It’s a guarantee of bugger all.

According to the British government the Sewel convention might be enshrined in law, but it’s merely a self-denying ordinance, it can be ignored whenever Westminster sees fit. Westminster’s attitude to power is a bit like the attitude of a heroin addict to their drug of choice. They can give it up any time that they want to. It’s just that they don’t want to. All those promises that Scotland was made by the Unionist parties in the summer of 2014, all those vows, all those commitments, they were exactly the same as the junky pleading for one more chance, one more opportunity, one more shot to prove that they had changed. And as soon as they got it they went and stuck it in a collapsing vein in their arm, then passed out in a pool of their own urine. Only with Westminster it’s Scotland that’s had the piss taken.

So when Mundell stood before the House of Commons, when he asserted in innumerable interviews afterwards, that he had delivered on one of the key promises of the infamous Vow of 2014, he was in fact being as truthful as Tony Blair’s Iraqi dossier. That’s a much bigger dereliction of duty than anything Humza Yousaf ever did. The Scottish Unionist media have spent weeks hounding Humza for the failures of Network Rail, an organisation wholely owned and controlled by the Conservative Government in Westminster, but they’re strangely silent on the duplicity and mendacity of Fluffy Mundell on an issue which is central to devolution and central to the place of Scotland within the United Kingdom. We can now look forward to a fortnight’s worth of headlines on Reporting Scotland hounding Fluffy until he resigns and apologises for lying to us all, can’t we. Oh. wait.

Now everyone ought to know what those of us who were cynical to begin with wondered about when the Scotland Bill was published. Why was it including the weasel word “normally”? Westminster will not “normally” legislate on reserved matters without the consent of Holyrood. Oh no, said the Unionist parties and their allies in the press. You’re just showing sour grapes, the Vow has been delivered. But the cynics were right.

But we all know now what normally means. It means that normally Westminster reserves to itself the right to decide what’s normal. Normally Westminster decides what Scotland has to do. Normally Scottish votes and Scottish democracy can be overridden. Normally means that the Scotland Bill is as fit for purpose as Michael Gove’s Brexit plans. Normally means that the permanence of the Scottish Parliament and devolution is a sham. Devolution has nothing to do with the democratic will of the people of Scotland, and everything to do with what is in the interests of Westminster and the Unionist parties. Do what you’re told Scotland, shut up, sit down, and be grateful that you’ve got a back seat as the British coach of state drives us all off a cliff.

And what we get in return for surrendering our self-respect is the chance to entrust our future into the hands of clueless morons with a sense of entitlement that encompasses a galaxy. You thought that Theresa May couldn’t descend any further into an intelligence insulting meaning free zone with her insistence that “Brexit means Brexit”, but she actually managed to be even more gob-smackingly inane than that on Tuesday when she told the press that she wanted a red white and blue Brexit as she stood on an airport runway in an oppressive Middle Eastern state to which she hopes to flog some weapons. Brexit means waving flegs. You might not be able to spend much with your post-Brexit pound that’s worth less than the dollar. You might not be able to travel anywhere without having to apply for a visa. And you might not be able to think about going in the first place because you will have lost your job. But you’ll be able to wrap yourself in the red white and blue and Britain can sell guns and bullets and tear gas to oppressive regimes in the Middle East. Huzzah!

There is no polite way to put this. There is no glossy lipstick to put on this pig to make it attractive even to David Cameron. There is no gilding that can be placed on this turd. The United Kingdom is a dysfunctional mess which is governed by fuckwits who don’t have the foggiest idea what they’re doing. The realisation that these balloons represent us to the rest of the world is an utter cringe making embarrassment. This is a country where greed and stupidity are elevated to the highest office, where selfish intolerance is regarded as a virtue.

This is not Scotland. We are better than this. We deserve better than this. We can be better than this. But the only way we can be better than this is to do things for ourselves. Britain is finished. Let’s start to work on building a better Scotland, an independent Scotland. Enough of gilding the turd, it’s time to flush it away.

