Having all the smoke and mirrors that you want

Theresa May doesn’t do questions, or answers. Her response to a question is to talk about something else, and if she can she’ll squeeze in an unfunny wee jibe about Jeremy Corbyn. This is what passes for wit and repartee in the House of Commons. When former Tory Home Secretary and Chancellor Kenneth Clarke described May as a difficult woman, what he really meant is that it’s difficult to get her to give a straight answer to a straight question. She’s prone to answering questions with “I’ve been very clear”, which invariably means that she’s been as clear as six inches of thick mud plastered all over your windsreen. You’d get far more clarity and certainty if you nabbed her tea cup after she’d had her tea and innovative jammy dodger and attempted to interpret the patterns of tea leaves.

She insisted she’d been clear previously when she was non-responding to questions and uttering put downs about Jezza during Prime Minister’s Questions, otherwise known as Prime Minister’s Evasions, on Wednesday in the House of Commons. She was asked about the powers over fisheries and agriculture which are currently the preserve of Brussels, and what would happen to those powers after Brexit. Unlike Theresa, the law here is very clear indeed. The Scotland Act is quite explicit about the division of powers between Holyrood and Westminster, and specifies that everything which is not specifically reserved to Westminster is devolved to Holyrood. Under the terms of the Act, agriculture and fisheries are the preserve of the Scottish Parliament. Up until now, that’s only really had theoretical effect, since fisheries and agriculture are subject to EU rules and regulations. That will change after Brexit.

According to the Scotland Act, all powers over agriculture and fisheries which currently reside with Brussels should be repatriated to Holyrood as soon as the UK leaves the EU. The law, if not Theresa, is crystal clear. There should be no question or discussion about what happens to these powers once they are returned to the UK, because the UK government through the Scotland Act, has already agreed that these powers belong to the Scottish Parliament. But that’s not what Theresa thinks. Here are her exact words in response to the question on the devolution of powers which will be returned from the EU after Brexit.

I’ve been very clear, and this was echoed yesterday by my Right Honourable Friend the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, that no powers that are currently devolved are going to be suddenly taken back to the United Kingdom government. What we will be looking at, and what we will be discussing with the devolved administrations, is how we deal with those powers that are currently in Brussels when they come back to the UK. And what we want to ensure is that those powers are dealt with so that we can maintain the important single market of the UK.

They’re going to be “dealt with”, according to Theresa. They’ll kindly and magnanimously pass on any powers from Brussels that they don’t want to keep themselves. Theresa gets first dibs on them and Scotland can have her leftovers. She’s the innovative jammy dodger, dodging questions, dodging responsibility to Scotland. There may be a universe in which the British government doesn’t treat Scotland like a backward child who sticks a fork into a fusebox for fun, but this isn’t that universe. In this universe the British government sticks a fork into the fusebox of the devolution settlement and then acts surprised when sparks fly. But whenever anyone points out that the British government treats the devolution settlement with arrogant contempt, you can hear the Unionists sounding their grievance klaxon. We’re supposed to be ever so ‘umble and grateful for the little crumbs from Theresa’s jammy dodging.

Theresa doesn’t understand the Scotland Act, because if she did she’d know that the powers in question are already devolved. But the truth is that she doesn’t care. She’s a British nationalist who was happy for Scotland to have the pretence of power when those powers were safely in the hands of Brussels, just as she was happy for Scotland to have the pretence of the Sewel Convention being written into law. But the moment there’s the chance that could make a serious difference British nationalists like Theresa aren’t so happy any more.

When Brexit happens there’s the very real likelihood that the British government will unilaterally make substantial changes to the devolution settlement and remove powers from the Scottish Parliament, yet assert loudly that it’s being clear that no existing powers are being taken away. Theresa May has just asserted her right to do so. The provision in the Scotland Bill that all powers are devolved except for those which are specifically reserved is just more meaningless window dressing like the claim that Sewel is enshrined in law, like the claim that the Scottish Parliament is the most powerful devolved parliament in the world, like saying that Scotland is an equal partner in a family of nations when the UK Supreme Court has ruled that Scotland is a region which can be kicked like a can down the street and left in the gutter.

