The crumbling wall

Another day, and another Scottish Unionist EU lie. Wings Over Scotland has already explained the desperate mendacity and lies of a Scottish Unionist media which sees the writing on the UK wall, but it’s worthwhile going over it again for the obdurate. Jacqueline Minor is the EU Commission’s representative in the UK, which is a bit like being a climate change scientist trying to explain reality to Donald Trump. Being the EU Commission’s representative in the UK is a virtual guarantee that anything you say will be taken by the British media and spun 180 degrees opposite of what you actually meant.

This week Ms Minor explained that it’s perfectly possible that Scotland could get a fast track entry into the EU, pointing out quite reasonably that Scotland is already in compliance with EU membership requirements, unlike most of the other states which have applied to join. She also noted that new member states are obliged to sign up to membership of the Euro, but noted that there is no timescale for this and that a country could quite easily indefinitely postpone membership of the single currency. All of this is exactly what supporters of Scottish independence have been saying since way back in 2011 when Alicsammin (remember him?) was elected as head of a majority SNP government with a manifesto commitment to holding a Scottish independence referendum.

Yet here we are, six years on, and the Scottish Unionist media is still blaring out the same auld EU pish that it always has done. Who needs fake news when you have the Express, the Mail, and the Hootsmon? Scotland, they tell us, would have to join the queue for EU membership, failing as ever to point out that this is not a queue in which membership applications are dealt with on a first come first served basis. Scotland, they want us to believe, won’t even have its EU membership application looked at until Albania has sorted out its corruption problems, Turkey has become a properly functioning democracy, and Daily Mail journalists are able to locate Moldova on a map.

This shouldn’t need to be explained yet again, but here we are. Eligibility for EU membership is not determined on a first come first served basis. There is no ‘queue’. States are admitted to the EU as soon as they achieve compliance with the many and detailed conditions required for membership.  Scotland is already there.

No country can be forced to join the Euro. It’s amazing how otherwise apparently sensible people assert otherwise. Joining the Euro is not like being conscripted into the army. It’s a complex process involving a number of discrete steps, one of the most important of which – the decision to join the European Exchange Rate Mechanism – is entirely up to the judgement of the member state concerned. A country can quite easily delay signing up to the ERM indefinitely. No ERM, no Euro. It’s that simple.

Despite what you’ll read in a UK press that insists that the EU is obsessed with the straightness of bananas, the EU isn’t interested in forcing member states to adopt the Euro if they don’t see it as being in their interests to do so. But then, if you believe the likes of the Daily Mail, being a member of the EU is not unlike being a member of the Wehrmacht and being ordered to invade Poland. Or rather, ordering Poland to invade Portsmouth.

The conditions of EU membership include amongst other things that a country is a properly functioning democracy with freedom of speech and freedom of the press – and this includes the freedom of the press to tell lies and systematically undermine the current government. Despite the spectacularly mendacious attempts of Unionist journalists to argue otherwise, Scotland is a fully functioning democracy with press freedom. In Scotland right wing Unionists are so censored that they have to resort to double page spreads in the Daily Mail. It’s not exactly a samizdat – which for those of you young enough not to remember the Soviet Union is a clandestinely printed and distributed publication which is banned by the state. Unionism in Scotland is so censored that it has to make do with every single newspaper except one daily and one Sunday. It is so censored that it’s able to print untruths on a daily basis.

Scotland is already a member of the EU by virtue of being part of the UK, and therefore is already in compliance with all the varied conditions of EU membership. However according to the Unionist press, we’d have to wait for Macedonia to resolve its naming dispute with Greece before anyone would even glance at our EU membership application. It’s such a ridiculous pile of nonsense that it’s amazing that those printing it can do so with a straight face. The truth is that the EU is open to the idea of a fast track for Scottish membership.

The real blow that the Unionist media doesn’t want to talk about is the blow to the chances of the UK remaining a single state. Ms Minor pointed out in her comments that the UK government shows no sign that it is disposed to negotiate a special deal for Scotland. The Unionist media describes this as a set back for Nicola Sturgeon, but really it’s a set back for attempts to keep the United Kingdom together. That’s the real story, that an independence referendum is increasingly likely, and it’s becoming increasingly likely because of the intransigence and short sightedness of the British state. But rather than point out the dangers of this path, the Unionist media act as cheerleaders in the reckless destruction of what they claim to hold dear. It’s not Scottish nationalism which is destroying the UK, the British government is doing a grand job of that all by itself, and all that the Unionist media does is wave a fleg and put up the red white and blue bunting.

