What Ruth Davidson really fears

You may have noticed that Scotland had an independence referendum a couple of years ago, one which the Unionist parties won on the basis of making certain promises to the Scottish people, promises which they had no intention of keeping. Despite the fact it ended in disappointment and Westminster deceit, the independence campaign was the greatest flourishing of participative democracy that Scotland has ever seen. 2014 was the summer when Scotland woke up and began to speak to itself and to the world. If democracy is a flower, 2014 in Scotland was a meadow carpeted in many colours.

People, ordinary punters, people like me, who had no previous involvement in politics got up off our arses and too part in a popular debate about what sort of country we want Scotland to be, a debate about who has the right to decide what sort of country Scotland should be. Should it be the people of Scotland and a government that they elect and which is responsible to them and to them alone, or should it be a government in Westminster which doesn’t enjoy the support of anything close to a majority of the people of Scotland? A government which is taking Scotland down a path to a right wing dystopia which only a tiny minority in Scotland want.

Local groups sprang up like flowers in the desert when the rains come after a long drought. Scotland is littered with communities which have been battered into submission by the inequalities and demoralisation of the Thatcher years and the betrayal of Blair, communities where kids learn young that dreams can only be found in drugs. But for the first time in my life, I saw people in communities like my own learn how to hope, learn how to dream real life dreams, learn how aspiration is something that they have a right to as well. They learned that their voices counted, that their views mattered, that their vote would make a difference. We learned that passivity is the route to impoverishment, and silence leads to submission. So we spoke out, and all across Scotland there was a chorus of conversation about the future of this country. Many small voices together make a loud sound. And it was a beautiful thing.

Scotland had a national conversation about its future, a national discussion about independence, a discussion which in many other countries is conducted with bullets and bombs and grieving mothers and bodies lying in the street, and the only casaulty of this debate, the only injury imposed by the independence movement, was Jim Murphy’s shirt. That is an enormous testament to the maturity of Scottish democracy and the people of this country. It is something about which we should rightly be proud. Scotland sets an example to the world about how to conduct a national debate on independence. In Catalonia, across Europe, all over the world, they point to Scotland as an example of how this kind of debate should be handled.

The violence that did occur came from the reactionary forces at the fag end of Unionism. The physical wounds that were inflicted were inflicted by fascists with Union flags. It would be wrong to characterise all of those who support the continuance of the Union with the hate filled spittle flecked baboons who ran rampage in George Square, beating up anyone suspected of separatism. And the mainstream Unionist parties would be the very first to take umbrage if an independence supporter attempted to link them to that violence and hatred, a violence and hatred that was very real and very bloody and which waved a Union jack and screamed God Save the Queen. Yet those same Unionist parties want to characterise the entire independence movement by the broken egg splattered on Jim Murphy’s shirt. They want to pretend that online discussion of Scottish politics is uniquely ugly and vile, when bad online behaviour is a characteristic of all social media, not just Scottish politics.

Ruth Davidson’s speech this week in which she characterised the independence debate as fratricidal was a shameful attempt to demonise the peaceful side in the independence debate. It was an attempt to diminish and denigrate the ability of the people of Scotland, irrespective of what stance we take on the constitution, to debate openly, peacefully, and in a mature and civilised manner. And she did it as a deliberate ploy in an attempt make people disengage with the arguments, because people like Ruth rely on passivity and silence, obedience and obeisance, in order to maintain their influence over us. She won’t apologise, because she has no shame or self-respect, and no respect for the people of this country. They do this as a deliberate tactic in order to close the debate down before it gets going, because it’s only through apathy and hopeless detachment that they can maintain the North Britain that gives them status. When Ruth tells Scotland that its exercise in democracy is fratricidal, she’s telling us she doesn’t think we’re fit to voice opinions. She’s displaying her cringe and her dependence on her Westminster masters. She’s projecting her own weakness and inability onto everyone else.

Scotland started a national conversation about this back when the first independence referendum was called. That referendum didn’t settle the matter, because it is now clear that it was won on a false prospectus. The United Kingdom that Scotland was told it could be a part of back in 2014 doesn’t exist. It never existed. All it was was a glossy sheen on a rotten corpse. That’s why the debate continues. But Ruth wants us to continue our dance with the dead, and to keep Scotland in its political grave.

The harsh reality for Scotland now, at this juncture in its history, is that the governments of Estonia or Malta have more of a say about the future Scotland faces than the people of Scotland do themselves. And Ruth Davidson wants to do all she can to ensure it stays that way, because in her universe everyone has the right to determine the path that Scotland treads except the people of Scotland who must tread that path. When Ruth speaks of fratricide, she’s speaking about her fears that if the people of Scotland can choose their own path, they will choose to trample her career into the dust. And all the photo opportunities with her pals in the press pack won’t save her.

