Turning the hysteria up to eleven

If Scotland votes to become independent, the very next day the SAS will abseil down the side of your local branch of Morrison’s and make everyone in the checkout queue turn out their pockets and confiscate their money, because Scotland won’t be allowed to use the pound. It’s true. Unionists on Twitter say so. They also tell us that Scotland will have to sign up to Schengen and the Euro even though we won’t be allowed to join the EU and won’t have any currency. And Spain will veto us. Mariano Rajoy is the saviour of the UK. Mind you, if you are pinning all your hopes on Mariano Rajoy to prevent the break up of the UK you’re as well going home now and consoling yourself with a bowl of cold paella.

There is still no official independence campaign, no notification of a referendum, but already the Unionist extremists on social media are ramping the hysteria up to eleven. They scream mutually contradictory scare stories without pausing to reflect on how they undermine their own argument. People who are hell-bent on taking Scotland out of the EU against its will try to scare us with the threat that Scotland won’t be allowed to join the EU. Which means, although they’re blind to it, that they’re actually admitting that not being in the EU is a bad thing.

What they’re really trying to do is to assert that being outside the EU and negotiating our own trade deals is far far scarier than being out of the EU and having our trade deals negotiated on our behalf by Liam Fox. There are in fact fewer things in this universe that are scarier than anything to do with Liam Fox. He’d cheerfully negotiate a trade deal with the monster from the Alien movies to rent out the bodies of the low paid to vile blood sucking parasites from another planet. Which is pretty much what his government has got in mind as a model for the British economy after Brexit. They call it tax incentives.

Hard core Unionists are being forced into hysteria before the referendum has even been called because the reality of a Tory ruled Brexit outside the EU and with our employment and civil rights trashed is far far more frightening than anything that an independent Scotland has to offer, even in the dystopian nightmares of Tom Gallagher. Well, OK, maybe not. Tom has the kind of dystopian imagination about an independent Scotland that other people can only acquire after having their brains extracted via their nostrils with a bill hook, put in a blender with the Ladybird Book of Scary Tartan Monsters and a report from a focus group made up of Orange Lodge members and ninety year old Ukippers with advanced syphilitic dementia – otherwise known as a Question Time audience from Glasgow – and then poured back into their body through a funnel stuck up their backside.

But even Tom’s froth filled ravings are starting to seem mainstream compared to some of the stuff that’s coming out of his Unionist pals these days. Ruth Davidson is warning of fratricide, and she’s one of the calmer ones. But Ruth habitually talks in metaphors of war. On Monday she was warning that the Scottish government is seeking to weaponise Brexit in order to boost support for independence. But the truth is that it’s the Tories who have weaponised Brexit. They’re using it as a weapon to destroy the social support networks, the NHS, social security, employment rights and civil rights that have been hard fought for and won by generations. They took the vote in England and Wales to leave the EU and have chosen how to interpret it. They’ve chosen to interpret it as an all out assault on the social compact that Britain established in the post-WW2 era. They’ve chosen to interpret it as an opportunity to destroy social cohesion and compassion.

It’s Ruth’s own party which is destroying the UK. That’s why the Unionists on social media scream and howl, because they don’t want to face up to that hard reality. The Britain that they claim to love is being killed, and it’s being killed by the parties that claim to champion it. That’s some tough karma there. It’s far easier to blame someone else for your own shortcomings, so they blame Scottish nationalists instead.

The Unionist extremists are warning of people being set against one another, of families being torn apart. Some are demanding that independence supporters suffer legal penalties. Because in the world of the überyoon it’s all the fault of independence supporters when neo-fascist Unionists get violent. It’s the Scottish constitutional equivalent of blaming rape on women wearing short skirts or saying that animal cruelty is the result of marching band uniforms getting covered in cat hair.

What they’re really trying to achieve with their hysteria and warnings of violence is to dissuade people from engaging with the arguments about independence. They want to put the blame for their own violence and lack of restraint on people who make peaceful and good natured arguments for independence. It’s a tactic to delegitimise the campaign for independence. It’s a tactic to claim the moral high ground while wallowing in the sewer. Then when another group of Unionist thugs attack peaceful independence supporters like they did in George Square in the aftermath of the first independence referendum vote, there can yet again be headlines on the BBC saying “Clashes between Yes and No voters” as though there’s some sort of moral equivalence between the two. It’s like describing an execution as a dispute.