Here we are, six years on, and the Unionist media is still spouting the same lies, the same half-truths, the same misinformation, all in an attempt to scare and browbeat the people of Scotland into submission. They’re coming out with the same old lies, lies that have already been challenged, debunked, and dismissed, because they’ve run out of ammunition. It’s a sign of their desperation and the bankruptcy of their argument.

There are times when it feels like challenging this turd torrent is like banging your head off the proverbial brick wall. But the hard truth for the Unionist media is that their flood of falsehoods isn’t working. Support for independence continues to rise. In 2011 we went into a referendum when only 28% of Scotland supported independence. Now we’re going into a second referendum with 49% support. When you keeping banging against the brick wall of Unionism, it’s the Unionist wall that crumbles. It won’t take much more for the entire sorry edifice to come crashing down.

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0 thoughts on “The crumbling wall

  1. The Big Lie. Alternative facts. Etc etc.
    Scotland has the misfortune to have a print and broadcast media( mainly owned or controlled outside Scotland) which skews the truth to suit its own propaganda agenda.
    Which enlarges some news items and censures other news items.
    Which lies to its audience, and rewrites historical fact to back-up its lies.
    Which employs or give time and space to propagandists and hucksters to spin a particular side of the story.
    These same types of people have been around for many decades, employed by despots and dictators to feed their ego’s, to maintain a fiction, and huckle “the people” to their rotten bandwagons.
    They tend to feed ultra nationalist, chauvinistic, racist, colonial tendencies: in this case an Anglo-British ethnic superiority syndrome. Or BBC blinkerdom.

  2. If the Unionist wall was built using PFI money then it can’t be long before it collapses. The only thing holding it up now is the lying media and their lies are crumbling.

  3. I read and listen to all this lying guff all day feeling overwhelmed and tired, and then I read your blog and it’s just wonderful. Puts all the crap back in perspective again. What would I do without you?

  4. I totally agree with you Irma. I get more and more discouraged reading/hearing the ‘news’ and it lifts my heart when I get the email telling me that the dug has posted again. Paul lifts my spirits every time.

    May cooes about a ‘Defence’ Contract with Turkey. It’s a ‘War’ Contract of course.
    The Mundell Union is slavery, but freedom sorta.
    ‘Too stupid’ Scotland is our strength.
    The Ministry of Love bullies us, tortures us, (it’s ok to waterboard now) brainwashes us, via the BBC, the Dead Tree Scrolls, and the Establishment, to love, honour and obey, Big Sister Treeza.
    Severin, Lindsay, Tom, The Ulster Fry that is the Torrance, all work for the Ministry of Truth; 2 + 2 = 5, if we fuckin’ say so.
    You’ll go to the back of the ten year queue, you’ll die like Greece, the oil’s run out, England will build a PFI wall to hem you in, and your rotten dead corpses piled high against the Great Wall of Treeza,will be England’s Maginot Line when Russia invades from the North, and kills every Scottish intellectual, and Paul the Dugman.
    Today, the Ministry of Truth has gone into overdrive. Fuck, the Nats are neck and neck, in a rigged Unionist poll?
    The Winston Smiths of Oceania are out in force.
    The Thought Police will be knocking at targeted doors in the wee sma’ hours.
    Any minute now, GCHQ will come up on this screen ordering me to report to Room 101, or as we know it, Gordon Just To Be Clear Brewer’s studio at Big Brother Broadcasting at Pacific Quay.
    Enough already with the 1984 analogy.
    I cannot stop laughing at the sheer hysteria of the Dead Tree Scrolls and BBC PQ today.
    We have won, and we are nowhere near triggering Indyref 2.
    The clock has indeed struck thirteen.

    • Yes, the clock striking thirteen was part of the opening sentence of his novel 1984. It has been around a lot longer than that as I’m sure you know.

      Mark Twain is claimed to have said: “The thirteenth stroke of the clock is not only false of itself, but casts grave doubt on the credibility of the preceding twelve”.

      He knew a thing or two about truth and lies did Twain.