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0 thoughts on “What Ruth Davidson really fears

  1. Have fired of a letter of complaint to the ethics in public life people in Thistle House Edinburgh reference to her obvious attempts at stoking up the fuels of hatred. I she and others really want to know what its like in country that is destroying itself I am more than happy to have a chat about Bosnia and what i witnessed as a UN soldier in 1993.

  2. A keeper Paul. Well said.

    She won’t apologise you know? No more than Torrance did over his Ulsterisation piece.

    Unionists of the political class described above the line, require fear and intimidation to enforce their union. Its not a union of equals, not a union of mutual benefit, nor is it a union based on trust or understanding. It is a union very much based on one sided necessity.

    What kind of union is it that its champions consider fear and acquiescence in the population desirable? An acceptable go to campaign strategy? What kind of person thinks like that?

    Ms Davidson is no leader in waiting of the Scottish electorate and her idiotic speech underlines the why of that without any further explanation or example required.

    • Torrance is a one dimensional, pot stirring idiot. If he hadn’t latched onto stalking the SNP leadership, he would be flipping burgers.

      • Reckless and thoughtless on both their parts gavin.

        Still, in both instances it underlines why Ruth is not fit to represent ALL the people of Scotland and why trust and respect for the press has fallen off a cliff.

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  4. Wonder if she finished her speech with a yell of ” NO SURRENDER”!!!!?

    Personally I think she would bow out of her role in a minute, if the BEEB or some such, gave her a steady gig. She must look behind her in Parliament and shudder at the dross, drones and buffoons who make up her wee bunch of part-timers.

  5. What a thoroughly reprehensible person Ruth Davidson is. Another one promoted well above her ability. Her career does indeed deserve to be trampled in the dust and I would quite happily do it.

    I’ll decide for myself which way I will vote and help this fight, for it is indeed a fight, for an independent Scotland Ruthie. You’ll no dae it fur me. Noo awa’ an bile yer big fat heid in a can and gies a’ peace.

    • Shes a total barefaced Liar , how do i know ,she opens her GUB and way too often ,the off switch has been removed from that one .

  6. Superb post Paul, Ruthie wears her cringe like battle honours. She and her ilk proudly display their second class citizenship for all to see. They know that in the grand scheme of heaven and earth their allotted place is on their knees serving their Imperial Masters. Thankfully we wish more for our selves in Scotland now, and will soon be leaving the privilege and patronage of the busted flush once known as the UK to re-join the world as equals

  7. The other Davidson, the Red Tory Chairman of the Westminster Scottish Affairs Committee, Iain Davidson, promised to bayonet the wounded following a No victory, and urged(there’s that verb again!) The MOD and BAE to include a codicil into the Govan Scotstoun Rosyth Frigate contracts
    ( what’s happening there btw? It was 13, then it was 8 frigates, then it was…?) that if Scotland voted Yes, tens of thousands of his fellow Scots would be sacked and the work moved to England. He openly boasted that he would actively fight to have the work removed from Scotland. Vote No or we’ll sack you. Barrhead travel’s boss’ e mail to workers threatening closure in Scotland also comes to mind.

    The language of the ProudScotBut Unionist Uncle Toms has had an undercurrent of threat, bullying, coercion, and down right belligerent lying from the get go.
    Where are they now?
    Ruth Davidson is without doubt the most hapless and heartless Blue Tory Branch Office leader so far.
    The use of the noun ‘fratricide’ tells us more about what’s going on inside her head than the reality of political debate in Scotland at the moment. She envisages brother killing brother as Indyref 2 escalates into Ukraine/Belfast civil war?
    Her co-pilots Professor Two Jobs WATP Adam Tomkins, the man that my neighbours and I personally kicked out on his constituency ear, and the biggest political failure in Scotland, Murdo We are The People Fraser, along with James ‘I will not sit down’ Kelly, the political wing of the Sellick Green Brigade slither through our land leaving a bigoted bellicose hate-filled trail of slime in their wake like nocturnal slugs.
    They trade on bigotry, fear, and elitism.
    Torrance and his like are rabble rousers, and will slither away into obscurity selling advertising space for the Pitlochry Banner post Independence.
    As the late Zsa Zsa Gabor quipped on divorce :-‘ Don’t get angry, get the house.’
    No amount of Unionist provocation, and overt threats of rUK ‘retaliation’ post Independence will rouse us to tit for tat ‘sabre rattling’, Ms Davidson.
    I think that it was Gore Vidal, in a conversation with Mohammed Ali, who observed, ‘violence is the last resort of an exhausted mind’.
    I’ll be charitable here. Perhaps the unionists are merely ‘exhausted’ mentally?
    We are not getting angry despite your provocation; we are getting the house.
    Paul, a magnificent piece.
    Robertson and Salmond were stellar today too.
    We have right on our side.

