Respect yourself

You might think that a constituent part of a union was deserving of respect by virtue of being a constituent part of a union, and that no further qualifications would be necessary. You might think that, but if you do you’re clearly not a member of Scotland’s Unionist party leadership. This week the Furst Meenister Nicola Sturgeon stated that MSPs must have a vote on whether Brexit is triggered, and that she’s going to ensure that the elected representatives of the Scottish people have their say.

This is outrageous, apparently. At least according to the usual suspects. It’s a waste of time and money. It’s wrong for Scotland to want a say on our Prime Minister’s wizzard wheeze of a plan to get the entire world, or at least the European bits of it, to roll over and concede everything that Britain wants. With Brexit there will be pixey dust. There will be trade deals with global powerhouses like Togo. There will be ginger beer, and high tea, and lashings of innovative jam. We’re going to have our spacecakes and eat them. And we’re first in the queue to be shafted by the rabidly protectionist Trump. How dare a glorified parish cooncil demand a say on the latest chapter of the Great British Fantasy Tale. The British people voted for buttercups and sunbeams, and that’s what Theresa is going to give them.

Let’s be clear here. Theresa May’s Brexit plan bears much the same relationship to the real world as Donald Trump’s press secretary. It is a farrago of nonsense clung onto by fools who delude themselves that Britain has all the cards to play and that the EU is desperate to give Britain everything that it wants, so that it can wander off into a sunny uplit land of free trade and zero regulation while still having unfettered access to all those parts of the EU that it sees as beneficial. It rests upon the assumption that other EU members will be perfectly content to grant the UK a deal that allows Britain to keep most of the advantages of EU membership, but with none of the disadvantages. It’s a plan that will dissolve into five year old girly tears like a Nazi’s gob meeting a protester’s fist the moment it encounters the EU negotiators.

It’s only right that the Scottish parliament gets a say on May’s dreamscape. It’s not like May is giving Scotland any say. Her idea of listening to Scotland is to stick her fingers in her ears and sing Rule Britannia. If Scotland wants to air an opinion we can only do so ourselves. It’s either that or rely on Fluffy Mundell to stand up for Scotland in the cabinet, but hedgehogs on the A9 are more successful in standing up to passing lorries than Fluffy is at standing up for Scottish interests. But then he doesn’t think that standing up for Scotland is his job. He thinks his job is standing up for the UK cabinet in Scotland, like a hedgehog preaching the benefits of becoming roadkill. Fluffy doesn’t respect Scotland, his boss doesn’t respect Scotland, but in the face of their arrogant intransigence Scotland can show them some self-respect.

May doesn’t think she needs to bother about what Scotland wants, she doesn’t care about protecting Scotland’s interests, because she’s managed to convince herself that talk of a second independence referendum is a bluff. She’s mistaken. Before the last independence referendum the received wisdom of the Unionist media was that Alex Salmond was bluffing, that he didn’t really want a referendum. It’s the same self-deluding story this time. The Unionist establishment is so much in love with itself that it can’t bring itself to believe that anyone would really want independence from it. It must be a bluff in order to leverage something out of them, and because it’s a bluff they can safely ignore it. Then they discover too late that it wasn’t a bluff after all. You’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now.

Labour is bugger all help in pushing the distinctiveness of Scotland’s perspective. That’s not unsurpising however, since the perspective of Labour is the view you get when you’re stuck down the bottom of a sewer and you’re swimming against the tide. The Lib Dems aren’t much use either. The so-called Europeanists of the Lib Dems are more consumed by their hatred of the SNP than they are by any opposition to Brexit. Just like the Tories they tell us that Scotland shouldn’t become independent because then we’d be a small powerless country that was all alone. But that’s what we already are within the UK. If Scotland was independent it would be able to make alliances on its own account.

We’re heading into the unknown, led by people who have no care or concern for what’s best for Scotland but who complain constantly about the ‘threat’ of a second referendum. They think that democracy is a threat. They think that it’s dangerous for the people of Scotland to have a say. They’re right. It is dangerous. It’s dangerous for them.

On Tuesday the UK Supreme Court is due to give its ruling on whether the government is legally obliged to gain parliamentary approval before it can trigger Article 50 and start the Brexit process. It may or may not decide that the devolved administrations must also be consulted. If it rules that they do, there will be a constitutional crisis as the Conservatives and Ukip scream that England’s will is being ignored. If the court rules that they don’t there will be a constitutional crisis as Scotland protests that Westminster’s promise to enshrine the Sewell Convention and ensure the permanency of the Scottish parliament has no legal validity after all, and it was just empty words. We’ll find out soon enough. And we’ll find out soon enough which shade of crisis we’re in for. The only certainty left in this decreasingly united kingdom is that we’re in a crisis and will remain so as long as we stay a part of this dysfunctional union. If they won’t respect us, we’ll show them that we respect ourselves.

