Killing the things that you love the most

Over the past few weeks and months Scotland has received a message from our Conservative masters, most often delivered to us by Fluffy Mundell, that malignant tartanesque gonk who glories in the title of Uncle Tam the governor general for telling the jocks to put up and shut up. This week it was delivered by Michael Fallon, the Minister of State for selling missiles to Saudi Arabia to use to bomb buggery out of Yemeni weans, who told us that we could “forget it” if we wanted another independence referendum. That would be the Michael who is so clued in about Scottish politics that he thinks that the Scottish Tory tank commander is called Ruth Harrison. He thinks that the Tory leader in Scotland is the bastard offspring of a Beatle and a buffalo. My sweet lord, what a muppet.

Still we should be grateful. The single most reliable way to ensure that a Scottish person does something is for an entitled Tory gobshite to tell us that they’re not going to allow it. That only gets one response from your average Scot, and that response is, “That will be right.” If the Tories attempt to block an independence referendum after Holyrood has voted to hold one, a yes vote is pretty much a nailed on certainty.

Michael’s intervention is just the latest in a long list of slap downs from a bunch of arrogant eejits who are convinced that the world is waiting to roll over and give Brexit Britain everything it demands. It doesn’t usually matter which interchangeable Tory nawbag says it, the message is always the same. And that message is, we’ll tell you what you can have. We’ll tell you when you can get out and for how long. We’ll tell you how far you can go. We’ll tell you where you can go to. We’ll tell you who you can speak to. This is a Union of equals where you’re a respected partner, and that means you’ll do as you’re told equally alongside the poor and the disabled and everyone else that we reign over. That’s what you voted for. It’s only Scottish separatists who need to respect the result of the 2014 referendum, we Tories don’t need to respect anything because we won it and we certainly don’t need to respect Scotland. It doesn’t matter that we lied. We won. Only the losers need to be held to account. You voted to give us the liberty to lie to you and to treat you like children. You voted to deliver your self-respect to us to do with as we please. That’s the Conservative respect agenda. Scotland, get back in your box and shut it behind you.

I don’t know about you, but I am heartily sick to the back teeth of being told to respect the result of the 2014 referendum by a bunch of deceitful and self-serving fools who are as likely to respect the promises and commitments that they made in order to win that referendum as Murdo Fraser is likely to get through an evening on Twitter without making a bit of an arse of himself. And there was me thinking that independence supporters were already respecting the result of the 2014 referendum by virtue of the fact that we’ve refrained from attempting UDI. That’s all the respect that the Tories and their Labour and Lib Dem enablers are entitled to.

They keep telling us that we’ve passed peak-SNP and Sturgeon’s honeymoon is coming to an end. She doesn’t really want a referendum. She knows that she’d lose it. She knows that no one wants a referendum. She knows that Westminster would never allow it. She knows that the EU doesn’t want Scotland, that Spain would veto it. It’s quite amazing how all these Unionists are privy to the thoughts of Nicola Sturgeon.

But if they are so confident, then why are they so afraid? If they are so certain that a second referendum is a lost cause for supporters of independence, that a Scotland that rejects Westminster would be roundly rejected by the rest of the world, that Spain will veto our membership of the EU, that there’s no chance of the people of Scotland supporting the idea, then why do they reek of fear and hysteria? Why the panic? Because if they really were as confident as they claim then they’d be the ones insisting that a referendum was held as quickly as possible, then they could win it and they really would finish off the independence movement for a generation or two.

The reason for the panicked behaviour, the ramping up of the scare stories and the threats, is because they know their game is a bogey. The Union is finished, and it hasn’t been finished off by Scottish nationalism, it’s been finished off by a recalcitrant and triumphalist Unionism that forgot it was supposed to be supporting a union and instead demanded submission and obedience.