As long as Scotland remains a part of the UK, it will be a subordinate region whose rights are subject to the whim of UK Prime Ministers who don’t need Scottish votes and so have no reason to care what Scotland’s people want or think. You can have your devo window dressing Scotland, but you can’t have any real power. Devolution is like the artificial food in the window of a sushi restaurant. It looks very tasty but you can’t eat it. You can have tax powers that are designed to be unusable. You can have legal clauses with no legal effect. You can have the world’s most powerful devolved parliament as long as it’s in a field of one. You can have all powers devolved except those which are specifically reserved until Westminster decides to claw them back. We love you Scotland, and you can have all the smoke and mirrors that you want.

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0 thoughts on “Having all the smoke and mirrors that you want

  1. I was hoping you would cheer me up , inspire me or make me laugh with a witty description but now I am even more depressed because you are so right , so accurate in your summation of yesterday.

      • It shouldn’t be. You would think when most Scotts realise what is taking place and the lack of respect coming from the Westminster government, it would be easy to vote yes. The problem is that most Scott’s don’t know this is happening. We don’t hear this side on our MSM they are too busy telling us how bad the snp are. If you are politically aware and read bloggs such as this or read the National you will know what’s taking place and why. If you don’t, and that’s most Scotts, then your understanding of the outrageous contempt the Westminster government has for our nation is lost in a sea of never ending snpbad and USA politics. I’m hoping once A50 is triggered then a mass indyref campaign will start because without it all these disgraceful happenings by this right wing government will fade into history and our chances of a successful indyref2 will disappear as fast as peoples memories of what is happened. I hoping our independence parties have a very good and fairly immediate plan because there has never been a time in our history as a nation we have needed it more.

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  3. Why do UK politcans no longer say “As I said earlier”, preferring “I have been very clear”. How many have been through scientology programming?
    Theresa, “Did you ever go clear?” (L. Cohen)

  4. “You’d get far more clarity and certainty if you nabbed her tea cup”

    Sorry, read to there and started laughing 🙂

  5. As I clack away here, there is an ambitious young(ish) Deputy Permanent Secretary in Whitehall, probably the Treasury, who has eyes on the Permanent Secretary at the Treasury main prize, and has the vision to see that their fast track to TOTO is to produce a Paper advising HMG how it could save hundreds of billions in Government Administration when England ‘takes back control’.
    Hundreds of millions, you say? Tell us moah, ma son.
    “Post Brexit Review and Reform of Governance of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    A Discussion Document.
    In tandem with the ongoing negotiations to leave the EU this high level paper sets out proposals to achieve post Brexit Efficiencies and Savings by undertaking a root and branch Review and Reform of the Governance of the UK, and as part of the ‘Take Back Control’ initiative, ‘think the unthinkable’ and consider stripping away the ‘middle tier’ of the devolved Administrations entirely, and return to pre millennium Direct Rule by Westminster.
    It is argued that there has never been a better time to undertake this Scrutiny, now that Britain is on the verge of leaving the EU.
    The Reform and Review would be zero cost, given the tens of billions of savings that can be achieved by removing the cumbersome and expensive tiers of devolved administrations from the chain.
    It is proposed to set up a Steering Group whose Terms of Reference will be;-
    -Undertake an Impact Analysis to establish the benefits and challenges identified by closing down the devolved administrations in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland and returning all decision making powers and authority across the whole UK to Westminster.
    -Examine merging Health, Education, Emergency Services, and Policing into unified UK wide organisations and economy of scale efficiencies and savings that can be achieved.
    -Identify the savings in staff costs, estate (offices, assembly buildings, etc.) facilities management, heat, lighting, and support services by closing down the devolved assemblies entirely…..”

