The real victims

Quite a few things have happened in the couple of days I was away in the belly of the beast. Stephen Daisley has come back to troll again, this time from the pages of his natural home in the Daily Mail after having been cruelly silenced by the evil SNP and the supine STV for acting like an arse on Twitter when he’s supposed to be representing a Scottish broadcaster. The poor thing is so censored and oppressed that he has to address the nation from a column in a right wing fakesnewspaper and can only rely on the support of the British establishment. He fancies himself as a sort of Nelson Mandela of Unionism, but really he’s more of a 140 character Katie Hopkins.

He wasn’t sacked by STV, just told to behave himself. When you use the Twitter account of a broadcaster to urge people to follow notorious trolls you grant those trolls legitimacy and create the impression that the broadcaster shares your views. Having been slapped down for behaviour that any employer would have slapped down any employee for, Daisley has turned into the Joan of Arc of Unionism, sacrificed on the fires of intolerant cybernattery.

Stephen Daisley is what you get when the powerful attempt to steal the mantle of victimhood. You get a man whose political views are so far to the right that Attila the Hun would consider him a bit extreme, and who has used his platform to foster the myth that a country which doesn’t have control over its own broadcast media, and which has but one single daily newspaper and one Sunday which support independence, is a one party state in thrall to an intolerant xenophobic nationalism where all contrary views are crushed. Scotland is indeed in thrall to an intolerant xenophobic nationalism that refuses to listen. It’s just not the one that Daisley thinks it is.

Naturally the Thatcherite tweetist has also got the full support of all those progressive and social democratic types who put their Unionism before their progressive social democracy. Scottish Unionism, just like the alt-right, specialises in casting supporters of the status quo, supporters of the powerful and well-connected, supporters of the state, as victims. You can be an apologist for rapacious landlords, tax-evading companies, and a political system that virtually consigns democracy into the bin for the entire nation of Scotland, and you can still feel like you’re a put upon wee sowel who’s being bullied by those nasty people who are speaking up for the disenfranchised.

It’s possibly the first time in history that people have spoken up for the right not to be heard, and Daisley is their poster boy. I’m all for freedom of speech, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over a man who spends his online time as a fully paid up member of the bag of spanners and propagating the blatant lie that the independence movement is motivated by anti-English racism.

I know Stephen Daisley’s type. We went to the same school in Coatbridge, albeit I was there 20 years before him so our paths didn’t cross, but we are both gay men from a working class background brought up in a deeply homophobic and intolerant environment. I experienced what he experienced, only a generation earlier when it was even worse. We were told that we couldn’t really be Scottish, being from a Catholic background and gay as well. I met a lot of scarred gay Scots like that when I lived in London, men who had been so battered and bruised by an upbringing of rejection that all empathy had been crushed out of their souls. Daisley’s made over-compensation into a career. He’s still fighting his demons, and wants the rest of us to pay the price, but since he can’t punish those who really slighted and rejected him, he’ll find imaginary slights to castigate instead. The Scottishness that rejected him must be evil and must be discredited, because he felt rejected by it. Some people wear their psychology on their sleeves, Stephen Daisley plasters his all over the pages of the Daily Mail. I’ll be honest, I feel sorry for him. I don’t think he’s happy in his own skin.

Meanwhile, in other news, the real intolerant nationalism, the British one that Daisley is blind to, continues to exert its malign influence on Scotland. Theresa May has clearly ruled out any chance of Scotland having a measure of control over immigration, at least in so far as Theresa May is ever clear about anything other than a tautology. She’s ruled out any special deal for Scotland within a post-Brexit Britain, letting us know that in the British hierarchy of vested interests Scotland comes far behind Japanese car manufacturers and a very long way indeed behind the City of London. Shut up Scotland means shut up Scotland. The views of a small minority of Scottish voters are being imposed on the majority, yet those who are doing the imposing and those who speak for them are being oppressed when the rest of us point out the injustice.