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0 thoughts on “Enough gilding the red white and blue turd

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  2. Excellent, let’s see what emerges from the superior,super dooper UK ‘supreme court’. Suspect Scotland will be told to get back into that shortbread tin.
    If so as we all know, it’s all go for indyref#2.

    Have a really good time in the land of the free!

  3. I wish a copy of this, and your other blogs, could be delivered to every home in Scotland. I also hope that the people of Scotland will get up off their knees and stop their forelock tugging.

    • It may come to that at some point.
      However, Tony’s “highest court in the land” was created to replace the Lords in the HoL sitting in judgement and to prevent cases being taken to the European courts.
      Regardless of how this case turns out it can still be taken to the European court as the UK is still a member state of the EU.

      • The case can’t be take to the Court of the European Union, as it’s not a court of appeal — and certainly not for national law.

        There was a possibility that the UKSC might make a reference to the court, if any of the parties (particularly the government) had argued that A.50 was not irrevocable. But nobody has argued that.

  4. The UK government have certainly demonstrated the contempt in which they hold Scotland and it´s parliament, but the other side have still to make their case. The next couple of days should be interesting at least 😉

    One thing is clear, by going to appeal, the UK Government have opened several cans of worms and thrown light on some of the murkier foundations of the constitution that they´ll probably wish had remained obscure. In particular the exact nature of the Union of Scotland with England, and by analogy with the EU, how exactly that might be brought to an end.

    Interesting times folks …

    • You’re right, it will be interesting to see the counter arguments and that the government has opened up a can of worms that they might have preferred to leave alone.

      However, let’s not be too forgiving here. Even if the Court rules against them, the very fact that the government has made these arguments and revealed their true attitude and that they were lying through their teeth about the Scotland act should not be ignored. Something to remind people of in the Indyref2 campaign, for sure.

  5. Amen to that!
    So glad you decided to write this before you left for your holiday, it expresses more eloquently than i ever could exactly what many of us think of the abominable mess the Tory government is making!
    Enjoy your break Paul, looking forward to your next blog on your return.

  6. BUGGER!!! *Tears up first post and throws in bin*

    On the nail Paul and I’m going to have a few words to say about that myself in a day or so. 🙂

  7. Needless to say, Paul, the times in which we live are not ‘normal’.
    May and her Cabal of Right Wing zealots are hell bent on dragging us out of the EU, and the Establishment’s Red Banners and the Broadcasters are gleefully cheering them on.
    ‘They need us more than we need them’, is gathering momentum, as England gears itself up to repel the foreign foe. Nobody will buy Audis or Prosecco if the Froggies, Krauts, Tallies, Dagos don’t do as they are told; so there.
    Lawyers love inserting weasel adverbs into the statute books.
    You call us ‘cynics’, Paul; I call us ‘realists’.
    England was never going to allow a Scottish Parliament full powers on anything.
    Mundell Murray and Carmichael are in place to reject any notion from the Colony that the will of the Scottish People would take precedent over London’s Iron Hell Control on matters relating to Scotland.
    They are bought and paid for Brit/ English overseers, who have sold their souls to the Holy London Empire.
    Davidson Dugdale Rennie, Fraser Carlaw Tomkins, Findlay, Scott, Cole Hamilton, and the sorry list of Unionist hangers on and List makeweights are cartoon cutouts, who quite literally laugh in the faces of the citizens of Scotland every Thursday at FMQ.
    There is nothing ‘normal’ on these islands these days.

    Social Security Law is peppered with ‘reasonably’ inserts for example, and the ‘Man On The Clapham Omnibus’ has entered Case Law to assess what would be considered ‘reasonable’, as in stopping payment of Benefit Payments when a punter fails to attend an interview by being there at the birth of their child, or attending a job interview instead.
    English Law falls back on the premise that ‘common sense’ should prevail in contested areas.
    Doubtless the Man On The Clapham Omnibus thinks, like Mundell, Murray, Carmichael, Davidson, Dugdale, and Rennie, that it is ‘reasonable’ that England voted to leave the EU, therefore they are entitled to drag Scotland and Northern Ireland with them; because we are part of their 309 year old Union.
    Nice game played slow.

