Quantum squirrels

Theresa Maybe gave an interview for Sky News on Sunday, during which she showed off the incredible political skill which has characterised her premiership – speaking at length while saying absolutely nothing at all and never, ever, giving a direct answer to a direct question. And you know that when she says she wants to be clear that she’s going to be as clear as a mud bespattered windscreen. If she was asked what is the capital of the UK, she’d say, “I want to be very clear on this. We’re working towards the very best capital for all the people of the UK. It’s not a binary choice. The capital is the capital. The seat of government is the seat of government. The people of Britain deserve a bespoke capital that’s the seat of government of a country that believes in free trade and supports our friends and allies but which makes it own laws and controls its own borders, and that’s what I’m going to deliver.” Still, you can’t complain that May is inconsistent. She allows herself to be pinned down on nothing, and she delivers exactly that. She’s the quantum squirrel of politics, simultaneously saying a lot while saying nothing in an effort to distract us from the vacuum in her soul.

Following the interview we still know that a tautology is a tautology, that Brexit is bespoke, that’s it’s red white and blue, that it’s going to be taking back control of our borders and our laws, and that it’s not a binary choice. It’s just that we don’t know what we’re going to end up with or what any of those laws that we’re taking back control of are going to be, except that it’s probably a safe bet that they’ll be reactionary laws that punish the poor and reward the City of London. That’s what politicians like Theresa like to describe as difficult choices. “Who shall I make pay for the economic disaster caused by corporate greed?” They ask themselves, “The big businesses that I hope to get cushy directorships with, or poor people who don’t vote for me anyway? Gosh that’s a difficult choice. Oh I know, let’s punish the poor.”

British politics is essentially the art of saying nothing at all and ensuring that established interests continue to be rewarded and serviced, while trying to make it appear that you’re doing something important and significant. Theresa May is an expert at that hollow shell game. The most galling thing of all is that those right wing politicians who have done their utmost to reduce and diminish the life chances and opportunities of the unemployed, the disabled, the low paid, and the vulnerable, all of a sudden pose as their champions.

Meanwhile, over in the Labour party, the dying embers have declared that they’re now in favour of federalism in the hope that will fan some flames. Not just any old federalism mind, but radical federalism, which is much the same as ordinary federalism but has been improved with additional workshops on macrobiotic diets and how to knit your own bobble hats from hand plucked Bolivian vicuña wool. It would be far more convincing if we hadn’t already heard it all before.

Of course it’s not definite yet. This is after all the Labour party. They’ve not explained how the proposals aired over the weekend for radical federalism are different from what Gordie Broon swore blind in 2014 would happen if Scotland voted no. Maybe they’re just hoping that we’ve forgotten that. But we haven’t. We remember that Labour promised superdooperdoubleplusgood-devo, and then spent its time and energy eviscerating the proposals of the Smith Commission. We remember that the party is constantly promising more devo, extra devo, the bestest devo in the multiverse. And we remember that when it comes down to it, Labour always fails to deliver.

Jeremy Corbyn, who has shown as much understanding of Scotland as a squirrel understands quantum mechanics, has yet to agree on the new federalism no-we-really-mean-it-this-time proposal. The chances are that what’s being aired will be watered down and weakened by the assorted interests within the party who have no intention whatsoever of giving up on any of Westminster’s power, because that’s what has always happened in the past. The original proposals for the Scottish Parliament included control of broadcasting until Labour’s backroom boys and girls got their little squirrel paws on them.

Even if Jezza does come up with a definite plan which becomes a definite manifesto commitment there’s still the little matter of a general election to win. And the way things look right now there’s as much chance of that happening as there is of a squirrel in an alternate universe making a breakthrough in its understanding of quantum mechanics and finding a means of travelling through a wormhole to this universe where it stands as the Labour party candidate for Nutkinshire South. Still, there’s at least a 50% chance of it being red, which is a probability several orders of magnitude greater than Labour’s federalism proposals ever actually happening. The weekend’s developments are unlikely to halt Labour’s death spiral in Scotland, too many of us are fed up with the party telling us that it’s got lots of lovely nuts stored up for delivery at some unspecified date in the future and then only ever delivering some inedible husks.