Having completed the Conservative party’s transformation into Ukip, control of immigration is going to remain very firmly with Westminster, despite the noises that the Leave campaign was making during the EU referendum that Scotland could be granted a measure of control over how many come to live here. With our ageing population, and a young population which is continually drawn off to London because that’s the part of the UK where successive British governments have concentrated investment and growth, Scotland needs immigration. But instead our migration policy will be determined by the political needs of a Tory party that has to placate racists and people who defend the powerful but who want us to believe that they are victims.

If this is what they mean by Scotland being an equal partner in this family of nations then the gods alone know what not being an equal partner would mean. Probably it means having Stephen Daisley and a legion of Conservative apologists lecture us about how oppressed Scottish Unionists are and how they’re the real victims here. Oh wait.

The real victims are not the Tories crying victimhood, they are the hundreds of thousands of people across Scotland whose livelihoods and futures are being held hostage to the arrogance and contempt of British nationalists whose nationalism is so extreme that they don’t even recognise that they’re nationalists at all. In a country with more Conservative columnists than Conservative MPs, a country with many more Unionist publications than independence supporting ones, it’s the Conservatives who are the ones complaining that they’re not being heard. Despite their protests, it’s not that they are deprived of platforms, they’re just upset that Scotland is no longer inclined to listen to them.

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0 thoughts on “The real victims

  1. The media of course is top-heavy, or rather bottom-heavy, with britnat journalists and britnat politicians. As WGD says in the last paragraph these hacks and politicians have long expected to be respected by the sheep-like populace.

    With the rise of the internet, however, and the establishment of such excellent sites as this one, the cosy britnat consensus has been successfully challenged, especially in politically-aware Scotland.

    Yet Daisley and his ilk are still so arrogant in their self-belief that when challenged they quickly resort to victimization or declare the populace, in Scotland, has been brainwashed by the SNP and pro-indy websites. The britnat media establishment is desperately dizzy, trapped in a malevolent maelstrom of self-pity.

  2. I can understand Coatbridge producing an erudite wordsmith like yourself, (having. Taught English there for 30 years) but it is beyond the ken that it can produce a bigoted wee numptie like Dailey. Maybe he was behind the door when decency and common sense were given out, or even hit full in the face by the door when said largess was being distributed. Unless of course he was from a full on marching family encouraging such intolerant views.

  3. Hope you had a great weekend Paul.

    No, they have no sense of themselves whatsoever. They hate the very thing that could quite literally set them free. Free from a life of being told who to hate and who to be afraid of, who to hold in deference and who to take orders from. I doubt these folks could imagine a country or a system of politics where the politicians answer to them, or where the power of their government flows from them. Their imagination starts and stops where the tabloids tell them it starts and stops.

    That is saddening beyond words. How crushed does your sense of self worth have to be that you cannot exist without anothers permission?

    There are of course those other victims of this bout of societal and political self harm – the furriners.

    Seems to me that those EU citizens currently resident in Scotland and new Scots of continental European origin have changed in the past eight months. They’ve gone from being human beings to barter coin, trade goods even. People whose lives and futures are only fit to be sacrificed over a negotiating table and at the behest of political expediency. Then of course there are the other new Scots from points even farther afield from across the globe. What must they be feeling at the turn the UK has taken since June 2016? Every new Scot you could imagine from almost every corner of the planet must be asking themselves, do I get to stay? Am I next for deportation?

    That’s yer caring, sharing unity from Westminster right there, that is. That’s one nation better togetherness in all its glory since 2014. A slow and steady erosion of democratic rights, political democracy and even fellow human feeling. The culmination of the current madness is, of course, Brexit. That however, is not the end of this awful road. That is really just the start.

    If we’re very fortunate, we’re going to be given an off ramp from this road in the very near future. Citizens from all points of origin and all walks of life could make a choice where there would be no need to define or differentiate old from new.

    There would be just Scots.