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  2. That’s a keeper Paul. Summation of the crisis in the last para is the flaw of the UK writ large.

    Y’know, I reckon they’re perfectly aware they haven’t a snowball’s over their negotiation stance. I suspect that’s also why any statement, or speech, to date has been high on fleg wavy rhetoric and low on demonstrable fact or detail. It has fuck all to do with holding cards close to the chest, that’s for sure.

    They’re setting the EU and Scotland up as scapegoats for the English electorate. When poop hits the fan over the abject failure to deliver that red, white and blue Brexit as promised, it’ll be because those nasty furriners in Europe and those unreasonable and treacherous Scots scuppered the deal.

    Projection and deflection enforced by media.

    The failure won’t be because the UK’s deal was unrealistic in the face of the interests of 27 other nations and under the nature of the EU treaty completely unworkable. It won’t be because holding the EU ref was a clear breach of trust and the outcome of indyref one which ensured a specific constitutional outcome and devolution settlement which included assurances to the Scottish electorate over the nature of their parliament, or the Scottish public’s place as an EU member. No, it’ll be because, y’know, furriners and whiney Scots.

    THAT is what they’ll attempt to sell the English electorate because their narrative, their parliament, their idea of order, ‘the order’ and democracy relies upon it. They won’t own or wish to own any part of responsibility for the constitutional galactofuck they brought upon the populations of these islands themselves. Their power struggles. Their greed. Their arrogance. Their politics. Their creation.

    It might even gain some traction and work… for a short while. Eventually though, I reckon karma will come knocking on the houses of parliament and the English electorate are going to be asking some pointed questions of their representatives and the media. Questions to which they are going to demand some straight and for once, honest answers.

    I’d wish Ms May, the other party leaders and their hangers-on luck with that, but …

  3. It is increasingly obvious that the Brexiteers’ Plan A is no deal at all; their ostensibly brass necked arrogance being a blunt instrument to stage manage a very public storming out of EU Divorce talks, harrumphing, ‘We’re out of here. We’re off to become the 51st State, Uncle Donald will welcome us with open Armaments.’
    It is clear that the direction of travel is Westward Ho, set sail for the New World, where riches aplenty await bold privateers.

    I suspect that the Supreme Court will honour the Sewell Convention in spirit, but May and the Far Right English Establishment will ignore in practice. They have form. The Vow, EVEL, and so on.
    The Article 50 Bill may well be a one liner allowing no scope for amendments, or subordinate legislation, ’31st March 2017, we’re leaving the EU.’
    As I observed elsewhere, we are too big, too rich, too clever to be allowed to remain in the EU, since we would be the most obvious and least expensive Eurolocation option for Japanese car companies, Global Finance Houses, and Big Business, who suddenly find themselves scuppering about like the Nazis fleeing Paris, realising that they have a mere 2 years to get out of London and relocate back into the biggest Free Trading bloc in the world, the EU.

    We are also too big, too rich, and too clever for England to lose. Without our real estate, wealth, and resources, and expertise, out of the EU, Poor Little England (no, I’ve not forgotten Wales) will be wandering the globe,with nothing but jam, glass beads, and copper pans to offer potential trade partners.
    The nightmare scenario of Scotland booming as a member of the EU, while England (well, ok, and Wales) experience the predicted financial meltdown and growing isolation, will not be tolerated.
    Indyref 2 will happen, probably in the autumn of ’18.
    We can expect the most vicious and concerted attack on Scotland and its people by the Fifth Column, and the English Establishment. Project Crush.
    They can’t afford to lose us. We are too big, too rich, and too clever.

    • Should find out in the next ten or fifteen minutes two things.

      1. Just where Scotland stands in this union ‘partnership’ of equals
      2. Just how quickly this union partnership will disintegrate

  4. Poop hits fan.

    Justices rule 8-3 in favour of Ms Miller’s case. Parly has to ratify. 🙄

    Sewell convention trashed as devolved parlies denied say. Equal partnership in union now utterly worthless.

    Who knew?

    • I think that we all knew, Sam.
      We knew where we stood, and this farce merely confirms it.
      We are not an equal partner; we are a colony overruled by 591 ‘foreign’ MPs every time.
      This is merely the next staging post on the Road to Self Determination.
      You may guess how the Dead Tree Scrolls’ and the PQ BBC ‘Redoubt’ react to this.
      Back in your box, Scotland.

      • Yeah, the yoon zoomers won’t know which way to turn today. Gloat over the devolved legislature’s predicament or cry into their brexit beer that parly has to ratify anything.