In another political interview on Sunday, there was some straight talking and some definite commitments, which can only mean that neither Theresa May nor the Labour party were involved. Nicola Sturgeon assured Andrew Marr that she was not bluffing. If the Tories take Scotland into a hard Brexit, there will be another independence referendum. She’s offering compromises, she’s offering negotiation, and if Theresa May’s government do not meet Scotland halfway then there will be another independence vote. Because if May won’t take Scotland’s position into account then all she’s doing is proving that the Union is as ficticious as her reputation for clarity.

The ball is in Westminster’s court. They’ve been given an opportunity to prove that they’re not liars, an opportunity to stand by the promises and commitments that they made to Scotland when they told us that Scotland is an equal and valued partner in this family of nations. If they turn that opportunity down, the Union will have been killed by the Unionists themselves, and no number of quantum squirrels is going to save it.

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0 thoughts on “Quantum squirrels

  1. Spot on. Nicola showed she is head and shoulders above anyone else, clear answers and statements. If Westminster don’t understand what she means then the only conclusion anyone can draw is that they are thick. They would do well to take head and work with her and the Scottish government then they might achieve some sort of sense. But they won’t as I think they have all fallen prey to the “Bain Principle”.

  2. Nicola is too smart for the former “SoS for immigration”. May couldn’t get her last job right and seems to be having a hell of a time now!

    The game plan is in play… 🙂

  3. I hear that MOD UK police are going to be installed on the streets, (civilian streets) around Faslane etc. A sinister move? A warning? They say it’s in case of terrorism. Oh aye.

  4. A 90 year old Labour Prime Minister?
    Corbyn and his sidekick are my age, tired old men with tired old ideas.
    There is not a snowba’s chance in hell that New Momentum Labour, the Pink Islington Tories, will ever be in a position to form a Govt Down There.
    Once Father Time catches up with Corbyn and his coterie of Marxist/ Leninists, the New Labour Blairites will re-emerge and there will be a Kinnock style purge.
    15 years? 20 years, of an Arch right Wing Tory Government, who will have ‘taken back control’, morphed into the 51st state, and destroyed Holyrood.
    May made it quite clear today that it will be Hard Brexit. No membership of the single market for Scotland, no control over our immigration and no customs union.
    Not long now.

  5. I agree with and endorse all the above posts, and have been scratching my head in an effort to try and guess or estimate Teresa Mays response to our First Ministers comments and plans voiced by her this morning on the Andrew Marr show. I firmly believe she will ignore and possibly attempt to belittle Nicola Sturgeon accusing her of being an unruly Nationalist. I used to be of the opinion that David Cameron only feared Scottish Independence as he would be the Prime Minister of the Broken and dissolved UK, but Teresa May in my opinion is more dangerous and sinister only caring about the South of England and her eventual move to the House of Lords. T M will be devising a long term plan to punish Scotland and the S N P for having the “cheek” to “put her on the spot” and asking for “fair play ” for Scotland. I think she will have the M S M go Nuclear on Scotland “would we notice any difference ” in short I believe Scotland would be given up, traded away in any negotiations that would serve Westminster and the South of England, the Scottish Fishing Industry was expendable and I believe May would have the same attitude to the whole of Scotland. Please ,please lets get out of this most rancid Union.

  6. Excellent, as usual, Paul.

    Theresa May’s primary concern is not how the UK survives Brexit, but rather, how does the neo-liberal elite remain in power throughout Brexit, so as to continue to transfer the wealth of the UK population to the already super-rich. Not so difficult in England, but oh my, Scotland is now a real, and lethal threat, to the British Establishment.

    • Yet they want to keep us westminster knows without scotland in the uk England dies as a nation as by now if yes had won and we was free England would be tearing itself apart by now as the English would revolt for being lied to even though they are at fault for beleaving said lies as fact

  7. Almost seven months to say nothing at all. That’s gotta be a record in deflection. ‘Course the whole enactment of the EU referendum was a complete and utter dogs breakfast. People learnt nothing about the EU or any exit option which may or may not have been available to them throughout the entire process.

    Just epic, biblical, mahoosive idiocy on the part of UK gov. to allow power politics, internal party struggles, ego, greed and let’s face it, little empire mindset, to fuck up the lives of millions.