      • Indeed it does, Dave. I coined it as a play on Dead Tree Scrolls, ancient papyrus scripts, which fell to dust when exposed to loght. You youngsters are more hip and IT savvy than I. ‘Dead Tree Trolls’ it is. This is how language evolves I venture.
        Thepnr, Twain was a wise man. If only his wife had not ‘blue pencilled’ his work.
        Was it he who said, ‘what this country needs is a good five cent cigar’?
        I am enjoying ‘serious’ journalists making absolute haddies of themselves..

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  7. Do you think its worth pointing out to the poor dears that Scotland is headed out of the EU completely (and against its wishes) thanks to tory Westminster government and their abject failure to keep their indyref assurances?

    That the only folk who are attempting to keep that assurance for the Westminster government is in fact the Scottish government?

    I mean, if the meeja want to point out the failure of both HMG and Better Together over their EU membership assurance that’s peachy with me, but just sayin’. If it were me, I probably wouldn’t want to draw attention to the fact that either through colossal ineptitude, fuckwitted arrogance, or simple bare faced deception, I’d pretty much pulled a 180 on something the public felt might be important.

      • They seem a tad lost and confused on message though. 😉

        Again, were it me. I’d be attempting to convince folk that I had a better deal in the offing….

        … oh wait.

        They did struggle with coming up with that message last time round. 🙂

  8. Each and every one of us needs to counter these lies in whatever way we can. I use buses, waiting rooms and cafes to leave copies of The National , copies of individual articles and home made cards with good websites (e.g. weegingerdug) on them. I believe there are well-printed cards out there from a source on Munguin’s Republic which I have still to investigate.

    “The Truth has got to be out there.”

  9. When I go for my National of a morning I often have to fight my way past my contemporaries (over 65’s) who are lifting their Records, Suns, Daily Mails or Expresses. I’m guessing they are unlikely to be going online for their “news”. Somehow we need to be getting in front of them with our own Dead Tree Scrolls to counteract their misinformation.

  10. Thanks Paul for this (again). I only saw a little about it earlier today and didn’t have time to find out what it was all about. Then it was on the news like an extended sentence…. sneaked in, tagged onto another headline…made me think “I smell s***e 💩”
    So thank you for clearing it up!

  11. 20 or more years the SMSM have never changed their tactics. And Independence get some closer every day. Clearly, let them continue to do what they are doing.

  12. If there is currently 49% support for Independence? ask yourself were You asked if you supported Independence in this poll? if not, perhaps the figure is a tad nearer 50%?!

    also saw an interesting news headline this week – the PM ‘hitting back at Scotland’ / Scottish Parliament for having a (non-binding) vote that advised that Scotland isn’t exactly keen on triggering Article 50… PM warns ‘an Independent Scotland will be out of the EU.’

    Strange, that the PM can contemplate an Independent Scotland when we are told there is no support for a second Referendum and of course, in such a statement, it is implicit that being in the EU is actually a good thing… so why are ‘we’ in these Isles so apparently keen to leave… of course the irony of such a statement is clearly lost on its creator…. a ‘Dependent’ Scotland is at this moment being forced out of the EU under the PM’s / Conservative Party’s direction… so not much of a threat then!.

    …and logically leaves Independence as the preferred choice.

    • I wish more people realised that the opposite of ‘independent’ is ‘dependent’. Perhaps. if they did, then more would get up off of their knees.

      • I can just imagine our First Ministers speech at the S N P conference , ” well folks, I gave them every opportunity to accept A ,B , C, D, OR E, they chose F ” consider it started ”
        tick tick tick BANG !!!!

    • That’s all well and good but the problem is it still won’t reach the target audience because the Deid Tree Bunch o Trolls will never publish it.
      Do you really believe that Jackie the Burd will be reporting that Germany, Holland, Denmark, France, etc have all stated that they wish to extend the hand of partnership and invite Scotland into the welcoming arms of the EU as soon as possible.
      It just nae going to happen.
      RT will probably report it, possibly Ch.4 and a few others but in the main, we need to find a way to get the message to the generation of people who still believe that the Beeb and the rest are just a bunch o lying scum.

      Have to admit that it winds up my folks something chronic when peeps go on about the ‘Over 65s’ all being No Voters when neither of them watch the TV anymore, don’t buy papers and have been trying to get the Yes Message out there for some time.
      I also find it somewhat amusing that during the 80s they voted Tory (I believe it was Alec Buchannan-Smith at the time), then Lib Dem thereafter (Due to AB-S early death) – so a pretty long transition in the making.