The broad shoulders of the UK don’t support a head with a functioning brain. Seven months after Brexit and it gives us a white paper that’s a tissue thin wish list that is based on the assumption that everyone will give the UK everything it wants, and if they don’t it will stamp its foot and sulk and sulk and sulk. The Unionists are panicking because this is the prospectus that’s supposed to keep Scotland happy in the UK and it contains nothing of any substance. There’s more intellectual rigour in Murdo’s tweets than in Theresa May’s white paper. It is to an economic plan as an exercise in BBC royalist sycophancy is to a hard hitting documentary, and equally blinded by Great British red white and blueness.

The diddy-United Kingdom is a ship of fools that’s destroying itself in greed and xenophobia, sacrificing its future so that its citizens can look forward to low wages, no employment rights, and a cut-rate sub-American health care system. But at least they’ll have high streets without so many shops selling pierogi. Apparently that’s taking back control.

They can have their Brexit, as hard as they please. But they will destroy their Union in order to get it. The United Kingdom will be killed by those who say that they love it the most. Their hubris, arrogance, and lack of humility is Scotland’s opportunity. We won’t let that chance slip from our grasp. There’s going to be another independence referendum whatever Michael Fallon says. And Scotland will rejoin the family of independent nations.

There won’t be any blog posts for a few days as I am off to visit family in London.

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0 thoughts on “Killing the things that you love the most

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  2. Great post Paul. And yet I meet people with expensive educations and the ability to walk and talk at the same time who assure me that Brexit and Trump are a good thing because it will shake things up a bit yet it is a bad thing to even think of shaking things up a bit by voting for an independent Scotland. I hope Nicola fires the starting gun for Indyref2 soon, maybe even at the Spring conference on 18th/19th March in Aberdeen, so turning the council elections in May into Indyref1.5
    Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Love your stuff Paul, thank you.

    But I need some help. We, the politically engaged, are at once outraged and angered on a daily basis by the arrogance of the UK government. We’re confused and scared about the prospect of a right-wing 51st State Trumpian dystopia. But the polls don’t seem to move. Are we doing the bubble thing? The general populace of Scotland still seem intransigent or apathetic or something.

    Why don’t the polls move? I am at a total loss to understand how any person living in this country isn’t equally as livid as I am.

    I read a lot of ‘Bring it On’ in the blogosphere. But although there has been a substantial change in UK circumstances, the unionist fearmongering through the MSM still has traction. They can still beat us over the head with the currency, the oil, the border, the deficit, the UK ‘single market’ etc etc. There are responses to all these questions, but in this ‘post truth’ world logic and reason don’t seem to have as much weight as seeds of doubt and misdirection. If there are ‘soft Nos’ who have not moved after the events of the last few weeks, what could possibly move them?

    I want indyref 2 but I’m scared because the polls don’ move. Can anyone out there help me feel more positively about it?

    • Harporius, you articulate my own thoughts. Every day some insult, put-down, atrocious comment against Scotland emerges or another consequence of the “No” or “Leave” votes appears and I think “This is it – they must see it now”, but nothing changes except that the wee boiler in my head cranks up another pound of pressure.

      It’s a dark, wet and windy morning here so maybe that’s not helping my mood, but I really, really worry about the apathy of many of my fellow Scots.

      • who says they haven’t changed ? the Polling organisations , the english government , the tories ,in other words all the ones with vested interests in our failing to gain Independence , cast your mind back to 2016 any one call the results of all major events in that year ? Nope not one , so we are now supposed to believe these organisations have suddenly hit on the winning formula Aye right comes to mind . Total Pish meant to influence events not to reflect them .

        • CORRECT, Graham, CORRECT. This ‘polls haven’t changed’ stuff is unionist (will never capitalise that word) NONSENSE.