    WHOAH! I’m going to stop now.
    But you get the drift.
    ‘Take Back Control’ means just that.
    I have no doubt at all that if we do not opt for Self Determination we shall be at the mercy of Whitehall mandarins and an English dominated Westminster Parliament which didn’t need our votes to transform England into a Far Right xenophobic rogue state.
    We didn’t matter then, we don’t matter now.Our votes don’t count. But our resources do.
    I can see some wag demanding that England takes back control of the colonies.
    Tuition fees, bedroom tax, tolls on our bridges. Small beer compared to what a Centralised HMG could inflict on us, with the same malicious psychopathy of a budding young serial killer plucking the wings off a bluebottle. Scrap Barnett, stop chucking English tax payers money over Hadrian’s Wall’
    Eat your corn flakes
    I wish I hadn’t posted this now.

    • I have the exact same feeling. Her suggestion that Scotland can have its referendum after Brexit? Is this when she will make sure we have no Scottish Government to hold it? She said with a smirk at the end of her Brexit speech that things will be different for Scotland after Brexit – is that because we will be under direct Westminster rule?

      I really think we have to get out before the very quick hard Brexit is over myself.

    • One of the most intelligent comments ever written. Exactly how it could readily pan out.

      The 85% have “taken back control”. And even if devolution survives the initial wave of brexit, it’s likely to become burdened with unfunded activity, such as having to spin agricultural subsidies out of its guts.

      Where do the Mail, Express and Telegraph stand? Against Scotland.

      The next indyref campaign cannot be all smiles. It will need to be hard-hitting.

    • Jack, did you miss out the section in the ‘policy paper’ that says this is an idea that has found its time: HM’s Official Opposition is persuadable to reform the Acts of Union and to shift towards a more federalist position – which of course can be ‘nuanced’ to mean giving power to city regions and their mayors? Did you also miss out the wheeze about following Spain’s example and in this new constitutional settlement make it, for ever more, illegal for a part of the UK to seek to secede?

      I’m sure the author of the paper will point out that both Houses of Parliament would welcome this modernisation of our democracy – indeed it can be seen as a Brexit benefit to strengthen global Britain. A new start, for a new Britain!

      In addition, the author surely went on to point out, that this could all be expressed – in suitably vague terms, of course – as one of those persuasive ‘vow’ things should those North British people have another independence referendum before Westminster gets it all ‘agreed’.

      • stewartb, you may notice that I stopped my Fantasy Reform and Review Discussion Paper abruptly. I don’t want to be giving them any ideas.
        The Northern Powerhouse, City Deals, HS2, Kezia’s Constitutional Convention, Federalism, any thing but FFA to the ‘devolved assemblies’.
        Once the UKIPpers have left Europe and the English economy goes down the pan, they will search about for another scapegoat since they can’t blame Polish plumbers any more.
        Who better than the ‘something for nothing’ Sweaties, and the Warring Tribes of Ireland.
        After all John Major governed quite well without Holyrood and Stormont.
        Wales voted Leave. It will be swallowed up by England now
        If we were daft enough to vote No next time, they would shut Holyrood in a blink. Of that, I have no doubt.
        Indyref 2 September 2018.

  6. Westminster continues to treat Scotland with contempt. It is now time for Scotland to treat Westminster with contempt. It is now time for SNP MPs to start loading the barrels of political gunpowder underneath Westminster.

    • Totally agree, the time for niceties with the westminster/uk establishment cabal are long gone. Lets play them at their own game, with open hostility+total contempt towards them.

  7. This article opens up some interesting questions. At what point will the Westminster government decide what is going to happen with agriculture and fisheries? How far into the Brexit process will this be decided? If, as Paul points out, authority for these areas reverts to Scotland as it should, then there will be budgetary considerations – for example, funding for farm subsidies would need to be transferred into the Scottish budget. Farms, fishing boat owners and all the supply chain companies associated with them, need to know what their future income stream is likely to be. To act responsibly in relation to these enterprises, these questions should be cleared up as soon as possible.
    My fear would be that the Westminster government is saving these announcements until such point as they can be used as bargaining chips with the Scottish government – “look at all these shiny new powers we are giving you”.

