May the farce is with us

Wow. Just wow. That’s all you can say to Theresa May’s rank hypocrisy. Let’s be honest, hypocrisy is pretty much the stock in trade of political classes the world over, but with her lecture to the Scottish government Treeze has taken it to a new level. This is a woman whose administration presides over a health service that’s in such a state of collapse that the Red Cross have had to get involved. Prisons in England are constantly bubbling in a state of near riot. Education in England is failing and lurches from one crisis to another. And all the while the Tory government obsesses on a hard line Brexit and putting a xenophobic narrow minded far right British imperialist mentality at the very heart of policy over and above every other consideration.

Theresa May has as much moral authority to lecture the SNP on constitutional obsessiveness and failing to concentrate on the day job as Rolf Harris has to lecture social services on child protection. There are bladders with less gall but you won’t find a bigger bladder than a Tory politician on a kick of self-righteousness. Remember when supporters of the Better Together campaign told Scotland “lead us, don’t leave us”? Now we know that what they meant was that Scotland would be first in the queue to be pushed under the Brexit bus. That’s the one with the £350 million a week for the NHS written on the side of it.

I’m obsessing now. Treeze said to stop obsessing. Let me do your obsessing for you, she said. Forget about this independence nonsense, instead I can obsess about foreigners and this preciousssss union. Because foreigners are bad. The EU is foreign, and if Scotland becomes independent then you will be foreign too. And that’s bad. Brexit means Brexit. Bespoke deal. A deal that works for everyone as long as they shut up and do what I say.

This preciousssss family of nations is so precious that once Brexit is out of the way Treeze is going to rip up the paper on which devolution settlement is written and use it as bedding in Fluffy’s hutch. That’s proper respect that is. She knows that the Leave campaign promised that after Brexit all the devolved powers currently held by Brussels will automatically return to Holyrood, but she wasn’t a part of the Leave campaign. She was hedging her bets and not saying anything because she had her eye on the leadership of the Tory party, and now she’s got her real preciousss she fully intends to do what she likes with it. And there’s bugger all that you can do about it Scotland.

If Scotland is foolish to vote No a second time, the Tories will eviscerate the devolution settlement. They will neuter the Scottish parliament. They will trash our employment and civil rights. They will condemn us to decades of forelock tugging poverty with no avenues for dissent. We’re facing a future in which Jackie Bird’s obsequious interviewing technique will seem hard hitting.

May likes to think that she’s channelling Thatcher, but Thatcher knew how to achieve her goals. She’s Thatcher without any grounding in reality. Thatcher without any political nous. She’s Thatcher once you strip everything out except the hectoring tone, the arrogance, and the utter utter lack of self awareness. All you’re left with is a sneer and contempt. Treeze is the death of Scottish Unionism. The only reason we call it Unionism and not what it really is is because Scotland-Shut-Up-And-Do-What-You’re-Told-ism takes too long to type.

There’s a pile of papers that the Scottish government has sent her asking for a special Brexit deal for Scotland. That’s a detailed plan that seeks compromise, seeks a means to keep Scotland within the UK. Treeze is having none of it. The SNP is obsessed with independence, she tells us in that special voice she uses when she thinks she’s making a funny at Jeremy Corbyn’s expense. But she’s so obsessed with Brexit that she’s refusing to consider any compromises at all. Every time she opens her mouth a Union fairy dies.

Interviewed by Brillopad Neil on the politics show about his boss’s intervention, wee Fluffy nearly lost all his stuffing. I never knew it was possible for a stuffed toy have a melt down, but Fluffy Mundell proved us wrong. It was a fluffy-huffy. There were practically tears in his wee glass eyes as he stomped his paws has hard as he could and insisted that there shouldn’t be another referendum. It’s terribly terribly unfair for that nasty SNP to demand that there’s another vote. After all it’s not like the Conservatives promised to keep Scotland in the EU and the Single Market and then did the exact opposite. Oh. Wait.

We want to get the very best deal for Scotland, he insisted with his arms pumping up and down because Treeze had just put a new duracell battery in his back. It’s just that that deal will be one that no one in Scotland wants except the Tories, but that’s fair. We’re listening to the Scottish government, honest. The Scottish government says things to us and we listen to the whistling that we do while their lips are moving. We’ve go so much in common, and I want to focus on the common ground that we have. Like we both agree that the seas are full of cold salt water, and we both agree that there’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil. It’s just a pity that once we crash out of the EU without any trade deals we won’t be able to buy any of that coffee without a paying a massive tariff.

But the EssENPee want another referendum. Another referendum! He had a pained and hurt expression on his face like the SNP had just told him that he was going to be circumcised via his anus without an anaesthetic. And to be fair that’s exactly the kind of hurt that his job prospects will experience when Scotland votes for independence.

