Dumb, dumber, and dumbest

Oh dear God I’m bored. Fed up. Pissed off. And simultaneously angry and seething with contemptuous indignation at the sheer mind-numbing moronity of British politics and its media cheerleaders. It’s like we’re all being drowned in a big vat of stupid that’s being stirred with the silver spoons that the rich and powerful have in their mouths. And what applies to the British political establishment and the British media applies by the bucket load to its Scottish Unionist branch offices.

Brexit plans continue to be distinguished by the fact of their non-existence while the British government runs about in a panic that makes a headless chicken appear a model of sedate thoughtfulness, all overseen by a secretive control freak of a Prime Minister whose secretive control freakery tries but fails to cover for the fact that it’s no secret that everything is out of control. The British ambassador to the EU has just resigned, claiming in his resignation letter that the British government was ignoring his advice about potential pitfalls in the negotiating process, and for trying to disabuse the Tory cabinet ministers in charge of Brexit of their Empire based notion that the EU will cave in to Britain’s every demand. We’ll be having none of this negativity from a diplomat who’s spent most of his working life in the higher reaches of EU administration and governance. Who needs experts when you’ve got Michael Gove?

Just four days into the New Year and we’d reached Fat Cat Wednesday. Not that you would have noticed if you were relying on the Scottish media for your news. They’d only tell you about it if Fat Cat Wednesday was a meme on Twitter where people shared hysterical photies of overfed cats in with witty captions which were then republished by commercial organisations that leech off social media because it’s cheaper than paying for your own research or joke writers.

Fat Cat Wednesday is in fact the day when the bosses of the FTSE 100 companies have earned the average UK annual wage. It’s not even four days, because by lunchtime on Wednesday the average CO of a FTSE 100 company has received as much in pay as the average worker gets in a year. And at that lunchtime the CO will spend as much on a bite to eat as the average unemployed worker receives in social security. The average worker has another 361 days of hard work to go and the millions who earn less than the average wage will still be slogging away well into 2018 before they’ve earned as much as the top paid executives have earned in a couple of days. Well I say “earned”, but what that really means is “decided to pay themselves”. It’s not like they’re worth it and they’ve certainly not earned it. The real Benefits Britain is the tax breaks and tax avoidance strategies enjoyed by the rich. Yet it’s the poor person who gets slagged off for being a scrounger.

The pay gap in Britain is widening, and getting wider. When she came to power Theresa May promised that she’d crack down on the obscenities of excessive executive rewards, but instead she preferred to reinvent tautologies as a political strategy. To be fair however, Theresa May does possess one invaluable political skill, she’s able to take a journalist’s question and then answer a different question entirely. If you asked her how much two plus two was she’d reply that she’s not about to give a running commentary on her calculations but you can be sure that the answer will be red white and blue and then she’d make a poor joke about Jeremy Corbyn. When the auld Tory Kenneth Clark said that Theresa May was a difficult woman, what he meant was that it’s difficult to get a straight answer from her to a straight question.

Just four days into the year and already the bosses have raked in as much as the average worker while Theresa May’s promises to tackle growing inequality have gone much the same way as her promise that she’d govern for the many not the few. Although if you ask her about it she’ll instead tell you that she’s trying to get the best possible patriotic deal for the entire country and it’s going to be red white and blue. And she’ll do it with that very careful diction of hers with every consonant carefully articulated, which means that it doesn’t matter that what she’s told you is actually content free.

Fat Cat Wednesday is a sign of the growing inequality in the UK, a sign that this state has long since ceased to work for the average person, but all the Scottish media and the Unionist parties are interested in are an idiotic tweet from an SNP MSP whose daft comment apparently means that he’s actively condoning rape, and how the Scottish government’s baby box initiative means the metaphorical revival of Stalin and Hitler from their graves. You’d have thought they’d have welcomed a scheme to improve the lives of infants, what with two year olds being the demographic that the Unionist parties have pitched their intellectual level at.

They say a country gets the politicians and the media that it deserves, which can only mean that in a previous incarnation Scotland invaded Poland, started a couple of world wars, unleashed a zombie horde, slaughtered the first born, and knifed Pudsey the Bear in the belly and then drowned refugee children in his polystyrene beads. Although if you look at the Tory contingent in Holyrood you could be forgiven for believing that the zombie horde is still with us. Thankfully however, most of them never do or say anything of any importance and only ever impinge on the consciousness when one of them says something ridiculously asinine on Twitter, something which occurs with tediously predictable frequency. Strangely, this doesn’t provoke howls of outrage in the Scottish media. It’s only the idiocies of individual independence supporters who can do that. It’s a useful distraction from the much bigger idiocies of dumb Britain.