You’d almost think that despite turning the hysteria up to eleven, their insistence that no one in Scotland wants another referendum, and that even if there is another referendum it’s going to return a massive majority in favour of presenting our arses to the Tories for a serious rogering, that they’re not so sure that they’re going to win. And that’s because they’re not, and they know it. They know they’re on the wrong side of history. They know that we’re living in the last days of the British Empire. As the British ship of state sinks below the waves in a storm that it brought on itself, the unionist extremists will only howl even louder, but their howls will be blown away in the gale of their own making.

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0 thoughts on “Turning the hysteria up to eleven

  1. Ironic that the Yoons are now depending on the bastard children of Franco in Madrid, the same bastard children who lust for Gibraltar to save their bacon. The Brits will trade off quite cynically Scottish Fishing Interests during the Brexit process to keep the Butchers pinny flying at the mouth of the Mediterranean. Even though Gibraltar wanted to uhmm stay in the EU. Irony bypass for the Brit Nats again. The Brit Nat Press and Media will tell us that they have cut a fandabbydozzy deal for the Fishermen as well no doubt even as the Brit Govt stick the boot intae them again.

    I haven’t said anything about the resident Yoon thugs either. I wouldn’t put it past them to sacrifice one of the Royals. There is no limit to their mendacity.

    • The authorities in Gibraltar certainly saw this coming months before the June 2016 poll:


      And the papers in Gibraltar were reporting as far back as last July that it is not Scotland which is going to be the subject of any veto over Brexit by the Spanish Government/Establishment but the prize of Gibraltar. How the ultra British Nationalists will take to the loss or potential loss of that Crown property would be an event worth buying tickets to watch:


      Although one would not put it past Westminster to sacrifice Gibraltar to keep Scotland in any negotiations. If such an event were to transpire it would be interesting to witness how the usual suspects would attempt to spin that, probably blame the Scottish Parliament judging by the previous record.

      Even though the current situation over Gibraltar in the Brexit talks is being spun as Spain softening it’s position


      “If the UK does not want to negotiate, it will be hard to move forward with this, and one of the elements that London is considering before deciding whether to negotiate is the opinion of Gibraltarians,” Sr Dastis told El Pais.

      “We deeply believe that this would be a beneficial choice for them [but] if Gibraltarians remain sceptical and do not wish to explore that avenue, I would say that’s their business.”

      “They have a right to get left out of the EU, if that’s what they want.””

      That end quote about having the ‘right ‘ to be left out of the EU is clearly signalling there will be a stark choice for the people in Gibraltar, either stick with the sinking ship of a broken Lesser Britannia or stay in the EU. Perhaps Gibraltar may have its own referendum on the matter? That would certainly be interesting for bystanders and a cognitive challange for the Yoonacy.

      Perhaps a hint of which way Gibraltar might jump can found here:


      Certainly the authorities in Gibraltar have been flexing their muscles in regard to UK Government jurisdiction of late:


      It would seem a whole new scale on the meter is required with at least a third digit? Or perhaps the dummy throwers will volunteer to occupy Gibraltar for ‘The Crown?’

      • Gibraltar is highly dependent on a Spanish workforce and already behind a fence they control. It’s an example of why the Republic of Ireland has the same Shengen exemption as the UK. Great joy is to be had when Spain decide to play by the rules and slow things to a snails pace. If the UK leaves the EU without coming to a half way amicable arrangement Gibraltar will be treated to that on a daily basis assuming things don’t degenerate to a complete closure of its land border.