      I have to admit that I feel that us being like-minded in this manner has brought us closer together than when I was younger or maybe I have slightly matured – either way, gone a bit off topic.

      I think the deployment of older Yes Activitists to the older generation is more likely to swing them. Making sure they are armed with copies of the letter from the DWP stating that pensions are secure, reinforcing the fact that they get their prescriptions for free and free bus travel all because of the SNP.

      • Banging on about “free” this and “free” that for the over 65’s (of which I am one) may simply play up worries about losing the “free” stuff without the broad shoulders of the UK to pay for it. Surely the better tactic is to confidently assert the positive economic case for an independent Scotland in contrast to the bankrupt economics of Westminster run by corrupt Tory unionists.

  13. I do YouGov polls regularly and have clearly indicated that I vote SNP. I have n never been asked however to participate in any polls about independence. Do YouGov filter out known independence supporters (as indicated by SNP voting intention)?

    • I’ve been with YouGov for over a year and never been asked to participate in any poll on independence. A lot of posters on Wings have said the same thing. They also use suspiciously high numbers of Scottish voters born in the rest of the UK – I think it was 27% in their last poll.

      I’ve just finished an independence poll for another company, which also asked the following interesting questions:

      “Assume for a moment that the Scottish Government asks the UK Government for the powers necessary to hold a Referendum on Scottish Independence in eighteen months’ time, in Autumn 2018.

      Some have argued that in this situation that Theresa May and the UK Government should reject such a request, and not give the Scottish Government the necessary powers to call a referendum.

      On a scale of 0-10, 0 being not at all and 10 being completely, how much do you support such an approach?”

      “Assume for a moment that the UK Government did take this approach, and rejected such a request for a referendum. The UK Government may provide a number of reasons for taking such an approach.

      What impact would the following reasons have on you supporting such an approach to reject a request for a Referendum on Scottish Independence?”

      Somebody fishing for the most acceptable of their bullsh*t reasons to reject the request? I didn’t think the Tory government would be stupid enough to that, but looks like it’s going to happen.

  14. Yes, Tory Tomkins was blethering on about it and mentioning the big rising (UK) deficit we would have if independent. That is another reason ti be out if this dysfunctional set up.
    Next, they will be saying we cannot afford submarines to keep our shores safe unlike the current UK fleet of subs which is out are non operational at present, although the MoD does nor comment on operational matters. It cannot if the subs are non operational!!
    The joke currently is with the UK government. Standing back, it punches above its weight, ok, but that weight and clout us diminishing, shrinking fast. Sion it will cast itself adrift and be “all at sea” trying to do deals in feathered bunnets to impress the natives globally.
    With Trident bit wonky ,there needs to be a reality check.
    Trouble is they are likely to do daft things to impress Trump when he comes calling. Wee war with Iran or China or the fuzzy wuzzies? Plenty cold steel!
    Corbyn has just handed HMG a blank cheque . Labour has internally imploded dahn sath. The branch has long withered.

  15. The union is truly crumbling. Fallon accused the Russians of “weaponising misinformation” in cyber attacks, but gave no evidence according to the Russian embassy. He also accused Sputnik and RT news of bad things.
    Now, according to RT news, the BBC plied the “idea” that Sputnik, which set up a new bureau in Edinburgh recently, will use it to undermine Nato during the Scottish Referendum!
    Now, zIndyref2 has not begun, it is obvious the establishment is spreading fake news, or lies or using dirty tricks. No doubt a new version of reds under the beds will surface. Fallon will push news of sightings of Russian subs in the Clyde and such news now that the UK subs are not in service at the moment! Recently, we had a couple of Russian bombers in international air space being reported in the MSM as “encircling the UK”.

    Watch this space

  16. Once they completely dismantle the NHS then even the Unionists/Orange Order migh might just reconsider but I wouldn,t hold my breath.What the SNP should do now is stop Scottish Power from implementing the price hikes,don,t know how but just do it,and tell fcuking Diageo that a lot of their produce is Scotch.

  17. Here’s a wee quiz.

    Which is the more likely? Spain vetoing indy Scotland’s application to join the EU because of the situation in Catalonia or Spain vetoing Brexit terms because of the situation in Gibraltar.

