Journey to Yes

The fourth instalment in the estimable PhantomPower’s video series Journey to Yes, featuring lawyer and activist Mike Dailly who campaigned for a No vote in 2014 but who now has joined the SNP and will be campaigning for a Yes vote in indyref2.

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  2. A valuable contribution from Mike Dailly and very much a case of welcome aboard.

    Then you have Mr Sadiq Khan (sigh). Have you seen this Paul?

    Apparently we’re no better than racists or religious bigots. Not seeing how such a claim helps any debate, but I do see what benefits putting a spanner into the works for Scottish independence may have for Mr Khan.

    Now before anyone reads this IN ANY VERSION across our meeja BE AWARE! This is click bait writ large and its looking for an enraged response so that yoons can point and shout. ARE WE CLEAR ON THAT? So calm observation and dissection is required.

    Ask yourself what Mr Khan, as Mayor of London, hopes to achieve by attempting to scupper the independence movement and a second indyref?

    He’s the Mayor of London mind.

    What threat does an independent Scotland pose to the city most? A Scotland still probably part of the EU at most, or certainly party to EEA, EFTA and all the open border and four freedoms agreements any such alliance entails. The man is terrified of direct competition, capital flight and a more attractive financial services sector agreement right on his doorstep. I’d say he’s considered the threat an independent Scotland would almost certainly pose to those and such as those in London is imminent and has decided a pre-emptive strike at that threat was on his to do list.

    So Mr Khan has decided to bait half of the next door neighbours by insinuating they are every bit as bad as racists and bigots. Uh huh!

    The response should be either a. Laugh and spoof. OR b. calm dissection and refutation. If folk can’t do either of those, then take two paracetamol and go to bed for a couple of days till you feel better. 🙂

    • Thanks for the link , Well his intervention will do the world of good , desperation comes to mind , having watched some of the Labour party political broadcast yesterday , for thats what it is ,and given a platform by the BBC , this Alice in Wonderland performance by the MSPs and delegates yesterday with alternative Truth being pushed to the limit ,this lot will say anything and not one media outlet will contradict them , a total disgrace this is allowed to happen . Do this lot consider when they gleefully cheer on the lies of their party and the corrupt media can and eventually will be turned on them , who will come to their assistance then, short sighted fools being used by those in the shadows who are calling the shots .

  3. Watched all the contributions again and was impressed not only by the clear argument offered by every promoter for Scottish independence but also by the back-drop in each presentation.

    Thanks Paul.

  4. this is a lovely series of films from Phantom Power. Hope it gets widest distribution – maybe each and everyone of us could press a CD of all these testimonies of people moving from No to Yes and give it to a sceptic/wavering/undecided neighbour or family member. And then watch it with them!!!

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