    • We who meet here are already convinced, we know that Scotland is disrespected, marginalised and irrelevant to the votes that keep the Tories in power.
      The excellent contributions by people with huge knowledge and intellect (mostly) are consumed by those of us who understand and believe.
      The hard NOs will stay as they are, they will cling to their beliefs come what may. The target must be the soft NOs and the don’t care/never thought about it brigade.
      I doubt that we reach any of them, many of the older in this category know nothing of computers, blogs etc. They believe what they read in the paper and see on the TV. It was always so and may always be so.
      These people amongst us don’t know the facts, they have no source which they consider to be reputable. What they read in the MSM is gospel, how could it be untrue, it’s in black and white on the page.
      I fear that we are in a bubble, many are persuaded by the MSM to be contemptuous of Sturgeon and her government. They only ever get one side of the story and its a pretty distorted one.
      So what to do. If I won the lottery I would buy a newspaper and instruct the editor to stick strictly to the truth, to question every assertion and claim made by all. To build an organ which never contained spin or leant towards anything other than indisputable fact.
      The odds are against me winning the lottery, so have to think of another plan. The eureka moment is yet to arrive.
      I believe we, as believers in independence, have to seriously consider how to get the message out. I previously mentioned that there are many on this site who have considerable intellect and I suspect experience in the disemination of information.
      Could we concentrate on this issue, can we find a smart and effective way of ensuring that every voter in Scotland has access to unbiased information, can we win the next referendum with a huge majority of voters who truly understand the issues.
      Its going to be quite a challenge.

      • Well Moonlight, the only way I know to try to counteract the misinformation spread by the M.S.M is to do what I have been doing for years, and that is to go around the doors, leafleting, canvassing, speaking to people face to face.
        In fact, over the last number of years it seems at times to have been non-stop campainging, and here we are, ready to go again for the council elections.
        I was at a count on the morning of the 19th, September,2014, and it was a terrible feeling to know we had lost, but after a pep-talk from the wife of our M.S.P, we were soon back on the streets again and know what, we overturned a Labour majority of nearly 16,000, and got an S.N.P M.P elected. So it can be done.
        I am fully aware that what suits me doesn’t work for everybody, but if we all do what we can, in whatever capacity, then we can reach our goal. In my case not for me, but my great-grandchildren, whom I want to grow up in an independent Scotland.

        • Agree about leafleting. How about locally relevant leafleting? For example, Tax centre closing in EK; an independent Scotland needs a civil service/tax authority. Ships not being built upon the Clyde; Scotland will need to build a naval presence. Oil industry challenges; Scotland can introduce a more supportive tax regime. Fishing, immigration, education…and on it goes. Locally relevant issues with locally relevant responses, within a locally relevant leaflet, delivered by the locally relevant YES group. Delivered on a Sunday morning. That’s my suggestion.

          • Agree, as well as meeting on the doorstep and on the street, targeted leafleting and postering is really important because it reaches the soft No’s and older people. Couldn’t a telephone helpline be set up, manned by activists who could explain the issues to older people? The number could be put on the leaflets. A difficult thing logistically, but the SNP has 120,000 members. The National should have ‘free day’ when activists are allowed to pick up free copies and put it through the doors. They should have a discount on the National for OAPs. Every avenue to break through the MSM bubble has to be explored.

          • I think the independence campaigners, and indeed the SNP MSPs have the measure of things. Fishing, immigration, tax ‘authority’, civil service, ship building? All sounds far too much hard work, too frightening, maybe we should just let rUK do it for us then. We are just not equipped are we. LOL.

            In fact, working within limited confines of devolution light, I think you will find that the ScotGov are in fact managing to run Scotland successfully against huge odds. So when we put those leaflets through doors, that is what we will be telling people.

            The ‘locally relevant’ leafletting you say? I think you will find fishing policy, most tax, civil service, ship building, oil, immigration, are RESERVED matters. Therefore they are not confined to being ‘local’ in any way shape, or form.

            So, once Indy#2 is announced, we will take it from there. Brexshit, it’s what it’s about now. People want a modern, forward looking, life affirming country, not a backward, destructive for most, tax haven for the rest, country. ‘Local’ is what the council elections are about. Perhaps you are getting confused, or trying to confuse. People on WGD have the measure of that too.