  8. On the other hand, if you could do with a wee dose of cheer, this is stunning.

    The Independent newspaper says that it has been the case over many centuries that the richest countries are the small and flexible ones.


    The best bit is :
    “But in a small nation, forced to live from a smaller tax base, there is more of a limit to how big state institutions can grow. Monitoring becomes more efficient, it is harder to obfuscate, so there is more transparency and accountability, and less waste. Change is easier to implement, making a nation flexible, dynamic and competitive. With fewer people, there is less of a wealth gap between those at the top and the bottom.”

    How long would Theresa May’s obfuscations survive in Scotland?

  9. Your best piece Paul.

    Ruth Davidson has stood by and watched Scottish democracy overridden.
    The Vow ignored. The Scotland Bill amendments all voted down by England’s Tory MPs.
    No veto for Scotland over Brexit despite a majority for Remain. The Supreme Court’s total disregard of Scotland and our Parliament.

    Ruth Davidson looks at all that democratic deficit and sees many of her compatriots seeking to redress that deficit by means of the ballot box. She doesn’t have to agree but she is duty bound to respect. Yet her response is a total lack of respect and to make crass and unfounded suggestions about civil war. Wherever her loyalties lie she has demonstrated that they don’t lie with the everyday people of Scotland and that includes most Tory voting people of Scotland.

    A vote of censure should be held at the Scottish Parliament over Davidson’s remarks.

    • if ever the use of a lie detector was required it is on this article , she should be permanently fitted with one , then again the simple act of her opening that twisted gob of hers is a very visible indicator of Lie in progress

      • There again she probably believes most of the crap she emits, so a lie-detector (I’m not actually sure that such things really work reliably, but just supposing …) would be useless in her case. A honest dupe? Who knows?

  10. Great post Paul as usual, and also, Jack and Macart. You are such an inspiritation and can put into words what I am think thinking and feeling.

    So proud of our SNP MP s tonight . Have watched most of the debate over yesterday and today/tonight. Against all odds and with great patience…. They got their points across. … So many of them were outstanding… We are so lucky to have them….. We have moved into the next stage…… Will be interesting.

  11. Democratic deficit.

    Mundell – The only member of the Scottish benches to vote for the triggering of article 50.


  12. Well as expected the turkeys voted for Christmas tonight.Where was Labour well it seems most of them were playing chicken- no surprise there.It has been widely reported that two thirds of Labour voters in the South who voted in EU referendum voted remain but as far as Corbyn is concerned its the third who were Brexiteers who count.Certainly how Scotland voted doesn’t. The man couldn’t lead his way out of a paper bag.As far as Ruth Davidson is concerned she truely is a despicable human being .When Darth Trump turns up for his visit she won’t be holding his hand but licking his boots. Her recent comments were shameful

  13. I totally agree with all the above posts .Miss Davidson attempting to sew seeds of hatred and dissonance as per the usual Tory guff.

    I have been engrossed reading and watching articles re Fiona Hyslop attending and speaking to members at the E U and my feeling is that there is a different attitude toward Scotland , a kind of welcoming nurturing empathetic type.
    Perhaps it is wishfull thinking or maybe I am correct in my assumption that indyref 2 will be met at least on a European level with a kind welcome ( a kind of how you all doing come right in and take a seat ,what can we do for you) type of thing. I think we have learned a great deal from indyref1 and will not be caught out this time by the incessant” no yi canny establishment” . A lot of the myths have been debunked by the hard working yessers WGD WOS etc etc and I can feel a buzz whilst reading many sources, of a great change coming down the line.

    Please tell me, its not just me !!!!

    As Dylan says ” the times they are a changing “

    • John, Times they are a-changing is a bit of a dirge now that I think of it. For something perhaps more cheerful and inspirational from the same author and era, how about The Hour that the Ship Comes In? And thinking forward to IndyRef2, “And the words that they used / For to get the ship confused / They will not be understood when they are spoken …” Clearly prophetic 🙂

  14. A great article, thanks. Great comments as well.
    Wonder what the many no voters, now about to be dragged out the EU, having been told in no uncertain terms that independence would take them out of the EU are feeling like?
    Surely, like the people I know who voted no, they will now support independence for Scotland. People who like to travel, and it’s easy and affordable to them, at the moment.