    Well done them. (really, REALLY, slow hand clap)

    • Another reason for us learning nothing is that the MSM are complicit in the whole scam, and have completely given up on holding the government to account. (Except in Scotland, where there is a mania – and I mean mania – for it).

  8. I think anyone who believes May is sitting on her bum with no plan is delusionary, she will have her army of civil servants beavering away on Brexit. Whilst we all wait to see what she has in mind, she will trigger article 50, lay her cards on the table and announce “Full House”, leaving the opposition thinking “What happened there?” We need to be better prepared for a sprung trap.

    On Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 10:49 PM, Wee Ginger Dug wrote:

    > weegingerdug posted: “Theresa Maybe gave an interview for Sky News on > Sunday, during which she showed off the incredible political skill which > has characterised her premiership – speaking at length while saying > absolutely nothing at all and never, ever, giving a direct answer ” >

    • The thing is, Walter, she may have a plan ready and waiting [which I rather doubt, to be honest] but she’s still to face EU negotiators. If she’s already decided to tell the EU to get lost she risks putting any furture fair trade deals with European nations in doubt, and of course she’ll be triggering IndyRef2.

      • I kinda of doubt that the beloved and utterly out of her depth Theresa May has a clue what she is doing. It seems to me that she is entrapped. On one side she has a Conservative Party that truly believes in England, right or wrong, An England that will define the boundaries of what is right and what is wrong in their own terms.. That will be ‘not good’ for the rest of us.

        On the other side she has sharpish politicians like Nicola. I am not at all convinced that Theresa even understands the battle she has entered.. I expect Theresa will lose any such fight.

  9. We are heading for a “UdI”- style exit from the EU. May will likely announce we are leaving in same way Cameron left Westminster.
    She realises that the 27 will not give access to the single market despite her saying we do not want “bits” of the EU. That is what be spoke deal means.
    Anyhow, her other condescending and patronising comment that, if we propose a right of access fo the single market ( the-have-your-cake- and-eat-it), the EU will see that it will benefit them too, does not make friends.
    Such sense of innate entitlement from the ranks of the Tories who think the rest, or “that lot” over there will bow to our outrageous demands as always will be their undoing.
    Hence the need for Indyref2. Great to read that Labour for Indy us back on track. Slab’s latest wheeze about federalism is so vague, yet the one factor it seems to imply is that the HoC and PM will be for England and UK. Same old incorporating union tweeked.

    • Exactly May will likely announce we are leaving in same way Cameron left Westminster. And Federalism, is a pure Tango. Independence and all our nucianse disapear.

  10. Now come on Paul, the “dying embers” disagreed twice with their Tory friends recently. Once about the NHS where they responded to the Red Cross report and something else which escapes me at the moment. Whether or not, should either come before the Mother of Parliaments, the gutless party will actually vote against it, or do their usual and abstain, is yet to be seen.

  11. Westminster has an unerring knack of making enemies. Its arrogance and ignorance towards Scotland is being duplicated in its attitude towards the EU.

    • And that’s why the uk is dying Dan you’ve hit the nail bang on the head arrogance and ignorance that’s nothing new about making enemies they have 1000 years of practice at that hahaha

  12. OT. Hello Paul, I think you should reset your list of links to pro-indy websites in readiness for the burst of new sites that’ll be created when IndyRef2 is called.

  13. Rule No1: Don’t trust Teresa May, don’t trust the English establishment.

    Rule No2 : If you want Scotland’s independence then actively campaign for it, and never forget Rule No1.

    Personally I’d be happier with UDI based upon 62% Remain of the electorate in the EU referendum.

    Why another Indy referendum? Anyone noting the ‘going ons” in the USA over vote rigging? False flags, yeah, yeah. Talk is that the security services alerted States against vote rigging. Which UK security service is going to protect Indy voters?

    • Yes you are correct. I would like to see the EU monitor and oversee indyref2. I do not trust any British or Scottish institutions.
      As Joe Stalin said.”It’s not the people who vote that are important. It’s the people who count the votes”.

    • The UK security services are there for the security of the UK. They must therefore act against Scottish independence. We are up against long established, devious and brutal forces.