  4. Are there really places in Scotland where people think you can’t be Scottish if you are Catholic? Thank goodness I grew up outwith those areas. Many of my friends are Catholic and I’ve never considered them “not Scottish”. Mad, maybe – like I consider anyone who adheres to religious beliefs but “not Scottish” – never.

  5. PM?/yes/No/yesish! ~

    One may have heard of one Theresa May?
    “Who doesn’t know true politics you say”,
    ‘Entirely accurate’, questioner replies.
    ‘Comes across’: little of truth and lies!
    “Sad to say…no other way: English PM?!”
    Unravelling Kingdom (‘UK’) ~ voters fault,
    and now are approaching hell for all them!
    Some bold people will now survive result!!

    Saor Alba Gu Brath/Free Scotland for ever…


    Hello, friend, and after reading your comments just now – realising that we share certain opinions, and having I’ve just completed this poem, I decided to enter it in the ‘comments’ option…whether or not you like poetry, this is easier/quicker than straight prose.

    Thank you, Ewen

  6. Para on *type* came up bells and whistles for me! I think your last sentence in that para is on the money. I knew such people who struggled with their self perception [or should that be self deception?]

    I’m an atheist/humanist, religion doesn’t matter to me, but I respect and uphold anyone’s right to practice any religion [providing it doesn’t harm others] but how to help people who deceive themselves??

    Maybe it’s just as we ‘age’ that we can learn to live with ourselves “warts and all”?

    Very perceptive piece Paul, thanks.

  7. I watched the BBC’s “This Week” political commentary programme broadcast on 2 feb 2017.
    Hosted by Andrew Neil, guests were Rory Bremner, Harriot Harman and Michael Portillo.
    During political chat the question arose- “Who are the greatest stateswomen in history.?”
    The definition of a stateswoman is: “a skilled, experienced, and respected female political leader or figure”.
    Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May, Angela Merkel and Indira Ghandi all got a mention and were discussed at length. I was waiting to see if one of the guests would mention Nicola Sturgeon because of the following reasons that surely make her qualified to earn the title of great stateswomen.
    In 2014 Nicola Sturgeon became the First Minister of Scotland and the first female leader of the SNP in history.
    She leads the largest political party in Scotland with the 120,000 members.
    She won the Scottish Politician of the Year Award in 2008, 2012 and 2014.
    In 2004, 2008 and 2011 she also won the Donald Dewar Debater of the Year Award.
    In 2015 general election her party achieved a landslide victory winning 56 of 59 seats in Scotland.
    In 2016 the SNP won 63 seats in the Scottish Parliament by far the largest party in the chamber.
    Forbes magazine ranked Sturgeon as the 50th most powerful woman in the world in 2016 and 2nd in the United Kingdom.
    Nicola Surgeon is a leading campaigner for women’s rights and gender equality.
    In February 2013, BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour assessed Nicola Sturgeon as being the 20th most powerful woman in the United Kingdom. She was listed as the most powerful and influential in July 2015.

    Sounds like a great stateswoman to me!
    Whatever your political opinion it seems odd that she did not even merit a mention from educated, intelligent and informed guests on the programme. Would it be an overreaction, maybe paranoid to think that certain people on the BBC may not want to talk about politics in Scotland unless its in a SNPbad context?