  15. I’m sure this white paper with its sooper dooper deal (slightly light on detail) will go terribly well with the troops in commons. It’ll go down well with those who wish to leave the EU too I should think. In fact I’m sure leave voters, especially in England will be more than satisfied with progress about now.

    Mind you, that deal… there may be a small bump in the road there. The whole bargaining chips thing. Would folks reckon that drinks export may be one of those? How about fishing? How about … people? EU citizens of continental origin, say around 190,000. Any number of other things actually and not just as important as human beings either.

    What happens to Ms May’s deal if those things are removed from her bargaining table? What happens if around 10% of her annual budget and tax take is no longer there to be counted upon, or access to some fairly hefty resources which help underwrite a fairly hefty debt?

    What happens to EU opinion about Scotland if Scotland assures the welcome and safety of continental EU citizens, provides a welcome for a lot of UK based EU businesses who thought they may be headed home? Is willing to chat about energy, agriculture, fishing and such (no promises mind).

    What happens to that deal if Ms May loses the ability to control some sizable bargaining chips?

    She’s the one who likes to use poker analogies about people’s lives. Her government and to be fair a few others before her, are the ones who created a system and society willing to accept such appalling analogies. Buzz phrases and soundbites which cheapen life, degrade and demonise others for agenda, profit and cheap fucking political advantage.

    What happens to her ‘deal’, her negotiating position when she doesn’t have the hand she thought she had and the other ‘players’ know it?

  16. A five year old child is handcuffed, hands behind his back, the manacles clamped to his elbows, since they would simply slip off his frail little wrists otherwise, and a big bruiser of a security man lowering over him, to offer ‘there,there, don’t be frightened’ words of succour?
    Trump indicating to his Praetorian Guard to eject an accredited journalist who was asking ‘alternative questions’ about Mexican walls, bans on Muslims, and such. His burlies duly obliged and ‘frog marched’ the member of the Free Press out of the Holy Christian Emperor Trump’s exalted presence.
    Marie Le Pen’s bruisers manhandle a TV crew, and start swinging fists, as accredited journalists are forced out of Le Pen dans le derriere’s propaganda media conference.
    Ruth ‘Harrison’ envisages Civil War here, and the English Government’s Minister For War, MIck Fallon hands down an edict to the Colonists from the Great Leader May that wearing the tartan, playing the bagpipes, road signs in Scotch, and oh yes, democracy in the Scottish Province are forbidden.
    The Unionists have form, of course.
    Remember all those secret, closed doors, by invitation only Unionist meetings, at which Darling, Brown, Cameron, Osborne, Major, and a long list of WM Big Beasts were paraded before gatherings of the Faithful, in secret and heavily policed locations, where the MSM made up 50% of the invited ‘audience’, who filmed it, reported it, and headlined it in the Dead Tree Scrolls, the BBC and STV, and BBC Radio Jordanhill, as a spontaneous series of Better Together rallies?
    Children in chains, journalists threatened, The English Minister for War threatening the Scottish Territory.
    If you entered journalism to fight for truth, justice, democracy, and freedom, why on earth are you scribes still supporting Davidson, Dugdale, Rennie, and their WM bosses?

  17. Davidson’s crap about “fratricide” will be viewed even by some tories in Scotland as an embarrassment. Not that they’d publicly criticise it or anything but you can bet that many of the less stupid and ignorant among them will be wishing they had a better leader.

    Watch out for those knives Ruthie.

  18. I think the Unionist plan is becoming clearer (and it does worry me because it is dangerous):
    1. Scottish Parliament vote for IndyRef2
    2. Westminster refuse (ground prepared by ‘respect the 2014 result’ meme being repeated lots in advance by Ruth).
    3. Agent provocateur action -see 1950s Scottish post boxes vandalism for an example (ground now prepared by memes about ‘Ulsterisation’ and Ruth’s ‘Fratricidal conflict’ -neither of which are accidental).
    4. Fear of violence +++
    5. Indy support falls and we are tarred with the same brush as Fascism (they are already trying that).

    I had been scratching my head for a while trying to work out why they seem to be acting so stupid… I now wonder if they do actually have a plan (albeit evil).

    They tried very hard last time and only got a couple of eggs for their trouble. They will try harder next time -even if they have to do it themselves.