  2. Aye, the “Better Together” or, more accurately,” Murder the Nats” rhetoric has been wound up to an ear-splitting crescendo of late. But what are the Yoonatics so feart o’? According to them, the people of Scotland are absolutely, definately, determinedly set against independence. I think we all accept that the next Indyref will probably be the last, either because we gain independence or, God forbid, lose the vote again. As the Yoons are so certain the people don’t want it, I’d have thought they’d jump at the chance of Indyref2 to prove their point and in doing so put independence off the agenda for at least a generation. I think it really is beginning to dawn on them that maybe, just maybe, Scotland has had enough of their sacred Union and isn’t too wee, too poor and/or too stupid to go it alone and make a success of it. As in any battle – and battle it will be – if we choose our time, choose our ground and hold our nerve we will win. Not only do we who seek independence know where we stand, we know what we stand for.

    • [Comment removed]

      I’ve removed your comment Frank. I’m a gay man, and I don’t appreciate homophobic remarks on this blog. There are plenty of legitimate ways to criticise Ruth and the Fluffy one.

      Paul Kavanagh

  3. Simply brilliant, Paul.
    I posted this on WoS in response to the long list of tweets from Yoon nutjobs threatening a coup d’état, the overthrow of the Scottish Government, and violent retribution against all Yessers..

    Deaths in Northern Ireland 1969-2010

    Civilian 1879
    British Security 1117
    Republican Paramilitary 399
    Loyalist Paramilitary 162
    Irish Security 11
    Total deaths 3568

    The Shankill Road bombing was a terrorist attack carried out by the Provisional IRA on 23 October 1993 and is one of the most notorious incidents of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The IRA’s intention was to assassinate Protestants who were Shopping in Frizzell’s fish shop on Shankill Road, Belfast. Two IRA members were to enter the shop disguised as deliverymen, then force the customers out at gunpoint and plant a time bomb with a short fuse. However, when the IRA members entered the shop with the bomb, it exploded prematurely. One of the IRA members was killed along with nine Protestant civilians. More than fifty people were wounded.

    The Shankill Butchers was an Ulster loyalist gang—many of whom were members of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)—that was active between 1975 and 1982 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Based in the Shankill area it was responsible for the deaths of at least 23 people, most of whom were killed in sectarian attacks. The gang was notorious for kidnapping and murdering random Catholic and suspected Catholic civilians; each was beaten ferociously and had his throat hacked with a butcher’s knife. Some were also tortured and attacked with a hatchet. The gang also killed six Ulster Protestants over personal disputes, and two other Protestants mistaken for Catholics. Most of the gang were eventually caught and, in February 1979, received the longest combined prison sentences in United Kingdom legal history. However, gang leader Lenny Murphy and his two chief “lieutenants” escaped prosecution. Murphy was killed in November 1982 by the

    Provisional IRA, likely acting with loyalist paramilitaries who perceived him as a threat.[1] The Butchers brought a new level of paramilitary violence to a country already hardened by death and destruction.[2] The judge who oversaw the 1979 trial described their crimes as “a lasting monument to blind sectarian bigotry”.

    Yet we have Project Fear 2 warning of Unionist ‘backlash’ here if we were to democratically opt for Self Determination at the ballot box. Let’s terrify the pensioners again.

    Despite the proximity of Northern Ireland, and the ever present Celtic Rangers tension, the bloody carnage of Northern Ireland has rarely touched these shores.
    Certainly there has been sometimes fatal violence associated with the Old Firm.

    Mark Scott was the victim of an unprovoked attack as he walked through Bridgeton Cross whilst returning from the Celtic – Partick Thistle game on 17th October, 1995.. He died on the street and his murder became the main impetus for the establishment of the charity ‘Nil by Mouth’

    What kind of hatred and filth gushes through the minds of Unionists when they predict violence and attempt to usurp Scottish democracy by threatening to close down our Parliament and forcing ‘Direct Rule’ from Westminster?
    Perhaps the Historywoman, an expert on all things Nazi, wishes to emulate the Burning of the Reichstag in 1933.

    Hitler blamed the Commies, asked for and received from President Hindenburg the Reichstag Fire Decree, signed into law by Hindenburg using Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution. The Reichstag Fire Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany, including habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, the secrecy of the post and telephone .
    Many historians claim that the fire was a false flag operation by Hitler’s Thugs, to purge Communists from Parliament.