    watch the clip:
    40min 16sec in

  8. In the likely event that the Tory Government will reject every amendment to the Article 50 Bill, and May will knock back any notion of Scotland remaining in the EU single market, and have control over its own immigration policy, there is a view that Indyref 2 is inevitable, and should be held within the two year Brexit Negotiations window.
    I make no secret that I favour September ’18, which is cutting it a bit fine, I know.
    If we were to hang back until March ’19 and beyond, we would be hostages to rUK fortunes. The Tories will have ‘taken back control’, the Repeal Act would kick in, and May’s Britnat Government would begin the process of dismantling any legislation that they saw as ‘socialist’, or ‘federalist’ or ‘home rule-ist’.
    The WM Tories have never been described as ‘magnanimous’. The Loyal Sons of Unionism had not even hauled themselves from their pits to frog march to George Square for a wee victory rammy when Cameron popped out of Number 10 at 7.00 am on the 19th September ’14 to announce that now that Scotland was back in its box, EVEL was the real message, not pesky Scottish separatism.
    Many of the Better Together Project Fear lies, omissions, threats, and warnings have dissolved to nothing in light of the Leave EU vote.
    A Currency Union?
    Trade with the rUK?
    Back of the 10 year queue to get into the EU?
    The Oil is not running out, and the price per barrel is bubbling up again?
    We are too big too rich too clever not to be accepted as the continuer EU state?
    Our European neighbours will not resist Scotland’s continuing membership?
    We shall have the same trade deal with rUK as the other 27 EU members post Brexit?
    We shall have our own immigration policy?
    Et cetera, et cetera.
    How will our MSM handle it this time?
    If as McKenna asserts, there are hundreds of pro Self Determination journos, an assertion which I admit stretches my credibility sensor to the limit, are we to assume that 6 out of 10 of our scribes are also pro EU?
    If so, and given the absoluteness of England leaving Europe, will this reportedly sizable body of Dead Tree Scrollers ‘grow a pair’, and at least be more balanced in their reporting, and present a challenge to, rather than merely type ‘will say’ in front of, the Red Blue and Yellow Tory press release?
    I know little of the Daisley Kafuffle since I don’t use Twitter or Facebook,and rarely watch STV, in fact, next to never watch, more accurately describes my loyalty to any commercial TV.
    It is clear from the bellicose language, and threats of civil war emanating from the Arch Right Yoons War Room, that they are short of scary spiders to dangle in front of Octogenarians eyes this time.
    Their pensions are safe, and this can easily established now. Not even Gordon Hang On A Minute Just To Be Clear What Your Saying Is Brewer would let Blair Some Man To Be All The One Man McDougall away with that lie on the telly this time.
    As Paul argues here, it is logic from another time and space to argue that ‘the SNP’ are that powerful and control the MSM that this lad was hounded out of his job at STV.
    In the world of the Trump, the one eyed Trumpless is king.
    It is simply preposterous to suggest that the SNP have any power or sway with a rabidly Unionist Press and Broadcasting regime.
    Great revitalised piece, Paul. Sam, get a room! of your own . Two complementary blogs are better than one.
    Great to have you back, WGD.

    • everyone so far has been rejected snp or other all shot down by imperial torys that just want to push it though without though of the people like everything else

  9. mae carson religion does not harm others,humans atheist/agnostics/humanists as well as religionists harm others.We live in a largely atheistic world and it,s hardly a “shining example”.

    • Religion harms people who believe the drivel many or most religions spout. It’s easy to try and blame individuals for the faults of religion(s) and to claim we live in an atheist world. We don’t. But the best antidote to religion is not to become an atheist, which is to give religion too much importance, but just to try and ignore it.

  10. I suppose the rag he is writing for can now be called ‘The Daisley Mail’. Daisely is not the only scrivener who appears to be uncomfortable with the world and their place within it, indeed it seems to characterise their ilk. The inherently good natured banter from those of an independent mind must really wind them up something awful. Keep up the good work chaps – and chapesses. And just to remind you how unimportant the Daisley Mail is, it claims a readership of 91,000 and falling, while the WGD only had 100,000 readers in December 2016, down from 400,000 in September with nearly 10,000 twitter followers, while a Stephen Daisley has only 11.

    Elsewhere, the worm seems to be turning. Fluffy’s performance last Sunday must have been one of the last nails in the coffin labelled UK hammered in by stRuthless Harrison who increasingly reminds me of some sad reject from Glee or Fame struggling at the end of the pier over the winter period with a bunch of gurners Behind You. Slaps thigh, picks up pumpkin while shouting, ‘Yikes, I’m off to the [wrecking] ball’.