    • When May mentioned “Spanish fishermen” in her wee speech last week it seemed more like she was hinting at being prepared to sacrifice Scottish fishing [again] in any future negotiations with the EU.

    • Things like farm subsidies are, as far as I’m aware, only guaranteed until 2020 when the current EU budget runs to. After that, by which time rUK will be out of EU but hopefully Scotland won’t) I suspect they will be ditched as they were in New Zealand and farmers will have to sink or swim.

  8. This Article is Maggie without the compassion, a annoying shrill voiced bitch who understands nothing but power, this one can’t be negotiated with so why bother, she should be told what we want, if we get no respect or response, Then it’s well f/ck off dear , let’s see who blinks first, even stupid NO voters will see the danger of this one being in charge of Scotland.

  9. “Her response to a question is to talk about something else …”

    Oh someone else noticed that too. How the feck does she keep getting away with it? She does it *every* time. Does she only agree to be interviewed by spineless minions of the establishment?

  10. This is getting to be just too much like Animal Farm, where the rules keep having riders appended to them in the night, ending with the famous “All Animals Are Equal … but some are more equal than others”.

    Can WM really and truly hope to get away with this? And what after all is the Big Problem. Other European states, even those with a history of fascism, seem able to genuinely devolve power to distinctive local nations and communities?

  11. The TREATY of the union of Parliaments was between the COUNTRIES of Scotland and England. The joint parliament was to be known as The Parliament of Great Britian, not the U. K.

    The question in a Scottish Referendum should be does the Scottish people wish to rescind this TREATY.

    Does need permissin of Westminster.

  12. Those who stand for nothing will lie down for anything.

    You can choose to live in Brexit UK. You can choose to live in a state with a Conservative government which seems likely to stay in power for at least the next three terms. You can choose to live with a Tory constructed British bill of rights. You can choose to live with austerity ideology, an ever rightward, ethnically intolerant, greed and self obsessed societal order (custom built courtesy of your caring sharing mainstream media).

    You can choose to allow government representatives whom you’ve never heard of and who certainly have no idea of your particular needs, make life affecting decisions in a parliament not your own, in a country that isn’t yours. You can choose bedroom tax two, snoopers charter, rendition, ‘special relationships’, trickle down economics and rampant corporate compromise. You can choose to be ignored, your opinion worthless, your voice silenced with no hope of ever being heard.

    You can choose ALL of those things.

    Or you could choose life.

    What has happened to the political class and practice of politics of the UK is nothing short of catastrophic and wrong in every sense of the word. Westminster parliament has decided that it is no longer a parliament of consensual union (not that it ever was). It is no longer a house of public servants exercising a duty of care for the nations of the UK. It has openly declared its true nature and philosophy and it is NOT the cuddly, fuzzy, caring and sharing kind.

    People need to ask themselves right now… what kind of country, what kind of politics, what kind of government do I want for myself and generations yet to come?

    Yesterday was a warning and a wake up call. If folk have any sense at all, they’ll take heed at the klaxons going off in their mind and walk away from the cliff edge.

  13. It won,t matter one jot to the Unionist/Orange cabal they will still vote NO for the simple reason that they do not consider themselves to be Scots,they have no feeling of pride in our country they are closet Englanders and proud of it,at the last game played at Ibrox they were belting out “Rule Brittania” ffs,how do we ever get past that?.

    • I do think that there is a core of folk like that. I am unable to put a figure on it, but I think it is relatively small, no more than 20% of no voters, though a 100% of those that chose to comment.

      Our job is to attract the others. Lest we forget, the independence case had a pretty poor percentage at launch. It moved up pretty rapidly after that.

      I am weary of making the same comment, but I would like to see some new opinion polls.