    We have been patient so far. We have convinced ourselves that we are sitting on our hands, keeping our counsel, keeping our powder dry, biding our time, giving them enough rope to hang themselves, gearing up for the final push towards independence.(I’ve not run out of my Thesaurus of maxims, honest, but you get the drift.).
    March 2017 and it all kicks off, regardless. We must be ready.

    England is about to shut for three weeks. The WM will be off on their holibags. Nothing to see here. Everything has returned to ‘normal’ for Christmas.

    Let battle recommence later, when the telly is full of ads offering great deals on summer 2017 breaks in the sun. Travel visas permitting of course.

    Enjoy you break, Paul.

    Everything is normal, but not as we know it.

  8. Au contraire, mes amis, I am uplifted by the lawyers arguing that the Sewel Convention has no legal force.

    After a minuscule time looking, I found that http://www.parliament.uk says, “The Sewel Convention applies when the UK Parliament legislates on a matter which is normally dealt with by the Scottish Parliament as part of its work. Under the terms of the Convention, this will happen only if the Scottish Parliament has given its consent.”

    I would like to be there when the other side points out that the Government lawyers are arguing against their own published rules.

    • Sewel has been written into the Scotland Act. That was supposed to make it legally binding (although the weasel in the works is ´normally´). Yesterday it seemed to be agreed that writing it into law meant that the judges could consider it, before it was just a matter of politics, BUT the UK´s lawyer claimed that it didn´t change anything, it was just a guideline, a ¨self-denying ordinance¨, i.e. basically WM could say ¨F*** You Scotland!¨ anytime the liked and override our objections.
      If the judges agree that A50 will have to go before parliament, then they will have to rule on how this clause works, in effect whether Holyrood has a veto in law.

      • You prompted me to go and look at the Act. I was lulled into a false sense of security by the parliament.uk site which is, in fact, at complete variance to the Act itself.

        The Act states :
        The Sewel convention
        In section 28 of the Scotland Act 1998 (Acts of the Scottish Parliament) at the end add—
        “(8)But it is recognised that the Parliament of the United Kingdom will not normally legislate with regard to devolved matters without the consent of the Scottish Parliament.”

        So, the site where one would normally look has cheerfully dropped the word ‘normally’. I don’t want these slippery, devious, underhand people anywhere near me.

  9. Mundell is a liar right enough, and a snivelling creepy one at that. How these britnat Scots hate Scotland. May this disgusting putrid so-called united kingdom rot in hell.

  10. “The United Kingdom is a dysfunctional mess which is governed by fuckwits who haven’t the foggiest idea of what they’re doing”.

    “That’s a wrap” as they say in Hollywood.

  11. why don’t you spend some of your time… if you r going on holiday to Spain?is that the land of the free..and find out why people take drugs.. child sexual abuse?forced into prostitution ?genetically addicted..next door toSpain is Portugal where they legalised drugs and cut the no of addicts by a substational amount …EDINBURGH had a very high no of deaths from HIV INFECTIONS…passed also by intravenous drug use….you should use your talent with the english language AND YOU EDUCATION and training to better effect.

  12. “I wish a copy of this, and your other blogs, could be delivered to every home in Scotland. I also hope that the people of Scotland will get up off their knees and stop their forelock tugging.”

    What Guga said. I still think about a third of No voters can be persuaded, if they get access to the alternative view on a regular basis.

    Jack C: your comments reminded me of the wartime phrase “Situation normal, all fecked up”.

    That’s Yoondom summed up for me: the Land of Perpetual SNAFU.

    Why can’t folk see The Bleedin’ Obvious?

  13. Reblogged this on Scottish Twins and commented:
    What a wonderful piece of writing summing up recent political happenings affecting Scotland and the rest of the UK. Well done to The Wee Ginger Dug for taking the time to post this great article before going on hoiday.

  14. I am of the opinion that anyone pinning their hope on a good outcome for Scotland at the Supreme Court are deluded.
    Where were our advocates protecting our sovereignty during 1706 / 1707.
    where were they during the sham of devolution.
    where were they when North Sea oil was and is still being sifoned off and spent wholly by our equal partner.
    where were they when six thousand square miles of our territory was handed over to another jurisdiction.
    Where were they when people were being forced off their land and shipped abroad. Hang on I think I might know this one, were they the ones who wrote out the title Deeds to other people’s property.