        One thing is an absolute certainty. Today the Supreme Court destroyed the last vestige of pretence about a ‘precious family of nations’. The devolved legislatures and the people of those nations have been told their opinion is worthless.

        Today is the day the myth of the ‘United’ Kingdom died.

  5. Just read the Supreme Court stated that the devolved administrations re Brexit. The Toothless Sewel Convention is not a law according to the Court and so it can be ignored!
    Eat your cereal all you cottars!
    Time to Scexit this ancien regime called Geriatric Britain.

  6. I presume Referendum WILL be announced immediately after Article 50 is triggered.
    The Supreme Court has made it official, Scotland you are immaterial.

    • I’d say so. We’ve just been told we’re not in a union of equals. In fact and near as I can determine, we’ve been told to just dae as wur telt.

      The premise being that the voting base of the larger neighbour will ALWAYS have the final say on government or constitutional change. Your vote, my vote, everyone’s vote in Scotland has just been deemed worthless.

      Mind you, we’ve been telling folks that for quite a while. Well now than can be read about from source. If you’re a member of a devolved nation. Hell, If you’re a member… if you’re the ONLY other nation partner signatory to the treaty of union, then you are still a second class citizen.

      • Thinking out loud. Our government posts a bill to secede from the Act of Union, surely as a signatory that cannot be ignored.

        I could be one of May’s favoured one line bill.

        Chose your own wording. 🙂

        • Measured procedural response is the ticket.

          1. Response from FM calling for calm and talks
          2. A50 gets triggered
          3. Indyref2 is triggered

          Two year window and the clock is ticking.

      • I’m tempted to round up the lads from my local watering hole and march on Partick Post Office and announce UDI.
        Such a notion would be as farcical as this decision.
        ‘Convention’ is not law.
        Hard Indyref 2 is the only way. We take to the streets and prise back our nation, by peaceful vibrant campaigning, of course.
        Woe betide any Scots citizen who lies to us from now on in.

          • I remember it well, Sam. My ‘dead parrot’ retort reflected my view that our MSM will print any old shite that the Unionist bumwarmers send them.
            Kevin McKenna’s plea the other day that we give his colleagues some slack rankled then; after this, Kevin, get a grip.
            We have entered the next phase.
            There will be no more crap about federalism, or the ‘shedload of new powers’ that Gordon Brewer was trying to flog over the past few weeks.
            We are to do as we are told. 591 foreigners are going to drag us out of the EU, will forcibly put us under ‘house arrest’, draw an Iron Curtain around my country, and effectively classify us as a colony of the English Empire, subject to its laws, and its laws alone.
            Well, fuck that for a game of soldiers, Sam.
            I’m off to prepare lunch for my Everlovin’, the only light in this darkest of days for Scotland.

          • ‘Formez vos batallions!’ , Andy.
            I’ve trolled the ‘Scottish’ Dailies. There is of course nothing ‘Scottish’ about them. The headlines ‘The UK Government loses Brexit appeal.’ is the story. Don’t mention Holyrood. I did, but I think I got away with it.
            No headline announcing that the Supreme Court has ruled that Scotland is a Region of England, and that Scots Law doesn’t exist.
            Scotland, you don’t matter.
            Hard Indyref 2 it is then.
            I am amused at the prospect or NO voters in an Independent Scotland within the EU applying for Scottish Passports to remain EU citizens, while retaining ‘dual nationality with their New English Empire passport. Saves all that red tape when they pop over to Paris for a long week end.
            What will be the status of English and Welsh workers Up Here when the Darling Duds of May Britcrash out of the EU?
            Will the EU( which will include Scotland?) use them as ‘bargaining chips’, like the Silver Swallows in the Costas, Dordoigneshire, and Tuscany, when May threatens to expel 2 1/2 million EU citizens working in the New English Empire?
            Of course, tthere will be no Currency Union with the plummeting Britpound, there will be hard borders, 10% tariff on whisky, Scotch beef, and Irn Bru, strict immigration controls on the hundreds of thousands of Geordies and Cumbrians fleeing North as economic refugees?
            I’m indulging my Free Child here, I know.
            Scotland the Ignored.
            Wonder how Dugdale Rennie and Harvie will react.
            Ruth and the LisTory Boys will laugh their fucking heads off, of course.
            England uber alles.

          • Let them laugh their heads off: they don’t use them anyway. Keep that outrage stoked up, Jack, and channel it. Big struggle ahead but, hey, we Jocks often do well when up against bigger foes.

  7. It is official our vote is a farce,( they would be aswell to take our parlament back,they can do this with the English MP,s votes)

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