      The consultation on the draft Referendum Bill closes tomorrow (11th). I made my submission yesterday, and there is still time to make your feelings known. http://www.gov.scot/Resource/0050/00507743.pdf

  14. Politics, as practiced dawn sarth, is more than the art of saying nothing – at length, it is also about managing expectations and, for Brexit, this might be going swimmingly or it might not be. Logically, the meeja should be being fed scare stories detailing just how hard Brexit is going to be, the sclerscope going off the scale, so that any resultant softening is deemed as a success. But this is not happening, possibly because it could be confused with an actual negotiating position… as if. Instead, the meeja is passing the entrails of chickens through their hands, peering into the gloomy recesses of teacups and moving upturned wine glasses around tables seeking enlightenment of which they find none. Expectations managed? Failed.

    Some in the meeja find this state of affairs somewhat unsatisfactory and muttering may be heard – it must be serious, even the Economist is casting aspersions, and the Graundiad says, ‘it must be obvious to everyone that she [TM that is] really doesn’t know what she is doing’, though the Graundiad also says, quoting one Dugdale, ‘we need a people’s constitutional convention and a new act of union’, so maybe one should read too much into the printed word.

    Over la Manche, in Europe, where the expectations will be different, dw.com reports Angela Merkel as saying, ‘Access to the single market can only be possible on the condition of respecting the four basic freedoms. Otherwise one has to talk about limits to access’. Politico.eu reports that the City (as in London) has just woken up to the reality of Brexit (what!) and, ‘The first date circled on traders’ calendar is January 16, the tentative day for a speech by May that has been billed as her “definition” of what Brexit means.’ (Wishful thinking) And, for more of the same, read euroactive.co.uk. Somehow, I get the impression the Europeans are not playing fair over this. They may be practicing beforehand, speaking to other, discussing tactics and strategy. This is simply not good enough, simply not cricket.

  15. TM is not a natural leader. Voice = poor. Body language = apologetic. Dress sense = erratic. However, arrogance = genuine. Which means she’ll consider the odd untruth to NS and the Scottish people the obvious way forward. In comparison Cameron appears to be a “good guy”. But let’s be thankful for small mercies……..imagine having to deal with dear George!

    I hope, Paul, the Unionists do kill the Union. Can’t wait to get started on IndyRef2.

  16. What bit of Angela Merkel’s assertion:-
    “”(But) access to the single market is only possible under the condition of adherence to the four basic principles (movement of goods, capital, people, and services).”
    does Ruth Davidson, and indeed Gary Robertson not get?
    She constantly bleats on about campaigning for Remain, yet refuses to consider NS’ alternative proposals for Scotland, because she is a ‘democrat’, and Scotland is of mere colony status because there are more English than Scots citizens in her corrupt discredited little Union.
    News for the lady, Scotland voted 62% to remain, and she was elected to represent the citizens of Scotland, not meekly prop up the coup d’état that is May Johnson, Fox and Davis.
    The Union is at an end, and when we finally assert our birthright to Self Determination, I wonder where Davidson, WATP, and the Queen’s Eleven will find themselves?
    I refuse to allow this pipsqueak of a Blue Tory apologist to collaborate with and Arch Right English Cabal and drag me out of Europe, and all that entails. She wasn’t elected on a mandate to blindly follow UKIP/ Arch Right WM policies.
    I refuse point blank to stand by and let that happen. And I suspect, by several millions now, I am not alone, The arrogance of this nonentity defies description.

  17. ‘Speaking at length while saying absolutely nothing’…. yes indeed .

    Recently watched a committe meeting in the small hours on matters EU where the PM was being questioned by some of the her own Party… and was unable or rather unwilling to give a straight answer but very able to give a steely stare to the questioner on when exactly we may actually leave…

    Article 50 says:-

    1. Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.

    2. A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention. In the light of the guidelines provided by the European Council, the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement with that State, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. That agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It shall be concluded on behalf of the Union by the Council, acting by a qualified majority, after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament.

    3. The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period.

    4. For the purposes of paragraphs 2 and 3, the member of the European Council or of the Council representing the withdrawing Member State shall not participate in the discussions of the European Council or Council or in decisions concerning it.