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0 thoughts on “Dumb, dumber, and dumbest

  1. Paul, I read John Mason’s tweet and it seemed entirely unobjectionable to me, simply a standard use of a common metaphor. Could you tell me where the idiocy was in it?

    • The idiocy was tweeting it in the first place without thinking that it would be picked apart by the media and misrepresented. It’s not the first time that John Mason has got into trouble because of an ill judged tweet.

      • Couldn’t agree more, Paul.
        Either Mason has no self awareness or he hasn’t the wit to realise that his ostensibly innocuous comment would be jumped upon by the Dead Tree gutter press. His views on other matters don’t help either.
        Bums and tits, The Soprano glorification of Scottish gangsters, thugs, murderers and drug dealers, the Ranjurs and Sellick bigoted hatefest, the lies, distortions, and anti Scottish propaganda spewed out diurnally by our bought and paid for foreign owned Gutter Press is ok. But if they can twist a man’s words, and accuse him falsely of using a rape analogy when it is patently obvious that this was not the case, just to blacken his name and ‘score’ an SNP BAD point, then that’s ok?
        They disgust me.
        Why would any pro independence Party want to go into coalition with the Unionist Tories of any hue.
        They hate Scotland, deny their own birthright, and care not for the suffering privation and impoverishment of their own citizens imposed on us by 591 ‘foreign’ MPs from South Britain.
        Madness stalks the press rooms of Scotland.
        I worry for their children.

      • The ‘UK’ must be even sicker than it was when I left almost 30 years ago if Mason could be expected to know how his tweet would be distorted. It beggars belief.

    • He was talking about marriage proposal or some such. John Mason does not discuss sex, rape etc… I have a few beefs with John but he is a very honest, straight and open person. Just because the unionists have twisted his words doesnt mean we should start doing the same.

    • The exact words are : “The girl does not always say yes first time!”. The Yoons applied the context that matched their own mindset.
      Mason is correct in that sentence, and not just about girls. If I am offered another beer or yet another mince pie, I may well not say yes the first time.

    • I took it as a reference to independence.

      My opinion is that some people choose to be offended, whether or not they have reason.

      I was “accused” of being a feminist after trying to explain the reason for the WASPI campaign, not by the person I answered (whose comments were undoubtedly misogynistic), but, by a troll contributing to the SNP Baaaad cauldron of hate and, frankly, that seems to be the entire raison d’être of our disingenuous media. Heaven forfend that they ever do any serious reporting.

    • It was obviously a metaphorical reference to the vicissitudes of courting or marriage proposal. Anyone who would genuinely read anything into it about consent to a sexual act dwells in a very odd mental universe.

  2. My wife said no to me the first time I asked her out. We’ve now been married for more than 20 years. The man was simply stating a fact and a common metaphor, although I do agree with the above posters who point out that he should think first.

  3. I wish they would operate a ‘hands off the keyboard until you triple think’ attitude ‘ – it’s not as if the action is spontaneous is it?

    Surely they have learned by now that the media will ignore major disaster , war , economic destruction just to write crap headlines about the SNP? And if they haven’t , when will they?

  4. I am sick fed up of the ‘news’ stories based on idiotic tweets and insane threads on twitter. I am not a user. I think the names say it all- TWITTER/TWEET!!!
    How can anyone take it seriously? Why are allegedly intelligent people and politicians who are supposed to be governing countries wasting time posting on it?
    No wonder the country is in such a state!!

  5. Well said Paul

    I’m pretty sick of rinse and repeat insult from both the political class and their media. It has actually reached the point where I simply don’t give a shit what they say, I’m almost beyond listening at this point. Those bastards have actually come within a hair of making me as blinkered and close minded as they are. And THAT is truly unforgiveable.

    FFS! Who would want to be like them? Its their absolutism that robs them of the ability to think or care about others. It’s what makes the elites, the corporates, the UK political class, the media on both sides of the border and those who support this massively broken system of theirs, the uncaring, unthinking establishment drones that they are.