The Union is dying. It’s being killed by Theresa May and her Conservative party that doesn’t understand the meaning of the word compromise. It’s being killed by a British establishment that doesn’t understand the difference between democracy and majoritarianism. The truth about a second referendum is that there’s nothing that Theresa or Fluffy can do to prevent one. All they can do is try to delay it, and they know that the more they try to delay it, the more likely it becomes that they’re going to lose. May can have her hard Brexit, or she can have her preciousss Union, but she can’t have both. The people of Scotland won’t let her. She’s about to discover that we’re the power in this land, not her.

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0 thoughts on “May the farce is with us

  1. In addition to the examples of shambolic Tory governance cited by the Dug, there’s the small matter of their management of the UK economy. Their Orwellian Newspeak would have us all believe that they’re the only UK party capable of safe stewardship of the economy, but the truth is plain to see. Don’t take my word for it: check this scathing review by Ian McConnell in yesterday’s Herald: (Make sure you paste the entire URL into your browser – it’s well worth a read).

    There are all sorts of reasons for opting for Scottish independence, but for simplicity’s sake I’ll stick to the one I arrived at in 1979: we simply couldn’t make a bigger mess of our own affairs than has been made on our behalf by Westminster for decades if not centuries.

    • Tory hypocrisy in all it’s glory! Media don’t “see” the problem either, ergo the country is left with these vicious and useless Unbusiness-like cretins…

    • They deliberately made this mess. I wasn’t an accident. It is called corruption.
      We will deliberately make a success of it upon our independence.

  2. ‘She’s about to discover that we’re the power in this land, not her.’

    I can’t help but be reminded of the sad pathetic Wizard of Oz unmasked from behind the green curtain, except that what we are looking at just now is this matronly type at some village fete with its union jack bunting in some tent selling raffle tickets for the upkeep of the village pond sitting in a pool of her own pish.

    They are in their last throes.

  3. I agree with the above posts, the fuse has been lit for the next referendum, no ! no! , not today it was lit when Cameron announced EVEL on the 19th September, but Theresa with her edict today has just annoyed too many Scots.
    The upcoming SNP party conference may just see our first minister go ballistic and tell it like it is , they ( Westminster lot ) have not seen her in full mode, ( just ask Alistair help me Rhona Carmichael).

    Nicola Sturgeon has kept her own counsel but has a full bag of broken vows, promises assurances etc, etc, etc she will throw at Mays lot . Then The Scottish Lion will Roar till Independence is ours.

  4. And in other news the government have axed housing benefit for 18-21yr olds.

    Let’s be perfectly clear about the Conservative and unionist party. They are wrong. On every possible level they are wrong. Their methods aren’t caring. They aren’t for sharing and they wouldn’t know true unity or partnership if it jumped up and bit them on their collective arses.

    Unity and partnership require the ability to come and go. They require mutual respect and understanding, care, compassion, compromise and effort. THAT is unity and partnership as humanity understands it the world over. Unity and partnership aren’t about demanding or taking. They aren’t selfish or thoughtless. Precisely the opposite.

    None of that was on display at the Tory conference today. No, what was on display and abundantly so, was arrogance, ignorance and indifference. It goes without saying that there were also massive amounts of projection and dishonesty. It was a Tory conference after all.

    So, just to go over their utterly dishonest position on ‘NO MORE REFERENDUMS’.

    Scotland has been party to two referendums, with two constitutionally incompatible outcomes. One legally binding, the other being made legally binding as we speak.

    The Scottish electorate weren’t given the option of NOT voting in the EU ref. In point of fact they were assured their membership of the EU was guaranteed as part of the UK. It should never have come under threat in the first place. That aside, the Scottish electorate made a choice both times and both times their parliament and First Minister acted exactly according to their wishes.

    The choices of the Scottish electorate as they stand are to retain, if possible, membership of both unions. The FM duly obliged and explored this path (Pretty sure this course wouldn’t have been the FMs first choice), collected the necessary expertise and data, then presented the conclusions as a proposal to Westminster and the PM. Over to you Ms May.

    Now, either those choices made by the Scottish electorate will be respected by the unelected PM of the UK, or they won’t.

    If the answer to the proposals is a firm ‘no chance and by the way shut up’ to the Scottish electorate? Then it will be for the Scottish electorate to decide whether they like that answer from PM May or not. The FM in this instance is merely a facilitator, a conduit for the will of the electorate. THAT is the reality. PM May isn’t speaking to FM Sturgeon, she’s speaking to you, the public.

    She’s not slapping down, kicking, or battering the FM regardless of what the frothing windae lickers of the UK meeja would have you believe. She’s slapping down, kicking and battering you and your choices, your decisions. It’s about the choices you made as the voting public and how your choices are treated by central government and its highest office.