    • Harporius, I was contacted during the Scottish indyref1 I told them that I was very much a YES vote and that most of my family agreed with me. They never phoned me again, I have the feeling the no voters get more phone calls. Regarding the currency,the oil,the border, the defict, and the single market.The MSM choose these subjects because the people who we need to convert to yes don’t understand them, and fear the coverage the MSM present to them in their daily comics. I don’t think the journalists writing them know what they are writing about either

    • Very few opinion polls have been published over the last few months, making me very suspicious.

      One would think that they’d be polling like mad, given the turmoil of brexit. The few polls put us in the 45-50% bracket but I’ll bet that it’s skewed like hell, to control the population.

      Not complacent though.

      • I agree with you, Janet. It’s not difficult to come up with the required result.
        I’m convinced we’re winning.

      • Agree Janet, not complacent, but reckon with all that has happened since last June, the numbers for independence will be more than 50%. What the yoons will do to counter that, who knows, they are running scared though. We have to stay vigilant.

  4. Off to London, eh? Don’t forget to change your money first, Mr. Wee Ginger Dug’s Human, and your medevac insurance to get you home to NHS Scotland in the event of a medical emergency…

    • We have required to change Scottish currency for years to avoid catankerous humiliation in London. What about all Brits seeking medical assistance in Europe after Brexit, & medical repatriation, not to mention visas, eg, to visit your grandchild in Germany?

  5. The serious politicians in Westminster know it. They know all of the above to be true. Their problem is in how to manage this wee problem of their own making.

    They don’t care about people you see. They care about power, its acquisition and its exercise. They care about the order and the system since they are the means of maintaining a steady flow of and control of the former. Everything else is just a tool box. Media, thoughtless and arrogant ministerial gonks, policy wonks, party drones, and yes the blind faithful members of the establishment parties that feed off whatever narrative is given them… believers (see under woof woofing Tory benches). The toolbox is there to manipulate the public, public opinion, drive public emotions in the desired direction. Suit the agenda of the day kinda thing.

    As intelligent and twisted as the real movers and shakers are, that doesn’t mean the serious politician is incapable of error or miscalculation. Oh dear me no. No, they can have catastrophic galactofuck days like the rest of us. They can be so close to a problem they don’t see just how big of a screw up they’ve made till it rolls over them like a tsunami.

    Take their runaway narrative of othering, alienation, divide and conquer tactics as a prime example. Their favourite go to strategy for, well forever really. In pursuit of power and wealth they divided, they conquered, they each in turn (red, blue and yellow), had their 15 minutes of fame in the big chair. They told folks who to hate, who to blame for failures, sectioning off their adversaries and opposition demographics as required. So far, so peachy. They undermined trust and they smeared needlessly. They turned one against the other with sheer reckless abandon. They covered each others crimes when it suited and betrayed each other and nation partners, again by turn.

    Hey, it worked and what’s the harm, right? It’s just politics. They rewarded their party faithful with positions and their patrons, corporate and otherwise, with tax breaks and patronage of their own. They discovered it was great. It was easy. They had a ball and were rolling in power and wealth. Party time… for decades.

    All the while the catastrophically stupid bastards didn’t see what they had done and were doing to the one thing that makes a nation state, a nation state. They were destroying the very source of their power and wealth. The people. The unity of society. The thing that makes a country a country. That gives identity, common purpose, fellow feeling, care. The power has always been with the people of a state, the many, not the few.

    The few just got above themselves.

    That is why Westminster is failing and why it deserves and needs to fail. Its not fit to govern for the many. It is broken and it doesn’t want to be fixed. It’s quite happy being broken because that suits those who inhabit its halls just fine. The smart ones? They see this, but they are fully aware its all about self preservation and damage limitation at this point. Their own nature and narrative got away from them.

    The rest? They are about to discover what being used is really all about.

    The only union that matters a damn, is the social union of these islands. Westminster and the political union was a construct assembled with the express purpose, not of public service for the many, but managing crowd control and acquiring power and assets for the benefit of the few.