    Warm stout hearts and cool heads needed.

    ‘Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them quite so much’ -Oscar Wilde

  19. I know, I’ve said it before, if I don’t stop picking at this scab, it’ll never heal.
    I caught FMQ on I Player.
    If further proof were needed, then today’s performance by Davidson (or is it Harrison now?), Dugdale and Rennie moved from ‘on the balance of probabilities’, to ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ hartd evidence that that they are ineffectual whiners, a Greek Chorus, ‘whining from the sidelines’, as B Taylor observed in his post match Unionist blether with his chum Severin, ‘Sev’ to his friends, of the Times’ Man in The Northern Terri-Tories.
    Davidson was the mop head, Dugdale,the handle, and Rennie, the bucket, as our quite understandably techy FM wiped the floor with them.
    Rennie, and his Famous Five laughed their feckin’ sinecured heads off, Dugdale whined about increases in teenage mental health rejections, perfectly aware that there is extra cash, and a major Review, to which I sincerely hope her party is contributing already under way.
    She was just moaning and SNP BADding again, as was Jackie Baillie, that picture of health that would still be overweight if she were two women.
    Ruth waved a bit of paper again, and accused the Scottish Government of being anti-business, and discouraging inward investment by making Scotland the highest taxed country in the UK.
    Our FM referred to Prescription charges, Tuition Fees, free care for the elderly, and her Government’s scrapping of business rates fro 100,000 SME’s. The tax rise to the wealthiest worked out at £6 a week, less than the charge for a prescription Down There.
    Ruth was having a bad day, again.
    But she had her coup de grace up her sleeve.
    The Banff Springs Hotel is facing a £50,000 hike in business rates, and are faced with the dilemma of closing or passing on the rise to customers.
    One customer when asked to pay £80 more for the hire of a room, protested, and threatened to take their business elsewhere. And who was that customer?
    The Banff Branch of the SNP!
    The Yoons fell about themselves laughing and woofing.
    It occurred to me. I won’t be staying at the Banff Springs Hotel. There is apparently no client confidentiality. They’ll hand my personal details over to any old politician.
    Is Kenneth West still the Director of the Banff Springs Hotel? If not, I apologise profusely.
    I am trying to figure out how Davidson came by this highly confidential information.
    Whoever ‘leaked’ this, do they have contacts in the Tory Party and maliciously passed on this strictly confidential information between a guest and the hotel? What could have been their motive? To embarrass the SNP, to hack off a potential customer?
    What would motivate the boss of a hotel to break client confidentiality?
    Could it have been politically motivated? Surely not?
    Or..could it be because of a previous stooshie over new business rates covering derelict property?
    I couldn’t possibly comment.
    I will definitely not book into any hotel which will pass on information about my visit to a third party, never mind the leader of an Arch right wing mob, who feel entitled to make my private business public in a vainglorious effort to score political points.

    If a hotel passed on my personal details to anyone to be used in this way, I might even sue the pants off them.
    I’m sure others with the resources of WGD, WoS, Bateman, Grouse Beater, can look into this more thoroughly than I, a mere crotchety old pensioner.
    The Red Blue and Yellow Tories contributed nothing to formulating this year’s Scottish budget. They offered nothing as an alternative, and will vote against it ‘cos they hate the SNP and are only there for the easy money. They are a 24 carat waste of space.
    In closing, Brian Taylor and his pal, ‘Sev’. gave us some alternative facts about the Minister for War’s declaration that WM would forbid Indyref 2.
    He didn’t really mean that. He was merely reflecting his WM colleagues’ view that the Independence Movement would not win, so it was all a bit pointless. Aye right, Sevvie boy.
    I need to lie down.

  20. Truthless Harrison’s whinge may be a complete pack of lies. Banff and Buchan SNP people meet in the Fife Lodge in Banff. The Fife Lodge is (or was) owned by Herbert and Susan Cox. And John Cox is an SNP councillor in Aberdeenshire – Banff now being in Aberdeenshire.

    • The plot thins, bedelsten. The £50,000 figure is significant, or a mere coincidence.
      I’ll let the bloodhounds take up the scent.
      It had the stench of another one of Ruth’s alternative facts.
      I cannot believe that a hotel would release such sensitive facts officially.
      As I say, I won’t be booking into any hotel that would treat my personal details in this way. Did this hotel?
      I seriously doubt it.
      Foot in mouth disease from tRuthless again?

      • There are some people who only open their mouths to change feet.
        On the other hand, maybe it was a meeting in Alberta and stRuthless Harrison has problems with geography.

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