    Just a bit of perspective.

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  6. We’ve every right to want another Independence Referendum. Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU and the Tories are determined to pull us over the cliff edge into the abyss with them. Surely now the noes will see they’ve been lied to about being better together and “pooling and sharing”.

    Once Article 50 is triggered, let’s hope most people who voted no at the last Independence Referendum will see the light and change to yes. Prices in the shops are going up almost daily and that’s only the start of things to come.

    Theresa May thinks that Scots desiring independence are narrow-minded nationalists but we’re internationalists who don’t regard people from overseas, now resident here, as foreigners or mere bargaining chips.

    As for Fluffy Mundell, what can you say? The man is just a mouthpiece for Theresa May. He’s out of his depths as Secretary of State for Scotland. Everything he says is more anti-Scottish than pro Scotland). He’s absolutely pathetic on television and really hasn’t a clue.

    You’re correct, Paul. It’s a right farce!

    • Narrative from Tories seems to be that..”No, prices have not increased” Hardly credible position to take when shopping bills get larger whilst items shrink! Head in sand stuff, truly!

  7. Loved this post, Paul. It reinforces the remark I made earlier in the evening to Mr Stuck that Treeza seems to be morphing into an unattractive version of Gollum.

    • Yep, I second that (although some parts were more excellent than others) very nicely done and to the point. I just hope they’re not simply preaching to the converted.

  8. Excellent post WGD and I burst out laughing when I read this, ”He had a pained and hurt expression on his face like the SNP had just told him that he was going to be circumcised via his anus without an anaesthetic”

  9. It seems to me that the right wing clique that runs the UK hates being compromised by anything at all. Above, they absolutely hate that someone else has a say over their profoundly anti-human agendas, below they think it is their way or the highway.

    This is the insanity of totalitarianism.

    Treeza is indeed an unattractive version of Gollum.

    Hopefully ‘that speech’ will be the end of her in Scotland.

  10. As usual the “Riders on the Storm” jump on to their high horse’s and gallop off down the low road.

    Peace Always

  11. Loved this post Dug! TM is a completely duplicitous woman and certainly isn’t for turning, compromise or rethinking. I am conscious though that, as the Unionists keep posting in other fora, 55% voted against Independence last time and much of her speech played into many of beliefs I see on those sites. I also think that she will have learned from Brexit to the extent that she will put some kind of limit on any further referendum, as Thatcher did in 79. I am certain that Ms Sturgeon can handle that but again it plays into fear of the unknown and maintaining the status quo, which influences middle of the road voters. It will be fantastic when the revised future vision is produced and the campaign starts in earnest. At the moment, WM and the MSM are running an anti independence campaign while the government in power hasn’t called one! Interesting ain’t it? Control and fear abounds!!

  12. “May can have her hard Brexit, or she can have her preciousss Union, but she can’t have both.”

    Call me unrealistically optimistic if you will, but I sincerely hope that they play it so badly that at the end of the day they’ll wind up with neither. The trick will be to get the Indy Ref through and won before the headlong drive for Brexit collapses before the Great British Public finally realise what they’re in for and the backlash sets in.

    Well, we can but hope 😉

  13. Excellent as always. Had the same reaction to the same line as Mackisimul.

    A bit O/T but I heard some great news today. My 20-year-old nephew, in 2014, felt he was banging his head off a wall with his friends as they were all staunchly ‘No’. Just found out today that 10 of them who had voted No are now all going to vote ‘Yes’.

  14. This is a really important topic for debate and its been well and clearly covered here by Paul.

    If you support independence for Scotland, just visualise this for a moment: a month after losing a second IndyRef, respected analysts of polling data tell us that the reason we lost narrowly was that Yessers in 2014 voted No in Indyref2 because they did not want to be in the EU!

    The EU, its role, influence and impact, has been misrepresented by much of the UK’s right wing media and politicians for decades. I am no supporter of the Labour Party but anyone thinking about making a voting decision about Scottish independence based on their views of the EU should at least spend some time looking at the Labour MP Richard Corbett’s web site as well as reflect carefully on Paul’s excellent blog. ( ) Too late to influence votes on Brexit but not too late to get some perspective in advance of Indyref2.

    I have serious concerns about how the EU has dealt with Greece – the EU is far from perfect – but it is notable that one of its severest critics, the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, is an advocate for reform not for abolition or withdrawal (see this pan EU movement for reform at – ever heard of it via UK media?).

  15. Absolutely brilliant, one of your best posts,and I’ve never read a bad one.
    You always get the situation where we are at to perfection.
    The times tbey are a- changin’.

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