    Perhaps this deluded Septuagenarian emirita professor hopes that by symbolically ‘burning’ Holyrood, Westminster will be free to do what it likes to us rebellious Scots?
    The threat of violence has certainly been ratcheted up by politicians, Dead Tree Scrollers, the broadcasters, the seemingly limitless list of Yoon Professors, and the vile Yoonats listed on the WoS site today.
    Torrance and his ‘Ulsterisation’ nonsense, Davidson predicting fratricide, the poisonous Sectarianism of Professor WATP Adam Tomkins, The Queen’s Eleven Murdo Fraser, and James Kelly, Champion of Scrapping the OBF laws to pander to his beloved Green Brigade, would have Scotland descend into the carnage which was visited upon the poor citizens of Northern Ireland?
    But only if we vote Yes. If we vote No, we Yessers are such civilised docile folk, that peace would be restored immediately.
    They disgust me to the core. They insult the good people of Scotland, and Northern Ireland, with their ominous sabre rattling imperialist shit.
    Do they really believe that society would break down after a Yes vote? They are evil rabble rousers at best, or must seek immediate psychiatric help at worst.
    I apologise for the length of this, but the graphic description of the ’Troubles’ may be new to some readers.

    • Let us remember the insightful words uttered by the father of tragic mark scott at the time of his mindless slaying- “there are two victims in all of this; my son, who has lost his life, and the society that created his killer”. Amen.

      • “When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight! Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.” – John Lennon

  4. ” It’s like describing an execution as a dispute.” I’m knickin’ that! Very funny. The ramping up of violent rhetoric is undoubtedly an agreed, concerted unionist tactic. It will worsen and there is a real need to bring it in to the public domain while avoiding the victim card. The demands being laid upon us are, well, demanding. One loose nutjob is all that it will take. For this reason restraint is everything. However it is our duty to continue to ridicule morons. I’m up for that!

    • Excellent posts : I have read the current WOS article and posts and I would say to any rabid unionist just three little words , ” Its Our Choice ” !!!!

  5. Fortunately, the word “ELEVEN” is not understood by voice recognition technology, when it is uttered in Scotland. Consequently, the Yoons remain stuck in the lift on the ground floor.

  6. That’s a keeper Paul. 😀

    I hear Murdo has been twatting again. Along the lines of ‘you’ve had your referendum. You lost.’ kinda thing. Which, y’know, is a bit strange coming from a chap who has been rejected at the ballot…. 7 times? Yet keeps coming back for more. Apparently Murdo doesn’t do either irony or self evaluation. Still, its worth pointing out that if he feels there is no limit to the number or frequency of his attempts to seek public mandate, then he has absolutely no right to prevent others doing exactly the same.


    Yes, the unionist voice does appear a wee bit hysterical these days and with pretty good reason I’d say.

    They screwed up… big time!

    It appears that their lurve offensive since September 2014, which consisted of triumphalist jeering, mass media othering and demonisation of half of Scotland and their democratically mandated representation hasn’t exactly gone the way they intended. May have something to do with the fact that folk don’t appreciate being intimidated. They don’t appreciate being sold a false bill of goods either. They don’t much take to being stolen from and watching the life choices of their kids limited to decades of penury at best. Oh, and they absolutely don’t appreciate being treated as second class citizens in their own home, having their friends under threat of eviction (see under Westminster refusing to guarantee the residency rights of EU continental nationals) and their human and democratic rights under direct threat of removal against their express wishes.

    Who knew?

    Perhaps if they’d kept the odd promise in good faith rather than try to twist or skew their devolution offerings to suit their own political agendas? Maybe, just maybe, if they’d called their media dogs in rather than unleash them on a daily basis to assault both the Scottish government and the wider YES movement. Or perhaps, if they’d acted with just a little more humility and a lot more humanity as opposed to treating the past two years as a fucking punishment exercise for Scotland then they wouldn’t all be running around terrified of a second referendum about now.

    Just to be clear. The ONLY reason a second referendum is looking highly likely about now is because of their actions in the intervening period. It is because of their abject failure over the past two years to win the aftermath of the first. It is because they not only have not honoured the spirit or the letter of the first in good faith.

    They never had any intention of doing so.