    LOOK at the UK from a distance without the rosy goggles on for a moment. Pretend for a nano second you’re an alien. Where is all the wealth from this economy? An economy, we’re told, which is doing better than expected given the current scenario by the by (ask any broadcaster). Its not benefitting the population of the UK as a whole and that’s for sure. Only that top 10% appear to be enjoying any benefit near as I can see. They enjoy the tax breaks, the profits, the bonuses on top of the tax breaks and the profits. The patronage of politics and wealth on top of the bonuses, tax break and the profits…aaaand so on. In short? They’re doing fine thanks.

    Where does that leave the rest of the population? How do they benefit from the bounty enjoyed by that small percentage of others? The UK by 2020 (according to Mr Hammond), will enjoy paying off a near £1.9 tr debt. They will be participating in world trade outside of their nearest trading block and competing for trade international agreements on a foundation of isolationism and protectionism with near absolutely zero assets outside of services to trade with. Another small factoid for the population is that trade deals don’t happen overnight. They are YEARS in the making between nations. Oh and when Mr Hammond said pensions and farming subsidies are going to be looked at in 2020, take a wild guess at what the small print means on that.

    The human rights of this population will be dictated by a central government not exactly known for its warm fuzzy demeanor. Their electoral democracy as a small union of disjointed nations will also be dictated by said central government and dominated by the largest member nation of this small union. Working okay for our casual alien observer so far?

    The wealth disparity and isolationism coupled with a deeply flawed political and media narrative decades in the making has ensured a massively divided society constantly at odds with itself and its government. The vast majority are living on borderline poverty and a significant number throughout the union enjoy third world levels of poverty through massive economic mishandling. The structure of government and politics in the UK has failed the very people it is intended to care for.

    Does this sound like a dream destination to you?

    On the Mr Mason nonsense.

    I am also truly struggling to give a shit over this stupid tweet stooshie. A manufactured story, with manufactured outrage in many quarters from the usual suspects hoping to claim a scalp. I don’t agree with a many of Mr Mason’s personal opinions, but dear oh dear! It really takes a monumental leap to take what Mr Mason tweeted and turn it and him into a rape apologist. Simply dire and a para is just about ALL it’s worth of anyone’s day. The only thing that tweet says about Mr Mason, is that perhaps twitter is NOT his forte.

    • Wel said, Sam.
      It takes a perverted mind to associate Mason’s tweet with violence and rape against women.
      Our Dead Tree Scrollsare populated with sinister little hacks churning nonsense out on a daily basuis now.
      The latest Labour FOI about elderly folk dying in hospital while waiting discharge, and headlines on the 2 1/2 minutes BBC Scotland Breakfast TV this morning illustrates the depth of depravity to which our Propaganda hacks have sunk.
      Dugdale is apparently being interviewed by Gary Robertson this morning and ‘will say’ that Federalism, a new Unionist Constitution, only staying in her corrupt crumbling the Union can redistribute wealth, that the UK is more important to Scotland than the EU because England will cease trading with an independent Scotland still in the EU if we vote for Self Determination.
      In other words while England and Wales scramble about begging for trade deals with the EU, England will insist that the other 27 members of the EU allow them to impose a trade embargo on EU Member state, Scotland, because we exercised our democratic right to terminate the 1707 Act of Union.
      Dugdale warns that England will ‘punish’ us, joining her Blue Tory allies, Davidson and Mundell and threatening her fellow Scots with English vengeance when we Remain withing the EU.
      This woman is unbelievably stupid, yet, despite 40 Labour MP’s and 10 Lib Dem MPs being kicked out of their sinecures at the UK GE, and replaced by 56 SNP MPs,and despite there being a pro independence majority at Holyrood following the SGE in May, and despite the Scottish Branch Office disastrous failure in backing Smith for the UK Labour Leadership, and Iain Murray ousted as Shadow SoS for Scotland to be replaced by an English MP, and the Labour Branch Office being reduced to a poor third at Holyrood, overtaken by the Arch Right Anti Scottish Tories,BBC Radio Jordanhill treats Kezia Dugdale as important politically, and gives her a platform to spout arrant nonsense, unchallenged.

      • Any union which requires naked threat in order to retain its front to the world isn’t a union worth being a part of Jack.

        As for Ms Dugdale’s idea on redistribution of wealth (see under pooling and sharing), that’s worked out wonderfully well in the past two years. Her ideas on federalism on the back of the now utterly failed ‘VOW’ and ‘most powerful devolved parliament’ in the world bollox, simply reeks of desperation at this point. It is merely another vow which will NOT be delivered. Another sooperdooper idea which will go nowhere or be paid lipservice to on the back of a fraudulently achieved no vote.