    Scotland has a parliament and a fair chunk of it is filled with public servants. People who understand the needs, problems, lives and aspirations of the Scottish electorate. That is parliament enough for me.

    Have a good one Paul. 🙂

  6. No government or political party would rubber stamp a referendum knowing that their dead certain to lose it or it jeopardised there interest in the long run. Why are we asking a foreign government for Independence, I thought we joined a union so let’s remove ourselves from it.

    • “Why are we asking a foreign government for independence” Well said, I’ve never seen it put better. England truly is a foreign country these days.
      Let’s dissolve the Union – now!.

  7. Superb and sadly , horribly true . Have a good break and come back refreshed.

    Macart , the man is right , it’s about time you blogged!

    • I went last week, but cash being short I’ve been holding it in ever since. Can’t afford the bum wi…

      Oh, *bLogged*. 🙄

      Nice mornin’ out there (whistles).

  8. A wee woman on QT last night admitted to being a ‘switherer’, who was about to vote Remain, until she visited her local supermarket and somehow the sight of straight bananas so annoyed her that she voted Leave.The bananas were presumably from Damascus.
    The Corbyn Labour MP, I can’t be bothered checking her name, referred to Trump revitalising ‘the American Dream’, and to applause declared that is was time again to unearth ‘the English Dream’.
    Pause for a quick chorus of ‘Jerusalem’? The English dream. ‘Exit’, not ‘Brexit’.
    David Dimbleby, Eton, Oxbridge, Bullingdon Boy, reminded the audience that the gap between the rich and poor had narrowed, and nobody on the panel batted an eyelid.
    ‘The will of the British People’, got big licks again, and they all agreed to ‘respect democracy’, and get right behind May and Boris in sockin’ it to the Foreigners.
    One audience member suggested that the 114 MPs who opposed the triggering of Section 50, or is it 52, Ms Harrison, should be sacked for treachery. Not one mention of Scotland, or our FM’s alternative proposals. My licence fee pays for this quite frightening UKIP propaganda outlet, yet we cease to exist.
    Oh dear. Perhaps the 46% of English citizens who voted Remain should have their citizens’ rights removed too.
    There was a youtube video doing the rounds during Indyref 1, of a poor wretch of a lad, filmed in the parking lot of one of the third division grounds RFC were obliged to visit on their travails/travels, high on drink or drugs or both, a Trainspotting skinny soul, wearing an England three lions football top, his face twisted in stupefied hatred raging:-
    ‘You can stick your independence up your arse’.
    He informed us all that the Queen brought in £20 million in tourism every year, followed by ‘I was born under a Union Flag’.
    Lurking in the background were older fellow travellers less agitated, but smiling wryly as this poor lad who hardly knew what day of the week it was filmed by an unseen mate. I was filled with sadness and rage in equal measures that our Scottish Branch of the English Establishment had brainwashed their fellow Scots like this.The same applies to the ‘Ooh, Aah, Up Ra Ra’, brigade over in on the East side of Glasgow. Divide and ignore.

    Perhaps its was Murdo or Adam filming a WATP Unionist video?
    It is for this Son of Scotland that we demand self determination.
    Our country, Scotland, has been systematically stripped of its wealth, our industry, our talented people, by a neighbouring country. We are too wee etc.
    Sellick, Ranjurs, give them a cause, pit them against each other, sell them cheap booze and baccy, feed them sowbelly, and Simon Cowell on the telly, while we at the top, rule.
    To the Unionists Up Here:- when will you eventually acknowledge that Scotland, is a country, distinct from England, and as such deserves the respect of our neighbour England.
    ‘Democracy’ is not ‘we won, so fuck the rest of you’.
    We shall be Free of this mess very soon now.
    I despair for the 46% of English citizens who voted Remain, who are now powerless to act.
    Paul, have a great break.

    • They’re in for a rough ride Jack.