    • In a nutshell, Sam, say anything, promise anything, then when the mugs buy the lies and vote for you, do what you fucking well like.
      That’s how New Labour saw it, until we twigged.
      Dugdale and Davidson are in London talking SNP Bad Scotland shite, Education attainment gap woeful, and it is all the Independence fixated Sturge’s fault, and the Dug touting yet another democratic Convention on a New Improved newer than has ever been Federalism tosh.
      At least there is the slim chance that their London audiences won’t laugh with derision in their faces.
      When is there next Glasgow meeting? Never, you say?
      They not only broke their promises, they tried to rub our faces in it. Big mistake.
      Keep them coming, Macart.

      • That whole ‘weaponising Brexit’ bull has to be knocked on the head any time it’s brought up Jack. THIS entire situation is not of the Scottish government’s making. The constitutional crisis was, as we know, brought about by HMGs failure to recognise the outcome of Scotland’s indyref. They did so willingly, only concerned with their own power struggle/pissing contest.

        Scotland had a referendum outcome in which our electorate were ‘guaranteed’ that their position as EU members was secure. A constitutional vision of the UK going forward which in the event of an EU referendum was recklessly endangered. When the EU ref was declared, the Scottish electorate were never given an option to opt out of the UK wide vote which would have avoided a constitutional crisis and our FM did indeed attempt to both warn and head this vote off with such an intervention (much against the SGs own natural inclination).

        Brexit is legal action and inevitable legal consequence. Two referendums with constitutionally incompatible outcomes which require a resolution. That resolution CANNOT be left to partizan party politics and ideologies for obvious reasons. It HAS to be decided with a third referendum and placed in the hands of the people to decide their constitutional future. Do they still wish to entrust that future to the Westminster system which endangered their civil rights, human rights, resources and economy in a mindless tory pissing contest and on the back of a raft of broken pledges? Or, do they NOW think its time to take responsibility for their futures into their own hands?

    • Great summary Macart. The last line sums it up perfectly, it didn’t even occur to them that they might need to deliver on any of the statements or promises made to ‘win’ the referendum. Now they’re panicking because there’s no way to hide that and they have no credibility left – they can promise us the Moon and Unicorns in Indyref2 but it will simply be ignored. Therefore threats and intimidation are all they have to fall back on.

    • First of, I’m not a Nazi apologist. Nor am I an IRA apologist. To be perfectly safe and avoid having that edited out I should probably interweave it with the rest of this post but unfortunately can’t.

      However the treatment of Germany after WWI certainly didn’t help prevent WWII. The same lack of compromise is evident in how Scotland is being treated by Westminster now. NI had their civil rights movement hijacked but extremists but even then that might have been averted if it weren’t for the grim determination of Westminster and the other victors to avoid compromise.Which led to a situation ripe in Germany for the rise of Fascism. They know deep in their hearts just how well their hard line worked in both Germany and Ireland.

      Faced with the rise of Fascism in the UK where Farage is treated seriously there comes a point when staying around for the inevitable isn’t any kind of bravery or solidarity but just the opposite. We refuse to agree to a vision of being “British” that’s a travesty of the values we’re told WWII was fought on. The move from Empire to Commonwealth might have had a lot to do with the global nature of WWII as a swift, if 20 years can be called that, reminder of the lesson learnt in WWI. From an authoritarian viewpoint mass mobilisation is a nightmare as it lends itself to socialism. The rise of Labour and the introduction and Welfare and the NHS post WWII isn’t that much of a surprise as a continuation of the war time spirit. That’s partly why nuclear weapons are handy as a method of control. As is cutting back on the sizes of your own armed forces and relying on high tech. Too many plebs either being in the armed forces or having relatives in them gets them thinking they matter. The introduction of a quota on scottish recruits and reduction and elimination of our regiments isn’t that much of a shock in those terms.

      Faced with a press eager to turn the UK into a totalitarian regime and the voices of opposition being either ignored or silent we’ve little option but to say fuck this I’m off.

      • The greatest danger faced by any society is the power vacuum. When the idiocy of the political class creates such a vacuum, whether through war, or decades of runaway narrative and political manipulation, doesn’t matter. There is always the danger that something worse fills the void. A balance in society is broken and the politics skews toward one extreme or the other with no room for middle ground or understanding.