    Those who pick the latter get a gold star and the chance to buy themselves a drink. Those who pick the former get an electronic cabbage and the chance to wear a pointy hat with a big D.

  18. RANT ALERT !

    Citizens of Scotland, all those who were born here, and the hundreds of thousands who have honoured us by choosing to come here, work here, contribute to our economy, rear their children here, and enrich our culture, there is a Grand Lie being touted by our overwhelmingly Unionist SE of England Establishment, broadcast and print media, and Westminster controlled politicians.
    The Grand Lie is now universally peddled across the nation. Scotland is not a country. We are not free men and women.
    We live and work only by the good grace of an overwhelmingly dominant English Parliamentary system, where 85% will always out vote the rest in this now discredited Union.
    But the storm clouds relentlessly gather; Brexit, the Sewell slap down, May’s rejection of the Scottish Government’s Alternative EU proposals for a Scotland that voted 62% Remain, the filibustering Westminster Farce and the muzzling of SNP input to the Article 50 Brexit debate , the quite frankly hysterical ‘Civil War’ outpourings of Mundell, Davidson, and, just this morning, David Torrance, a bought and paid for pamphleteer of the Blue Tory class, who refreshingly continues to come across as a misguided but malevolent fool, and the now unrelenting hostility of the Scottish Branch of the London Establishment via the Dead Tree Scrolls and broadcast outlets, tells us that the penny has dropped.
    We, the citizens of Scotland will decide whether or not we wish to continue with this 310 year old political construct, the Act of Union, not as Torrance writes today, the English dominated Westminster Parliament.
    Torrance actually argues that we would need to seek ‘permission’ to hold a Referendum, from the English.
    By ‘the English’ I mean the Westminster Parliament, and of course, the unelected, undemocratic House of Lords.
    He like Mundell, Davidson, Dugdale, Rennie, Murray, and Carmichael, and the sorry rag tag and bobtail bunch of Unionist placemen and women, who live up here, pay their taxes here, educate their children here, and ironically declare themselves ProudScotsBut, do not believe that Scotland is a nation in its own right, and that the deal brokered by a gaggle of Scots Lairds 300 years ago when the rest of us were indentured slaves, still holds sway today, in a 21st Century world.
    Well, this is one citizen of Scotland who will not tolerate a fellow Scot peddling this subservient Uriah Heap kack.
    I will ask no man’s permission to begin the process of repealing the Act of Union,. I shall not be fingering the edge of my doffed cap hoping for the approval of 591 WM MPs who do not live here.
    There is widespread panic now. They know that a second Referendum is inevitable. They know that Scotland will be independent as a result. They know that come the end of March when the Darling Duds of May burst into the EU negotiations all guns blazing, the 27 will announce that Scotland will be more than welcome to continue as valued members; if only to get it right up Boris and May.
    They know that, as the economic disasters and social meltdown unfolds and our Southern neighbours eventually realise what leaving the Single Market really means , closing their borders, deporting 3 million essentially needed EU nurses, doctors, farm hands, plumbers, electricians, scientists, the instantaneous 10-20% price rises, hyper- inflation, banks exiting to Europe, 100,000s jobs lost, and the Brit Silver Surfers settled in Europe are forced to pay for their medical treatment or eff off back to Blighty, Scotland will choose not to be dragged along, and choose Independence and remain within the EU.
    No permission needed Scotland. Welcome.
    Hence all that ‘bring it on’ nonsense which Torrance postulates in his latest piece of verbal bubble gum in the American owned Herald.
    They’d love us to go early. To fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail. By god we’ll be more than ready the next time.
    Well, unlike Serf Torrance, this Kunta Kinte won’t be asking an English Parliament’s ‘permission’ for anything TVM.
    We the Free Citizens of Scotland will decide.
    My only advice to the Fourth Estate Fifth Column Up Here is; get up off your knees and act like men and women who live in a remarkable European country called Scotland.
    We smell your fear.

  19. O/T i dont want to spoil your day , and here is the BUT ,have a look at what Scotland in Union advocate and the type who support them ,have a look at Wings over Scotland , I wont give the game away but i suggest you wash after reading some of the stuff .

  20. Another cracker, WGD (or if you like a biscuit for the dug), there’s just something about the way you tell it 🙂
    I only hope you’re not just preaching to the converted.

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