    We will as usual be sold down the swanny.

    At least as an elderly person I will not have to live with this shame much longer

    • The present government will fight as hard as they can on our behalf. We, every one of us have to make sure we point others to the true situation.

      I too hope you won’t have to live with this shame much longer as well…I don’t think we’ll be as cowed next Indyref…do you? 🙂

    • Well, for the FIRST TIME since the Act of Union, Scotland actually has a Government here in Scotland that actually DOES battle for the people of Scotland and simply doesn’t acquiesce like all the Unionist politicians we sent down to WM in all those years. Scotland will no longer settle for second best status. We have awoken–finally–to the crap deal our forebears sold us. And we have politicians aware of it and who won’t stay schtum just for WM’s silver and ermine robes.

      For the FIRST TIME since the Act of Union, Scotland is speaking up for itself in this debilitating, anachronistic and dysfunctional UNion. And the more they speak and show us how dradful a deal we are getting, the more the people will see too and finally a majority will demand to remove ourselves from this rancid place and return our full democracy to Holyrood.

      We are well into this journey now. Not long to go.

  15. The UK will of course be like that annoying floater. But with some ahem..persuasion I have no doubt it’ll flush away soon enough…

    Enjoy the holiday, avoid the Trumpeting hoards 🙂

  16. With regards to the duplicity of Mundell and the rest over the Sewel Convention, I have found it’s easier to understand their attitude to Scotland by simply replacing the term Unionist with Imperialist. We are no more than a colony of useful fools to them. On a cheerier note It’s good to now know what colour of Brexit we are going to have as described by Mrs. May. When I heard her spout this jingoistic pish last night I knew Paul could not resist another blog before going off on holiday

  17. Our aberrant MSM is the facilitator of the nightmare we are living through. Let’s not be losers again. This is our last chance.

  18. The right to refuse Royal Assent is also a Royal Prerogative. In the Scotland Act it plainly says that in devolved matters it’s the First Minister who gives that advice and more importantly not the Secretary of State for Scotland. If it comes right down to it Sturgeon can advise the Queen not to enact any legislation without Legislative Consent. It’s called a veto. It prevents the obvious flaw in any plan to impose law on Scotland in that the natural response would be an emergency motion to negate that attempt in Holyrood.

    In a context where there is an obvious pointlessness to enacting legislation contrary to the wishes of Holyrood it follows that the opposite of normal is abnormal and as such any enactment of laws must necessarily have an element of urgency attached to them. Meeting a self imposed deadline before council elections or the results of investigations into alleged electoral fraud that might lose you your majority doesn’t cut it.

  19. Fuckhalfwits, they huvnae the intelligence between them tae even qualify as fully fledged fuckwits.

    Shower a bastards the lot of them. But as others have pointed out…now ‘everyone’ knows what conniving little shits they are.

    Nae excuses will now suffice for the lie of the Vow and the weak and flaccid msm disseminating those lies…let’s see them sqirm their way oot of this one from here on in. Fucking shysters.

  20. The Union came about by self interest/greed against the will of the people,every country has it,s fill of quislings we unfortunately have many many of this ilk,I know of no country in the world that have a big% of it,s people that do not have any pride in their country.

    • Agree Emilytom67. When i go abroad sometimes im so ashamed to admit to being Scottish,and find myself showing my “yes Scotland “tattoo,and saying it wasn’t my fault. Honest! Proudscot buts have a lot to answer for . but then again they don’t do ‘pride’.

      • Mike, there is great pleasure in being proud of being Scottish. When I am abroad and I am asked if I am English, there is a complete change and, indeed, a warming in their tone, when I say that I am Scottish.

  21. Lest ye forget, regarding the Smith Commission:-

    Lord Smith said: “We intend this [devolution powers] to be written in such a way that a plague of boils or something will break out if anyone in the future ever decides to prorogue this parliament.”……

    ….Sic a parcel o’ prorogues in a nation.

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