        This is the place where the truly ruthless and politically polarised live.

  7. The British security apparatus is no stranger to false flag atrocities and the liberal use of agents provocateurs. Ruth “Harrison” has been drubbin the Lambeg drum and winding up the brain-dead Billy Boys of Ibrox to get their retaliation in first, playing the Orange Card in true despicable Tory style.

    Things will get nasty, but we must maintain the moral high ground, and stay in control.

    They have shot themselves in the foot with Brexit. Last time round, the EU leaders did not want to offend Westminster, and did nothing to dispel the lies Bitter Together spouted. Now they are looking forward to booting the English government right where it hurts, by supporting an independent Scotland in Europe. It’s pay-back time for all the arrogant crap that London has dished out in Europe and across the world. From Alyn Smith’s great speech in the European Parliament to Oor Nicola’s diplomatic initiatives, the SNP has played a blinder.

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  9. It’s surely ironic that Ruthless and Duggy had to go to the South of England to find an audience for their rantings—-no one here, bar the BEEB, being interested.

  10. And as if on cue, Mike Settle takes over the baton from Tom Gordon to report on Tank Commander Davidson’s ‘keynote speech’ to the LSE, warning that The Sturge is ‘weaponising’ Brexit, and Dugdale delivers a ‘keynote address’ to London Uni calling for Federalism, and Pies to be clutched down from the sky. Whit the feck is a ‘keynote’ thingy?
    The Dead Tree ‘will say’/’did say’ Scrollers; obedient lap dogs to the Yoons at all cost. Still if a Yank is paying their wages…

  11. Sorry for being O/T but I had to show you this article from the Business Telegraph about the bright future for North Sea oil.

    No doubt the Yoons will downplay it along the lines of decommissioning costs etc but this is exquisite timing come Indyref 2 and the fact that it is given big licks in the Telegraph of all places.

    Oh the irony!

  12. Terrific writing Paul. You obviously know the mindset of the ‘britnat’ better than most. I commend to you and fellow readers – as relevant as ever – the late great Hamish Imlach’s riproaring masterpiece “Grand old english tory times”. Written nearly 50yrs ago, Hamish had em sussed.

      • Superb mini docs by Phantom Power and both Daniel and Fraser laying their arguments out well. It really is all about what KIND of country we want to live in. TBF its always been about that, even in indyref 1.

        It’s beyond unfortunate that it has taken the current events to bring this home to the wider population, but bring it into each and every livingroom it will.

        Yesterday is past. It’s history.

        My hand is always out to new YES voters every day. 🙂

  13. Ruth Davidson and the SNP weaponising lies.
    In fact, Ruth produced no evidence. What she did say was to allude to an SNP battle bus in a not yet called for Indyref2 using lies like Gove and Johnson did during the EU referendum promising mega millions for the NHS! How can one accuse other of lying in an event not yet taking place? Unwittingly,she actually stated that TORIES TELL LIES and one of them is now the Foreign Secretary.
    Some strange argument! So now we know Tories tell lies!!
    Ruth has stated it publically.

  14. I was trying to alert readers yesterday about the stuff on wings so all could see what is in some peoples mind , and prepare them to shower or have a bath after reading some of the rancid bile that stewart campbell receives on a daily basis , the perpetrators of this hatred walk among us , most of them should be tagged if they are indeed out on licence or subject to care in the community orders .
    this is going to be messy this time because our enemy have used all their Ammunition they have nothing left so terror tactics will be used next anything goes now , be prepared for some really dirty stuff , the only change this time is the Whole of Europe are looking on.

  15. Ruth Davidson presenting a speech to the LSE is just so so ludicrous. Pity the persons obliged to sit and listen. Apart from weaponising and tanks, and buffalo, what else can she discuss? Economics? Political Science? Not really.The black art of deception of the gullible I suppose.

    The battle terminology being adopted by these, simply nasty, uberyoons ( great expression) really is appalling.

    As for Kezia Dugdale, she really needs advice from those close to her, seek out another career. She isn’t cast from the mould of Murphy, Davidson et al.

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