    The worm does seem to be turning. All this shrieking off-stage is a reaction to a realisation of the inevitability of Scotland becoming an independent nation. The increasingly hysterical outpourings are the sad reaction to dawning of reality.

    But we are going to have to wait a while yet. In May there is the painful demise of the Scottish accounting branch of the Labour Party to watch. And the full horrors of the train crash that is Brexit have yet to be realised. There will be sections of the Scotland, the fishing industry for example, who may have thought detachment from the EU was a good idea only to find the filleting knife remains darn sarth. So, wait a while, the best is yet to come.

  11. Update on our partnership.

    Last night’s debate –

    2 Scottish, 1 Welsh and 1 NI MP given leave to speak apparently.

    Labour MPs cheered when the deputy speaker stated he’d ‘been kind’ allowing SNP MPs three minutes to speak.

    Dear God, that’s appalling. Is this it? This is better together in the UK?

    When do partners beg for scraps from a master’s table? When do partners ask for permission to speak to each other? Brexit isn’t a vote on regional boundary change. Its not fox hunting, or water rates, or planning permission.

    Brexit is a fundamental constitutional change which will affect the civil and basic human rights and lives of tens of millions of human beings.

    Brexit will affect the economies of nations and the economic life chances of each individual within those nations. Did anyone note that this would affect NATIONS – plural.

    Yet it seems our ‘partner’ is STILL only interested in the voice from one side of a chamber, one partner and their own political self interest.

    Y’know, it’s no secret I’m no fan of Westminster politics, or how it is practised. It’s no secret that I am fully biased toward Scots re-assuming their place in the world as a self governing nation state. How and ever, even in my imagination, I did not dream that in their petulant, self serving arrogance, the members of that chamber would be so overt and open of their contempt for Scotland or its representation.

    I wish I could make it compulsory for every voting human being in Scotland to view Parliament TV. Between the Scotland Bill debates and the Brexit debates not a one, not a single soul would be left in any doubt. The members of that chamber don’t give a shit for or about the ‘UK’. They certainly don’t care for the inhabitants of its northern partner. No, they care about tax take, land mass, resources, geo political perception and self. Not necessarily in that order. Human inhabitants, populations and duty of care or responsibility… not so much.

    The only time human beings matter to these little creatures is pretty much when votes are required and mainly round about where they live.

    So, are we done with this sorry bullshit yet? Or would you rather continue being degraded before the world? Made a chump of, abused, stolen from and patronised?

    You can choose a better way. All of you readers can choose a better way than this. You’re not worthless. You’re not possessions. You’re human beings and none of you, YES and NO voter alike deserve to be treated like this.

  12. I watched that HoC debate last night and I was appalled at the arrogance of the Tory side’s approach to democracy.

    It seems that the ‘form’ in the chamber is to give alternate voice to Government benches and Opposition. But that means that the Government side get an in-built advantage, given that the Opposition has representation from at least 9 parties.

    This was particularly acute last night because the debate was on the devolved administrations. Nevertheless, there was filibustering from a Mark Horner representing an English seat who spoke for 20 something minutes and was not pulled up by the Speaker because he kept on his subject.

    Joanna Cherry on the other hand was told to sit down when she eventually got to speak so that the Government minister could reply to the debate.

    Needless to say, all of the Opposition amendments were rejected by the Minister ion time -honoured fashion.

    • they never change the dr doom cacthphrase of dooms word is law fits the pm and her imp twat lackeys in the tory party (yes davidson and mundell you count as well triators)hence why it should be blantly obvious independance is scotlands only real future

  13. Bill McD,

    Assuming that Joanna Cherry did sit down as ordered to, why should she? Just for the sake of some kind of protocol? Time to up the game and demonstrate total contempt for that place, the scum who swim around in it and their pathetic outdated “protocols”.

    She should have just told whoever it was to shut up and continued with whatever she was saying.

    • Agreed they dont want us so why play the stupid f/n game , if nothing else it gets publicity and f/ks up their game of ignoring anything we say . People might start asking searching questions , like as to why .

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