      • I honestly think we must be over the 50% right now. It’s heartening to hear from the many people who say they would now vote YES. That’s not to say we don’t need to work hard before IndyRef2 but at least everything has changed and we can look forward to a win at long last. BUT we must beware fraud, for WM badly needs our assets.

        • We need to involve the EU totally in Indyref2. They must monitor everything. 95% of over 65’s voted in Indyref 1. Many neutral pundits have commented that this would be impossible if not rigged. Certainly a world record. I have also zero faith in the electoral comission and an exit poll is a must.
          As Joe Stalin said,’It is not the people who vote that count, but the people who count the votes’.

          • Malron, I agree totally that things must be tighter next time. When you say ‘the EU’, exactly which group do you mean?

            Vote rigging with elderly people is easy for those of them who have chosen postal voting because they are unable to travel to their voting station. The rigger visits the person and ‘persuades’ them which way to vote and helps them with the paperwork. It has been done before. This is insoluble.

            The weakest links in the chain are 1. the transporting of the ballot boxes to the counting stations and 2. The counting stations themselves. Making those links secure is, however, easy. Count the votes at each voting station, record the results, then count them again at the counting station and compare the two results. This stops the riggers in their tracks. Yes, it will take time and manpower, but we have too much to lose.

            On the lighter side, we don’t want the No voters having a Yes vote declared void because they accuse the Yes camp of rigging. Double counting makes a level playing field for both sides.

  14. I couldn’t post anything after I read the result of the supreme court decision as my anger was such that I think I would have melted the keyboard.Reading the dugs post today about the further example of Mays doublespeak hasn’t cheered me up either. However one thing I do believe is certain assuming that maniac Darth Trump doesn’t bring about Armageddon to us all.As long as our dear wee blue planet keeps orbiting the sun civilisations will rise and fall as will Empires and eventually all political systems.The corrupt uk unionist political parties will not win forever the uk cannot last forever.I have to beleive that one day Scotland will be free.Sentimental I know but it gets me through the day.We must keep our nerve and not give up no matter how bad things look

  15. There is an army amassed against us:establishment, media, died-in-the-wool unionists here and those by whom we’re perceived to be whingeing Scots, egged on by misinformation and slanderous tropes. But there is an army here, Yessers champing at the bit, ready to advance at the first sign of indy2 being called. And we’re better armed now than ever. Brexit and the SC ruling, the state of England’s NHS, austerity that didn’t work, broken promises and vows, and so on. On the positive side there is how well the SG has done in spite of limited resources, the open and welcoming stance taken re immigration and citizenship, the outward-looking vibrancy that is the hallmark at the moment of Scotland and her people. And that is recognised by honest folk across the UK, in Europe and in other parts of the world. These should be built on. Add in, for reinforcements, an EU that must be just waiting to get their teeth into Tory arrogance, chew them up and spit them out. When they do, more evidence of the shambolic governance from WM. I believe the EU would welcome us with open arms: it strengthens the EU, we have lots to offer and they’d delight in putting one over on UK supremacy and notions of empire. TM et al are Trident: faulty goods, without direction, waste of money and dangerous to humankind. Let her invoke Article 50. Call Indyref2 for Autumn 2018 or early 2019 and let’s get ready to rumble. I’m out of this union. EU yes, but first independence for its own right. We can do this. I remember, after Indy1, commentary from Yessers, saying, ‘watch out, we’re going to be hammered for ever daring to have put our heads above the parapet.’ And so it has come to pass. There is foresight in the Yes movement. There is positivity in the face of negativity and hatred. There is a world of difference in who we want to be and what we will become if we don’t fight now. I have no doubts, whatsoever, that we will achieve independence one day. I would sooner have it while I’m still here to fight for it and work for it.

  16. Seems to me that the threat of closing Holyrood is about the only way self serving Slab would support Indy. The thought of losing any chance of a cosy sinecure in politics and having to earn a crust in the real world, would be to much.
    Can’t be an Msp, can’t be an MP, coonsellor nae chance. So what else can a Slab Msp, with their jaiket on a shoogly peg do, but go for Indy?