      Best we can do is set an example and hold out a hand to those who think it dosen’t have to be like this. People who care about people are welcome as far as I’m concerned.

      • Macart, I care deeply about this sad young man, and tens of thousands like him, who survive in penury and the permanent stupor of oblivion by being sucked into the bigoted manipulative crud being peddled by the Establishment Up Here.
        I see Herald Scotland repeats the FMQ Banff Hotel yarn.

        “RUTH Davidson yesterday attacked the SNP over rising business rates after revealing one of the party’s own branches had complained after a hotel passed on the cost to its customers.
        The Scottish Conservative leader surprised Nicola Sturgeon with the case at First Minister’s Questions, saying a rates revaluation was causing “screams of pain” from businesses.
        She said the four star Banff Springs Hotel in Aberdeenshire faced a £50,000 rates hike in April after a revaluation, despite the oil price slump hurting trade across the North East.”
        I repeat, did this hotel really give out confidential information about their transactions with a customer to Ruth Davidson so that she could make political capital out of it?
        If so, I won’t be staying there.
        here is nothing that this little wretch of a woman won’t say to champion the privileges of the 15 of Scots lolling on top of the dung heap.
        Black pudding awaits.

        • Yes, they will say and do anything to harm the SG and that hotel business? Giving out client detail is frowned upon without doubt. Whether motivated by anger at the rates rise, or simply politically motivated doesn’t matter.

          Its not the first or the last rise that’s going to occur either and the owner should realise that, nor would his business be the only one to suffer. As to why those rises occur?

          Maybe there isn’t enough to go round these days and rises are inevitable. Maybe not having control of your own economy and working from a very strict budget which you are compelled by devolution to balance every single year, means people are going to suffer right up through the business class. Maybe as money buys less, budgets are shortened and thinning funds are diverted wherever they are needed most, folk fortunate enough to run businesses are simply going to pay a bit more?

          I do know the poor, the underpaid and over worked, have hefted the weight and borne the brunt of this economic car crash far longer than anyone else. Seems to me that the hurt is just travelling up the food chain and the folks with what used to be a comfortable living don’t like it too much.

          Welcome to our world.

          I know folk who don’t have businesses, who can barely feed their families and keep a roof over their heads working ridiculous hours for a pittance, won’t be worried too much about Ruth Harrisons jolly jape or indeed the unfortunate hotelier and his business rates hike.

          • I will try to be circumspect here, Sam, but there was a business rates stooshie up Banff way over a derelict factory being rated under the new rules at ,wait for it, £50,000, a coincidence or what?
            No names no pack drill, but it’s out there on Google.
            I’d imagine that ‘property speculators’ who are gobbling up derelict factories on the cheap, to find a haven for their dosh for a few years, then sell on at a profit down the line, are spitting teeth because Westminster/ Whitehall have slapped them with a business rates bill.
            As I say, no names, no pack drill.
            For me,it goes beyond ‘frowned upon’, giving out client details.
            I’d sue the hotel who did this to me.
            I certainly won’t be using any hotel’s services if I knew that my privacy and confidentiality would be compromised like this.
            Follow the money and the actors involved, Sam It stinks to high heavens.

        • Will that hotel not be passing on the cost of inflation due to the pound’s collapse in its billing? Will not all hotels it competes with not also have had a revaluation? Would in fact a good position for a hotel to lobby for not be that some EU states levy significantly lower VAT on hotel bills, and a country with 100% control of economic levers, and which has a track record of knowing “its the economy stupid” would be able to set lower VAT rates on its important hospitality sector?

          The hotel should be arguing for Scotland to be fully fiscally autonomous. Not political point scoring with the spend more but tax lower, no surrender windbag party.