        Not this time.

        Labour were given decades of opportunity to deliver and what we are living through now, day by f**king day, is their legacy. One damn Conservative MP in all of Scotland and we are faced with austerity ideology, Brexit, the removal of our rights, the hamstringing of our sovereignty and a devolved parliamentary settlement without the powers to affect change in any of the above. The current appalling democratic deficit and perpetual Tory government is the price paid by everyone in Scotland for the strategies of Brown, Darling, Murphy, Lamont and Dugdale.

        I think we’ve paid enough for listening to Labour.

        • And sure as the Chief made little green apples, Reporting Scotland headlines with Dugdale; Andrew Kerr looks particularly uneasy fronting this piece of nonsense. Perhaps he read WGD before he had to face the cameras.
          Are they really happy in themselves churning out this idiotic nonsense?
          Are you reading these blogs, guys? Get a life.
          I see that the Labour FOI on the elderly dying in hospital awaiting discharge has been binned.
          Like you, Macart, I’ve had more than enough of this shallow arrant vindictive Unionist nonsense.
          No more Mr Nice Guy.

  6. Paul, you sound as if you started off writing having already built up a head of steam. And quite rightly too. I read about “Fat Cat Wednesday” in the Metro where it was positioned on the front page. I glanced at other papers’ headlines and did not see it anywhere. This is the real news and the real outrage, never mind Mr Mason.

    I feel I am constantly living with a head of steam about the inequalities in this country and I am sickened by the media studiously ignoring the facts on inequality in this country.

    Kezia Dugdale can pronounce until she is blue (or red) in the face about the UK being the best way to tackle inequality in this country . Where is your evidence, Kezia? Where in the record of Labour in Scotland is the evidence that Labour has stood up for the poor or tackled inequality? They imposed prescription charges; they first allowed the sale of council houses, even before Thatcher; they got together in alliance to lie to the Scottish people about Independence (pensions, jobs); they voted with the Tories or abstained in adding to the burdens of the poorest in our society; and they couldn’t be bothered to turn up to support Ms Black’s attempt to protect the unemployed from punitive and unjust sanctions. And as for their petulant reaction to Baby Boxes? To make it a means tested issue is to devalue it, make it less accessible to those in need and to stigmatize those who claim it. That is my evidence, Kezia.

    As for the Tories – they are simply beneath contempt in Westminster and in Holyrood. The amount of money being taken from Scotland and used in other parts of the UK, notably the South East of England defies belief. Flood control, Crossrail, High Speed Rail, and whatever else I have forgotten or don’t know about. Not to mention Trident and the thousands of jobs it does not bring to Scotland.

    Independence, please, and soon.

  7. WGD you are quite right to highlight the Fat Cat day as it clearly shows the inequalities in this disunited kingdom. This country is run on behalf of the establishment elite and their corporate and bankster chums. Nothing will ever change until we can break the shackles of colonial rule. Regaining our independence will mean regaining social justice for the people of Scotland, free from the total corruption of the English establishment and their corporate and bankster chums.

    Incidentally, I heard on the news the other day that the 63 richest people in the world have as much wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion people in the world. It would appear that greed and corruption amongst the elite is ubiquitous.

  8. If, to avoid the UK media maniacs descending upon a person in public service, all possible deliberate mis- interpretations of a statement must be scrutinised, then the UK media maniacs are effectively achieving censorship of non- Unionist views.

  9. So, let me get this right. Is MS Dugdale delivering a threat to the people of Scotland on behalf of a foreign power. That this foreign power will punish us if we do not do as they want. I think there is a name for that.

  10. If Scotland gained independance within the EU and according to Kez the rest of GB stopped trading with Scotland. Would Scotland not have an equal vote in any trading deals agreed between the EU and the rest of GB. Which would put Scotland in a strong position for any trade between Scotland and the rest of GB

    • Yes.

      Unless of course England and Wales are also planning to cut off trade with the rest of the EU too. 🙂

      There is no ‘cutting off’ trade in any kind of brexit which cannot be construed as a purely punitive measure. There are only tariff trade rules or no tariff. You pay more for something or you don’t. I can’t really envision a scenario where the UK won’t want to trade with EU countries.

      Whenever someone raises this issue regarding Scotland and an indyref, the questions which must be asked to their face are: Who authorized this threat and under what circumstance will it be enforced? There may be some spluttering involved.

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