  17. Incisive article as always and your talk Paul at Brodick Hall, last Sunday was inspirational to the circa 160 attendees. No small feat for a wee place like Arran on a winter Sunday afternoon. So proud to have met Ginger too who, as you say, is ‘a lot bigger than I thought he was going to be!’

    Please forgive me going off topic here but the lie being pushed by yoons now is this nonsense that Scotland can’t be indy because we trade more with rUK than EU. THis was pushed agin last night by Hague on STV.

    This is nonsense. What the Yoons are saying is that they are going to impose a Berlin Airlift type situation on its closest trading partner!

    For those youngsters who don’t know what the Berlin Airlift entailed:

    During the multinational occupation of post–World War II Germany, the Soviet Union blocked the Western Allies’ railway, road, and canal access to the sectors of Berlin under Western control. The Soviets offered to drop the blockade if the Western Allies withdrew the newly introduced ‘mark’. Western Allies organized the Berlin airlift (26 June 1948 – 30 September 1949) to carry supplies to the people of West Berlin.Aircrews flew over 200,000 flights in one year, providing 8,893 tons of necessities each day. The Soviets did not disrupt the airlift for fear this might lead to open conflict. By April1949 the airlift was delivering more cargo than had previously been transported into the city overland. On 12 May 1949, the USSR lifted the blockade of West Berlin.

    Are the Yoons and the far right UK govt really, really suggesting that they are going to impose a Joe Stalin blockade of Scotland?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They really have gone stark raving mad.

  18. We need to explain to soft no voters who like the idea of an NHS (Scotland) that this will not survive negotiation with USA for UK trade, the US will want access to all HNS including NHS (Scotland), Westminster will give it to them and there is nothing Holyrood can do about it if still in UK. Fear story, yes. Likely to happen, yes. Sewel convention will be ignored.

    • Agree it worked for the naysayers why not us , i believe lots of folk think the VOW has landed and Independence supporters are just bloody moaners , lets see the reaction when a few true statements of what is coming hits them right in the f/n face .