  9. I see Fallon us at it again. He is reported in the press as uttering: “Russia ‘weaponising misinformation’ to create ‘post-truth age’.”
    We often get these Fallon-features regularly to scare us!! Whenever a Russian plane or ship is in international airspace or waters near the UK, he reports that they are usually intercepted and “beaten off”.
    Here he us again. Puffing himself up like a paper poke and using the latest term post-truth age. I thought that had started during the 2014 Referendum1 ?
    Following on from his outburst re Indyref2, what next? Will he fabricate a wee post-truth and bluster about Holyrood being in cahoots with Putin or some other scare? Or ask Donald Trump, known as DT, to issue a blood-curdling Tweet putting the Scots on “notice”. I think Cameron during Indyref1 hoped to get Putin to scare us Scots at some G summit or other, and then the Crimea scenario finished that!
    Still, we can only await the next feature from Fallon.
    What will it be? One could tweet him and give him suggestions for his next pop-up.
    Talking of which, Gordo has been silent for some time. I suppose he is working on “federalism – Mach 4”, the next vow-proof plan to make Holyrood an even “superer” devolved centre of government.

  10. My son told me he’d seen a post on Facebook where someone was blaming Nicola Sturgeon for Brexit. Dear god, it’s ignorance like this that we’re up against.

  11. i only want for one thing to happen from now on in …

    Every time someone says on radio or tv, ‘but you lost the 2014 referendum, get over it move on…’
    The rejoinder must be along the lines of, …’No, the Yes Movement didn’t lose it, Better Together won it on a pile of lies, promises and bribes, not one of which was kept or was ever intended to be honoured.’

  12. Michael Fallon’s renaming of Tanktop revealed one or two interesting things.

    In the first place it has sent a message to Ruth Harrison that she is an outsider, not worth having her name remembered. The glory days of Ruth (or Rebecca or Rachel or Renate or whatever) after the General Election are over. We’ve gone past peak-Ruth. She has been told she’s not “one of us”. She’s just another tame native who works loyally for the bosses, but like the staff in Downton Abbey she won’t be invited to dinner. MSP Professor Tomkins – that public-sector pay enthusiast – could well be “one of us”, and has his eye on the position of Branch Manager anyway.

    “Bye, Rafaella (or whatever you’re called). You’ve performed as requested. You can go now.”

    Secondly, we are all in Mr Fallon’s debt for confirming that we’ve never been in a Union, unless it’s the type of happy family presided over by Fred and Rosemary West. It’s worth having this lesson repeated by Tories of the Conservative, Labour or Liberal brand time and time again.

    Thank you, Mr Farron.

  13. The Union is truly on the decline, and the comments and attitudes from its leading person, Theresa May, show it is truly kaputt.
    She said the SNP were taking Scotland out of the EU/Single Market by going for independence! (Real joined-up thinking there).
    Then, she had the temerity to propose to the EU meeting of ministers in Malta that she could be the “bridge” for the EU between it and Trump as she had been the first leader to meet him after his inauguration.
    Now, any rational person even with an overinflated ego, who is going to take bis/her country out of the EU country, would never have made such a statement. She also implied she had got DT to support Nato 100% that she felt they could all up contributions to defence to 2% of gdp, where they had not done so!!
    Well, what does that do for EU relations when you are going to renegotiate a new relationship? Nay us,good at hacking off Scotland and the EU at same time.
    The PM of Lithuania informed May that they can all read twitter!
    May, dumb just got dumber!

  14. Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser continues to demonstrate why the people of Scotland had the good common sense to reject him seven (7) times at the ballot box.
    His London HO got there on a FPTP system, and are systematically turning the South into Fort England, the 51st State. Fraser crawls under the PR wire Up Here, and is suddenly the darlin’ of the Unionist MSM.
    Madness stalks this land of ours, like the Nazis looting and fleeing Paris.
    Be of no doubt, Harrison, Carlaw, Briggs, Ross, Tomkins, and Fraser, and the in-it-to-milk-it LisTory Boys are determined to destroy civic Scotland.We shall never allow that.
    They don’t give a Farage fag end about the citizens of Scotland.
    They are there to destroy Scotland, and I mean no hyperbole by this.
    Their days are numbered of course.
    Wreckers and thieves, as Ms Harrison (or has she reverted to her maiden name again?) gleefully called her fellow scots when she was Down there dry humping Big T.
    The day of reckoning is nigh, Tory Boys.