    A qualified majority shall be defined in accordance with Article 238(3)(b) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

    5. If a State which has withdrawn from the Union asks to rejoin, its request shall be subject to the procedure referred to in Article 49.’

    So para. 3 is key… there is not (as the media would generally have believe) a minimum/allowable 2 year period from triggering Article 50 but a default/maximum of 2 years…

    So at the point of triggering Article 50, ‘Leaving’ cound indeed be almost instantaneous..(if indeed nothing is in place by design… .if you consider what constitutes ‘negotiations/listening to Scotland’ to date on this matter, resignations of key UK representatives… it seems unlikely anything but a hard Brexit will be the end result.

    interestingly para 5.. you can ask to rejoin… perhaps Scotland should write letter if no one else is asking to get the ‘best deal’, no harm in asking, after all, by majority in every constituency, it was the considered will of the electorate.

    • thanks for the info ,it is a real pity we are to be represented in these negotiations by the current tory party whose actions even maggie would have boaked at , for those who voted NO this is what you have given us , an neverending tory nightmare ,The list would be endless if i tried to cover all the things they have with the assistance of a f/kn useless Labour party have done so far , the intervention of the United Nations and the Red Cross should have alarm bells ringing even to the staunchest stupid bloody Unionist .Things aint right and this turd is beyond polishing .

  18. What will May’s opening gambits/ proposals be ? Danger is the EU will say “Nein”. What next?
    No doubt the EU will inform why it said “Nein”. Then we will know that the best possible deal is a farce. The next best possible deal depends also on the EU. We propose, it disposes. We no longer have a veto as members.
    Cameron got little bits from within, May will get….. , as an outsider, well you can guess.
    The faux strong economy the british brainwashing company keeps trumpetting on about is a chimera, we are still in the EU and the open market. The falling pound is now beginning to increase costs even for Mr Kipling Cakes!!!
    Now, that is a crisis!!
    MayHem follows, it will cone sudden and devastating like an aneurism.

  19. I expect the EU to say no to anything the UK proposes. Much like the UK government said no to anything the Scottish government proposed.

    • Indeed the parallels between the UK in/out of the EU, and Scotland in/out of the UK are remarkable. Perhaps the need to be played up much more, since many of the arguments for/against the first can just as easily be applied to the second. In other words, it is surely inconsistent (‘doublethink’) to support Brexit and whilst opposing Scottish Indy, for many of the very same reasons?

  20. Indyref2 is coming, either in 2018 or, if Theresa May fails to press the article 50 button by May 2017 by even 4 weeks, then it could be in April 2019. My money is on September 2018.

    We need to win indyref2, no doubt about it, but then 18 months of independence negotiations with Westminster will follow, shortly after which there will be the first independent Holyrood election. It will be imperative that the unionists are locked out of government. A unionist coalition Holyrood government would seek to over turn the independence negotiations and perhaps even hold indyref3. We would effectively find ourselves in the same situation as the unionists did after indyref1. A nationalist majority is an absolute neccessity.

    During the 5 years of the first independent Holyrood session, the benefits of independence will start to be seen by the people. I do not believe the unionist mantra that we are too poor, based on westminster figures which attributes £3.5 bn in revenue from the whisky industry to England. Scotland is a very wealthy country and when this becomes known, I doubt the unionists will be available for comment, indeed I believe the unionist parties will accept the situation and rebrand themselves. At which point we can rest assured that the union will be over for good

    Things have changed since indyref1, the economics of an independent scotland will be fought over during the brexit negotiations and the likely damage to the UK economy that will bring. I also think the option of a GBP currency union will be dropped in favour of a scottish currency for the same reasons. However the issue of the EU will be the most important discussion point, mainly because it is the principal reason for holding indyref2. It might be an idea to point out here that 15% of No voters have moved to Yes since Indyref1 but at the same time 15% of Yes voters have moved to No leaving support or yes static at about 45%. The good news though is this shows that not all the voters are entrenched in their views, we simply need to convince the yes2no voters to back Yes in indyref2. Our position regarding the EU will be critical in doing this.