  19. Child Poverty Action Group and leading Charities, now established as the Voluntary Sector, the UK now officially a Charity Case, report today that there are 3.7 million children in GB living on or below the poverty line.
    They list the concomitant consequences of Poverty Britain. Obesity, diabetes, lower life expectancy, mothers smoking and drinking during pregnancy, and so on; the usual suspects are blamed. Sugar and salt in fast foods, lack of exercise, Welfare Cuts, cuts to vital public services.
    There are 200,000 children in Scotland living on or below the poverty line. 500,000, half a million of our fellow citizens are living in poverty, prey to drink and drug abuse, smoking, sowbelly cheap supermarket ready meals, premature deaths ,cancer, diabetes, strokes, poor housing, and so on.
    It is noted that the situation has become significantly more critical in the last five years, the Tory Lib Dem, and the Tory years.
    Cameron boasted during the Leaders’ Debate prior to the GE 2015, that the Coalition had cut £21 billion in Welfare Payments and promised that there were more’savings to come.’
    He got that right. Thanks, Davidson and Rennie.
    The Charter for Budget Responsibility was voted through by the WM Red Blue and Yellow Tories in January 2015, cutting Welfare by £12 billion, public services, and public service jobs by £13 billion, and £5 billion in Tax Revenueto be collected from Tax Dodgers.
    The Blue Tory Government charged The English Health Service with making £30 billion in ‘efficiency savings’(cuts) during the life time of this Parliament, but this was reduced to£20 billion, which the Tories spun as giving the English HS ‘an additional £10 billion in spending’.
    LA’s in England have had their Central Government Grants slashed by 40%, and daily we have a wee peek at the collapse of civic society in England. Hospital crises, essential services scrapped, while the rich got 5% richer.
    Up here, Professor Two Jobs WATP sectarian bigot exhorts Nicola Sturgeon to get on board the Brexit ‘bus, and Rennie, Davidson, and Dugdale remain fixated about Independence, because they don’t want to talk about any of the above.
    The reason the attainment gap is not narrowing between our poorest kids and the Establishment sprogs is Red Blue and Yellow Unionist POVERTY, and they would have us sit back and let WM ‘take back control’?,
    It is poverty introduced by Davidson’s Party, and endorsed by Rennie and Dugdale.
    Yet it is all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault because she is fixated’ with Self Determination?
    The Unionist Branch Offices are an insult to the people of Scotland. They care nought about our children; they are desperately hanging on to their nice little earners, and FUCK Scotland.
    The day of Reckoning is coming, of that thewre is no doubt.Theya re beneath contempt now.
    We are on the cusp of something truly wondrous.
    There will be a second Independence Referendum, probably Sept. 2108, by which time we shall have witnessed 18 months of ‘exceptionalist’ Westminster blustering their way out of the EU and heading towards social and economic meltdown in England, oh yes, and Wales.
    Yet in the debate on MacKay’s budget, Dugdale demands a penny on the pound income tax, which the voters rejected in May ’16, the Tories want us to be like England and give the rich an extra 5% cut while 3.7 million kids starve, and Wullie Rennie wants..who knows?
    Patrick Harvie is not budging until a top rate of 60% is introduced.
    Now I can understand the Red Blue and Yellow Tories boneheadedness. Their job is to gum up the works, to attempt to make Holyrood fail, and to hell with the Scottish People.
    But the Greens really need to step back and give themselves a good talking to.
    We need all pro Independence hands to the pump over the next crucial 18 months. Pouring treacle over a quite tepid budget serves the independence movement badly.
    We are aware of the Green position, Patrick. There is much that we would support, and champion. But not yet.
    The irony is that the Unionists are fixated about Independence. It’s perhaps time that the pro Self Determination politicians did the same.
    If this is the sorry state of the UK now, what will it be like when May Johnson Farage Fox and Davis ‘take back control’, and we have not grasped the thistle of Independence?
    All hands to the pump , now.

  20. Excellent piece Jack. What is Mr. Harvie doing? Does he listen to the personal jibes of the Unionists ? These are Unionist voices Mr. Harvie. You must know that these voices have to be risen above.

    Please be courageous and place the people of Scotland above all the Unionist jibes.

    • Alba, it is to be hoped that the penny drops soon.
      I’m sure that events will move apace the nearer we get to B Day, 31st March.
      His heart, if not his head yet, is in the right place.

  21. The sad fact is that the other Scots yoon parties will accept anything May proposes. The devolution settlement was meant to stop the SNP. Labour imagined that it would be in power in Scotland in perpetuity until it became more Tory than Tory in 2014.
    So, May with one MP from Scotland can do whatever she wants.
    However, how far does SLabour have to sink before it realises that it gets no help from Corbyn. He is even useless in his own English back yard.
    LfI,baths group reactivated offers hope to Labour supporters here who are beginning to distance themselves from UK Labour. As the English Labour Party tears itself apart over Brexit and is hemmed in by xenophobic Ukip and Tories, it is no use any more . Better to become independent Labour in Scotland than linked to a dying organisation dahn sath. With Labour in Scotland even lagging behind the Tories, who they see as the real villain apart from SNP- baaad, then one would think that refocussing themselves within Scotland would help them.
    Westminster is becoming linked to Toryism, time for Slabour to ditch the Union.

  22. It is hard to swallow the constant beat-downs ,and guffawing! attacks on the Scottish intellect at every opportunity.There comes a time when we have to stand up and stand together against these elitist b******s and their minnion followers.
    Surely,even the no voting “im all right jack brigade”will see the light before they and their friends and families become victims of this horredeous social purge.If we as a people allow this Westminster power elite to destroy our dream of independence and a prosperous Scotland for probally the last time, then the aftermath that follows will not bear thinking about.

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