    • Thank you Jack for this. I watched FMQ and those Tory Boys are like a crowd of wee boys on a school outing ….. all laughing and shouting their heads off against everything that is SNP. Complete embarrassment.

      They’re day is coming…….

      • And in April, they are going to cut disabled citizens’ ESA (who are looking for work) by £29.05 a week. Disabled citizens of Scotland will have their income cut by £1500 a year to ‘incentifise’ them to look for work.
        And they laugh their £1200 a week heads off.
        Catherine, I can no longer contain my disgust for them.
        As for Dugdale and Rennie? Is there any point to them?
        Breakfast time.
        Bisous..I’ve gone all European again..

  15. With regard to Fallon’s remarks about no indyref2. “What if that other voice we all know so well responds by saying, ‘We say no, and we are the state’,? Well we say yes – and we are the people.” Canon Kenyon Wright, Chairman of the Scottish Constitutional Convention. The same applies today.

  16. Paul, in your second paragraph, you wrote: “That only gets one response from your average Scot, and that response is, “That will be right.”

    Come on, Paul you’re Scottish – the correct response would be just two words: “Ayr Right”.

  17. Another great post from Paul. Been reading all the comments but I’m convinced it’s too early to be worried about the lack of change in the polls. Once the next referendum has actually been announced and the arguments and strategy come forth regarding currency etc there will at least be opportunity for renewed debate. I agree some won’t move and we will have yet more outrageous misinformation to debunk but I believe we will find more energy and commitment than ever before because the stakes are so high and because so many of us find this union so utterly despicable.

  18. Polls and lines are fur hangin yur wet sheets oan ya silly numpties, and anyway ah never use them as ah have a tumble drier in ma hoose.

  19. Speaking directly to people showing them the facts and where to look. I didn’t wear a YES badge not because I was ashamed but because I’m such a looking person I thought it would reflect badly on the campaign. I am Autistic. I walk funny and speak oddly. I have difficulty maintaining eye contact. It robs you of social abilities and most emotion, but leaves your intellect intact or improved. That just left me in a position of understanding all the facts and complexities but not able to communicate any of this to normal people.

    But it is face to face communication with people that will overturn the UK government and the unionist parties control of “Old Style” media. We know how unwilling the unionist were to wear out shoe leather last time. I remember the English paid volunteers who came to my door.
    ” Have you received or has any one else on your behalf received any payment in cash or goods or services as part of your canvassing? Have you or another on your behalf, received board, meals, travel, hotel, refreshments, B & B or any other living essentials paid by a third party, as part of your canvassing? “. Not questions we would have to worry about. But it was fun watching them squirm when my neighbours joined in demanding an answer.

    Apparently catching these paid campaigners turned one or two off the NO side. So I am convinced face to face will do a lot more than any amount of online typing.

  20. You can foolishly destroy your own opportunity too, as you destroyed your previous one: you can kill what you love. Or you can really mean we won’t let the chance slip from our grasp.
    * What is the way to foolishly destroy your own opportunity, by giving reasoning and anti-racist folks and every Scot with an emigrant branch of family good reason to vote No, and make a Scottish state if it was achieved a pariah racist state barred from the EU by ECHR article 8 cited to the EU in petition 1448/2014? – That way is to repeat last time’s line on parental descent ciitzenship and have half the pro-independence speakers committing worse hate than UKIP by not regarding a whole branch of Scots as Scots.
    * What is the way to really apply not letting the chance slip from our grasp? and to win the argument that reasoning and anti-racist folks should vote for you? – To tie yourselves, before the ref not after, as a constitutional principle, so that it is a foolproof certainty, immovable and can never be changed by a future parliament, that Scottish citizenship by parental descent will be unrefusable.

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