    The 2 main issues during the Euref were the free movement of people and the free movement of goods. The people who voted leave knew they were voting to take back control of their borders, this is something which is under the control of westminster, they can do this now, today, it requires no negotiations with anyone. However, the people who voted leave did not know what trading arrangments they were voting for, indeed they still dont. What trade deal the UK will have with the EU will be subject to negotiations and no one knows for certain what the results will be. Not even the Leave politicians who promised and assured the voters that the UK would get a good deal.

    Recently, Andrew Neil showed a clip of various Remain politicians (sturgeon, cameron, davidson etc) saying that a leave vote means leaving the single market. This was in response to The Leavers, like Boris Johnston, claiming we wouldnt, however, Andrew Neil ”forgot” to include Boris’s comments in the clip and then proceeded to claim the voters knew what they were voting or because they had been told by the remainers !!! Disengenious in the extreme but par for the course for the BBC.

    We need to be wary of getting caught in the same trap, we cannot state with complete confidence what an independent Scotland’s position in the EU will be, after indyref2, if it is known in advance that its position will be subject to subsequent negotiations. The present position seems to be for Scotland to salvage what it can from the wreckage of the UK EU membership. This will be a unique and bespoke deal for Scotland, unlike any other EU country, crafted from the remains of what was an already bespoke deal that the UK had. Unfortunately we know already that the EU will not concede to an independent scotland, all of the opt outs and the rebate the UK presently has.
    The 62% who voted remain, gave us the mandate to negotiate a status quo for Scotland, but that isnt on offer, the 62% did not vote for greater integration into the EU or indeed a different settlement. Nicola Sturgeon has no mandate to do that.
    It should be noted that any agreement, that an independent Scotland negotiates with the EU, will need to be ratified by all 27 eu members.
    To this end, I propose that for indyref2, we put forward a “holding pen” solution of EFTA/EEA ”Norway” type membership. The terms of this membership do not need to be negotiated, it isnt a bespoke deal, It is a known format shared by 3 countries already, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. (4 including the Swiss who are members of EFTA only). It would require a simple yes or no from the 4 EFTA countries and the 27 EU members, something which we might even get during the indyref2 campaign. No grey areas, no promises about the final results of Scottish EU negotiations that cant known or certain or be kept

    Why this option?

    It was put forward as a UK option by many of those in the leave campaign during the Euref. As such it will appeal to many Yes/leave voters since Scotland would no longer be a member of the EU

    It would also appeal to many No/leave voters such as the fishermen, under an EFTA/EEA arrangement, Scotland could cut a deal with Norway, excluding all EU fishing fleets and those in the rUK from Scottish and Norwiegen waters. This would be a very “green” proposal for our fishing grounds and very good for the scottish fishing fleet. And the Norwiegens.

    It would appeal to the No/remainers since it would ensure the free movement of people and continued unfettered access to the EU single market, an issue which will be discussed in detail during the brexit negotiations and the dangers to the economy of EU tarriff barriers highlighted and realised

    What about the Yes remainers? Presently the EU (guy verhofstadt) is looking at granting EU citizenship to those in the UK who want to retain it. So this EFTA/EEA position would fulfill all of the promises made by Nicola Sturgeon in the wake of the Brexit vote, it guards your EU citizenship, allows us to keep the ECHR protections, free movement of people and goods.

    We would still have to conform to EU rules, regulations and pay our dues but the biggest drawback would be that our 6 MEPs would have much less say or indeed a vote on future EU legislation. But is this such a very big compromise for very pro EU yessers to make ? Especially if it ensures a yes victory in indyref2.

    As I said at the beginning of this article, the EFTA/EEA option was only a “holding pen” position for indyref2. It should be accompanied by the promise of an Euref2 in the second half of the next, and independent Holyrood session. Nicola has a mandate to enact this EU proposal and an EFTA/EEA agreement doesnt need confirmation by a vote in a referendum, The 62% who voted remain have by degrees already given her the mandate to do this. Euref2 will not require an option on the ballot paper for the same reasons. No, the Euref2 ballot paper only needs options for greater EU integration than the EFTA/EEA we will have by then. eg. a Swedish option, in the EU but not using the euro or full EU membership and in the Euro zone.

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